Absentia (2017) s02e03 Episode Script


Previously on "Absentia" Are you okay? Byrne.
I read the report on your pulmonary edema call the other night.
Good work.
I was just following my training.
Doing my job.
Well, keep doing it.
Who knows where this might lead.
Give me something to hang on to.
Some reason to believe you.
I'm your mother, Emily.
Doesn't that count for something? How do you know my name? I told you.
I'm I'm a friend of your mom's.
- I'm gonna go.
- No, no, no.
You don't have to leave.
- Don't touch me.
- No, please.
Get off! Get out.
Get the fuck out of here! I got a new body, a gangbanger.
Wanna guess how he died? It was a hot shot of fentanyl.
No! No Tommy, it's really early right now.
It's about Valerie.
I'm not interested, okay? Emily, we gotta talk.
- About what? - In person.
She was found in the bathroom on the train station late last night.
What happened to her? OD, I'm guessing.
Did they run a tox screen? Not yet.
Thank you.
This doesn't feel right.
Sometimes, things like this happen to people like her.
No, no, no, no, no.
Can you just get them to run a tox screen, please? That might take a while.
She's not exactly a priority.
Tom, she told me someone was after her.
Someone killed her, I can feel it.
Just make it a fucking priority.
It's been a long road back.
Reclaiming my sobriety, restoring my medical license.
It was a journey.
And a pretty brutal one, if I'm being honest, but getting to help in triage this week felt like coming home.
I'm ready to be a surgeon again.
You've made great strides these last six months.
Everyone in the ER knows that.
Unfortunately, we can't offer you a position at this time.
I You helped me get my license back, I thought you supported this.
It's not a no, Jack.
It's just a not now.
Um Thank you for your time.
Got any leads? Over the last three months, 48 people from the Boston area purchased socket bits like the one found in the Federal Annex.
So, we got miles to go before we can hone in on an actual suspect.
Julianne found us a shortcut.
Our lone wolf is meticulous, intent on covering his tracks.
Most of the names on our list paid credit.
He would've paid cash.
And that leaves us with 7 suspects.
We're pulling security footage now to get positive IDs.
Leaving behind a tool he used in the attack isn't exactly meticulous.
We're all prone to making poor choices in the heat of the moment.
Miles Deleon was my mistake.
I don't plan on making any more.
I slept 3 hours in the last 5 days, I've got bodies stacked all over, and you two have me running a screen for a random OD? Thank you for this, Sofia.
- Why's this such a big deal, Tommy? - It just is.
- Here we are.
- Thanks.
Cause of death is fentanyl poisoning.
What was the dosage? So high, no amount of naloxone would've made a difference.
- Why would she take that much? - My job is not to ask why.
Fentanyl was what killed Marco Rivera.
My banger case that I was telling you about.
Uh, was it, uh, pills or a patch? There was a puncture wound on her neck.
If I had to guess, I'd say that was how it was delivered.
Just like Rivera.
Anything else? I only had time to do a basic screen, the exam will have to wait.
I doubt we'll find much of anything.
This much fentanyl is overkill, like bleaching a crime scene.
Oh, uh, all right.
Th Uh, thank you.
You don't just inject yourself in the neck.
Only the most ardent junkies, and in those cases they have a lot of other track-marks.
What did you guys talk about in the apartment? She kept talking about a "they".
She said some "they" are after her, and "they're" gonna find her.
You think there's a connection between the two? I don't know, there's gotta be.
You know, she said she was getting her insulin off of the street.
We gotta talk to Lester, then.
You here to let me out? Valerie said she was getting her insulin off the street.
I need to know the dealer's name.
She's not talking to you, huh? She doesn't trust you.
Yeah, I'm not surprised.
You think you can replace me just because you're her blood? No, I protect her.
She needs me.
So why don't you just let me out and I can go do what you can't? 'Cause she's dead.
She's what? She's dead.
Someone poisoned her.
No, no, no, no, that doesn't make any sense.
I know she can get under people's skin but she's good.
Who W-Who would That's what I'm trying to figure out, Lester.
I need the dealer's name.
If you hadn't come into our life, this wouldn't have happened! You killed her! This is your fault! If you wanna find out who killed her, then give me the guy's name.
Come on, Lester, I can figure this out, just give me the name.
Just give me his name.
- Who the fuck are you? - Lester sent me.
I'm here to pick up Valerie's stuff.
- Valerie, huh? - Yeah.
So, when's she getting out? Couple of days from now.
