Absentia (2017) s02e05 Episode Script


1 Previously on "Absentia" I've rejoined the Bureau.
- Good to have you back, Em.
- It's great to be back.
Clay Bishop, man.
He's a first-ballot Hall of Famer.
Two bodies in 24 hours.
250 pounds of pure muscle.
- Yet our killer took him down.
- How? He's a beast.
That was the last day Tyler Brandon Mills was at his parents' house, the same day Liza made a giant purchase from Bedford Sporting Goods.
Well, that's enough for me.
Let's get a tail on Ms.
- Nobody normal would want me.
- I want you! Then you gotta be crazy! Just go! This is Tommy.
You know what to do.
Tom, look, I know I screwed up.
Just please call me back, okay? Just give me a chance to apologize in person.
- He is playing it all - Please.
Um for years, it was "what's mine is yours" and then one day I was using his money to pay off my mom's mortgage.
And Clay didn't like that.
It was like I'd betrayed him.
I could tell it was gonna be one of those nights, so I went out.
"One of those nights" meaning The Clay I knew never hurt me.
I mean, he was intense when he played, but he left it on the field.
At home he was like a pussycat.
And I thought, if I waited, the husband I loved would come back.
So Clay wasn't always like this? No.
Look, I know it's what they all say, but something happened.
You've heard of GTE, right? Yeah, brain disease.
Athletes and vets get it.
- You thought Clay had CTE.
- The more I read about it explosive anger, memory loss it started to sound familiar.
Did his routine change? Did he do anything unusual? No.
- Meet new people? - No.
No, in fact, he spent all his time at the gym.
He was training like he was 19 again.
Was it possible he was using steroids? No.
That was not his thing.
I mean, he knew guys who did it.
I thought about it, though, because he was so I even looked around the house.
It's just that it came on so fast.
And one day, he yelled at me.
The next, he threw a chair across the room.
It doesn't happen like that, right? People don't just wake up one day and become a monster.
During our investigation, we talked to your parents.
They're good people.
Your co-workers all say you were doing well.
Does that surprise you? I don't understand.
Given your frame of mind up to a couple of I could use a sandwich.
I was asking Good.
Uh tuna? Or, uh grilled cheese.
Tell me, Tyler What changed? Nothing.
I don't believe that.
Something must have happened.
You would think.
You're just a kid, Tyler.
You had your whole life ahead of you.
- When I was - Don't try to connect with me.
It's a mistake.
Did you have anything else planned? Any accomplices? Why? Wasn't this spectacle enough? Is that it? Yeah.
120 people.
It filled me up.
Let me go.
I'll give you an encore.
What's going on with you? I talked to the morgue.
They checked opioid ODS in the last three years, and they started red flagging new ones, trying to cross-reference the killer's MO.
And? And nothing.
Tally stands at five.
- Okay.
- For now.
So Petra says Clay Bishop didn't do anything unusual, - meet anyone new.
- That she knows of.
- But his behavior's changing.
- Yeah.
She thinks this is CTE.
What did the morgue say about the rash? It's not caused by fentanyl.
Tox screen doesn't show any antibodies.
What about the pit bull? How long's Forensics gonna take? They're backed up.
DNA's gonna take at least a day.
Well, if the blood came from a soldier, it'll be in the database.
While we're waiting, let's double back on the Ramos case.
We should go and talk to the cop he fought with.
Blue Team to ICU, please.
Blue Team, ICU.
Tell me that's not lunch.
Uh, no.
It's not lunch.
It's breakfast.
Well, unless you got your heart set on Flamin' Hot Cheetos, I have more than enough.
- Oh.
Yeah, if you're sure.
- Yeah.
Of course.
I got salad, pasta.
Oh, wow, that looks good.
- You doing okay? - Oh, yeah.
Thank you.
I mean, I'm busy.
I just need to keep my head down, you know? Get people where they need to be.
It's important work.
Don't discredit what you do.
- May I? - Yeah.
- Mm.
Wow, that is good.
- Thank you.
The other night, I, uh I just want to thank you for coming to meet me.
I was, uh I was testing myself, and, um I got through it.
I know.
I believe in you.
I'm here if you want to talk.
Uh, works both ways.
What Officer Connolly.
We'd like to ask you a few questions about a traffic stop.
Congressman Eli Ramos.
