Abyss (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

I hope my plan works.
Yes, this is the fifth floor.
What happened?
Did he already come by and leave?
Hey, Min. Wake up!
What happened? Why am I
What's this? What's up with my hair?
Did I come back to life as a woman?
Hold on. This can't be right.
No, wait. This can't be it.
Hold on a second. What is this?
What's wrong with my hair? Damn it.
You're alive!
Are you all right?
Are you sure you're okay?
What's gotten into you?
Your face looks really red.
I think you're running a fever.
Hey, try to breathe. Okay?
Inhale and exhale.
In, out.
There you go.
Did your wound get healed too?
-Hey, don't touch me.
-Are you all right?
Even if I'm a woman now, I don't--
-What are you talking about?
Wait, I'm still me.
Damn it.
You said it revives us
in the form of our souls.
No matter how many times you die,
your soul will be the same
even if your body changes.
My gosh.
That was terrifying.
But why am I wearing this?
Hey, you're not hurt, right?
You're okay, right?
As you can see, yes.
Thank you!
That marble is awesome.
I'll be immortal as long as
I have you and Abyss.
But where's my Abyss?
Oh Yeong-cheol
That bastard has it.
I'm the owner.
How could that bastard have it now?
Because you died.
Unless Oh Yeong-cheol dies,
you'll never be able to possess Abyss.
But we have a bigger problem than that.
I think Oh Yeong-cheol is using Abyss
however he wishes.
We found only one body
in the basement for now.
But there's a lot of blood stains outside.
Hey, you.
Protect the crime scene, will you?
Put plastic sheets over the steps.
Okay, then.
Does it mean he moved the body
inside after killing her?
No, I don't think so.
I think there was one more victim.
But we didn't find a body.
What? You didn't find a body?
Are you crazy? Watch where you're going.
What's wrong with her?
Hey. Are you okay?
Hey, can you talk? Hey!
I got it. Get over here soon.
Excuse me.
I'm from the police.
Could you
take off your mask for me?
You son of a bitch!
Damn it. The elevator.
Detective Choe. Where are you?
The suspect is going down.
Seal off the stairs and elevators.
Excuse me. We're from the police.
Have you seen an old man
with long hair and a beard?
Detective Lee, go search that area.
And you guys, over there.
-Did you get his photo?
-Yes, I sent it to the security.
They'll call us
as soon as they locate him.
Hold on, Dong-cheol.
No matter how hard I think about it,
it makes no sense
that he's Oh Yeong-cheol.
I also can't wrap my mind around
how he suddenly became an old man.
But we only found Oh Yeong-cheol's
and the victim's fingerprints
from the scene.
We'll find out more once we ask him.
This is crazy.
-You sealed off all exits, right?
I checked the blueprint, and there's
a separate exit for medical waste.
I sent Gyeong-sik down there.
Okay. It's pretty late now,
so no one is walking around the hospital.
-Check everyone exiting the hospital.
If we check through the security cameras,
we'll catch him. Let's go.
What brings you to call me?
We just had a patient
from a traffic accident, right?
-His name is
-Kim Cheol-kyu?
Yes, him. Let me see his chart.
-It's Dr. Kim's patient.
He has just received treatment.
Dr. Kim just notified a fellow doctor.
-Dr. Kim.
-I'm glad you're here. Come here.
Did you notify Dr. Yu about this patient?
I'm trying, but Dr. Yu isn't answering.
It's okay. You don't need to.
We're going to transport
the patient to Seoha Hospital.
The other passenger died,
and he suffered massive bleeding.
He'll die
if the bleeding isn't stopped in an hour.
But we should still notify Dr. Yu.
His family got the ambulance ready.
Get ready to transport him.
Go now.
Where did that old fart go?
On the far right corner.
That's the ER, right?
Detective Choe, a doctor
and a patient are leaving the ER now.
-Go check them out.
-I'm on it.
Hold up.
It's official police business.
Take off your mask. I need to check.
-What's this about?
Why is he leaving?
I must check him before he goes.
-Go check yourself.
-Excuse me.
This patient can't miss his golden hour.
-Give me a minute.
-He must be transported now
-to a trauma center!
