Abyss (2019) s01e12 Episode Script

Episode 12

I'll get going
since I've got better things to do.
You're Oh Tae-jin, aren't you?
What's the matter with you?
It's me.
Seo Ji-uk.
Who would believe you?
You don't even exist in this world.
Just like you're Lee Mi-do,
I'm Seo Ji-uk.
What the hell are you doing?
Se-yeon. Hey, Se-yeon!
Hey, what's wrong?
Ji-uk He
Ji-uk was the accomplice.
She's not dead yet.
You should get some sleep
like Prosecutor Go said.
Can't you just go tomorrow morning?
It's getting late, so it's not safe.
You need to get some rest.
No, it's okay.
I'm going to wash up,
pack up my stuff, and get going.
Don't worry about me
and just get back to the station.
Well, I'm not really worried about you.
Anyway, all right.
Then give me a call when you're leaving.
I don't want you to go alone.
I'll call my guys
and tell them to give you a ride.
-Thank you.
-Go on in.
You have to call me, okay?
Don't go there alone!
Why must she worry me like this?
Who is it?
Prosecutor Seo Ji-uk
I'm from the Prosecutors' Office.
Just a second, please.
How can I help you?
It's me.
It's me, Oh Tae-jin.
Please Please save me, Su-jin.
Father, please forgive me.
-Father, I'm sorry.
-You should pay
-Father, I'm sorry.
-for your mistakes
Actually, I'm the one who broke it.
Tae-jin didn't do anything wrong.
Does that mean you lied to me,
my little princess?
And you agreed to aid her
in telling this lie.
Wait quietly.
You're next.
What is it? Are you angry?
Give up.
You have
already lost.
Are you all right?
Why show up after all these years?
I'm not sure where to begin
and how I can explain what happened, but--
You didn't show up
when we were looking for you.
Do you know what Mom and I went through
after you left?
I shouldn't have run away like that.
I'm sorry, Su-jin.
I'm sorry.
Where the hell have you been?
And what's up with that wound?
How did you get it?
Oh Yeong-cheol.
That bastard managed to find me.
I think I should go check on Hee-jin.
If Ji-uk handed Jang Sun-young over
to Oh Yeong-cheol,
then that means he knows
where she is now. It's too dangerous.
-Se-yeon, please.
Can you please
only think about yourself now?
-I'm okay.
-I'm not okay with this.
You can't sleep or eat.
You're so stressed out
and anxious every day.
Have you ever thought about
how I must feel, having to watch that?
If Seo Ji-uk really is the one
who killed you,
then I'd want to punish him
more than anybody else does.
And if you want,
I can certainly go ahead
and do that with what I have.
I know. I know all of that,
but if we punish him that easily,
it'll be meaningless.
Exactly. I know that's how you feel.
I know you will feel like that because
I know you better than anyone else.
And that's why I've been helping you
catch him
the way you want to do it.
But you see, Se-yeon,
I had to see you throw yourself
into dangerous situations
and getting yourself hurt.
Think about how it must've made me feel.
Since I was young, I've always done
the things that I wanted to do
even when people tried
to dissuade me by saying
that they're dangerous
and that I'd likely end up failing
and getting hurt.
Do you know
where I got the courage from?
A black knight who does everything for me
so that I don't have to lift a finger?
Sure, that would be nice too.
But perhaps it's because
I'm a bit of a warrior myself.
I don't really need a knight
who'd brandish his sword
right by my side.
Then what am I? A field medic?
No. You're my shelter.
-Your shelter?
-Yes, like a home.
-I'm an inanimate object? A home?
On battlefields, nothing boosts soldiers'
fighting efficiency more than this does.
"We will win no matter what
and return home."
The place where I feel the safest
and most comfortable in my life,
which has been a constant battle.
The person who makes me smile,
gives me the strength I need,
and therefore makes me invincible.
To me, you're that person.
And you've always been on my side
no matter what.
Thank you.
But still,
I'm so worried about you every second.
I can't stop you though.
So, think about how I'd feel
and please take it easy, okay?
You can't be here.
This is the safest place, don't you think?
A serial killer on the run
at a prosecutor's place?
Who would dare
to imagine that this may be possible?
Go Se-yeon found out about us.
