Absentia (2017) s02e02 Episode Script


Previously on "Absentia" I wish there was something else, but there isn't, so No, Tommy, I don't care what forensics thinks that they found or didn't find.
Somebody is still out there.
Tom? There's a number on this folder.
Just do me a favor and run it.
Emily, it's an emergency.
I need your help with Flynn.
There's been a gas attack at the annex.
- Flynn! Where are you? - Mom! Mom! Hey.
You good? You okay? Yeah, come on.
The delayed casualties over the next couple of weeks are gonna be at least double what we saw on-site.
We're gonna need a lot of help around here.
I'm going back to my old job at the hospital, and we can make this a more regular thing.
Guys, I'd like to introduce you to Special Agent Julianne Gunnarsen.
She's a profiler on loan to us from HQ.
So, if we are focusing on a domestic group It tracks with their keeping silent, not taking credit.
So, what's their next move? Did you find out anything about that guy from the RV park? I ran his prints, he's in the system.
This is bullshit! What the fuck is this? Who are you? - I'm Valerie Chandris.
- Sit down.
I'm your mother.
What are you talking about? - Look at you.
You're so - My birth mother is dead.
I may not be the freshest daisy in the garden.
- But, hey, you know, I'm still breathing.
- Take your hands off her! - Calm down! - Why am I on your wall? Who are you really? Answer the question.
Come on, answer the question! It says McNair.
It's Chandris! Chandris.
McNair is my married name.
Look, December 9th, 1980, that's the night I had you.
- I said take your hands off of her! - Shut up! Shut up! It snowed something awful that night.
Congratulations, you looked up my birthday.
No, I I know a lot more than that.
- Let's get them out of here.
- Let's go.
Turn around, goddammit.
- Come on, let's go.
You're under arrest.
- Come on! Let me get my bag.
I need my bag.
Canto, Durand, Isaac, Gunnarsen, my office, now! We need to start ruling things out.
I spoke with SIOC.
Real time, they've got nothing, just typical post-event internet activity.
But going over their cast surveillance, they've identified five extremist groups with increased chatter in the last month.
And Counter-Terrorism sent over their own list.
Three groups are on both.
The New England Lightfoots, Patriotic Guardians, and Righteous Resistance.
I want surveillance on the leaders of all three groups.
All source analysis, round the clock.
You haven't ruled out a lone wolf, I hope.
Because this is a federal building, we're jumping to an anarchist theory, but consider that FEMA, Veterans Affairs, hell, all the agencies in that building have had layoffs in the past 12 months.
Someone got fired and has a grudge? Lone wolf terrorists are often motivated by extreme stress and problems at work.
Maybe it's one of us, then.
A few minutes ago, you were talking about groups.
We can't rule things out until we're certain.
Then get certain.
- I got them on a 48-hour hold.
- That's more than enough.
What are you looking for? Anything that proves her story.
What would she get out of pretending? I don't know.
I thought she was dead.
Junkies? Tommy.
Can you hold this for a sec? Let's go.
- All right? - Okay, let's go.
Let's move.
You know what it was like? Remember those Chernobyl pictures? Those frozen moments, all the clocks stopped.
Everybody just gone.
I had a woman scream at me earlier.
Her husband had just died and she was freaking out because no-one would validate her parking.
Sometimes people need someone to scream at.
Just keep doing what you're doing.
Something will eventually, you know Yeah, you're right.
What time will you be home? Nick! Over here! I have to go.
I'll call you back later.
What is it? It's a yellow jacket hex-key socket bit used in HVAC applications.
Same size as the bolts removed from the air handler.
Well, anybody working in the area could have dropped this.
It's shiny, it was used maybe once.
Do you know any tradesmen that would leave a brand-new specialized bit behind? Okay, go get a list of every recent purchase of a yellow jacket hex-key socket bit from every hardware store in the area.
Go, go! I gotta go back.
- I'll call you up later.
- Yeah, okay.
Hey! Hey, where you going? I just got you out, I got questions for you.
We need to go somewhere safe.
We're in front of a police station.
They got me in the system.
I need to get out of here now.
What? What are you talking about? Who's 'they'? Not now, they're coming any second.
Fine, my place.
I'm gonna make coffee.
You got anything stronger? It's ten in the morning.
Well, I'm having an emotional moment.
What? J-Just me? I'm not having an emotional moment.
Is that y-your son's room? It's Flynn, yeah? Why were you following me? I saw you in the RV park.
So, why didn't you just tell me who you were? I didn't know how to begin.
And to be honest, you didn't really look like you were ready to welcome any long-lost family members.
So now after all these years, you come and find me? No, you found me.
