Abyss (2019) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

Yes, I'd appreciate that.
-It really is you.
Funny running into you here.
What brings you here?
I just had some business nearby.
What about you?
I also had some business,
but my friend got hurt.
A friend?
Would you like some water?
No, I'm good.
I only bought one can of coffee.
I have to stay up all night.
Was your friend hospitalized?
Yes. How about you? Are you headed home?
we received a tip
about the Oh Yeong-cheol Case,
so I was here to investigate.
Oh Yeong-cheol?
Someone reported that they saw
Oh Yeong-cheol's ex-wife
who had been presumed dead
after going missing.
Is that so?
Do you think the tip is reliable?
Yes, it seems so.
But I don't know if we'll be able
to communicate with her.
Why not?
According to the informant,
she's not mentally stable.
I think her name was Jang Sun-young.
-Are you coming?
-Yes, I am.
My princess.
I don't understand what's going on.
That young lady is her daughter.
What? That can't be true.
I heard all her children passed away.
No. I'm certain of it.
I think it's best to take her with us.
I'm not her guardian.
I think I'd better let the prosecutor
know about this.
What do I do?
He was the one who brought her to me,
so why don't you talk to him?
Is it a lot farther?
I don't think there are any houses
around here.
We're almost there.
Please pick up. Please.
I used to love this song.
Didn't you like this song too?
You always sang it
when we went to karaoke.
I had no idea that
you remembered my taste in music.
Did I sing this in front of you?
Of course you did.
Don't you remember?
You sang it at the team dinner.
I may not look it,
but I have a good memory.
Incoming call. 0, 1, 0, 2, 5
You can take it.
I'll just call them back later.
-Incoming call. 0, 1, 0
-It's fine.
-It seems urgent.
Prosecutor Seo.
Someone's here, claiming to be
the daughter of the woman you brought.
I used to get pestering calls
like that too.
Isn't it exasperating
to be a prosecutor in Korea?
I feel your pain.
You poor thing.
Anyway, let's go back to that song.
What? Kim Ha-jin's dating?
Who is it? Whom is he dating?
Let me see.
Is this the place?
No, but the call earlier seems important.
I'll be right back.
Yes, Detective Park.
Ji-uk, where are we?
Let me check.
It's too dark out here.
We're at a lake
near Chupyeong in Gyeonggi Province.
I'm not sure since
Prosecutor Seo brought me here.
There's a sign over there. Hold on.
I just sent you a photo.
Do you see the sign behind Prosecutor Seo?
Yes, that's where we are. Sure thing.
Detective Park is in charge
of Oh Yeong-cheol's case.
I texted him since
he should know about the tip too.
I told him that you and I
were on our way to verify
the tip regarding Jang Sun-young.
I don't know why
my stomach's suddenly acting up.
You said you needed to make a call, right?
Take your time.
I think I may be a while.
-It's fine.
-It's fine. It seems urgent.
Prosecutor Seo.
Someone's here, claiming to be
the daughter of the woman you brought.
It was Hee-jin's voice.
Where are you?
The person you have reached
is unavailable.
Please call again
Prosecutor Seo.
Someone's here, claiming to be
the daughter of the woman you brought.
Mom, no! Are you all right?
Prosecutor Seo?
Is that Prosecutor Seo?
Let me talk to him.
We got disconnected.
I have no idea what's going on.
I'm so confused.
Excuse me.
I really think
you're mistaken about something.
Can't pick up. What's going on?
What? Kim Ha-jin's dating?
Darn it. I really liked this actor.
Kim Ha-jin
Prosecutor Seo is the kidnapper.
It's dangerous to be alone with him.
Damn it.
Why can't she pick up?
Yes, Detective Park.
Ji-uk, where are we?
Let me check.
It's too dark out here.
Are you all right?
Se-yeon, please
Hey, look. Isn't that the car?
She's not dead yet.
What's taking him so long?
-I got you. Are you all right?
Where's Ji-uk?
