Abyss (2019) s01e11 Episode Script

Episode 11

This looks like bleach.
What? Bleach?
Well, I'd have to take it back
and examine it to know for sure.
But it smells like it.
-Detective Choe!
I asked the division about the female cop,
but they said there's no such cop.
What? Bleach?
This guy must be a total nut job!
No, I'll call you back.
Damn it. How can they lose him?
-Where are you?
I'm at home.
Are you with Prosecutor Go?
Yes, she's here.
Make sure she doesn't leave the house,
What's going on?
Oh Yeong-cheol escaped.
All right, don't worry about it.
I'll stay by her side.
Go Se-yeon!
Right, she's listening to music.
What are you doing there?
I'm here to finish up weeding some parts.
I was told to finish them by today.
I wasn't informed about that.
Is that so?
It's getting late.
You should just wrap up and go home.
You were here too?
Oh my gosh!
What was that? Why are you out here?
Oh Yeong-cheol
-It's Oh Yeong-cheol.
Oh Yeong-cheol?
There wasn't anyone suspicious
in the footage.
Are you sure?
Yes, you know how it is.
Only people with a visitor's pass
can enter the main gate.
Are you sure you saw Oh Yeong-cheol?
I didn't see him.
I saw the glow from Abyss.
But the glow seemed different
from what I had seen before.
How different?
It glowed in green when we had it.
But earlier,
it was dark blue. It was more like navy.
Can its color change like that?
You're right.
When I first saw it, it was yellow.
But after we brought Hee-jin back to life,
it wasn't yellow anymore.
Right. That means
I might have really seen its glow.
If Oh Yeong-cheol knows where she is,
she's in as much danger as I am.
Search the garden to make sure
no one suspicious is on the premises.
-Strengthen the security too.
-Yes, sir.
-I have to run away.
-Mom. Hold on.
Your clothes. It's your clothes, Princess.
I have to run away.
Mom, what's gotten into you
all of a sudden?
-What's wrong, Mom?
-I have to go!
Mom! You can't go anywhere at this hour.
But I have to go.
Who is it?
Hee-jin, are you all right?
How is she? Has she calmed down?
She calmed down and fell asleep.
She threw a fit
after watching the news this morning.
That might've been the trigger.
I'll tell my doctor to come
check on her tomorrow morning.
But what brings you guys here
at this hour?
Oh Yeong-cheol got loose.
Oh Yeong-cheol
is loose?
Did he come find you by any chance?
Or did you happen to see
the glow from Abyss?
No, not at all.
Maybe, you might've been mistaken.
This isn't just some ordinary house.
Even if he escaped,
there's no way he could've come here.
If you're lying to us again
or hiding things from us,
you must tell us now.
I've changed now.
I understand that you can't trust me,
I found my mom.
Which means I wouldn't have to
put Se-yeon in danger,
don't worry.
Whether I saw the glow or not,
doesn't change the fact that the bastard
is loose and that your safety is at stake.
Just to be safe,
don't go anywhere by yourself
until he's apprehended again.
You should always be careful, okay?
Okay. I'll be careful. Don't worry.
Good. Go get some rest.
-Okay. Goodnight.
What the heck! Jeez.
-Where are you going?
-Why are you here?
I told you not to go anywhere alone.
Why are you out?
Water. I want water.
I woke up because I got thirsty.
I wanted some water.
Wait here.
I needed water
Jeez. Come on.
What is it this time?
Until when will you be guarding the door?
I was just about to get up. My back hurts.
Gosh, my back.
I only lie on
hybrid power spring mattresses, you know.
I didn't ask you to sleep here.
You can sleep on your own bed.
There's nothing else we can do.
Sleep with me.
What? Hey, we're not even married.
-We can't sleep together.
See how tall I am?
Considering that, which body part
should be the strongest?
-Your legs?
-No, it's my back. My back.
Men must have a strong back.
Especially for a tall man like me,
fourth and fifth vertebrae must be strong.
And to keep them strong, I must sleep
on a quality bed. Don't you agree?
I guess so. Your back is important too.
But think about the situation we're in.
We're in danger
because Oh Yeong-cheol is loose.
In a nutshell, it's like we're in wartime.
But if we stay apart,
it'll double the danger, right?
