Abyss (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

Let go!
I'll tell them that Go Se-yeon isn't dead!
-Let go!
-I know what's going on, calm down.
What do you know?
I know everything.
I'm the one
who brought you back to life.
With this.
Se-yeon, right?
Who are you?
Are you a ghost?
Or the Grim Reaper or something?
It's me.
Cha Min.
You're a nutjob.
You seem normal, but you're talking crap.
You're Cha Min?
You? With this face?
Jang Tae-ha, Kim Jong-seok, Won Ji-cheol,
Park Gyeong-sik, Yu Jae-yeong,
and Lee Hyeok
Never mind. He was just a fling.
Park Jun-min and Son Tae-su.
You rejected me to date them.
What else should I say?
When your parents opened their diner,
I ate five fried chickens
-on my own and ended up--
Who the hell are you?
I used this on you
since this brought me back to life.
I didn't think it'd work, though.
I can't comprehend what's going on.
I don't understand a word you're saying.
Okay, fine. Let's say I believe you.
How come you were reborn handsome,
but I turned out like this?
It wasn't my doing.
You read the rule, too.
It says that it revives someone
in the form of their soul.
I know it seems crazy,
but you don't have any other explanation
for this situation, right?
It's the same for me.
It may sound outrageous,
but this is the truth.
So let's go somewhere
to dry our clothes and--
You're right.
None of this makes sense.
I can't explain any of this,
so I'll figure it out myself.
I'm going to head to
the prosecutor's office after the burial.
What about you, Detective Park?
I'd like to attend, as well,
but Cha Min has been located.
I'm afraid that takes priority.
-All right, then.
-I'll see you.
You're off to my burial site, right?
I'll drive.
Mi-do, aren't you supposed
to be in New York?
-Get in.
-What are you doing?
It's me, Go Se-yeon.
Others may not recognize me,
but you of all people should.
I have no time.
I must get there before they bury me.
Until you tell me what's going on
You didn't know you'd die, right?
Well, I didn't think
I'd get to kill you, either.
Se-yeon, wake up.
Please open your eyes.
Why isn't she waking up?
You said nothing's wrong with her.
Please examine her again. She's
She's not like other human beings.
I mean
How do I explain this?
She's just really special, all right?
So please take a good look at her again.
I did all sorts of tests
because you kept pestering me.
Nothing showed up.
She's just in deep slumber.
She's fast asleep.
-Just be patient.
-But, sir
Can you believe him?
Good looking and devoted?
Even a dead person
would wake up for that cute face.
Exactly. How did she get so lucky?
She's nothing but ordinary.
How did she snag a boyfriend like that?
Did you hear him earlier?
"She's just really special, all right?"
His veins were about to pop, you know.
Unbelievable. Now that's what I call sexy.
Lucky her.
Se-yeon, are you all right?
Wait. Where am I?
You're at the hospital, of course.
Are you all right?
Oh, no. My burial.
all over now.
Wait for me, honey.
Prosecutor Seo.
Did Prosecutor Go's funeral end?
You should take the rest of the day off.
This just arrived.
Your girlfriend has been
sending gifts often these days.
Aren't you heading home?
I am right now. See you tomorrow.
Se-yeon, going there won't change a thing.
The burial is over.
How can I let it go when I'm still alive?
Things must be a mess.
My parents must be in deep grief
right now.
It's for the best.
They won't believe that it is you
if you show up like this.
They'll be devastated
once they see the body's gone.
-It's good that--
-Pass me what we bought.
Just wait.
I'll find whoever murdered you.
I'll find the culprit
and make him pay
for what he did.
What do we know
about Cha Min's whereabouts?
His credit card was used
at multiple places,
but there's no sign of him
on security cameras.
Honestly, it's weird.
Also, the amounts are too small
for it to have been stolen.
We're working on the possibility
of there being an accomplice.
All right.
Has all the evidence been collected
from Prosecutor Go's house?
Yes, it's done.
Then can you help
clean up the crime scene?
Her parents, especially her mother,
are in a fragile state.
The scene has been processed
by the crime lab,
so there's no need to leave it that way.