He was gone when I got here.
Are you sure nothing happened?
Anyway, what the hell is going on?
Are you sure Ji-uk was the one
who abducted Ms. Jang?
I thought it could be a possibility
which is why I took precautionary
measures when I saw your text,
but why would Ji-uk
He has no reason to do that.
I know it's hard to believe,
but it's the truth.
I heard it from the lady
who was looking after Ms. Jang.
Mi-do, something urgent came up
so I had to leave.
Detective Park will be there soon, right?
-Who is it?
What did he say?
He had to leave
because something urgent came up.
The tip regarding
Oh Yeong-cheol's ex-wife came from
Sugyeong Nursing Home nearby.
Prosecutor Go.
That's really all I know.
I don't know about any kidnapping.
Prosecutor Seo just asked me
to look after her for a while.
Do I really need to tell you all of this?
I don't think I should
be telling you all of this.
Ma'am, we're only asking
you these questions
so that we can clear
Prosecutor Seo's name.
He's not a monster,
So please tell us everything you know
in as much detail as possible.
All right. I get it,
but my head is spinning.
-Let's stop.
-I see.
This is a lot to take in,
so we'll let you rest today.
I'll take you home. Come on.
This way, ma'am.
See you later.
The date coincides.
Last Tuesday is when
the kidnapper managed to ditch us.
Detective Park,
we weren't expecting you today.
Is Prosecutor Seo inside?
-Detective Park.
-There he is.
-You may go.
-All right.
Hello, sir.
Have you eaten?
What brings you by?
I came by to ask a few things.
-You could've called.
-I did. Several times.
But you seemed to be avoiding me.
Not at all.
My phone broke.
If it were urgent,
you could've called the office.
-What is this about?
-I see. Your phone's broken.
What do you know about this?
How do you have a photo of her?
I'll cut right to the chase then.
Why did you
hide Ms. Jang Sun-young?
Ms. Jang Sun-young?
A picnic.
A picnic.
I'm on a picnic with my princess!
We could've just stayed at a hotel.
It'll be uncomfortable
since your mom isn't well.
I don't want to inconvenience Se-yeon.
There you go again,
pretending like you care.
Save it. It's not like
you've ever cared about me.
It's not an inconvenience.
That's why I got a separate place
for Se-yeon.
Wait a second.
Are you telling me
to stay with you from now on?
I know we kissed a little,
but this is a bit too fast.
I'll just stay with Hee-jin.
I'm not comfortable sharing a room
with you either,
so you can stay here.
This is my secret hideout.
It's the safest place in the world.
Did you whisk me off to Hogwarts?
I didn't know such rooms existed.
What is all this?
They are my most prized possessions
that I can never get rid of.
My mom hated them,
so I couldn't keep them in my room.
It's you when you were little.
How adorable.
You said you rarely got to see him
after the divorce, right?
My mom never saw him again,
but I did once or twice a month
before he passed away
without telling my mom.
He was a weak and incompetent husband
in my mother's eyes,
but he was the perfect dad to me.
Why did you want to take a picture
out of the blue,
-like we won't see each other again?
-It came out nice.
Look. I'm so glad we took it.
It came out nice.
Hey, Min.
You can't show this to your mom, okay?
All right, I won't. I promise.
Oh, right. Look at this, Dad.
Mom brought these cookies
from her business trip to France.
They look delicious.
These are skincare products for you.
Perfect, I needed some.
And this.
Mom drinks this red ginseng.
I hear it's very expensive.
I see.
-Oh, that's nothing.
-Wait! What is this?
Give it back, Dad. Come on.
Is this a picture of your girlfriend?
She's not my girlfriend.
She's someone I have a crush on.
What's her name?
Her name is Go Se-yeon? She's pretty.
Right? Isn't she?
She's super popular at school.
That's why a guy like me
What's wrong with you?
If this girl is a good judge of character,
she'll know how great you are.
-You really think so?
-Of course.
