Abyss (2019) s01e14 Episode Script

Episode 14

God damn it.
What the hell was that about?
What's he doing?
Move your car!
Is he out of his mind?
Excuse me. I said, move your car.
Jeez. This world is full of weirdos.
Damn it.
What's your problem?
Is it ready?
Yes. Wasn't someone else coming?
When will she be here?
She won't be coming.
-All right, then. After you.
They're having a private funeral,
so please have it transferred
to this address, not to the hospital.
-Detective Lee!
-I need you to check something.
-What is it?
Did you get the address?
We're headed toward Gyeonggi Province.
Detective Lee is still outside.
Isn't he supposed to come
Sir! Excuse me!
Seo Ji-uk?
Min, something's come up.
Can you come to this address?
This is right.
I told you that the guy we caught
at the scene has type AB blood.
But Prosecutor Seo Ji-uk
just said it should be type B.
He said you should double-check.
No, he's wrong.
I'm sure that it's type AB.
Prosecutor Seo must be mistaken.
-Everything else is good, right?
All right, then. Take it easy.
Did they leave already?
He's not picking up.
Hi, Dong-cheol.
I checked Jang Sun-young's body
and handed it over,
but the address wasn't a hospital.
Where was it again?
I wanted to attend the funeral,
but Ms. Lee left without me.
Actually, they're not holding a funeral.
Didn't they rush the autopsy
because of the funeral?
Well, the thing is
The bereaved have a bit of a situation,
so they can't really do it now.
When they do, it won't be open
to the public, so you don't need to go.
When will the results be out?
We can expect them
by the day after tomorrow at the latest.
All right, thanks.
You should get back to the station.
You should never park your car like this
even if you're in a terrible rush.
Excuse me.
Hey, can you hear me? Wake up! Hey!
Yes, Detective Park.
Se-yeon asked me
to come to the Port of Incheon,
-so I'm on my way there now.
-Did you talk to her?
No, she just texted
What's the matter?
I think something happened to her.
The driver was found unconscious,
and I heard that Seo Ji-uk was at the NFS.
I'll forward you the text message
from her.
The person you have reached
is unavailable. Please leave
Hey, Se-yeon. Where are you now?
You're okay, right?
Seo Ji-uk?
Where are you now?
Listen. If you lay a finger on her,
I won't let it slide.
You don't have time for this chitchat.
She is dying as we speak.
You piece of
Get yourself here quietly
if you want her to live.
You know what I mean by that, right?
Where am I?
What is this place?
Anybody outside?
Hello. Someone's inside!
Anybody outside?
Let me out!
You woke up faster than I expected.
I wanted you to die an easy death,
but it'll be quite painful.
Tae-jin, open this door.
Let me out!
I told you to stay still
if you don't want to suffer.
What are you scheming now?
You've made Mom and me suffer enough.
Why? Why are you doing all this?
You don't get to say that.
It's up to me to decide.
I'm trying to live my life.
Why do you keep provoking me?
Why do you constantly make me
get blood on my hands? Why?
I told you to live quietly.
I clearly told you to stay silent
and just breathe quietly to stay alive.
I'm doing this
because you people keep wreaking havoc!
So you're going to kill me too?
Fine, go ahead. Kill me!
Kill me! Go ahead!
-Be quiet.
-Just kill me!
Shut up!
Shut the hell up.
You're just like Oh Yeong-cheol.
No. If anything, you're worse than him.
You're a total lunatic.
The real lunatics are you guys.
No way. That won't happen.
Hee-jin was revived to her own self.
Besides, when you were revived,
didn't they say
that most people have
the same soul as their own self?
I think the two of us were
rare exceptions.
Also, Oh Yeong-cheol only got much older.
That's why we didn't recognize him.
He didn't turn into another person.
Do you really think we should
be using Abyss like this, though?
It's kind of getting me worried.
You're right.
Let's just discuss it again
after we revive Ms. Jang.
All right.
