Abyss (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

What are you doing with Abyss?
I'll just bring him back to life.
Don't human souls
usually look the same on the outside?
You're the owner of that Abyss now,
so make good use of it.
Just this once, please.
I know it seems crazy.
I'm the one who
brought you back to life.
I'll find whoever murdered you.
I know this person.
Who? Oh Yeong-cheol?
He's a famous surgeon.
This might be able to save this guy too.
I revived a serial killer
with this marble?
Why didn't you tell me earlier?
I didn't think Abyss would work.
Well, I didn't think
I'd get to kill you either.
What am I supposed to believe?
Please save her this once.
Please save her.
Please wake up, Hee-jin. Please!
It was a murder disguised as an accident.
Do you think I don't know that?
How are we going to get him to talk?
He's in a vegetative state now.
We can kill and revive him again with it.
We can kill
and revive him again with it.
You're a doctor.
The visiting hours are over.
How did you get in here?
I'm sorry. I had to see him.
I'm sorry.
I must check on the patient,
so please step outside.
Okay, then.
Who's there?
Who are you? You can't be in here.
The visiting hours are over.
Please get out.
Okay. I was just leaving.
I'm really sorry.
What was that about?
Dr. Choe?
When was the last time
you checked the patient's vitals?
I was just about to get on it.
-But who--
-His guardian walked in here
because you were dozing off.
Check his vitals and report them
to the on-call doctor.
Excuse me, Doctor.
It's about Mr. Park Gi-man.
I'd like to ask you about his condition.
When will he wake up?
You should give up.
He'll die soon.
How could you say something like that?
-Let go of me!
How dare you touch me?
How dare a pest like you
interfere with my work?
What did you just say?
It's mine. Give it back.
What are you, a kid?
Excuse me!
-Here. Now, tell me.
-I guess he can't see it.
What's there?
Why are you doing that with your fingers?
Can you see this?
You're him, aren't you?
You're Oh Yeong-cheol.
Answer me. Can you see this marble?
Oh Yeong-cheol.
You got the wrong man.
Stop right there. Oh Yeong-cheol!
I'm only letting you check on him
since you're his lawyer.
Of course.
I only need to see if he's dead or alive.
The alarm would have gone crazy
if he had died.
This means his heart is beating, right?
I knew it.
He's way too soft to do that.
Are you good now?
Yes, ma'am.
Thank you so much.
-The number you have dialed--
-Damn it.
Why won't he pick up?
Oh Yeong-cheol.
You can't run away from me.
What you just said amuses me.
"Run away"?
I wasn't running away from you.
I brought you here.
I brought you
to the perfect place to kill you.
There aren't any surveillance cameras
or any witnesses here.
There's no point in fighting it.
Your body will slowly become paralyzed.
And your heart will stop beating soon.
All right.
Tell me.
Did Park Gi-man tell you
that I was Oh Yeong-cheol?
How did you recognize me?
Oh, well.
It doesn't matter how you found out.
The important thing is that
you won't be able to speak a word
of what you found out.
Oh Yeong-cheol, you bastard.
You're the one who killed Se-yeon, right?
The nosy lady prosecutor
who didn't mind her own business?
That's right.
I killed her.
That wench came all the way to my hospital
and asked me about my suture techniques.
I got rid of her
before she could cause any trouble.
But she kept fighting
until the very last moment
before she died.
One more thing.
Didn't I already tell you this earlier?
I told you
not to touch me.
You piece of trash.
How dare you touch me?
How dare you?
How dare you!
How dare you touch me? How dare you?
How dare you!
How dare you!
Why won't he pick up?
Min! What happened?
Are you all right?
I'm fine.
You're not fine at all, you moron!
Hang in there. I'll call the doctor.
It can't be.
You're not dead, right?
Hey, wake up, Min!
This marble.
I can revive him with this.
How does this work?
How am I supposed to
Save him
What should I do?
What's going on?
Min, wake up!
Hello? Is anybody there?
We need help here!
Please help me.
-I need help--
-Hey, what's going on?
-What happened?
-What should I do?
Are you all right?
