Abyss (2019) s01e15 Episode Script

Episode 15

-Good night.
-You, too.
Go to bed.
We've been using the same bed all along,
why is he suddenly acting like that?
What is it?
I said I'll protect you,
but I can't help myself.
Let me sleep with you.
Dad, are you all right?
Yes, I'm fine.
-I'm all right.
I saw this coming.
Why did you drink
so much when you can't handle it?
I wasn't going to drink this much,
but I got carried away.
Goodness, sit down right here.
Let me make honey tea for you. Okay?
My daughter, Se-yeon.
Do you want some pocket money?
Yes, I should.
He's opening up his wallet
which means he's totally drunk.
Let me give you some pocket money.
I don't need it.
-Do you still think I'm a kid?
-No, no.
I really hated it when you got so drunk.
But I like it today.
I got to become your daughter again.
Oh, my. He's got to be kidding me.
Come on, you're embarrassing yourself.
Let me give Se-yeon some money.
-Sorry. He woke you up, right?
-It's okay.
-It's all right.
-Go back and sleep.
I'll help you carry him to the room.
-It's okay. Get up.
No, no. I need to give her
some pocket money.
Try to walk on your own.
-I must give Se-yeon money.
-For Christ's sake. Stop it.
Hang in there a bit longer.
I'll come back in a jiffy.
Are you up?
Hey. You weren't in bed.
Where did you go?
I think my dad
had too much to drink today.
He's not feeling well.
He threw up everything.
It was quite a scene.
I'm sleepy.
But you know what? My dad got drunk
and mistook me for Se-yeon.
That actually felt good.
Wait, no. I am Go Se-yeon.
I keep forgetting my old face.
-Are you okay with it?
-What do you mean?
The way I look right now.
It doesn't matter what you look like.
You're still the same Se-yeon to me.
Even if I get old like Oh Yeong-cheol
and turn into an old lady?
Even if your face changes 1,000 times,
I'll still find you.
You only said that because you know
that I'll always have this face
no matter how many times I change.
-That's not true.
-Yes, it is.
You're up.
Yes. Why did you wake up so early?
I went out for some fresh air.
Get some more sleep.
I'll wake you up later.
-Wake me up later.
-Go to sleep.
-Good morning.
-Did you sleep well?
Yes. How are you feeling?
-I feel--
-As for breakfast
What about your husband?
He's in a bad mood all of a sudden.
He said he won't eat breakfast.
This is our last day here.
It would've been nice
to show our appreciation
while having a meal with you.
Why don't you stay here a little longer?
No, that's okay.
You've already been so kind to us.
If we stay here, you won't be able
to enjoy your vacation here.
I'm going back today.
I feel like I'm intruding if I stay here.
I'll go and bring him.
Please go ahead and start your meal.
Please go ahead.
Sir, you should eat some food.
You must have a terrible hangover.
No. It's all right.
Well, did I do something wrong
to offend you?
I know
that giving you advice
about your love life
is overstepping my boundary
given the situation I'm in.
I just don't feel good about it.
Seeing how happy you are
reminds me of Se-yeon.
I know.
People must go on with their lives.
That girl seemed very sweet.
She seemed like a nice girl.
Treat her well.
I always thought that
you were the best man for my daughter.
Wait, did you really think so?
But whenever I went over to your house,
you told me not to chase after Se-yeon.
I only said that because
your mother was never keen on Se-yeon.
Are you telling me
that you never disliked me?
What's there to dislike?
There's no one like you.
You loved Se-yeon to bits.
You're good at your job.
You come from a good family.
And you're kindhearted.
Well, you weren't exactly handsome.
But that's only a small part.
Let me tell you this man to man.
You're a decent guy.
-What are you doing?
-You've never complimented me.
I'm so happy that I want to record it.
Hey. Put that away.
Come on. Can you keep going?
How am I as your son-in-law?
You are
the best son-in-law there is.
It's all done.
Let me tell you this man to man.
You're a decent guy.
I should show this to Se-yeon later.
-What are you giggling about?
-What? It's nothing.
Did you put on makeup today?
-Your face
What do you mean? Is something on my face?
I think you put more makeup than usual.
No, I didn't.
This is how I look every day.
Why do you look so pretty today?
That was so cheesy.
How's my dad? Is he still upset?
No. I comforted him.
Good job.
I'm going to help my mom pack.
Okay. Let me go with you.
the reason to dismiss the warrant
makes no sense.
We obtained the statement
from the courier who
delivered parcels to Oh Yeong-cheol.
If this isn't concrete evidence,
then what is?
What? Excuse me, Sir.
Hello? Sir?
Damn it.
It's already a ruckus over there
because of the rumors.
Do you think he'll help you
go after one of his own?
You don't think I know that?
You don't think I know that? Damn it.
I was just trying to say
I told you I didn't want to tell him.
It's all because of you.
What are you looking at? You ugly jerk.
Okay. I understand.
I'm on my way back to Seoul now.
Let's talk in person.
I'm about to lose it. Seriously.
