Abyss (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

I can't believe
she's in a place like this.
-Let's go in and check first.
Is there a long-stay patient here
who goes by the name Jang Sun-young?
-You didn't even look it up!
It's a tiny place.
I don't have to look it up
to know if it's our patient or not.
How about this person? Is she here?
No, she's not.
Are you sure?
Look me straight in the eye.
You're lying, aren't you?
-Excuse me?
We're from the prosecutor's office.
Please cooperate with us.
Where's my mom?
I think we just missed her.
I'm going out!
Get in the car! Hurry!
Hey, mister.
Where are we going?
We're going somewhere nice, aren't we?
Sure. We're going somewhere nice.
It's that one over there, isn't it?
-It is.
-Step on it! Catch up!
Somewhere nice
Somewhere nice
This is so nice.
We're almost there, so hold on tight.
All right.
Min, we must not lose her, okay?
Come on. Hurry!
Damn it.
Can't you go faster?
-That crazy bastard.
-Hold on tight.
The lights are so pretty.
Damn it. Where did they go?
They were in front of us a minute ago.
Where did they go?
Can't you go faster? Come on.
Hee-jin, hold on tight.
Hey, look. Isn't that the car?
-Hey, stay on the right lane.
-No, Hee-jin.
Let go of me!
Se-yeon, it's dangerous!
Hey, be careful there.
Hey, Mi-do.
They looked everywhere,
but there's no body.
That can't be right.
Or they could have gotten out of the car
before it exploded.
The car was destroyed
before the explosion.
The car is totally wrecked.
There's no way they could've survived.
They're in no condition to run away
this fast. That makes no sense.
Then, where the heck did they go?
I'm certain that there were two people.
We saw them before chasing after them.
Mi-do, I understand.
But calm down first.
I told them to keep searching the area.
I would have prepared
something more appropriate
if I had known you were coming.
Please don't say that.
This is more than enough.
It's delicious.
I'm glad that you like the food.
You too, Prosecutor.
-Dig in, please.
I'm sorry to barge in like this.
This must be an inconvenience for you.
Gosh, please don't say that.
Don't say that.
You're always welcome here.
I bet it's hard to stay sane
after going through that.
I'm sure it's tough.
The tragic experience we both went through
of having our children die
in an accident
No one knows how it feels
unless they've experienced it.
I ought to look after her as we share
the same misfortune. Who else would do so?
I'm glad you brought her here.
You did the right thing. I mean it.
Please look after her for a few days
until I find a hospital for her.
Take your time.
You can take all the time you need.
It's delicious.
-Dig in.
Like you said,
there's someone in the car.
I'm telling you. I saw them.
But how did they disappear
from a car that was completely
destroyed from the explosion?
That's my point.
What about the car?
Did you look up the plate number?
-It's an unregistered vehicle.
-You've got to be kidding me.
There must be security cameras.
Come on. What is it?
Hold on, Mi-do.
Right now, what's important to me
isn't this case.
Why do you keep meddling in this case?
Right now,
you're hiding something from me,
aren't you?
I feel refreshed.
Who the hell are you?
3851, stop it right now!
Let go of him!
Damn it!
Requesting backup in the locker room.
Hey, are you all right?
Are you crazy?
Take him.
Do you think you people can stop me?
You cannot stop me.
Oh Yeong-cheol, am a god.
It doesn't matter how distinguished
you were outside these four walls.
The only thing you can do now
is just wait for the day
you die in that cell.
Got that?
Shut up and repent for your crimes.
We'll see if that's true.
Look at this.
Take a look at this bright marble.
Keep your crazy thoughts to yourself.
I can revive people with this,
and the only people
who can use and see this
are the ones that came back to life.
And when they come back to life,
they look completely different.
Order a stay of prosecution for now.
Oh, right. I heard that Oh Yeong-cheol
caused trouble again in prison.
Get this. He tried to kill another inmate.
And he said that he was a god.
It sounded like he was mentally unstable.
What if he commits suicide?
He's a smart man. I'm sure he's just
trying everything he can do in his power.
I doubt that
he'll kill himself that easily.
since he keeps denying the charges
and changing his testimony,
we might have to do
a follow-up investigation.
A follow-up investigation?
I think we should inspect the crime scene
to check the evidence.
Tell the precinct in charge
to do a follow-up.
Judging by the look on your face,
I guess you've received my present.
But why the long face?