Damn it.
Let's go.
Nothing good
will come out of staring at him.
Let's go somewhere else
so that you can calm down.
Gosh, seriously.
You made a mistake,
which is very unusual of you.
So everything is different,
except for my fingerprints.
That wench is dead.
Of course there's no way
her phone is turned on.
This is totally busted.
But that accident
It really makes no sense.
How did I walk away without a scratch?
It feels as if it was just a dream.
The door has been unlocked.
What brings you here?
How dare you!
Did you think I wouldn't find you
if you changed your number and hid?
This is why I told him not
to associate himself with girls like you.
I can't believe my dear Min
wasted his time with a girl like you
Go back inside.
Go on! We'll talk inside.
So, is this it?
Is this the place you got
after selling the house that Min bought?
No, Mother. I had a bit of a situation--
Please! Stop calling me like that.
Don't you dare call me "Mother" again.
I'd love to just grab your hair right now,
but I'm refraining from doing so.
I'm sure you're well aware of the reason.
How many weeks has it been?
Eight weeks.
-I'm two months pregnant.
-You little
Pack up your stuff.
Why are you just standing there?
Go pack up your stuff!
-Jeez! Just a second!
-What's with you?
-Hey, wait. Get off me!
Hold on.
All right. I'm sorry.
I called your law firm. They said
they don't have any information on him.
Who is he?
He's done something wrong, right?
No, I said that's not the case.
What is it, then?
Why aren't you calling his family?
And why won't you let me identify him?
What is the reason?
Let go of me, and we'll talk.
-Let go.
-You're not in your right mind now.
I completely understand how you feel.
So just go home and get some rest.
After getting enough rest--
-Hey, great timing.
I need you to take her home.
-We should get back to the station now.
That guy, Cha Min, is dead.
What? How?
-We should hurry.
-How did he die?
-Come on.
-What happened?
-We have to go.
-But I need to
-But this
Come on!
Doctor, didn't you say that this man
was definitely a vagrant?
The body was skeletonized
to the point that it was unidentifiable,
and no belongings were found.
That's why I assumed so.
But the police managed to find this later.
A man in his 30s who's about 170cm tall.
It's obvious, you know.
That's the only reason you've concluded
that it's Cha Min's body?
Of course not.
Prosecutor Seo asked me
to compare the DNA to Cha Min's,
so I used his hair, which we had obtained
from his belongings seized from his place.
Sure enough, it was a match.
The forensic odontologist
also confirmed it.
I bet he took his own life
when he was named as a suspect
and the police started closing in on him--
But Go Se-yeon died less than a month ago.
Even if he took his life right afterward,
his body couldn't have
skeletonized already.
Two years ago,
we found a body in a bathhouse
that was skeletonized in just five days.
The decomposition rate can vary depending
on the amount of protein and fat.
What about Ji-uk? What did he say?
Let's close the case
and end the investigation.
The main suspect is dead.
Why bother digging more?
We're investigating others who were
holding grudges against Prosecutor Go.
Then the investigation would never end.
Like you've said yourself,
the victim was a prosecutor.
I bet a lot of people held grudges
against her.
If it was going be like this,
the police shouldn't have gone public
with the investigation in the first place
after naming Cha Min as the prime suspect.
Yes, sir.
Then how much should we tell the media?
Have the detective in charge
schedule a briefing.
It's mine. Give it back.
Why is this here?
I guess she's still alive.
My lack of vigor is the problem.
Darn it.
That is not Cha Min.
The medical examiner confirmed
that it's him. Who are you to refute him?
Seriously, you're unbelievable.
Hey, what's up?
What? We're closing the case?
The prime suspect was found dead,
so I guess it's right to stop digging.
You never know though.
Why is he rushing us to close the case?
-Hey, wait.
-Hold on. Gosh, be quiet.
What? A briefing?
Don't you know that
I don't like being in front of a camera?
-No way. I'm not doing that.
-Hold on.
-Be quiet.
No, not you.
All right, okay. Hang on a second.
I'm heading back to the station now,
so let's talk in person.
-Jeez, what?
