Abyss (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

-Make way, please!
-What's going on?
-Excuse us.
-Hurry up.
-Are you all right, sir?
-Why is he here?
Oh, no.
-Be careful.
-Let's lift him.
The father
Park Gi-man! Hang in there!
Park Gi-man!
-Is he dead?
-Is he?
Are you his guardian?
-Are you coming with us?
-Yes, sir.
That's Hee-jin.
Come on, what are you doing?
-Hee-jin? Your fiancée?
Hey, Min! Hey!
Oh Yeong-cheol.
Give up already.
What are you doing here?
Well, you already knew
that I wasn't Oh Yeong-cheol's father,
didn't you?
You'll never be able
to catch Oh Yeong-cheol.
What makes you
jump to a conclusion like that?
I know you better than anyone else.
My blood
runs through your veins.
Hee-jin, wait.
-Are you all right?
-Yes, I'm fine.
-Hey, Min!
Can you go after her? She went--
Stop it. You're probably mistaken.
Why would she be here?
No, I'm sure it was her.
She didn't seem herself, though.
I know for sure that something's wrong.
That's why she didn't call.
You crazy bastard. Stop being such a fool!
Have you forgotten?
You don't look like the old Cha Min,
and you can't say you're him anyway.
Right now,
he's a brutal murderer at large.
Are you hurt?
How bad is it? Let me take a look.
It's nothing.
As if.
Lean on me. Come on.
Prosecutor Seo!
Prosecutor Seo, are you all right?
Prosecutor Seo, can you hear me?
Open your eyes.
He went that way
You don't have to talk. It's all right.
Ji-uk, what's wrong?
Are you all right? What's going on?
He's gone. Oh Yeong-cheol, that bastard!
Hold on. Oh Yeong-cheol
It wasn't him.
Are you all right?
Look at all this blood.
It's all right. Hang in there.
We were able to suture
the laceration on his head.
He only has a minor concussion,
so he'll wake up soon.
Sure. Thank you, doctor.
Prosecutor Seo was injured
fighting a suspect,
but why are you all bruised up?
-You must be clumsy.
-None of your business.
-So how's Prosecutor Seo?
He suffered a big blow to his head,
but he only has a minor concussion,
so he'll wake up soon.
And Park Gi-man?
He's currently in surgery, but
-Prosecutor Seo.
-Are you all right?
-How do you feel?
Are you trying to sit up?
-Be careful.
-Take it slow.
Don't rush it.
Did you catch the culprit?
We searched the area,
but he was long gone.
Before you passed out,
you said it wasn't Oh Yeong-cheol, though.
It wasn't Oh Yeong-cheol
who stabbed Park Gi-man.
It was Dr. Oh's father.
The man at Dr. Oh's house.
-The old man we found at the house?
What does he mean? What old man?
The old man who Park Gi-man assaulted?
-No, it's--
-Mi-do used to work with us,
but she left our office
quite some time ago.
It's not appropriate to tell her
sensitive details about the case.
I kept telling her I couldn't,
but we just go way back.
Get out of here!
I'm not a bystander in this case.
I'm representing Mr. Park now.
I guess they're involved in the case now.
I hope he's all right.
He has to be, he's the only one
who can help us arrest Oh Yeong-cheol.
Did Park Gi-man tell you anything else?
How about Oh Yeong-cheol's description?
Maybe we can get a composite sketch.
He didn't mention that.
If I had known what would happen,
I would've asked him.
Park Gi-man,
you can't die at his hands
just like your daughter.
Please. You must wake up.
Only you can recognize Oh Yeong-cheol.
He was rushed to the ER, so he'll be fine.
-Call me when he comes out.
-What? Where are you going?
The crime scene.
I'm heading back to your neighborhood.
I'll look wherever she may be.
What? Don't tell me
-You never know.
If there's even a tiny chance--
It's not her.
You said she most likely left the country.
Your relationship is over.
Why aren't you moving on?
No way.
-Are you hoping to--
-I wouldn't do this
if she was happily living her life
after abandoning me.
I would've moved on.
However, it doesn't seem that way.
I'm worried that
the woman I saw was really her,
which is the last thing I want.
Hey, wait!
Excuse me.