-Wait. Hold on.
-What's his name?
-You can check. Get out of my way.
You can go now.
Damn it.
-You checked, right?
I checked, but it wasn't our suspect.
The call cannot be connected. You'll be
connected to the voice mailbox for now.
Professor, I transported the patient
you told me about right away.
I told them to send over the patient's
chart and the files to Seoha Hospital.
Please call me back
once you get this message.
I'll wait for your call, sir.
Hey, who was that on the phone?
You ran out like you were on fire.
-Did something happen?
It was Professor Oh.
His friend was in a big car accident.
And he was sent to our hospital.
He called me himself
to transfer the patient to Seoha Hospital.
The last time I saw him was
three years ago while volunteering.
He's never called me.
I was so surprised to get his call.
Hold on. He called you himself?
Why? Is that weird?
Have you not heard?
Professor Oh suddenly disappeared
after requesting a leave of absence.
From what I've heard,
he's a murder suspect now,
and the police are looking for him.
Are you sure you checked everyone
before letting them go?
That means
he's still hiding in the hospital.
How is it going?
Looks like
he's still hiding in the hospital.
We checked
all the security camera blind spots.
There was no way
he could escape from here.
Yes, there was.
He's already left the hospital.
How do you know that?
Damn it.
Are you all right?
Wait, you can't sit up like that.
You're the one who killed Se-yeon, right?
That's right. I killed her.
But she kept fighting
until the very last moment she died.
Oh Yeong-cheol,
I won't let you get away this time.
Hey, are you done changing?
Come out if you're done.
We need to go somewhere.
The body of the suspect, Cha,
in the Prosecutor Murder Case,
has been found.
And the police have begun investigating.
His body had already been
reduced to a skeleton.
The decomposition had progressed
How did they find my DNA from the body?
Could it be possible that my body
didn't disappear when I came back to life?
What if it got teleported
to someplace else?
-What do you think?
-It is speculated that
when Mr. Cha's belongings and a photo
of him and the victim was found,
he felt pressured
due to the open investigation
and ended up committing suicide
while on the run.
I'm sorry, but could you turn back
to Golden Palace in Dogeon-dong?
It's best that you take care of yourself.
Be quiet.
Ms. Eom, you're not well. You should--
I told you to be quiet!
As the body of the prime suspect
of the Prosecutor Murder Case
has been found,
it is likely that the investigation
will be closed soon.
-He was pressured by the investigation
-Ms. Eom.
and committed suicide
the legal team now.
Crap. Okay, look over here.
It's this old geezer
in the security cameras.
He does look very different
from the Oh Yeong-cheol we know of.
I don't know how this happened.
Anyway, the only people
who went into the house were
the landlady, the victim,
and Oh Yeong-cheol.
Just these three people.
And the only fingerprints
lifted from the bathtub
were from the victim and Oh Yeong-cheol.
So there's no need
to investigate further, right?
The ambulance that picked him up
has fallen off the grid.
Contact the Highway Patrol Unit
and see if you can find out where it went.
-And call the doctor he spoke to.
-Got it, sir.
-I'll take care of that.
-Hurry. Let's move.
-Let's go, guys.
-Hurry. We don't have time.
Thoroughly check everything
I asked you to look into, okay?
Excuse me. Can we help you?
Who is the detective
in charge of the Go Se-yeon case?
Wait, hang on.
What brings you here, ma'am?
I'm here to talk about
how you defamed Lan Cosmetics,
as well as my son, Cha Min,
who is the director there,
and destroyed the reputation
of my company.
Well, ma'am.
As for the media report
on your son's death,
we didn't leak the information.
Before the report came out,
there were serious issues
with how you cops handled the case.
You put out an APB on Mr. Cha,
who was only a suspect,
ignoring the presumption of innocence
even before you indicted him.
You investigated the case without showing
any willingness to protect a civilian,
so I'm sure you were prepared for this.
You see, we had confirmed our suspicion
and even had a witness statement.
However, we couldn't locate
Mr. Cha's whereabouts.
And how many times
did we visit your company
before putting out the APB?
You didn't cooperate
with the investigation at all.
The police can announce what any suspect
is speculated to have done.
