Abyss (2019) s01e13 Episode Script

Episode 13

I'm home.
Tae-jin. Why are you so late?
You promised to come home right after
school ended and play with me.
-You're late.
-Go wash up. Let's eat.
Tae-jin, there's blood.
Are you hurt?
"Hansel and Gretel
took out pearls and gems
from their pockets
and spread them out in the room.
All their worries were gone,
and the three of them
lived happily ever after."
I wish Dad wouldn't come home every day.
Right, Tae-jin?
Then I would be able to play with you
until I go to sleep like this
without him here.
Can you read it one more time?
Let's go to our room now.
I have school tomorrow.
I want to go to school just like you.
Dad is here!
-You're home.
-Where are the kids?
-They're sleeping.
I thought you said you were
on night duty tonight again.
Yes, but I'm not anymore.
Here are the dumplings you like.
Tell the kids to come out and eat.
Don't just stand there.
Go wake up the kids.
Kids, come out. Your father is home.
-Hi. Come and have some dumplings.
I have something to tell you.
Okay. Tell me.
So please let me do that.
Are you threatening me?
Please give me a chance
to choose my own father.
I don't care who it is.
Will you still go?
You are indeed my son.
Those fierce eyes of yours.
I like them.
He will scold you if he finds out.
Go back inside.
Why? Dad and Tae-jin are sharing a secret.
I want to hear it, too.
You have one nasty habit.
Your mother
I don't think you should see her.
-Hey, Hee-jin.
Please save her.
Please save her.
Please save my mom.
You saved Se-yeon and me, too.
Why can't you save my mom?
-Please save her.
Please save her.
Should we perform the autopsy?
I'll inform you
after I've talked to the daughter.
It's been confirmed
that Oh Yeong-cheol is dead.
Damn it. I can't even see that thing,
so I don't know what to say.
This is so frustrating.
Prosecutor Go.
So there is a marble that can bring
dead people back to life, right?
She wants to bring her mom back to life
with it, right?
I can't believe this.
Do you know how many people
witnessed her body?
If a woman who died yesterday
comes back to life today,
the NFS, Korea
No, the whole world will be in shock.
I don't care if people go into a frenzy.
But you saw this photo.
This is clearly a murder.
He's provoking us, you know?
How How did this
That photo was next to your mother's body.
Please know that
I understand
how you must be feeling right now.
But if you revive her now,
the guy who killed your mom
will surely hear about it.
If that happens,
you won't be able to get your revenge.
Also, you and your mother
could be in danger again.
are you telling me to leave my mom
in that cold, scary place?
Poor Mom.
what should I tell them?
Should I say the bereaved family
doesn't want the autopsy
and wishes to take the body?
I want to proceed with the autopsy.
We only have
circumstantial evidence that Tae-jin
that Oh Tae-jin killed my mom, right?
When the autopsy is done
and I get definite evidence
so that I can catch him
and make him pay for what he did
I will meet my mom again then.
-Prosecutor Seo.
Is my father inside?
Judge Seo isn't in his office.
Does he have a trial today?
No, he said it's a personal matter.
Should I give him a call?
No, there's no need. I'll call him myself.
"A personal matter"?
Come in.
You didn't have to come all the way here.
My gosh, thank you.
Thank you for coming all the way here.
How is your wife? Is she all right?
Thank you for getting her admitted.
It wasn't even a serious accident.
-Thank you again.
-Don't thank me.
If there was an accident,
the assailant must be punished.
And the victim must be properly
compensated for it.
-But you know that you can never
tell anyone
about what we discussed, right?
You don't need to ask me twice.
-This is an ex gratia payment.
And we'll take care of the medical bills.
Rest here as long as she needs.
She can leave when she's well.
You should never settle even if someone
keeps calling you and asking to settle.
If there's anything you need,
call me right away.
Okay, I'll do that.
Thank you.
-I'll leave now.
-Okay. Bye.
-Go back inside.
