Abyss (2019) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

-Here comes Se-yeon on the bus!
-It's Se-yeon!
Move back, you jerk!
Hey, she's Go Se-yeon,
the goddess of Sangmok High School.
I'm not handsome enough for her.
Do you think you are?
You ugly moron. Know your place!
Go Se-yeon!
-Come on.
-There she is!
-There's Go Se-yeon!
Let me carry your bag.
-Go Se-yeon!
-Go Se-yeon!
-Go Se-yeon!
-Go Se-yeon!
-Go Se-yeon!
-Go Se-yeon!
-Go Se-yeon!
-I love you, Go Se-yeon!
Let's go.
What a long line.
-It's Se-yeon!
-Gosh, it's her!
-It's Se-yeon!
-Could you make way?
-Go Se-yeon!
-Go Se-yeon!
-Go Se-yeon!
-Go Se-yeon!
-Go Se-yeon!
-Go Se-yeon!
-Go Se-yeon!
-Go Se-yeon!
-You're here.
I didn't know what you'd like.
-I'm craving a red bean bun.
Se-yeon, we have P.E. next period.
We have to hurry.
Really? Okay. Thanks.
Okay. Enjoy your bun.
-Go Se-yeon!
-Go Se-yeon!
-Go Se-yeon!
-Go Se-yeon!
-You're out.
-She gets good grades.
And she's pretty as hell.
Seriously. How annoying.
I know.
Look at her body. Is that for real?
What doesn't she have?
I'm with you on that.
I'm so jealous.
You're dead meat.
Step back!
You're all out. Out of the box.
Se-yeon, watch out!
You animal! You pervert!
I was just trying to protect you
from getting hurt. It was an accident.
What? Accident, my foot!
Hey, Cha Min.
You must have forgotten your place
because I've been nice to you.
You're Cha Min and I'm Go Se-yeon.
I'm Go Se-yeon,
the goddess of Sangmok High School.
I'm smart. I'm beautiful.
And I have a hot body.
I'm Go Se-yeon, the perfect ten. Got that?
Yes, I know that. But I was
If you know that, how dare you kiss
You kissed
This is ridiculous. It seriously is.
I can't believe this is happening.
You know what? I've had enough.
You made the first move on me.
-You said,
"It was more of a suggestion.
Can I kiss you?"
You looked at me with those doe eyes
and shoved your lips on mine.
-No, I didn't do that.
-Besides, Se-yeon,
take a good look at you and me right now.
Do I still look like
that ugly Cha Min from before?
Out of my way!
You're so handsome!
You're so handsome!
Go Se-yeon!
-You have a crush on me now! Got that?
You've humiliated me
for the last 30 years!
Get a taste of your own medicine!
This can't be.
This doesn't make sense.
This can't be right. There's no way!
This can't be!
This can't be right!
This can't be right!
Hey, Se-yeon. Are you all right?
What's happening?
Am I still dreaming?
Did you have a nightmare?
Hey, move aside. Out of my way.
Damn it!
-Gosh, look at you sweating.
-Stop it. Stop touching me like that!
Why did you have to come back
to life with a Damn it!
-What are you talking about?
You came back
to life with a handsome face.
You totally ruined my life! I'm so doomed!
Get out!
Come out and eat.
Get out!
What a stupid dream.
Thank you.
-Thank you.
-Enjoy your meal, Min.
What about Hee-jin?
My mom called her to the main house.
She'll probably eat there.
Why did I have
to have such a stupid dream?
No, not now.
What are you thinking?
Do I still look like
that ugly Cha Min from before?
Out of my way!
You're so handsome!
You're so handsome!
Go Se-yeon!
-You have a crush on me now! Got that?
You've humiliated me
for the last 30 years!
Get a taste of your own medicine!
Get a taste of your own medicine!
I can't let that happen!
You startled me.
What on earth has gotten into you?
Are you sick or something?
Hey, Min. There's something
I must go over with you at this point.
Don't assume that I like you or something
because of what happened yesterday
What was that? Don't smile like that.
No. What we did yesterday
was more like a peck. A peck.
It was a simple kiss on the lips
to say goodnight or something.