-What was that about?
They'll close the case? My case
I mean, they'll close
Prosecutor Go's case like this?
Well, they think it's unnecessary
to dig deeper now that Cha Min is dead.
Prosecutor Seo wants to close the case.
He said we should focus on searching
the vicinity to find Prosecutor Go's body.
Who is he to close the case?
I said that is not Cha Min!
On what grounds?
Damn it!
Follow me
with your fingerprint scanner now.
Do you think it's some kind of a toy?
Why must I bring it
just because you tell me to?
You went all crazy trying
to stop me earlier. What's with this now?
Don't be surprised
after scanning his fingerprints.
Go ahead and scan him. See who he is.
I bet he's an overseas Korean.
Is he really an overseas Korean?
So, he's not an overseas Korean.
What's happening here? I did it right.
What's wrong with this?
Is it broken?
Why do you have this?
They obviously found no belongings
of Cha Min along with that body
because this is the real Cha Min.
What? Then who's that man at the NFS?
Someone must've deliberately
disguised him as Cha Min.
But this guy looks nothing like him.
Let's say plastic surgery in Korea
has become very advanced.
But it's just been a month
Look at his height. How is this possible?
Exactly. It's only been a month,
but they're trying to close the case
by claiming that
the unidentifiable skeleton is Cha Min.
Does that make sense to you?
It means someone wants to cover
up the truth behind this case at all costs
for whatever reason.
And I know who that person is.
He's a man of power
who's received a presidential citation.
Making the skeleton look like Min
must've been easy.
Who are you talking about?
Hey, Mi-do.
I've been sensing
something is off about you.
You're hiding something from me, right?
Why are you looking into--
Even if I explain everything to you,
you won't believe me.
So please be patient, okay?
Give me a little bit of time.
I can sort it all out.
Right now,
you're the only person I can trust.
I know I'm being shameless,
but help me out here. Please?
Hold on.
Okay, all right.
Let's say you're right.
Let's say this guy is Cha Min,
and the guy at the NFS is fake.
The thing is, they're both dead.
There's no one to indict, so that's it.
It'll all end if we report
that this guy is--
But what if the sole suspect, Cha Min,
isn't dead yet?
Then they won't be able to close the case.
Well, he's dead--
I know it makes no sense,
but just give me three days, okay?
No, 24 hours. Just give me 1 day.
Please postpone closing the case
and the media report for one day.
I'll sort it out at all costs.
Dong-cheol, please. Just this one time.
Trust me just this once.
The suspect took his own life,
and even the prosecutor
doesn't want to indict him.
Why should we postpone the announcement?
If this is about you
not wanting to give the briefing,
just forget it. I'll do it myself.
It's not about that, sir.
-Then what's the problem?
-The thing is--
-You see--
-Hey, Dong-cheol.
I have the lab results regarding
the Myeongjin Hospital case.
But we found some things
that shouldn't have been there.
What? Like what?
Cha Min's fingerprints
and Oh Yeong-cheol's blood
were found there.
I have no idea what's happening.
Hey, Mi-do.
Cha Min's fingerprint
and Oh Yeong-cheol's blood
were found at the crime scene
in Myeongjin Hospital.
What? Oh Yeong-cheol's blood?
The thing is,
if that guy in the morgue
really is Cha Min like you're insisting,
it's highly likely
that Oh Yeong-cheol did that to him.
But why on earth would Oh Yeong-cheol
do such a thing to him?
I told my guys to look through
all the security footage
from the facility to the exit
and the vicinity, so just wait.
The security footage
won't help us find Oh Yeong-cheol.
Right, the security cameras.
That's it. We can find him
-because I can see that marble.
It's nothing. I can find Oh Yeong-cheol.
Wait for me. I'll be there
Who's here?
Who might you be? How did you get in?
I didn't know that she had a roommate.
I'm so sorry I barged in like this.
-It's okay.
-Hee-jin, the lady who used to live here,
will stay elsewhere starting today,
so I came to get her stuff.
Oh, right.
What? Where is she?
She shouldn't be wandering around now.
-She has died once
It means she can see it too.
