Absentia (2017) s02e06 Episode Script


1 Previously on "Absentia" Help me! My grandpa's having a heart attack.
Are you supposed to be eating that? We can figure out the rest in the morning.
- If you wake up in the morning.
- Oh, buddy.
- [man.]
What do you mean? - People die! Valerie died on the train after you sent her away.
- Who's Valerie? - Valerie McNair.
She's my biological mom.
What the hell were you thinking heading the investigation of your mother's murder? There's something in this case that connects to me, and I need to figure out what it is.
But you're not going to get very far freezing out everyone who can help.
I believe in you.
- I'm here if you want to talk.
- It works both ways.
- [man.]
Rex Wolfe.
- [woman.]
So how do we find him? [man.]
I'm not sure we can.
He could be anywhere.
Okay, Mills is on his way up from holding.
Let's do this.
- [gasping.]
- Keep still.
Don't move.
On the ground, agent.
We just got word from the State Department that Rex Wolfe has fled the country.
Apparently, he's just crossed into Moldova from Ukraine.
As far as the American public are concerned, Rex Wolfe does not exist.
This is now your case.
You'll go in dark to Moldova, find Rex Wolfe, capture him.
I'm taking Byrne with me.
I trust her instincts.
The prisoner transport started according to plan.
Mills was shackled, wrists and ankles.
Did you see anything in the rearview mirror? A flash of movement.
He was out of the vehicle before I could even brake.
Don't move.
Turn around.
- Gun.
- [gun thuds.]
Put this on.
Turn around and get on your knees, agent.
[door opens.]
The cargo vehicle slammed on its brakes, so we did too.
I had just initiated emergency protocol when Wolfe rolled out of the van.
- Mills.
- Excuse me? You saw Tyler Brandon Mills roll out of the back of the vehicle.
I have witness statements from other members of the team detailing Mills' escape.
Maybe we should fast forward to your takedown.
Um, maybe maybe you should tell me what the hell's going on here.
Tyler Brandon Mills, terrorist and criminal mastermind, was able to escape an armed transport convoy.
The team leader of said convoy pursued Mills on foot.
When Mills attacked, the team leader was forced to neutralize him.
We we both know what happened out there.
Rex Wolfe killed Mills and he ran.
He got the drop on me.
- After that, Wolfe - No.
As far as the public is concerned, Rex Wolfe does not and cannot exist.
Is this because I screwed up? Or are you just covering your own ass? It's neither.
It's orders.
Look, this way you get to be a hero.
I get to be a liar.
Well, Nick, as your friend, I would suggest you take the win.
And if I don't? Then as your boss, I will tell you it's not a suggestion.
It's an order.
Your rooms are on the third floor.
- I'll fetch you a bellman.
- Oh, no.
We're good.
Thank you.
As you wish.
Enjoy your stay in Moldova.
Thank you.
[soft piano music playing.]
We suspect Rex Wolfe is laying low in a breakaway territory in eastern Moldova.
This area is heavily dependent on contraband and drug running, and unfortunately, the U.
has no intelligence or diplomatic presence there.
So it's just you two.
We've set up backstopped cover identities for you.
Emily, you're Sasha Vanek, a steel company magnate looking to expand operations into Eastern Europe.
Cal, you're Mitchell Taylor, her head of security.
Your covers will allow you to talk to private military contractors in the guise of establishing a security presence for your company.
The trade council's having a gala, and tapping into the network of oligarchs and their PMC-hired muscle should bring you one step closer to Rex Wolfe.
Not even the government knows your true identities.
You have zero jurisdiction and no backup.
[computer keys tapping.]
[PA announcements echoing faintly.]
So we got the test results back.
Unfortunately, your miscarriage wasn't by chance.
You have a condition called obstetric APS.
That, and the uterine scar tissue buildup from the D&C puts you at extreme risk for recurrent miscarriages.
What does that mean for the future? It means you may not ever be able to carry a child to term.
There's IVF, surrogacy [voice fading.]
options that I can talk you through now or at a later date [classical music playing.]
- Ms.
- [Emily chuckles.]
I'm Sergei Derkach, Lead Trade Attaché.
Let me be the first to welcome you.