I'm sure it brought back
some old memories. Wasn't it nice?
What do you want from me?
I want a deal.
You think I'd make a deal with you?
You're being delusional.
If you want to maintain
your social status and continue
to live as Seo Cheon-sik's son,
you'd better listen to me.
You saw Su-jin, right?
She's grown into a beautiful young lady.
Just like her mother.
That bitch, Jang Sun-young,
brings bad luck,
but she used to be quite good-looking.
-Am I wrong?
-What are you trying to say?
She's still alive.
I'm talking about Jang Sun-young.
I'm hiding her in a place
where no one knows about.
I need you to look after her.
Just for the time being.
I need Su-jin
for what I'm trying to accomplish.
And to get that girl on board,
I need Jang Sun-young alive.
What is it
that you're trying to accomplish?
This won't change anything.
You're looking at a life sentence
at the least or even the death penalty
I will never die.
I've discovered a way to escape death
even when someone kills me.
And one more thing.
That little bitch who didn't die
even though I killed her.
I have to get rid of her.
That bitch, Go Se-yeon, also knows.
This marble.
She knows about
the astonishing power of this marble.
So, you should
help me for your own sake.
No one in the world
can stop us now.
If she really is alive, it's not good.
It's not like I bought it out of concern
for you or because I care for you.
I just happened to see a place
that sells porridge on my way here.
Have some, please.
You haven't eaten anything
since yesterday.
I don't even know
whether my mom is alive or not.
That's why you need to eat.
You have to get your strength back
so that we can find your mom
as well as the bastard who killed me.
Are you just going to sit here
and keep crying?
What if that bastard
What if he kills my mom as well?
No, he won't.
He can't kill her.
He would have killed her already
if that was what he wanted.
He moved her elsewhere
because he knew we'd be coming.
I'm sure he won't be able to kill her
until he achieves his goal.
So please don't cry, Hee-jin.
Pull yourself together
so that we can find her
before he gets to her, okay?
You should have some water.
If you want to find your mom,
you'd better do as I say.
My mom is okay, right?
That depends on what you decide to do.
I'll do anything.
Please don't kill my mom.
Are you with Go Se-yeon now?
By the way, when will Min be here?
I'm not sure.
He just said he'll be here soon.
Have some porridge, please.
It won't be good when it gets cold.
Ms. Lee, where are you?
I'm in a meeting
with one of my clients at the moment.
-What's going on?
-You should get back to the office now.
There's a woman here,
and she's insisting that she is Lee Mi-do.
Sorry? What
You must not let her in.
She is a weird woman.
Please kick her out.
I'll be there shortly. Okay.
-What's going on?
-It's an emergency.
You have to eat this whole thing, okay?
I'm off.
I know where she lives.
What are you talking about?
Let go of me, please.
I'm telling you. I am Lee Mi-do.
Forging documents like this
is also considered a crime.
Look, do you really not recognize me?
I really am Lee Mi-do!
Enough with this crazy talk!
I know what Ms. Lee looks like.
Jeez, this is so frustrating.
Hold on a second.
I'll call a cop I know
and prove to you right here
that I am Lee Mi-do.
Hey, Dong-cheol. Someone is calling you.
-Hey, Dong-cheol. It's me.
It's me, Mi-do. Lee Mi-do.
The biggest party animal in Hoenggye-ri,
Nampyeong-eup. Lee Mi-do!
I have a super urgent matter here.
Come to the law firm now
with your fingerprint scanner.
Excuse me.
Stop prank calling me.
And stop this nonsense.
or you'll be arrested.
Hello? Dong-cheol. Hey!
Give me a second. I can call another cop--
Just drag her out.
What are you waiting for?
Let go. Let go of me, please.
I will leave of my own accord.
But before I leave,
let me make a quick phone call in there.
Let's see if you can still say no
when you get this.
Damn you!
Not you.
Jeez, this woman.
You still have that birthmark
on your butt, right?
Get yourself here in 30 minutes
with your fingerprint scanner.
If you don't, I'll disseminate
photos of that birthmark. Got it?
What's wrong?
-Nothing. Don't mind me.
-Something must be going on.
No, don't worry.
What the hell did I do when I was drunk?
Hey, the fingerprint scanner. Go bring it.
Hey, can you have a look
and see if I have a birthmark here?
Is this a bruise? What is it?
-Is it not there?
-Hold on.
-You still have this?
-It's there?
-I'm here!
-Ms. Lee, you're here.
