Abyss (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

He said he had something important
to discuss. Why isn't he here?
How dare he make me wait for him?
That punk, Cha Min.
Now that he's getting married,
this is how he's going to treat me?
I'm sleepy.
What was that? Or am I seeing things?
I'm thirsty.
Where am I?
Where is he taking me to?
You didn't know
you'd die, right?
Well, I didn't think
I'd get to kill you either.
Who are you?
Why are you
Hey, Se-yeon.
Is that Min?
What is he doing?
Hey, Se-yeon!
Who are you?
Who are you?
I'll leave the drinks here.
Drink it before you go to bed.
She's not dead yet.
Who are you?
Who are you?
Who are you?
What is it, Se-yeon? What's wrong?
It's nothing.
No, he wasn't! I didn't see his face,
but he wasn't old, for sure!
I saw a young man walk out of her place.
A young man.
Where did we put
the dash cam footage we got from
the owner of the convenience store?
I need to take another look.
-Let's go to the station.
-Breaking news.
The mysterious Eomsan-dong serial killer
has finally been apprehended.
The Eomsan-dong serial killer's
meticulous plans
and brutal MO shocked the country.
The culprit has been committing murders
for 20 years ever since 2000.
Stop watching. Let's just go home
instead of the police station.
What? Then I want to go see my mom
before we leave.
They said she's fine.
She regained consciousness a while ago.
She's sleeping right now,
so let's come back later.
If you want me to tell you what I know,
you'll have to
let my parents go.
Please stop!
Stop it!
Are you really Oh Yeong-cheol?
Can you tell us why you look so different?
Do you admit to the murder?
Do you not feel guilty at all?
Please say something.
Did you have a plan to cover it up?
Please say something!
I said we should go to the station.
Why did you bring me here?
There's no way I can sleep.
That's why I'm going to stay
until you fall asleep. Lie down.
-Come on, Min.
To me, you're not a prosecutor
but a victim
to be precise, you're a murder victim
that I brought back to life.
That's why I need to
keep you safe this time.
Stop dwelling on painful memories
by watching news about Oh Yeong-cheol.
At least not today
when he just got arrested.
-You should lie down now.
We should try to catch
the other guy instead of
We have the main culprit for now.
When they interrogate Oh Yeong-cheol,
they'll find out if he had an accomplice.
Then it's a matter of time
until we catch the other guy.
-But I really can't sleep.
-Then try to pretend that you're sleeping.
Close your eyes first.
I really can't sleep.
Even so, keep your eyes closed.
The derivative of cosine x
is a negative sine x.
The derivative of cosine hyperbolic x
is a sine hyperbolic x.
The derivative of secant x
is a product of secant x and tangent x.
-Hey. You're in 212th place.
-It's you.
I'm sure I only got one question wrong.
You got question number seven wrong too.
Are you so upset
that you're skipping lunch?
I brought you your favorite, red bean bun.
Wait, why is this wrong?
-It's definitely--
-It's definitely wrong.
The answer isn't four. It's negative four.
The derivative of cosine x is negative 4x.
Substitute 2.5pi for x.
And multiply negative four to that number.
Then it's negative four times one.
So the answer is negative four.
We memorized the formula
in front of the restroom before.
Don't you remember?
Shall we go one more time?
Yes. Whenever you go to the restroom,
-I'll go with you and--
-Do you have a death wish?
I'm just joking.
What about this one?
Solve question number 13 again.
This one
The function is the limit of x
to the second power plus one
over x to the second power minus two.
And the condition is
that n approaches infinity.
That means the limit does not exist.
Since the limit does not exist,
x equals one.
Come to think of it,
you've always been by my side.
Where are you, Min?
Are you with Se-yeon right now?
I know that you're disappointed in me.
But you--
Hee-jin, I understand. Stop crying.
I must be out of my mind.
Are you really Min?
I heard Se-yeon told you everything.
I'm sure my mother
and Auntie told you too.
Right. Yes.
But I just can't get used to this change.
Are you really the Min
that I used to know?
