Abyss (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

What's all this?
Then he's still been on this case
all this time?
I guess Park Gi-man is still after him
Oh Yeong-cheol.
I know this person.
Who? Oh Yeong-cheol?
He's a famous surgeon.
Not like that.
The day you were killed
I met him.
You met Oh Yeong-cheol? Where?
Hey. Are you okay?
You haven't left yet?
I don't think this man is breathing!
Who knows? This might be able
to save this guy, too.
Before I revived you
I revived him with this.
I revived Oh Yeong-cheol.
Why didn't you tell me earlier?
I didn't think Abyss would work.
He was bleeding so much
and not breathing that I
He was dying,
so I could only think about saving him.
Does that mean
I revived a serial killer
with this marble?
Don't just stand there. Have a seat.
I told you to sit.
You're my guest, so let me treat you.
Have some tea first.
Thank you.
Step on it, Detective Choe.
All right, sir.
Sir, we got the identity of the suspect
for the Eomsan-dong murder case.
Before Prosecutor Go died, she told us
to check on Oh Yeong-cheol's days off.
They are similar
to the dates of the murders.
We looked into him further,
and that's not the only suspicious thing.
We're leaving immediately
so please come directly
with the arrest warrant.
Turn off the sirens.
We'll move silently from here on out.
I'll head towards 63-gil.
Min-uk, head right
and block the escape route.
Yes, sir.
Let's go.
Prosecutor Seo hasn't called back yet.
Let's not mess things up
and wait for the warrant.
What's taking that jerk so long?
So this Oh Yeong-cheol
He's a serial killer, right?
That's what it seems like.
-Then he's the one who killed you?
He may be a suspect
in the Eomsan-dong murder case,
but there is no guarantee
that he's the one who killed me.
May 7th?
That's right. It's the day I died.
The number you have dialed is
unavailable now. Please--
Prosecutor Seo isn't answering.
Forget it. We're going in.
Did he run away already?
Is anyone home?
Car number 7767, please move your car.
Darn it.
Wait, 7767?
Why does it sound familiar?
Detective Park.
What were you going to do
after barging in without a warrant?
I thought I told you to wait.
Se-yeon, wait.
Se-yeon, you should wait here.
No, I want to confirm it myself.
We know for sure it's either
Oh Yeong-cheol or Park Gi-man.
We might get an answer
if we catch one of them.
I need to see the culprit
who killed me with my own two eyes.
Se-yeon, please!
Please just wait here.
Oh Yeong-cheol is a serial killer.
He might be the one who killed you, too,
so you won't be okay after seeing him.
there's a chance
that I was the one to revive him.
That worthless piece of scum
He might be the one who killed you,
but I revived him with Abyss
So let me be the first to find out.
Is anyone home?
Here. Over here.
Hey. Call an ambulance.
Yes, sir.
Fine. You go first.
What's going on?
-Did someone die?
-My gosh!
-They're coming out.
-My goodness.
-This town is not safe!
-This isn't a circus, people! Leave!
-Stop making such a ruckus.
-What's going on?
-Stop being nosy!
-Isn't this the abuse of power?
What? How is this abusing my power?
-Is he dead?
-I'll arrest you
for obstruction of justice.
Don't yell at me. Hey, cuff this lady!
-He's dead.
-He is.
-I'll seriously
-Detective Park! We're leaving.
-Go ahead.
-Hold on.
-Go home, everyone.
-This is obstruction of justice.
Go home!
Isn't Oh Yeong Cheol's house around here?
I think so.
I wonder what's going on.
-Please go home now.
-What's going on?
Damn it.
-What do I do?
My angel, it's you.
I told you to lay off
fatty foods in the States.
Have you gotten even shorter?
Your neck seems shorter.
-Hold on.
-My Mi-do.
Can you please stop looking at me?
You're embarrassing me.
That's why I told you to sit in the back.
You're a distraction.
How can I look straight ahead
when you're next to me?
Still, you should focus on driving safely.
I got this, Mi-do.