It happened a couple of weeks back.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Officer, this is part of an ongoing homicide investigation.
Yeah, I make, uh, dozens of traffic stops a week.
I'm six months out from my pension.
I'm not looking for any trouble.
We're not looking to give you any.
You can trust us.
But I'm not going on the record with any of this.
It was made very clear to me by the brass that this incident needed to go away.
I, uh well, I pulled Mr.
Ramos over for reckless driving.
He was racing another car.
I figured he might have had a couple too many, but, uh, he passed the breathalyzer with flying colors.
- Okay, was there any drug use? - No.
No, he was completely lucid up until he got in my face.
I said I was letting him off with a warning, but, uh, he flew off the handle and took a swing anyway.
Is that where you got the, uh I told my wife I fell off my bike.
Why did he snap? In this business you see a lot of people go bananas, but this, uh, this was different.
He seemed like a decent guy.
Came out of nowhere.
Thank you.
Go on.
You can go.
Maybe we should let someone else have a turn.
There's no one here.
Just go.
All right.
Come on, time's running out.
Try and beat my score.
Just go.
Damn it.
We could stop by the bookstore, pick up one of those comics your mom hates.
We'll talk about that after.
Just try and beat my score.
Help! Please! Get help! Somebody help! 911.
What's your emergency? My grandpa's having a heart attack.
- Where are you located? - Uh, we're in North Mall.
Where in North Mall, sir? Uh, the arcade.
We'll dispatch a unit right away, sir.
I was waiting for you.
Let me wipe away the worry.
You're tougher than you think.
Just remember that.
No matter what happens.
Oh, hey.
Hey, Pop.
Is he okay? Yeah.
Yeah, he's fine.
It was just a minor cardiac event.
It's not a heart attack.
He's stable.
Blood pressure's fine.
They say I can go home tomorrow, so it can't be bad.
About time.
I can't take the damn hovering.
- Where's Flynn? - Uh, he's outside.
With Nick.
Kid's a hero.
If he wasn't there to help, I don't know what would have happened.
I'd better go check on him, okay? I'll be right back.
Come on.
What's going on? It was a game for kids.
He got too excited.
It's not for old people.
But this was all my fault.
Oh, Flynn, no.
I just stood there.
I didn't do anything.
No, you didn't.
You called 911.
You probably saved his life.
- Really? - Yeah.
You know, we're really proud of you, buddy.
We are.
I didn't hear you come in.
- Looking good, Dad.
- Bullshit.
Look like a mile of rough road.
Still sexy, though.
Yeah, you are.
- Hey.
- Hey.
It's ready.
- Um - Oh, hey, Em.
Uh, you guys need any help in here? Uh, no.
We're good.
Jack volunteered as sous chef.
- Really? - Yeah.
A boy named Sous Chef.
Do I put more of this on as well? I just put some - No, no.
That's - You sure? - Yeah, yeah.
- Okay.
Then it is done.
- Is it good? - Yeah.
It's delicious.
Would you? Jack.
I got to have something to wash this spinach out of my mouth.
What is with the spinach? So, Nick, do you think they got a chance? I dunno.
I think this is their shot at the cup this year.
- It feels like this is - I don't know.
I mean, they usually hold the defensive line.
What happened to me was a reminder that I won't always be around.
But I'm glad to spend the time I have with my beautiful family.
- Sláinte, Dad.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
It's water, but I - Cheers.
Everyone just needs to save room for pie.
Helen Byrne's secret recipe.
That's all I'm saying.
Oh, that's the thing with spinach.
Grandpa, are you supposed to be eating that? It's fine for one meal, seriously.
Doctors put you on a special diet.
All I'm thinking of now is this slice of rare beef and Yorkshire pudding.
We can figure out the rest in the morning.
- If you wake up in the morning.
- Whoa, buddy.
What do you mean? Look what you're doing to yourself.
You could die.
This family doesn't even know how to protect each other.
Look at you and Mom.
What the hell is wrong with you guys? Flynn, language.
- Hey, man, what's going on? - People die.
Valerie died on the train after you sent her away.
Who's Valerie? Sweetie, who died? Uh, Valerie is Valerie McNair.
She's my biological mom, and, uh, Flynn met her the other day at my apartment I goddamn told you.
If you wanted Flynn to meet her, Emily, we should have discussed this, all three of us.
It was an accident.