Do you think you can share a bed
and eat meals with this face?
Min, I had my reasons back then.
You'll hate and resent me
no matter what I say.
You were right.
I approached you because of your money.
I was lying when I told you I loved you.
It was all an act.
But if that's all I cared about,
why do you think I called off the wedding?
If I marry you, all of your money
I would've been able
to extort much more from you.
Why do you think I settled
for just the apartment
and tried to flee this country?
As I spent more time with you,
I wanted something more than your money.
I started wishing that
you would truly be mine.
That's how I felt then.
I'm even more messed up
than you think.
Do you call that an excuse?
That man is my dad.
The serial killer who got arrested today.
Oh Yeong-cheol.
Hey, you've never told me
anything about this.
It's because I didn't want to admit it.
Ever since I was young,
he has been beating me up.
Even when I was nearly beaten to death,
I was brought back to life
by that bastard.
Unfortunately for me,
he was a very skilled doctor.
And that's why
That's why I couldn't marry you.
I didn't want to put you in danger also.
My first love is one of the victims
that was killed by him.
Choe Myeong-cheol,
who was in high school at the time.
You did this too, didn't you?
As you can see.
This was back in 2002.
This guy worked
for a pharmaceutical company,
and he was seeing a nurse
in my department.
Ms. Kim was a hard worker
before she met him.
But she started slacking off
after she met this prick,
and I didn't like that.
I thought she might
go back to being
the hard worker that she used to be
if she became single again.
That's why I killed him.
as for this bastard
Was it the year I was promoted
to the head of the department?
this prick deserved to die as well.
He beat up his wife to a pulp,
so she was brought to our hospital
in an ambulance.
But all of a sudden,
he cursed at me,
demanding that I bring her back to life.
I was utterly speechless.
He's the one who beat her up.
You psycho.
You think that's something to boast about?
Let me remind you
that 12 people died because of you.
You see,
the lives I've saved
outnumber the people I've killed.
The lives that would've been lost
if it weren't for me.
I worked extremely hard
with this very hand and saved their lives.
Do you understand?
The number of lives I've saved is tenfold
greater than that of those I've killed.
Do you understand?
So what if
I killed those 12 people?
I don't want to admit it,
but it's actually 11.
Go Se-yeon.
That bitch shouldn't be included.
She's still alive, you know.
You totally startled me.
What happened? Did Oh Yeong-cheol
admit to all his charges?
Including the Go Se-yeon case?
Mi-do! Oh my god, Mi-do!
-Be careful!
Did he?
Hey, what's wrong?
You are really the Lee Mi-do
that I know, right?
Yes, of course.
Why are you asking that all of a sudden?
Don't be silly, my dear.
I am Mi-do. Who else would I be?
I mean
Right? Of course.
There's no way I couldn't recognize you.
Jeez, it's because Oh Yeong-cheol
kept talking bullshit.
What did he say? Did he mention
an accomplice or anything like that?
No, he didn't.
But he said
that he didn't kill Prosecutor Go.
He said she's still alive
and that she should be excluded
from the list of the victims.
Right, so does that mean
there's an accomplice--
No, that's impossible.
In his basement,
we found a weapon
with Prosecutor Go's blood on it.
The autopsy also revealed that she died
of exsanguination from a stab wound.
But I clearly
I mean,
the witness said he was sure
that he saw a young man
leaving that house
at the time of her death.
No, trust me. It can't be true.
It rained very hard that day.
We can't trust what he saw
in the middle of a rainy night.
Also, Oh Yeong-cheol
never said he didn't kill Go Se-yeon.
He just said she's not dead.
He wanted to kill her, but she didn't die.
Therefore, he didn't kill her.
What kind of logic is that?
Is he trying to bullshit me or what?
He's trying to make us think that
he's mentally ill to reduce his sentence.
-Let me meet him in person just once--
-What are you talking about?
-Just once. We'll just talk.
Can you help me out
so that I can speak with him just once?
You have no right to interrogate him.
Stop being ridiculous.
