Abyss (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

The number you have dialed is
unavailable now. Please leave
Please open the door. Hee-jin!
I'm sorry. Let's call off the wedding.
I just don't think I can
share a bed and eat meals with
your ugly face for the rest of my life.
I'm sorry I don't have the stomach for it.
Shit, it's high.
It's so high up.
I can do this.
I can do this!
No, I can't do this.
Why did he call me so many times?
Why isn't he picking up
now that I'm calling back?
Hello? Hey, Min.
Cha Min?
Se-yeon, help me!
I'm about to fall to my death!
Where are you? What's going on?
If I caught you in a bad moment,
we can talk again later.
No! There's no "later"!
Don't hang up on me!
I'm going to die!
This is all because of you, Se-yeon.
If only you hadn't
introduced me to Hee-jin
If only you had
accepted my feelings for you,
I wouldn't have come this far.
You always lash out at me
when you're dumped.
If that's why you called me,
I'm going to hang up.
Hello? Min?
What was that?
-You're here.
-Come on.
-Sure thing.
Life and death are providential.
There is nothing a man can do
in the face of death.
I also believed that life and death
are in the hands of providence.
Until we rose from the dead.
Until Abyss came into
Min's and my possession.
Why did you come to the crime scene?
It's not a pretty sight.
Se-yeon, let me take over this case.
You and Seung-hun
were close in law school.
-Save yourself from--
-No, this is my case.
He was attacked by
the Eomsan-dong serial killer.
It's not a copycat?
He hasn't been active for four years.
No, I'm sure it's him.
The M.O. is the same,
right down to the murder weapon.
He was killed
just like the victim in 2000.
This bastard must want to
be caught by me more than you.
He was off the grid,
but he resurfaced
once you stepped off the case.
Doctor, how's my husband?
Don't worry too much.
The surgery went well.
Come on.
Thank you, Doctor.
-Mommy, don't cry.
-Thank you.
It's all right.
Your dad is all right.
Hey, kid.
How about a lollipop?
If you cry, you're going to
upset your mom even more.
Now, that's enough.
That's enough.
That's a good boy.
Take this candy.
Thank you, Doctor. Thank you.
Thank you, Doctor.
Sorry about that.
No, it's fine. Don't worry about it.
You're off to the office, right?
I'll give you a lift.
You said you only slept for two hours.
I'll drive.
You get some shut-eye on the way.
I'm not depressed, you know.
There's no need to be concerned.
I know. The music is for me.
Is he getting married?
Up until a few months ago,
he said he loved you.
It just happened that way.
He's had a crush on you for 20 years.
How can one have
such a quick change of heart?
Beats me.
It's not just women.
Men change their minds easily too.
His 20 years of love for me
was thrown out the window
once he met someone pretty who liked him.
Pure love, my ass.
Do you regret it now that he's taken?
Regret? Seriously?
I'm Go Se-yeon.
Didn't you see what he looks like?
-He's not even close to being my type.
-Still, you let him
hang around you for 20 years.
You've been leading him on for too long.
Hey! Are you kidding me?
That is what I hate the most
in a relationship.
Also, I never asked him to do anything.
It was his choice.
It's better seeing you throw a fit
like this than seeing you so depressed.
I was never depressed,
and I wasn't throwing a fit.
Sure. If you say so.
I really didn't. Why won't you believe me?
I said I got it.
-I'm not depressed or angry.
-All right, fine.
Who is it?
Why are they here so early in the morning?
I told you not to fly at a low altitude.
Shift back into human form.
You just had to cause trouble
on our last day here, didn't you?
I bet you did this on purpose.
Did I pick this up for nothing?
There. It's back on.
I got the phone back on
What are you doing with Abyss?
I'll just bring him back to life.
That's brilliant.
I'm sure it worked.
Why isn't he waking up?
His face isn't the same
as it was before he died though.
Do blood splatters
make him look more handsome?
Oh my.
Who are you people?
Have you come to your senses, Cha Min?
Are you the Grim Reaper?
Am I in Heaven?
It looks a lot like Korea though.
You are in Korea.