If you guys hadn't talked such bullshit
about reviving dead people,
you could have
at least held a funeral for your mom.
I jumped through hoops to kill her.
If you guys revive her, all my hard work
will go down the drain.
No! Don't!
No, Mom!
Untie me!
Mom! Mom, no
You can't die yet.
Give me just a little bit of time.
I'll get rid of you guys soon.
Send backup to the Port of Incheon.
I'm not sure yet, but Prosecutor Go
I mean, I think he abducted a woman.
Who do you think?
There's only one prick that I'm after.
Seo Ji-uk!
Seo Ji-uk!
You made it.
Where is Se-yeon?
Fuck off.
Before I hand her over to you,
I want that marble.
Well, you know.
The marble that can supposedly
revive dead people.
I still can't quite believe it,
but I'm starting to think
that I may be the one
who really needs that marble.
Take it from me if you can.
Se-yeon. Se-yeon
Se-yeon Where is Se-yeon?
She'll die anyway.
Tell me! Where is she?
Se-yeon will
She'll die, too
Hey, Seo Ji-uk.
Hey! You're not dead, right?
Seo Ji-uk. Open your eyes, you bastard!
Seo Ji-uk! Where is Se-yeon?
Where is she
Se-yeon, wake up.
Se-yeon! Open your eyes, please.
Wake up, please! Se-yeon!
Wake up, Se-yeon.
-Where is he?
Hey, how come it's just the two of you?
Well, everyone threw such a fit,
saying that Prosecutor Seo
would never abduct anyone.
What can we do? We figured
we should come even without any backup.
God damn it.
-He's holding
Go Se-yeon
-I mean, he's holding Lee Mi-do hostage,
-so move as quietly as possible.
-Got it.
Let's go.
Are you all right? What happened here?
I hit someone with the car.
What? Who?
Hey, find the victim. Go!
Wait here, okay?
Let's have a look.
Doctor, why is it taking this long
for her to regain consciousness?
She is really okay, isn't she?
We've cut down on the sedatives
as her temperature is back
to the normal range,
so she'll wake up soon.
The test results aren't bad.
We'll keep monitoring her temperature
for two to three days after
she wakes up and see how she recovers.
Okay, thank you.
When she wakes up, check her motion
and see if she needs acetaminophen.
Yes, sir.
What happened?
Where is Seo Ji-uk?
Did we manage to rescue Ms. Jang?
What's wrong? What happened?
Everything went well, right?
She'll die anyway.
Tell me! Where is she?
Se-yeon will
She'll die, too
Hey, Seo Ji-uk.
Hey! You're not dead, right?
Seo Ji-uk. Open your eyes, you bastard!
Seo Ji-uk! Where is Se-yeon?
Where is she
You don't have time for this chitchat.
She is dying as we speak.
Where is Se-yeon?
You actually revived me
I asked you where Se-yeon was!
Did you
revive me thinking that I'd tell you
where she is this easily?
Why would I tell you?
Is that so?
All right, then. Don't tell me.
If Se-yeon dies,
I will kill you.
Sure, kill me.
I'm not dying alone,
so I at least won't be lonely.
I never said
I'd only kill you once.
For as long as I'm alive,
I'll continue to kill and revive you
over and over again.
I'll make you feel
endless and excruciating fear
each and every time.
You don't
You don't have time for this.
Really? Okay, then I'll kill you quickly.
Look inside my pocket.
Where is this? Where is Se-yeon?
She's at the cargo loading area.
In a refrigerated container.
I know I shouldn't have revived him,
but I just
I just couldn't let him die.
I thought
that I would never find you
if I let him die.
That thought terrified me so much.
It's not your fault.
You didn't do anything wrong, Min.
It's all my fault.
You only did it to save me.
It's not your fault. It's okay.
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry, Min.
I'm sorry about everything.
See? I was right.
You little
Chief told you to stay put. You shouldn't
have gone there to begin with.
I'm a cop. How could I sit back and do
nothing after hearing about an abduction?
