Absentia (2017) s02e07 Episode Script


1 Previously on "Absentia" As far as the public is concerned, Tyler Brandon Mills, terrorist, was able to escape an armed convoy.
The team leader was forced to neutralize him.
This way you get to be a hero.
I get to be a liar.
I can't do this anymore.
Find yourself a hobby something just for you.
- I love you.
- Nobody normal would want me.
- I want you! - Just go! Rex Wolfe does not and cannot exist.
If Rex Wolfe isn't here, these guys will know where he is.
That was for Yemen.
- Welcome to my joint.
- Sasha.
You got a name? You gotta talk to the company men.
And what if he looks into my cover? I don't think it's your cover that he's interested in.
Focus on the job.
Look, it's running.
What do you want to do? It's better to ask for forgiveness than permission, right? [BLOWS THUD.]
CAL: Ah! EMILY: I can get it.
One more.
EMILY: Oh, God.
I think we're heading north.
Why do you say that? I've been counting the ruts.
And? The roads get much worse north.
What are they like going south? Or we could be heading south.
EMILY: Tommy, look, I know I messed up and you don't wanna to me, and I I get that, but I found something.
Catalyst Diagnostics, I think they're tied up in all of this.
Valerie, Farley, the whole thing.
I saw their logo in Valerie's papers, and mine too, and now Bishop's.
Look, if you can help me look into this, I'll owe you.
For what it's worth.
I miss you.
- [BEEPS.]
Oh, my God.
MAN: Hey! Freeze right there, asshole.
- I'm police.
- Turn around.
Show me some ID.
Tommy Gibbs, Boston PD.
WOMAN: You had no authorization, no warrant, no freaking reason to be there! - Come on, boss.
- Don't "Come on, boss," me.
This isn't a situation where I can just wave a magic wand and make it go away.
It's connected to the fentanyl killer.
My old case.
Well, then, I don't know what was such a goddamn emergency that you couldn't wait to get a warrant.
I got a tip.
Something that you can take to the judge? Is it something that you can take to the judge? You are suspended without pay pending formal review.
Your badge and gun.
They returned this.
They wiped my phone.
Gibbs you're a good detective.
But if this is how you're gonna operate, there's no place for you here.
You should not have picked a fight with Nightwatch.
They've put a massive bounty on your heads.
- We're American.
- No, shit.
Your arrogance is obvious.
EMILY: He means you don't want to kill us.
You're right.
Moldova doesn't want to kill you.
You two have a plane to catch.
Then your bodies will be Romania's problem.
Ha! Ha ha! My guardian angel.
Come here.
- Oh! - Always bailing you out, huh? How'd you track us down? Planted one of these on you in the lounge.
Huh? Man, you've really lost a step being stateside.
Come on.
Let's get the hell out of here.
Before Nightwatch shows up to collect your bodies.
- Hey.
Oh, hey.
You okay? Alice, what's going on? No, no, no, no.
Um, we we should talk about this.
No, no, no, wait, wait, wait, wait.
- Uh, are you sure? - Shut up.
I come here whenever things get a little too caliente in Chisinau.
We won't be found here.
I need to get a text to the U.
It's encrypted 100 percent secure.
EMILY: Okay.
HOLT: There she is.
HOLT: Mi casa es su casa.
- CAL: You got some whiskey? - HOLT: Yes, whiskey.
Let's get you some boots, and better clothes.
- HOLT: Some help.
- CAL: Yeah.
Ah! And accessories.
Meet Oksana.
Technically, this is her house so lower the fork.
She warms up when she gets her music on.
CAL: Hoo! Hell of a country home.
HOLT: It's a hell of a country.
- CAL: Here.
Look, if we can just borrow a car, maybe some wea Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Why don't you tell me why you're really here? We're FBI.
You're FBI? You're shitting me.
We were tasked with capturing a man named Rex Wolfe.
He committed a series of murders in the Boston area, and then he fled to Moldova.
- And why would he be here? - He works for Nightwatch.