Wait. What about Park Gi-man?
His surgery went well,
but he's still unconscious.
The doctors say that
he might never wake up.
What good will it do
to just sit around and wait?
Here. Go ahead.
Let's recharge ourselves
and search for your fiancée.
You said once you see
that she's okay and doing well,
you'll be able to move on.
If that's what you need to forget her,
then I'll help.
Aren't you thirsty?
Come on, let's go then.
I've been here more than a dozen times.
She's not here. I think--
Yes, she would be long gone by now.
However, she was at the scene,
but immediately ran away.
My guess is that
she's guilty of something.
Anyway, while on the run,
you tend to drop things.
So which way did she go again?
To the right? Okay, let's go.
Why not?
Dong-cheol, my dear, just this once!
You only call me that
when you need something.
Prosecutor Seo gave me an earful
because of you.
Finding someone with just a single photo
is something you can do
with your eyes closed.
Just take a look at it.
Come on. Just this once.
Forget it. He's being a jerk.
We'll find another way.
He's not the only detective we know.
Hey, I never said I wouldn't help.
I was just about to say yes.
Really? You'll do it?
Help me out just this once.
Why did you bring him along?
She looks like Hee-jin, but her style
Is that how she dresses?
Do you know her?
I have information
regarding a murder case.
-Which case?
-What murder?
Which case is it?
The death of Prosecutor Go Se-yeon.
I'd like to give information on Cha Min.
Are you Oh Su-jin?
That's not what it says here.
I was going to change it after marriage
which is why that name was
on the invitation.
What's important
is that I'm the fiancée who broke
off the wedding with Cha Min.
Min's family will confirm that--
They never mentioned this.
Well, his family never approved of me.
The chairman of a conglomerate
wouldn't be satisfied with me.
The wedding was kept a secret,
and only close family and friends
were invited.
Now that the wedding is off,
they'll pretend it never happened.
Okay, sure. I'll believe that for now.
So let's get to it.
What information do you have on Cha Min?
The real reason I called off the wedding.
It seems connected to the murder case.
Let me go in there with you.
I should explain to Hee-jin
what's going on--
Explain what exactly?
The fact that you were reborn
as a handsome stud
and that Go Se-yeon is alive?
Who'll believe you?
You're lucky if you don't
get sent to a psychiatric hospital.
I'll head in there
and find out what she's saying.
You stay right here and wait.
All right?
But Se-yeon
It's all because of her.
Se-yeon? You mean Prosecutor Go?
How do you know her?
I met her at my part-time job.
You see
Well, Prosecutor Go
was the boss' daughter.
She set me up on a blind date,
and that's how I met Min.
My deed is done,
so I'll give you some space.
You're leaving?
The matchmaker should go.
-Have fun.
From the moment we met until he proposed,
she was always between us.
What are you doing?
What is that?
Just a second.
We were in a relationship,
but he was never fully mine.
Stop stalking Se-yeon on social media.
Why are you even dating me?
She says she wants to thank the woman
who finally gets me away from her.
Even after all this time,
Se-yeon still thinks I'm nothing.
Have you been using me
to make Se-yeon jealous?
If that's the case, let's end this.
He got so angry that
Se-yeon was unfazed even after
receiving our wedding invitation.
He thought the wedding
might trigger some regret. Jeez.
So you broke off the wedding?
You saw the photo.
Who'd like a guy with such an ugly face?
He seemed loyal, pure and innocent,
which is why I accepted his proposal.
However, hearing that
Well, I felt betrayed.
That gold digger bitch dares to lie?
She was only after his money.
A few days after Se-yeon died,
Min came to see me.
Wait, he wouldn't have had the time.
They met?
After calling off the wedding,
I went on a trip to clear my head.
I wasn't even aware
of Se-yeon's death back then.
when I got back,
I don't know how he knew my new address,
but he came looking for me.
Who is it?
How did you find me?
Go away. I'm done talking to you.
That's why I always warned you
to check before opening the door.
So what's this about?
Say your piece and leave.
You see,
I always got what I wanted,
no matter what it was.
It didn't matter how.
One way or another, I got what I wanted.
I thought he was asking me
to get back together with him.
I kicked him out because I didn't want to.
The more I thought about it,
it seemed weird.