That is also the law, okay?
My son, Director Cha,
was not an ordinary civilian.
He was the face of Lan Cosmetics,
a corporate giant.
He represented the brand.
From the prosecution to the police,
I'll sue everyone
who had anything to do with the case.
You leaked information on him
to the media,
and your coercive investigation
led to his
He lost his life, for God's sake.
My son, Min, died
because you cops cornered him.
It's clearly your fault,
and I'll make you pay
for everything that happened.
Disclose the entire
DNA profiling process of how you
concluded that the body is Mr. Cha.
And send all related documents
to our legal team.
Hey, mister.
Do you actually think we'll give you
our investigation documents that easily?
"Investigation documents"?
My son is dead!
He's back as a skeletonized body.
And I, his mother, found out about it
while watching the news.
What? You can't send them because
they're investigation documents?
Hand them over now. Where are they?
-Hey, guys.
-Hand them over!
Right now!
Hey, guys. Stop her.
Hand them over at once!
Mom! Are you all right?
Excuse me.
He was dead.
He was dead
Hey, excuse me.
-Hey! Dong-cheol!
-Are you all right, sir?
Let me see your hand.
Show me.
This is nuts.
How could these two guys
be the same person?
That's not important right now.
You know what?
I clearly saw that you were dead
with my own two eyes.
And now, you're looking at me
alive and well with the same two eyes.
Right? Exactly.
That's exactly why I don't
understand this situation.
Who are you, really?
How many times do I have to tell you?
I'm Cha Min!
And what's more important than who I am
is whether or not I killed Prosecutor Go.
Am I wrong?
I'm not the killer, okay?
I don't even know
why I was pinned as a suspect.
Then let me put this straight.
If you felt wronged
about being falsely accused of the murder,
why didn't you come forth sooner?
Why did you keep your identity hidden?
By any chance,
does Mi-do know that you're Cha Min?
You see,
if you are the killer,
and if Mi-do was fully aware of this
and helped you hide,
she'll be prosecuted
for concealing an offender.
Why did you get her involved
in the first place?
The motive, evidence,
and witness statement were all fabricated.
Everyone but myself was calling me
the culprit. What was I supposed to do?
And looking like a different person
doesn't help me prove my innocence.
So just until I catch the culprit--
Did you catch the culprit?
Is that why you're here?
Oh Yeong-cheol.
-He killed Se-yeon as well.
You saw the proof from Park Gi-man.
What proof? Prosecutor Go's ID card?
I guess your plan is to get
Oh Yeong-cheol locked up with that alone,
but that's not enough
to put him behind bars.
Yes, Oh Yeong-cheol is the killer.
But the thing is,
there's no way
we can prove that he, in fact,
killed Prosecutor Go.
I clearly heard him
confessing to the murder.
Did you record his confession?
I heard that my fingerprints and his blood
were found at the crime scene
in Myeongjin Hospital.
That's when I heard his confession.
He said he killed Prosecutor Go.
Okay, so did you record
that confession he made? Did you?
Let me remind you that you're
the prime suspect in this case.
With your statement alone,
we simply can't apprehend him.
I wasn't the only one who heard it.
Park Gi-man heard it too.
Right, but did you record it?
What you're telling me isn't enough
to serve as evidence.
Hey, Dong-cheol.
They found a weapon with Prosecutor Go's
blood on it at Oh Yeong-cheol's place.
I told you I was right!
-Are you sure?
Sir, can you hear me?
Doctor! Dr. Yu!
I'll lower it a little bit now.
Look straight ahead.
But I'm not sure
if the iris is still the same.
Mom, it really is me. I'm Min, okay?
Please don't move.
They checked his fingerprints and iris,
and they both match.
Are you sure?
I mean, maybe the results
were manipulated.
No, that's impossible.
It was done right in front of you.
The results are from this lab's
biometric testing procedure,
which means they can be trusted.
this makes no sense.
Ma'am, for some strange reason,
I think I can believe that he is Min
the more I look at him.
I mean,
how could that handsome young man
be my son, Min?
He looks nothing like Min.
When it comes to plastic surgery, Korea
is considered number one in the world.