-I'll see you off.
-Go back inside.
-Bye. Take care.
Did you make it clear?
Of course. I was clear as day.
See it through to the end
to make sure there are no loose ends.
There won't be any loose ends.
It's not like I made up an accident
that never occurred.
The victim's family hit the jackpot.
Here's the dashcam memory card.
Poor Park Gi-man.
He picked the worst time
to cause an accident.
She'll be fine, right?
She's fine. Don't worry.
I think I should stay with her.
Think about it. Having Detective Park is
way more reassuring
than having a tiny girl like you
beside her.
If you're that worried,
stay with me and protect me instead.
I might not look weak, but I am.
As if that's true. You have a big build.
I might have a big build, but you have me
wrapped around your fingers.
By the way, shouldn't Detective Park
go back to his station?
He said he's on probation.
What are you doing there?
This is Prosecutor Go's case notebook.
She told me to check
if we missed anything.
-What about Hee-jin?
-She just fell asleep.
I told you to make yourself comfortable.
Why are you sitting over there?
It's bothering me.
That's all right.
I did say I would stay here,
but it must be uncomfortable
for both of you
to have a guy walking around the house.
I said I'd guard this place,
so I'll focus on my duty. Go back inside.
Be my guest.
I'm thirsty.
Open it for me.
-Thank you.
Gosh, I spilled it.
Mi-do, I spilled water.
Get me some tissue!
Come on.
-Damn it.
-I spilled water.
Tissue. I need the tissue now.
-Thank you.
-Stop ordering me around.
I can't believe I spilled it.
-Come on!
What? Are you sending me
on a fool's errand again?
Are you picking a fight with me?
-Do you have a death wish?
-No, that's not it.
-What is it, then? Do you want to die?
-Wait. Let's try this.
-Try what? What is it?
-Listen. Let's give it a try!
Let's try it. Let's give it a try.
You know,
marriage. Let's give that a shot.
Wait, wait. Hold on a second.
My gosh.
Right now,
I'm busy with Prosecutor Go's case.
And things are really hectic.
Once things get wrapped up,
let's get married.
Marry me.
I'm sorry you had to bring it up first
the other day.
Are you serious, Dong-cheol?
Are you crying?
Why are you crying? You should be smiling.
Stop crying.
Stop crying. If you keep crying,
I'll take the ring back.
So stop crying.
Go to bed now.
Darn it!
Gosh, stop it. Stop it.
Go to your room!
Director Cha.
We are going out for lunch.
Would you like to join us?
I'll have it separately.
Why don't we join them? Let's go.
I guess I'm joining you.
We were talking about going
to a new seafood stew restaurant nearby.
But if there's something
you'd like to eat
I like everything.
Really? I thought
you would only eat classy food.
You're so down-to-earth.
This is our table.
It's so good that we ordered
in advance, isn't it?
-This looks delicious.
Let me scoop it up for you.
Hand me your plate.
This looks so good. Gosh.
Do you like crabs?
What? Crabs? Yes, I like them.
I thought you would like vegetables more.
Isn't it really good?
-Enjoy your food.
-Thank you.
-Eat up.
I'm so full. My gosh.
Their food was so good.
Was it that good?
Yes. Why? You didn't like it?
It looked like you were barely eating.
I wanted a meal with you in private.
Weren't you even jealous?
A female employee got between us
and sat right next to me.
Jealous? Why would I ever get jealous
because of you?
I've only been an object of envy.
I've never gotten jealous myself.
Things have changed now.
I'm crazy popular now. You know?
Whether you're crazy popular or not,
that doesn't concern me.
I'm Go Se-yeon, you see?
-Director Cha.
This is the poster draft
of the new product that we talked about.
Okay. I'll give you feedback
after looking it over.
Okay. And please take these, too.
My hobby is baking. I baked them myself.
I see.
Thank you. I'll enjoy these.
I love cookies.
Really? I'm glad to hear that.
I was worried
that you might not like sweets.