Don't get the idea
that I like you more than a friend
or that I have romantic feelings for you.
Got that?
Okay, I got it. I don't think that way.
Right. You know me, don't you?
I used to be the goddess
of Sangmok High School--
The goddess, Go Se-yeon.
Of course, I know that.
That's right. As you know very well,
I'm not that kind of woman
who can love just one guy.
I'm an object of everyone's love.
That's who I am. Did you get that?
Yes, I understand. Eat some food now.
You should help yourself.
I am not hungry.
My first kiss with Se-yeon.
Adding a heart.
This is so delicious.
What? You haven't left yet?
No. I'll drop you off
since it's close to my company.
And your mom was discharged
from the hospital.
I should go say hello, at least.
Get in.
Why is he so dressed up?
Why am I getting so thirsty today?
Get a grip, Go Se-yeon.
Since when did you get nervous
about being alone with Min?
I love you
It was just one kiss.
Why is he setting the mood?
Heart, stop pounding.
Should I turn on the AC? Your face is--
No! That's okay.
I'm fine. Don't mind me.
I'm okay.
By the way, why did you dress up today?
I want to make a good impression today.
Hey, if you keep this up,
you're going to make this awkward--
I have a meeting with stockholders.
Everyone is dying to destroy me.
So I dressed up to show who the boss is.
I see.
You dressed to kill today.
Even your arms are ready
to crush them today.
Hey, change the song. Damn it.
Surely, she's lacking in many ways,
but if Min is happy with her,
she seems adequate.
But there's one more thing.
She had been in a very long relationship.
They broke up before going abroad,
but they dated for a decade.
That's not important. It's in the past.
A lawyer is much better
than a gold digger.
As long as I can get rid of Jang Hee-jin,
her long-term relationship in the past
won't be a problem.
Mother, may I come in?
You may leave.
Come in.
I heard you never went to
the clinic appointments I booked for you.
Well, there's a clinic I go to.
Until when will you deceive Min and me?
Do you think
I'm making a wild guess here?
I've already looked into the clinic
you go to.
I won't speak any longer.
Get out of the house now.
Mother, I have my reasons--
Stop calling me Mother.
How did you seduce my son--
-I can't.
I can't leave just yet.
Do you think I'll let you stay
if you say no?
Must I make this difficult--
Do you think I've been
just lounging around
for the time I've been here?
I know one or two stories that will hurt
Lan Cosmetics.
Instead of having a ticking bomb like me
roam around the streets,
wouldn't you feel more at ease
if I stayed under your shadow?
What kind of--
Oh, right.
Min already knows that I'm not pregnant.
Despite that, he loves me.
Don't waste your energy on me.
I can't leave yet.
Whatever it takes,
I must stay here until I find Mom.
What did you say?
Please call Tae-jin.
My gosh, you poor thing.
What should I do with you?
You should let him go now.
You can't keep asking for your dead child.
That's no way to live.
He's not dead.
Tae-jin is not dead.
Please call Tae-jin.
-What am I going to do?
Get a grip, would you?
Poor thing. What should I do?
-Please call Tae-jin.
-Oh, dear.
-Prosecutor Seo.
-Detective Lee. What brings you here?
I was in the area, so I dropped by.
You've been well, right?
Look at you. You look much better now.
We should grab soju
with Detective Park some other day.
-I'd love to. Please call me.
See you.
Detective Lee.
About the Dogeon-dong
Golden Palace Murder Case.
Isn't Jongno Station
in charge of that case?
Yes. Why do you
Did Detective Park tell you, too?
I don't know what he's up to these days,
but he came to the station a few days ago
and asked for a ridiculous favor.
-Hey, Dong-gyu.
-Hey, Dong-cheol.
-Are you busy?
-Yes. What is it?
You don't seem busy. Grab coffee with me.
-No, I can't.
-It will only take a minute.
-Let's go.
-Come on.
What is this about?
So what?
Are you telling me there was
a murder at Golden Palace or not?
If so, that's our station's case.
Why are you butting in?
You're so dense.
I said, there was no murder.
This is my case,
but I'm asking your station to take over.
Why do I have to pretend
that there was murder when there wasn't?