And you're gonna hold on to it till then? No, I gotta bring it back to Lester.
Please sit down.
You got any White Girl? How much do you want? I don't know, like an eight-ball.
You wanna try it first? Yeah.
Sixty bucks.
- You mind? - Go ahead.
You got any feny? A cokehead ain't about slowing the party down.
Every party's gotta end sometime, right? I got H cut with feny, but no pure fentanyl.
You know anyone who does? That shit's everywhere.
You can buy it online.
There ain't no such thing as pure fentanyl on the street.
You sure about that? I'm sure.
Group, I'd like you all to say hello to a a new member, Sophie.
I know you're gonna make her feel welcome.
Sophie, is there anything that you'd like to share with us? - Anything at all? - Well, this morning my hamster died.
- Your hamster? - Yeah.
I'm I'm sorry to hear that.
Sophie, did he have a name? His name was Harry.
Harry, Harry the hamster.
My grandma said we could bury him.
Doctor 0? I need to use the bathroom.
I wanted to put him with my parents, but my grandma said no.
Do you want to tell us about your parents? Flynn? You all right? It won't open.
Help me! Are you okay, buddy? Flynn, stop.
Flynn, stop.
That's enough.
That's enough.
Come on, let's go.
Uh, sorry for just dropping by, but you weren't answering your phone.
Yeah, I didn't have my phone on the charger last night.
You wanna come inside? No, um Um, F-Flynn had an incident at group today, and he hit another kid.
- Is he okay? - I think he'll be fine.
But Dr.
Oduwale wants us to have a special family session tomorrow.
It's to help our son, Emily.
I'll be there.
Whatever you do on your own time isn't my business, but, tomorrow and anytime you're around Flynn.
You better be sober.
It's Tommy.
Em? Em, it's Tommy.
What are you doing here? There's a third body.
Nathan Farley.
Killed the same way as Marco and your mom.
Wait a minute, Farley, isn't he a US Attorney? He was.
He bottomed out.
And now the Feds are interested.
- They took the case from you? - Yeah.
Fuck! Okay, fine.
What do we do now? Nothing.
I can't touch this case anymore.
The BPD handed it off to the Feds.
So? We just work the case on our own like we always do.
- No, no, no.
You can't go near it.
- Why? 'Cause they will find out that she's your mom.
No, no, no, no.
- Her name is Valerie McNair.
- Listen to me.
Listen Not Chandris, it's McNair.
It hasn't been Chandris since I was adopted.
They're never gonna connect her to me.
Okay, maybe.
But I'm telling you right now.
I'm not running an off-book investigation.
- I can't.
I can't.
- Come on.
You helped me with the Barrett House files.
- That was - You helped me with Shen's files, right? Yeah, but that was a closed case.
This is an ongoing investigation.
Listen to me.
The Feds have it.
- I can do nothing.
- Okay.
I get it.
I was a little surprised by what Flynn did in group.
He'd been making tremendous progress.
We thought so, too.
Sometimes a a violent outburst like Flynn's is accompanied by other signs at home.
Irritability, night terrors, regressive behavior.
He seemed fine.
- Mr.
Durand? - I I haven't been around much.
He's been really busy at work since the terrorist attacks, so Of course.
No parent can be there 100% of the time.
Lucky for Flynn, he has 3.
Emily? Anything come to mind? He wet the bed the night of the attack.
Why would you keep that from us? I didn't want to embarrass him.
We wouldn't have told him.
- You should've told us immediately.
- It's okay, that's why we're here.
Make sure that Flynn's entire support system is on the same page.
- Anything else? - No.
- So, stay in touch.
- Thank you.
It's gotta be tough, dealing with all of this, and now the attack Yeah.
Yeah, it's my toughest case since, uh well, you.
Now you got that serial killer case.
I mean, it's like, it just doesn't end, does it? Yeah.
The new guy, Cal, has been saddled with it.
How'd you know about that? Um, Tommy was working it before the FBI took over.
- Tommy Gibbs? - Yeah.
You two have been hanging out? Yeah.
Yeah, couple of months now.
- Oh, you never mentioned it.
- Mm.
Well, telling you now.
It's a weird case, though, you know.
You know, like, none of the pieces fit.
You know I can't share details of an ongoing FBI investigation, Em.
So we're gonna monitor him for two weeks, and if the bed-wetting continues then Are you even listening? I just got a break in the case.
I I gotta go.
Of course you do.
Well, thanks for punching in.
I I'm doing my best.