They'll find it heartbreaking,
so I thought we should help.
I guess you're right.
I'll ask other officers
to help me clean it up.
One more thing.
So you're now in charge
of the Eomsan-dong Murder Case?
Regarding the suspects, Prosecutor Go--
Which is more pressing?
A long-term cold case
or Prosecutor Go's murder?
If we're weighing the two,
I'd say the Eomsan-dong murder--
Investigations have a golden hour.
We should focus on the most recent case.
We can't afford to lose the culprit
when we know who it is.
Right. I understand, sir.
Here. Put these on.
Like me.
Must you see it for yourself, though?
It's kind of weird to come
and see where you were murdered.
If you're going to be fussy, just leave.
No, I'm staying.
Who are you people?
You're not allowed to come in here.
Please leave.
Sure, we're leaving.
Why aren't you leaving?
Is the forensic examination over here?
-Are you from the office?
-I'm Go Se-yeon
I'm a family member of Prosecutor Go.
Right, she's a cousin
on her mother's side.
So you received the call.
We only came to lend you a hand.
Why aren't you eating?
-You don't eat ox blood soup?
-How can you stomach this now?
Can you be any freakier?
Like you said, I was reborn.
I should have the ability to survive
without eating or have superpowers.
If not, I should be invincible,
or at least have blue blood.
But I get hungry at mealtime,
go to the bathroom,
and then I get hungry again.
I'm nothing but an ordinary human being.
You don't seem ordinary to me.
Besides, look at this crappy body.
There's nothing I like
Goodness! Darn it.
I can't get used to this face.
Why does it look so familiar, though?
You have a common face now.
The old you had features
that were memorable,
but now
Well, you seem common.
I feel like I've seen it too.
On the bright side,
it's good to be common--
-You have a death wish?
-Accept it.
-This is what your soul looks like.
-"Accept it"?
How can I accept it
when I was reborn to look like this?
How am I supposed to navigate this world
with such a hideous body?
As a former hideous being,
I'm upset to even hear you say that.
You were reborn this way
because of those shallow views on life.
What's wrong with your face anyway?
You're not glamorous anymore,
but if you look closely--
What? Look closely?
I can't believe I've come to the point
where you are assessing my looks.
Hey, Min.
My face wasn't one
that people had to look closely
to know its value.
People noticed my beauty
even from a distance.
When it comes to looks,
I was on another level.
Talking about it is annoying me even more.
Your soul must've been childish, though.
You're not as pretty as you used to be,
but you do seem younger.
Is this funny? Is this hilarious to you?
Let's talk about your soul, then.
Here we go.
You look at least 30 years younger now.
Just how childish
does that make your soul?
I'm just saying we should stay positive.
Se-yeon, we were given
a second chance, so be nicer.
Just look at my dashing soul.
Well, I say it's bullshit.
You murder suspect.
I said I didn't kill you.
I wonder why you became the prime suspect.
Even you think it's crap, right?
What's with that gaze?
No one held a grudge against me
as much as you did.
I doubt there's anyone
who has a deeper motive.
Then why would I have
brought you back to life?
Who knows what a psychopath thinks?
That brat.
Let me see.
One iced Americano and
-That'll be all.
-I'm good.
-Cover my bill.
How can I pay
when I just rose from the dead?
You're shameless, aren't you?
She's Go Se-yeon for sure.
I can tell from the way she behaves.
I'll get a two-shot espresso with that.
Hold on. You're the prime suspect.
Can't murder suspects drink coffee?
You idiot.
How can they suspect such a nitwit?
I'm not the murderer. I didn't do it.
Just shut up and follow me.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, too.
Consider yourself lucky
that you ran into me.
Why would you use your card?
You're on the run.
-Are you out of your mind?
-Now I get it.
That was why detectives came
wherever I went.
So how much cash
-Is this all?
-Who carries cash these days?
Min, be glad that you were a rich lad
and that I used to be a prosecutor.
Follow me.
Turn around.
Here you go.
This too.
-Here you go.
-Seriously? Are you kidding me?
I know how much it's all worth.
Don't lowball it.