Don't be silly. I love cookies.
You really baked this yourself?
-Gosh, that's impressive.
-Ms. Go.
Would you like to try one?
Is it good? Then can I try just one?
Wait, no. Ms. Bae baked these just for me.
It's rude to share.
-Is that so?
-My gosh, Director Cha.
Next time, I'll bake macarons for you.
Do you like macarons?
I can't get enough of them.
This is just perfect.
My specialty is macarons.
-Thank you, Ms. Bae.
-My pleasure.
I'll leave now.
This tastes good.
How is this so delicious?
-Where are you going?
I need to send a fax. I'll be right back.
How did he like it? Tell us.
He really liked them.
What did I tell you?
There's nothing going on between them.
Damn it. I should've made the move.
I made the move on him first.
I liked him first.
You should make macarons, then.
-Do you want some coffee, too?
-What? No, thanks.
I told you I didn't want coffee.
I have some left.
This isn't for you. It's for Ms. Bae.
She baked me cookies.
I should at least make her some coffee.
You're right. Nothing is free in life.
It'd be rude not to give her something
in return after getting those cookies.
Ms. Bae will be over the moon.
She's not at her desk.
I need to send a fax. I'll be right back.
Director Cha?
I looked over the draft you gave me.
We can go ahead with that.
By any chance, is that coffee for me?
No, both cups are for me.
I see. Drinking that much coffee
isn't good for you.
Oh, right. I forgot to tell you this.
I have a girlfriend.
Not just any girlfriend. She's perfect.
I have very high standards.
So don't bake macarons for me.
What's wrong?
Ms. Bae won't drink your coffee?
No. She doesn't want coffee
from a guy who's already taken.
In that case, you can give that to me.
I'm Jeong Gi-yeong
from the Traffic Investigation Unit
in Seobu police station.
-Is this Mr. Cha Min?
-Yes, this is he. What is this about?
This is about Mr. Park Gi-man.
He's in our custody
for a hit-and-run case.
He requested to call this number
and meet you.
"A hit-and-run case"?
By the way, the victim needs
to be hospitalized for two weeks only.
Isn't arresting him too much?
It's a hit-and-run.
It's not common, but it's possible
depending on the case.
Let's go and find out more.
Prosecutor Lee.
I heard you went to the States
after you quit. When did you get back?
I just got back. Have you been well?
Well, it's all the same for me.
What brings you here?
Someone I know was arrested
for a hit-and-run.
I came as his attorney.
His name is Park Gi-man.
He's a taxi driver.
You're taking his case?
I'm sorry.
I know it's rude of me to ask,
but I couldn't think of anyone who could
help no matter how hard I thought.
I'm glad you called.
I'm sure you knew better.
You had this job for a long time.
Why didn't you give her
your business card?
No, I definitely gave one to her.
But she kept claiming
that she didn't get one.
Then what about the dashcam footage?
That's the strange part.
They said there was no memory card.
But that's impossible
because I always check it.
Can you at least give us
the victim's phone number?
We'll try to settle the case
with the victim again.
I'm afraid I can't.
The victim firmly stated
that she wouldn't settle.
She was also adamant about
not giving out her contact information.
Still, isn't it a little harsh
to keep him in custody?
It may be a hit-and-run,
but he's a first offender.
Also, his background checks out.
There's no reason to keep him in custody.
Because of his previous assault charge,
we really had no choice.
He assaulted Oh Yeong-cheol
and fled the scene
before Oh Yeong-cheol was identified
as a murderer.
I was going to question him
and send him home at first,
but my bosses hounded me,
asking if I'll take
the responsibility if he flees again.
We're keeping him in custody
because he fled the scene once.
I know it's a long shot,
but please tell the victim
that we'd like to settle
in any way we can.
You know, this is complicated for me, too.
Still, since he's your client,
I'll try to reach out once more.
-Thank you.
-Thank you for the favor.
He barely pulled his life together,
but how could this happen?