Maybe he got
How accurate is the biometric testing?
Well, his face has changed a lot indeed.
But if everything matches Mr. Cha's
biometrics in the lab's database,
there's a zero-percent chance
that he's not Mr. Cha.
Gosh, seriously.
I bet
you had no idea
that you could die like this.
I, too,
had no idea that I'd be able to kill you.
Oh, right. Min.
You heard that Hee-jin is staying
at our guesthouse, right?
She's pregnant, so you must've been
very worried about her.
Let's go there first.
No, it's okay.
I'll go see her another day.
Hey, you're up?
What is this? Why did you bring me here?
You were totally passed out in the taxi.
I have no time for a nap now!
You should've woken me up.
Detective Park said you barely got
any sleep for the past two days.
It's not like you were revived
as a superhero. You need to sleep.
I went to the police alone,
but the interview went well. Don't worry.
Our legal team did a good job,
so I could avoid detention.
What's happening with Oh Yeong-cheol?
Nothing yet.
Okay. I'm headed to Dongbu Police Station.
Come right now.
-I can't go now.
-Why not?
I'm back to being Director Cha,
the heir to Lan Cosmetics.
Since I've revealed my identity,
I need to sort things out here as well.
-Is that really Director Cha?
-Director Cha?
You all look like you've seen a ghost.
You're not uncomfortable
that I'm back, are you?
Are you really Director Cha?
Yes, I am.
There is a reason behind
my changed appearance,
but must I tell you
about my private matters?
How could you not come to work
to get plastic surgery
and not even tell us anything?
Especially at this critical time.
I know, right?
Despite my absence
during this critical time,
you were all trying to expedite
the new product launch.
Was there a specific reason?
In every crisis, there is an opportunity.
When the company's image is in jeopardy,
-a sensational new product--
That sounds great.
But I carefully read the ingredient list
and found an endocrine disruptor.
-Endocrine disruptor?
That's impossible.
Which ingredient is
an endocrine disruptor?
On the product itself,
it's just labeled as "serum."
That's why it's a serious problem.
One of this facial moisturizer's
ingredients, phthalates.
This is the one.
Other brands also use
chemical ingredients like that.
And it's FDA-approved.
Don't try to nitpick for no reason.
It's a minute amount,
so it won't be an issue.
The amount allowed by FDA
is under 100ppm, which is a trace amount.
The amount in our product
is very close to the threshold.
I always emphasize this to you.
Skincare products should be edible.
Only safe--
It is edible.
Why don't you prove it then?
Do you know this though?
I heard that overexposure to phthalates
can cause low sperm motility.
In layman's terms,
it can affect your sexual stamina.
It's a dangerous substance that can cause
genital and reproductive abnormalities.
If you're okay with it,
go ahead and swallow a spoonful.
Must I bring up sexual stamina
to make you understand?
Unless you can eat the entire jar of it,
discard all of them.
Do you know how much money we'll lose--
Also, I noticed that we went
with a different manufacturer for this.
We changed our manufacturer?
Why the sudden change?
Why are you rushing to launch
the new product with ingredients
whose safety can't even be guaranteed?
Internal Affairs will start
investigating into this matter,
so let's talk again at our next meeting.
Judging from how he gets his job done,
he must be Min indeed.
Hello, this is Myeongjin Hospital.
You're Mr. Park Gi-man's guardian, right?
What happened? You said he woke up.
He did regain his consciousness earlier,
but he still needs rest.
They gave him a sedative, so he's asleep.
Hey, then when will he wake up
Excuse me. Did Park Gi-man
fully regain his consciousness?
Yes, he did. He's just asleep now.
-He'll wake up soon if everything is fine.
-Oh, I see.
By any chance,
did he say anything
or look for anyone when he woke up?
No, not that I recall.
Oh, right.
The notebook
"The notebook"?
He said, "The notebook."
"The notebook"?
The number you have dialed
is unavailable now.
Damn it. Why isn't he picking up?
He's back.
How could he not even visit me once,
knowing that I'm here?
Yes, come in.
Here you go.
You asked for a new cell phone.
Thank you.
Ms. Eom scheduled
a doctor's appointment for you.
You should start getting ready.