You should've just reported it.
I did! I reported it.
But apparently,
you totally disregarded it,
saying Prosecutor Seo
would never do such a thing.
Anyway, not yet.
If Forensics confirms that the blood
from the scene is his,
then I'll consider bringing you back.
I'm telling you. It's Seo Ji-uk's blood.
She said she hit him with the car.
It's definitely his blood.
It is! Believe me!
That buffoon.
I told you to leave
before Chief gets here.
Jeez, chill.
I said I'd wait
until we hear from Forensics.
Yes, okay.
Dong-cheol, that was Forensics.
What did they say?
The blood from the scene is mixed
with a sodium hydroxide solution,
so they can't extract DNA from it.
-Move back, please.
-Keep people out.
Keep people out!
-What on earth happened here?
-Guys, keep people out.
Move back, please!
-Move back!
-You can't come in here.
Did you find anything over there?
I killed him.
I think he's dead.
That's what you claim,
but Seo Ji-uk's body
wasn't found anywhere near the scene.
There's no body
and no black box footage.
The blood found at the scene
was too contaminated
to test for a DNA match.
Even if Seo Ji-uk
was able to flee the scene,
he wouldn't have gone far in his state.
Isn't there anything else you remember?
Could Min have used the marble to
Se-yeon, shouldn't you
have rested one more day?
I wouldn't have been able to rest
until he's in custody.
What about Detective Park?
Have you called him?
He's almost here.
Prosecutor Go, how are you feeling?
I'm okay.
What about Hee-jin? How is she doing?
She's barely holding it together.
She claims to have killed Seo Ji-uk,
but no body was found.
We can't even prove
that he was there that night.
If the blood at the scene is his,
he can't have disappeared
so fast like that.
Maybe it's someone else's.
It is his blood.
If that's the case,
he'd have been in no state to run.
used Abyss.
If Min hadn't revived him,
then I would've died once more.
What was he like
the last time you saw him?
He seemed slightly different,
but his face was the same.
I bet he'll be found soon
once an open manhunt begins.
Right now, Seo Ji-uk is still a victim, so
carrying out a manhunt will be difficult.
What about the abduction
and the body disposal?
There isn't any evidence
that links them to Seo Ji-uk.
Only Hee-jin's fingerprints
were found in the car.
There's no evidence that he abducted her.
The maritime police are searching
for Jang Sun-young's body,
but there's no news.
This won't get us anywhere.
We need to do something.
There's a move that my mom often uses.
You're unbelievable.
Is that what you think of me?
The fact that I once followed
someone using a location tracking device
doesn't make me a criminal mastermind.
I'm not the kind
to make a dirty move such as
manipulating the public with fake news.
Watch what you say
in front of attorney Lee.
What about the drug scandal
with JT Cosmetics' model Bae Su-jin?
Who started that rumor?
How should I know who started it?
Besides, it's not like it was false.
She was summoned and questioned
by the police.
Her test came back positive.
That's not a rumor. It's a fact.
Mom, I'm a part of your empire, remember?
You talk to the ladies on the phone
three to four hours a day.
I pick up a few things
whether I want to or not.
Distributing false information
is punishable by law--
I never did such a thing.
All right then. I'll have my people
look into the source of the rumor.
I'll be suing on Ms. Bae's behalf.
Why do you bother
with such unnecessary things?
You're right. I had my people
spread the rumors.
You're unbelievable!
Why do you make it your mission
to embarrass your mother?
-Are you satisfied now?
-We need your help, Mom.
We set the bait,
so all we need is for him to bite.
I had no idea that
this was what you had in mind.
Hey. Are you sure about this?
It's like I said.
Once the rumors start spreading,
tip-offs will come flying in
before you know it.
The prosecution will look into it.
Then we will be criticized by the people.
Your boss will be pissed off at you,
you'll yell at me, I'll yell at him,
and he'll yell at him.
Some will have their pay cut,
-and some will get fired--
-That's enough.
It looks like we'll have to do something
before things blow up.