Has Jang Sun-young regained
her consciousness already--
Because of the bloodstain
left at the scene.
Why did you let
your emotions get the better of you?
Jang Sun-young won't wake up
for quite a while,
but Su-jin is the problem.
She won't help Go Se-yeon
as long as Jang Sun-young is alive.
I've warned her.
She'll come to you soon,
so just wait quietly for the time being.
Sit back down.
I'm not here to talk to you
about such things.
Disinfect the wound yourself, twice a day.
Well, how did it go?
It was a burner phone,
just as we expected.
And the number is no longer in service.
Then there's no firm evidence
to pin Seo Ji-uk down as a suspect.
If we can prove that he is
Oh Yeong-cheol's biological son,
we should be able to use the media
to open a reinvestigation.
But do you think Seo Ji-uk will agree
to a DNA test?
A DNA test?
Can't we just
Will this be hard? It only takes a second.
It certainly won't be easy. How are we
going to pluck his hair for no reason
-Dong-cheol, someone's here for you.
It's a woman. She seems very angry though.
-I don't know.
She looks a little bit like Mr. Bogus.
-Mr. Bogus?
-It must be Mi-do.
-Why is Mr. Bogus angry?
The chicken sandwich. Right?
All of this happened
because you haven't proposed to me yet.
Why are you taking it out on me?
Why is it my fault
that Mr. Cha's mother went there?
You're such a loser. Don't act all tough.
You act like a real man only when
you catch culprits. You're useless.
Why did you have to come back to life
with that face and cause all this trouble?
That's what I'm saying.
Well, I've been told that you're given
an appearance that resembles your soul.
Maybe we were soul mates, don't you think?
Come to think of it,
we're both ill-tempered.
I'm thinking that may have been
why we never got along.
I'm even more upset now.
You see, I feel really bad
that I keep causing all this trouble
while using your identity.
What can I do though?
The world thinks that I'm already dead.
Gosh, you
I can't even be mean to you because
you look like me before plastic surgery.
This situation is driving me nuts.
So? Did Mr. Cha say that
he can take care of this for sure?
Hey, I'm saying this
because you're like a little sister to me.
I suggest you reconsider
your relationship with Mr. Cha.
The chairman of Lan Cosmetics
will be such an overbearing mother-in-law.
Why are you nodding
when you don't even know anything?
Are you prepared
to sue the plastic surgeon?
-How could he make you
-My, this is delicious.
look like a cartoon character?
I'm not being like this for no reason.
I'm just worried about you. That's all.
I did nothing wrong,
so don't fuss over it.
What you did is certainly wrong.
Did you harass every single girl
I've dated like that?
"Every single girl"?
Hey, don't talk like
you've dated a lot of girls.
Se-yeon dumped you,
so it leaves just two, Hee-jin and Mi-do.
Whether it's one or two,
the number isn't important.
How could you go to her place
without even telling me
and throw money at her?
Do you want the whole country
to know about it?
I'm doing this for a reason.
I'm not fond of any of the girls
you end up getting involved with,
so I'm trying to come up with a plan here.
What else did you do?
What do you mean?
I didn't do anything else.
You'd better tell me now.
Tell me!
I really didn't do much.
I vetted her family,
did a background check on her,
-and put a tracker on her.
-A tracker?
Mom, that is a crime.
I'm doing it for a legitimate reason.
She sold the house you bought
and ran away.
How can I trust her?
What if it happens again?
Are you saying
you've been tracking Hee-jin until now?
That's not what I'm saying.
I just put the device on her phone
just in case--
-Okay, I heard you!
I'll tell them to disable the device.
Even your personality changed
along with your appearance.
You never used to talk back to me,
but you yell at me all the time now.
-Tell Mr. Kim to come to my office.
-Sure, ma'am.
So, what is Oh Yeong-cheol
trying to achieve?
You said he gave permission
for you to be adopted.
He got arrested,
and his life has hit rock bottom.
I bet he thinks he has nothing to lose.
He didn't seem to be in his right mind.
He kept talking nonsense.
He said he has some kind of A marble?
He mentioned that he can use it
to be reborn.
He said it'll enable him
to live a completely new life.
I have no idea what that means.
So, that's his goal?
He said he really needs you
to make that happen.