You know that, right? Or Or were you just playing the role of understanding wife in front of the shrink? Fuck, I'm sorry.
- Well - I'm gonna get back.
But we will We will talk later, tonight.
I-I'm sorry.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Oh! Oh.
Was that a goal? Was that in? - That was in.
- No, no, no, no.
Oh! All right.
- How was the ride-along? - It was good.
Oh, don't make that face.
It was good.
I let Flynn play with the siren.
He was less impressed than I expected.
- Because I'm not five.
- Oh, okay.
- See you soon.
- I'll meet you in the car.
- Uh, thanks for taking him.
- Oh, my pleasure.
He's a good kid.
Hey, something wrong? Do you know what it's like to try so hard and still feel like you're failing? Kind of, yeah.
- Yeah.
Yeah, sorry.
- It's okay.
Thank you.
Nice to see you.
I'll see you soon.
What's going on? We got him.
You're kidding? Show me everything.
And this is our guy? Paying cash and hiding under the ball cap, he's trying to remain anonymous.
But there's one thing he didn't cover.
- Okay, let's see.
- You recognize that? The Gadsden flag.
This one has a design of the Patriotic Guardians.
The Patriotic Guardians draw their membership from current and former cops and military.
They're educated, disciplined, capable of committing the gas attack.
And their latest conspiracy theory is the FEMA camps.
Their membership is anonymous, but Canto was able to ID their leader.
Colin Spencer.
Could Spencer be responsible for the attack? He doesn't have the Gadsden tattoo, but he'll know who does.
Okay, so we squeeze Spencer, get him to give us some names.
Find our terrorist.
I'll liaise with SWAT.
We can have them here inside an hour.
Let's do this.
Hey, uh, how are you? Emily Byrne.
As I live and breathe.
You guys must be overwhelmed with everything that's going on.
Um, I'd like to help, you know.
However I can.
You know I'd have you back in a heartbeat.
Come in tomorrow, we'll talk about it.
Nowiki, you're being released.
Wake up, man.
You're gettin' out of here.
Come on.
Let's go.
I don't get it.
Someone paid my fees.
Who? Don't fight it.
It's your lucky day.
All right.
If it isn't the Grim Reaper.
I need you to leave town.
Here's some cash, and a burner phone in case I ever need to get a hold of you.
If the FBI or cops track you down, you don't know me.
Neither did Valerie.
When you find the bastard that did it They'll pay.
I promise.
Take care, Lester.
We don't need this.
Listen, I'm really glad to see you, and, uh, I could definitely use your brain power.
Are you sure you're ready? Yeah.
I mean, I can't just sit on the sidelines with everything that's going on right now.
Well, I'm not gonna sugar-coat it, it's probably gonna be weird for you coming back here.
Some of these people were actually hunting you.
I know the only reason that I stand a chance is because of you and our friendship, and I appreciate you saying that the door is still open.
That was before.
My political capital is in somewhat short supply these days.
I get it.
This won't blow back on you.
I promise.
I'm happy to jump in wherever I could be most useful.
Well, given the Annex attack, we need all the help we can get.
- You want me to work that case? - No, it's not your wheelhouse.
What is my wheelhouse? - We got an abduction.
- Preferably not that.
Yeah, understood.
Can I make a request? The fentanyl case.
Why? I've just been following it in the news and I think it's right up my alley right now.
Cal, I got you another pair of hands on the fentanyl case.
Emily Byrne.
She's heading over there now.
Your partner is Cal Isaac.
You know where you're going.
It's good to have you back, Em.
It's great to be back.
- Byrne.
- Hi.
Cal Isaac.
How are you? - Good.
- Welcome.
Well Colin Spencer.
Head of the Patriotic Guardians.
Special Agent Durand, FBI.
We've got some questions for you.
We've been sweating him for hours.
Every minute he keeps his silence gives the terrorists another chance to pull off a second attack.
Everyone breaks.
We just need to find the right point of leverage.
Life in prison as an accessory to mass murder is high leverage.
Validation from the Patriotic Guardians is all that matters to him.
Where's my lawyer? Ah, no need.
You're free to go.
What, that's it? Well, I got nothing on you, and you're not talking.
You win.
So we're gonna walk out together where the press will be waiting.
I'll give you a pat on the back, thank you for cooperating and send you on your way.
But I didn't tell you a damn thing.
Yeah, that's not what your fellow Guardians will think when I tell the press you ID'd them all.
You think they're gonna believe a bunch of corrupt Feds? Well, you know better than I do.