A little more. Give me all of that.
-Give it.
How much are those?
-They're 3,000 won.
-Hand it over.
-These too?
-Come on.
All right.
These too.
Mister, I'm not a weird person.
I'm a prosecutor,
but I'm in a little bit of trouble now.
Take this.
I gave you 100,000 won.
Can you please help me out?
Hold on.
Would you be able to fix this?
I need to take a look.
Stop being a fool.
Use this from now on.
Put me on speed dial.
Speed dial? Who sets those these days?
What year does he live in?
-My goodness.
-What the hell are you doing?
I'm sorry, sir.
Who washes their car
in the middle of the night?
-What the hell?
-I'm sorry, sir.
Are you Mr. Park Gi-man?
That's me.
-Please sign here.
-Here you go.
-Thank you.
Take care.
Is he alive?
Are we good, then?
We've procured cash, so let's eat dinner.
-There's a beef restaurant--
We're fugitives
with no money or a place to go.
We'll eat something simple.
But I haven't eaten all day.
You should've listened
and finished the ox blood soup.
Come on.
I know a place where we can get free food.
Follow me.
Rather than these,
I'd prefer a proper meal.
The total cost of these will be
-the same as eating in a restaurant.
Do you want to drink somaek
to celebrate our return from the dead?
This and
That'll be 5,600 won.
These too.
The expiration date for this has passed.
Would you like something else?
Do you know that displaying such a product
is a violation of the Food Sanitation Act?
I know for a fact
that you already paid a fine
for a violation a few months ago.
Isn't it too soon to be caught again?
It's an honest mistake.
I forgot to take it off the shelf.
Can't you let this slide?
My boss will fire me for this.
Fired? Well, we can't have that.
It's not like I'd die because
the food expired just hours ago.
-I won't make a big deal out of it.
Thank you.
Still, "give and take"
is a basic rule of life.
Since I let it pass,
it'd be nice to get something in return.
Gosh, this is good.
We can take care of dinner here
for the time being. Right?
You are something else. Truly.
Let's drink together.
I know that this store
often sells food that has expired.
They knowingly leave it
on the shelf a lot of times.
When some drunk guy picks it up
without knowing that it has expired,
they accept cash
and don't even put it in the register.
Don't you feel bad
for that young part-timer?
Don't you have your own problem
to worry about?
That's why I gave the tuna mayo
and stir-fried pork gimbap to you.
-Dig in.
-No. You can have it.
You're a prosecutor, but you go
against the law like it's nothing.
The closer you are to the law,
the more of them you break.
Besides, did I do this
just for my own benefit?
Until I catch that bastard who killed me,
we have to get by with what we have.
You and I have to live like ghosts,
even though we are alive.
What choice did I have?
Darn it.
The night of your murder,
I bought the hangover cure drinks here.
Had I not bought them
and kept waiting
for you in front of your house
had I gone into your house
you wouldn't have been murdered.
I'm sorry, Se-yeon.
Hey, you're making me cringe.
Hey, we both came back to life,
so stop trying to act so cool.
Still, I don't blame you for all this.
I'm the one who asked you to get
Hey, hold on.
Is that camera supposed
to record in this direction?
You said you were here
around 11:30 p.m., right?
By the way, how will this help us?
My house is at the end of the alley.
And it's a dead end.
If the guy who came into my house
isn't a resident here,
he has to pass by
the convenience store again.
What's happening? What is this?
Why is it filming inside the store?
It's supposed to film the counter.
But my jerk boss kept spying on me,
so I turned it away for a little while.
My boss will be here any minute.
Please leave now.
Does it mean you don't have
any footage of outside the store?
-I don't.
-What are you doing?
-Darn it.
Jeez. Hide. You must hide now.
Hide right here.
I told you not to leave the counter
unattended, didn't I?
I was organizing things here
before I get the delivery.
Stop giving me that excuse.
I really don't like you.
Should I just fire you?
Come out here.
Do you call this organizing or what?
-Come out here.
-Stay here, okay?
I told you to sort them out by color.
Put the green ones with green.
Orange with orange.
Can't you distinguish these colors?