He never once showed up
or called me since that day.
That day,
he dropped this.
I know everything.
I'm the one who brought you back to life.
I don't have any allergies.
Maybe I got allergies
along with my new face?
Why did I easily believe
that the guy was really Min?
What did she say?
She says I'm not the killer, right?
She came here to say that, right?
Please tell me what she said.
What's wrong?
What on earth did Hee-jin say?
Who are you?
Are you really the Cha Min I know?
Why are you suddenly asking me that?
Just what did Hee-jin say?
You can ask her yourself.
I just left the building
after telling them everything.
Yes, I gave them the bracelet.
Why would I go back inside?
Excuse me.
Hold on. I'll call you back.
And who might you be?
Weren't you inside earlier?
So how can I help you?
I'm sorry,
but I don't have the time
to talk right now.
Then when
My precious daughter
This can't be happening.
This man?
Yes, he came here. I remember seeing him.
He came in the evening
and stayed for hours.
Before I closed up,
I checked to see if anyone was still here.
He was there by the grave.
What are you doing, sir?
It was so weird that
I made a mental note of his face.
Are there any security cameras here?
Of course there is. Come over here.
Here. It's this man.
You can't exactly see his face.
Are you sure it's him?
I'm sure.
It's the same man.
I saw him in person, so I'm sure of it.
Okay, thanks.
Have forensics go over the footage.
-Detective Park, let's dig her up.
Her family already signed off on it.
We'll know if Cha Min was there
once we dig her up.
Be careful.
-Gently on three.
He must be a real nutjob.
Oh, no. She's fainted.
Scan every inch of this casket
and check for even partial prints.
Yes, sir.
Get up.
Wait. What are you doing?
Imagine you're stabbing someone
and show me how you'd do it.
Why are you acting this way?
You wouldn't tell me what Hee-jin said,
and you didn't answer my calls.
Where were you and why are you
Did she lock it? Seriously?
What the hell is wrong with her today?
I'm the one
who brought you back to life.
With this.
Se-yeon, right?
-Who are you?
-It's me. Cha Min.
The night of your murder,
I bought the hangover cure drinks here.
Had I not bought them
and kept waiting
for you in front of your house
you wouldn't have been murdered.
I'm sorry, Se-yeon.
Se-yeon, you're brave,
and the most powerful in this universe.
What am I supposed to believe?
Let me get you new blankets.
You said you were cold last night.
You heard her. Get out.
Se-yeon. No, Ms. Lee Mi-do.
I really don't understand
why you're shutting me out like this.
If you have a problem with me,
tell me. Why--
I don't have a problem with you.
I just want you off this case.
Did you get the result from the NFS?
Yes. We got
Ms. Lee, you and I should talk.
Don't hold her hand!
Get your hand off me!
What is the matter with you?
You have to tell me why you're pissed off.
This is my business. You stay out of it.
This isn't just your business.
I'm involved in this case, too.
I'm the murder
It's me who has to get
the culprit and clear my name.
Is that really true?
Right now, Min is missing.
How can I believe that you're really Min?
You checked me that day.
Here's my cellphone.
-This is my ID card.
-How do I know that
you didn't abduct Min after killing me--
We have the result from the NFS.
They found Cha Min's fingerprints
in Go Se-yeon's casket.
Hey, let go. Where are we going?
I have to check something right now.
Be quiet and just come with me.
-What do you need to check?
-I have to!
-Hey, hurry.
-This is crazy.
We're not open yet.
You have an ID scanner here, right?
It's a match. The fingerprints match.
You're Min. You're my friend, Min.
Seriously. I really thought
I was worried sick
that you might not be my friend Min
and that you were lying to me when you're
actually the murderer who killed me.
-Do you know--
-Did you suspect me?
-I'm the one who saved you.
I told you that I was Min.
I told you that.
I answered your questions
and proved everything!
But still
There wasn't definite proof
that you were really Min.
Do you think I can believe
that you're Se-yeon
because I had definite proof
that you are her?
We've been friends for a long time.
Must you check it with your eyes
to actually believe it?
Unbelievable. You're so not loyal.
But I'm really glad that you're him.
Let me get this straight.
You're really Min.
And you did come back to life
with that handsome face.