So when did you get back?
A few days ago.
I had business to attend to.
By the way, who's the guy in the back?
I should at least know who's in my car.
He's a paralegal at my law firm.
I wasn't asking you.
Anyway, what happened at that place?
Who was in the gurney?
I'm not sure why I should answer that.
Can't you tell us, Detective--
I mean, Dong-cheol.
-I can't.
-Why not?
When you left me to study abroad,
my heart ached every day for you.
There was one fact
that comforted me, though.
You gave up the dangerous career
as a prosecutor
and found a safer one as a lawyer.
You weren't in constant danger anymore,
and that was enough for me.
So why are you showing interest
in a crime scene again?
If you don't want
to rip my heart open again,
don't ask any more questions.
I'm only asking
because I have a good reason,
so can't you tell what is going on--
Why don't you ever listen?
Did he seriously flick me?
What if he finds out you're not Lee Mi-do?
What choice do I have? We need his help.
You may be a paralegal at her firm,
but two people who aren't a couple
shouldn't be this close.
You wait here.
I'll quickly check on the victim
and come out
-so we can grab some dinner.
I'd rather know where the victim is.
Which ward is it?
Let me come with you.
There's something I must check.
Why would you check on him?
Sweetie, please do this for me.
You little brat.
Let's go then.
I almost barfed.
How is he?
His thigh and shoulder were wounded,
but none were fatal.
I think he probably hasn't
regained consciousness due to his old age.
How is he related to Oh Yeong-cheol?
He's his father.
Based on what the neighbors said,
Oh Yeong-cheol couldn't be reached
for a while.
So his father came to check up on him
and was attacked.
Have you found the assailant?
We won't know
until we start an investigation,
but I think it's the man
you're looking for.
Park Gi-man.
What is it? Is there anyone?
No, sir. We'll check the other side.
I told you to sit.
You're my guest, so let me treat you.
Have some tea first.
Thank you.
Why do you have it?
I said it's not over yet.
I told you it's my turn to kill you.
How was
my invitation?
Your bratty daughter deserved to die.
She was a little thief, you see.
This is pretty.
The number you have dialed
is unavailable now.
That brat had a cop for a father.
She should've known better
than to steal and trespass.
Doctor, how's my daughter?
I did all I could, but unfortunately
No Mi-jin
Please save my daughter. Please!
There's also something else
you aren't aware of.
Your daughter
died twice in my hands.
I guess you don't remember,
but the ER doctor on call
on the day your daughter died
was me.
It was you?
Yes, it was me.
I'm Oh Yeong-cheol.
That night,
I killed you myself.
I look different, don't I?
I don't know how this happened,
but one thing for sure
is that the gods are on my side, too.
They don't want me to stop killing.
Okay. Let's go.
Let's go and ask the gods what they think.
Whose sin would they consider to be worse?
I let the taxi driver in
because he needed
to use the bathroom urgently.
But he suddenly stabbed me out of nowhere.
By any chance,
have you seen him before
or did he say anything when stabbing you?
I heard him say something,
but I wasn't in any shape to register it
with me being old and all.
did you catch the man?
Not yet, but we'll catch him soon.
So how are you feeling?
I'm old enough not to regret
dropping dead the next day.
My goodness.
Still, you're lucky that
the injuries weren't severe.
I heard the wound is shallow.
By the way,
how long has it been
since he didn't come home?
ten days.
-I see.
he's so busy that
he often doesn't come home for a few days.
Damn it.
What room is he in again?
All right. I'll be right there.
It's so hard to find the way
in this hospital.
Which way should I take then?
Shit, that burns!
Seriously? What now?
Is this a corpse alarm?
Forget about it.
I'm not reviving anyone else.
Shit, it's hot!
-Why you--
-Who's there?
Are you all right?
Yes, I just got lost
looking for a hospital room.
-Hold on.
Haven't we met before?
What are you doing here?
You're off to my burial site, right?
-I'll drive.
-Are you all right?
Of course.
