Absentia (2017) s01e05 Episode Script


Previously on "Absentia" They found my DNA on Semerov's body and now Harlow is dead? BPD has issued a warrant for you.
I have to take you in.
Emily? I trusted you and now I look like a goddamn idiot.
I should charge you with aiding and abetting a fugitive.
Badge and gun.
You're suspended.
People are gonna be saying things about me, and I don't care.
I just care that you know that they're not true.
I'm looking for your sister.
Should go to our dad, he's the go to.
Emily is innocent.
I'd bet my life on it.
Running makes you look guilty as hell.
I'm gonna solve this.
Why do you have my visions in your journal? The bleeding eye is the only clue I could never make sense of.
It's not a person, Emily.
It's a place.
Adam! I'm in here! Emily! See you Monday, Doctor Vega.
- Bye-bye.
- Bye-bye.
Get in.
- Where's Adam Radford? - He's fine.
I left him safe.
The police found him.
- You're expecting anyone else? - Just cleaning staff at 6.
Take a seat.
Don't move.
Why are you doing this? I need your help, and I need to buy some time.
Put your feet together.
- Now where's my file? - Over there.
- It's locked.
Where's the key? - The desk.
The first Right.
What are you looking for? Everyone thinks that I am behind this, and this is blinding them to the truth.
Somebody else is behind this.
And I thought that Radford may have a few answers.
Turns out he did.
In fact he gave me a clue, and I need to you to help me make sense of it.
Hey, look.
I don't think you killed those people, but my advice for you is to turn yourself in.
I'm too close to solving this.
- I need your help, Doctor.
- How can I help? The bleeding eye.
It's a place.
Except I can't remember where it was.
I saw it when I was kid, I just Did I ever mention it? No, I You can look through your file but I don't think so.
You think this place has something to do with your abduction? I don't know.
I'll know when I see it.
Okay I'm going to ask you to do something that it might sound impossible given the state you're in right now.
But Hey.
Stop and breathe.
Thank you.
That's right.
Thank you.
Concentrate on your vision.
Take your time.
That's it.
Transcribed & synced by kinglouisxx & chamallow Proofed by PetaG - You okay? - Yeah.
I will be.
It's just a scrape.
- Thanks, Tommy.
- Oh, yeah.
And no vest? Didn't think I was walking into a shoot-out.
I guess you know her better than I do.
I wanted to bring her in alive, if I could.
So much for that.
Describe your vision.
Describe the place we're looking for.
It's a tree.
Smooth and white.
It's an aspen.
Here it is! And they're with other children.
- From the orphanage? - Yeah.
And we're spinning around a tree.
We're singing.
and with friends.
I feel I feel happy.
Stay there.
Stay there, with your friends.
There's a fog coming in.
Thank you, Doctor.
You know where it is? Yeah.
But you know I can't tell you.
You're duty-bound to tell the police.
- No.
- And I need to head straight.
Okay, now Hey, no, hey! Cleaning crew comes at 6.
Yes, sir.
I think somebody's dealing with that as we speak.
Yeah, sure.
It's a temporary assignment.
Am I fired? Seriously, Durand? Sorry.
Why do you think she killed him? I mean, I get Semerov.
And I sure as hell get Harlow, but I know why she killed Adam.
She thought that he had been holding her in that cabin.
- What? - It's crazy, I know.
I kept trying to talk her off of it.
She wouldn't hear it.
That's what she was raving on and on about, when she ran off on me.
Where the hell did she get that idea? I didn't want to drag you into it more than you already were.
Now you see where going after Adam got me.
I really thought that I could bring her in and end this.
You still think that? I want you to be our point person with BPD.
Work with Tommy to bring Emily in safely.
No, I don't know.
Nobody knows her mind like you do.
She's not the woman I knew.
Come on, Nick.
Hm - Okay.
- Good.
We need to bring her in before anyone else gets hurt.
And we're gonna keep this stuff about Radford to ourselves for now.
After we bring Emily in, we'll go to Internal Affairs about Radford together.