Dad, are you all right?
Hold on. I'm okay.
Dad, let's tell Mom so that
you can be treated at a big hospital.
You may get better if you get surgery.
I'm really okay.
Trust me. I'm really okay.
Gosh, I can't believe
you're old enough
to have a crush on a girl.
You really are a man now.
Min, give me a hug.
-Stop it.
-Look at you.
You used to be glued to me
when you were little.
Look at you being all difficult.
-I'm going to teach you a lesson.
-No, Dad! I'm sorry!
Don't, Dad. You win!
-I'm sorry.
-I won, right?
Dad, sorry. Stop!
Had I known that would be the last time,
I would've given him a big hug.
If I'd had Abyss back then,
I would've brought my dad
back to life first.
Whenever I think about that
It's such a shame.
At times, I did resent
the alien who gave me the marble
as well as my hapless fate
that led me to it.
But then again,
the more I think about it,
the more I feel that
the marble was in fact a gift.
For me, you're the gift.
I know this is belated,
but thanks for saving me.
Hey, what's this heart-shaped thing?
It doesn't suit this room at all.
Oh, that. Don't you remember?
-You gave it to me.
On Valentine's Day,
junior year of high school.
You said you got too many chocolates
and gave me one.
I did?
I know it was insignificant to you,
but it was your first gift to me.
How could you not remember
Fine, forget it.
You obviously remember nothing about me.
Forget it.
You're really clueless.
You still buy that obvious lie?
What do you mean?
It was Valentine's Day. Get it?
Don't you know what Valentine's Day is?
It's when girls give boys chocolate.
Why would I get a ton of chocolates?
Am I a guy?
Hey, then was this
Did you buy this for me?
You haven't changed one bit.
I really can't figure out
if you're just naive or dumb.
Hang on a second.
So, are you saying
you bought this yourself for me?
But why? For what?
What do you think? I told you.
It's the day girls give chocolate to boys.
Right, but why did you buy this for me
of all people?
I don't know. Why are you grilling me?
I'm not grilling you
-It's an automatic door.
It opens when you press this button.
Why didn't you tell you sooner?
I hope it doesn't get swollen.
Hey, it's red.
-It's red?
-It's red.
-Is it swollen?
Oh, boy.
What the
Hey. Hold on.
Auntie! Hello.
-Ms. Lee, why are you coming out of there?
Sorry, I don't have much experience
with kissing
Gosh, I'm so embarrassed.
What do we do now?
Please bring the dessert
when they're done eating.
Yes, ma'am.
Hello. What about Min?
He has to make a phone call.
He told me to go ahead and eat first.
This way. Have a seat.
Thank you.
Everything looks so good.
It's not much, but I hope you enjoy it.
Oh, I guess this is considered
"not much" to you.
-I'll wait for Min.
-All right.
I've never seen Min let anyone
into that room before.
The secret room.
When I first found out
about the room years ago,
he made a big fuss
about how I cannot tell anyone about it.
I figured even the maids
don't know about it,
so I was going to tidy it up a little,
but he was like, "Don't go in there!"
And he got so mad at me.
-Min got mad at you?
That's how he was.
But my goodness.
He let you in that room today.
It's surprising.
I thought Se-yeon would be
the first person he'd let into the room.
Ms. Lee.
You know that
Min likes you very much, right?
No, I don't.
My gosh, you cooked up a feast.
Oh, right. Please pack some of the food
and take it to the guest house.
Sure, no problem.
Then enjoy your meal.
-Thank you for the food.
-Thanks, Auntie.
-You were waiting for me?
You didn't have to. You must be hungry.
Hey, whether it's for breakfast or dinner,
meat is always the best.
Hey, hold on.
Eat or talk. Choose one.
Hey, don't do that.
-Ms. Lee.
How could you submit your letter
of resignation without even telling me?
You really hurt my feelings.
Come again?
I submitted a letter of resignation?
This can't go on, you know.
Even so, this means
that I've become jobless overnight.