You suddenly fainted that day.
Right, that I did.
I experience vertigo sometimes,
and I get dizzy.
-Is he from your firm, too?
-Yes, he's a paralegal.
-Mr. Cha, over here!
-Oh, right.
We came to visit a client.
I sent you to get some beverages.
What took you so long?
Ji-uk, we'll get going then.
They're waiting for us.
See you around.
Seriously? What were you doing with him?
Listen to me.
This suddenly started to glow
and acted up.
I was trying hard to stop myself
from reviving anyone else,
but he came out of nowhere.
Did he see this marble then?
-I don't think so.
Why is it acting up though?
It's been dormant until now.
It acted up as I passed the morgue.
What? What does it mean then?
Does it automatically become active
in front of dead bodies then?
Didn't it come with a manual?
It did,
but it's in an alien language.
Hey, this is perfect.
-What is?
-This place!
It's the perfect place
to test this marble called Abyss.
Hey, get in there.
I don't know them, though.
-Just get in there!
-No, you do it.
Go on!
My friend!
How dare you bother
those grieving parents?
He's a total lunatic.
Hurry up and call security.
I didn't mean
any disrespect to the family.
Se-yeon, tell them what's going on.
-Go Se-yeon!
Damn it.
Where did he go?
Detective Choe, are you okay?
-Park Gi-man, you jerk!
-Park Gi-man!
Get him!
-Park Gi-man!
-Park Gi-man!
Park Gi-man!
That jerk.
Hey, call the CCTV Control Center.
Yes, sir.
Damn it.
You just showed me
why I shouldn't be nice to people.
I saved your life,
but all you do is use me.
When you don't need me, you abandon me.
And now you pretend not to know me?
Come on, don't be mad.
But why isn't Abyss working
when there are so many corpses here?
Hey, do you think
it only works on those who were murdered
or died a wrongful death?
You're not answering me.
Why is that? Am I invisible?
Can you not see me?
I don't know who you are.
Stop bothering me and go on your way.
Hey, come on.
You can't really be upset over this, Min.
Gosh, you startled me.
What are you doing here?
-What about the victim? Why are you here?
-He got discharged.
His injuries weren't life-threatening,
and he'd rather stay at home.
Even so, how could you
just let him go home like that?
What if he secretly calls and tells
Oh Yeong-cheol not to come home?
Are you that stupid?
Do you really think we told the father
that we went there to arrest his son?
I told him it was for Park Gi-man.
Besides, his father must be home
for Oh Yeong-cheol to come home
without feeling suspicious.
Come on.
Use your brain.
Yes, Prosecutor Seo.
I'm on my way out.
Where are you now?
Meet me on the first floor then.
-Prosecutor? Who?
-It's Prosecutor Seo Ji-uk.
-We'll get going now.
Why? Hold on a second.
-Say hi to him. You know him, too.
-Miss Lee is a very busy lawyer.
-She has a lot of work.
-We should go.
My gosh.
If that's the case, I'll drop her off.
Dropping her off
is more important than working.
That's okay. You should go back to work.
I know you're busy.
I'm not busy.
-I'm not busy.
Let me know if you get any new leads
on Oh Yeong-cheol. Okay?
I'll wait for your call. Let me know!
-Or I'll call you!
-You didn't drive here.
Did the victim get discharged?
Yes, sir.
He's an old man.
I'm glad his injuries were minor.
I looked into Oh Yeong-cheol,
but something didn't match.
When I read his file,
it said he was an orphan.
Remember Oh Yeong-cheol's third wife?
On Miss Jang Sun-young's
missing person's report,
it said he didn't have a father.
If he had three failed marriages,
I doubt he'd be on good terms
with his father,
so he could have said
he didn't have a father back then.
I guess that's possible too.
Are you going back to your office?
I can drop you off.
No, I have to stop somewhere.
-Good night.
-Why don't I drop you off there then?
This looks so good.
You're so clumsy.
You said you're going to treat me
to a nice meal.
But you're feeding me imported beef?