He'll be transferred to the prosecution
in the afternoon anyway.
Just give up. It's all over now.
Gosh, seriously. I'm totally confident
that I can make him talk.
That guy is never helpful.
Who's calling?
Hey, you're up?
I'm sorry. Something urgent came up,
so I had to leave.
It's all right.
You're still hung up
on your ex-girlfriend,
so I understand
that you had to go when she called you.
Where are you?
Hey, you're here.
Shouldn't the one who wants
to apologize come to me?
Why make me come here when I'm so busy?
Stop calling me so fondly, will you?
Since when were we that close?
Why the heck are you crying?
I'm the one who wants to cry now.
Min told me everything.
I heard you told Oh Yeong-cheol
that I'm still alive.
I'm sorry, Se-yeon.
I had a bit of a situation.
I'm really sorry.
You're sorry?
My mom and dad nearly died
because of that.
And I, too, almost died again.
We brought you back to life.
Is this how you're going to repay me?
-Hey, Se-yeon.
-What? What's your problem?
She's practically an accomplice.
She aided in the abduction and coercion.
I should've figured it out
when she lied about being pregnant
and asked you to meet up.
Hey, Hee-jin.
You'd better tell us the truth.
What is your relationship
with Oh Yeong-cheol?
His daughter.
She's his daughter.
Oh Yeong-cheol is her stepfather.
Damn it.
Right, I get it.
You grew up with a father like that.
He threatened you using your mom.
If Oh Yeong-cheol
cornered and pressured you like that,
I'll do my very best to understand
the things that you did.
Let's say that we're both victims.
I'm really sorry.
Darn it.
By the way, isn't he a total psychopath?
I get that the two of you
don't share a single drop of blood,
but still, how could he use
his stepdaughter to cover up what he did?
That's just on paper. He'd have never
thought of her as his real daughter.
I also have never
thought of that evil man as my father.
Well, you're still his daughter on paper.
Yes, you are his daughter.
Hey, you said earlier
that you're really sorry.
You said you want my forgiveness.
could you go and meet him for me?
Ask him if he had an accomplice.
You have to ask him about it
no matter what, okay?
Gosh, he won't tell you easily though.
Like I said, appease and threaten him
whenever needed. Got it?
Hey, can't you just go in with her?
I'm worried about sending her alone.
Why don't you just say
that you're Hee-jin's lawyer and go in--
I can't. Only family members
can visit on weekends.
I didn't want to say this,
but you've been convicted
of fraud in the past.
You're good at sweet-talking, right?
You can do it alone, right?
-I'll try.
There's something
I've always wanted to ask him as well.
Don't worry, Min.
-See you in a bit.
-Good luck.
She came to see him sooner
than I expected.
Please be alive.
Jeez, you're driving me nuts.
Will she be okay?
He's killed her once.
Letting her go alone--
Hey, she's visiting him in prison.
What can possibly happen?
Do you think the Correctional Service
is a joke? Just sit still.
For God's sake.
Do you have nothing else to do?
I guess you have too much time
on your hands.
Don't you have
a pile of work to catch up on?
I mean, you're the heir
to that corporate giant.
How could you have time to follow
your ex-girlfriend around all the time?
I've always valued
a healthy work-life balance.
What a smooth talker.
And this isn't about me
following my ex-girlfriend around.
I'm trying my best
to make up for what I did to you.
Whether it was a mistake or not,
I revived Oh Yeong-cheol.
Whenever I think about that,
I feel horrible and the regrets--
Gosh, seriously. You're at it again?
Enough with the useless thoughts.
I'm telling you.
You're too tenderhearted.
That's your problem.
Think about it, okay?
There's a dying man in front of you.
Who'd try to determine whether or not
he deserves to be saved first?
Would you say that's normal?
I'd be lying if I said
I never resented you for reviving him.
But you know what, Min?
Come to think of it,
I probably trusted and liked you
because you're like that.
Whenever you see anyone
who's in need of help,
you don't think about anything else
and just help the person.
You're that kind of person.