You should've given me a heads-up.
Since when was that your job?
-Gosh, this is so frustrating.
-Do you want a drink?
You see, we have to act
as if we're the same person.
If you're going to do your own thing
You seemed quite angry, so I thought
this might help you cool down.
So, are you two back together?
Well, not exactly. But you know
How could you treat him
as if he's invisible?
-Dong-cheol, you should drink some too.
-Open it for me.
Detective Park, don't you have work to do?
You don't have time
to be all lovey-dovey here.
"Lovey-dovey"? What are you talking about?
I questioned Prosecutor Seo
first thing in the morning.
I just stopped by
because I was in the area.
You met with Ji-uk? What did he say?
He said Choe Gi-hun handed
Jang Sun-young over to him.
It looks like he was fooled as well.
It sounds like Choe Gi-hun asked him
to look after her,
saying no one can take care of her
once he goes to jail.
Was Ji-uk the prosecutor
that indicted him?
Yes, everything checks out.
And he has a clear alibi for the time
of Jang Sun-young's abduction.
The speculation that he
and Oh Yeong-cheol conspired
to commit such a crime
is pretty unreasonable.
Right. You died and came back to life,
so I get it.
I must say, you've always been like this.
Saying we must question every doubt,
you poked your nose into everything
and wasted so much time.
You acted all smart,
but taking an irrational,
emotional approach
to every case was your specialty.
Hold on, Mi-do.
What are you talking about?
I was always bright
-and rational--
-It's okay.
-I understand.
-Let go.
-Let go.
-Prosecutor Go.
-Let go. What are you saying?
-Cheer up.
-I said, let go!
-I totally understand.
-Gosh, what's with you?
-Cheer up.
Mom, let's eat!
My princess.
Mom, where did you go without telling me?
I was so worried.
Here. This is for you, my princess.
They're so beautiful.
-I'll put them in a vase.
Wash your hands so we can eat.
Look at them.
No, I don't want to.
I'm going to watch TV.
Mom, the dirt!
She's impossible.
I'll get a wet towel. Wait there, okay?
Mr. Oh, the Eomsan-dong serial killer,
left the detention center at 2 p.m.
-for his crime scene reenactment.
-According to the police,
he remained silent when the reporters
asked him how he was feeling.
-The bereaved who were
-on site
-Mom, it's okay.
-expressed their anger when they saw him.
-You're okay.
The police are tightening security
in the area
to prepare for the unexpected.
The Eomsan-dong serial murders
that shocked the entire country will
How did the information leak?
I'm not sure. He's not even there yet,
but it's already a shit show.
Call all units in the vicinity for backup
and be safe. Okay, I'm leaving now.
I'm off. Prosecutor Go, I'll call you.
Oh Yeong-cheol's crime scene reenactment
is today.
She'll probably go bonkers.
She totally will, knowing her temper.
Oh Yeong-cheol knows what she looks like,
so there's no need to show him
that she's still alive.
It'll be too dangerous.
It's all over the media,
so make sure she doesn't watch the news.
-I'm off.
-Okay, bye.
Detective Park! You're leaving already?
Why? Just play hooky for the whole day.
-That's why I want to go out.
I'm off. I need to get some air.
Se-yeon, we're both jobless now,
so let's have some real fun today.
Why are you acting like we're close?
-Let go!
-Come in.
Were you discharged?
-Are you feeling better?
I'm much better now thanks to you.
Oh, the notebook
Here you go.
Well, I heard about everything
that your daughter went through.
I completely understand
how you must feel.
Oh Yeong-cheol has been caught,
and he'll pay for everything he did,
so please think about your daughter
who must be watching over you
and cheer up.
Please call me if you ever need my help.
Thank you very much
for everything.
A messenger just dropped this off for you.
-You can leave it there.
I presume we have things to talk about.
I'll wait for your call.
Jeez, they're so persistent.
Can we open the windows a little?
I love how the air smells
at this time of the year.