Little confusion and a lot of fear goes a long way.
If they even suspect that you ratted them out you won't be the leader much longer.
Or we can keep this just between us.
- Hey.
- Good to see you.
Why Why would you have me drop the charges on Lester Nowiki? Just figured he's been punished enough.
- That guy? - Yeah.
No, wait, Tom.
I, um I needed to, uh I needed to clean up loose ends.
Loose ends? Like what? I rejoined the Bureau.
- So I guess this is our last drink.
- No, wait.
Why would you say that? You got the FBI, you don't need me anymore.
That's not what this is about.
Then what is it? Tell me.
All this time together, what is this? Right.
Never mind If you can hear me, give me a thumbs up, Enrique.
Give me a thumbs up if you can hear me.
That's good.
Hang in there.
He's having trouble breathing.
Can we intubate? His jaw's broken, I can't.
He needs a trach.
How close are we? - 8 minutes out.
- He doesn't have 8 minutes.
Stop the rig.
- Are you serious? - Do it now! Stop it! Sedate him.
- Okay, give me the trach kit.
- Are you sure? - You know we're not supposed to.
- Give it to me! Okay, he's good.
Nice job, cowboy.
How's it going? Dr.
Mandel? They said you wanted to see me, sir.
Well, after what happened with Enrique Zamacona, I had to.
Is Enrique all right? He's recuperating.
We have to have a talk about what you did to him.
I did what any doctor would've done in my situation.
That's the problem.
You're not a surgeon anymore, and an EMT is not licensed to perform a tracheostomy.
This is a major violation but I'm letting you off with a warning.
A-A warning? Uh, if I hadn't intervened, then he could've died.
- If you botched the procedure - Yeah, but I didn't botch If you did, the hospital would be liable.
You pull this again, forget surgery, you can kiss your EMT job goodbye, too.
That's all.
Pull it together, pull it together.
Bodies from a wooded area in New Hampshire.
The identities of the victims will be released pending DNA results.
Is Emily Byrne connected to these bodies? No comment.
Byrne is wanted for the murder of Special Agent Adam Radford.
Detective Gibbs, what about the shooting last night? Any truth to reports Byrne was involved? Fatally wounded.
You're back just just like that.
Just like that, no heads up? Yeah.
Sorry, I should've, uh Well, it's It's weird seeing you here again.
I needed routine.
I should, uh I should get back to work.
- Morning.
- Morning.
So how much do you know? - Whatever's in the paper.
- Right.
So, 3 bodies, no evidence, no witnesses.
There's 3 hot shots of fentanyl.
His MO is consistent, but how he chooses his victims isn't.
He doesn't stick to one gender, age group or race.
Valerie McNair's body's at the morgue at County General.
It's right down the street.
We should start with her.
This is her file.
Maybe we could work backwards and start with the lawyer.
Valerie's autopsy's in an hour.
Let's at least go check it out.
Skin shows no bruising.
There is a small tattoo on her left ankle.
We can also see mild hives, or some kind of rash on her left shoulder and her right clavicle.
Is that from the diabetes? This is more like, um, contact dermatitis.
Are you okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
This is Tyler Brandon Mills, one of the Patriotic Guardians we ID'd with Colin Spencer's help.
We believe this is the man responsible for the Federal Annex attack.
Single, White, 28 years old.
Went to UVA, majored in Chemistry.
He tried to enlist in the army after graduating, but was disqualified.
Tyler's been MIA from his telemarketing job since the day of the attack.
And here's the kicker: 3 weeks ago, he was suspended by the Patriotic Guardians for getting into a flame war with two other members.
He may have even committed the attack to try and get back in.
A misguided way of proving his credentials.
Do we have any idea where he is? Last known address was a dead-end, but we've located his parents.
You can't possibly think Tyler was involved in a terrorist attack.
I know this is hard, but we have to ask the questions.
Did he have a history of violence as a child? He never put a hand on anyone.
He got into some scrapes as a teen.
How bad are we talking? He put a bully in the hospital, Tyler was defending himself.
You never told me that.
Why do you think I put him into therapy? He needed help.
You were traveling all the time back then.
We believe this man was involved in the attack.
Does your son have this tattoo? Can you please look at the photo? He's been staying here on and off for the past couple of months in the basement.
We last saw him three days ago.
We need to get you out of here right now.
Come with me.
- Where's your basement? - It's over there.
Do you have neighbors you can go to? Sure.
We should wait for back-up.