I know. I'd really like to help him out.
By the way, I've always been altruistic,
but you being this compassionate is
way out of character.
You even suspected Park Gi-man once.
I only did so
because you should think of all
possibilities when you're on a case.
Besides, I think I owe him that much.
You owe him? What do you mean?
I was the lead prosecutor on the case,
but I wasn't able to catch Oh Yeong-cheol.
I feel like I owe him.
That's why I'm going to prove
his innocence this time no matter what.
I don't know about anything else,
but it's definitely suspicious
that the dashcam memory card is missing.
How could it have disappeared
unless someone removed it on purpose?
It's not like it can walk.
Something definitely smells fishy.
You're being ridiculous.
There's no need to worry.
The dashcam footage is gone,
and there isn't a CCTV in the area.
There is no evidence
to put you in a tight spot.
Just play innocent
and say you won't settle.
Still, the detective keeps calling me
and it's making me nervous.
Damn it.
If that's the case,
give them my number
and say I'm your legal representative.
What a pussy.
He's such a coward, and yet he wants
such a huge sum of money.
Damn it.
Are you Mr. Park's lawyers?
Come on.
My client has expressed her wishes
more than enough.
Pestering her to settle--
We're not pestering her but asking.
my client wanted to call the accident in,
but your client is the one who refused.
Are you saying that
my client is conning yours?
You're clearly victimizing her again.
He tried to call it in? Where's the proof?
Do you have it?
The taxi was operating without a dashcam,
and the driver fled the scene
after hitting a pregnant woman.
You guys are totally out of line!
That's why we're asking
to meet with the victim.
Her wounds need only two weeks to recover,
but you're adamant about not settling.
How can one not be suspicious of that?
Also, my client handed the victim
his business card.
Let's all calm down for a moment.
It's not our intention
to victimize your client again in any way.
The stories don't match,
so we should get them straight--
I get it now. You're a nobody.
You're all worked up
because you think you hit the jackpot.
Nobody? Is that what you said?
Do I seem like a nobody to you?
Yes, you do.
You little bitch. You don't know shit--
"Little bitch"? How dare you!
You're going too far. Please sit down.
I wonder why you're getting
worked up about this.
Maybe you're a rookie.
Which firm do you work at?
A rookie? You're the one who's green here.
How dare you call me a bastard?
When did I ever call you
You're not a lawyer, are you?
What are you talking about?
Where did you study at exactly?
When did you graduate and which school?
I don't need to answer that.
My client has made up her mind,
so don't contact her again.
If you harass my client again,
I won't just let it slide.
Do you understand?
Come on, when did you graduate?
-Why won't you answer me?
-This is bullshit.
Darn it, this is so frustrating.
Shoot, what's with those crazy people?
What do I do now?
That piece of garbage.
-I'm so pissed off.
-Calm down.
We pissed him off,
so settling is out of the question now.
It serves you right
for calling him a bastard.
That's not what I meant
when I called him a nobody.
It means he opened his own firm.
Also, a rookie means
a rookie attorney of a law firm.
It just doesn't make any sense.
They're commonly used words
in the legal field,
but he misunderstood me
and bit my head off.
-Come with me.
-Where are you going?
Wait for me.
It's me.
I talked to his lawyers,
so they won't call you anymore.
Yes. If they try to contact you again
or ask to settle,
say that you'll make
a harassment complaint.
Got it?
This is a nice office for a lawyer.
Article 109 of the Attorney-at-Law Act
states that impersonating an attorney
can be punished by imprisonment
not more than 7 years
or by a fine not exceeding 50 million won.
You're done for.
What is it that you want?
Mr. Park's case?
I'll have the victim settle
I didn't come all the way here
for just that.
A settlement?
You should have agreed to that
when we called.
-Then what?
-Who's behind all this?
I can't tell you that.
I never reveal my clients'
You illegally obtained information
on people.
It's a violation
of Personal Information Protection Act.