Nice to meet you.
[guests chattering.]
I'm looking forward to learning more about setting up shop in your beautiful country.
And there will be plenty of time to discuss business, but right now, you must try our local Divin.
It's like cognac, but don't tell the French, far superior.
- Noroc.
- Cheers.
Your guard is free to relax with his colleagues in the smoking lounge.
I assure you, there is nowhere safer than within these walls.
Let me introduce you to a friend of mine.
- [man.]
Is it good? - [woman.]
Yeah, it's delicious.
[classic music continues.]
And, of course, my bank has very favorable arrangements for our American customers.
Moving that kind of currency, you must have an impressive security force.
Absolutely, yes.
So, how did you set it up? It's a private military company.
- They can deploy rapidly.
- Uh-huh.
They're cost effective.
You didn't hear it from me, but Nightwatch.
Nightwatch? I hate to interrupt, but there is someone - Ms.
Vanek just has to meet.
- Oh, yes.
Excuse me.
You can't let that old fool monopolize your time.
Jeffries, CEO of Landsman Oil.
- Ms.
Vanek of El Toro Steel.
- Hello.
Pleasure to meet a fellow ex-pat.
Well, just in the scouting stages right now.
It's an odd part of the world.
I mean, they still have minefields.
- Really? - Yeah.
Well then, I will tread carefully.
You better.
I mean, this whole security gig, it's okay, but holding my lady's makeup bag wasn't exactly what I had in mind when I left the service, you know? Yeah, definitely beats security in Burundi during the elections, bro.
I work for Pandys.
You know, just one rough interrogation nets more than six months working for the coca farms.
- Yeah.
So you never served, right? - No.
Well, I started out on the blue line.
- The Lebanon border? - Yeah.
Where? Zar'it.
The Baram Brigade.
I had friends over there.
You can ignore those clowns.
You should talk to my guys.
[lighter clicks.]
And why is that? I'll get a finder's fee.
You'll keep the bragging rights.
And what's so good about your shop? A couple of years back, I was ambushed in a remote corner of the Helmand Province, a place even your Marines are afraid to tread.
Yeah, I've been there.
I got no desire to go back.
So you know, I'm laying down cover fire, but I'm done for.
Then out of nowhere, a helicopter swoops in and saves my ass.
Nightwatch they are the last word in this thing we do if you are serious.
There's no cell service in Helmand, so how'd they find you? [classical music fades.]
Here comes the good part.
[ethereal string music playing.]
[driving dance music playing.]
Would you like to dance? [laughs.]
I never see you before tonight.
- I just into town.
- Where are you from? The U.
And what do you think of my country? I think it's beautiful.
Not all of it, I promise.
Yana! [Yana whimpers.]
[both arguing in foreign language.]
An American with Wolfe's training is a premium - in the local PMC market.
- Which one? Every PMC in the world has a piece of this place.
Well, I've heard of a place we should check out when we're through here.
It's where all the mercs hang out.
[speaking foreign language.]
- [smacks.]
- [Yana grunts.]
Hey! Just remember why we're here.
El Toro, this is Mr.
Hey, so we found out about a few of the majors in the area.
One's called Pandys, and then there's another one called Nightwatch.
I'm into it.
Neither is ringing any bells, but these places change names more often than P.
I think that was a few names back, Mr.
Cosgrove is a criminally uncool soccer dad.
Give him a break, Sasha.
And how is young Master Cosgrove holding up? Good.
I told him you were on a training exercise.
And he still wants to know that you're safe.
Are you? Safe? Yeah.
Uh, call me when the local sales figures come in.
Okay, bye.
Don't let them write your history for you.
I decided to come home for lunch.
Alice? You all right? Uh, guys? When's the lunch? Now.
Go wash your hands.
- We can talk later.
- All right.
Everyone's talking about you taking out Tyler Brandon Mills.
You're famous, Dad.
I was just doing my job.
Did you kill him with one shot? Or did he keep running, and you had to pump him full of bullets? How many shots did it take? - Dad, tell me! - He died quickly.
Did his blood get all over you? - Flynn.
- You're awesome, Dad.
He didn't stand a chance.
- [plate clinks.]