Yangchon 5-ri, Pyeonggu-eup,
Gyeonggi Province.
You didn't die.
What happened?
What is all this?
Let me explain it
so that it's easier for you to understand.
You were in an accident,
but you didn't die.
In fact, you were reborn
with a face
that'll make the rest of your life easier.
That's right.
I'm reborn?
So this is what my soul looks like.
It's weird though.
Don't human souls
usually look the same on the outside?
Why did he become so good-looking?
Look at him.
That's no ordinary human being.
Most humans in this situation
would be surprised or in denial.
That's the usual response.
Him? Not so much.
They say good looks are all that matters.
Even when I'm covered in blood,
I look fashionable.
I look good, don't I?
-A nutjob, right?
Do you have what I gave you?
Let me get this straight.
You killed me by accident
but brought me back to life
with this Dragon Ball.
It's not a Dragon Ball. We call it Abyss.
Whatever it is,
this brought me back to life.
That's right.
I like it.
and also this.
-He's a lunatic.
-I'm sure of it.
Keep it safe rather than using it.
I left you a user manual,
so read it when you can.
Sure. Whatever.
You're the owner of that Abyss now,
so make good use of it.
The 100 millionth star just fell.
-We should hurry.
Human, we brought you back to life,
so don't ever get mad at us.
Why would I when I look like this now?
Don't worry, and get back on your way.
Wait, hold on.
When will this face expire?
When you die.
I should get changed first.
I know you're home, so open the door.
How can you say you looked out for him?
You don't even know
the password to his door.
I never said I didn't know it.
-So you do?
And you're telling me this now?
Are you messing with me?
Before you asked,
you rang the bell
and banged on the door. So
-Should I?
-Then should I break in?
Of course not.
Mom, you know better
than to cause a ruckus.
Who are you?
I must've startled you.
I used to study
the same major as Min in college--
In college,
Min was the only Korean in his class.
I mean the church next to the college.
I went to church there,
and we became friends.
So you first met him in Australia?
Yes, that's right.
I heard a lot about you though.
Min came to my house often
with the braised short ribs you made.
Because of the smell
of the kimchi you made,
-the police came to his apartment.
-My gosh.
Did Min tell you that?
Of course.
So you must know where Min is right now.
Where is he?
He was here a minute ago,
but he stepped out to buy something.
I can't believe he left his phone behind.
Sit tight.
I'll go and bring him his phone.
I told you to hold it off for a while.
Not until Director Cha
approves to change the factory.
Tell them it's the same
for the new product launch.
How can he not show up for work
at an important time like this?
Does Mr. Yang
want to change factories again?
Hasn't he talked enough nonsense?
Don't let him get his way.
How do you know
the works of our company so well?
Whenever Min has too much to drink,
he babbles on about
how incompetent Mr. Yang is.
That's how I know.
Mr. Kim is here.
It seems like you're busy.
I'll tell Min to call you right away,
so you should head to work.
He has tons to do before his wedding.
I can't believe he vanished like this.
Take care!
How did it go?
The number she gave you
is now out of service.
She must've had a secondary phone.
It's turned off though,
so there's no way to track it.
Am I supposed to sit and wait then?
Please calm down.
It's not good for your health.
Where did that low-life bitch come from?
I only approved
because Min was in love with her.
How can she fall off the grid?
Does she not know who she's dealing with?
The number you have dialed
is no longer in service.
Please check the number and call again.
I just don't get it.
Why was it Seung-hun of all people?
You know as well as I do
that he's not one to have enemies.
How would I know that
when we've never met?
The past victims weren't ones
to harbor enemies either.
Did you solve the fraud case
you were assigned to yesterday?
-Rather than chasing a losing game--
-A game?
Is this a game to you?
I'm just saying.
You performed the worst last month
because you couldn't let go of cold cases.
Our boss won't let it fly this time.
That won't happen. You wait and see.
We finally received the photos
from the outing last fall.
You look amazing, Prosecutor Go.
She's right. I look incredible here,
but an annoying face
is right next to mine.
You mean Mi-do?
Must you hate her so much
when she doesn't work with us anymore?
That's why I don't need to hide
my hatred toward her.