Doesn't that seem like
the best course of action?
Should I set something in motion then?
Judge Seo, please take a look at this.
Did you hear about the rumor?
Is Prosecutor Seo
in league with Oh Yeong-cheol?
Are you in contact with your son?
-Is the rumor true?
-What now?
How do you feel right now?
-Please say a few words.
-Any comments?
Of course not.
Yes, it's a baseless rumor.
You're wrong!
How can they say such things
about the kind Prosecutor Seo?
Did they break up?
Yes, hello. How have you been?
-Who is it?
-It's the paralegal from Ji-uk's office.
Why the hell did you even come with me?
I was a prosecutor once.
It's in the job description.
Also, she looks like me, remember?
I should know what she says
with my face on hers.
Would you like something to drink?
No, I'm good.
So why did you want to see me?
I didn't know what to do with these.
You heard the rumor, too, right?
Well, when you threw a fit
at the office the other day,
I saw the photo you left behind.
Look forward to it.
Prosecutor Seo, are you all right?
I found these
in Prosecutor Seo's wastebasket.
His girlfriend used to send him
a lot of gifts through a courier service,
but he threw them all away.
Gosh, look at all this.
I came across this photo
while I was throwing them out.
There was a boy in the photo you threw
at Prosecutor Seo that day.
It's the same boy, isn't it?
When people whispered about
Prosecutor Seo the other time
and even when this rumor spread,
I thought they were all lies.
But that photo made me think
that there might be something more.
I called to see if you knew
something that I don't.
I'm glad you called.
Please tell me that
Prosecutor Seo isn't behind all this.
You know him just as well as I do.
He may not be the most heartwarming type,
but him and Oh Yeong-cheol?
It can't be true.
Sure thing.
I'm afraid I'm needed back at the office.
Of course.
Thank you for taking the time to see me.
It was my pleasure.
What is it? What did she bring you?
I think it's a photo
of Seo Ji-uk as a boy,
but I knew about this already.
And here I was, thinking
we would find something new.
You shouldn't be so startled
to see your son.
What do you plan to do?
It's not too late to admit
to all of your crimes and--
I can't do that.
I'll call you on this phone from now on.
You'd better pick up when I call.
If you don't want to get hurt, I mean.
I came across this photo
while I was throwing them out.
A photo of him as a boy in a gift box?
It's just an old photo of him.
It's not just a photo.
-The gift box!
-What about it?
Ji-uk's girlfriend
would send him these unique gift boxes.
He always promised to show us,
but never did.
So we even made fun of him
by saying he was sending them to himself.
Can you send his paralegal a text?
This gift box was sent
to Seo Ji-uk numerous times.
Could you contact the courier service
and find out the time and date
of the deliveries,
where they were sent from,
and anything else they can remember?
I think this is how
he and Oh Yeong-cheol communicated.
Guys, get over here.
Look into the courier service
that delivered this gift box.
Get to it.
Did I wake you?
I wanted you to sleep comfortably.
Gosh, what's all this?
What are you doing up already?
They look amazing. Can I try one?
Thank you.
-It's delicious.
-Do you like it?
It's perfect. Absolutely amazing.
Auntie, could you perhaps
show me how to make these sometime?
Cooking is my only weakness.
How is they be so delicious?
I don't know how to make these, either.
It's not my recipe.
Auntie, can you taste this for me?
You're up.
He's the chef.
You made all this?
Don't be a prosecutor just for today.
How can I when
Seo Ji-uk is still on the loose?
Just for today.
Let's go together somewhere.
Where are you off to?
You're not at work.
What about you?
Why aren't you at the office?
-I'm taking the day off.
-Me too.
My troublemaker of a son
has been giving me a terrible migraine.
So I'm off to rest.
This place you're going to
Will you be spending the night there?
Attorney Lee, your parents
must be quite open-minded.
They didn't act like it.
-Well, that--
-Let's go.
That's not it. I
Mom, don't be so old-fashioned.