-I can, sir.
Think about why people would shop here
over a small supermarket
despite five to ten percent markups.
Because it's neat, clean,
and a tiny bit luxurious.
-Didn't I tell you?
-You did.
You should organize them
to look luxurious then.
Didn't I tell you to do this?
That bastard.
Come on out. He's gone.
You got everything you need, right?
Leave now.
He'll fire me if he finds out.
Well, we didn't get anything,
but thanks for your cooperation.
Thank you.
That annoying jerk.
He should just park his car the other way.
He always parks backward
and makes me clean up.
Did your boss
come to check on you that night
like he did just now?
He did.
Why is it raining all of a sudden?
-Who told you to turn the security camera?
-It was about 30 minutes later.
He threw a fit for turning the camera
and told me to clean up here and there.
He left after giving me an earful.
Do you not want this job?
That brat.
He could have parked his car
the other way,
but he parked backward,
and the dirty water splashed all over.
What's your boss' phone number?
How does it make sense that
my son is a murder suspect?
In case this becomes a problem,
I put the emergency legal team on standby.
That's not what I want to know right now.
He still hasn't contacted us?
Use all available manpower
to make this go away.
Whether Min
killed her or not,
that's not important right now.
We must find Min first,
no matter what happens.
Yes, ma'am. I understand.
If you understood, why are you still here?
-Okay. I will get--
-Go find Min!
Where are you? What are you up to now?
That's not the entrance.
My body is itching like crazy.
What is it? Is there something wrong?
Did something bite me at the store?
Hey, this looks like an allergic reaction.
I ate all the meal boxes.
You only drank beer and ate peanuts.
Hey, were you allergic to nuts?
-No. I don't have any allergies.
Maybe I got allergies
along with my new face?
That's weird.
Suddenly, you have an allergy.
Stay here. There must be
some medicine for allergies here.
My mom is allergic to peaches too.
What was that?
What do you think? It's a clock.
Did you forget you bought that?
You bought it
when we opened the restaurant.
But what's wrong with the cuckoo?
Why did it stop?
Because it's broken.
You said a master artisan
from Switzerland made it. Liar.
-When are you going to get off me?
I'm sorry.
Won't you get a grip?
I let you tag along even though
you're a murder suspect.
Hey, do you want to add
sexual assault onto your charge?
How dare you try
to fulfill ulterior motives?
I'm sorry,
but I wasn't trying to do anything.
-I really got scared for a second.
-I know you. I do.
For 20 years, you've been
trying to win me over
whenever you had the chance.
I get it. Who can I blame?
It's my fault for bringing you here.
It's late, and we're in an enclosed space.
It's just the two of us
in this confined space.
Yes, I do understand that
your heart must be pounding.
But don't you think this is--
Se-yeon, it's really hard
for me to get used to this.
-You must have forgotten.
What is it? What?
My heart is not pounding
because you're not my type anymore.
I know you better than anyone else.
Looks matter to you.
That's why you kept on rejecting me.
But with the face I have now,
don't you think I should
be the one to worry, not vice versa?
Get out of my face. Seriously.
You're so annoying.
Go to sleep. You said you were tired.
My mom
always made sure
to have fresh flowers in that vase
no matter what.
She said that if the flowers wither
she would also
feel down like those flowers.
Let's go to sleep.
I need my energy to catch that jerk.
Why don't you just cry?
Why should I?
That's a waste of my tears.
I won't cry yet.
No, I can't.
Sure. Good for you.
Se-yeon, you're brave
and the most powerful in this universe.
The beauty and the brain.
The most beautiful
Right. Now you're not
-Do you have a death wish?
-Let me try again.
You were the prettiest
in your previous life.
You were the hottest
in your previous life.
In your previous life
Stop it before I punch you.
Your fist was faster than your words.
You were a sly fox in your previous life.
I told you to stop.
-Stop it.
-In your previous
Stop it. Stop.
-You always assume it doesn't hurt.
-You're unbelievable.
-You think I'm a pushover.
Hey. Do you really want to die?
-Let's go to sleep.
-Stop it.
