Absentia (2017) s02e04 Episode Script


Previously on Absentia - Who are you? - I'm your mother.
She was found in the bathroom on the train station.
Cal, I got you another pair of hands on the fentanyl case.
Emily Byrne.
She's heading over there now.
- Byrne.
- Hi.
- Cal Isaac.
- I rejoined the Bureau.
So, this is your last drink.
- What? - Cheers.
He needs a trach.
How close are we? - Eight minutes out.
- He doesn't have eight minutes.
Okay, give me the trach kit.
I did what any doctor would've done in my situation.
You're not a surgeon anymore.
If I hadn't intervened, then he could've died.
You pull this again, forget surgery, you can kiss your EMT job goodbye too.
This is Tyler Brandon Mills, one of the Patriotic Guardians.
This is the man we believe is responsible for the Federal Annex attack.
Do we have any idea where he is? Last known address was a dead-end, but we've located his parents.
He's been staying here on and off for the past couple of months in the basement.
We last saw him three days ago.
Don't go too far.
Elsie? Elsie? Elsie? Elsie! Elsie! A nationwide manhunt is underway for this man, Tyler Brandon Mills, in connection with the federal building gas attack which left We never should have bumped him up from weather.
Sibilant esses.
I'm late, I'm late, I'm late.
Why didn't you call me? You're the boss.
Bosses are never late.
You heard the guy, "nationwide manhunt.
" Who do you think's in charge of that thing? - I ordered you pancakes.
- No, I'm sorry, I don't have time.
You're going to catch Tyler Brandon Mills today, huh? Nuh-uh-uh.
No extra tips from me.
Not even a little one? I promise you, when we catch the guy, you will get the exclusive.
I already have the exclusive.
Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go.
Got a forty-year-old female.
Abdominal trauma.
Vitals are unstable.
- Call a trauma panel and - Thanks.
I'll take it from here.
Seriously, man? Dude, what is up with you? Canto, where are we on Mills? They're running his photo on all the channels.
We have eyes on his parents, his apartment and we're watching his financials.
Tips are pouring in, but nothing's solid yet.
Anything real, come straight to me.
Where are Durand and Gunnarsen? They're in the conference room.
"The Hobbit".
Were you expecting "Mein Kampf"? You two, I want updates in ten.
Tyler is smart.
He likes fantasy, military history.
The politics came later.
After he was disqualified from the army.
He wanted to be the big man with the big gun.
Couldn't pull it off.
He has every iteration of video game consoles.
Every first-person shooter.
My son wants this stuff but my wife's not having it.
- Smart woman.
- Ha.
Take a look at this.
He has an admirer.
Had an admirer, these are from 10 years ago.
Liza Tutee.
Was she on the list of friends and family? No, she's new.
Day one with Byrne go all right? Yeah, she's sharp.
Why? You expecting a problem? No.
Before she, um she was one of the best.
Then why are we having this conversation? Because I worry about her.
Because she's my friend.
Look, guys I served with in Iraq were broken by less.
And she's still here.
You're uniquely qualified to recognize that she's struggling, so, keep an eye on her for me.
Let me know if anything comes up.
His pulse is thready.
How much longer to the hospital? Still ten minutes out.
There's no exit wound.
Bullet's still inside.
- I'm gonna have to take it out.
- You can't! Yeah, but if it embolizes, it'll go straight to his heart.
Who even knows if an embolism will happen? I know it's unlikely, but still.
Case closed.
All right? Apply pressure, give fluids and get his ass to a real doctor.
That's our job.
- Jack? - Yeah, all right.
You kill that, I kill you.
There's no need for violence, we can brew some more.
This case is destroying me.
I slept under my desk last night.
Your nobody's case sounds like a vacation right about now.
You know why they call the victims "nobodies"? No.
So the rest of us can feel safe with only one killer in town.
We're all nobodies, Canto.
- Hey.
- What you working on? I've been looking into the fentanyl.
I'm not getting anywhere tracking his supplier.
Do you know you can get pure fentanyl online? Dark web.
They mail it to you.
Tiny packages.
But none of the dealers wanna be known for it 'cause it's bad for business, but it's not hard to come by.
I mean, his MO's the same every time.
It's like he's not even trying to hide that it's him.
But a fentanyl shot, it's like using a cannon instead of a gun to do the job, right? Okay.
Spit balling here.
Let's go with the theory that the vics were easy targets chosen at random, right? Valerie McNair, she's practically a vagrant travelling alone.
Farley's a sleazy lawyer, door's always open.
Rivera isolated himself by trying to start a turf war.
So, if we start by looking at the vics and where they were in the week leading up to You know, before they died No, no, no.