There's nothing wrong with what you did.
You got that, idiot?
What? "Idiot"?
Wait. I got better grades than you--
It obviously doesn't mean
that kind of "idiot," you idiot.
You've always been such an idiot.
You haven't changed a bit.
What an idiot.
Gosh, my heart almost exploded.
You are my daughter after all.
You came to see me.
This is why it's nice to have a family.
I came to ask you something.
You haven't forgotten
our deal, have you?
If I tell everyone about the marble--
That deal?
You could've gotten what you wanted
if I had gotten rid of Go Se-yeon
without ending up here like this.
I thought you were here to see me.
Are you here because of that crazy woman?
My mom.
What did you do to my mom?
You are hugely mistaken if you think
that I can't do anything
because I'm stuck here now.
Do you think I'm working alone?
Are you saying
you have an accomplice?
What I'm saying is,
all I have to do to get your mom killed
is give an order.
It's a piece of cake for me.
Think about who your real allies are
and whom you should listen to
for your own sake.
I advise you to think carefully about it.
No matter how hard you try
to run away from me,
you, Oh Su-jin,
will always be my daughter.
Am I wrong?
My princess.
What more do you want me to do?
Now that this marble is in my hands,
the two of us
should start planning
some marvelous things
that only those who were revived
by this marble
can do.
So are you mine or not?
Is today a special day or something?
I can tell that you took a shower.
Your ex-girlfriend
who called you out of the blue?
Look at you, Dong-cheol. You still got it.
Nice turn!
Oh Yeong-cheol is locked up,
so we can take it easy. Just go home.
Don't eat cup noodles here.
You're still young. Go on dates, man.
Hi, Dong-cheol. It's me, Mi-do.
I'm in front of the station now.
Let's have dinner together.
It looks like Mi-do changed her number.
Jeez! I told her that I'd pick her up,
but she's waiting for me outside.
She's so impatient.
-Detective Choe.
Call my mom and tell her
that I won't be coming home tonight.
Does it smell?
Hey, you're going to have dinner with
Detective Park in the midst of all this?
Yes. Why can't I?
Hey, I'm doing this for us.
I should maintain a good rapport with him
because it'll help us down the road.
For the millionth time,
he'll find out that you're not her.
Hey, he could've figured it out
a long time ago.
But as soon as he saw me,
he held me tight in his arms.
He won't suddenly figure it out
after having dinner with me.
Seriously, that hug was
And it's not like
I want to keep spending time with him.
When Oh Yeong-cheol's accomplice is caught
and I can go back to my parents,
I won't spend time with him
even if you beg me to.
So put your worries to rest
and wait for your ex-girlfriend, okay?
-It's my dear Dong-cheol.
That came out very naturally.
You're so used to it now.
Hi, Dong-cheol!
That brat.
Oh, this number still works?
You texted me and said
you're waiting for me outside.
When did I text you? I'm not there now.
You texted me earlier.
That's why I'm talking about--
It's me, Dong-cheol.
-You really don't recognize me?
It's me, Mi-do.
Hello? Can you hear me?
A crazy woman showed up out of nowhere.
What? A crazy woman?
What are you talking about?
Anyway, where are you now?
Will it take long?
Then I'll just eat by myself.
No, I'm coming.
Let's have dinner together.
I'll be there shortly.
If you need help,
you can go inside and ask.
I'm in a rush at the moment.
Come on, Dong-cheol.
Hey, wait! It's me!
I must say, you meet
all sorts of people when you're a cop.
By the way, did I say Mi-do's name
when I was drunk or something?
How does she know Mi-do's name?
That was good.
Hey, you wanted to go for something nice.
Why did we come here?
I was thinking it'd be nice
to have steak together.
Considering our relationship,
udon is good enough.
What were you expecting?
What do you mean by that?
That's a bit harsh.
I actually asked you
to have dinner with me because I thought
we should be clear about this.
I hope
you're not thinking
that we're getting back together.
You're not thinking that, right?
I mean, did you
assume that we were
getting back together
No, don't get the wrong idea.