It's a sign.
What do you mean? I think maybe someone's trying to get me too.
Describe him.
Well, I never know it's them until it's too late.
Valerie, you're not making any sense.
That's part of it.
They It's like they give me something and then I don't remember.
What have you been doing for the past six years? Prison.
Well, some of the time, anyway.
So, why would anyone be after you? Well, why were they after you? This is about you, Valerie.
Why do you think you were being followed? I don't know.
When did you start noticing that you were being followed? I don't know.
I don't know! I Well, just give me something to believe.
Describe one moment when you were being followed.
I can't remember, I'm sorry.
You gotta leave.
- What? - My story was all over the news.
I bet it was exciting.
Somewhere along the lines, our stories blurred and fiction becomes fact.
No, no, no.
I'm not leaving.
You've got till the count of ten to get out of my apartment before I get my gun.
You think I've never had a gun pointed at me? Go ahead, get it.
I am not going back out there.
Then give me something to hang onto.
Some reason to believe you.
I'm your mother, Emily, doesn't that count for something? I Oh, God.
Oh, God, I didn't I didn't want it to be like this.
I j I gave birth to you.
- What are you doing? - You're You're mine.
Valerie What are you doing? No, no.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
- Just sit down.
Sit down.
Sit down.
- No, I I can't.
No, Valerie.
Valerie, come on.
What are you do Shit.
- Hey.
- Jack, I need your help.
- This woman just fainted on me.
- What woman? It doesn't matter.
Listen, um She started having trouble talking.
She was sweating and and stuttering, then she passed out.
How old is she? - Do you know her? - No.
I'm going through her bag right now.
Check what's inside, she might have some pills.
- What's Novolog mix 70-30? - It's insulin.
She's probably diabetic.
You're gonna have to give her a shot.
Got it.
- Okay, where do I inject her? - Abdomen's the fastest.
Pinch one or two inches of skin.
Stay away from the navel, - at least a couple of inches.
- Got it.
Inject at a 90-degree angle to the skin.
Okay, hold on.
Valerie? I just gave you your injection.
You're gonna feel better soon.
Oh, damn.
I was saving that.
Bobby, stop the car, please.
- Derek.
- It's Special Agent Crown.
There was a recent robbery-homicide in an air-conditioning warehouse.
There are rumors of a connection to the attack.
No comment.
You can't "no comment" your way through a national emergency, Special Agent Crown.
The internet's running out some theory about a pest exterminator.
- Please.
- Sorry, Ms.
Lyle, I have nothing to give you today.
Thank you.
Let's go, Bobby.
Thank you very much.
Anything on this pest exterminator rumor? Yes, sir.
So, Estella Morales, s-she's a Guatemalan.
She passed her US citizenship exam at 9 AM.
She went outside the Federal Annex building and took a proud selfie.
So, here she is outside, with this guy in the background, I'll enhance to take out Estella.
He's Miles Deleon, a decidedly less proud citizen, but he doesn't match the guy on camera.
Well, maybe he had an accomplice.
Miles is all over the place online.
Anything with a conspiracy theory, he's on it.
He doesn't fit the profile.
The one we haven't seen yet? The relevant factor is that Miles doesn't even have his GED.
Have you seen the tutorials up on YouTube? He doesn't have to be a chemistry professor.
Miles didn't finish school.
Never married, hasn't kept a job for more than six months.
This isn't a man who takes on a complex task and sees it through to the end.
It really doesn't take much to This is a guy who would go on a shooting rampage, not produce a complex chemical weapon.
We have enough to talk to him.
We're jumping the gun.
He's a person of interest.
Let's bring him in.
Let's go get Miles.
Ah, shit.
News travels fast.
Miles, open the door! - They're gonna kill me.
- We're here to help you.
- Calm down.
- Get back! We're here to help you.
Miles, just calm down.
Just trust us.
- Get your hands off me! - Stand up, Miles.
Hold up.
Miles, listen to us, - you need to calm down.
- I didn't do anything.
You just have to trust us.
Clear a path! You've got the wrong guy, goddammit! Just come with us.
- What's your name? - Valerie.
Can you have your doctor call in a prescription, Valerie? Yeah, and have everyone know where I am.
That's a great plan, Doc.
She's getting her insulin from the black market.
Do you know how dangerous that is? Do you have anyone at the hospital you can talk to? - Unbelievable.
- What? I'm just starting to get things back, and you're asking me to risk it all? No, I'm not, I swear.
I'm sorry.
So, who is she? Really.
She's a witness in one of Tommy's cases.
And he needs to keep her here for a day.
We need to keep her blood sugar up.