And you did save me.
I'm really relieved
that everything I know is true.
Right. You probably left
your fingerprints on my coffin
when you came to say goodbye to me, right?
You said you saved me that day.
Darn it.
Hey, this is it.
Oh Yeong-cheol.
Oh Yeong-cheol!
He probably came back to life
in someone else's body just like us.
But he probably didn't know, either,
that our fingerprints don't change
even if we have different bodies.
What? He's never even left behind
a single strand of hair.
He left a fingerprint this time?
That was it.
He hasn't found out that
his fingerprints are the same.
In this case,
the investigation will speed up,
and he'll get arrested in no time.
That is why we will release details
regarding the case to the public
in an attempt to receive tips
from the public
for the whereabouts of the suspect.
You've just watched
the press conference of the prosecution,
which we received as breaking news.
Please take a good look at the photo
of suspect Cha Min.
We ask that you report to the police
if you've seen someone who resembles him
or know his whereabouts.
I get that it's an important case,
but how could they so quickly
Right. They found your fingerprints there.
Hold on. We should do something right now.
-Give me a second. Be quiet.
-I was informed that
his ex-girlfriend and ex-fiancée
who broke off their engagement
is currently on the line
with our station for an interview.
Let's hear the story from her.
First of all, let me thank you
for gathering your courage
to join us for the interview.
I wanted to do this interview
to share information,
but more importantly,
I decided to do it
because I had to say something.
Please tell us about the suspect.
I don't know how he treated others.
But to me, he was the perfect man.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
We understand that
this must be very difficult for you.
Please calm down.
I would like to ask our viewers
to be patient as well.
I did break off the engagement
for personal reasons.
But I still love him.
I'm sorry.
I know that everyone
in this country is angry at him.
I'm sorry.
I understand that you must be
going through a very difficult time.
Is there anything you'd like
to say before we finish?
If you're watching this from somewhere,
I want you to turn yourself in
and pay for your crime.
Hey. Don't listen to her. She's lying.
I started doubting you
because that witch lied--
I'm begging you.
Please do it for our baby.
Please turn yourself in.
"Our baby"?
Hey, Min.
Let go of me. I'll tell them everything
and let them investigate me.
Hey, Min. Come on.
You're someone else right now.
How will you do that?
You won't be able to clear your name.
It's hard to prove
-that you're Min to begin with.
-It's all because of this.
Let's show them this and explain to them.
Yes, come with me.
If people don't believe me,
I'll kill myself or something.
You can save me with this, then.
When they see it with their eyes,
they'll believe me.
-Take this.
-Just take this. Come on.
-I said no. You do it then.
-Just take this.
-I won't.
-Just this once.
-Please just take it.
-You do it.
-Take this.
-I won't.
-No, I won't.
-Hold on.
What were you talking about?
It looked like
It looked like you were doing taekkyeon
or something.
You were, weren't you?
There's nothing here.
You can't see it?
See what?
I get it. I must pay you 500 won
to get you to tell me what it is.
Here. Now, tell me.
I guess he can't see it.
What? What is it?
What's there?
Why are you doing that with your fingers?
Take down all the articles right now!
Are you guys even doing your job?
Right now, the legal team--
I told you to find everyone
who can help us with this case,
even if they aren't lawyers!
What about the others?
Haven't you heard any news from them?
We're searching every corner
of the country,
but we haven't found any traces
that Director Cha--
What is it that you want to tell me, then?
Are you telling me
that my son is dead somewhere?
Dr. Jang keeps calling.
You should be admitted
Admitted? In this situation?
Are you suggesting
that I throw away Lan Cosmetics?
If you're that worried about me,
bring my son to me this instant!
Darn it.
When we were looking at the CCTV footage,
I thought catching him would be easy.
I don't get what's happening right now.
Hey, I'm certain that I wasn't
Oh Yeong-cheol's first victim.
I was looking into him for Eomsan-dong--
I should meet with Hee-jin first.
I should tell her the truth.
Other people can't see Abyss.
How will you explain it to her?
She's carrying my child.
I can't let her be a single mom.
Being a child of a single mom might be
better than being a murderer's child.
Besides, if you meet with her,
I'm sure they'll catch you.