It's just crazy talk.
I think I now know what he's after.
And I finally know
what I should do.
Mom, are you all right?
Look at me, Mom.
Do you see me?
Hello, Doctor. This is VIP Room One.
My mom has regained her consciousness.
Yes, she just woke up.
Detective Park, Prosecutor Seo is taking
another sick day.
He must be quite ill.
Oh, yes. I just spoke to him on the phone.
I have to pick up something from him,
so I called,
and he said he's feeling sick.
He said he left it on his desk.
I'll go in and grab it.
-Oh, I see. Sure.
-Thank you.
I feel bad that he's sick.
I hope he feels better soon. Oh, dear.
There has to be some on the floor.
No hair around here? Oh!
Found one!
This isn't hair.
It's a metal wire. Jeez!
He must keep a toothbrush in his office.
What are you doing here?
Oh, Prosecutor Seo
I was just This orchid
We received a report
about you.
-What is the report about?
-Well, it's
I mean, it's
You know what?
I'll be straightforward with you.
We found blood
that belongs to Oh Yeong-cheol's son
at the place
where Jang Sun-young was abducted.
His biological son, Oh Tae-jin,
who was believed to be dead.
I have a feeling that you may be
his son, Oh Tae-jin.
I know.
It sounds absurd, right?
I, too, think that it's an absurd idea,
but we have to work together,
so I don't want any misunderstandings.
Why don't you just take a DNA test
so that there are no misunderstandings?
I'm not sure
how to make sense of this situation.
You're investigating the allegation
on your own, off the record.
There's no evidence,
but you're targeting me
based on your instincts?
Is that how I should
interpret the situation?
Who's in charge of the investigation?
Well, it's
If you have nothing to hide,
there's no reason for you
to not take a DNA test.
A DNA test?
What are you talking about?
Hello, sir.
So basically, some are speculating
that my son
might actually be someone else's son.
A serial killer's biological child,
to be exact. Am I right?
Am I right, Detective Park?
We did receive a tip regarding it, sir.
Give him what he needs.
We don't need to cooperate
with this ridiculous investigation.
Don't worry about it, Father.
Just give him what he needs,
so he can leave.
I'll give you mine too.
Take the samples and compare them.
Then you'll know for sure.
Yes, sir.
A police officer
is asking us to cooperate to verify
a few things regarding an investigation.
We should cooperate, of course.
But if it turns out
that you were wrong about this,
then you'll definitely have to
take responsibility for it.
If Prosecutor Go is right,
it makes no sense
that Judge Seo is this confident.
Whatever. The test results
will tell us the truth.
Yes, Prosecutor Go.
I got Prosecutor Seo and Judge Seo's
hair samples.
Are you giving up on everything?
Even if we don't cooperate,
they'll find a sample
of your hair somewhere.
Why did you let things get this messy?
I guess it's karma getting back at me.
I shouldn't blame anyone else.
At this critical time,
I'm here working as your secretary.
I understand how upsetting this can be,
but I couldn't cancel this.
Think about my social status.
And officially, you're jobless.
Now, you don't even hesitate
to call me "jobless" to my face.
As soon as I get my identity back,
-Hello, Mr. Choi.
How are things with Se-yeon's parents?
They're doing great
enjoying the clean air and water
as if they're on vacation?
I'm so glad to hear that.
Yes, please take good care of them.
Oh, please pay close attention
to their safety at all times.
Okay, thank you.
I'm sorry. Where were we?
What did you say you'll do
when you get your identity back?
I said I'll repay your kindness
and generosity.
Everyone at work knows
that you're my secretary,
so it won't look good if you aren't here.
They said it'll take some time
before the DNA test results come out,
so let's quickly check customer feedback
and go see Detective Park. Okay?
Were there any complaints
about reactions or irritations?
He's obviously doing this on purpose.
He knows that I like men
who are professional.
That's why he made me tag along.
But I must say,
he does look pretty hot when he's working.
Hey, look. Is he a model?
He's so handsome.
-That must be a new product.
-Let's go.
Please move the old products
over to that section.
-Hello, welcome.
This is our new limited-edition lip gloss
that came out today.
The color is vivid,
and it smells very good too.
Would you like to try it on?
It'll go well with your makeup.
-You think so?