I only eat Korean premium beef, you know.
Just enjoy it while you have it.
I'm being generous here.
Thanks to you, I'm experiencing
so many new things.
My first love and my first broken heart
Becoming a murder suspect.
What else? My first store-bought meal box.
Hey, I bet this is a first, too.
Go. You have to get
your own side dishes here.
Hey, how am I supposed to get the food?
One side dish for one plate?
You can't get anything done without me.
Follow me.
Hey, get some radish. That was tasty.
The radish? I just put it on the plate?
Yes, you just put it on the plate.
How else?
Ma'am, I'd like more side dishes.
Okay. Hey, get that too.
We're almost done with that.
Get a lot of that.
Ma'am, I'd like more side dishes
for my table.
I'm a customer here.
I'm sorry.
What did he say?
He thought I worked here?
How could he think I
Are you laughing? Is this funny?
You were reborn looking older than I am.
It's because of this. This apron.
You told me to put this on
to make fun of me, didn't you?
-You wear it. I'm not wearing it.
-No, I didn't.
-You're so annoying.
Ma'am, a bottle of Sprite, please.
I'm a customer here. A customer!
Please select your destination.
Please check your ticket.
Thank you for using our service.
The next ticket to Chuncheon.
The expressway is 300 meters ahead.
Why is it so dark here? Darn it.
I love my new body.
This stomach is twice my old stomach.
The old me could eat only this much,
so I wondered why people go
to those all-you-can-eat buffets.
But this new body
is perfect for those places.
I love it. I totally love it.
You sure love weird stuff.
I won't ever go on a diet now.
Forget about losing weight.
I'm going to eat everything I want
and live a happy life!
I'm not the old Go Se-yeon anymore.
You got that right.
You're heavy now, so try to walk
I'm dizzy. Totally dizzy.
I told you not to drink a lot.
-I'm dizzy.
Wait here. I'll bring you water.
What's happening to me?
Why did I do my cute and sexy move on him
and touch him like that?
I can't believe this. Get a grip.
No matter how hot he became,
he's still Min.
My head is spinning a lot.
Hey, get up and drink this.
But I feel dizzy.
I feel dizzy. I feel so dizzy.
-Drink this.
-Is it water?
I'm so dizzy. My gosh.
-Get some sleep for now.
-I said I'm very dizzy.
I'll get you some hangover soup
on my way back.
What? You know what time it is?
Where are you going?
Are you going to her house again?
Don't wait up. Go to sleep.
Hey. Hey, Min.
Damn it.
He knows that I was alone
when I was murdered.
Yet, he leaves me all alone every night.
Why did he save me then?
What a douche bag.
That jerk is so inconsiderate.
Damn it.
It's not scary.
You're fine.
You're okay, Se-yeon. You're fine.
You're not scared.
What's this?
These are so beautiful.
Thank you.
Are you up, Min?
Last night, did we
It was great last night.
Can we move in together
before the wedding?
I don't want us to be apart.
It's just around the corner.
-I'll go in now.
-Go. Bye.
-Okay, go on in.
Did you
really just use me?
If she comes back, that'd be a problem.
Right now, you're a murder suspect
for killing a beautiful prosecutor.
The whole nation is vilifying you.
Even if she changes her mind
and comes back,
do you think she can call you that easily?
Where on earth did Park Gi-man go?
An old man in his 70s
who was admitted to the ER?
Hold on, please.
It says he was dead
before he arrived at our hospital.
What was that?
There were two patients.
Which one was he talking about?
Everything is over now.
Gosh, I'm thirsty.
Where is he?
Hey, Min.
He hasn't come home yet?
Damn it.
That's right. I've practiced kendo
for over ten years now. I'm a master.
I don't care who comes at me. I'll--
Gosh, that startled me.
Cha Min, get a grip. Head, head.
Park Mi-jin.
Park Mi-jin.
But why is this place so huge?
It's like I'm looking
for a needle in a haystack.