-We set up the scene
-Go on.
It's a sting operation.
-Don't laugh. Stop.
You just need to keep this in mind.
If someone calls and asks
about the Golden Palace Case,
and if this person gives you another tip
regarding the case
or asks to identify the deceased,
then you should call me right away.
-Got it.
-Got it?
Forget about having someone
come forward to identify the deceased.
There hasn't been a single person
asking about the case.
So I thought that Dong-cheol
got a bad lead or something.
She fooled me.
That's typical of Go Se-yeon.
I wonder where she's hiding now.
I can't close down our diner.
If you want to close it down,
you'll have to divorce me first.
I told you to rest at home.
Why are you causing a fuss?
You know what this diner means to us.
We can't close it down.
Our dear Se-yeon
Se-yeon got a loan for this diner
after she became a prosecutor.
So how can I close it down?
We must go on with our lives.
Until when will we mourn for her?
The living must go on living.
I can't do that.
If you want to leave, you can leave alone.
I don't think
it will be a good idea for you
to say hello today.
Thanks for the ride. Bye.
We're not open yet.
I came to see if you were okay.
I broke the window, so I should fix it.
Mr. Choe. Can you hire
a good interior design agency?
I'll text you the address.
Mr. Choe.
You haven't eaten yet, right?
I'd like to treat our employees to lunch.
How many employees are there?
I told the detective
that I really wanted to meet you again.
You got hurt that day, too.
Are you all right?
Yes, I'm okay.
how did you know Se-yeon?
We were very close
when I worked at the prosecutor's office.
-I see. You're a prosecutor.
That's why that jerk
was trying to harm you.
Please let me help you. Give that to me.
-No, it's all right.
-No, I can help.
I don't think you're fully recovered yet.
You should rest.
The diner should open again soon.
My husband wants to close it down.
But I can't let him do that.
This diner means so much to me.
I should get it running again.
Since you're Se-yeon's mother,
may I call you Mom?
You should just listen to Dad.
If you stay here,
you'll only think about Se-yeon.
Besides, the diner isn't doing well
because of what happened here.
And the rent for this place is expensive.
I think you should just sell it
and take a break.
Hello, this is Se-yeon Fried Chicken.
Yes. We're open.
Around what time?
For how many people?
-Twenty people? Sure. Yes.
I'm working by myself today.
I can't serve groups.
You can just fry the chicken.
I'll take care of the hall and serve them.
Yes, you can.
Okay, I'll see you later. Thank you.
Should we clean up first?
So are you done dating him?
Lucky you. You must be so happy.
-I am.
-How did he propose? Tell me.
I knew he was going to propose
when he came to see me at my house.
Hello, Director Cha.
-Hello, sir.
-Hello, sir.
If I may ask,
do girls want
the relationship to be official?
Usually, yes.
What kind of proposal do they want?
I'm not sure.
-Are you all done?
Let's go.
-Thank you for the food.
-Thank you for the food.
-Thank you.
-I'm ready for my bill.
Okay. The total bill
comes out to 364,000 won.
But the soda was on the house,
so that will be 340,000 won.
You'll pay with your card.
Can I make a reservation for 15 people
around the same time tomorrow?
Sure, of course. Hold on.
Could you write down your name
and your phone number, please?
Here are your card and the receipt.
Thank you.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
You forgot your company ID here.
-Right, yes.
Gosh, Min.
You can stop helping me now.
I feel so sorry
I made you work
when you're Se-yeon's senior.
It's okay. Let me just help you
clean up here.
-No, come here.
-But this
Come here and sit down.
Hold on.
You didn't have lunch
because you were helping me. Sit tight.
I'll go and fry chicken for you
right away.
All right. Thank you.
This looks good.
Thank you for the food.
There you go.
You eat just like Se-yeon.
Se-yeon ate fried chicken just like that.
You know,
I've been meaning to ask you a question.
The culprit kept calling you Se-yeon
that night.
The detective told me
that he was pretending
to be mentally ill
in case he got arrested, but I--
The detective is right.
I heard that he's crazy.
He even says that dead people are alive.
After seeing one of his victims is alive,
he said he didn't kill her. He's gone mad.