I'm sorry.
I've been feeling unwell
since this morning. I don't think I can
This is nuts.
What should I do?
I'll get kicked out if they find out
that I'm not pregnant.
If I get kicked out
No, I cannot let that happen.
If that happens, he'll really
He will really kill me this time.
Looking for a pregnancy test
that shows two lines.
Message me.
I have one that I can sell.
How much are you thinking?
And when can you send it?
Let's talk about the price in person.
I want to do this transaction in person.
Is that okay?
In person?
Yes, I can do that. When is good for you?
I'd like it as soon as possible.
I knew that someday
you'd be useful to me in some way.
He can't talk at all,
and he keeps getting severe convulsions.
The doctor said he probably ended up
with aphasia
due to the trauma from the accident.
This is what he was wearing
when he was found.
Both the DNA samples from the evidence
and the ones that were directly
obtained from the victim
match Park Jeong-sun's DNA profile.
Even people at the NFS
said this is outright impossible.
He has no record
of having sex reassignment surgery,
but he somehow has XX chromosomes.
-I'm sorry. I have to get this.
-No problem.
Hey, Detective Choe.
Dong-cheol, the paramedic who fell off
the grid after picking up Oh Yeong-cheol.
His phone just turned on.
Why did she want to meet here?
Where is she?
Call me if you want to hear more.
But to hear about what you want to know,
you'll have
to have the information that I want.
Who are you?
I guess you really are alive.
Who are you?
Shut your mouth,
or I'll rip your jaw off.
I've always told you.
Only your dad can ask questions.
All right.
Then here's my first question
and the most important one.
You'd better answer it well.
That marble
brought you back to life, didn't it?
Hey, how could you misplace
something that important?
I put it right here.
Hey, did you touch it?
My gosh, don't put the blame on me.
You took it with you
when you went out to look for Park Gi-man.
But I remember bringing it back.
-Where is it?
-Perhaps it's in the living room.
-I found it.
-Where? Give it to me.
There must be something definitive here.
I've read the entries
about a hundred times give or take.
There's nothing that proves
Oh Yeong-cheol killed you.
I can only imagine just how much
Park Gi-man wanted to kill Oh Yeong-cheol.
It's the man
who took his sweet daughter away.
What's this?
Does he have a son too?
This time, you blew things out
of proportion, which is unusual of you.
I never did such a thing.
Witness statements, motive,
and the time of the murder
all pointed to one man.
I couldn't stop looking into Cha Min
just because he's well off.
You insisted on an open investigation
and tried to urgently
close the case by leaking to the press
of a dead body
which doesn't match Cha Min's DNA.
Is this all to just cover up your mess?
I'm not the one who leaked it
to the press.
I didn't have any hand
in NFS' faulty forensic report either.
Is your judgment clouded
because Ms. Go is the victim, or
is there something else going on?
What are you getting at, Father?
There's an APB out
on Oh Yeong-cheol.
I want you
to wrap up this case
without making any mistakes.
Be thorough and nifty
like you've always been so far.
If you fail,
I won't let it slide.
That marble
brought you back to life, didn't it?
Answer me.
did you come back to life?
Tell me.
You can see this too, right?
I'll take that as a yes.
Then here's my next question.
You, me,
and that weasel Cha Min.
Apart from us three,
is there anyone you know
that has been brought back to life
with this?
Go Se-yeon, that bitch was revived too?
I'm curious
as to what her new face and life
look like.
Oh Yeong-cheol is on the move.
All right.
Where? Gurim-dong?
Got it.
-He's in Gurim-dong. Let's go.
I'll have an employee send you an email
on last month's sales
and the estimate for next month.
Thank you.
I'm sorry for being so loud on the phone.
Work got piled up
while I was out of commission.
I only have one more call to make.
If I'm bothering you--
No, it's fine.
I've tried calling in that room.
The reception is bad for some reason.
Just take it here.
-Are you sure?
Who's that?
Beats me. I'm not expecting anyone.
Thank you.
I cooked the dishes Min used to like.
I hope you still like them.
Are you kidding me? You have
no idea how much I missed your food!
I mean, Lawyer Lee
only fed me crap this whole time.