Yes. Did you manage to kick out the person
who was impersonating me?
-No, she's still here.
She's really weird.
Right? How weird.
She looks just like me, doesn't she?
But the thing is,
I have a bit of a situation now--
Over there. She's sitting in that room.
So, she's still here.
I have to check something.
I mean, my face didn't change that much.
I just got my eyes and nose done.
That's all.
I still look like the old Lee Mi-do.
Why doesn't anyone recognize me?
I heard you keep insisting
that you're Lawyer Lee Mi-do.
Yes, I'm Lee Mi-do. Who are you?
You don't look like somebody
that would do something like this.
Why are you impersonating me?
And if you want to con people,
at least pick someone
whom you actually look like.
Impersonation is considered a misdemeanor,
so people tend to not take it seriously.
But if you obtain profit
through impersonating someone, at least--
Who is impersonating whom here?
Is it you? Are you the skank
who's been impersonating me?
What? "Skank"? You little--
I am the real Lee Mi-do.
Look at this!
I got some work done on my face,
but still
Have a good look!
What? How did you get your hands
on her ID card?
Right, forging ID cards
is a piece of cake these days.
Where is this place?
Where did you go to get this done?
That cow has so much to say.
That cow has so much to say.
-That what?
Why don't you shut
that rude ass pie hole of yours
before I give you a good ass-whooping?
Come on. Escort her out.
Listen, this woman is impersonating me.
I'm the real Lee Mi-do.
Gosh, wait!
You stupid cow! Tell them the truth!
Do you want a good ass-whooping?
Let go of me. I said, let go!
Let go, please.
-I can't solve that problem for you.
-Hey, then who else will?
I have no money or identity. I have
nothing because you revived me like this!
You said she'd be away for three years.
Why is she back?
I have no idea. How would I know?
What do I do? I'm so screwed.
Jeez, you impersonated her
without even checking that?
-Hey, you aided in it.
-Me? When?
When you were a murder suspect.
You had food to eat and a place to sleep
because I impersonated her.
-Gosh, I'm really screwed now.
So, I just need to persuade her
so that she doesn't get you locked up
-for impersonation?
-That's it.
-I have no choice, then.
I only have one thing.
I'll have to use it.
What? The only thing you have?
What is it? What?
And that's why I prepared
So, you really needed me,
but you couldn't get a hold of me,
the real Lee Mi-do.
Then you happened to find someone
that looks just like me?
That's right.
That's exactly what happened.
How can such a thing happen?
All this already happened,
so let's say I believe you.
Then what do you want me to do now?
Why are you offering so much money?
It's just a small compensation
to show you how sorry I am.
If you agree to keep this matter
to yourself,
I can give you anything you'd like.
For example,
I can double Park & Jang's initial offer.
I can even add the terms that you want
and make a place for you
in our legal team.
Well, it's not like
I'd do anything for money.
You love money.
Forget it.
I'm insulted. I refuse to engage
in conversation with her.
No, don't. I apologize on behalf of her.
Please sit down.
What's the matter with you?
You're the desperate one.
By the way, what does she do?
She used the word, "misdemeanor,"
when we talked earlier.
Are you a lawyer as well?
Never mind. Let me see your ID.
Why are you asking
to see my ID out of the blue?
What's your name?
What is your real name?
Why do you need my name--
You don't even need to know who she is.
I urgently needed someone to play you,
so I picked her up
from one of the streets in Noryangjin.
How did you find someone
who looks exactly like me?
-Could she be my doppelgänger
But personality-wise,
she's nothing like me. She's so rude.
Right? I know.
You know what?
Actually, you see girls that look like her
-all over Noryangjin.
-You're right.
Anyway, I understand your point.
I'll think about it and contact you.
Sure, I hope to hear
a positive response.
I'm off.
I changed the passcode
for your place at Golden Palace.
It's 1666 now.
Just a second.
I left my things at your place.
I'll pick them up later.
Get home safely.
Hey, did you have to say that?
I really hate Lee Mi-do.
You're off to my burial site, right?
I'll drive.
Mi-do, aren't you supposed
to be in New York?
It's me, Go Se-yeon.
Others may not recognize me,
but you of all people should.
Se-yeon, wake up.
The Lee Mi-do I knew
was actually Go Se-yeon?
For God's sake.
The number you have dialed
is unavailable now.
She went all crazy and told me
to rush here. Why isn't she picking up?