I'm not interested in starting over.
We have dinner together,
and you've been ringing me up at night,
calling me all fondly.
-But we're not getting back together?
Then what do you want?
I told you. I took on the Eomsan-dong case
-for the bereaved family--
You might be cool
with being partners on a case
after breaking up,
but I'm too much of a loser to do that.
If that is how it's going to be,
ask Detective Choe for help from now on.
I'll tell him to assist you
in any way he can.
Hold on.
You see, this isn't
No, that's not necessary.
But Dong-cheol
Damn it. What am I going to do?
Think about who your real allies are
and whom you should listen to
for your own sake.
I advise you to think carefully about it.
No matter how hard you try
to run away from me,
you, Oh Su-jin,
will always be my daughter.
Am I wrong?
My princess.
All I have to do to get your mom killed
is give an order.
It's a piece of cake for me.
-Just drink this.
-Why? I like mocha latte too.
There's only one though.
Were you out together?
No, we met in the lobby.
Here's your order.
How did it go? Did you record him?
Any information about the accomplice?
I have the footage,
so let's watch it together.
Sure, let's see it.
You are hugely mistaken if you think
that I can't do anything
because I'm stuck here now.
Do you think I'm working alone?
Are you saying
you have an accomplice?
What I'm saying is,
all I have to do to get your mom killed
is give an order.
It's a piece of cake for me.
What's this? Is this it?
-Darn it.
Judging by his words,
it's obvious
that there is someone working for him.
I think he may be the accomplice
that killed you.
All he has to do is give an order
to have Jang Sun-young murdered.
That means
Oh Yeong-cheol's accomplice
knows where Jang Sun-young
is being hospitalized.
My mom
What's going to happen to her?
If what he says is true,
we must find her quickly--
Yes, finding her should be a priority.
That'll lead us closer to the accomplice.
if she has seen the accomplice's face,
that'll make it much easier to catch him.
You're right.
If what Oh Yeong-cheol said is true,
the accomplice will have to
show his face at least once
to kill Jang Sun-young
upon Oh Yeong-cheol's order.
Oh Yeong-cheol gave you
a photo of your mom, right?
Let's see it again.
Don't you think
you're asking for a bit too much?
This isn't CSI, you know.
Why are you all pestering me like this?
Is that so? We're pestering you?
Where is it?
Here it is.
How did you know about that?
If I say I'll turn this over
to the police,
you'll suddenly want to help us.
You won't feel pestered at all.
Just do whatever you like.
Sir, please. Can you help us?
You see, this is very important to me.
It'll save my life if you help me out.
Can you please help me this once?
Considering how talented you are,
cracking this will be a piece of cake.
You can say that.
Sure, I'll give it a go.
Threats don't always solve the problem.
Shut it.
The 21st?
It's the day he got arrested
after taking your mother hostage.
We just have to figure out
Oh Yeong-cheol's escape route then.
Detective Park
will have the answer for us.
I don't think today is
the best day to ask him.
Why not?
Didn't you have dinner with him in order
to maintain the good rapport?
I don't think
he'll be mentally strong enough
to take my call today.
Why did he drink so much?
Hey, Park Dong-cheol!
Oh, it's you.
Why are you here drinking?
I thought you were on a date.
I'll let you in on a secret.
-That girlfriend
I thought we were going
to get back together,
but she said we're just friends.
She told me that we're just partners
working on a case together.
Stop drinking.
You're not making any sense.
Dong-cheol, it's me, Mi-do.
You wench!
Why are you calling me again?
Why do you keep playing with my heart?
Why is he yelling at me?
If you keep calling me,
I can't move on.
Why do you keep breaking my heart?
I want you gone and out of my sight!
Are you kidding me right now?
What did I ever do to you?
When was I ever in your sight?
I haven't contacted you since that day.
How can you yell at me like this
after all the memories we shared?
You mean brat.
You addictive little minx!
You're even worse than
the most violent criminals.
Stop stirring up my heart! We're over!
Mi-do, I'm sorry.