You said you'll stop.
My innocent daughter was murdered.
Park Mi-jin. You know her, don't you?
Just like my daughter
you should feel
every ounce of this pain now.
Is this seriously going to be
our meals from now on?
Why not? Is there a problem?
I'm already sick of it.
You can stomach it, so you eat it.
I'm going to kill you if you complain
later because you're hungry.
Hey, can I have 10,000 won?
You want 10,000 won? For what?
I just need to buy something.
Wait, why do I have to beg
to get money from you?
Now that I think about it,
that's my money.
What a pest. He talks so much.
Spend it wisely.
He's had it easy.
He doesn't value money.
This is good. What's his problem?
-Where are you?
You'd better run here.
I'm on my way. Gosh, calm down.
Are you over the moon now that
you had some tasty food by yourself?
That's not where I spent it.
Then tell me.
What did you use that money for?
Tell me what you spent it on. Tell me.
-What did you spend it on? What?
-Stop it.
You're acting like someone else.
I really can't get used to your face.
Stop coming so close.
I can't get used to your face either.
He's good-looking for no good reason.
-What did you say?
-Forget it.
-What did you say?
-I didn't say anything.
Who are you?
You said you wanted to see me.
What is this about?
My gosh.
By the way, can you impersonate
a prosecutor with a name card?
-Nonsense. That's my name card.
-You can't make that argument right now.
We got it.
I said that he's not feeling well today,
so he can't be questioned today.
But if you don't comply
I'm sure he'll continue to feel unwell.
Isn't that true?
Smoking isn't allowed in the hospital.
I get that you're a VIP patient,
but you can't smoke here.
Besides, you're being detained
because you have difficulty in breathing.
As you're making tremendous progress,
we can hold you--
As for the smell,
it's because his guest who smokes
has been visiting him. That's why--
It's still warm.
Why don't you just get up?
Your father and I went
to the same college.
Does he know what you've been up to?
I'll call Judge Seo myself right now.
You attended the same school.
But you don't seem to know that
my father hates those
who use connections for their gain.
Excuse me. The patient must be
on absolute bed rest.
You bought one billion won's worth
of medical checkups
at this hospital after
your release from custody.
He did it to show his appreciation
to his employees--
I'll find out soon enough
once I start digging.
Take good care of your health.
I'll see you soon.
Is Professor Oh Yeong-cheol
still not answering?
No, he's not.
How could he take
a leave of absence without a heads-up?
I know, right?
Hello? Please let me out!
You can hear me, right? Are you there?
Please help me!
You added avocado for mine, right?
Darn it.
This wouldn't have been high
for my old body.
Hey, I told you not to turn on the phone.
Seriously. I can't even believe
you actually got this phone fixed.
They can track the signal.
You said they can't find me
since I have a different face now.
Even so, you need to know your limit.
You must think cops in Korea are fools.
No matter how different you look,
you keep showing up in places where
the phone is, they'll investigate you.
If they do,
how will you explain it to them?
I got your point.
Come on, forget her.
After setting the date
and putting in the deposit
for the house
Besides, it wasn't just a house.
It was a high-rise 50-pyeong
apartment in Gangnam.
She took the entire deposit and ran away.
And what was her last message?
"I'm sorry I don't have
the stomach for it."
Stop it.
Ask anyone. That's what gold diggers say.
How could you still be hung up on her
and be moping?
You were the one
who set me up with that gold digger.
Hey, think about it.
That's not what's important now.
If she comes back, that'd be a problem.
Right now, you're a murder suspect
for killing a beautiful prosecutor.
The whole nation is vilifying you.
Even if she changes her mind
and comes back,
do you think she can call you that easily?
Min, considering everything
that's happened,
should you do your best
in helping me find the killer or not?
Why did you have to come back alive
in that body?
Why couldn't you look like your old self?
You could've said you were alive,
I didn't kill you,
someone else killed you.
This would have exonerated me.
Hey, did I choose this body
to come back alive?
You were the one who saved me.
Don't get mad at me.
Darn it.
So what's your plan?
There is only one person
who came to this alley
around the estimated time of death.