Besides, I'm an adult.
"Old fashioned"?
Who said you weren't?
Have a good time then.
-All right. You have a nice day, too.
You too, Mr. Kim.
If they want to be together so much,
why not just get married?
When is he planning to do so?
That's how it is with his generation.
They date but don't get married.
I must be too old-fashioned
to understand that.
Does he not care about the company?
How can I hand it over to him
if he doesn't get married?
This had better be good,
or you're going to pay.
All right.
-How far away is it?
-We're almost there.
What do you think?
Isn't it so refreshing out here?
I told you, I don't have time for this.
If you wanted to get some air, you--
Goodness! What brings you here?
I've thought about you
ever since that day.
I never thought I'd see you here.
-What brings you here?
-Do we have guests?
Do you remember how I told you
about Se-yeon's colleagues?
the lady we met at the funeral.
Hello, how have you been?
Director Cha! Welcome!
-How have you been?
You're really Min?
How in the world
did you turn out like this?
You've gotten so tall.
Is that even possible?
Our country's plastic surgery techniques
really are amazing, aren't they?
Anyway, it's such a relief.
We found the actual culprit
who killed Se-yeon,
and you cleared your name.
It's all such a relief.
It really is,
but I guess we won't get Se-yeon back.
Stop that, already.
How many times do I have to tell you
that Se-yeon won't be able
to rest in peace if you keep crying?
I'm not crying.
We didn't know you were the one
who got us this house.
I thought it was some kind of
compensation for the victims.
You shouldn't have.
You wouldn't have come
if I had told you the truth.
we were planning on returning anyway.
The bastard's dead, isn't he?
We should get back.
We can't keep troubling you like this.
Not at all, sir.
You can stay here as long as you want.
We can't do that.
But what brings you here today?
Oh, well
Come on in.
I'm coming!
-It's Dad's birthday.
-It's your birthday, sir.
Goodness, I forgot about that!
Happy birthday to you
-Happy birthday to you
-Happy birthday to you
-Happy birthday, dear Dad
-Happy birthday, dear Se-yeon's dad
-Happy birthday to you
-Happy birthday to you
You really shouldn't have.
Of course, I should. Go on, sir.
Happy birthday.
See? I told you you wouldn't regret it.
They both look like
they're doing much better.
Thank you. It's all thanks to you.
-Is that it?
-Then what else?
You know what you always say,
"You have to learn to give and take."
So what?
-Stop it.
You're unbelievable.
You know,
you have a lot of nerve these days.
You must've lost your sense of shame
along with your old body.
This is nothing.
I've been up since six a.m. for this.
Why didn't you wake me up?
I would've helped.
Do you want to get him sick
on his birthday?
You're a terrible cook.
I love you very much,
but when it comes to your cooking
Love isn't enough.
That's right.
I even got sick from the ramen
you made me.
How is it even possible to make
ramen taste that bad--
-That's enough.
Who cares if you suck at cooking.
I'm good at it, anyway.
One good cook is enough, right?
I said that's enough.
-I'm going to rip your mouth out.
-All right, all right.
Sir? I think you should
come out here for a minute.
I thought you were going on vacation.
I'm here on vacation.
Do you think I'd come here to work?
It's been such a long time.
It has.
We met back when
the kids were in high school.
It's been a while.
Se-yeon, it's me.
Yes, I was just passing by.
I bought you some ice cream.
-Hello, sir.
All right.
Okay, see you.
-Hello, sir.
Mr. Go?
-Who are you?
-I'm Min's mother.
Cha Min, the top student in this school.
Oh, hello.
I heard that Se-yeon keeps
chasing after Min.
I think they should be focusing
on their studies, not dating.
It's actually Min who's chasing Se-yeon.
Excuse me.
Min is the one who won't leave her alone.
I actually was going to
call you about that.
I was hoping you could
calm him down a bit.
I understand that the boy can't help it
since our Se-yeon is so pretty.
But what will he grow up to be
if he's already busy running after girls?