Is that so?
It'd be rude to ask you to visit often
when you're busy, right?
Maybe it's because
you were close with Se-yeon
you look nothing like her,
but strangely,
I feel like you're my daughter.
I'm sorry.
Go on. Did you catch him?
Well, we did, but
Are you sure it was suicide?
We'll know more
when we receive the autopsy results,
but there was no sign of a struggle
or anything that indicates foul play.
You saw how he came at me with a knife.
He's quite bold.
He's not the type to commit suicide
after suddenly being overwhelmed by guilt.
So for him to take his own life--
He's been in a pile of debt
after investing in virtual money.
He was under police investigation
and loan sharks pressured him.
He must've wanted to die.
He wrote in his will that he was hired
-to murder you at Golden Palace.
After doing the deed,
his life felt insignificant, so
Hold on. He was a hired gun?
That means Oh Yeong-cheol
called the shots,
but he's in prison, so how--
The hit is actually more plausible
because it's easier
to make connections in prison.
Also, Oh Yeong-cheol knows
that you're not dead.
Is this the guy
who abducted Hee-jin's mother, then?
The phone used to contact Hee-jin
was found in his car.
It's him, Mi-do. I mean, Ms. Go.
Is it true that my mom's abductor
committed suicide?
That's what they say, but I don't think--
That's not what's important!
He's the only one who
knows Mom's whereabouts. If he dies,
how are we supposed to find her?
Where the hell is she?
Hold on.
We're tracking his past whereabouts
and working nonstop
to locate your mother--
I'm sure this was a murder.
The real culprits are tying up loose ends.
If he committed suicide over guilt,
then why didn't he tell her
where her mother is?
It doesn't add up.
Choe Gi-hun was used
and then killed
by Oh Yeong-cheol's accomplice.
That's not the case.
Why do you keep insisting?
I did as you instructed.
So you'll help me to not
be found guilty in return, right?
Are you sure you told me everything?
I told you everything.
I did everything you told me to.
If I had known about your mistake sooner,
I would've kept you alive longer.
Yes, Prosecutor Seo.
I met Detective Lee
who works at Jongno Police Station.
He told me about your sting operation,
but I don't see a report on my desk.
Oh, that.
I'm chasing a lead of my own, you see.
Is that Ji-uk?
Prosecutor Seo?
If it's okay with you, can I explain it
to you tomorrow in person?
All right.
We haven't gotten together in a while,
so let's have lunch.
Sure thing.
What was that? What did he want?
He asked about the sting operation
we're carrying out.
Working with the idiot Dong-gyu
gets you nowhere.
Why did he tell Prosecutor Seo?
We should go together.
I'll help explain things.
No, it's all right. I can take care of it.
There's no need to worry.
Dong-gyu, that useless prick.
I hope Se-yeon will like this.
Were you three out together?
Why don't you come inside for some tea?
It's all right.
I should get back to the station.
-I'll call you.
-Thanks. Good job, today.
Good night.
What's up with Hee-jin?
-Where were you three?
-At the NFS.
Remember the man we assumed
as the accomplice with Oh Yeong-cheol?
The one who abducted Hee-jin's mom.
The guy who stabbed you and ran away?
What happened? Was he caught?
Yes, but he committed suicide.
It doesn't seem likely, though.
He's not the type to kill himself.
Besides, if he had killed himself
over guilt,
he could've told us
where we could find Hee-jin's mom.
It doesn't make any sense.
I think he was just a loose end
and Oh Yeong-cheol's accomplice
who called the shots is still out there.
You're right.
It definitely doesn't add up.
No wonder she's upset.
Yes, I think we should keep her company.
Seriously? Have you no manners?
You can't park your car like this
just because this is your house.
This isn't the right time
to tell her how I feel.
-Right, I was just about to move it.
Yes, Mr. Park.
Oh, that? Just authorize
what the Business Planning Team suggested.
Sure thing.
Didn't you receive the file?
I'll send it over
first thing tomorrow morning.
No, I'll take care of that.
Mr. Park, I'm afraid
something just came up.
I'll call you back later.
My baby
Look what happened to you.
It's not a big deal.