Rivera wasn't an easy target.
- Why? - He was a part of a gang.
He had a Glock in his waistband, he had a 22 in his sock.
I mean what if it's not just about, like, random targets? What if, uh what if they're actually connected? - They're all in the system, right? - Farley wasn't.
Yeah, but Farley worked for the system.
Cal Isaac.
That's BPD.
There's been another lethal injection.
- Who? - Congressman Eli Ramos.
Not an easy target, is he? A congressman is a big leap from a bus-bench lawyer.
The party's next great hope.
And are those hives? Let's flag it and send it to the me.
- So it's the same MO.
- Mm-hmm.
Our killer's precise.
But why is he choosing all of these people? I mean look, wallet, fancy car keys.
Right out in the open but the killer left them behind.
So it's not a robbery.
He gets inside, he does his job and he gets out.
Sounds like a professional.
Hey, have the unis spoken to the neighbors? Yeah, they're canvassing right now.
Ah, shit.
You want me to bring the car around the back? No.
We're good.
Agent Byrne, what's it like to be back? - How did you get clearance? - Officer, keep 'em back.
- Agent Byrne! - Clear the path.
Get out of the way.
Get out of the way! Can you handle this? I'm fine.
- If it's too much too soon - No.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
I just didn't expect to be a part of this story.
You alright? Yeah I've The autopsy reports are just getting to me.
I think I'm just gonna call it a day.
What are you having? - Vodka, neat.
- Mike, a vodka, neat.
So, um what do you need? I wanted to see you.
I don't like how we left things.
Why did you call? I just wanted to hang out.
Try to be normal, you know? Can we get out of here? Yeah, uh, okay.
Um, uh You don't want a drink first? - Come on.
- Sure.
Are you okay? Shocking news as Congressman Eli Ramos was found dead in his home today.
The Boston-born representative was only 42 years old.
The FBI has declined to make any comment regarding the nature of his death.
Asty! Hey, Asty.
What happened to that patient I brought in earlier? The GSW? Mm-hmm, uh, bullet embolism.
They took him to surgery but he didn't make it.
There was nothing we could do.
Thank you.
Hey, it's me.
Is that your first or your fifth? Um I shouldn't have called.
I'm glad you did.
So? Today was tough and Well, when things get tough, I usually head to the bar.
But you didn't get a drink.
It's progress, not perfection.
You know, that, um that sounds like program talk.
Al-Anon, or actually, Alateen.
Uh, y your mom or your dad? Try both.
Come on, I'll tell you about it over lunch.
You're buying.
What have we got? Liza Tutee.
Lives with her parents in Lowell.
She's an orderly at a retirement home.
Isolated, no peers to speak of.
She lived on social media, but went dark three days ago.
Huge blow for her nine followers.
That was the last day Tyler Brandon Mills was at his parents' house.
The same day, Liza made a giant purchase from Bedford Sporting Goods.
We pulled the receipt.
Propane canisters, two sleeping bags and a whole lot of ammo.
Well, that's enough for me.
Let's get a tail on Ms.
- Hey.
Good morning.
- Hey.
Are you on your way in? Yeah, what's up? Well, don't go directly to the office.
They found another body.
I'll text you the location.
Another one already.
He's dropping big game.
Clay Bishop, man.
He's a First Ballot Hall of Famer.
Boston's gonna lose its mind.
So two bodies in 24 hours.
When did this happen? Housekeeper found him this morning.
Wife, she was clubbing, she stayed at a friend's house.
Unis are doing the notifications now.
Did we turn off the cameras? No.
They were out when we got here.
So, Bishop had 223 career sacks, three championship wins.
Thank you.
250 pounds of pure muscle.
Yet our killer took him down.
How? He was a beast.
Birthmark or rash? There's another one.
Look at that.
Looks like a needle.
Must have snapped off.
Killer made a mistake.
- Clay fought back.
- Mm-hmm.
The killer'd have to be a big guy himself.
Or a woman using a different approach to get close.
You're 27.
- Hey.
Can we have a minute? - Sorry.
You're okay.
Good boy, good boy.
Hi, buddy.
Good boy.
Good boy.
- Hey.
You're good.
- Guys come here.
Bring a kit.
We're gonna need a vet.
There's blood on his teeth.
I need a swab.
Yeah, you're good.
Nice job, buddy.
Thank you.
Good job.
Good boy.
There you go.
There you go.
There you go.
Oh, whoa.
Whoa there.
That's precious cargo.
It's okay, I'm good.
Nah, I wouldn't want you to lose all of your, uh toilet paper.
Let me.
Uh Let me give you a hand.
Oh, yes.
Chunky PB.
My son my son only likes smooth.
You could try and mix in a little at a time.