So, Holt, you just let me take a couple of No, you think I'm gonna trust the Feds to borrow my gear - CAL: No, it's me.
- and bring it back? No! - Look, you can do it, it's me.
- No! No! - CAL: No - No! No! No! Okay.
- CAL: Okay.
- We go together.
You've been up all night.
Get some rest.
We'll head off tomorrow.
Oh, hey.
Sorry, I guess I fell asleep.
It's okay.
What are you doing? I'm thinking of getting a MIG welder.
You can get a decent one for under 400 bucks.
Um, uh, what do you need that for? I've always wanted to learn to weld.
You're just full of surprises, aren't you? I have ideas for sculptures.
Oh, that's that's great.
No, really, I think it's great.
Maybe, uh, we could take a class together.
We could both learn.
I should get home.
Uh, yeah.
Yeah, of course.
Um Close your eyes.
Agent Durand, thank you so much for coming today.
- How are you feeling? - I'm I'm fine.
And you look great.
The camera's gonna love you.
I was thinking we could walk through some of what we'll be talking about, if that's okay.
You have a list of your questions? Well, I can't really give you everything up front.
I want this to feel organic.
This whole thing is about as inorganic as it gets.
Well, we can take away some of the makeup, extra production bells and whistles if that's what you're talking about.
Let's just get this over with.
Listen, I understand you're more of a behind-the-scenes type.
Maybe a little locker-room tough with the don't-let-them- see-you-care force field up.
That all great, but if you don't let that wall down just a little bit, you're gonna come across as a cardboard stiff to every living room in America.
Be vulnerable.
That's extremely easy for you to say.
- You weren't there.
- Exactly.
Take me there.
Take America there.
I I know you have a job to do, but this wasn't supposed to be part of mine.
Really? You don't think better public relations could have helped you before? During your wife's disappearance? This is your chance to write over all that.
To be America's hero.
You just have to tell your story.
Congrats on becoming a G-man.
Nice second act.
- You could have applied.
- Could I? Well, I didn't think it'd be possible given our history and all.
All I'm saying is I'm done wearing someone else's uniform.
One thing I've learned out here - Patriotism is for suckers.
- Bullshit.
You have a bald eagle tattoo on your back.
Now I gotta parrot drinking a margarita.
I'd rather die wrapped in stacks of cash than some random flag.
Well, I'll take neither, thanks.
Oh, I know what you want to wrap yourself up in.
I don't blame you.
She's something.
- Shut up.
- Come on, man.
I see how you're looking at her.
Again, I'm serving my country.
Oh, is that what you're calling your dick? [LAUGHING.]
All right, maybe it's your heart.
And what does she know about you? What you've done? Don't.
Don't get too attached.
Some things tend to be deal breakers.
WOMAN: That's great.
A bit to the left.
Pretend you're looking at a flag.
That's great.
Okay, let's keep walking.
What was going through your mind as you chased Mills? Um, that I had to catch him.
I owed it to everyone he killed.
And to Boston.
That's right.
And somewhere in these woods, you did catch him.
And I'm just over there.
Take me through that.
Well I saw him trying to hide behind that tree.
Ordered him to show his hands.
And then I, uh WOMAN: Go on.
I approached him carefully and ordered him to the ground.
Did he comply? He did.
He knew it was the only choice he had.
He knew that I would shoot him.
And were you scared of what might happen? [PANTING.]
Okay, um do you need another tape or do we have it? [OKSANA SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE.]
EMILY: Twenty feet.
OKSANA: Paces.
You Russian is rusty.
EMILY: I don't get much practice.
I learned it for work.
OKSANA: Holt makes me speak English.
Too much.
He is big talker.
Noisy, so rabbit hears you.
- Yeah? - Mm-hmm.
And then stop! Rabbit feels danger.
But we wait very quiet.
And after time, he thinks how do you say? - The coast is clear.
- Yeah, coast is clear.
But is not.
We will shoot him.
No rabbits here.
- That's a big gun for rabbits.
Rabbits used to be bigger.
You were in Afghanistan.
1980 to '81.
I was sniper.