It's this taxi.
What about your neighbor?
The culprit is always around
the victim even in cartoons.
I don't remember that guy's face,
but what I remember clearly
is that I've never seen him before.
I didn't know the killer.
Yes. I'm sure of it.
And this guy.
This guy went into the alley too.
This old man? I know this old man.
He always keeps a pile of
Wait a second. Where is his stuff?
Come on. I can't believe this old geezer.
He promised to clean it up
after a fight with me that night.
I even saw him load his stuff
on his wagon that night.
Fine. I'll take them back.
This is my last stop. What's wrong
with leaving my stuff here?
Gosh, what a goodhearted woman you are.
Look at this old geezer.
He pretended to clean it up
and put it right back afterward.
Darn it.
I should just pick a day
and sell everything he keeps there.
A lot of people
must hold a grudge against you.
Still, you are the prime suspect.
This taxi.
I can figure this out
if I can look up the plate number.
With my old body,
this would've been a piece of cake.
I have no one to ask now.
Should I just go back to my office?
-I don't have time for this right now.
-Oh, no. I'm sorry.
-You can't block my way like that.
-Oh, no.
-Thank you.
-No problem.
Are you hurt?
No, I'm fine.
Sir, please watch where you are going.
Then, have a good day.
Okay. That rude wench.
She is so disrespectful.
People from her office can be so
-I just remembered it.
-Remember what?
This face. I know this face.
You're such a good dancer!
You're doing great!
You're awesome!
You rock!
She's a great singer and a great dancer.
I heard that
she was always the golden girl,
but I didn't know she'd be this perfect.
She's got it all!
Is that even possible?
Hey, I can sing as good as she can.
My voice is prettier than hers, for sure.
Impossible, my ass.
Looks like plain jealousy to me.
They say jealousy is a disease.
I think we've both had a lot to drink.
Why don't we go get some fresh air?
I'm good, but you can go on ahead--
I said, "Let's go get some fresh air."
You know,
ever since you were on probation,
I didn't like you one bit.
But I kept it to myself.
No, you didn't.
You picked on me for everything.
So let me ask,
what's your problem with me?
Take a look at yourself.
Who would think you're a prosecutor?
I'll give you a word of advice
since I'm quitting.
Rumor has it that
you're using your pretty face
to get a higher conviction rate.
Being good at your job
is not the only thing that is important.
You have to mind the rumors as well--
I'll mind my own rumors.
And you mind your own, Ms. Lee.
Since you're leaving,
I don't have to be so respectful, do I?
I heard you're going to Park & Jang.
And for a much higher salary, right?
I understand that
this is your last chance to vent on me
before you leave for the law firm,
but I've already had enough
from you until now.
That cow has so much to say.
-That what?
Why don't you shut
that rude ass pie hole of yours
before I give you a good ass-whooping?
What in the world are you saying?
Never mind if you don't understand.
I'm only saying this
because I'm old enough to be your sister.
Mind your manners, all right?
This looks so old-fashioned and pathetic.
Now I look like her.
How much will it be?
I'll just keep them on.
We would've picked you up,
if you'd called in, ma'am.
I'm just here for an urgent matter.
-I won't need my office set up--
-We set it up as soon as we got the call.
This way, is it?
This is amazing.
It's actually not a bad idea to work here
for the time being.
What's this? Is it real gold?
How long will you be staying at the hotel?
The hotel? Well
How long should I stay
Wouldn't you rather stay
at Golden Palace, ma'am?
We've already packed everything there
because you said
you'd move after coming back.
Ms. Lee has a hard time falling asleep
in hotels. Isn't that right, ma'am?
That's correct.
I'm a light sleeper, you know.
All right, ma'am. I'll have it ready.
Thank you.
Hey, how did you come up with that?
The door has been opened.
Great job, Min.
How did you even think of that?
I thought it'd be easier for us
if we stayed here.
Her place is amazing!
Maybe I should've quit being a prosecutor
and worked for a law firm, too.
I think we should
take out daily necessities
like the tableware and covers first.
You do look like her.
Do I? Let me see!
-Doesn’t it surprise you, too?