Look how much weight I've lost.
Goodness gracious. Your tummy is so flat.
It's not because I starved you.
Your soul was just skinny, you prick.
Whatever. Let's eat.
This is what you call food, okay?
Ms. Lee, please dig in.
Sure. Thank you so much.
-Pace yourself, Min.
-Here you go.
-Is it good?
-It's to die for.
Jeez, this is amazing.
Let me get you some.
Thank you.
Se-yeon, eat it all
before your dad gets home.
Here. It's really tender.
Have some japchae too.
When did you make all this?
As long as you like it,
I can make it any day.
-How is it?
-Mom, it's delicious.
-That's good to hear.
Eat all of it before you go.
-Is it good?
-It's amazing.
Try some.
-Grilled corvina is your favorite.
Her pancakes are amazing too.
-Here you go.
-It's good.
Everything's delicious.
Who is it?
I don't know. No one's talking.
Maybe it's a spam call.
Go Se-yeon.
Who is this?
Come here if you wish to know.
There are many people here
who wish to see you.
What was that?
What do you think? It's a clock.
Did you forget you bought that?
Don't tell anyone and come alone.
I'm sure you know what I mean.
Thanks for letting me use the phone.
I'm sorry, but it's almost time to close,
so we can only offer takeout.
I'll take one to go then.
I'll fry one for you right away.
-Please have a seat.
-You should at least finish your dinner.
No, it's fine. Thank you for everything.
Where are you off to?
-Let me come with--
-I must go.
Se-yeon, what's wrong?
Who called you? What's going on?
I need to go.
If only she had just died
like she was supposed to,
she would've died alone.
But she had to come back to life
and now her parents must die too.
This is why they say your children
determine your fate.
Finally. Go Se-yeon is here.
Look who it is!
You were brought back
into a completely different body.
I'm here, so let them go.
Hold on.
How can I believe
that you're really Go Se-yeon?
There. Now let them go.
That's the thing with morons like you.
They easily lose their reason
when they get provoked just a little.
Did you actually believe what I said?
I'm disappointed, Go Se-yeon.
Son of a bitch.
He's already in the wind.
Damn it!
Yes, hello?
Where are you headed?
Why did you go alone?
I need to go.
Even if something happens to me,
you shouldn't try to save me first, okay?
Just like how I brought you back,
you have to make sure to save the ones
I've been trying to protect at all costs.
-All right?
-What the
Good, you're awake again.
Oh Yeong-cheol,
what is it that you want?
That's the mistake
you people always make.
In life, there are some events
that happen for no reason.
But if you insist on knowing what I want,
it's the perfect murder.
If you had just stayed dead,
I wouldn't have to go through
all this trouble.
My murders were always perfect.
But you
You disrupted my world
and messed with the one thing
I wished to preserve!
Now tell me.
What else do you know?
If you want me to tell you what I know,
you'll have to
let my parents go.
Does it look like
I want to play games with you?
Not my dad
It seems like your daughter here
wants to hear you cry out loud.
There you go.
Why don't you beg for mercy?
Beg for your daughter to spill it all out
and spare your life!
Why are you doing this?
My daughter
is already dead!
Please stop!
Stop it!
A perfect murder, you say?
Why don't you just kill me right now?
Go ahead, just get it done with!
even if you kill me now,
it won't be the perfect murder.
The perfect crime you've always wanted
is already a perfect failure.
So much chitchat.
I can't take it anymore.
I think I'd rather just kill you.
I'll get it done
since that's what you wanted.
Stop it right now, Oh Yeong-cheol.
I see you've revived again, Cha Min.
How interesting!
Would you like me to kill you again?
This is it for you, anyways.
The police are already on their way.
Why don't you--
No! Mom!
Which way is the back door?
No. I won't let you go this time!
Why don't you step aside?
Unless you'd rather see me
crack her head open.
Min, please.
Oh my god, Mi-do!
What's going on?
Oh Yeong-cheol got away
with Prosecutor Go's mother.
Hands up, Oh Yeong-cheol.
It's all over for you,
Oh Yeong-cheol.
You should pay for your mistakes,
not run away like this.
Give up.