-Jeez, he doesn't have to apply it
Gosh, what is that?
What's up with that pout?
Look at that.
She'll eat up the whole product.
Do you want to take a look?
-Do you like it?
-It's really pretty.
-I'll take one.
-He's so handsome.
-May I try it on too?
-Apply it on me as well.
I mean, it's selling like hotcakes,
but they're here to buy makeup
Why do they have to go on
about how handsome he is?
We'd like to try it on too.
-Then please wait in line.
-Hey, I got here before you did.
What? They're lining up for that now?
Unbelievable. I'm impressed.
This is what it feels like to wait
for a girlfriend with her purse
in front of the ladies' room.
I'm totally enjoying it.
Hey, what's up?
Abyss? What about it?
Did you see that guy?
Doesn't he look like a model?
Yes, I saw him. He's very tall.
Isn't he so handsome?
Why are you asking about it
Hello? Hee-jin
What was that about?
I kept you waiting long, didn't I?
Let's go.
Wait here. I have to run to a shop.
Why? What do you need?
Well, I just need ten
No, five minutes should be enough.
I'll be right back.
Hey, you didn't even let me go
to the restroom alone.
-Why are you being like this now?
I'll come too.
I want to check out the shop.
No, I'll be quick. Just wait a moment--
Let's go together.
Come on. Where is this shop?
I want to check it out too.
You want to come? Okay.
This one? This jewelry store?
What do you need to get?
Do what you need to do.
I'll just browse around.
My gosh, this is so pretty.
This is totally my style.
Won't this look great on me?
Yes, it's nice.
Here's the one we repaired for you.
Thank you.
How much do I owe you for the repairs?
Nothing. It's still under warranty.
I see, thank you. Let's go. I'm done.
-You're done?
They repaired my mom's necklace.
She asked me to pick it up.
So, you're really done?
You didn't forget anything? All done?
Yes. I told you I'd be right back.
-Let's go.
Doesn't your mother have a secretary?
Why did you have to
Why did you have to pick it up?
Hello, Detective Park.
Sorry? She's gone?
I don't want to inconvenience
or rely on anyone anymore.
I'll contact you
after things get sorted out.
Thank you for everything.
Since regaining
her consciousness in the morning,
she kept saying that
it was too stuffy in here.
She left to get some fresh air,
but I haven't seen her since.
I told her to stay put, but
I'm really sorry.
I should've checked on her sooner.
I checked the security cameras
in the hospital,
but no one forced her anywhere.
Hee-jin pushed the wheelchair herself
and hailed a cab.
She's not even picking up.
Where in the world did she go?
She must've felt like
her life was in danger.
This time and the time before,
he keeps on finding her
no matter where she is.
It's hard for her
to trust those around her.
I doubt she has anywhere to go.
Can you find out
where Oh Yeong-cheol is right now?
Oh Yeong-cheol who evaded the police
while inspecting the crime scene
has been at large for five days.
The police is conducting
a nationwide search
and has distributed his photo,
but lack of tips and reports
are hampering the investigation.
Hwang Chi-heon brings us the story.
The police is yet to have
Oh Yeong-cheol in custody
even five days after
the unprecedented escape he made.
The public continues to criticize
the clumsy and poor police escort.
I am Hwang Chi-heon for KBN News.
Maybe Oh Yeong-cheol is dead.
How can there be no sightings of him?
Tell me about it.
Where the hell is this rat hiding?
Go find him.
Be patient, guys.
I have a feeling we'll catch him soon.
Him and his pawn too.
-Hello, sir.
-Sir, what brings you by at this hour?
You crazy bastard!
Are you out of your mind?
How dare you call Seo Ji-uk
Oh Yeong-cheol's biological son?
You idiot.
Absurd claims should
at least sound believable.
Must I have received that
from Judge Seo himself?
The same judge who'll be
Chief Justice soon?
We're already in the doghouse
for letting Oh Yeong-cheol escape.
Are you trying to bury us all completely?
Is it your intention
to make us all look incompetent?
I can't even look at you right now,
so turn in your gun and leave.
Don't come back to work
until you're told to.
What now?
Prosecutor Seo is here.
You took care of it, didn't you?
Thank you.
I didn't do it for you.
