Absentia (2017) s01e06 Episode Script

Nobody's Innocent

Previously on "Absentia" Robert Semerov, sex trafficker, have had an habit of naming his favorite girls, after flowers.
What are we doing in here when Semerov is still out there? Semerov was dead for two weeks when we found him, so he couldn't have been your captor.
There is a witness who puts you with Semerov weeks ago - arguing.
- No.
Whoever had me is Harlow's partner, and that's who's behind all of this.
You like being a pawn? Do you have any idea the damage you've caused? 'Cause you're the same as you always were, the goddamn Emily show.
You're such an asshole when you drink, you know that? Did you sleep with her? - Where are you? - I can't tell you.
You'd you'd have to bring me back in.
Running makes you look guilty as hell.
I'm gonna solve this.
You know I don't like being kept waiting.
It was on purpose.
Describe the place we're looking for.
It's a tree.
The decomp on this body is ten years old.
We'll need to comb these woods with dogs.
I'd say a five-mile radius around that grave.
All right, circle up circle up.
We're looking for a white female, 5'9".
Let me see those hands.
Are you the one they're looking for? I'm innocent.
Move! This way.
You gonna shoot me or you turn me in? Who says I only got two choices? You know? There's only two things in this world that I hate: my ex and the law.
The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
You want a friend? I could sure use one right about now.
Larry Novo.
Got some dry clothes back there.
Go on I won't look at you.
So, where you headed? Boston.
Lucky you.
I'm Georgia-bound.
You decent? Thank you.
You can get some rest back there I'll wake you when we're close.
I ain't gonna hurt ya.
It's your call.
You got ten seconds to make it though.
- Okay.
- All right.
Transcribed & synced by chamallow & kinglouisxx Proofreading by PetaG These marks here along the orbital bone, - they're blade marks.
- The eyelids.
Ah, the killer cut them off.
My guess, this is one of the first victims.
Maybe the first.
From decomp, this body predates the ones we like Harlow for by years.
The location ties to Emily's childhood.
That's what changes everything here.
Look, we need to start facing some facts.
One, since Harlow told you where to find Emily, we've known he had a person or persons working with him on the outside.
Two, Semerov shows up dead, with Harlow's signature and Emily's DNA, so we've been looking for a killer who's a link between Harlow and Semerov.
That would be Emily.
And now, now we have another body with Harlow's signature, in a grave site that ties to Emily, a site she led us to.
You're saying that Emily was Harlow's person on the outside all along.
I'm saying, it sure as hell looks that way.
Keep working the forest scene.
And I wanna know more about Yorick here.
Start with his name.
Roger that.
Nick, Emily wanted that initial case so bad.
You remember that? Maybe we need to go right back to the very beginning What is the earliest their two paths could have crossed? When did Harlow first become a suspect? [GRUNTS.]
Come on, Jack, where's your password? [COMPUTER CHIMES.]
- 911, how can I help you? - Please, you have to come quickly.
Police! Open up, Mr Byrne! Is everybody all right in here? [BANGING ON DOOR.]
- Jack Byrne! - Jack? Jack Byrne! [ENGINE STARTS.]
What's up? Hey, do you have Gregory Nash's contact info? - Yeah, sure, why? - I'm trying to get a hold of the witness that first mentioned Harlow to us, uh sorry Julie Carter.
And there's only Carter's statement in the files.
I figure that, Nash is running the field office.
Yeah, I have what he left us when he retired, so - I'll send over the info.
- All right, thanks.
Go! Go, go, go! Get on the left! On the left! You got him.
And the other one.
- Go on, go on! - [KNOCKING ON DOOR.]
Come in! And again! Hi, guys.
How did we go? - Can I finish my level? - No, it's time to go, Flynn.
Ah, see you soon, kiddo.
Come on, get your stuff.
Honey, can you, uh, wait outside a moment? I just need to talk with Grandpa.
Thanks for bringing him by, Alice.
Warren, did you talk to him about Emily? Of course I did.
He needs to know his mother is innocent.
This mess will be cleared up soon.
Then everything can go back to normal.
We need to be careful how we're handling Flynn.
I'm talking about his expectations.
Because if it turns out - what they're saying is true - "They"? Are you part of "they", Alice? Warren, I'm not here to get into this, I'm just talking about Flynn.
So am I.
- If you're poisoning him against - "Poisoning?" No, Warren, I'm not.
I'll bring him by next week.
Good timing, Durand.
Good to see you, Nash.
Good to see you, buddy.
- Get your young blood here the bill.
- All right.
You look good, Nash.
It's amazing what not getting the balls busted 'round the clock can do for you.
You look like you've only aged about 30 years, that's pretty good.
Thanks for meeting me.
Well, if I can help bring this thing to a safe end, I'm happy to try.
I wanted to ask about Julie Carter.
Well, she's the one that first put us onto Harlow as a suspect.
Yeah, that's right.
I was looking at the old files.
Carter was a patron at the bar, where the first body, the Smith girl, was last seen.
Carter said she saw Harlow leave with the Smith girl.
So wh what's your question? You ever speak with Carter? Take her statement? - No.
- No? Well, Emily found Carter.
- That was a big break.
- I I know, but I can't ask Radford and there's no mention in his reports of ever having spoken to Carter.
Well, that's because he never met her either.
What? Julie Carter OD'ed a few days after talking to Emily.
Let me get this straight.
Only one person on earth questioned the witness who first gave us the name Harlow, and that person was Emily? Jesus.
- You've got eyes on the father, right? - [CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS.]
Detective, take a look at this.
No, no, no Don't touch it.
Call in Judge Ramos, for a 20-37 warrant.
She opened this file with these images, after she saw this text exchange.
And we know where this Violet is, right? Ran the number.
It's a burner.
But that's not all, I found this.