The weather is
quite nice today.
Yes, sir.
Hey, what's going on
with the abduction victim?
I told her to come to the station
at her earliest convenience,
but considering the state
Jang Sun-young is in,
I don't think we can get
a witness statement from her.
Yes. Well, that's
Understood, sir.
What does he want me to do?
Serial killings, abduction,
and confinement.
As if that wasn't enough,
you instigated an abduction behind bars?
Of your ex-wife?
Jang Sun-young?
How the hell do you know her?
What? Why you
You'd better speak politely to me,
you murderer.
Why must I escort this monster
in a nice car?
This country sure loves human rights.
They think even monsters
deserve human rights.
How many times did I tell you?
Ever since I was here
Nurse Kim and that woman
So, the nurse who disappeared
was Jang Sun-young's guardian?
Yes, that's right.
When was that, roughly?
I have no idea.
I took over this hospital
only three years ago.
Oh, God. I'm dying here. I'm dying.
Oh, dear.
I suffer from high blood pressure.
What if I collapse now and die?
What will you do then?
I told you. I don't know anything!
Why don't you track down
the nurse who ran away and ask her?
Yes, Dong-cheol.
I'm suspicious of the woman
who was at the information desk that day.
The nurse who said
there was no such patient?
Yes. Apparently, she's the one who brought
Jang Sun-young to the hospital,
and she quit the day after
Jang Sun-young went missing.
She took all the records too.
Then I guess tracking her down
should be our priority now.
Okay, good work.
Come join us here when you're done. Bye.
-He's here!
-There he is!
-No photos, please.
-No photos!
Mr. Oh, how are you feeling?
-Why is his face covered?
-Say a few words!
Mr. Oh!
-Did you have an accomplice?
-Let us through.
-Excuse me!
-How dare you!
-Do you admit everything?
-Was there an accomplice?
We'll now begin
the crime scene reenactment
of the Go Se-yeon murder.
Bring him in.
Record everything, okay?
Oh Yeong-cheol, get started.
I stood here, waiting for Go Se-yeon
to come into the kitchen.
And then?
What did you do after you tied her up?
I did this.
Do you think this is a joke?
-Stop messing around.
Calm down.
Hand me the thread and needle.
Hey, old man. Hang on a second.
Are you sure about this?
Did you stitch up
Prosecutor Go like that too?
Her neck?
I don't remember exactly.
I didn't follow the exact same steps
for every murder.
Hey, do it right!
You didn't leave any suture marks
on Prosecutor Go's body.
Hey, you bastard.
Do you think this is a play
where he follows a script?
Get out, you prick.
Get out. Get the hell out of here.
I'm sorry, sir.
Hey, old man. You may continue.
I didn't stitch up Go Se-yeon.
Are you sure?
I did not stitch her up.
I'm sure of it.
You despicable monster!
You piece of trash!
You evil monster!
You piece of trash!
-How could you kill her?
-You're a monster!
-You're human trash!
-You scumbag!
-Mr. Go!
-Mr. Go! I'm sorry.
-Mr. Go!
-Are you okay?
Mr. Go, please don't do this.
I know how you feel.
Mr. Go, I completely understand.
Please come with me.
-Get in.
-Oh, just a second.
I really need to use the restroom.
What the hell did you just say?
Can't you see what's going on?
-Just get in.
-Don't be like this.
Do murderers not have the right
to urinate?
I, too, have rights.
Shall I take a piss right here?
If people write about it
with a nice photo,
it'll cause quite a stir.
Follow me.
Hurry the hell up.
Shouldn't you go see a doctor?
I'm a man. This is nothing.
The ice will make the swelling go down.
I would love
to drink with you,
but I should stay focused
and alert on a day like this.
Please drink
on my behalf,
and when you go home
Oh Yeong-cheol.
Oh Yeong-cheol, let's go!
What the hell?
Oh Yeong-cheol.
Oh Yeong-cheol! Hey!