- That's enough.
You need to just let me eat, okay? Just let me eat for Christ sakes.
I'm done.
He's excited.
He and his friends, they admire you.
Look, I get it, being forced to take a life.
Maybe talking to a professional could help.
I'm not one of your clients.
Well, maybe I wouldn't have to play counselor if you'd get some help instead of repressing everything under this Captain America facade.
You're not the only one with problems.
You can't begin to understand.
Screw you, Nick.
[phone buzzing.]
[dance music playing.]
If Rex Wolfe isn't here, these guys will know where he is.
Stay close to me and keep a low profile.
I recognize that voice.
Cal? Cal Isaac! It's really you! [laughs.]
Of all the gin joints in all the world, if it ain't my favorite square - Holy shit, Holt Thompson, you old - [grunts.]
[group cheers.]
That was for Yemen.
- Now we're even.
- Okay.
Welcome to my joint.
- Sasha.
- Sasha.
- First round's on me.
- Thank you.
Come on, idiot.
If you wanna see the downstairs to your upstairs, Sasha you came to the right place.
So what are the odds that the two of you would meet here of all places? Guys like us don't become Walmart greeters when we retire.
If you want to keep your hand in the game on an elite level, - there's only a few places to go.
- Hmm.
Why Moldova? Well, after it went sideways, I knew a white picket fence wasn't in the cards.
- Did my time as PMC muscle.
- With who? A place I thought I left behind, but they opened up a branch right here in my corner of paradise.
Yeah, I've heard good things.
If you like, uh, Big Brother watching your every move 24 hours a day.
It wasn't for me.
Oh, wicked.
Oh, I am.
Believe me.
What does this do? It was a chip.
- They implant GPS trackers - To monitor you on missions.
Access buildings, charge your lunch tab.
I could use one of those.
You gotta give it back when you split though, along with your company car tape dispenser.
That's a small price to pay to get in with a shop like that.
Look, don't worry, it's I'm not telling tales out of school.
Vanek knows I'm looking for new challenges.
Not until you find a suitable substitute though.
- Right? - Yeah.
I thought you were looking to go straight leave the black bag jobs to creeps like me.
No, I tried civilian life.
Had me climbing the walls.
You know how it is.
So, Nightwatch.
You got an in? Not for a minute.
I'm on the acquisitions side these days.
If you really want in you gotta talk to the big-time company men.
[group chatting in foreign language.]
You can go to hell! - [glass shatters.]
- [men grunting.]
- Excuse me.
- Yeah.
- [grunting continues.]
- [blows landing.]
So much for keeping a low profile.
Well, he has no idea I'm Bureau.
He knows your real name.
Half the guys in here are working under an alias.
And what if he looks into my cover? I don't think it's your cover that he's interested in.
I don't care what you think.
Focus on the job.
- [phones ringing.]
- [voices chattering.]
- Mrs.
- So what have you got? [Nick.]
I did some digging on Tydeus Tech.
They went bust about five years ago, but their assets were picked up by Nightwatch.
Yeah, I've been hearing a lot about them lately.
Australian Security Intelligence just sent me a photo of Rex Wolfe with the CEO of Tydeus.
That sounds like a valuable asset.
We're conferencing in one of his associates right now.
- You have company? - Uh-huh.
- A merc? - Yeah.
- Buy you a drink? - Yeah.
I'd like that.
What's your pleasure? Pappy's.
[speaking foreign language.]
- I'm Sasha.
- Jacques.
Looks like you lost your date.
- Shall we? - Yes.
You need to savor it.
You take it in all at once.
- Is that the French way with bourbon? - [chuckles.]
That's my way with everything.
What's a woman like you doing in this shithole? - What do you mean? - I mean [whispering indistinctly.]
You are sure of yourself, aren't you? Yeah for good reason.
This is my security.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
Security is for little boys.
I do a dirty job.
I like to balance it with, uh well better if I show you.
I'd like that.
Dirty job, huh? What's so dirty about an escort duty for the Moldovan glitterati? I don't babysit, pretty boy.
- I was a guest at the palace.
- [Cal.]
Really? And I bet you've got the chip to prove it.