This account was set up right before Emily Byrne vanished.
Yeah, and it's not the only bank account.
Look, he has another bank account for his checks, bills, etc.
And this one was funded seven years ago, with several large cash deposits, and I can't trace the cash to his income.
Where does the money come from then? You have to do some of the work here, Detective.
Hey, where are you doing? I don't know.
Ask Mom.
We're going to my sister's.
Were you were you gonna tell me? - I was gonna leave you a letter.
- Alice, what is this? I'm pregnant.
Please, don't.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
We can work this out.
Let's let's sit down, talk.
Our whole life together, it's just a consolation, isn't it? Admit it.
I'm only in the picture because she left it.
This "us" this was never your choice.
Not your first choice.
This is your settling, and I can't be that.
I'm s I was confused, I'm - Please, I need you to understand - I do, Nick.
I understand it all now.
And I should have sooner, just didn't want to.
I thought my past was behind us.
Then it came back out of nowhere.
But this is what I want now.
This is my life.
You you and me, and our children.
I'm done done with the past, I swear to you.
I think you wanna be, but you won't be.
Not until there's closure.
Find her, Nick.
End this, and then we'll talk.
Tommy Gibbs, Boston PD, we had an appointment.
I wanna talk about Jack Byrne.
- He hasn't worked here in years.
- I know.
Why was he let go? He showed up drunk to a surgery.
I think that about covers it.
Then you set in motion the revoking of his medical license.
It was my duty.
I read the report you filed for the for the board.
You mentioned absences.
It goes with the territory.
The disease, alcoholism.
I do have compassion for him.
What he went through, the sister, his father He'd vanish for a week at a time, it just became untenable.
He came into some money, some time prior to March 2011, that's when he was working here.
We're certain those funds came from another source, not his regular income.
There was some malfeasance that came to light, but nothing I could ever prove.
I'm listening.
Someone was embezzling from the hospital, medical device orders.
We paid for things we'd never receive.
Jack is now working for a medical device wholesaler.
Thank you.
I have friends inside.
- Hey.
- You're not gonna believe what's in Jack Byrne's computer.
- Jack? - Yeah.
He's into some sick shit, man.
Like bondage porn, water torture, drowning - But that doesn't mean anything.
- He embezzled funds from work.
Built himself up a little slush fund right before she vanished.
You can link that money to the cabin, to the tank? No.
It might be a good time to think that maybe she didn't break into his apartment for help.
She suspects him.
Well, he was the one who sent us to that forest.
That grave.
The last person she suspected ended up dead.
We need to find Jack now.
What are you doing? Semerov's people think you killed him.
- Where's Violet gone? - Why? I just need a minute with her and I need you to arrange it.
Where's she going? She's in the webcam room.
Stay here, I'll handle the bouncer.
: You gotta go now.
Make some money.
No, no, no, no.
You've done enough.
There's a camera.
- Okay, go.
- Be careful.
Turn the mic off.
Keep dancing.
Keep dancing.
Is that the camera they watch you from? Yes.
You know who I am? Da.
Marina talked about Jack.
When'd you guys start seeing each other? You answer quickly, you answer truthfully and you won't get hurt.
8 years ago.
He always been violent? I saw the show in your apartment.
I don't judge.
Did he ever mentioned me? Sometimes.
Look, we didn't see each other for a long time.
He only called me again a few weeks ago.
What day? You were on the news.
They'd just found you.
I remember because Jack was talking about it that night.
You said you guys stopped seeing each other, for how long? When we first met we would see each other once a week.
That lasted for about 2 years.
Then he stopped.
I don't know why.
For how long did it stopped? For about 6 years.
I need you to think very clearly right now.
Did he stopped seeing you somewhere around March 2011? Right after I was abducted.
Are we done here? Did he ever take you out to a cabin on I-95? - Did he ever mention it? - No! - [KNOCKING ON DOOR.]
Don't say any [SPEAKING RUSSIAN.]
EMILY: Keys! Keys! Car keys! Come on! - [GUNSHOTS.]
Move! Move! Go! [GRUNTS.]
Emily! - [GUNSHOT.]
Talk to me.
They told me you said you wanted to hear anything, right? Yeah, what do you got? Long shot, some guy on a porn site webcam said he saw Byrne.
Go on.
The guy said he was watching a webcam show when Byrne crushed the party.
Sounds crazy I know, but you know, you said anything, so Okay.
What was the website? I'll send it to you right now, okay? Check your email.
It's a Semerov site.
All units to 429 Boardman and Eastie, we got a Byrne sighting.
Come on, let's go people! Let's go! What else did she say? She asked about timing.
When we saw each other, when we started, when we stopped, when we started again.
Things like that.
- What did you tell her? - What do you think I told her, Jack? - I spoke with Nash.
- And? The witness who first gave us Harlow as a suspect, Emily was the only agent that ever speak with her before she OD'ed.
- You think she fabricated the statement? - I don't know what to think.
Well, if she did, I was wrong.
She wasn't working with Harlow, she framed him.
There's more.
BPD turned up a bunch of stuff on Jack.
It's all circumstantial at this stage, but it doesn't look good.
Oh, Christ.
We're supposed to be narrowing things down.
- Yeah.
- Hey, guys.
You need to see this.
Come on.
WOMAN: stand by, where we see the body cam footage in Nottingham gravesite.
MAN: We're sending up the camera.
You're gonna get a live feed in just a few seconds.
There's two more over here! Come on, this way! Oh, my God.
Please leave a message at the tone.
It's me.
I'm with Mom.
Maybe this is where you think I should be.
I don't have a lot of time.
I'm hurt.
I just want to see you one more time.
I need to know why.
Just come.
EMILY: It's me.
Transcribed & synced by chamallow & kinglouisxx Proofreading by PetaG