Which one is the real Mi-do?
-Hey, Dong-cheol.
What's up?
Have you found out anything
about the nursing home?
Hey, that's not important now.
Some girl has been impersonating you.
What? Someone is impersonating me?
Yes. She keeps calling me,
insisting that she is Lee Mi-do.
So? What did you say to her?
-What do you think? I called her crazy.
-Good! That's great.
I'll explain everything later.
For now, hang up
if she calls you again.
Just hang up on her.
Actually, don't even pick up
if she calls again.
Why? I'll catch her. She impersonated you.
No, don't.
Don't do anything rash. I'll sort it out.
Well, all right.
And Mi-do
Hold on. Detective Choe is calling me.
I'll call you back.
Okay, you must be busy.
I'll let you get back to work. All right.
Has she gone mad?
Why the hell is she calling
her ex-boyfriend?
Checked and confirmed.
Continue to do as I say,
and Jang Sun-young will be safe.
Hey, why are you crying again?
Well, I figured you probably
haven't eaten anything all day.
I got you lunch earlier,
so I picked up dinner as well.
Didn't you say you were headed home?
Hey, don't even get me started.
It's a bit too complicated to explain.
I don't even know anymore.
Can I sleep here tonight?
I don't think I can live
in that apartment anymore.
But why
She's back.
The real Lee Mi-do.
I really hate Lee Mi-do.
What's with that look?
Do you hate the idea of me
sleeping here tonight that much?
No, it's not that.
I have to make a quick phone call.
What's going on?
The door is closing.
The door has been opened.
Take care of it now.
Do the job well
if you want to have a future.
This is nuts.
-Go Se-yeon won't be there today.
-Hey, how could you--
Let me explain.
I thought I heard something.
I thought I left the lights on
before taking a shower.
My gosh!
-What the hell are you doing here?
-Are you okay?
This is considered breaking and entering.
-Have you lost your mind?
-No, that's not it.
That's not it, I
Can we talk outside?
-Let's go out for
Hold on.
-What's going on?
Se-yeon, what happened?
Se-yeon, open your eyes.
Se-yeon, wake up!
I'm sorry I'm always late, Se-yeon.
really am.
Doctor, how is she?
Fortunately, no major organs were damaged,
but it could've been critical
since she lost a lot of blood.
Will she make a full recovery? How is she?
The surgery went well,
and she'll wake up soon.
What about Ms. Lee Mi-do?
Her tests aren't done yet,
but she only seems to have a minor injury.
What should I tell the chairman?
I'd appreciate it
if you kept this a secret.
How's Se-yeon?
-I didn't think he'd go this far.
I had no choice.
I couldn't risk my mom's life
Take this and leave.
If you need more, just call.
I'll send you more.
-You were after my money anyway.
You can have all the money you want,
so just get lost.
Don't ever approach me or Se-yeon again.
Got it?
Because of you
Actually, no.
Because of me who was stupid enough
to let you near us again,
Se-yeon almost died twice.
So please
Please get out of my sight.
Get out.
Get out of here!
She's not going anywhere.
Not without my permission.
Se-yeon, are you all right?
the type of person who needs to see one
get punished for their sins.
Se-yeon, I'm truly sorry.
I'm sorry.
So, Hee-jin.
You must stay near me
until you make up for what you did.
How's Mi-do?
The fake Mi-do called me over to her firm
while the real Mi-do
wants me to come to the hospital.
Do they think I'm their personal
fingerprint scanner courier?
Which room was it again?
How did you know I was here?
Who are you?
It's me, Dong-cheol.
-You really don't recognize me?
It's me, Mi-do.
-You're the psycho pretending to be--
-Detective Park.
-I'll be right there.
You texted me
pretending to be Mi-do, didn't you?
I even went to Mi-do's law firm.
I'll arrest you
-if you keep doing this.
It's about time you told everyone.
What the hell is going on?
This crazy thing happened to me
and I don't know how to explain any of it.
To be honest,
coming back to life is easier
than explaining this.
But now I realize
that I shouldn't have tried to make it
sound logical in the first place.
Enough with the gibberish
and just get to the point.
Right. I shouldn't call you that anymore.
Detective Park,
the fingerprint scanner you brought.
Can you hand it over?
"Detective Park"?
Mi-do, you should scan yours first.
You keep talking to me
as if we know each other.
Scan it again.
I told you that I'm the real Mi-do.
-Is this a trick?