Shit, I'm screwed. Hey, Oh Yeong-cheol!
Hey, Oh Yeong-cheol.
Hey! Oh Yeong-cheol! Wake up.
Oh Yeong-cheol! Is anybody there?
We're so screwed.
Oh Yeong-cheol took some pills.
What? Then we should call an ambulance--
Think, will you?
Do you want our chief to get fired?
We can't call an ambulance
in front of all these reporters.
Our patrol car is parked
in the back alley.
-Let's move him there for now.
-Let's do that.
We should hurry.
-This way, sir.
Help me lay him down.
-I'll take him to the closest hospital.
-Okay. Hold on.
I'm a detective from the Investigation
Team in Dongbu Police Station.
I'll be right behind you.
Let's go.
-Here they come!
-They're coming out!
Where is Oh Yeong-cheol?
Is the reenactment over?
-Where is Oh Yeong-cheol?
-Where is the suspect?
-Where is he?
-What's going on?
-Is the reenactment really over?
-Which hospital is it?
-Hyeongju Hospital, sir.
-Step on it.
-Yes, sir.
-Please tell us!
-Is it really over?
Is there a long-stay patient here
who goes by the name Jang Sun-young?
You did a great job, sir.
Powdered soap.
Get me some bleach.
Like a laundry detergent?
Hey, what's going on over there
in Room 236?
Inmate 3851, don't cause trouble.
You just came out of solitary confinement,
Inmate 3851, you have a visitor. Come out.
How is your health?
He's very successful
with cases like these.
My name is Kim Yeong-hun.
I don't need a lawyer.
You know how you gave me a heads up?
He came and took Jang Sun-young.
Then suddenly, the police showed up.
I tried to stop them the best I could,
but I don't know if it--
There's no need
to work so hard for me anymore.
You've done more than enough.
I only
want to return the favor.
You killed my father for me--
I killed him
for you?
I don't murder people for others.
I only gave what
that wife-beating, drunk bastard deserved,
and made him pay for being rude to me.
It's just that
the bastard happened to be your father.
It doesn't matter why you did it.
I killed him hundreds of times in my head,
but was unable to carry it out,
but you did it for me.
When that bastard died, I was thankful.
That's all.
Please call me if you ever need me.
I'll do anything for you.
If that's how you feel,
I guess I could use your help
one last time.
As you asked,
I got you a place
where no one will find you,
but I couldn't really understand
what you said.
What do you mean you'll be "reborn"?
There's something I must do
before I'm reborn.
Please take me to Seoul.
Are we home? I'm so tired.
Aren't you getting out?
Come in and have dinner.
-No, I'm too tired.
-Hey, give us a minute.
-What? Why?
Why are you whispering in front of me?
-Aren't you coming?
-Go inside.
-You want me to go?
-Yes, go ahead.
-I'm really going, okay?
-Sure, I'll be right there.
How annoying! What's that about?
The crime scene reenactment
with Oh Yeong-cheol
was on the news today.
I thought she might take it hard
if she finds out.
Make sure she doesn't see
the news or papers today.
I took care of it all day.
It's your turn now, okay?
Thank you.
See you.
Get home safely.
Wait up, Se-yeon!
Why is he calling for me?
It looked like they could spend all day
whispering to each other.
Oh my gosh!
You're ugly.
-I said, wait up.
-You're ugly.
Why are you out here?
A present for my princess.
For me?
Didn't you make this for Hee-jin?
This guy is handsome.
-This girl is
-Pretty, right?
She's uglier than my princess.
My prince, you should meet my princess--
He's mine.
No! He belongs to my princess!
Mom? Mom!
Am I yours?
You know what I meant.
You should go to the princess.
-I'm really going, okay?
-Go ahead.
I'm not going anywhere.
What's wrong with you?
-Why are you acting so strange these days?
-Am I yours?
-What's wrong with you?
-Wait up!
Why didn't you pick up?
I was worried sick.
My phone died.