I guess it makes sense.
So let's sleep together.
I don't have an ulterior motive.
This is a perfectly rational decision.
You like making rational decisions,
don't you?
Yes, I do like making rational decisions.
Right. Let's go.
A rational decision
Something's strange about this.
Darn it. I thought he said
this was some high-end mattress.
This darned bed is seriously too big
for no good reason.
Is Min asleep?
Seriously? He's really sleeping right now?
How could he fall asleep?
I mean in this situation.
I'm in the same bed with him now.
How could he be sleeping so sound?
Protect me, my ass.
He wouldn't even notice
if Oh Yeong-cheol took me.
just go to sleep.
Stop thinking.
Go to sleep now.
You said you were tired
after having a busy day.
I was just about to.
I'm going to sleep now.
How can I possibly sleep
when you're this close to me?
To be honest,
I can't get to sleep.
-Director Cha! Director Cha!
-Oh my gosh.
My clothes. I'm wearing clothes, right?
Hey, go take care of that.
It's the crack of dawn. Who was that?
I don't know who he is,
but I'll make sure I fire him.
What is this about?
We found this in the garden.
Look, Mom.
This is my phone number.
If something happens, you have
to call this number right away. Okay?
Try writing it down.
Zero, one, zero
Zero, eight, five, six
Mom, no. That's not my number.
Tae-jin. Let's go see Tae-jin.
You know that
Tae-jin passed away a long time ago.
Mom, why don't you focus and try again?
This is really important. Please?
Let's try again.
Zero, one, zero, zero, eight, five, six
Okay, fine.
We can memorize this later,
but wear this.
Look right here.
Press number one nice and long like this.
When you press this button,
you can reach me.
If something happens,
you have to call me. Okay?
-Don't lose it.
We found both Oh Yeong-cheol's
and your mother's blood
on the rock from the garden.
Are you telling me that Oh Yeong-cheol
really came here yesterday?
-Well, yes.
And my mother faced Oh Yeong-cheol?
Seeing how much the blood spread,
it looks like your mother
attacked Oh Yeong-cheol.
We'll find out more once we investigate
That's why Mom was
-I'm leaving.
Mom, let's go. Hurry!
Wait, wait. Hold on a second.
We strengthened the patrol in the area
and police officers will be on guard
around the clock. He won't come near here.
Besides, where will you go?
He's right, Hee-jin. Calm down.
Let's be rational about this, okay?
Oh Yeong-cheol already knows
that we're here.
Besides, my mom attacked him.
No. We won't stay here a second longer.
You'll be in danger wherever you go.
We tightened the security.
You'll be much safer here.
Let's observe for now.
You'll be busy protecting Se-yeon anyway.
Do you even think about us?
You guys don't know how he is.
Oh Yeong-cheol is not a human.
He's a devil.
I'm sure he'll come to kill us.
He'll come to kill us.
Hey, hey.
If you're that worried,
why don't you stay with me?
Well, my house is small,
but it will be big enough
for you two to stay.
I probably can't go home
until I catch Oh Yeong-cheol.
It's close to the police station too.
-You can stay there.
you can't let women stay at a man's house.
The door wasn't locked and I was curious
what you were discussing.
What's going on?
Please take good care of them.
Don't worry.
Actually, Director Cha
hired me to defend Jang Sun-young's case.
I came here for that.
Well, I guess it all worked out.
I need to find out what happened
after she was separated from her mother.
It will also be easier to prepare my case
if I stay with my client.
I'll stop by often too.
You can just move in with me, you know.
It's safer that way too.
Gosh, you've become so open-minded
after studying in the States.
-Tone it down, will you?
-I know you like it.
Ms. Jang.
That bastard won't be able
to find you at the new place,
so don't worry.
Try to do as Hee-jin says
and you have to eat a lot too. Okay?
Hee-jin. Your mother called someone.
She remembered this number?
Mom, you can't call
random people like that.
-No prank calls, okay?
Number one, here.
I told you to press just this button.
Number one!
-Okay. Give me that.
-Good job.
This is my number.
If you don't feel like pressing
number one, you can press two, okay?
Number two.
By the way, who's Tae-jin?
It's my brother.
You had a brother?
Is your mother slowly
getting her memories back?
He's dead.