Anyway, I have an appointment.
The test revealed
a DNA match of 99 percent.
How did he collect DNA
from the real Seo Ji-uk
and switch the samples?
Detective Park is calling you.
Detective Park, what's up?
Could there have been
a mix-up with the samples?
I'm afraid not. Also, Prosecutor Seo's DNA
doesn't match the blood sample's
from the abandoned factory.
Okay, I get it for now.
Was that about Seo Ji-uk's DNA test?
His DNA is a 99 percent match
to Judge Seo's.
They're father and son.
That can't be true.
my memory be faulty?
It's hard to trust
Ms. Jang's memory either,
-so maybe I rushed to a conclusion--
A number of things point to Seo Ji-uk.
Se-yeon, this is your murder case,
so how could you be wrong?
Let's be rational about this.
Seo Ji-uk is the office's top prosecutor
and Judge Seo is his legal family.
They could have easily
fabricated the test result.
Oh Yeong-cheol is still at large.
So getting Seo Ji-uk
to answer to his crimes
could take a while.
Let's stay strong, okay?
I know it's hard,
but try and get some sleep.
Gosh, I'm sorry.
My tossing and turning
must've woken you up.
I'm fine.
You're the one I'm worried about.
I just can't.
You should go to sleep without me.
Are you going somewhere?
-You can't sleep, can you?
Then come with me.
-I have something to show you.
What is this place?
It's so pretty. My gosh!
This isn't even the best part.
Now that's what I call considerate.
It sure is refreshing.
It's beautiful.
It truly is.
-Are you glad you came?
I was reborn into a smaller figure
with an average face,
but I'm glad to be alive and by your side.
What do you mean small and average?
To me, you're the most
special and outstanding person.
These past few weeks
must have been difficult for you,
and I know it'll sound selfish,
but I'm happy these days.
That's why sometimes I feel sorry
and also guilty.
Still, I'm also grateful
that I can help you out.
That's how it's been for me.
I'm selfish, aren't I?
No, not really. But you do sound cheesy.
I'm only joking.
That's how I've been too.
This entire situation is absurd,
but I've been enjoying my life
with gratitude as well.
If I hadn't died
and been brought back to life,
I may have never lived
so passionately and honestly like this.
Especially when it comes to love.
I've never told you this before,
but I liked you a few times.
Don't be ridiculous.
Freshman year in high school.
Why do you think I gave you chocolate
on Valentine's Day?
Anyway, that wasn't the last time
I was wavered by my feelings for you.
You really shouldn't lie
about these things.
Why do you think I stayed friends with you
for over 20 years then?
Then why did you turn me down
all those times?
I told you numerous times
that I liked you.
I was going to
after turning you down a few times,
but you'd soon give up
and tell me that
another man would suit me better.
You'd sound like a complete loser.
Then when I'm finally ready
to forget about you and move on,
you ask me out again.
You're the one who kept confusing me.
Come to think of it,
you played with my heart.
It's only because you kept rejecting me.
I liked you, but then I had to give up.
I mean
Your rejections were so harsh.
What about now?
I haven't rejected you recently.
-Why aren't you asking me out?
We kissed,
and now we're sleeping together.
When are you going to ask me out?
I was just waiting for the right time.
And I'm telling you that this is the time.
Right this moment.
You never know when the timing is right.
Okay, fine. Since we're being
honest with each other,
starting today
Wait, isn't this
You're so quick-witted
and naturally impatient.
It sure is hard to surprise
my prosecutor girlfriend.
You should've given me a hint
that you had this prepared.
I'm good at turning a blind eye, you know.
We should
stop being friends now.
Let's go steady instead.
If only you stopped
after giving me the necklace
-Was that awful?
Wait. Hold on a second.
You should enjoy your alone time
while you can.
-Before we get married.
Was that awful too?
That was truly horrendous.
Hold on. I wrote about 25 of these.
Thank you.
I really
I really like you, Se-yeon.
Will you be my girlfriend?
Yes, of course. I'll gladly be yours.
I won't reject you anymore.
Wasn't that a bit too fast?
In what way?
We've been pulling away
from each other for 20 years.
It's time we pulled each other in.
So can I have your beer?
I already finished mine.
A huge weight has been
lifted off my chest.