Please come back to me, Mi-do.
I'll go to the station
and ask Detective Park in person tomorrow.
You're heading home, right?
I guess. What about you?
Me? I'm going home with Hee-jin.
I'll drop you off since it's on the way.
Dong-cheol, wake up.
Dong-cheol, Prosecutor Lee
I mean, Lawyer Lee is here.
Ms. Lee Mi-do.
My goodness.
-Get a grip on yourself!
-Are you all right?
Hi, Dong-cheol.
Dong-cheol, did you sleep well?
I guess not.
You must've gone drinking last night.
What brings you by
so early in the morning?
Have some coffee and these snacks too.
If I had known you had drinks last night,
I would've brought some honey tea instead.
How inconsiderate of me.
Anyway, I came here to ask you something.
The day Oh Yeong-cheol was arrested
Detective Choe.
This short lady has questions
regarding Oh Yeong-cheol's case.
Is he seriously still sulking?
That petty loser
So you're saying that
he got away
in a stolen ambulance that day, right?
Yes, that's before he took the hostage.
The ambulance must have a dash cam.
Could I check the footage?
Come on, Ms. Lee.
You know I can't let you.
That's why I'm asking you for a favor.
I'd love to help, but I can't.
The prosecution already took the case,
and Prosecutor Seo took the data
from the dash cam already.
-Ji-uk did?
Are you all right?
Wait, you can't sit up like that.
Sir, are you sure you're all right?
Do I seem okay to you?
Sir, what are you doing?
Come in.
Prosecutor Seo, do you remember
Park Min-gyu's case?
His mother personally wanted to thank you.
Ma'am, this way.
Prosecutor Seo.
Thanks to you,
I can finally sleep soundly at night.
I could die right now
without any regrets in this world.
I deeply appreciate it, Prosecutor Seo.
Please don't say that.
I only did what was right.
Seo Ji-uk might be a nice guy,
but you said he's by the book.
Will he let you see it
just because you're his senior?
It's case evidence.
The Seo Ji-uk I know
will never let me see it.
So why would you go see him?
What else can I do?
I'll just have to steal it
if he won't let me see it.
A person's life is on the line,
so that's a risk I can take.
You're reckless like always.
Are you going to keep making me
come to your office like this?
Oh, that. Well
I can't leave my office
so easily these days--
So why did you ask me to come here
when we could easily discuss this
over the phone?
You're not the only one
who's busy, you know.
Se-yeon, wait. Hold up!
You can drop the case now
since you're busy with your work.
Don't say that. I can't do that
since I'm responsible, you know.
I will help lessen
that burden off your shoulders,
so focus on your life
as the heir of Lan Cosmetics.
It's too dangerous for you to work alone.
-That must hurt.
-What's up with them?
-Beats me.
Hey, Min.
Can you please get off me?
You're embarrassing me.
-Yes, of course.
-No, I'm good.
-Mr. Cha, are you all right?
Yes, I'm fine.
Please get back to work.
Ms. Lee!
That lawyer seems to be always around Min.
I want a full background check on her.
Should I really go
to the Public Prosecutor's Office?
Yes, I have a plan, so get going.
I used to work in the same office
as Ji-uk.
I can find out all the details
of the cases he's on
and his schedule in court.
-Then what?
-We'll find out when he's due in court
and seize the opportunity.
Hey, Min!
I'll call you. Wait here and monitor
through the surveillance camera.
I'll call you!
Hey, how's the angle? Can you see well?
-It's good.
Oh my!
-Prosecutor Lee!
-How have you been?
Come in.
He has just left for a trial.
I ran into him at the lobby.
He told me to wait for him at his office.
Is that so?
Don't worry about me
and go on with your work.
-All right, ma'am.
Hello, Chief. One moment, please.
Hey, are you keeping watch?
Yes, I am.
Tell me right away if anyone walks in!
Darn it.
Ji-uk's passcode is so obvious.
It must be 0979.
What's happening?
Did he change his passcode?
Why won't it work?