I didn't it - it wasn't supposed to happen.
- And that makes it all okay? This beef is really delicious, Alice.
You introduced our son, who is in counseling for trauma, to a woman who died, and then you kept it from us.
Was that an accident, too? - It's not her fault, okay? - Lower your voice, Flynn.
It's I'm it's okay.
I'm sorry.
I should have told you.
- So why didn't you? - Don't take it personal, Alice.
Emily's always kept her own counsel, Whether she's right or wrong.
The rest of us just have to live with her choices.
No, Em, don't.
I can't go back in there.
What the hell were you thinking, heading the investigation of your mother's murder? You think you could just keep that from the Bureau? - Look, I have my reasons for it.
- You didn't even know her.
There's something in this case that connects to me, and I need to figure out what it is.
Well, you're not gonna get far freezing out everyone who can help.
You know I have an obligation to report this.
So what's stopping you, Nick? Jesus.
Ah, Byrne.
I'm gonna put a bell on you.
I'm here waiting on the DNA match from that dog bite.
What are you doing here? Family dinner.
- Yeah? - Mm-hmm.
Rough night? Loud.
Well, I've had a few of those.
Yeah, I doubt that.
When your old man comes home and lights into whichever son is the nearest, you learn to, uh, give as good as you get.
I'm sorry.
Don't be.
Me and my brothers inherited the Isaac mean streak.
I just learned to do something useful with mine.
He flew off the handle and took a swing anyway.
He was completely lucid, up until he got in my face.
The Clay I knew never hurt me.
Came out of nowhere.
I told my wife I fell off my bike.
I know it's what they all say, but something happened.
You with me? What if he was watching them? Not just watching them.
What if he was choosing them, based on their changed behavior? Ramos tried to beat up on a trooper.
Bishop laid into his wife.
Marcos tried to start a turf war.
How did he know to choose them? Everything happened behind closed doors.
I don't know.
Let's just say he did choose them because of their behavior.
Why use fentanyl? It was symbolic.
They were out of control, and he wanted to anesthetize them.
Then why Why them? How did he find them? You know, they don't have schedules that match up.
We can't find a common location, a common person in their lives.
As far as we can tell, the only thing these five people have in common is the killer.
We're five out from transporting Tyler Brandon Mills to the U.
District Court.
Every precaution has been taken to manage civilian and media interference.
To that end, the convoy will be taking a five-mile route to the courthouse with decoy vehicles taking alternates.
You've been divided into groups of 4 and assigned a control vehicle.
Agent Stevens will be manning the scout vehicle.
Crown will take lead.
I'll take the trail vehicle.
As we move, keep track of the vehicle in front of you and remain in radio contact.
Okay, Mills is on is way up from holding.
Let's do this.
Let's take him down.
Let's go.
Holy shit, we got a match.
Wake up, Byrne.
It's in.
I hope you're more awake than you look.
We got a DNA match from that bloody pit bull.
- Who is it? - Rex Wolfe.
6'4", 220.
He's in Special Ops.
At least he used to be.
75th Army Ranger.
Stationed in Fort Bevans.
Skilled perpetrator.
That fits the profile.
Jesus, he's won a lot of medals.
Look, Medal of Valor, Silver Star.
Then he was discharged, he hooked up with a PMC.
Tydeus Tech.
So how do we find him? He could be anywhere.
He's a professional ghost.
What the hell's going on back there? What the hell? Hey, Cargo, 1062.
Cargo, come in.
Something's happening in the back.
Cargo, what's going on there? Do we have a situation back there? Cargo, come in.
Cargo, what's going down? All personnel, switch to alternate frequencies.
You guys okay? What's going on? Cargo, what's going on? Go! Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.
Don't move.
Eyes closed.
Turn around.
Gun, radio, drop them.
I'm doing as you say.
Put this on.
Turn around and get on your knees, agent.
I don't kill anyone I don't have to.
Let's keep it that way.
You don't have to.
You don't have to kill anyone else.
I'll be judge of that.
On the ground.
Count to 100.
One two three four five six seven Nick.
It's Crown.
You hurt? - I'm, uh - Okay, he's close! Fan out! Go, go, go, go, go! Go, go, go! The second guard assigned to Mills' escort says he got a call saying there'd been a change of plan.
Wolfe took his place.
Nick, we need to figure out who made that call and why proper protocols weren't followed.