Where did that brat
I mean, Jang Hee-jin. Where is she now?
Thank you. She's in there, right?
Wait. Ms. Eom told me
to make sure no one visits her
without her permission,
but I brought you here
because you said it's about Min--
Trust me. I won't be long.
And it's true that I must see Hee-jin
to make sure Min can live.
Min is really okay, right?
I'll sort things out
so that he can be okay.
Don't worry about anything, Auntie.
I'm not
-I told you not to act up.
Please stop
I told you to do exactly as I said.
Who do you think you are?
You killed Mom, didn't you?
How could you
You still have the audacity
to talk back to me.
I obviously need to discipline you more.
Help me, please.
If you don't want to end up like your mom,
just do as you're told.
You got that?
-My goodness!
What are you doing here?
What? What am I doing here?
You're really something.
Hey, how can you be sleeping now?
I told you to stay put.
How did you find me?
Auntie Mi-sun
I mean, the secretary told me
when she came by to collect your stuff.
By the way, what's the matter?
Are you all right?
Do you seriously expect me
to believe that?
Right, it's totally understandable.
Your looks didn't change at all, so I bet
it's harder for you to believe it.
I'm just speechless.
Fine, go ahead and call me
a con artist and a gold digger.
But who are you, really?
I told you. I'm Go Se-yeon.
Stop spewing total nonsense!
Whether you think it's nonsense or not,
it is true.
And whether you believe me or not,
I need your help.
You see, it was impossible for you
to walk away completely unscathed
from the accident you were in.
Look, this is what happened.
You don't have a single scrape though.
Does that make sense to you?
I'm sure you don't understand it,
but you already knew
what had happened was odd.
The marble that saved our lives
is in the hands of a murderer now.
And Min who saved both our lives with it
is dead.
Even so, how can that handsome guy be Min?
You can verify that yourself
once we revive him.
You've got nothing to lose anyway.
We're the only ones
who can see and find that marble.
And we need that to revive Min.
Two sets of eyes will be better than one.
That being said,
I need you to help me. Okay?
Come on. You promised to help.
Damn it.
She wasn't abducted?
Still, she shouldn't be here.
We need her help on this investigation.
You decided to trust me
and let me in on this case.
Can't you let her help me just this once?
Hey, take a seat. Come on.
Just know that I'm here against my will.
How many cars went in and out
around the time of the incident?
Are these it?
There weren't many
since it was after midnight.
I spotted three suspicious vehicles,
but the drivers can't be reached.
Can we figure out
where these vehicles went?
Do you have footage
from the end of this road?
Just a second.
Hold on.
I'm not good at operating this.
Why the hell is this making such a noise?
You're home, aren't you?
Miss, open up!
What's going on?
-Can I help you with something?
-Hold on.
Is she not home?
What business do you have
with my daughter?
So you're her father?
She's already three months behind
on her rent
and her deposit is now long gone.
I won't tolerate this anymore.
My goodness.
As her father, I am truly ashamed.
Why don't you wait inside?
I'll withdraw the money
and give it to you right away.
I wasn't saying that
I needed it right now.
No, I should give it to you today.
I'm only here until this evening.
Please don't stand out here
and wait for me inside.
You know where the nearest ATM is, right?
-It's at the convenience store.
-I know that.
Please wait inside.
Look at this.
When I visited the last time,
the house was filthy with trash
and had liquor bottles just lying around.
I guess she cleaned up
to accommodate her dad.
That's right.
I'd be satisfied if she kept
this place clean like today.
What is this stain on the wall?
Hey, why aren't you focusing?
Tell me if you see
something shining or glowing
in the footage!
How the hell is this going
to help find him?
Watch your temper.
Tell me about it.
How can we find
a sly guy like him this way?
It's like looking for a needle
in a haystack.
We know all the possible routes
he can take, right?
Even if we know the specific time frame,
it'll still take us at least ten days.
Not for me.
Only I
I can spot it for sure.
Wait, what was that?
Yes, that!
Do you see what that man is carrying?
I see something shining too.
Is he taking a photo?
Wait, can you see that too?