The Soviets conscripted you? They did not want me in the beginning.
So then why'd you join? Like I say, they did not want me.
So, I need to show them their mistake.
Why are you here? To find a killer.
Oh, there are so many of them here.
This one murdered a lot of people.
Good reason.
And my mother.
Even better reason.
Be ready.
Do you ever miss? Ha! I was best shot in whole regiment.
Sixty-seven confirmed.
I can't remember my number.
I can't forget.
Oh, damn it, Em.
Oh, thought you were at that interview.
Oh, I already did it.
In fact, I need to get back to the office.
How did it go? Great.
It went great.
Late night at the hospital, huh? I was just catching up on some paperwork.
Forgot about that part of the job.
Yeah, well, that reporter, Erica Lyle she wants to come over tonight and shoot a little footage.
Oh? It's stupid stuff around the house, us being us.
Happy marriage, American dream, etcetera.
I can cancel it if you're not comfortable.
It's fine.
- Let me cancel.
- There's no reason to.
Can't wait.
All right.
Um, I'll see you later, okay? [ROCK MUSIC ECHOING.]
- Hey - MAN: Hey, watch it! [MEN LAUGHING.]
We're not here to kill you! - Aim to wound.
- I'm aiming to stay alive! To wound! [GUNS BLASTING.]
I'm out.
EMILY: Stop! No! - CAL: Stop! - [GUN BLASTS.]
CAL: Minefield! Don't move! Jesus, Em, will you stop? Byrne! [EMILY PANTING.]
- CAL: Oh, God.
- EMILY: Rex.
Emily! Stop now! [GUN CLICKS.]
You don't have to die here, Rex.
We can figure this out.
You save me, I talk that's your deal? Why did you kill all those people? Mistakes were made.
They had to be cleaned up.
Am I a part of the cleanup? REX: I wasn't ordered to kill you.
And who ordered you? Who do you work for? Nightwatch? You came all the way out here.
Your own backyard's a mess.
What does that mean? What the hell does that mean? You really should lie down now.
The woman on the subway was my mother.
I'm sorry.
Byrne! Emily! Emily! Don't move! Emily! Don't move! Emily! Emily, stop! Byrne, can you hear me? Stay there! Stay there! Stay there! I'll come and get you.
Don't move! Don't move! - [CAR HORN BLARING.]
- CAL: Move! Move! Hey! Move! [HOLT GRUNTS.]
CAL: Hang on, man, we're gonna get you to a hospital.
In Eastern Moldova? You trying to kill me? Find a main road.
Oh, no, no, no.
Take me to Oksana.
- She'll know what to do.
- No, I know what to do, huh? Get you to a hospital before you die.
No, man.
She'll know what to do.
- Oksana! Oksana! - [OKSANA SCREAMS.]
- Hey, buddy.
- Medicine is in cupboard! - What? - In kitchen cupboard.
- EMILY: Come on.
- OKSANA: Oh, God.
Holt! Holt.
Look at me! - Boil water.
- Yeah, okay, got it.
Hey! Hey, buddy, stay alive, huh? Stay alive! - Don't - [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE.]
- Oh, my God.
It's just a scratch.
- We've been in worse.
Oh, God.
- OKSANA: What did you do here? - EMILY: Holt, just look at me.
You fucking fight.
Holt! CAL: We should've gone to a hospital.
I don't care how bad they are, babushka, here, is not a fucking doctor! - OKSANA: Out of my face.
- CAL: Jesus.
- Go! - EMILY: God damn it.
Stay! Stay! Come on, Holt! Holt! Look at me! Holt! Stay with me! There you go.
There you go! You fight! - [GASPS.]
- EMILY: You got this.
Let's go.
Did you get your rabbit? No.
EMILY: I asked Oksana how does she move forward? She told me that everyone is a hunter.
Some hunt for love.
Some hunt for independence.
Or for a sense of purpose.
Some simply hunt for the truth.
EMILY: She said we shouldn't be afraid of the hunt.
Wherever it takes us.
Or whatever it makes us.
Find what matters.
And keep hunting.