Nothing about this makes sense,
but everything makes sense
if you turn yourself in.
They're trying to frame you
for the murder,
so they can close this case.
I'm not saying I'll turn myself in.
Let me calm her down first.
You think she won't call the cops?
Hey, do you know what she said
at the police station last night?
She told the cops that
she was sure that you were the murderer.
I suspected you for a reason.
And she even brought the smoking gun.
She brought the bracelet
that was on my dead body.
Hey, why do you blindly believe
every word that comes out of her mouth?
Fine. Since we're on the subject,
let's be frank here.
Can you be absolutely certain
that the baby is yours?
You must know better.
Was there ever a situation
to make that happen?
After I passed out from drinking too much,
we woke up in bed,
so I'm not sure.
How could you not be sure about that?
You never dated before,
and you're too naive for your own good.
There's no way you'd do that drunk.
I know you.
We've been friends for 20 years!
Are you that dumb or that naive?
Yes, because I'm that dumb and that naive,
I believed you and did what you told me.
You doubted me and didn't believe me!
Hee-jin was the first
and the only woman who loved me.
Why should I believe you over her?
Stop criticizing her in front of me.
I'll take care of it.
Mind your own business.
Damn it.
I know that you don't drink coffee.
But they only serve coffee here.
Do you think I want to sip coffee
with you right now?
This has always been your problem.
You're ignorant and cheap.
Jang Sun-young.
You're just like that woman.
How do you know my mother?
I know her well enough.
If you raise your voice again,
you'll end up like your mother.
My mom isn't dead, right? Where is she?
If you touch her,
I'll make you pay.
I don't know
why you're doing Oh Yeong-cheol's
dirty work for him,
but be careful.
Unless you want to shorten
your life even more.
I won't see you again
since I did what he asked, right?
Tell Oh Yeong-cheol never
to look for me again.
And if he does,
I'll reveal everything
even if it means risking my life.
You'll reveal everything
even if it means risking your life?
Excuse me.
One more cup of Mandheling coffee, please.
-Where? Gimcheon?
-You saw him in Busan?
-Thank you.
-Go on.
-Just because he's ugly
-Gyeongsang Province?
-I know that he's very ugly.
-Jeolla accent?
Was there anything suspicious about him?
-He's from Seoul.
Okay. Thank you.
This is why making cases public sucks.
Credible reports are less than 5%.
Still, we should be glad
we have any chance at all.
Where was the most credible report from?
Donghae and where?
Donghae and Incheon.
We sent a team to Incheon.
We're getting one for Donghae.
-Come on.
-What? This is mine.
-Give it.
This is all you've been eating
for three days.
We ordered jjajangmyeon.
Go have a meal, not this.
Why do you keep eating junk food?
You're not a kid anymore.
-Thank you.
-Treat me better.
-Cancel it.
-Why? You want something else?
-Crabmeat porridge.
-Crabmeat porridge?
She likes that. Order me that.
Are you going to move in here?
Don't pick a fight with me.
I'm just sitting here quietly.
Leave me alone.
Goodness, my eyes!
How can I leave you alone
when you're so beautiful?
You're radiating right here
in this dull-looking precinct.
I can't focus on my job because of you.
I ordered crabmeat porridge. Eat it.
You need energy
to dig information out of me.
What? Detective Park,
Cha Min just resurfaced.
Hey, Hee-jin.
Hey. I'm almost there.
Where are you?
-Long time no see.
By the way,
I'm going to borrow this.
It won't take long.
What? Hey.
Hey! Seriously?
In front of the police station?
That's dangerous!
Excuse me. Hey!
Min, are you sure you're
at Jisan Park right now?
Yes, I'm at Jisan Park in Sansa-dong.
Okay. I got it.
I'm almost there. Meet me at the entrance.
This is Oh Su-jin.
You are on your way, right?
Okay. I'll stall him as much as I can.
Excuse me.
It's closing time now.
-Is that so?
Please hold.
Someone is asking for you.
It's me.
It's best to dispose of it
once it has served its purpose.
So where is the location?
Hey, Min! Goodness.
Hey, how did you find me here?
Hey, we don't have time
for chit-chat. Hop on now.
-Let's get out of here first.