Hey, Min.
Do you think that alien
is watching us right now?
Wouldn't he?
He'd feel responsible
since he gave it to me.
I wish we could get another Abyss.
To do what?
With it, we'll revive
Steve Jobs or Albert Einstein
and get rich.
That is so like you.
Wouldn't it be nice to be millionaires?
Nothing trumps money.
A millionaire?
Money isn't everything, you know.
Then what is? Money is the best.
Gosh, I hate this.
-You're my everything, Se-yeon!
-I hate it.
-Stop it.
-Se-yeon, you're my everything!
-Come back.
-Go away!
No, don't come any closer. Stop it.
-You should put those on.
-These are too big.
Hello, this is Park Gi-man.
How can I help you?
I'd like to meet.
Good, I'll see you this evening.
-Gosh, are you all right?
Are you hurt in any way?
It's all right. I'm fine.
It was only a little bump.
-I'm not hurt at all.
I'm so sorry.
I didn't think of my daughter's speed,
and I was in a rush.
It's really all right. I'm sorry.
No, I'm the one who
should've paid better attention.
Just to be sure,
why don't you get checked out by a doctor?
Let me give you a ride.
No, it's fine.
I have to get home. It's urgent.
I'm really fine, so you can go your way.
Hold on though.
-Here's my business card.
Please give me a call
if you develop any soreness.
Sure, thank you.
Again, I'm sorry about this.
Let's go.
-I'm sorry.
-It's okay!
-Are you all right?
Yes, it's me.
I think there's an easy way
to corner Park Gi-man.
Mr. Park Gi-man!
Yes? Just a second.
-Mr. Park Gi-man!
How can I help you?
Are you Park Gi-man?
Yes, that's me.
We're the police.
Your car was reported in
a hit-and-run accident.
-You need to come with us.
-A hit-and-run?
You have the right to an attorney
and you may appeal
to the terms of your arrest.
Please come with us.
I'm sorry, but there must be
a misunderstanding.
If so, it'll be cleared up
at the precinct.
But that's
Just hear me out, all right?
You changed lanes
-without signaling first!
-I did.
-You didn't. I didn't see it.
-I did.
What do you mean I should've let you pass?
-Mr. Park.
Today around noon,
you ran down a woman with your car.
It wasn't anything serious.
There was barely any contact--
A little girl and her mother.
You were behind the wheel
when you drove into them with your car
that has the license plate of 56B7767.
Do you admit to that?
I only slightly bumped into the mother
and not the kid.
Also, I insisted that
she go to the hospital,
but she kept saying
that she was all right.
The lady said that
you didn't even give her a business card.
Whether you gave her one or not
doesn't matter.
You should've reported the accident
or took her to the hospital.
You have a lot of driving experience.
Didn't you know that
not reporting the accident
is considered a hit-and-run too?
That's why you took the black box
as evidence.
The footage will show that
I gave her my business card.
Yes, that black box.
There's no memory card in yours.
It's mandatory for taxi drivers.
That's another violation.
There's no memory card?
That's impossible. I check every morning.
So you admit to the charges?
could I talk to the lady
before saying anything more?
She's been admitted to a hospital.
Since she's pregnant
and there may be secondary damage,
she refused any sort of contact.
Also, her family is pissed off that
you hit a pregnant woman and just left.
can I do then?
If you wish to hire an attorney,
I suggest you do that.
You can discuss it with your lawyer.
The person you have reached
is unavailable.
He won't pick up.
Don't you think it's a bit weird
that he's not showing up
when he was the one who asked to see us?
Do you think he's in trouble?
Maybe Oh Yeong-cheol--
He's wanted all over the country,
so he won't be getting around much.
-Where's Park Gi-man?
-We can't reach him.
Could you ask the nearby station
to go check on his house, just in case?
All right.
Oh, and I checked the call history log
on Prosecutor Seo's burner phone again
and the last call was to the hospital.
The place where Ms. Jang Sun-young
was hospitalized.
Does that mean
the sudden change of hospitals
I need to tell you something.
Could we meet up?
Is this enough?
Now you're acting like my daughter.
And the time and location
is the same as you promised?
Do you think she's suspecting anything?
We spent too much time together for that.
You're going to keep your promise
when we're done with this, right?