And, Nick Your loyalty is to me now.
Not Tommy, or anyone else.
No secrets.
We clear? Yeah.
I'll be ready.
Did she kill Adam? My God.
It's my fault.
Everything she does from here on out, it's on me.
I'm gonna take a shower.
Did you sleep with her? The night she escaped, did you sleep with her? Are you in love with her? Part of me will always love her.
When's the next bus leave for Colebrook? At 9 p.
Making all stops.
Manchester, Concord, Plymouth, Whitefield, - Lancaster, Colebrook.
- When's it get in? 1 a.
- Four hours? - Making all stops.
Twenty, thirty there you go.
- Yeah? - I didn't kill Radford.
Emily, where the hell are you? Look, I left him alive.
He was alive.
Where are you? Listen, you're both in danger.
I don't know how he found me there, but he did.
And he could be watching you and Flynn.
You need help.
You're not well.
- Just tell me where you are.
- Would you just listen to me? He's going to hurt you, he's going to hurt Flynn.
Please, Nick, I am getting close.
No, the only thing that you're getting close to, Emily, is getting shot dead in the street.
- Think about our son.
- I am! I'm not gonna let him grow up thinking that I'm a murderer.
I'd rather die trying to clear my name.
Somebody killed all of those people, and I'm gonna find out who.
No, this this is not the way.
This is not the way, Emily.
If you wanna catch this person, you need to turn yourself in.
I'm sorry, Nick.
I can't do that.
- What's up? - It's me.
She called.
Look at the evidence, Dad.
We have to consider it's her.
- It's not true.
- The fact speak for themselves, Dad.
Don't condescend to me, boy.
Don't you know your own sister? She's your family, for God's sake! See, that's the problem, right there.
You haven't considered that maybe I know her, and you don't? You didn't come here out of care for me.
You came because you couldn't wait to tell me - when your sister disappeared.
- That's bullshit and you know it.
I'm here because of you.
Last time nearly killed you.
As you can see, I didn't keel over from the shock, so you can go.
Go celebrate.
You're drinking again, I can tell.
The great detective strikes again.
Well, maybe Emily ratted me out to you, and you're covering for her.
- You mean after you threw her out? - Of course you think that! It's you and her against the world.
It always has been.
The rest of us can go to hell.
Well, don't worry, I know the way.
Dad, please, she's gonna reach out to you somehow, and when she does, just turn her in.
Just turn her in.
Filthy junkie.
It's a bad dream, sorry.
Based on Nick's account of this conversation they had, it sounds like she's not targeting anyone right now.
Unless we're dealing with a split personality.
That's a bit extreme, Doctor Vega.
Wh what do you mean? You said that she thought the killer was right on her heels.
Maybe we should consider that she is both the killer and the investigator hunting that killer.
- With all due respect, Doctor.
- Yes? Wouldn't you have flagged this condition in all your time with her? Not necessarily.
I'd have to see that side of her, to know it existed.
I mean, we've only seen one side.
Okay, the one thing we know for sure, is that we have to find her.
Now, Doctor Vega said wherever she's going, it's tied to her childhood.
And that vision she's been having since her return? Yes, the eye, crying a tear of blood.
She worked out that it was a tree.
She'd play there with all the children.
We need to speak to her brother and father.
Or you might need to go back deep into her past.
She was adopted.
And ask people what? Did Emily ever play in your tree? No, no.
She still thinks she's on a case.
She's going from clue to clue, and that that tree and that place, that's her next clue.
We find it, we find her.
Okay, you two, take the brother and the father, we'll look into the orphanage.
Thank you.
Excuse me, ma'am? I heard a complaint from a passenger in the bus.
- English? You speak English? - No, uh, no English.
This silent treatment you're giving us only puts your daughter at greater risk.
You know that.
Warren, just help us end this.
For everyone.
Think of your grandson.
You know how this is gonna end unless I'm the one who gets to her first.
Just, uh, help up with this with this tree thing.
She played there as a child.
She remembers other children there singing.