You can see that light?
How can one not?
Set it to full-screen mode.
Damn it.
Darn it!
It's already stained and won't come off.
What is this
and why is it all over the place?
My gosh
What are you
doing there?
You're back so soon.
I thought about it
and I should receive the rent
from your daughter directly.
She knows my account number,
so please tell her to wire me the money.
You came for the money,
so why leave without it?
I've had enough.
This won't work. Let's give up.
What's there to spot?
Hey, wake up.
I wasn't sleeping!
Look at this. Can you see it?
I can.
Detective Park! Dong-cheol!
-Look at this!
Hold on!
Can you see this, Dong-cheol?
What am I supposed to see?
The light glowing over there.
Can you not see it?
Where? Which one?
It's glowing so brightly.
How can you not see it?
Is it because you're old?
-Where exactly is this camera installed?
-Hurry and tell me.
Where is it?
Why the hell is this acting up?
Mi-do, wait.
I'll get a composite sketch of that man--
I don't have time to wait for that.
Did you call for backup?
How can I do that
with such a ridiculous reason?
Helping you is insane enough.
Fine. I'll get him myself then.
-Why aren't you coming?
Mi-do, hold on. Wait.
Just us? But you said he's a murderer!
-You're coming, right?
-I am.
Wear your shirt properly.
I think it's on backward.
Talk about being rude.
Mi-do, you stubborn little minx.
Detective Choe, where are you?
It was around here, right?
If we do a thorough search
around the neighborhood,
I'm sure we'll run into him.
Even if we do,
two women can't catch a guy like him.
-We should call the cops--
-What? The police?
Are you kidding me?
Don't you know how we ended up here?
It's because you went off the grid
after selling the house Min bought.
-If you're a decent human, you--
-All right, fine!
Seriously, that brat!
The security footage showed
that the marble was glowing here
The gate's open.
Se-yeon, isn't this trespassing?
Is anyone home?
What's that?
What is it? What happened?
His car is on the move.
It just exited the alley.
Yes, past the Dobong-dong intersection.
It just passed Daerim Hill.
Yes, go straight ahead.
Exactly. That's the way.
Daerim Hill, please. Keep going straight.
-Daerim Hill?
Sir, can you please step on it?
What? Where?
Sir, can you head to Yeouido instead?
Please hurry.
I'll have Detective Choe take over
and head there myself.
Yes, that's the place. Keep going.
Dong-cheol, look.
Is his car still in Yeouido?
Are you still there? Detective Park!
Hello? Dong-cheol! Hey!
Mi-do, can you wait?
I need to stop by the station.
But we're close to catching him.
What are you Hello?
He hung up?
-Damn it.
-Breaking news.
Cha Min, the suspect wanted for the murder
of a female prosecutor,
was found dead.
Breaking news.
-There they are.
-Over here!
That's him.
Is it true that the suspect
was found dead?
-Will this conclude the case?
-Was it suicide?
Could it be a homicide?
-Please answer the questions!
-Can you comment on this?
-Hold on!
What's going on?
I'm as clueless as you are.
We should let the people know about
Cha Min's body at Myeongjin Hospital.
No! We can never do that.
Just give me some time. I almost got him.
Wait a little longer, okay?
Damn it.
It's raining cats and dogs.
Did you girls bring umbrellas?
No, sir.
There are a few umbrellas back there
that people left in the car.
You can take those.
-Thank you, sir.
-Thank you.
I'll go this way,
so you should go that way.
Do you remember Abyss?
The marble you saw at home.
If you see a man
with something like that,
make sure to catch him.
How would I hold down a grown man?
I'm not telling you
to physically pin him down.
You can sweet-talk him.
You're good at that.
If you stall him and send me the address,
I'll head over as soon as I can. Okay?
Go that way.
I didn't give you my number
so you could call me anytime you want.
You'll be surprised to hear
what I have in my hand.
We can easily turn the tables
with this thing.
Where are you?
I'll head over there.
Watch it!
I just saw him
going into the alley you're in.
Make sure to find him, okay?
I got it.
How am I supposed to find him like this?