You're Nightwatch, right? So do they pay a bonus for TS/SCI? What's TS/SCI? Hmm? Top Secret Security Clearance.
And I have the highest possible.
I need, uh, some more privacy and, uh stimulation.
- Okay.
- Come.
Hello? [screaming.]
Ah! Ah! Wait! [grunts.]
Please! Wait! - Wait.
- Wait? Wait for what? [Emily.]
Slow slow down.
- Why? - Hold it.
Hold on, hold on.
I don't like it like this.
I don't like it.
[whispering in French.]
Mais tais-toi.
Je vais te baiser là maintenant, tu comprends? Please, just no! - [Emily grunts.]
- [Jacques moans.]
[speaking French.]
Tu cries, je te crève! - Okay.
- Yeah.
[Jacques moans softly.]
[both grunting.]
[grunting continues.]
[Emily panting, grunting.]
Hey! You guys, you guys, let me buy your bike.
- I have money.
- [paper rustling.]
And your jacket, please.
Are you hurt? No.
We're going to Nightwatch.
You don't waste any time.
[motorcycle engine starts.]
[thunder rumbling.]
[thunder rumbling.]
So where would the monitoring room be? Their GPS and comms room are gonna be hidden and reinforced.
I can't tell you where the room is, but a guy as heavy as your boy Jacques, he'd have access for sure.
What if we kill the generator? No, look.
They'll have a parallel power supply redundancy for all the important stuff.
That's what I'm counting on.
Hey, Byrne.
Shh, shh, shh.
[gun blasts.]
Damn it, Byrne! [chuckles.]
I think I'm lost.
[man grunts.]
[thud echoes.]
Hey, let's go.
[thunder rumbling.]
[rain pouring.]
Hey [man speaking foreign language.]
[speaking foreign language.]
[camera clicks.]
[thunder rumbling.]
[rapid beeping.]
[lock clicks.]
Don't move.
Turn around.
Come on.
Turn around.
[speaking foreign language.]
[keys tapping.]
[computer chirping, buzzing.]
Real-time GPS from those body tracks uploads here.
- [rapid beeping.]
- [lock clicks.]
[shouting in foreign language.]
Hey, focus! Come on! Hurry up.
Find Rex.
[keys tapping.]
[computer beeping, whirring.]
Hey! [Emily.]
Turn around.
[computer whirring, beeping.]
- [screams.]
- [grunts.]
- [keys tapping.]
- [computer beeping.]
[Cal panting.]
He's 30 miles out.
Let's go.
[thunder rumbling.]
You fucked with the wrong people! [Cal.]
Hey! Damn it.
- [Cal grunting.]
- [Emily muttering quietly.]
[thunder rumbling.]
What did the, uh what did the small guy have as a sidearm? - A Makarov pistol.
- Makarov pistol [muttering.]
Marakov pistol, okay.
Makarov pistol.
He handed [Emily murmuring indistinctly.]
Are you blueprinting? Yeah.
Come here.
[man and woman moaning.]
I really needed to see you.
Oh, likewise.
I want to give you the heads-up on a story I'm about to air.
Now? Seriously? It's about the mysterious death of Tyler Brandon Mills.
[man moans.]
Does the FBI really expect America to believe Mills got out of an armed convoy without help? I don't know.
What does Erica Lyle think? I think you're full of shit.
So much smoke and not a damn bit of fire.
- I'm not letting this go.
- Erica, come on.
Better you hear it from someone who cares, 'cause soon - Baby - every news agency around the world will be beating down your door.
So you say.
I interviewed a few security consultants.
They all agreed properly secured prisoner transport vehicles would have two armed guards.
Seems a little strange Tyler Brandon Mills had only one guard, don't you think? There was no second guard.
- Why not? - I don't know.
- You're hiding something, Derek.
- No.
So now's the time to come clean on the record or off, but I'm running my report.
I thought this was about more than just you getting a scoop.
I'm a journalist for Christ's sake.
I'm doing my job.
- And you know what else? - What? You wouldn't respect me if I didn't.
There is nothing to be gained by us working at cross purposes.
Two of us working together would make more sense, right? Meaning? Meaning you drop the guard story, and I will get you an even bigger exclusive.