It must start with 07.
What are you doing down there, Ms. Lee?
My earring went rolling under his desk.
-Your earring?
-Yes, isn't it pretty?
It is.
Did you need something?
-He left something in the office.
-Is that so?
He asked me to email it to him.
I guess he doesn't
have a mirror back here.
Why won't it
There we go.
You still make such good coffee.
Thank you.
What was it?
It was 0711.
Is this the one?
Are you all right?
Wait, you can't sit up like that.
-Come on, hurry up.
-Se-yeon, someone's approaching.
What? Who is it?
It's too early for Ji-uk to come back.
It's not Seo Ji-uk.
This man looks much older.
I'm almost finished, okay?
Come on, hurry up.
Where is Ji-uk?
He's not here.
He's attending a trial at the moment.
What bad timing.
Is that so?
Oh my god, what have I done?
Is there someone inside?
Prosecutor Lee Mi-do is visiting.
She now works for Park & Jang Law Firm.
I guess I should come back later
if he already has a guest.
I just stopped by
after meeting the district attorney,
-so don't tell him I was here.
-Yes, sir.
Goodbye, sir.
Darn it.
What's this?
What? It isn't like him
to leave reference materials
lying around like this.
Are you done yet?
I'm done.
I'll just see him another time.
But he'll be here soon.
Something has just come up for me.
I'll give him a call myself.
-All right, Ms. Lee.
-Have a good day.
You, too.
-Did you get it?
-Of course I did.
Hey, rewind it back again.
Darn it. Where the hell is this?
Hold on. Let's start from the beginning.
So Oh Yeong-cheol went through
Gyeongcheon Tollgate.
And then Where was it?
He turned the handle to this side, right?
he took a left. He took a left here
and went up this road here,
but it comes to a dead end.
How are we supposed to track him?
This footage shows nothing
but some stupid forest.
Can't we call up
all the nursing homes
and mental hospitals and ask if
-there's a patient called Jang Sun-young--
Do you think Oh Yeong-cheol would've
hospitalized her by her real name?
I'm sure he used a different name
or brought her to some
unauthorized facility.
We may be able to find her
if we go and check every single patient
with the photo you have
in all the nearby hospitals.
But we don't have enough time to do that!
Hold on.
Based on the dash cam footage,
he drove through a desolated forest
with no buildings nearby.
So that must be where
he's keeping Hee-jin's mom.
Do you think we don't know that?
Do you know where it is?
-It must be this one.
This forest does look familiar.
There must be a building around here
according to the map.
It's over there!
There it is.
Sir, will you be spending the night here?
No, I'm here just to check on him.
I'll be on my way soon.
All right, sir.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
My son.
I can't believe
she's in a place like this.
-Let's go in and check first.
ROOM 205
Is there a long-stay patient here
who goes by the name Jang Sun-young?
-You didn't even look it up!
It's a tiny place.
I don't have to look it up
to know if it's our patient or not.
How about this person? Is she here?
No, she's not.
Are you sure?
Look me straight in the eye.
You're lying, aren't you?
-Excuse me?
We're from the prosecutor's office.
Please cooperate with us.
Where's my mom?
I think we just missed her.
I'm going out!
Get in the car! Hurry!
Hey, mister.
Where are we going?
We're going somewhere nice, aren't we?
Sure. We're going somewhere nice.
It's that one over there, isn't it?
-It is.
-Step on it! Catch up!
Somewhere nice
Somewhere nice
This is so nice.
We're almost there, so hold on tight.
All right.
Min, we must not lose her, okay?
What if he kills my mom as well?
-What should I do?
-No, he won't. He can't kill her.
He would have killed her already
if that was what he wanted.
The Lee Mi-do I knew
was actually Go Se-yeon.
What are you talking about?
I really am Lee Mi-do!
Sorry? What
You're hiding something from me,
aren't you?
If she really is alive, it's not good.
Wake up, Se-yeon! Please!
I'm sorry I'm always late, Se-yeon.
I really am.
Subtitle translation by Liya Choi
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