-I'll scan mine now.
What the
It's not broken.
It's me.
You're Go Se-yeon?
With that face?
Why did you get plastic surgery?
You look uglier than before.
Prosecutor Go was murdered.
She's dead?
-Guys, hold on.
You're both wrong.
I didn't go under the knife,
and I'm not dead.
What kind of nonsense are you spewing?
I know it's hard to believe.
What she's saying is true.
You already witnessed
how I came back alive after being dead.
But that
You over there.
Don't tell me
you believe all this rubbish
they're talking about.
Why are you nodding
like you know what's going on?
Well, I was brought back to life as well.
-No way.
I mean
Are you saying you're zombies?
Is being revived a trend?
I know that this is hard to believe.
How could you believe this?
If you need more proof,
we can always provide that.
Our appearances might change,
but fingerprints, DNA, and blood vessels
in the iris remain the same.
-But, then--
-If that wasn't the case,
how would Lan Cosmetics
have acknowledged me as Cha Min?
I already went through the tests.
Do you want to see the results?
Then Mi-do
I'm Go Se-yeon.
So let's say that you're Prosecutor Go
and that you truly
came back from the dead.
Why didn't you
tell me this sooner?
Just like him,
you could've
told me that you're really Prosecutor Go.
Instead of telling me the truth,
you strung me along
and let me fall for you.
About that
Well, I truly apologize for everything.
The man that killed me
is still at large.
-It was Oh Yeong-cheol.
-He has an accomplice.
In this case, he's the real culprit
since that son of a bitch
is the one who killed me.
I can tell you this for sure
because I'm the only one who got murdered
and was then revived.
-Just hold it right there.
What the hell is going on?
What happened to you
while I was out of the country?
was murdered?
No way. Why would anyone kill her?
My gosh. Who would kill Se-yeon?
Mi-do, please.
I'm still alive and kicking,
so please don't cry.
I know she was a brat and a snob,
-but she didn't deserve to die.
-Mi-do, please.
-I'm here.
I'm Se-yeon. I'm right here.
-I'm still alive. So--
-Hold on.
All right, fine.
You all died
but were brought back to life.
Of course. It can happen, I guess.
You were revived, so were you,
and you too.
So why
are you telling us the truth now?
The man who came after Mi-do
thought it was me.
He's Oh Yeong-cheol's accomplice
and the culprit who killed me.
We must catch the bastard.
You heard
how you have to act today, right?
All right. I'll give you these.
Pass these around then.
What I want is quality acting.
I'll be watching you all.
-You all know I studied acting, right?
Let's go then.
To catch him, we need to set up a trap.
What's with all these people?
Stage the scene
and make it look like I was killed.
-Don't let them get through.
-What happened in there?
Why do you want to know?
-Someone was murdered.
-My gosh!
-Keep it down, people!
No photos are allowed.
Well, the young lady
who lived in this unit
was attacked by a robber.
-Someone in the building died?
-She was murdered.
The culprit will come back to the scene.
He won't make his next move
until he verifies that I'm truly gone.
Also, making him believe that I died
will ensure Jang Sun-young's safety too.
Go Se-yeon is dead now.
When can I see my mom?
Be patient.
Hee-jin, keep pretending
to be on his side.
I'm sure that he'll contact you again.
In other words, you'll be a double agent.
I'm supposed to wait?
You sent a text, right?
Tell me who you sent it to.
You're on a tight leash now
because you betrayed us the last time.
I should check
if my mom is all right or not.
You should cooperate
if you want her back safe and sound.
When on earth did you take this?
Get me a glass of water.
Gosh, the pain is back again.
-Wait, why did I get stabbed again?
-All right, fine.
That little brat.
So who did she text?
You'll probably need to stay here
for a while. Is that all right?
This is nice.
Mi-do, I'm sorry, but until we catch him,
you need to stay invisible
like you have been so far.
Your life could be in danger
if he finds out
that the real Mi-do is back.
So, we should make it look
like Go Se-yeon,
who has been impersonating Lee Mi-do,
is dead.
When he is sure that I am dead
and reveals himself,
we will catch him.
She's gone for sure, sir.
I was so busy today
that I haven't had anything to eat.
You fool.
Thanks. Here, have a bite.
Is this
Is this what you brought
for someone who's just recovering?
You said you're much better now.
You can't eat this?
No, I can eat.
-I can even have this now.
-No, you can't.
Come on, I'm fine now.