On your behalf,
I punished that bad man
who is responsible for putting you here
with my own hands.
Now I deserve to see
my beautiful daughter, right?
Hang in there.
I will protect you
when I go there.
Wait for me.
Park Gi-man. This is cheating.
Are you the police?
It's too late.
I just did what you guys couldn't do.
Wait for me.
I will
Everything is over now.
No. I'm not going to let you die
in front of me.
Even if you die, I'll save you again.
If he was a second late,
he wouldn't have been alive now.
We finished pumping his stomach.
But we must keep him on the treatment plan
for hemodiafiltration.
He must stay in the hospital
for a few more days.
Have him admitted
and prepare for CRR
and methylene blue treatment.
-Yes, sir.
-Excuse me.
When do you think he'll wake up?
He'll wake up soon.
Don't even think
of doing something stupid.
Why did you save
It will be hard for you to talk for now.
But I don't need you to talk for long.
I only have one question for you.
Prosecutor Go Se-yeon.
Did you kill her?
How is that your business?
It's more than my business.
I need to catch that bastard
who killed Se-yeon
to return to my old self
and bring back my fiancée.
Let me see.
I told you that you'd get hurt
if you keep moving.
That must hurt.
You crazy jerk.
Get that away from me. Get it away!
I'm sure you know that I hate it
when it gets loud.
This is going to sting a little.
Let me see.
He bragged about how his son
became a doctor.
But I heard
that Yeong-cheol killed a woman.
He killed none other than his wife!
But I heard that the police concluded
that it wasn't him.
Don't you remember how furious
Mr. Oh was because of that?
Do you believe that?
That kid, Yeong-cheol,
always gave off an eerie vibe
ever since he was young.
I never liked him.
So where is Mr. Oh Seong-cheol now?
He passed away a long time ago.
Has it been five years now?
Yeong-cheol didn't even show up
when his father died.
Things are different nowadays, you know.
My gosh, that's what
you've been doing all night long?
-That can't be your meal.
You've been cooped up in your car.
Here you go.
I brewed some warm tea for you.
Why don't you have some?
My gosh, you didn't have to.
By the way,
that man who ran away after stabbing me
would never come back here.
You're not
waiting here for my son, are you?
I'm not sure if you know,
but my son
was wrongfully accused
of a crime and got arrested in the past.
He had a tough time with that.
Of course, the judge ruled
that my son was innocent,
but I'm afraid if that's going to--
That's not it.
If Park Gi-man shows up here,
you'll be in danger,
so we're here for your safety.
There's this system called
Witness Protection Program.
-So you don't need to worry.
Are you going somewhere?
Yes, I have to get
my wound dressed at the hospital.
On my way back, I'm planning
to go for a quick hike
while listening to some music.
There are so many cool things like this
in Seoul, you know.
I can store more than 100 songs
in this device.
Don't skip your meals and have a good day.
-Okay. Thank you for the tea.
-My pleasure.
-Thank you.
-Please take my seat.
-My gosh.
Thank you.
Mr. Park, it's time for your hemodialysis.
Okay. Let's go.
Let's go and ask the gods what they think.
Whose sin would they consider to be worse?
Car number 7767, please move your car.
Is anyone home?
All right.
Shall I start the real hunting now?
You can't get anything done by yourself.
Why did you act up?
Look who's talking.
You're not that good, either.
Are you kidding me?
I'm Go Se-yeon, the best prosecutor
at the Public Prosecutor's Office.
If I tell you what I've done,
you wouldn't dare nag me right now.
Here's your iced Americano
and hot chocolate.
Thank you.
Wait, are you out right now?
Yes. Here you go, my dear.
Are you with Detective Park right now?
If you keep seeing him, he'll find out.
Why do you keep seeing him? What do you--
I have way more stuff to talk about
with him than with you.
Anyway, stop wasting your time.
You'd better come here this instant.
Dong-cheol, drink this.
Okay. You go ahead first. Go on.
By the way,
the plate you wanted me to run
was Park Gi-man's taxi, right?