Okay. I'll be right down.
-What is it?
-Someone must have punctured my car tire.
Last month, some jerk broke
the wing mirrors and ran away.
There's no rest for my dash cam.
Why are they torturing
an innocent prosecutor?
Wait a few minutes before you go.
If you go down now, it won't be pretty.
He's the father of Park Mi-jin,
the victim who was murdered in 2010.
He was a lieutenant at a patrol division.
He was on a patrol nearby.
His daughter was murdered
where he was walking the beat.
It's probably why he can't let it go.
Even so. Putting on a protest
won't make a difference.
It's not like
we don't want to catch the culprit.
We want to catch the culprit
-more than anyone else.
-If it was an easy case,
I would have put the culprit in jail
when I had the case.
We wouldn't be working
our asses off day and night.
Well, it looks like I might be able
to put an end to that.
Yes, Detective Park.
Yes, that's correct.
Please look into
the whereabouts on that day.
And remember the mark
I told you about the other day?
Did you get to compare it
with a patient who was treated there?
Okay, I got it. Thank you for your work.
What is it? Any leads?
Are you getting anxious
that things start to pan out as soon as
I took over the case you couldn't crack?
Do you think I'm that petty?
If you catch the guy I couldn't,
I would thank you and show you my respect.
Anyway, do you really have a lead?
Yes, I do.
Here's a hint.
Do you really have a suspect in mind?
Even if you're my colleague,
I can't tell you that.
Anyway, I have a feeling that
I will be able to
face the bereaved family
with my head held up high soon.
So, I will march past him.
Take this.
How can she say she's not at work?
Her car is right here.
What is it again?
Let's meet. I can't get ahold of Hee-jin.
I told you not to put me
in the middle of this.
I don't want to,
but you set me up with her.
You introduced me to Hee-jin.
You're the only one I know
who is friends with Hee-jin.
That's why I'm regretting it.
If I had known
that you'd pester me
by calling me about your love life,
I wouldn't have set you up with her.
I'll wait. I'm in front of your office.
I told you I'm not at work.
I'm busy. I don't have time
to listen to your love life.
Hey, I'll talk to you later.
Se-yeon. Hold on. Don't
Darn it.
Hey, who are you? What are you doing?
What are you doing?
I'm sorry.
Oh, no. I'm sorry.
A lot of people hate me for doing my job.
It was instinctive.
But are you all right?
Take this.
Oh, no. You're bleeding.
Unbelievable, Se-yeon.
People can see through my shirt.
-Look at him.
-He's so handsome.
-He's very fit.
-He's gorgeous.
Excuse me.
-Why did you take that?
-Is this yours?
I'm in a pickle as my shirt is wet.
How much is this? I'll pay you double.
What? That's not for sale. Give it back.
No, my body isn't something
to show off to other people.
If paying double isn't enough,
how about triple?
-Come on. It's not for sale.
-I hate being naked.
You stubborn
-My gosh.
-My gosh.
My gosh.
The buttons
The buttons shouldn't
fall off this easily.
My gosh.
Seriously. You should've returned it
when I asked.
Forget about the money. Here, take it.
It looks good on you.
It was an expensive shirt.
How could it be so frail?
Why are you wearing that?
Well, I had a bit of a situation.
Why are you holding my hand
all of a sudden?
You got hurt because of me.
I'm sorry.
I don't remember you being this nice.
Well, I'm not doing this
because I'm a nice person.
You got hurt because of me.
And your shirt got wet because of me.
I'm not sure if this will fit,
but put this on since this is all I have.
I don't need the shirt.
If you're available, can we have some tea?
Are you going on a pre-honeymoon?
Your bride-to-be is stunning as always.
Well done, Min.
Why don't you dry your shirt
-while having a warm cup of--
-Sorry, not now. I'm busy. Sorry.
Excuse me. You have to return
the shirt after you wear it.
Excuse me!
Who was that?
A new guy you're seeing?
No, I had an accident with him.
Excuse me.
What's your deal?
I'm sorry. I mistook you for someone else.
I'm sorry.
What's your problem, seriously?
Yes, Doctor. I just came back.