Just one drink won't be a problem.
Give it here. You're still recovering.
Why are you taking mine?
It's mine.
Does she still look like Mi-do to you?
What was that all about?
Why do you even care?
What are you talking about?
I was only concerned about Prosecutor Go.
When he thought I was you, Mi-do,
he treated me so well.
You have no idea.
I only did that
because I thought she was you.
Look at her.
She kept calling me "my dear"
with that face.
How could I not fall for it?
Besides, which face do you think
is more familiar to me?
Her face, of course.
Why did you have to get surgery
on your pretty face?
You look like Mr. Bogus now!
Did those American doctors do this to you?
-We should file a lawsuit.
-Shut up!
Is that so, my dear?
Did your heart flutter for this face?
-Stop it, already.
What was that?
Where did she go?
What are you doing back there?
I shouldn't be here with you, you know.
You two were put in danger because of me.
I do feel guilty, you know.
Hey, you know what?
I hate it even more when you act all nice
than when you're scamming people.
Do you think I like having you here?
I'm only letting you stay here
because we need you to help lure him in.
your mother is taken as hostage.
Don't you think it would
be better if I left?
Hey, the bastard still has your mother.
It'll be safer for both of you
if you just wait here
until we figure out the situation.
And I need someone to care for me
until I make a full recovery.
You'll do that, so come here
and eat something.
By the way, have you found anything
from the surveillance footage?
-Oh, yes.
-This looks good.
As you instructed,
we looked for someone who
-showed up multiple times near the scene.
Hold on.
It's him. Look.
He's the one we were able to single out.
I know his address,
so we'll be able to get him in no time.
Did you see the picture I sent you?
I did as you instructed.
So you'll help me to not
be found guilty in return, right?
Prosecutor Seo?
Are you sure you told me everything?
-Did you take care of it?
Without any problems?
Are you okay?
This is considered breaking and entering.
Have you lost your mind?
No, that's not it.
Can we talk outside?
-Let's go out for
No, sir.
She was alone, just like you said,
so I could do it without any problems.
I told you everything.
I did everything you told me to.
All right.
This case will not be indicted
for lack of evidence.
Don't worry about it.
Yes, sir.
Now you should take good care
of your grandmother.
Prove to me that my mom is safe.
Come in!
-Are you going to bed?
Then I'll turn the lights off.
If you are
being hard on Hee-jin because
you feel bad about what happened to me,
you don't have to do that.
You can follow your heart.
She may be an ungrateful bitch to me,
but not to you.
I'm sure you still have feelings for her.
I don't.
After all the things we've gone through,
I asked myself if I really did love her
and whether the feelings
I once had for her were love.
I've realized
that I didn't really love her.
You were single your whole life
before you met her.
Look at you,
talking like you know what love is.
Although I was single my whole life,
I know what being in love is like
though it wasn't mutual.
That's why I know
that I've been completely over her
for quite some time now.
Are you happy now? I'm going to bed.
Does that mean
I can treat you like I did before?
I mean, the way I had treated you
before you met Hee-jin.
-Were you treating me any differently?
-Of course!
Fine, do whatever you want.
Since when did you ask for my permission?
Then, don't go.
Don't leave me.
Stay by my side until I fall asleep.
Should I repeat math formulas?
No, I need to go to sleep now.
I have to get up early tomorrow.
Something's been on my mind
all day, though.
On the day I was killed,
the culprit planned everything
so meticulously that he even knew
the security cameras
would be turned off
for the maintenance work.
After that,
he showed up at the crime scenes
without any preparation.
I just don't get it.
How can anyone so careless
-plot the murder--
-Go to sleep.
I'll go to bed.
I'll just sit here and read over these,
so go to sleep.
All right.
-We can kiss.
No! That's not what I was thinking!
I'm not that kind of guy.
-It was more of a suggestion.
Can I kiss you?
Hey, what are you talking about?
Since when did you
ask my opinion before
Good night.
Do girls want
the relationship to be official?
Why is he so dressed up?
Are you sure it was suicide?
I can't find any signs of a murder.
He's the only one who knows
Mom's whereabouts. If he's dead,
how are we supposed to find her?
Someone tells me you can help me
get my hands on anything.
Did Detective Park ask you, too?
I don't know what he's up to,
but he came to the station a few days ago
and asked for a ridiculous favor.
You fooled me.
I wonder where you're hiding now.
Subtitle translation by Hye-lim Park
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