Build a tolerance.
No, no, no, no.
Let me I'm sorry.
It's my mess, my fix.
I babble and then I drop all of your Chicken soup.
- See? All better.
- Thanks.
Thank you though for um the tip.
Did they have it? No, they didn't have it.
We need to come back next week.
Oh okay.
Nice work, soccer dad.
Agent Crown, tracking device locked in.
There are three cars.
One is Liza's.
- We don't know about the other two.
- We've got something.
Hold tight.
I'll text you the location.
The cabin belongs to a family.
No relation of Liza Tutee.
Crown, have you located the owners yet? Julianne's on the phone with the wife.
She says her husband and daughter were leaving the cabin hours ago.
I'm sending a photo now.
His name is Arthur, kid is Elsie.
Waiting on your signal.
Okay, we're good.
Let's get into position.
Agent Durand.
Male body down.
Repeat, male body down.
No apparent vitals.
The child is not in sight.
We may have a hostage situation.
First floor, all clear.
No visual on the upper level.
Contact! Don't shoot, we don't know where the kid is! - Well done, Nick.
You're the man.
- Hey.
Thank you.
Thank you.
- Great job, man.
- Thank you.
Team effort.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Team effort.
Fantastic job! - Thank you.
You're okay.
- Wonderful.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- How you doing? You all right? - Um Sounded like that was that was pretty tight out there, huh? Yeah, getting that hostage out safe was just Um, she was drugged but the medic said she'll be okay.
Listen, Nick, every team has a leader and Boston is gonna sleep safe tonight because of you.
- Don't you forget that.
- Yeah.
- Okay? - Okay.
Thanks, Derek.
Um thank you.
You saved my life today.
Did I? Tyler had us pinned down and he wasn't gonna stop.
I got him on the reload, he was too slow.
He wasn't military trained.
Packing more heat than he knew what to do with.
Which I knew because of the profile.
And tomorrow, we have to talk to him.
Nice work today, Agent Durand.
Good job.
I thought you were taking the day off? - Great job.
- Thank you.
- Where's the house-keeper now? - She's Just letting you know, I'll be consulting on this case - in a permanent capacity now.
- Excellent.
Where are we? The crime scene is immaculate.
There is no DNA, no, uh no fingerprints.
It's not a robbery.
He times his entrances and exits perfectly.
He cuts the cameras, he knows what he's doing.
So, he's not leaving us much to go on.
Sounds like a pro.
If he is a pro, then who is he working for? And why is he choosing these people? What's their connection, right? We started with the theory that they might have met in the system.
But the only time Bishop was in court was his two divorces.
I mean, if we dig deep enough, we'll find a connection.
Sounds like you may have a good shot.
Okay, okay, okay.
Uh Bishop.
Bishop, Bishop Bishop, Bishop The - The rash or the hives, um - What about the hives? What if it was environmentally induced, you know, like poison ivy? Marco had 'em.
According to his autopsy report Farley had it, too.
Uh Bishop.
Where's Bishop's file? - There.
- Nope.
There, there.
He had it, too.
I thought it was a port-wine stain and It's a rash.
Valerie Chandris had it.
Maybe they were all in the same place? Let's see if they crossed paths.
Hey, honey.
Alice? Hey? Hey.
Where is she, buddy? Where is she? Did she have to work today? Stay.
Sleep here tonight.
What are you doing? I just found something.
Can I have it? Yeah.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
I gotta pee.
Don't move.
What's this? Why are you going through my things? I found it in the trash can.
What is this? Sodium pentothal.
You shooting up truth serum? I'm trying to remember, Tom.
You know that.
- Did it work? - Fragments, yeah.
That's a schedule two drug.
You can't do that.
This shit is dangerous.
I think you and I have different ideas - of what danger is, Tommy.
Just - Come here.
- Get off, please.
- Why you doing this? Why are you being this way? I don't think you should be here.
I think you should get going, Tom.
This isn't gonna work.
You really gotta go.
- Don't do this.
Don't - There's nothing here for you.
- This is who I am.
- So, what? - Nobody normal would want me.
- I want you! Then you gotta be crazy.
I can't get to you.
Do you see this? I can't swim through the shit in my head and it's killing me.
- That's bullshit.
Come here.
- Get off.
Just go.
Please! Just look at me.
Look at me.
Tell me this isn't real.
Just just go.
- Let's talk.
- Just go! Just go.
No! Get off! Get off! Get off! Get off me! Fuck! Emily, stop! Please stop! Stop! What are you doing? Just stop! I'm sorry.
Let's just calm down.
Okay? Let's just I'm just gonna go.
Stop! No.
I'm sorry.
Go fuck yourself.