Any last-minute change in the detail should have been confirmed with you first.
Uh, agreed.
Okay, why would a serial killer take out a terrorist? He's ex-military.
Maybe he fancied himself a hero.
This guy's a hero now? No.
The previous five victims of the Fentanyl Killer all exhibited abnormal behavior in the weeks prior to their deaths.
- Hmm.
And? - We believe he chose these targets based on their previous behavior shifts.
You don't get more aggressive than a terrorist attack, that's true.
Mills was already looking at life imprisonment, so, uh So, uh, what would Rex Wolfe gain by taking him out? What was his That's what we need to figure out.
Look, if you don't want to talk right now, I get it.
I just want you to know I could have died out there in the woods.
Rex Wolfe had a gun to the back of my head.
I was helpless.
There was nothing I could do.
I I chased the biggest case of my career.
And and there I was about to die for it.
All I could think about was Flynn.
What happened to him growing up without you.
Just I couldn't let that happen again.
And s-so I I obeyed him.
You gave me shit for the cheetos? You can feed an entire nation with that thing.
So much for dinner's grand finale.
Guess I got upstaged.
You get all the Byrnes in one room.
It's bound to happen.
Just the one Byrne.
I understand that everyone wants to protect her, but we've all been through a lot.
It's just that some of us get left eating cold, stale pie.
You been reading my grade school diary? Sorry.
I'm venting.
Normally I have Nick to talk at, but I don't know.
You planning on hogging all that misery pie for yourself? Well, you know what misery loves.
You know, if you want me to talk to her, I will.
- I don't need someone to fix it.
- Okay.
But it is nice to have someone to listen.
Excuse me.
Byrne, good.
Uh, we just had word from the State Department that Rex Wolfe has fled the country.
Apparently, he's just crossed into Moldova from Ukraine.
Well, then his trail's gonna go cold fast.
I mean, if Rex is in Moldova, it's only for one reason.
The power vacuum is an easy place to disappear.
Governments get desperate, they hire mercs, any mercs, to create an extralegal force more powerful than any army.
I mean, a guy with Rex's resume, he can make a fresh start, no questions asked.
Your experience in that region and with people in that world is invaluable to us, Isaac, so, given that and your knowledge and understanding of Rex Wolfe, this is now your case.
You'll go in dark to Moldova, find Rex Wolfe, and capture him.
And then he'll go to a black site.
As far as the American public are concerned.
Rex Wolfe does not exist.
I'm taking Byrne with me.
I trust her instincts.
Byrne? You on board? Yeah.
Any questions? Durand? Sir, I I think this is the right team for the job.
Okay, good.
Hey, Dad.
I got a bone to pick with you.
You left me alone with Suzy Homemaker and that ex of yours.
Thanks a million.
- How was Flynn after everything? - He bounced back.
I hope he knows that I wouldn't be leaving unless it was something important.
Flynn will be fine.
He's made in your image.
I know you can't tell me where you're going, but, wherever it may be, I want you to have this.
I'll rest easier knowing you have it.
Uh, Saint Mike protects cops, Dad.
I'm not sure how he'd feel about me.
Just know I was trying to protect you.
From what? - Dad? - From all of this.
I have to finish packing, Dad.
It isn't just cops.
Saint Michael watches out for warriors of all stripes.
Anybody can die at any time, but everyone goes around as if everything's fine and you don't need to worry about anything.
But you're worried? I'm not worried.
I'm mad.
It's like everybody's lying all the time.
It's totally normal to be frustrated.
Especially with your parents.
People can be frustrating.
But worrying about what other people might do or say or what might happen only heightens your anxiety.
The only person you can control is yourself.
Do you have control of yourself? I'm reporting outside of Catalyst Diagnostics, where the brain of former New England Patriots linebacker Clay Bishop will be donated later today.
At his family's request, Mr.
Bishop's brain will be used in CTE research.
A study from the American Med This is Tommy.
You know what to do.
I'm leaving the country for a little bit.
And I really need your help.
I found something.
Catalyst Diagnostics.
I think they're tied up in all of this Valerie, Harley, the whole thing.
I saw the catalyst logo on Valerie's papers and mine too and now Bishop? Look, I know I messed up and you don't want to talk to me, and I get that.
But if you can help me look into this, I'll owe you.
For what it's worth.
I miss you.
You ready? Yeah.