- Do you have any milk or OJ? - No.
Soda? Yeah, mixers I have.
- I gotta go back to work.
- Okay.
Thank you.
You hungry? Oh, God, did you make that? Uh, no, my dad did.
He's a good cook.
So is my mom.
Emily, I tried to contact you when you were in the orphanage.
So, that's it? One attempt? No, no.
I could've called you a thousand times.
- They weren't giving me anything.
- But you didn't.
I couldn't.
Because you were in prison.
Hey, no, no.
Thought it could be a truth serum.
Tell me what happened.
I got caught forging a check.
That on top of an earlier assault charge, I was going down for a long time and I had no-one to give you to, so, you were remanded to the state.
And what about, uh, the father? No-one wanted to take the credit.
After a couple of years, I got out and I came for you.
That's not in my file.
They told me you'd gone to a loving home.
I figured it was for the best.
It's easier that way, isn't it? Look at you, all clean-cut, nice-looking husband.
- Yeah, I've seen the pictures.
- Ex-husband.
Well, that's even better, you get yourself a handsome boyfriend.
Have a nice a life, because you can, because I did what I had to do and I let you go.
I know I screwed up.
But I'm trying to help you now.
Ever since they've been after me, I've felt scared for you.
If you're just a third-rate offender, why would anyone be after you? I don't know, but I am clean now and there are certain things I've been noticing.
Things that I've seen, that I I've felt, and I'm telling you, things aren't right.
You gotta be more specific, Valerie.
Okay, earlier this year I'm doing a bit at Farmingdale, and they take me to get my eyes checked 'cause of my diabetes, so I get taken to the Boston Mercy's isolation ward, and bam! - They give me something.
- What? I don't know what the hell it was, but it sure wasn't insulin.
And ever since then, I don't know.
I I'm not right.
I I black out and, and the guy who treated me there I can I can feel him.
You know, he's still around me.
Boston Mercy? That's where they gave you the insulin? No.
It wasn't insulin! I-I told you, they did something to me.
What are you doing? I have to go out for a while.
I'll get you some more insulin.
For your headache, okay? Just, uh, keep the windows closed and the door locked, and I'll be right back, okay? Don't leave.
- I'll be back.
- Okay.
I was just spraying permethrin like I was told, I swear.
A-And permethrin is what? The shit they put in our tanks to kill roaches.
I only put it around the outside.
We got a real "Stonewall" Jackson here.
Yeah, okay.
So, this isn't the guy.
No, he isn't.
And you're happy about that? Being less wrong than you and Crown is not a major career goal of mine.
Well, one of us needs to start being right.
This is a process.
Building a profile, tracking evidence, arresting someone, it should all be a process.
Thank you.
- Hey, guys.
- Hey.
Oh, God.
- Are you from the ER? - Yeah.
How's it going down there? It's chaos.
- Those poor people.
- Yeah.
How can I help? Well, my attending has a patient downstairs who apparently was a patient up here before, and I'm supposed to get her file.
Use this computer.
So, apparently, she had a dilated eye exam, retinopathy, negative.
- Yeah, she's probably diabetic.
- Yeah.
Yeah, she is.
And then all of her blood work was sent to Catalyst Diagnostics.
- Routine analysis.
- Mm-hmm.
Haloperidol, is that normal for an eye exam? Well, it is a sedative.
So, if she was behaving aggressively, maybe.
Yeah, yeah.
So, all in all, it looks like a routine visit, huh? Seems like.
Thank you.
Hang on.
You can't leave with that.
I'll put it back.
Yeah, thank you.
No worries.
Tommy? Hey, yeah, I just saw Valerie's files at the hospital.
Either she's crazy, or lying, or both, 'cause none of what she says adds up.
I just I feel like an idiot for believing her.
I gotta go talk to this nut.
I'll call you after, okay? Yeah, bye.
- Oh, thanks.
- Yeah.
Sock it to me.
What? How's the socket bit hunt coming along? Oh, um there are a 142 hardware stores in the New England area, and we've narrowed it down to 57.
- What if he bought online? - Well, your report suggested that our suspect would be smart enough not to have supplies shipped to him.
You're reading my reports.
- We got a long way to go.
- Hmm.
So, you were instrumental in capturing the stock car shooter.
You could've had your own field office.
Didn't want one.
Or you didn't want that one.
Enjoy your coffee.
Oh, hey, good night.
Byrne! - You got a wife? Kids? - Uh, no.
Perfect, then you can earn some overtime.
They still have us at a code yellow in case of another attack, yeah.
Second wave was more intense than anyone predicted.
- We need all the help we can get.
- Whatever you need, Chief.