This counts as an invasion of privacy.
Those aren't real,
which means you forged documents.
I can smell the stink from a mile away.
So shall I take a better look?
I'll sue you for blackmail.
Is that so? Sure thing.
Go ahead and sue me.
And where can you do that? Here.
"Public Prosecutor's Office"?
It's already as good as decided.
Judge Seo, congratulations in advance
on your promotion to Chief Justice.
Gosh, thank you.
It may have been a promotion in your days,
but I'm headed to a rural area
where I'll be counting my days
to come back as a judge.
What's there to worry about?
You know how good Judge Seo is.
I can't say the same for your son.
What are you talking about?
I've only heard good things about his son
even when he was still in training.
I know that, too.
But is there something
troubling him these days?
Evaluations are coming up
and it's not like your son
to raise his voice at someone at work.
A detective came and demanded a DNA test.
A DNA test?
What for?
He suspected Prosecutor Seo
of being Oh Yeong-cheol's son.
Who would say such nonsense?
The test result proved that he's my son.
How did you even hear about this nonsense?
Your people sure have big mouths.
I laughed due to the absurdity
of the whole notion.
Of course.
You know how it is these days.
Some detectives bark up the wrong tree
in the most idiotic way.
I bet he was just trying
to ruin Prosecutor Seo's reputation.
Don't you agree, Judge Seo?
How can you not know his name, age, job
or anything about him?
I really don't.
Some clients openly tell me,
but most take their business elsewhere
the moment I ask.
We dig up information on the subjects,
not our clients.
You must have a contact number, at least.
You'd be in touch with him.
There's a reason why we're
the number one private detective agency.
We offer something special.
Once they pay the retainer,
we give our clients these.
-What are these?
-After we get the job
and the retainer, the client gets a phone.
It's a phone to contact us.
You're revealing yourself
by giving us your number,
so someone in need of our service
wouldn't risk it.
What are you saying?
Are you saying you have no idea?
But I know the most important thing.
His face.
"His face"?
His face is round
and his hair Well, he's not bald.
It's ordinary.
-Yes, and his hair is slightly curled.
-Slightly curled?
His eyes are narrow and wide.
-Yes, with monolid eyes.
-Monolid eyes?
We got his eyebrows. What about his nose?
-It's quite big.
-What about his lips?
His bottom lip is fatter
than his upper one.
-Like someone pulled on it?
-Like this.
-Stay exactly like that. Don't move.
It's done. Is this how he looks?
Is this supposed to
help us track him down?
What? Why?
Hey! I didn't get the drawing right
because you didn't describe him properly.
Just call the cops on him.
Spending time in prison
will clarify your description.
What now? I really did my best.
I did, too.
I sketched the face
just like how you explained it.
It's what you described.
No, it's your fault.
So with this crappy sketch Wait.
Can't you see
his defining features, though?
It's enough to catch
the suspect with, so
He's calling the victim
to settle the case,
we'll get a call right away
unless things go wrong.
He said he was hired
to keep the victim from settling
so that Park Gi-man goes to prison.
But why? And by whom?
Park Gi-man is trying
to finally get on with his life,
so why would anyone want to ruin it?
Who is it?
Detective Park?
The photo in the case notebook?
May I?
This man did turn out
to be Oh Yeong-cheol.
Why did Prosecutor Go have this
in her possession?
You said it was in her case notebook.
She must have had it for a while.
So who are those kids?
Is this Se-yeon as a child?
I had a photo of Oh Tae-jin?
What do you mean by that?
It's the photo you kept
in your case notebook.
This is a photo of Seung-hun.
The boy behind him is Tae-jin.
Seung-hun? You mean Lee Seung-hun?
The last victim
of the Eomsan-dong murder case?
So it was because he knew his past.
That's why he was killed.
This means that Oh Yeong-cheol
and Seo Ji-uk have been
accomplices from the beginning.
Let me take over this case.
It's not a copycat?