I'm sure you can rub it off
I guess not.
You have car polish, right?
Apply some of that
and rub it with a cloth.
It'll be long gone.
You have some in your trunk, right?
-No, not the trunk! Wait!
-Where's is it?
-What's all this?
-It's nothing.
What do you mean?
It looks like something to me.
Hey, do you need my help?
Are you good? Excuse me. Hold on.
This isn't how I want to do it,
-so let's head inside.
-You have balloons in your car.
How can I pretend not to have seen them?
Let me see.
-Let me see. That hurts!
-Hold on. Move!
-I want my keys back.
-Sure. Let's go.
Let's head inside.
-Seriously! Se-yeon, stop it.
-Hold on!
I won't ask nicely again.
All right, fine.
How can I hand over the keys
when you're grabbing my hands? Let go.
If I let go,
you'll jet open the trunk again.
-Fine, I won't.
-I'm exhausted.
There. I'll let go of them.
Wait, the rear-view camera!
Do you really think
my mother was caught on tape?
If she weren't, then her abductor
would truly be an expert
on making things disappear.
Damn it. Where did they go?
Hey, look. Isn't that the car?
They looked everywhere,
but there's no body.
He vanished from right under our noses,
which means that
he escaped through a path
we couldn't see or think of.
Then the car explosion
might have been staged
so that it could distract us.
That's possible.
Hold on.
Right before the tunnel exit
Here. Look at this white thing.
What could it be?
Is it a glimmer of light?
What could it be?
Aren't the patient clothes
at the nursing home white?
Yes, they are.
Now that you mention it,
it does seem like a person.
So the answer is inside that tunnel.
Where did they go
and how did they leave the tunnel?
Please enjoy.
Have you always been left-handed?
I taught myself to use my right hand,
but not when it comes to eating.
How did you hurt your hand?
It looks uncomfortable.
The lights are so pretty.
Get out.
The car
The car is rolling away.
Come back here.
Let go of me!
Come this way.
Let go!
If you don't listen to me,
you won't be going to a nice place.
Now, come with me.
-It's really nothing.
-I see.
Anyway, didn't you say
we should grab something nice to eat?
What's with the hangover soup?
We're both busy people, aren't we?
Besides, the food is quite nice here.
Try it.
I have time for delicious meals, you know.
So Prosecutor Seo,
the Golden Palace Case is something I'm--
I'm sure you'll take care of it.
You probably didn't tell me
because there was nothing to report.
Oh, right. I'm grateful
that you see it in such a way.
I'll write up a detailed report
once I wrap up the case.
Sure thing.
That's one hell of a hangover soup.
It's really good.
-About Mi-do
She said she was representing Park Gi-man
for Oh Yeong-cheol's case.
What does he mean? What old man?
The old man who Park Gi-man assaulted?
-No, it's--
-Mi-do used to work with us,
but she left our office
quite some time ago.
It's not appropriate to tell her
sensitive details about the case.
I'm not a bystander in this case.
I'm representing Mr. Park now.
Yes, she did mention that.
I have questions regarding the case,
but I forgot to get her number.
Do you perhaps have it?
Yes, I do. Do you want it?
Yes, please.
All right. I'll text you the number.
You can go back to your meal.
We'll slowly
walk through the tunnel from here.
Where on earth could they have
disappeared to from here?
Maybe they walked out to the exit.
I think they went this way.
Where did they go to from here?
They must have gone out to that road
in order to run.
Let's go that way, then.
Water for coffee!
No, let me.
Here you go.
-Thank you.
-My pleasure.
Why are you doing this?
Someone tells me
you can help me get my hands on anything.
What is it that you need?
Powdered soap.
Get me some bleach.
Like a laundry detergent?
Hey, what's going on over there
in Room 236?
I can live with everything else,
but I just can't stand
to be in dirty clothes.
What's going on?
Inmate 3851, do not cause trouble.
You just came out of solitary confinement,
Inmate 3851,
you have a visitor. Come out.
Come in.
Prosecutor Seo, it's about the additional
investigation on Oh Yeong-cheol's case.
I informed the lead detective, but he said
inspecting the scene is not necessary.
I'll call him myself, then.