"Busy running after girls"?
You must be so devastated
about your daughter.
I appreciate your consolation.
You must have been so worried
about your son.
I appreciate your concern.
We're here to celebrate,
since it's his birthday.
So why don't we open a bottle?
-Mr. Kim.
Could you get us the 20-year-old
wild ginseng wine?
Yes, sir.
It's not even my birthday.
Why would you
That little brat
Now, since it's your special day,
here you go, sir.
Next is my beautiful mother.
Here you go.
There you go.
Here you go, ma'am.
That was quick.
Yes, but it's not a yellow box.
It's light blue.
-No, it's fine.
Yes, that's right.
From the public prosecutor's office.
Yes, that's right. Where?
-I think we found them, sir.
-You found them?
Where is it?
-It's in Gangnam.
-Let's go.
He never goes easy on the alcohol,
that old man.
You must be exhausted.
Why don't we go inside? Is that okay?
Mom, I think you've had enough to drink.
Why don't we stop here?
Hey, we're only just getting started!
Of course! We were only warming up.
-Should we toast on it?
-You too, my darling.
-Sure. Cheers.
-Yes, sir.
This is perfect.
-We should toast, too.
-Yes, sir.
You know my son
always came in first, right?
Where's your mother?
My mom can barely take a shot,
but she had two today.
It gave her a headache so she went to bed.
How about your mother and my dad?
Are they done talking?
I think they'll be up all night.
How do they get along so well?
They could be best friends.
-Why not?
Now, let's
Shall we go for a walk?
I got a call from Detective Park earlier.
Remember when Oh Yeong-cheol
sent packages to Seo Ji-uk?
They tracked down the deliveryman
and got the testimony.
Really? That's good to hear.
Now that it's confirmed that
Oh Yeong-cheol and Seo Ji-uk
were in it together,
I guess we only need to find proof
of how they committed the crime.
I hope this all ends,
so that you can tell your parents
who you really are.
And I hope
everything goes back to its place.
It will.
And I hope that I can
always be by your side
for the rest of my life.
You don't have to answer now.
I know this isn't important
to you right now.
So just hold onto it for now.
But when you eventually want to
and when you eventually have the time,
you can wear the ring.
I love you so much.
I said, I love you.
You don't have to say it.
I already know
-I love--
If you won't say it,
I'll say it more for you.
I'd risk my whole life
and do whatever it takes
to keep you happy.
I'll keep you safe
no matter what happens.
-Of course.
Goodness, sir
-Dad, wake up!
-I'm fine.
-Let me help you, sir.
-One, two, three!
-Let's have some more.
Ma'am, you should sleep in your room.
Where am I?
-When did I
-One, two, three!
-Oh, gosh!
Wait! Come on, please get up!
We need another round!
How about tomorrow?
-Come on
She's going to have
quite a headache tomorrow.
You must be exhausted.
-Let's go to bed.
I I didn't mean together.
You should go to bed since you're tired.
That's what I meant.
Yes, I know.
So, where should I sleep?
You can use this room or the one upstairs.
Oh, but Mom is using that room
I'll just sleep out here.
I love sleeping on the couch.
No, I'll sleep out here.
You said you can't sleep
if it's not one of those hybrid things.
No, it's fine.
I won't be able to sleep tonight, anyway.
-Good night.
-You, too.
Go to bed.
We've been using the same bed all along,
why is he suddenly acting like that?
What is it?
I said I'd protect you,
but I can't help myself.
Let me sleep with you.
-Are you okay with it?
-What do you mean?
The way I look right now.
It doesn't matter what you look like.
You're still the same Se-yeon to me.
I heard you were investigating
Oh Yeong-cheol's criminal conspiracy.
He admitted to instigating fabrications
for the autopsy results.
If it's purple,
it means I have one last chance left.
What happens after that?
I hope that you can end up
where you want to be.
Are you going to marry my son?
I'd like to take your son.
I'm going to be yours forever.
I love you.
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