I, uh I read the report on your pulmonary edema call the other night.
Good work.
I was just following my training.
Doing my job.
Well, keep doing it.
Who knows where this might lead.
See you tomorrow.
- Hey, Alice.
- Hi.
Oh, thank you.
You good? Yeah, I am.
You? Same.
It's kinda wrong, isn't it? Hmm? What? 121 people have died, and you and I have a new lease on life.
You're free to go, Mr.
You're shitting me? You arrest me in front of the world, keep me here for hours, and that's it? We didn't arrest you.
Dude, you tackled me and put me in handcuffs.
My name, my address, photos, everything's all over the internet.
I'm toast.
These are hotel vouchers.
Stay out of sight for a few weeks.
Yeah, great.
Hey, 120 people are dead.
They died unable to breathe because their insides were turning to liquid.
Yeah? Well, dude gassed the wrong federal building.
Well? Thank you for your time, Mr.
Let's go.
A bloodthirsty mob was in front of his store, we had to bring him in.
Now I look like a fool on the national stage, and worse yet, I got this profiler in from DC.
They're gonna put me on the bench, I know it.
On the bright side Spray Gone will probably have an opening.
You pushed me into this guy.
But I can shape my follow-up so it's clear Miles was brought in only for his own safety.
I don't want you shaping stories, Erika.
Look, remember, this is Fine.
Let me do my thing.
Oh? Hi.
Who are you? I'm Valerie.
I'm a friend of your mom's.
How come I've never seen you before? Oh, I just got back to town.
But she never mentioned you.
Well, I-I wouldn't know about that.
Where is my mom? She's, uh, running an errand.
When is she coming back? Flynn - How do you know my name? - Oh, relax.
I told you.
I'm I'm a friend of your mom's.
- What's wrong with you? - Nothing.
Are you crazy or something? No.
Why would you say something like that? - I'm gonna go.
- No, no.
You don't have to leave.
- Don't touch me.
- No, please.
Get off! Flynn? Flynn, are you okay? - What happened? - She attacked me.
- No, I did not! - Yes, you did! - What happened? - Don't you lie, you little shit.
- Mom, she came after me.
- No, why would I do that? I'm your grandmother.
- You need to go.
- No, no, no.
I'm so sorry.
I got you your insulin, - you can leave now.
- No.
No, no.
- It just slipped out.
I - Just get outta here.
I'm only trying to make things right Get out! Get the fuck out of here! - We shouldn't be out in the street.
- I went to the hospital.
You were tested for diabetic retinopathy and they gave you a sedative - to calm you down.
- That doesn't make sense.
- Yeah, it does.
- No.
Yeah, it makes sense to everyone except for you.
You know you actually had me believing your story.
Like I was the one who had done something wrong.
- No, Emily - Back off, man.
Just back off.
I'm not letting my problems endanger my kid.
Not again.
Yeah, I get it.
Be safe.
Flynn? Flynn? Hey.
Sorry, I forgot you were coming over.
I'm not used to this schedule yet.
So, she's my grandmother? No.
Your grandmother is Helen Byrne, the woman who made the baby blanket for you.
But she's your mom? Yeah.
I just met her, too.
Is she gonna be back? You have nothing to worry about, you know that, right? She's kind of a mess, I know, but we'll figure it out.
Em, what a pleasant surprise.
I just met my birth mom.
She has everything.
My birth certificate, photos, everything.
It's her.
It's Valerie Chandris.
Valerie? When did she come back? Why didn't you tell me about her? I thought she was long gone.
You said she was dead.
For all intents and purposes, she was.
How much did you guys know about her? Enough to know she should be kept away.
Dad? She's dangerous, I saw her rap sheet.
Fighting with other inmates.
She tell you she was in solitary? - No.
- She's not good for you, or for Flynn.
So, you were afraid that I would what, find her and then become her? If you were in our position, you wouldn't have taken that chance either.
- Dad, you lied to me.
- I don't get it! Why the hell did you go looking for her - after all this time? - I didn't go looking for her.
- She found me! - You need to close that door! I can't just pretend that this didn't happen.
Well, don't expect me to run down this rat-hole with you.
You have a family! You wanna choose her? Get out.
Get out! I got whiskey and snowballs.
We're gonna party tonight.
So, listen, I need your brain.
I got a new body, a gangbanger.
Wanna guess how he died? Glock Forty? Nine-mil? None of the above.
It was a hot shot of Fentanyl.
It's crazy, right? Tommy, I didn't call you here to talk about cases, okay? - What happened with your mom? - I don't wanna talk about her.
I don't wanna talk about any of that.
Do you wanna fuck or not? Yeah.
No! No