I don't understand what she's thinking.
You crazy jerk.
Get that away from me. Get it away!
I'm sure you know that I hate it
when it gets loud.
Are you all right?
I'm all right.
Hey! Hee-jin! Are you okay?
What happened?
What? He's the one who tried to kill you?
To be precise,
he's the one who forced me
to lie during my interview on the news.
What? Why are you telling this now
Hold on a second.
Why did Oh Yeong-cheol force you
to do such a thing?
Did you just say Oh Yeong-cheol?
He isn't Oh Yeong-cheol.
He's just a henchman.
That old man is Oh Yeong-cheol.
His appearance just changed
when he was revived by Abyss,
just like me.
That old man
is Oh Yeong-cheol, the real culprit
of the Eomsan-dong Murder Case.
-I told you not to act up.
I told you to do exactly as I said.
Who do you think you are?
You killed Mom, didn't you?
How could you
Why don't you say something?
What's going on between you
and Oh Yeong-cheol?
If you don't want to end up like your mom,
just do as you're told.
-I can't do this.
-I need to go.
-Hey, wait--
Let go of me!
I'm out.
I can't do this anymore.
Hee-jin. You can't just leave like this.
Hey! Hee-jin!
You can't leave now. Hey!
Stop the press first
and have the legal team ready.
Is this Lawyer Lee Mi-do's number?
Yes, it is.
Is Min really okay?
The articles are saying that he's dead.
You told me earlier today
not to believe anything.
You said that he's really fine.
I don't know what I should believe.
What the articles are saying isn't true.
Ms. Lee?
You're becoming a regular.
And now you want me to fix it for free?
Stop with the mumbling and fix it already.
Do you know how many times
I let you off the hook
when you distributed cloned phones?
I should just fine you right now
What is it?
What's going on?
This stop
is Myeongjin Hospital Intersection.
The next stop is
She's still alive?
Can't talk. What's up?
"What's up"? Is she serious?
Aren't you going to sit?
I don't think we should suddenly announce
that the case is closed.
Why are you doing this? You know very well
that Cha Min's fingerprints
were found at the hospital!
If the skeletal remains
was really Cha Min's,
his fingerprints
couldn't have been found there.
We need to keep the case open--
Stop spewing nonsense and close the case.
How can we close it?
We can't do that!
Damn it.
To celebrate our opening, you'll get
a bottle of soju on the house.
Hello, welcome!
We're having a promotional event
to celebrate our opening.
Please enjoy your time.
Good evening.
Thank you for visiting Myeongjin Hospital.
With a history of 40 years,
Myeongjin Hospital will continue
to make every endeavor
to maintain the reputation
of being patient-oriented
by putting forth the health
of our patients as our highest concern.
We will now begin the briefing
on closing the murder case
of Prosecutor Go Se-yeon.
Before we start
Excuse me for a minute.
I need to take it. It's an urgent call.
What are you doing?
-What is he doing?
Didn't I tell you
someone is trying to cover up the truth
behind this case for a reason?
And that I know who that person is?
Who is it?
It's Oh Yeong-cheol.
It's time to reveal the truth
about that bastard.
He's at Myeongjin Hospital now.
I'll keep him busy.
Send over the police right away.
Gosh, my stomach hurts.
I need to use the bathroom.
Will you join me?
No I'll be right back.
-What's going on?
-Where is he going?
-Come back!
Jang Hee-jin?
She's scheduled to be admitted today.
Her room will be on the fifth floor.
I'll head up to the fifth floor.
You stand by
at any possible escape routes.
-You guys stay here.
-Yes, sir.
Escape routes? Got it!
You're alive!
-But where's my Abyss?
That bastard has it.
Where did that old fart go?
He's already left the hospital.
I want you to wrap up this case
without making any mistakes.
That marble
brought you back to life, didn't it?
Se-yeon, what's wrong?
Min. Listen.
Even if something happens to me,
you have to make sure to save the ones
I've been trying to protect at all costs.
Oh Yeong-cheol,
I won't let you get away this time.
Subtitle translation by Won-hyang Son
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