It's been over 20 years
since he passed away.
I guess he's buried in her heart.
She asks for him from time to time.
When Oh Yeong-cheol was giving us hell,
he was helpful
to both of us.
Get in now.
I'll get going, Se-yeon.
Don't worry, Hee-jin.
The police put out an APB
on Oh Yeong-cheol.
I'm sure they'll catch him soon.
Ms. Jang, why don't you
go on a picnic with Hee-jin?
-Let's go.
I bought what you asked for.
The posters are up all over
this neighborhood too.
I took it down whenever I saw one.
You don't have to do that.
Because this guy
won't exist in this world anymore.
You're still here.
I should get going now.
Let's go if you're ready.
-Go where?
-Where do you think? My company.
I told you that I will stay with you 24-7.
If you're going to stay with me,
you should accommodate to my schedule.
Why should I follow you?
You're unemployed.
Until when are you going to mooch off me?
What? Did you just say "mooch off"?
You think you're wasting money on me?
As soon as I get my identity back, I can--
That's my point. Until you do, come with
me so you can at least pay for your food.
I've got nothing. Damn it.
Attention, all customers
-Welcome back, ma'am.
Why are you all here?
Did anything happen while I was away?
Director Cha instated more guards
at the main house.
Why all of a sudden?
According to the security manager,
he spotted a suspicious individual.
I'm looking into this for more details.
-And the problem isn't the house.
-What is then?
Director Cha hired Ms. Lee Mi-do
to join Lan Cosmetics' legal team
at a premium annual salary.
Is that so?
Well, she used to be a prosecutor
and worked at a big law firm.
He hired a good one.
The thing is that she's hired
under the legal team on paper,
but she's more like
his personal assistant.
-Personal assistant?
-Yes. From what I've heard,
he told the employees to put a desk
for Ms. Lee in his office
and spends his whole day with Ms. Lee.
What's more is that
they even go to the restroom together.
Look at this brat.
He's using the company's resources
for his love life.
I should get things rolling now.
-Mr. Kim.
Where was the place you mentioned before?
Was it Nampyeong?
Let's head over there first
before I go back to the office.
Yes, Ms. Eom.
Here is your coffee, Director Cha.
Okay. Thank you, Ms. Go.
I don't drink instant coffee.
Get me ground coffee or drip coffee.
"Drip coffee," my ass.
I'll crush you if you keep this going.
Just drink what I gave you.
Fine. I guess I can do it myself.
I can make my own coffee.
-Do you want one too?
-Yes, I want mine with ice.
Okay. More or less ice?
-Do we have ice?
Are you kidding me?
My gosh!
I thought it was a coffee commercial.
He's a masterpiece.
Who is that girl with connections?
Who on earth is she?
Why is she glued to Director Cha?
Do you remember the girl he kissed
when he fell at the lobby the other day?
Isn't that her?
Do you think she's his girlfriend?
No way.
-There's no way.
He's the reason that I come to work.
Thank you.
By the way, when do you get off work?
You're the director of this company.
In dramas, people like you
go home really early.
Gosh, you don't know anything.
I have to work even more than
other employees as a director.
Min, in that case, can I step out
for a moment? It'll be really quick.
Where are you going?
I'll come with you after I finish.
I'm worried about my parents.
My parents must be in
as much danger as I am in.
What if Oh Yeong-cheol went to my parents?
You should just sit tight then.
I have a lot of work today.
I'll be working late.
But I'm really worried.
Is anyone home?
I knew that her family wasn't well-off,
but it's worse than I thought.
What's this smell? Gosh, it stinks.
-It stinks.
-Who is she?
Why is she standing in front of our house?
What is she doing?
That's our house.
What is this about?
-This is green plum tea.
Have some tea.
there's no need to drag this out.
I'll cut to the chase.
To sum it up,
we are happy with Ms. Lee.
Let's go ahead with the wedding.
You came here unannounced
and say strange things.
Wedding? You mean my daughter?
Are you talking about Mi-do's wedding?
Well, Director Cha
Did you not know
that she's dating my son?
My gosh, Mi-do is dating Dong-cheol.
I'm very well aware of your circumstances.
Nonetheless, we should still have
a proper wedding,
so I brought this.
This will come in handy
when you prepare the trousseau.