I'm listening.
I'm listening.
[machine chugging.]
[water rushing.]
[water rushing.]
[Emily grunts.]
- Cal.
- What? Cal.
[water rushing.]
It's probably rainwater runoff from the storm.
- You got it? - Yeah.
[both grunting.]
[water rushing loudly.]
- I can't judge its depth.
- Yeah.
We could be sucked into the water treatment plant.
[lock clicks.]
Andre, bring them to me.
Or we could take our chances here.
[Cal grunts.]
[Emily screaming.]
- [Cal.]
Hey! I've got you! - Ah! [Emily coughing, grunting.]
It's Cal! [screaming.]
Stay with me.
You breathe in four, three, two, one.
You breathe out four, three, two, one.
You're good.
[both panting.]
I'm okay.
I'm okay.
I'm okay.
I'm okay.
Thank you.
[thunder rumbling.]
[water rushing.]
The current's getting stronger.
- [Emily screams.]
- Hang on! [Emily gasping.]
[Emily grunting, screaming.]
- [Cal grunting.]
- [thudding.]
[gate creaking.]
[both gasping.]
Hold your breath.
[thunder rumbling.]
[both screaming, cheering.]
Um, Emily missed her last scheduled check-in.
I'm starting to get concerned.
Well, one missed check-in does not an emergency make.
Come on.
You know Emily when she's on a lead.
She has tunnel vision.
I I know, but that's what worries me.
She thinks that Rex Wolfe is working for Nightwatch.
It's it's a very well-capitalized PMC.
Super shady.
You don't seem too concerned.
It's only been one day.
And Cal and Emily are two of the best, so I know, but So have some faith.
They know how to handle themselves.
All right, listen.
We'll put out some feelers, see if there's been any chatter, without tipping off that we're dipping our toes into Moldova, of course.
I appreciate that.
- I got your back, Nick.
- Thanks.
And, uh, listen.
I'm gonna have to ask you to reciprocate.
Uh uh, sure.
What do you need? Are you familiar with, um, Erica Lyle? From channel six? Yeah, exactly.
Um, I scheduled you for a sit-down with her just to amplify the official line on the convoy.
You want me to go on TV and repeat that line of bullshit? Yes.
Yes, I do.
I was just on my way to the Berkshires.
I can't do this anymore.
Please, sit.
Things were better when I felt that Nick and I could have our own child, but that's never gonna happen.
Slow down.
What's going on? I can't I mean, we can keep trying, but the odds are [groans.]
I'm so sorry to hear that.
I think my marriage is falling apart.
The distance between us You have to stay the course for Flynn.
He needs you, now more than ever.
No ever said it was going to be easy, but this is what you've signed up for.
Don't you ever get tired of being everyone else's support system? This is the life we have chosen.
Maybe you should practice self-care.
Find yourself a hobby, a passion, something just for you.
[pops can open.]
Come on in.
Have you heard from Byrne or Isaac? How are you doing? They missed their scheduled check-in time.
Not unheard of for a mission like this.
I know, but the last time Emily and I spoke, there was a tone in her voice.
Scared? I don't know.
Uh, everyone's probably right.
I'm I'm just overreacting.
This has been an exceptionally difficult time for you.
Being the poster boy for the convoy lie.
You were just doing your job.
I don't remember this part in the oath we took.
Our job is to keep America safe and allow her citizens to sleep well at night.
I'd say the greater good is being served.
Whether you believe it or not, you're serving your country honorably.
Well [Emily.]
It's cold.
- [shivers.]
- Here, take this.
- No.
- No, no, no.
You're shivering.
Thank you.
Damn, I'm cold.
Not me.
I'm wearing my ugly alpaca sweater.
It smells like a goat, but it's warm.
[Emily chuckles.]
And I'm taking a big scoop of matzo ball soup.
Oh, nice.
How is that working for you? Oh, I'm throwing a heavy horse blanket over the sweater.
Well I'm gonna go for the real thing.
- Ready? - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Okay, let's go.
- Okay.
Come on.
Hey, come on.
[engine running.]
Look, it's running.
What do you want to do? Better to ask for forgiveness than permission, right? - [blows landing.]
- [grunting.]