The police are coming to get you.
Hop on already.
-What are you talking about?
-Come on.
Hey, didn't I tell you?
I told you she'd report you to the police,
so I told you not to call her.
That's better.
My fingerprints haven't changed,
so I can tell them who I am
and let them investigate me.
-And I'll prove my innocence.
Min, get a grip. I'm the prosecutor here.
You will never be able to prove
your innocence even in your next life.
All the evidence and witnesses
are saying you're the killer.
Besides, you think Ji-uk will let you go?
No way. He'll indict you and make you
the culprit whatever it takes.
It doesn't matter how innocent you are.
I'm telling you the hard facts here.
Why isn't he answering?
Even if that happens,
I must meet with Hee-jin first.
-I can see you. I'll go over there.
-Hey, Min.
When humans are no longer useful,
they are just like bugs.
Those useless beings aren't humans.
Hee-jin, wake up.
Hee-jin. Open your eyes! Hee-jin!
She's not dead, is she?
Shit, it's hot!
-Why you--
-Who's there?
What's wrong with her?
Hey, Hee-jin.
Hey, Hee-jin. Wake up.
What's wrong with her?
Yes The hospital.
Let's go to the hospital first.
Be careful.
-You can't. Stay away.
There's a rule for it to activate.
It only works when
it's just the body, Abyss and me.
If someone else gets involved,
-I can't save her.
I'm sorry, Se-yeon. Wait here for a bit.
Hey, Min!
Hey, hold on. Hey, Min. Open up.
Hey, Min!
Damn it.
Please save her just this once. Please.
Please save her.
Please wake up, Hee-jin. Please!
-Search everywhere.
What happened here?
Excuse me.
Get me a doctor. A doctor, please.
What's happening?
Why are you
Hold on. I saved you.
-But we must run tests for the baby.
-What is this?
Lie down.
When is that doctor coming?
What happened?
I was hit by a truck.
-He's not here.
-Can you reach his fiancée?
I saw this coming.
Do you think he abducted her?
Hey, could you uncuff me?
After you explain to me
why you are here
and why there's so much blood there,
I'll uncuff you.
Okay. I'll explain everything.
Please just uncuff me.
Hey, go. Keep searching the area.
She's not pregnant.
There's no possibility that she'd
be pregnant even with the ultrasound.
I think I'd better be hospitalized.
Why? Don't you feel well?
The doctor says you're fine.
No, it's just that
I was wondering
if my eyebrows disappearing
and my acne scars suddenly reappearing
had anything to do with the accident.
It was a big accident,
so that may be the reason.
weren't you pregnant?
I heard you were
No way!
How could you say such a thing
to someone who's single?
All right.
Go on.
You said that you needed to go home.
Why were you out there?
Is that where you live?
I was on my way
but I wanted to go for a walk.
Why did you steal that motorcycle then?
Do you go on walks on motorcycles?
I didn't exactly steal it.
I borrowed it. Right? I asked you first.
-I got permission from him.
-Are you serious--
Detective Park.
The bloodstains
on the road match Oh Su-jin's.
Cha Min must have kidnapped
his fiancée as well.
That son of a bitch.
Contact all the nearby hospitals
-and check all the surveillance cameras.
He must have used a car for sure
so call all the car rental shops
-and ask if Oh Su-jin--
-Wait. The brat's name is
I mean, the fiancée's name is Oh Su-jin?
Not Jang Hee-jin?
Didn't you ask us to look into it
because she seemed shady?
What the
-Go on and find out.
-Yes, sir.
She's a total fraud!
Her age, name, everything!
She has four previous records of fraud
and was sued six times
for false pretense of marriage!
So? What are you trying to say?
Please come to your senses.
I kept trying to tell you
that she was lying on television--
I know. I already checked it.
You do? And you went to save her?
Min, the cops are even suspecting you
of abduction.
She did that interview and everything
to get you caught!
I think so, too.
Let's talk about it later.
What? Hey, Cha Min.
Wait. Hey!
I need you to come with me.
Why did you bring that brat here?
I'm baffled, too.
Isn't it rude to bring someone else
to your place
when you already have a girl
living with you?
I'm leaving.
Stay here for the time being.
It's dangerous out there.
We need to talk.