-Mr. Kim.
-Yes, ma'am.
Oh, my. I still don't understand
what's going on here.
Excuse me.
Mi-do didn't tell us anything about this.
She didn't.
-What's wrong?
-Take a look.
What is it?
Let me see.
How dare you? Who do you think we are?
How dare you give us money?
Being rich doesn't give you
the right to be rude to people.
You can't just barge in here
and hand us an envelope full of money.
This is outrageous!
-You need to leave.
-Get out.
-Sir, please.
There's no need to get emotional.
I don't want to hear anymore.
I want you out of my house.
-Hey, let go of me.
-Sir, please
-All right, fine.
-I hear you, okay? I'm leaving.
-She's leaving.
Get out of my house. Now! Both of you!
Can we really make him pay for everything
he did to my mom?
Yes, once her status as a citizen
is recovered.
We have enough evidence
that he abducted and confined her,
but the victim still needs
an identity first.
-It will take some time,
and there is a lot to do before
we can bring him to justice.
You must stay strong.
We'll file the report first
and track down your mother's friends
from before she was abducted.
Excuse me.
Hi, Mom.
How have you been
conducting yourself these days?
You almost took my ears off.
What's with the yelling?
What's going on?
Did you break up with Dong-cheol?
It's not like that. We're just on a break.
A break, my ass!
Today, someone from Lan
The chairman of the cosmetics company
came and offered us money.
Are you marrying her son?
Marry her son? Mom, that's not it.
Your father collapsed with shock.
I hear that you're already
going in and out of his house!
Is that how I taught you?
Mom, hear me out.
It's not me. It's someone who looks
Let's just hang up.
I'll come and explain it to you in person.
Gosh. I'm sorry,
but I have to go see my parents.
-Is something wrong?
-Ms. Eom
I mean, Cha Min's mother
went to see my parents today.
She thinks that Prosecutor Go is me.
She must've done what she did to me.
Your mother must be in shock.
If I leave now,
I won't be back until tomorrow.
Will the two of you be all right?
We're good. You should get going.
Okay, thanks. I'll let Dong-cheol know.
Make sure to lock the doors!
You can't make a move like this
without discussing it with me first.
I told you to stay there and lay low.
Jang Sun-young.
How the hell did you lose her?
Things just got out of hand.
I'll take care of it, so don't fret.
I told you many times
that I need her for what I'm planning.
If you had wanted to make a move
without discussing it,
you should have tied up the loose ends.
You couldn't even do one simple thing?
This is why I don't think you're ready.
If you wish to continue
living your life as Seo Ji-uk,
put your trust in me
and watch from the sidelines.
You'll never be able
to solve the mess you're in.
Just what exactly do you have planned?
I told you before
that I have a marble which
brings people back
from the dead.
This again?
Do you still not believe me?
You saw Go Se-yeon walking around
even though you killed her.
It was you, wasn't it?
You're the one who finished her off.
I'm not a woman to you, so it's all good.
I took care of the ignorant fool.
I'm sorry, but could you go
to Chungdang-dong, please?
Hey, Se-yeon!
I'll leave the drinks here.
Drink it before you go to bed.
You're not dead yet?
You made a mistake in the first place.
I'm sorry.
I never made a mistake before,
but that was my first kill
after becoming an old man.
This is probably why
the elderly constantly say
that they should just die.
do you believe me now?
I don't,
but I'll play along
since I can't prove it.
So what do you have planned?
I will
lure Go Se-yeon out
and commit a murder-suicide.
Once everyone is sure that I am dead,
I will come back to life
with this marble.
To do so,
I need someone else
who can also see this marble.
My dear daughter
will bring her dad back to life.
I want to pee.
Where am I?
What the hell? She's barefoot.
Ma'am, are you all right?
Tae-jin, help!
-Is this your son?
Hello, are you her guardian?
I found her wandering the streets
without any shoes on.
-Hold on a second.
I think you should get over here.
Please hurry.
Where can I find you?
We're at
Mr. Cha!
Here. Let me do this.
It's fine. You must be exhausted too.
Why would I be when you did all the work?
This isn't like you.
As your assistant, I can do this much.
When I asked for some coffee earlier,
you said you'd crush me, right?
My gosh. Did I really say that?
I don't know why I'm so rash all the time.