Yes, of course.
I despise anyone who can't keep a promise.
If we can just get through today,
you, your mother, and I
We can all start a new life.
You can do this, right?
Of course.
It's so weird that he just disappeared,
and I'm worried about
Hee-jin and her mother, too.
We can't be too hasty.
Hee-jin might be setting us up again.
He's right.
I've sent the patrols over there.
Are you headed there?
Okay, we'll be on our way.
Let's go.
It's this way!
Where are you? Have you guys arrived?
This is the police.
Someone reported that a suspect is here.
Where is Go Se-yeon?
Is there a long-stay patient here
who goes by the name Jang Sun-young?
-Wait up, Se-yeon
Let go of me!
Get back up. Go on.
Damn it
Where are my handcuffs? Wait here.
-Here you go, sir.
-Give them to me. Hurry!
Ms. Kim Mi-ja. You are under arrest.
He knew that I could see Abyss,
so he kidnapped my mom
to take advantage of me.
Fortunately enough,
he doesn't really know how to use it.
I'm going to take advantage of that
and use it against him.
Please tell Min
that I'm sorry for everything.
I also want to thank you
for all you've done.
Thank you for everything.
isn't coming.
What did you say?
And I won't be saving you with Abyss,
Didn't I tell you?
I despise anyone who can't keep a promise.
How dare you, you bitch
You didn't know that
I used to be a pickpocket, did you?
I heard that this thing
can kill you within minutes.
Is that true?
How dare you, you bitch
-Give that back.
-Step away from me!
I'd rather die,
than ever help you again.
Do you really think
you're capable of that?
She won't pick up.
That crazy brat!
How could she use herself as bait?
Do you have any idea
about where she might be?
Damn it, why did I have to be
put on probation now?
I think I know how we can track her.
Can you still track where Hee-jin is?
No, it's just that
I did tell them to stop tracking her,
They said the application
can't be deleted like
Hey, I'm not like that!
I won't ever do it again!
Could you do it one more time?
Damn it!
I got it. It's not far from here.
-Did your mom tell you?
Your mother is locked up
somewhere in this building.
I'm the only one
who knows the password.
Why is my mom
Tae-jin is my only son, you know.
Did you really trust him?
If you don't want your mother to suffer,
you better think fast.
What's going on?
Someone reported that
this was Oh Yeong-cheol's hideout,
but we lost contact of the person
who reported it.
Oh Yeong-cheol! I'm going to kill you
if you lay a finger on Hee-jin!
Hee-jin! Jang Hee-jin!
If I can be revived
to look like someone else
before the police get to us,
I'll be able to escape.
You'll just have to
revive me with this thing.
Your plan was wrong
from the very beginning.
That's what your soul looks like.
You're not going to look any different,
no matter how many times you're revived.
Oh, and one more thing.
Cha Min is the only one
who can bring you back to life.
Jang Hee-jin!
Follow me. Come on.
No, don't!
Why don't we
both just die here?
For everyone's sake.
Hey, you guys, go that way.
-The rest of you, follow me.
-Yes, sir.
Call in the ambulance
and the rest of the squad.
Yes, sir.
-Jang Hee-jin! Hee-jin!
She's breathing. Hee-jin!
-Oh no
What about my mom?
She wasn't anywhere
in the building.
Why did you come out here?
Let's go. You need to rest.
Come on.
Could I talk to you for a minute,
Prosecutor Go?
-What's going on?
-Is she dead?
-What is it?
-Oh my gosh
What is it?
-Excuse me, sorry.
-Excuse us.
I'm the
-Move over. Let them in.
-Please keep your hands off.
-It's all right.
What's wrong with Oh Yeong-cheol?
Didn't you check on him?
-We just did, sir!
-Damn it!
Please save my mom.
You saved Se-yeon and me, too.
Why can't you save my mom?
Please save her
Do you know how many people
witnessed her body?
Step down from everything and leave.
Do you know how much I struggled
to live up to your expectations?
It won't be the end for just me.
Bear that in mind.
You think I'm not capable?
You think you'll get the best of me?
How did this end up with Go Se-yeon?
-Let go!
Just you wait.
I'm going to reveal your disgusting self
whatever it takes.
Subtitle translation by Jennifer Lee
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