Are you Ms. Oh Su-jin?
I'm looking for
I'm looking for someone. Her name is
We're looking for
a passenger named Jang Hee-jin.
If you are Jang Hee-jin
who is 28-years-old,
please come to the information desk
at Row F on the first floor
of the terminal as soon as you hear
How impressive.
How many presidential citations
did he receive?
The last knot here was tied
in the opposite direction as well.
I'm hauled into an OR
during my short naps.
And even if I work
for over 80 hours a week,
I lose so many patients
because they arrive here too late.
What's the point in repeating myself?
The emergency medical treatment system
doesn't improve.
Anyway, here's my final answer.
I won't do the interview.
I'd rather save one more patient.
Goodbye now.
I'm sorry to have kept you waiting.
I know you're busy.
No, thank you for sparing us your time.
We met a long time ago.
Yes, we met around last winter.
-Have you been well?
What is this regarding?
I have a few questions about the emergency
patient who was transported here
and died two days ago.
-Do you remember the patient?
Yes, I do.
But he was dead before
the ambulance arrived at our hospital.
There was nothing for me to do.
After I pronounced him dead,
the hospital medical examiner
took the body.
I'm not curious about how you treated him.
It's about this suture.
Doctor, the transfer patient
from Jinsong Hospital is here.
What bad timing.
You should go.
I'm sorry. Here.
He is a great doctor,
but not a good expert witness.
I barely managed to see him once or twice
after making several trips.
As you saw, he's busy all the time.
Yes, he is.
Let's go.
I'll buy you soju and beer, your favorite.
What? You usually drink hard liquor.
Hey, since you're treating me,
let's get my favorite food too.
Pork rind, entrails, or tripe. Which one?
I can't find a passenger
named Jang Hee-jin on the flight.
I'm sorry.
It's confirmed that she's not
on the list of the passengers.
I'm Jang Hee-jin. Who's looking for me?
Let me give you a ride. It's raining too.
Come on. I'm fine.
-Are you sure you'll be fine?
There was a criminal case
in your neighborhood last week.
It only seems right
for me to give you a ride.
Right. That was your case.
Exactly. You ought to do your job right.
That way, I won't have to worry.
I'm doing my job right.
I just don't think
letting a woman go home alone
at this hour is very gentlemanly.
I'm not a woman to you, so it's all good.
Hold on.
-Please go to 12-7 Chungdang-dong.
Why are you paying for my taxi?
-Please drive.
-Hold on.
Take this with you, at least.
Gosh, Seo Ji-uk.
See you tomorrow.
Where are you? When are you coming home?
Who are you to nag me
about when I'm coming home?
Did you drink?
-I said I had to discuss an important--
-Stop it.
Hey, buy me some hangover cure drinks.
Am I your butler or something?
I'm not the same guy anymore.
Stop talking crap, and come home! Got it?
It's seven thousand won.
Would you like a bag?
Yes, please.
-Thank you.
He's crazy handsome.
Thank you.
Come on, what's wrong with him?
He made a fuss and asked me
to come home quickly.
I told you so many times
not to pile those up here.
But I got nowhere else to put them.
You can keep them in your house!
If you put them here on a rainy day,
it's going to stink.
I can't even open the window
because of your pile here.
-Take them back. Take them back now.
-No, I can't do that.
-Leave them.
-Take them now!
Leave them here!
Sir! Did you just hit me?
No, I didn't. I just pushed you a little.
You fell because you're drunk.
Do you think I'm a joke?
You keep bossing me around.
Fine. I'll put them away. I will.
Come on. This is where I live.
I'm not even allowed to say that?
Fine. I'll take them back.
This is my last stop. What is
so wrong with leaving my stuff here?
Gosh, what a goodhearted woman you are.
She acted all nice and kind
this afternoon.
Now, I'm her errand boy?
I can't do this anymore.
I must tell her who I am.
Hey. Are you okay?
Yes, 911.
A man collapsed here.
The location is
Turn right at Sangpyeong Intersection.
We'll set out now.
Hey, look. Please wake up. Please.
Hey! Damn it.
He said he had something important
to discuss. Why isn't he here?