It could have been a family vacation, a school trip? You can help us just by saying "No", and we can get started looking into her time at Barrett House.
Don't sit here or lie to me like you care about her.
Six years, she was out there.
Took only one before you throw in the towel.
Nothing would have stopped me if it were my wife.
You're a poor excuse for a man.
Get out! Let's go.
We'll try the brother.
Sure, go see that traitor.
Just like this one here.
Quick to throw her under a bus.
Warren, she killed an FBI agent.
Did you see her pull the trigger? She shot at Detective Gibbs and me.
I taught her to shoot myself.
If she shot at you, you'd be dead.
Put that in your file.
I was there when you made your vows, you coward.
I heard you say those vows to her.
A man keeps his vows.
Not get the hell out of my room! Are you looking for a park we used to play in as kids? The doctor said she remembered other kids with her.
They were all singing.
Yeah, and I wasn't one of them.
Jack, anything you can remember might help.
Look, guys Seriously, I wanna help, I do.
But I don't remember anything from back then, okay? I was a kid.
Seriously, you should talk to my dad.
How was the relationship of your father and sister? Oh, she was the son he never had.
They played sports together? He take her out to play catch, hit a ball, or something like that? Maybe some place close to your house? No, no.
She was into track.
Yeah, when my parents first adopted her, she always used to talk about running away.
I didn't know that.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
- Was she unhappy? - No.
It was quite opposite.
She couldn't handle being happy.
It was like she thought it was all gonna fall apart any second and my parents were gonna kick her out or I was plotting against her.
So I guess she figured she might as well just reject my own family first.
- Did she ever run away? - Um No.
No, she did not.
It was all talk, threats.
Got her a lot of attention, though.
Did she ever say where she'd run to? No.
I mean as a kid she used to joke about going to live with her merry men in Sherwood Forest.
You know, she loved Robin Hood.
I remember that.
But somehow, I don't think she's on a plane to England right now.
Yeah, maybe there's I don't believe it.
- You don't believe what? - Thank you, Jack.
Thank you.
This might work.
- What? What did you find? - Let's go.
- What did he find? - Yeah Thank you, man.
Do you know of an old amusement park up on 83 called Nottingham Park? Yeah.
It's 40 minutes up the road, just outside Colebrook.
30 if you have a state trooper escort.
- Which we do? - Sure thing.
Fuck! Kill the lights.
Agent Durand! Here! Jesus! The decomp on his body is ten years old at least.
Christ, that's long before she was taken.
She knew where to dig.
We've found her tracks! Come on.
I need as many troopers as you can get.
I want road blocks in all directions.
I say we focus on the border.
Not so sure.
I don't think she's running.
Check the borders anyway.
We'll need to comb those woods with dogs, like say a 5 miles radius from the grave.
Call them in.
We need more manpower.
Parkview general hospital.
- Boston area? - Yeah, cardiopulmonary surgery.
- I got it.
I'll connect you.
- Okay.
Connect me.
Hi, yeah, this is Kathryn Carbone, B-tronic.
Good morning.
- How're doing this morning? - I'm ready for my break.
I know, I had an early start too.
Look, I'm calling you about one of our devices that a patient of yours received a few years ago.
There might be a problem with the device, and I was wondering if we could get a contact for that patient because we're gonna need it.
I can email you the "Request for Information" form.
- But I can't - No, I understand but I have the serial number right here, - so we could just - We need the form.
Is there some way you could get the information on your end? It's not at our end, otherwise I wouldn't be calling you.
Well, I can only send you the form.
This is a matter that could seriously affect the patient's life.
So I think we can place that above the protocol, don't you? We really can't.
It's federal policy.
You know how these rules are.
I just follow them.
Is there a supervisor that I can talk to? You can talk to my supervisor, but she'll give you the same answer.
- Should I connect you? - No.
- Sorry.
- I understand.
Thank you.
All right, circle up circle up.
We're looking for a white female, 5''9'.
Let me see those hands.
Nice and easy.
Transcribed & synced by kinglouisxx & chamallow Proofed by PetaG