Are you out of your mind?
Why did you bring her here?
She lied on the news to trick you
and turn you over to the police.
How could you--
It was a murder.
The accident that happened to her.
You saw it yourself.
It was a murder disguised as an accident.
After everything that happened,
I could only think of one thing.
"Why did she have to do that?
Why did she have to lie
and make them think I was the culprit?
What would she gain from it?"
-She might be an accomplice to the killer.
-Then there's no reason to be killed.
Now I know one thing's for sure.
Someone's trying to end the case
by fabricating it
and making you look like the killer.
Why is everyone screwing around
with the wrong conclusion
when I, the victim, am not convinced?
-What do we have to do to prove--
-There is
a way, actually.
Is there another way except
for catching the culprit?
Park Gi-man said he knew the key
to all the secrets.
We can make him tell us what he knows.
He's the only one who knows
the current face of Oh Yeong-cheol.
Do you think I don't know that?
How are we going to get him to talk?
He's in a vegetative state now.
We can kill and revive him again with it.
I know how to use it now.
I'll do it. You just stay here.
Do you even realize what you're saying?
-You're saying you'll kill a person.
-There's no other way,
if we want to prove my innocence
and catch the bastard who killed you.
What is he saying?
Excuse me!
Could I use your phone? Mine's broken.
It's better off if you don't
let anyone know that you're alive.
-I want
I mean, there's a lot of things
we need to talk about.
And I have many questions.
I have something to deal with right now.
Wait here in the meantime.
Hey, Min.
Min. Hey, Cha Min!
Hey, you gold digger. I have a lot to say,
but I'll hold it in because I'm busy now.
We're going to discuss
everything you've done later on
so don't do anything or touch anything
and don't you dare move an inch
until we return. Understand?
Who are you to keep talking down to me--
Hey! I would've killed you already
if these were the old days.
You nasty brat!
Unless you have a death wish,
stay right here. Got it?
Answer me.
Hey, Min!
Wait! Hey!
Damn it!
What is he going to do
Aren't you supposed to leave tomorrow?
Yes, but I have something
to take care of tonight.
I already told the doctor
that I'll be leaving early.
-All right.
You seem very tired.
I'm the prosecutor in charge.
I came to check on Park Gi-man.
There's no improvement.
He's still unconscious.
May I go in and check on him?
Sure. His room is that way.
Thank you.
It's a fresh cup. Enjoy.
You look very tired.
Thank you, sir.
It's already past visiting hours.
Stop with the nonsense and just--
I'll just try.
I've already arrived at the hospital.
Hey, Min. Hey!
What do you think you're doing?
It's something urgent--
-It's past visiting hours.
-Just one minute.
-No. You can't.
-It will only take a minute.
-It's past visiting hours.
Did anyone come by, then?
-Of course not! It's past visiting hours!
-I really need to check on him.
Please, ma'am. I'm begging you.
I really need to check.
-No, you may not.
I'm only letting you check on him
since you're his lawyer.
Of course.
I only need to see if he's dead or alive.
The alarm would have gone crazy
if he had died.
This means his heart is beating, right?
I knew it.
He's way too soft to do that.
Are you good now?
Yes, ma'am.
Thank you so much.
-The number you have dialed--
-Damn it.
Why won't he pick up?
Why won't he pick up?
Min! What happened? Are you all right?
I'm fine.
You're not fine at all, you moron!
Hang in there. I'll call the doctor.
It can't be.
You're not dead, right?
Hey, wake up, Min!
This marble.
I can revive him with this.
How does this work?
How am I supposed to
Save him
What should I do?
What's going on?
Min, wake up!
Wake up, Min.
Come on.
We got the results
from the hospital murder case.
We found some things
that shouldn't have been there.
If anyone has a weird marble,
-make sure to catch them.
-I can't do this. I'm out.
What's going on between you
and Oh Yeong-cheol?
We can find it
because I can see the marble.
You'll be shocked to hear
what this is in my hand.
There must be a reason why
the truth behind all this
shouldn't be revealed.
What if the sole suspect, Cha Min,
is still alive?
Please postpone closing the case
and the media report for one day.
I'll figure this out, whatever it takes.
Subtitle translation by Hye-lim Park
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