How dare he make me wait for him?
That punk, Cha Min.
Now that he's getting married,
this is how he's going to treat me?
I won't lock the door.
Come inside and wake me up.
You haven't left yet?
I don't think this man is breathing!
Damn it.
Whatever it is,
this brought me back to life.
Who knows? This might
be able to save this guy too.
But how do I use this?
Damn it.
Where are you exactly?
It's the second alley
after you turn right.
I'll go to the main road.
Right here. Here!
All right. He's over there,
but he's not breathing.
Hurry. That way.
Over there.
Where is he?
There was definitely a man lying here
No one is here.
Come on.
You're not a kid.
How could you make a prank call?
I'm not joking around.
He was here covered in blood.
This is a clear violation of
Framework Act on Fire Services.
You can be fined up to two million won.
The traffic was crazy
because it's raining.
-He was really here.
-Car accident in Sangji 3-dong.
Car accident.
We'll set out right now.
It looks like you drank a lot.
Drink that up and go to sleep.
-Let's go.
Even if he's not dead, he couldn't
have gotten far in that condition.
Is he okay?
Or am I really seeing things?
What was that?
Seriously? It almost ran me over.
How many shirts have I ruined today?
She's home.
Hey, Se-yeon.
Is she upset because I'm late?
Hey, Se-yeon!
Stop yelling in the middle of the night!
I'm sorry.
Hey, Se-yeon. Come out!
I told you to be quiet!
I'm sorry.
I'll leave the drinks here.
Drink it before you go to bed.
I'm sorry. I'm leaving now.
Prosecutor Seo.
How could this happen?
Where is the body?
Are you done with the crime scene photos?
Did you identify the suspect?
I'm visiting someone.
Please give me your ID and fill this out.
I need an ID to get in, right?
I forgot my ID. I should go get it.
Gosh, this is so inconvenient.
I should fix my phone first.
Can you believe Prosecutor Go is dead?
She was a murder victim.
People say pretty women
have difficult lives.
Se-yeon's life was indeed
full of twists and turns.
-When is the funeral?
-Excuse me.
What did you just say?
She was such a well-mannered
and sweet young lady.
It's such a shame.
Who would be bold enough
to murder a prosecutor like that?
I know! It's such a scary world.
You were next-door neighbors with her.
Shouldn't you attend her funeral?
Hey, Se-yeon.
I'll leave the drinks here.
Drink it before going to bed.
I'm sorry. I'm leaving now.
I was right out here.
I was right outside
I saw the lights turn off, too.
I should have gone inside.
-Young man!
-Are you all right?
-What's wrong?
I should have gone inside.
-Oh no!
-Oh my
-I should have
-How sad.
I should have
What's this?
Are you planning on staying here for good?
No, I just
Min asked me to come see him today.
Are you in touch with him?
Where is he now?
The thing is
Who is it?
Hello? We're the police.
Is Mr. Cha Min home?
Is it even working?
So where is Min?
Is he all right?
Did something happen to him?
He's fine, so don't worry.
Then why are the police
I don't have time for this now, Auntie.
I'll explain later.
Which way is it?
This way, sir.
This way?
What's up with that guy?
-It's not him.
-On what grounds?
The suspect is 170cm and chubby.
Look at how his body's built.
He's basically a midget.
That guy, however,
could practically be a model.
-Hurry up.
-Yes, sir.
The police have singled out
the key suspect
for the murder case of Ms. Go
and are devoting all their power to
capture the suspect as soon as possible.
Let's move on to the press conference
that was led by the prosecutor in charge.
The suspect, Mr. Cha,
is a 30-year-old male.
He was acquainted with Ms. Go
and found to have been stalking her
for many years.
-The police are locating his whereabouts
-I still can't believe she's dead.
as he's gone missing after Ms. Go's death.
-It is assumed that he is hiding
-And they're saying I killed her?
in different locations away from home,
since he has not been caught
in any surveillance cameras
near his neighborhood
or reached out to
any of his acquaintances.
As he is not using his own car,
he is assumed to be using
public transportation to get around.
Hello. We're the police.
Has a man named Cha Min
checked in at this hotel?