You have
already lost.
Father, I'm sorry.
-Father, I'm sorry.
-You should pay
Father, I'm sorry.
for your mistakes.
What is it?
Are you angry?
Give up.
You have
already lost.
Did you find him?
-No. Was he not there, either?
What is it?
-We've arrested Oh Yeong-cheol.
They got him.
She seems very injured.
Are you okay?
Good job, Detective Choe.
Are you all right, ma'am?
-Did you call an ambulance?
-Yes, it'll be here soon.
How did you find out, Prosecutor Seo?
-I came over as soon as I got the report.
-That was fast.
It's here.
Make sure people don't take photos.
-Stay there.
-Yes, sir.
Hurry up, this way.
-Be careful!
-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.
Oh no. Mom.
The doctor said the wound isn't severe.
Don't worry.
-When she wakes up--
-I'll tell them
everything and go back
to being their daughter.
You proved
that you're the same person, too.
-If I do the same--
Your case is far different from mine.
Everyone in this country
as well as your parents
saw you dead.
They buried your body
with their own hands.
It'll be hard for them to accept it.
I'm still going to try.
Oh Yeong-cheol got arrested,
so there's no reason I can't go back.
I'm going to do it all, too.
From the iris, fingerprints, to DNA,
I'll get them all checked
and prove to them that I'm Go Se-yeon.
And I'll live the rest of my life
as who I am.
I promised Mom
that I'd go on a trip with her
on her birthday,
but I didn't make it.
I bought the tickets in advance
after telling her.
Maybe if I show her those,
she'll believe
Maybe she'll realize
that I'm her daughter.
I just need to pack the essentials,
so it won't take long.
Okay. Take your time.
That old man
This old man? I know this old man.
He always keeps a pile of
Wait a second. Where is his stuff?
Come on. I can't believe this old geezer.
I even saw him load his stuff
on his wagon that night.
Excuse me, sir.
You shouldn't keep these
on someone else's property.
-The lady who lives here doesn't want--
-No one lives here. It's empty.
I know that,
but someone will be moving in soon.
Hey, sir!
I told you not to keep these here.
I'll let you off the hook just this once.
You can keep them here, but get rid
of them when it rains since it stinks.
It's okay. Let's go.
Are you friends of the lady
who used to live here?
If you are, take this.
Why do you have this?
Leave them here!
Sir! Did you just hit me?
Fine. I'll put them away. I will.
It must have gotten mixed up with my stuff
when she fell.
You must know where her grave is.
-Why don't you take it there?
-Okay, we'll do that.
By the way,
did they catch the bastard who did it?
Yes, he got caught.
I heard it was a friend of hers.
Why would such a young man
do something so heinous?
Are you talking about the one
who was on the TV news?
That young man was falsely charged
-and the culprit was an old man--
-No, he wasn't!
I didn't see his face,
but he wasn't old, for sure!
Where else am I supposed to leave these?
Darn it.
I was coming back here
to pile up the papers again
after she fell asleep.
And I saw the door open.
I thought she was coming out again,
so I hid.
I didn't want her to make a fuss again.
I saw a young man walk out of her place.
I thought he must be her boyfriend,
but I heard that she was killed
on that very night.
And the estimated time of her death
was around the time I saw him too.
I told the prosecutor what
I saw that night as
What's it called?
Right, as a witness.
That's how her friend got pinned
as a suspect
and his face was revealed to the public.
You could say I played a big role
in catching the culprit.
That's right.
There was another one.
Are you really Oh Yeong-cheol?
Can you tell us why you look so different?
-Do you admit to the murder?
-Was it planned?
Oh Yeong-cheol
He was not the only one.
Another one
There was another one.
Could you go and meet him for me?
Ask him if he had an accomplice.
You need to ask about it no matter what.
Prosecutor Seo took the data
from the dash cam.
Will he hand it over to you
just because you're his senior?
Or, I'll just have to steal it.
Do you think you can share a bed
and eat meals with this face?
I'm even more messed up than you think.
You haven't forgotten our deal, have you?
Shall we begin planning
all the wildest things with this?
Things that only those
who came back to life can do.
Subtitle translation by Jennifer Lee
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