How would I know that
when we've never met?
The past victims weren't ones
to harbor enemies, either.
If it was an easy case,
I would have put the culprit in jail
when I had the case.
Do you really have a suspect in mind?
You're dead meat, you asshole.
She's on her way
to kill Prosecutor Seo, right?
-At the Public Prosecutor's Office?
Looking like you?
Why won't this work?
-What are you doing?
-Let go of me.
-Let go!
-Seo Ji-uk! Let go!
-What's wrong with you?
-Where is he?
-I'll take her.
Get Seo Ji-uk down here!
-Se-yeon, please calm down.
-Let go!
Seo Ji-uk!
Isn't that Prosecutor Lee?
Seo Ji-uk.
Why are you making a scene?
This is all your doing, isn't it?
You killed Seung-hun as well!
Stop accusing an innocent man.
If you keep accusing me,
I won't let it slide.
You think I'm not capable?
You think you'll get the best of me?
Just you wait.
I'm going to reveal your disgusting self
whatever it takes.
Look forward to it.
Prosecutor Seo, are you all right?
How did this end up with Go Se-yeon?
Over here.
It's been a while, hasn't it?
I was surprised to see you on TV.
You used to be a wimp as a kid
so other kids knocked you around
all the time.
My gosh. Look at your broad shoulders.
Have you been working out?
You're a hotshot now.
I didn't even recognize you.
Just cut to the chase.
You said you needed to show me something.
What is it?
Well, I was going to just let it pass,
but I thought I should bring it up
since you were so strongly denying it.
You made me the crazy one.
I have a really good eye, you know.
Why are you keeping it up?
You're Oh Tae-jin, aren't you?
Isn't this you and your father?
I thought something was fishy,
so I did some research
and it turns out, people know you
as Judge Seo Cheon-sik's son.
What's going on? Did he adopt you, then?
But why did he? Your father's also
a famous doctor, isn't he?
Are you just curious,
or do you want something from me?
Well, I guess you could say
it's the latter.
I usually never ask anyone for anything.
I spent years preparing for the bar exam,
and since it was abolished,
I don't have much to do.
Getting into law school isn't easy,
So I was thinking of getting a job
at a law firm or something.
The bigger, the better.
You know a lot of people in that field,
don't you?
Did you think about it?
Of course I'd appreciate it
if you can help me out.
Yes, okay.
I'll sort the details out
once you find out more about it.
Finally, I'm getting a job.
Let's see
Did I leave the door open?
What's wrong with this now?
Is it a blackout?
There we go.
Who are you?
It's nothing to worry about.
Something happened to come up
between him and me,
and we were just squabbling a bit.
My battery's running low.
All right, then.
Everyone's calling me now.
I should just keep my phone off.
I'm sorry, Mi-do.
I guess I should've thought twice.
Why did you have to go and be so
You did a great job. Very Nice!
You shouldn't have stopped there.
You should've shamed him
into leaving the office for good.
You should've beaten the hell out of him.
I would've done the same.
You did a good job.
The autopsy results come back tonight,
so let's hang in there a little longer.
We're very close to bringing him down.
Oh, right. What about Park Gi-man?
Did they agree to settle?
Take a look at this.
Do you have any idea who this may be?
Does he look familiar?
Is it a Picasso piece?
Maybe impressionist art?
Not really
-Did you draw that?
You should just focus on your job.
Since it was all set up,
I was wondering if it may be
anyone who could be
holding a grudge against you.
Do you have anyone in mind?
I cut ties with all my friends,
colleagues and family
after my daughter passed away.
I hid away from the world
like a dead person.
I don't think there's anyone
other than Oh Yeong-cheol who would--
He said it was a man in his 50s.
Do you have any idea who it could be?
Did you call for me?
Have a seat.
Step down from everything
and leave.
-Don't even call me that!
I heard about what happened yesterday
at the lobby.
What have you been up to these days?
If you leave now,
we may be able to avoid the worst.