By the way,
what did you find on that number?
Here you go.
The phone's registered owner,
the call log for the past month,
and the cell tower locations.
-Thank you.
Of course.
She's supposed to be dead,
so of course she's using a burner phone.
Let's see where you've been hiding.
Prosecutor Seo, what do I do?
What's going on?
While I was busy cooking our meal,
she knocked over the stew
and I think she burned herself.
I can't help her in any way.
Is the injury severe?
I can't tell because
she won't let me touch her.
-I called 911--
No, I
I'll be right there. Call them back
and say you don't need them.
Where does it hurt?
Prosecutor Seo is on his way,
so hang in there, okay?
-Take me to the hospital!
The hospital I was in!
Okay, all right. We'll take you there.
I want to go back to the hospital!
All right. My goodness.
Just wait a little bit.
Hey, I don't think this is going to work.
Can't we find a more effective way?
Would you be able to say that
if your mom were abducted?
I didn't say
I wasn't going to look for her.
I want to find her too.
I want to find her
and bring you guys together.
Besides, how many times have I told you
that I need to find your mom
in order to find out
who killed me as well?
Your mom must have seen
who the accomplice is.
She's right.
She's just as desperate as you are.
That's why we're all here.
But we can't go back
when we've come this far.
Let's search a bit more.
How about
we go in there and take a short break?
We can ask them if anyone came by.
Let's go, Se-yeon.
Are you still open?
Sure, come on in.
You can take that table over there.
Be careful, it's hot.
Excuse me,
but have you seen anyone
that looks like this recently?
No, I haven't.
She must have been with some guy
and wearing a hospital gown.
Could you take a closer look?
I haven't seen her.
This is a very quiet neighborhood
and not many people come by here.
I would have remembered someone
wearing a hospital gown.
Honey! Come over here for a minute.
What is it?
Is there any chance you recognize her?
I don't think so. I have no idea.
-We don't recognize her.
-Thank you.
-Sorry to bother you.
-Thank you.
Eat up.
You didn't eat anything all day.
Eat up before you collapse.
It's getting late.
Let's go home after we finish this
and we can come back tomorrow. Okay?
You should eat up first.
Excuse me, sir.
Where can we go grab a taxi?
A taxi?
It's too far out,
so you'll have to call for one.
Would you like me to call one for you?
Yes, please.
All right.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Let's eat.
-The taxi's here.
Give me 9,000 won.
It's 3,000 won for each person.
Nine thousand won, my ass.
They'll be moving in a group, anyway.
-Come on!
You went long-distance
with a sick passenger the other day.
Stop talking bullshit.
Excuse me,
was that long-distance passenger
-Was it
Was it this person?
She was wearing a hospital gown.
I think it may have been her.
I used GPS to get to their destination,
so I still have the address.
Is anyone home?
Anyone there?
-Is it empty?
-Is anyone home?
Excuse me
Is it empty?
I think they just left for a while.
Let's wait for them.
Where in the world are you, Mom?
Damn it.
Please make sure
it doesn't leave a scar, Doctor.
Yes, ma'am.
It'll be fine if it's taken good care of.
It hurts.
He's almost finished.
Hang in there.
It hurts.
-Be gentle.
-I'll be gentle.
What if he sensed us coming
and took her somewhere else
No, that can't be it.
How would he have known?
I can't just stay here like this.
I'll take a look around the area.
It's all mountains out there.
It's too dangerous.
Besides, it's too dark
so you won't be able to see anything.
I'll be fine. I can go on my own.
Let us come with you, then.
You can't go alone.
Wait. They might return while we're out.
You stay here. I'll go with her.
-All right.
-Let's go.
Be careful.
-Ms. Jang!
-Ms. Jang!
-Ms. Jang!
Are you okay, Hee-jin?
Can you get up?
I don't think I can, Min.
Hey! What happened?
-She slipped and sprained her ankle.
Be careful.
Let me take a look.
I think we should take you to a hospital.
I'm all right. We came all the way here.
Let's wait a little longer.
No, let's go to the hospital.
We have her location,
so we can come back later.
Yes, let's do that.
-Wait here. I'll bring the car closer.