I should apologize. I'm sorry.
From now on, I'll be a good assistant.
Had I known you'd change this much,
I would've sent your parents
to the vacation home sooner.
It's not all because of that though.
It's really fine. You should go and rest.
Mr. Cha, you're so generous.
I'm using the bathroom if you're done.
Sure, go ahead.
Flattery is harder than I thought.
She was crying until a second ago,
but now she's smiling.
Thank you so much. How can I repay you?
Please don't mention it.
I only did what was right.
Make sure you don't let go of your son.
You shouldn't
wander the streets like that, okay?
Yes, sir.
Thank you.
No, it's mine!
Won't you even let Tae-jin see it?
I'll only look at it briefly.
I'm giving you this because
you did as I said.
Thank you!
She must've been exhausted.
She barely slept last night either.
What the hell?
-You're up.
-Why aren't you answering your phone?
Oh, right.
Min, my mom's gone.
What is it?
Number one
Number one
Number one
Hee-jin, what happened?
She disappeared while I was sleeping.
What? What about her phone?
She always has it on her.
She's not answering. It's been turned off.
-Prosecutor Go.
Did you check the security cameras?
I did, and she was alone.
I don't think she was abducted.
She must've left the building
and got lost.
It's all right.
I'm getting a signal.
Can you have it traced?
Hee-jin, it's all right.
-It'll be all right.
-What do I do?
Where could she have gone? It's all right.
Goodness me.
Look who it is.
I've been thinking of the best way
to have Su-jin come to me,
but my son solved the problem.
You exceeded my expectations.
Good job.
You did great.
Make sure that you take control of her
just like you did in the old days.
What's the rush?
You should have a seat.
Come to think of it,
we've never had a moment like this before.
The face you see right now
will soon be gone,
so it wouldn't be a bad idea
to have a drink with your old man.
No, don't!
Run. Run, Tae-jin!
Why won't you listen?
Is this how your mom taught you?
No, don't!
Run. Get away from here!
Run. Run, Tae-jin!
Crazy bitch!
How dare you
Let go.
Those who don't behave
must be taught discipline--
You said you needed her.
This is why things
keep getting out of hand.
You're always acting on your emotions.
Because you behave like that
to your husband,
this son of a bitch
won't look up to his father.
How dare you
Stop it!
How could
The devil can create
something worse than himself.
I may not have been strong enough
back then,
but not anymore.
Sir! We're in trouble!
The police are here.
Hey, wait!
Where do you think you're going?
Damn it. Keep your distance
if you're going to follow us in, okay?
Ms. Jang?
Ms. Jang!
Ms. Jang!
He just left. Search the area!
Mom, wake up!
Wake up, Mom!
-Prosecutor Go.
We haven't checked in here yet, have we?
No, ma'am.
I don't think these footprints
belong to one person.
Well, it could be the woman
who helped him get away.
A woman?
Don't you think they're too big
to be a woman's?
Wake up!
Do you want me to cover this up for you?
Your guest has arrived, sir.
I was expecting your call.
I'll get straight to the point.
How much do you know?
that's not important.
The real question is,
what is your purpose to this?
I don't have one.
I just want to make things right.
That monster, Seo Ji-uk
You were the one who raised him.
If only
you hadn't put him where he is today,
Oh Yeong-cheol's murders
might not have come this far.
What are you talking about?
You need to reveal the truth
about Seo Ji-uk.
It's your last chance to earn forgiveness
from your real son.
Detective Park.
This is the stuff Mi-do asked me
to bring to you.
-Thank you.
-She went to see her parents,
but I'm not sure why.
How is Ms. Jang doing?
Not any better.
I hope she recovers soon.
We got the forensic results.
-Do you want to go check with me?
-Yes. Take this.
I'll stay here.
-Let's go.
-All right.
Like you said, sir,
Oh Yeong-cheol and the nurse must've been
hiding there since he escaped.
We only found their fingerprints there.
Just the two of them? Anybody else?
But like you said,
they must've had an accomplice.
Did you find anything?
We analyzed the bloodstains,
and the bloodstains belonged
to three different people.
Oh Yeong-cheol, Jang Sun-young, and--
The last one was the DNA
of an unknown XY chromosome
with the blood type A.