Leave the country and live
like you don't exist, just as you used to.
I won't drag it out any longer.
Leave this country immediately.
Why should I do that?
Why should I?
You were the one who brought me in
to cover it up
after you killed your own son.
Do you know how much I struggled
to live up to your expectations?
-Why, you--
-You and I
are in this together.
we both have to pay equally
for what we did.
It won't be
the end for just me. Bear that in mind.
At what time?
Thank you, Mi-do.
What's wrong?
I'm scared of facing Mom's body again.
You're right.
I guess there's no reason for you
to see it again.
I'll check her body for you.
I'll call you after we transfer
her coffin to the car.
Will you wait here, then?
-Thank you, Se-yeon.
-No problem.
Mi-do, could you wait with her?
It's her.
Please review the form and sign here.
We keep talking about saving my mom
with a marble that you can't even see.
Se-yeon, Min and I
We must all sound crazy to you.
Well, just a tiny bit.
It was so absurd at first
that I thought it was a dream.
Or maybe some kind of a prank.
I couldn't understand what was going on,
but I realized that there are
so many other things in this world
that are even more absurd.
A highly respected doctor
turned out to be a serial killer,
and Seo Ji-uk was the one
who had been helping him out.
And the fact that those two were
the ones who killed Se-yeon.
That's harder to believe
than the fact that you all came back
from the dead.
Just keep your mind focused
on how you'll keep yourselves happy
once you reunite with your mother.
When the case is closed,
I'll restore your mother's family register
that Oh Yeong-cheol removed.
Then we can pretend
your mother never died.
Everything will be fine.
Thank you so much.
It's taking longer than I thought.
I know.
I thought she only had to sign the form.
-I think I should check on her.
-Do you want me to go with you?
No, it's fine. You should get home.
We're going straight to the vacation home
once we get my mom.
Will Director Cha be there, too?
-All right, then.
I hope everything works out
and you can reunite with your mom.
-I'll wait at home, then.
See you.
Se-yeon, I think I need some time
to get myself mentally prepared.
I'll be waiting at home.
-Are you done?
Yes, I'm going to get her transferred
and leave soon.
Okay, thanks for the trouble.
Don't mention it. Are you coming
straight to the vacation home?
Yes, I'm done with work
and just about to leave.
Are you coming with Hee-jin?
No, I'll be going on my own.
Hee-jin tries not to show it,
but I think she's taking it hard.
I went to check her mom's body for her.
She said she'll just wait at home
and see her mom after she's revived.
Don't you think she should go with you?
If she gets revived to another body--
No way, that won't happen.
Hee-jin was revived to her own self.
Besides, when you were revived,
didn't they say
that most people have
the same soul as their own self?
I think the two of us were
rare exceptions.
Also, Oh Yeong-cheol only got much older.
That's why we didn't recognize him.
He didn't turn into another person.
You're right.
Do you really think we should be
using Abyss like this, though?
I know we have no other choice,
but it's kind of getting me worried.
You're right.
Let's just discuss it again
after we revive Ms. Jang.
All right.
Is it ready?
Yes. Wasn't someone else coming?
When will she be here?
She won't be coming.
-All right, then. After you.
They're having a private funeral,
so please have it transferred
to this address, not the hospital.
-Detective Lee!
-I need you to check something.
-What is it?
You got the address, right?
We're headed towards Gyeonggi Province.
Detective Lee is still outside.
Isn't he supposed to
Sir! Excuse me!
Seo Ji-uk?
Min, something's come up.
Can you come to this address?
-What do you know?
-I know everything.
I'm the one who brought you back to life.
Why don't you just cry?
I won't cry yet.
No, I can't.
To me, you're not a prosecutor.
I need to keep you safe this time.
For me, you're the gift.
Come to think of it,
you've always been by my side.
-We can kiss.
Since we're being honest with each other,
starting today
I really I really like you, Se-yeon.
Subtitle translation by Won-hyang Son
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