I told you that now
you have a common face.
No, that's not it.
This guy
Are they dating?
Hey, Detective Choe.
Where's the case file Min-uk brought over?
He said he placed it on your desk.
Why don't you clear your desk?
You find it, then.
He should've put it properly.
Here you go.
It's me, Mi-do. Are you busy?
Can you check a license plate for me?
It's 56B7767. Make it quick. Thanks.
This girl
Why, what's wrong?
Well, Detective Cha
an ex-girlfriend suddenly texts you
and requests something ridiculous,
what do you think it means?
That she wants to get back together.
Is it that girl
who left you to study abroad?
Of course not!
Are you sure?
You're not very good at hiding it.
Don't think about playing hard to get
and just text her back, sir.
Every time you get drunk,
you call her old number.
-I don't get it
-I did not.
You did. You even cried last time.
I did not.
-Fine. Whatever.
-I did not!
Forget it.
I bet she thought I'd take her back
if she texted me like this.
But I'm not that kind of guy.
I'm not that easy, you know.
Please text me back, please
The owner is "Park Gi-man." His address is
1, 11beon-gil, Bichang-ro, Sapyeong-dong.
By the way, where are you now?
How have you been?
Hey, Min!
It's been so long
since I had a bath like this.
Min! Hey!
-What is it this time?
Hurry up and come over here!
I haven't had a bath in days!
Just let me finish!
No, I mean,
I got a hold of that bastard's identity!
Come on! Hurry!
Get out while I'm being nice, okay?
I need to rinse it off.
Why won't she text me back?
I was just getting over her,
but she comes back
and messes with my heart again.
What are you doing, sir?
The others are at the barbecue place.
Why don't we go have dinner?
Damn it!
Let's go.
This is it.
Wait. I'll do it.
Is anyone there?
Maybe he's not home.
No, wait! I'll go in first and
That girl
Take it all in. The pain you're feeling.
What's this?
Does anyone even live here?
Park Mi-jin's father?
Se-yeon, come over here.
You shouldn't have looked down on me.
What's all this?
It doesn't matter
if you're still alive.
I'll kill you over and over again
until you die for good.
Then he's still been on this case
all this time?
I guess Park Gi-man is still after him
Oh Yeong-cheol.
I know this person.
Who? Oh Yeong-cheol?
He's a famous surgeon.
Not like that.
Step on it, Detective Choe.
All right, sir.
Sir, we got the identity of the suspect
for the Eomsan-dong murder case.
Before Prosecutor Go died, she told us
to check on Oh Yeong-cheol's days-off.
They almost match up with the case dates.
We looked into him further,
and that's not the only suspicious thing.
We're leaving immediately
so please come directly
with the arrest warrant.
Are you looking for someone?
The day you were killed
I met him.
You met Oh Yeong-cheol?
Hey. Are you okay?
You haven't left yet?
I don't think this man is breathing!
Who knows? This might be able
to save this guy, too.
Before I revived you
I revived him with this.
I revived Oh Yeong-cheol.
Are you
here to meet Yeong-cheol?
Yes, sir.
it's been a long time
since someone came to see him.
Why are you standing out here?
Come on inside.
It's all right, sir. I'll come later.
Let me treat you.
I'm sure you've come a long way here.
Come on inside.
I'll bring out a drink for you
while you wait.
-I'll be back--
-Come on in.
There you go. Come in.
Why didn't you tell me earlier?
I didn't think Abyss would work.
He was bleeding so much
and not breathing that I
He was dying,
so I could only think about saving him.
Does that mean
I revived a serial killer
with this marble?
There we go.
Come on in.
I guess you'll finally get
to meet that daughter of yours
you missed so much.
I need to see for myself
the culprit who killed me.
-What do I do?
Sweetie, could you do me a favor?
-Let's go, then.
-How disgusting.
-Have you found the culprit?
-I think it's the guy you're looking for.
He's committed another murder.
And he's even left a trace this time.
Then he's the one who killed you?
-Your fiance?
I need to catch that bastard
who killed Se-yeon
to return to my old self
and bring back my fiancée.
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