-One moment, please.
-Sure. Thank you.
How much does a hotel room here cost?
Jeez, how did they find out I was here?
How about a few-hour stay?
-Bill, please.
-All right.
-Thank you.
-How did he know--
Hey! Excuse me, young man.
Excuse me.
Can I have a word with you?
This is the police.
Could you lift up your cap just a bit?
I'm sorry. Excuse us.
Isn't it the last day of the funeral?
It is. We should all go later on.
When I hear about people dying,
it gives me goosebumps.
-Same here.
-I think I might have nightmares.
Please come this way
to see the deceased one last time.
Okay. Go and call your sister-in-law.
Get out of my way.
I already got myself a man.
-Who is that?
-Come on!
-What about us?
I love you, Father-in
I see you didn't need me to come.
What are you talking about?
You mean much more to me than all of them.
Goodness. Here.
It's so pretty!
-Put it on for me, Daddy.
-All right.
Come on, honey.
Let her rest in peace.
My girl
I can't give her up.
My girl, Se-yeon
-Calm down.
-My gosh.
-Oh, my gosh!
-Wake up!
-Hold her up!
-Wake up!
It's so heartbreaking.
She's too young.
-Let's close the casket.
-Yes, sir.
Didn't you leave the lid over here?
Where did it go?
Where do you think it is?
Maybe you left it somewhere else.
Hurry up and get it!
Excuse me.
I'm Se-yeon's friend.
Can I say goodbye one last time?
Sure, go ahead.
Se-yeon, you brat.
You're the worst.
Do you know that?
How could you
How am I supposed to find Hee-jin
without you?
How am I supposed to clear my name?
Is that it for you?
What am I supposed to do
without you, Se-yeon?
What do you want? You don't even work!
Please bring her back to life.
Just this once, please.
Just this once.
You damn alien scammers!
You said it can bring back the dead!
You said it'll save them!
Are you finished saying goodbye?
-Yes, thank you.
-Not at all.
-This doesn't fit, either.
-What's wrong with you?
-This isn't the right one!
-Where did it go, then?
Are you saying it ran off or something?
Go find it!
Gosh, it's cold!
Where am I?
And what am I wearing?
I should stop drinking.
Excuse me, can I borrow your phone?
I'm sorry.
I see you're not in the mood.
Excuse me.
Haven't we met before?
You're the guy who stole my shirt!
-You know, on the other day,
in front of the prosecutor's office.
Don't you remember me?
You don't remember me at all?
You got the wrong person.
I'm pretty sure it's him.
I really don't know you.
I'm not trying to follow you.
I was just headed this way, too.
Are you sure you really don't remember me?
It was raining that day, too.
-Which way is it?
Which way are you headed?
That way.
Oh, come on!
Hey. I'm not usually the clingy type,
but running off with someone else's shirt
is also considered theft,
just so you know.
What's going on?
Why am I dead?
I'm not dead!
Why are you crying? I'm right here!
Stop crying!
I don't know how close you were
with my daughter,
but your pain is nothing compared to ours,
so stop creating a scene!
What do you think you're doing?
Dad, what are you saying?
You're scaring me. Stop it.
What are you all doing?
-Hurry up and load the casket!
That's not me
-Go ahead.
Wait a minute! Please!
Let go!
Move over!
Let go!
I'll tell them that Go Se-yeon isn't dead!
-Let go!
-I know what's going on, so calm down.
What do you know?
I know everything.
I'm the one
who brought you back to life.
With this.
Se-yeon, right?
Who are you?
Are you a ghost?
Or the Grim Reaper or something?
It's me.
Cha Min.
It's me, Go Se-yeon.
How can I let it go when I'm still alive?
They won't believe it's you
if you show up like this.
They'll be devastated
once they see the body's gone.
I'll find whoever murdered you.
What do we know about
Cha Min's whereabouts?
Why would you use your card?
You're on the run.
You idiot.
I said I didn't kill you.
Considering everything,
should you do your best
in helping me find the killer or not?
Should you trust me
and do what I tell you to do or not?
-What's all this?
-I know this person.
Subtitle translation by Hye-lim Park
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