The doctor said that
she won't need to be hospitalized.
He said it'd be better if the wound
can be treated often for a few days.
It'll be hard for you to take her
to the hospital every day.
Staying here will be easier for you.
Prosecutor Seo.
I'm so sorry.
I don't know what to say.
It's all right.
I was the one who put you
through all this trouble.
I'm the one who should be sorry.
No, don't say that.
I'm sorry.
Don't be sorry.
-I apologize.
-You have nothing to apologize for.
Get well soon
if you really want to repay me.
Yes, sir.
I'll be right back
with some necessities from the store.
Her ankle ligament is torn.
It's not that serious,
but we'll have to see
if she needs surgery.
She'll need a cast for now
to prevent it from getting worse
and also some shots.
All right.
Get her a prolotherapy shot
and shock wave therapy.
-Yes, Doctor.
-Thank you.
No problem.
I guess you'll have to suffer for a while.
Where's Min?
I think he's on the phone.
I'm sorry I lost my temper at you.
I don't even deserve to act that way.
Why are you acting weird again?
Just act like your normal self.
I'm already immune
to your temper, you know.
I appreciate
what you've been doing for me.
I'll be sure to return the favor
when we find my mom.
It's nothing!
Just focus on getting better.
Why did you have to get hurt
when I just got better?
We're taking turns
to take care of each other.
Are you finished?
Yes, I just had to rearrange
tomorrow's schedule.
Then you should get back home.
I'll stay overnight with Hee-jin.
No, I can't leave you guys.
I arranged for her to stay
in a private room
so that we can all spend the night
and go back in the morning.
They might be there tomorrow.
All right.
You should get some rest
when we get upstairs.
I'm fine.
I think I need some coffee.
Do you want any?
-No, I'm good.
-How about you?
I'm good too.
Really? Then take her to the ward.
I'll go get some coffee
and anything else we might need.
-You guys go ahead.
-See you.
I'm so tired.
Yes, I'd appreciate that.
-It really is you.
I didn't think I'd run into you here.
What brings you here?
I just had some business nearby.
What about you?
I also had some business,
but my friend got hurt.
A friend?
Would you like some water?
No, I'm good.
I only bought one can of coffee.
I have to stay up all night.
Was your friend hospitalized?
Yes. How about you? Are you headed home?
someone wanted to give information
about the Oh Yeong-cheol Case,
so I was here to investigate.
Oh Yeong-cheol?
Someone reported that they saw
Oh Yeong-cheol's ex-wife
who had been presumed to be dead
after going missing.
Is that so?
Do you think the tip is reliable?
Yes, it seems like so for now.
But I don't know if we'll be able
to communicate with her.
Why not?
According to the informant,
she's not mentally stable.
I think her name was Jang Sun-young.
-Are you coming with me?
-Yes, I'm coming with you.
I think it's that way.
I think I found Hee-jin's mother.
I'm on my way to meet Ms. Jang
with Prosecutor Seo.
What is she talking about?
Is she talking about Seo Ji-uk?
Se-yeon says she'll be late.
Let's wait for her in the ward.
-What's wrong?
-What's wrong?
-It's all right.
-Let's go back inside.
-Let's go back inside!
-Come to your senses!
-Let's go back inside!
-Ms. Jang?
-What's wrong with you?
-My princess!
Where have you been?
What's going on?
I don't understand what's going on.
That young lady is her daughter.
That can't be true.
I heard all her children passed away.
No. I'm certain of it.
I think it's best to take her with us.
I'm not her guardian.
I think I'd better let the prosecutor
know about this.
What do I do?
He was the one who brought her to me,
so why don't you talk to him?
Do we have to go in further?
I don't think there are any houses
around here.
We're almost there.
Please pick up. Please.
Please, Se-yeon
Are you sure Ji-uk was the one
who abducted Ms. Jang?
Detective Park.
Why did you hide Ms. Jang?
This is my secret hideout.
It's the safest place.
For me, you're the gift.
Wait Oh, gosh!
The weather is quite nice today.
Oh Yeong-cheol, let's go!
Oh Yeong-cheol!
I didn't tell him to do this!
-Oh Yeong-cheol has escaped.
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