I was so exhausted,
following her around all day.
She always wore the same, boring clothes
regardless of the season,
and now she suddenly
wants to shop all day?
Don't get me started.
You know the money you gave her?
I bet she'll spend it all within a month.
I guarantee it.
Hey Aren't you going to take a shower?
I will, later on.
What's the matter with you?
Why are you hiding the remote
in your pocket?
Give it back.
I didn't see the news all day.
It won't kill you to skip it for a day.
It's okay.
It's not okay.
Besides, I don't have a TV in my room.
You have plenty of fun things
to do though.
Like what?
Let's do something fun in your room.
I don't have a TV in there.
I want to watch TV. I like watching TV.
TV's no fun. Let's go inside.
"Then who did this to you?"
Hey, hand me the next one. Hurry!
-I'm not finished yet.
-Come on
You read the whole series already.
Just skim through it.
It's not your first time, either
Be patient.
You have a long way to go.
What's this? This is so old!
Does it still work?
It still works!
Even the song's from back in the days!
Of course, it works.
I still charge it weekly to listen to it.
I think the songs back then
were much better.
Hey, do you want to listen with me?
-Hey, get out.
Get out.
-Let me finish this one.
-I said, get out!
The sun is down
and we're in an enclosed area.
I don't think we should be alone in here.
Our relationship isn't the same
as it used to be.
-Isn't that why we should stay together?
-Hey, wait a minute!
-I'm not leaving.
-What's wrong with you?
When did you get so bold and stuff?
Get out, it's my room!
Cha Min?
Cha Min?
Where did he go? He was right here
-She's leaving.
-Is she?
Hi, Ms. Lee. What's up?
Ms. Choe said that nonsense to you?
And you believe her?
You know how she likes to gossip.
Don't mind her.
That's exactly why I keep away from her.
You should be careful, too.
I don't think that's necessary.
I think it's best to stay away from her.
Oh my gosh, really?
That's why you should be careful, okay?
She's a real bigmouth.
All right, try to sort things out.
No, actually,
there's just no need to even respond.
Don't worry. I'll give it to you
once I can get my hands on it.
Oh, that?
Did you like that?
What choice do I have?
They're all acquaintances from work.
You're all successful in your own field.
You really do have a good eye.
That dress? I ordered it online.
I can't hold it in any longer.
I really need to go. I'm serious.
I kept this place a secret
for more than 20 years!
I'm going to die.
Yes, that's right.
-We should be on our way, ma'am.
Is it that late already?
Ms. Lee, I'm going to Japan today.
Let's continue where we left off
the next time we meet.
Okay, bye.
She left!
Damn it. I need some water.
Who talks on the phone for that long?
Your mother's unbelievable.
Aren't you hungry? Should we grab a bite?
Not at all.
I almost developed claustrophobia.
I couldn't care less for food.
I just want some fresh air right now.
I'm going for a walk.
All right, but don't be long.
I'll make some pasta.
Will you? Okay.
I'm going to listen to this
during my walk.
-Where are you?
I'm at home.
Are you with Prosecutor Go?
Yes, she's here.
Make sure she doesn't leave the house,
What's going on?
Oh Yeong-cheol has escaped.
I didn't tell him to do this!
You won't be able to take care of it
on your own.
Your dad will take care of it
like I did last time.
All right, don't worry about it.
I'll stay by her side.
Se-yeon! Go Se-yeon!
Right, she's listening to music.
That bastard, Oh Yeong-cheol,
will try to kill us again.
-I can't take it. Sleep with me.
If we stay apart,
it'll double the danger, right?
Protect me, my ass.
He wouldn't even know
if Oh Yeong-cheol took me.
So what's your plan?
My mom is missing.
I'm going to lure that bitch in
and die with her.
Please do it well like last time.
I promise I won't put Se-yeon in danger,
so don't worry.
You keep showing up
in the most unexpected places,
Prosecutor Seo.
Subtitle translation by Jennifer Lee
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