-What are you up to these days?
Why are you chasing after
Park Gi-man and Oh Yeong-cheol?
-I'm taking on a pro bono case.
-A pro bono case?
Yes. There is this civic organization
for bereaved families
of murder victims.
They're filing a suit against
the government for compensation.
And I'm in charge of the case.
There were bereaved families
of the Eomsan-dong murder case,
so I was
Come on, think about it.
They hired me at a premium
because I used to be a prosecutor and all.
Don't you think I should show them
that I'm different from other lawyers?
I need your help to do that, my dear.
You little brat.
You always called me "dear"
-whenever you needed something.
-Why do you keep hitting me?
-Hold on.
-Let me see your hand.
Where did you hurt your hand like that?
-Where was it?
-When did I hurt my hand?
Gosh, you're so clumsy.
Don't move. Put your hand down.
-I'm fine.
-No, you're not. Let me see.
I didn't know you had it in your pocket.
Cops always carry them around.
Goodness. What could you possibly
get done with that tiny hand?
You listen to me. Okay?
I know how much you care
about your career.
But this case is too dangerous
for you to work on alone.
-If you must insist,
then why don't you work on it by my side?
That Park Gi-man
you're desperately looking for
is in Jecheon now.
Really? Are you sure?
We checked that he bought a ticket
at the terminal early this morning.
The rest of the team has already left.
If you'd like to go, you can come with me.
Yes, let me come along.
I found Park Gi-man. Come straight
to Chuncheon General Hospital.
I'm going to kill him.
Stop wasting your time and go on home.
What? Bullshit?
Man, this brat!
-Oh, it's nothing.
Don't mind me.
Excuse me,
but did you just take my picture?
No, I was just taking the patient's
Well, I have a bit of a situation
Let's call it even since I took yours,
I mean, I'd be even happier
if you took one with me.
Hey, hey! Let me open it for you.
-No problem.
Do you still think it's bullshit?
Put your seatbelt on. We're leaving.
Wait a minute.
Park Gi-man isn't in Jecheon.
Chuncheon. He's in Chuncheon.
Are you a model?
Or maybe an actor?
No, I'm not.
-Excuse me.
-Are you sure Park Gi-man is there?
Didn't you see the picture for yourself?
He says he'll explain for himself,
so hurry up and come to get the details.
I'll make sure he doesn't get away.
I'll call you back.
He needs to have another endoscopy today.
How long will it take?
At least two hours.
Excuse me.
Could I perhaps get your number?
Since I took your picture earlier,
I'll send it to you.
-By the way, Mi-do.
If you're sure that Park Gi-man is there,
-I think I should call the team--
-No, we should go first.
There's something I need to figure out
aside from the police investigation.
Let's just go
and check if he's there first.
And then we can call for backup.
Hey, isn't that Prosecutor Seo's car?
Prosecutor Seo, what are you doing?
Isn't anyone home?
No, Mr. Oh went to the hospital
to get his wound dressed.
Excuse me.
Did Mr. Park Gi-man go somewhere?
Mr. Park is having his endoscopy.
He'll be back soon. Please wait.
All right.
There's your minion.
Min! Where's Park Gi-man?
He's having an endoscopy.
It'll be over soon.
What happened?
He tried to take poison
at his daughter's grave.
Luckily, I caught him in the act.
He survived, but he'll have to
be hospitalized for a while.
Was he really the one who did it?
Should I tell you here?
What is it?
I should know these things, too.
Why don't you ask him for yourself?
He said he'll confess
-and pay for it all.
-Let's go.
How did you know he was here, though?
Let me tell you the key
to a successful investigation.
It's the heart.
Put your heart into it
and you'll figure it out.
Hey, which room is it?
-What number?
-Let's go.
That jerk.
What happened?
I guess it's taking a bit longer.
Is he still having his endoscopy?
No, he just returned.
Someone came to see him,
so they went out for a walk.
Could you go back just a bit?
That's it.
It's Oh Yeong-cheol.