Meaning, three people
fought and bled that night.
An unknown XY chromosome?
Is there any way to find out who he is?
He has no criminal records,
so his DNA is not registered here.
There's no way it could have been
a first-time offender.
We did discover something odd, though.
I compared the DNA of the three people,
just in case.
And there was a significant match
between the DNA of the unknown person
and Oh Yeong-cheol, which means
the unknown guy
is Oh Yeong-cheol's biological child.
His son?
So Oh Yeong-cheol had a son
and didn't register his son's birth.
And Oh Yeong-cheol made his son
assist him in killing people, right?
That's all we can assume.
-What kind of bastard--
What if Oh Yeong-cheol
registered his son's birth?
-By the way, who's Tae-jin?
-He's dead.
Oh Yeong-cheol might've
falsely reported his son dead
after he registered his son's birth.
He did the same thing to Ms. Jang.
You mean, Oh Yeong-cheol reported him dead
and made him assist the murders?
Well, there's no difference either way,
What a lunatic!
Hee-jin knows who he is.
Let's get back to the hospital.
He's my step-brother.
Tae-jin was Oh Yeong-cheol's son.
He was Oh Yeong-cheol's biological son,
but it was hard to believe that
he was raised by that monster.
Because he was such a good brother.
Until when was he living with you?
I don't really remember.
It was a long time ago.
Maybe when I was seven or eight?
I think that's the last time I saw him.
Did he just disappear?
But he wasn't supposed to tell anyone
that he was Oh Yeong-cheol's son.
He couldn't even
call Oh Yeong-cheol "Dad."
Only a few people know
that Tae-jin is Oh Yeong-cheol's son.
But why?
I'm not really sure.
It all happened when I was little.
Mom would probably have known
more about him.
Let me know if anything else comes up.
Why don't you go home and get some rest?
-It's all right.
-Go on. I'll look after her.
You need to sleep at least
for one or two hours.
You barely slept last night.
Let's go. I'll give you a ride.
-Go on ahead.
-Let's go.
-Come on.
Go get some rest.
Ji-uk? What brings you here?
I heard that Ms. Jang
has been admitted to this hospital.
I thought I should come and visit her.
We're all good about
what happened last time, right?
I heard Choe Gi-hun fooled you as well.
That's right.
She's still unconscious,
but would you like to see how she's doing?
-I'd like that.
We should
find Oh Yeong-cheol as soon as possible.
The prosecution must be busy
because of him.
Who is it?
-Is Jang Sun-young's guardian present?
Could you fill in some papers?
I told you
to forget about Tae-jin, didn't I?
To be honest,
I've always hated you for provoking him
when you couldn't even protect me, Mother.
-I'll get going.
You must be having a hard time.
You look so tired.
-I'm fine.
-Let's go. I'll see you off--
No need for that.
Are you sure? Okay, bye.
I'll text you the address.
You can take her if you want.
What brings you here?
I've met her before,
so I thought I should pay her a visit.
You keep showing up
in unexpected places, Prosecutor Seo.
Why did she pack this?
Get well soon, Ms. Jang,
if you want to go to see flowers
with Hee-jin just like in the drawings.
This number looks familiar
It's Hee-jin's number.
The other one is not in my contacts.
But why does it look so familiar?
Try to do as Hee-jin says
and you have to eat a lot too. Okay?
Oh Tae-jin.
She still remembers Oh Tae-jin's number!
Aren't you going to get that?
Why should I let you decide
whether to pick up my phone or not?
I don't know what it is
that you have against me.
Why don't you go in
if you're here to visit?
Pick up, Oh Tae-jin.
I'll get going
since I've got better things to do.
I saw a young man walk out of her place.
Prosecutor Seo is the kidnapper.
She's not dead yet.
You're Oh Tae-jin, aren't you?
Who would believe you?
You don't even exist in this world.
Ji-uk was the accomplice.
Go Se-yeon found out about us.
I got Prosecutor Seo and Judge Seo's
hair samples.
Are you out of your mind?
How dare you call Seo Ji-uk
Oh Yeong-cheol's biological son?
Please Please save me, Su-jin.
She's not even picking up.
Where in the world did she go?
Oh Yeong-cheol! I'm going to kill you
if you lay a finger on Hee-jin!
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