Oh Yeong-cheol helped him out.
How would you know that?
Prosecutor Go Se-yeon.
Did you kill her?
How is that your business?
It's more than my business.
I need to catch that bastard
who killed Se-yeon
to return to my old self
and bring back my fiancée.
I found it along with all the trophies
that he took.
I only killed Oh Yeong-cheol.
Oh Yeong-cheol is the one
who murdered Prosecutor Go.
This is what Park Gi-man got
after murdering Oh Yeong-cheol.
Park Gi-man killed him again
since he didn't die afterward.
"Park Gi-man killed him again
because he didn't die afterward"?
What nonsense is that?
That's all I got from Park Gi-man.
He wasn't in good condition.
I wanted to hear the details
when you got here.
I didn't think Oh Yeong-cheol
would find him this soon.
Is your son feeling okay?
Why are you moving him
to another hospital?
Hey, you.
Do you know
what killed the cat?
It's curiosity.
Those who are stupid
get curious about things
they shouldn't be curious about.
How in the world
are you going to find him?
That's my car! You're not even insured.
Didn't you see the note
Oh Yeong-cheol sent to Park Gi-man?
It said it's his turn.
Murder is a sort of ritual
to Oh Yeong-cheol!
Isn't it obvious?
Think about his obsessiveness
and the way he sutures.
It's obvious where he is.
Then the place
where Oh Yeong-cheol was first found--
-Exactly! Hurry up and get in!
-I won't let you drive my car.
-Stop it!
-Come on!
This is all I have!
Hey! This is my car!
Are you trying to kill us all?
You may think you have more lives,
but there's no use if we both die.
Get ahold of yourself, Se-yeon!
Hey, watch out!
Slow down! I got a call!
Yes, Prosecutor Seo?
I'm on my way to Seoul from Chuncheon.
Is there something wrong?
I can't talk to you
on the phone right now.
Oh Yeong-cheol has committed
another murder.
And he's even left a clue this time,
which is unusual for him.
A clue that's concrete evidence.
What? He's never even left behind
a single strand of hair.
He left a fingerprint this time?
Good. You've made a wise decision.
That's a good girl.
How nice would it have been
if you listened to me from the beginning?
Darn it.
Are you even sure this is the place?
How can you come here
based on Park Gi-man's words only?
What if he went elsewhere?
-That can't be.
-Yes, Prosecutor Seo.
What? Where?
Prosecutor Seo.
I called an ambulance.
He wouldn't have gotten too far.
I'm sure he's still
around this neighborhood.
Park Gi-man. Wake up.
You can't die like this!
What do we do?
-I'll keep to the right.
-I'll go this way.
-Make way, please!
-What's going on?
-Excuse us.
-Hurry up.
-Are you all right, sir?
-Why is he here?
Oh, no.
-Be careful.
-Let's lift him.
The father
Park Gi-man! Hang in there!
Park Gi-man!
-Is he dead?
-Is he?
Are you his guardian?
-Are you coming with us?
-Yes, sir.
That's Hee-jin.
Come on, what are you doing?
-Hee-jin? Your fiancée?
Hey, Min! Hey!
Oh Yeong-cheol.
Give up already.
What are you doing here?
Well, you already knew
that I wasn't Oh Yeong-cheol's father,
didn't you?
You'll never be able
to catch Oh Yeong-cheol.
What makes you
jump to a conclusion like that?
Because I know you more than anyone else.
My blood
runs through your veins.
I have information
regarding a murder case.
-I'd like to give information on Cha Min.
A few days after Se-yeon died,
Min came to see me.
Wait, he wouldn't have had the time.
He dropped this that day.
That jerk Cha Min's fingerprint
was found in Go Se-yeon's casket.
He must be a real nutjob.
What's wrong with you?
Are you really the Cha Min I know?
I have to go meet Hee-jin first.
Hee-jin. Wake up.
-What's wrong with her?
It was a murder.
A murder disguised as an accident.
Subtitle translation by Jennifer Lee
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