I'm certain that we'll get a lead
if we raid Ji-uk's house or his office.
You knew that it wouldn't be easy.
That's why I came up with a way
to help you
raid his place.
You're so lucky.
This gentleman here
is paying double the market price
for your studio.
Gosh, I'm so grateful.
Are you sure that this studio
is following the fire safety regulations?
Of course. The city
won't give them the permit
to build these new studios
unless they have firewalls.
And you checked them?
Yes, but I didn't know
since there haven't been any fires.
I had no idea that
my studio had a firewall,
but it turned out that it did.
It ought to have one. If there's a fire,
you must get out through there.
It would be a big problem without that.
It's very important, you know.
Do I just need to sign here?
When will he pay the balance?
If you move out by tomorrow,
my secretary will check
and wire you the rest.
But are you sure
you don't need to look at the place?
We lived there for a long time.
You might have to renovate the place.
It's all right.
It's already a perfect house
given its location.
Prosecutor Seo?
-Detective Choe.
Hey, Seo Ji-uk.
I heard you're investigating
if Oh Yeong-cheol had an accomplice.
I'm here for the questioning.
You impress me with these surprises
from time to time.
I can't believe you came up with an idea
of sneaking into his house from here.
I went over all the possibilities.
But there will be evidence
that we broke into his home.
-But if we enter from here,
the security camera will only catch us
going into the unit next to his.
Awesome. You really are a genius
when it comes to using your resources.
But how do you know where that is?
Hey, this place looks like a show house.
They need to score a lead somehow.
Get that for me.
This looks very familiar.
This is mine.
Over there.
I tried to catch him, but he was so fast.
Damn it. I can't believe
they made a civil servant break the law.
-What happened?
What do you think? I bolted.
Did they catch you?
I'm talking to you on the phone
because they didn't!
What about you? Are you okay?
Let me see.
He covered his face with the mask
and the hat, so I can't identify the perp.
Can I look at the security footage
of my floor?
-The one in the hallway?
This is it.
Please make a copy
of today's security footage from the hall.
No one is tailing us, right?
No, there's no one.
Did you find anything?
That's decisive evidence that he worked
with Oh Yeong-cheol and killed me.
What's this?
What made you think my case wasn't related
to the Eomsan-dong Murder Case?
The victims of the Eomsan-dong Murder Case
had the suture mark.
But there wasn't one on your body.
That's why we--
That's what Seo Ji-uk wanted you to think.
Oh Yeong-cheol followed his usual MO.
But Ji-uk got rid of his signature
to cover up the truth about the case.
I remember hearing that eerie sound
when he was trying to kill me.
It was the sound of him
cutting the suture on my neck
with the thread nippers.
If we find Seo Ji-uk's fingerprints
and Se-yeon's blood on the thread nippers,
-we can prove that it was him.
I sent the thread nippers to the NFS.
We'll get the results by tomorrow.
Gosh, it's so good.
This is my first meal today.
-One more bottle of soju, please.
Thank you for your help.
So what did that jerk say at the station?
-Seo Ji-uk?
He put on quite a show.
He came to the station
pretending to have been hurt
with bandages around his head.
He brought the edited version
of the dash cam footage
where it only shows
Hee-jin running him over.
Seeing that he came to the station
on his own,
he must have had a plan.
And do you know
what he said at the station?
He said he was appalled that
the rumors caused this investigation
and we're responsible
for failing to keep out the reporters.
He went ballistic.
What about the boxes from the courier?
That proves he was working
with Oh Yeong-cheol.
You know there are informants, right?
You know those informants
prosecutors keep around?
And Seo Ji-uk had an informant too.
He said that he had been receiving tips
through the boxes.
But when he opened the last box
and saw a photo,
he realized this wasn't the informant
that he had been in contact with.
That bastard. He's a total loach.
-He escapes the law like a loach.
-I see.
-I thought you meant cockroach.
-I meant a loach.
Well, anyway,
there's nothing to worry about now.
We baited the trap
and have decisive evidence.
Everything is going to work out well.
I really hope so.
-Didn't you drive here, Detective Park?
-I already called someone.
-Here she is.
-Sit down.
-I want beer.
-You need to drive.
-Try this.
We can call a chauffeur service.
Is that why you called me?
No, well
Of course not!
I called you because this way,
we get to see each other one more time.
Oh, dear. Goodness.
You're making me blush.
You smooth talker. You're killing me.
It's hot in here. Don't come close.
It's hot in here
because of the grill. Come on.
That's why I get to see you 24-7.
You're killing me. Stop it.
You can't die. I live for you.
Gosh, you
Shall we all have a drink?
-You brought a car.
-Pour me one too.
Hold on.
-What's wrong with you?
-What do you mean?
Did you know
you broke my heart
when you left me?
Thank you
for coming back to me.
Do you know how much I love you, Mi-do?
She's mine!
-Dong-cheol, why are you on the floor?
-He has disappeared.
-Who are you?
It's you, Mi-do.
-Mi-do, you know
-Excuse me.
Hey, you.
How old are you?
What's your name?
Cha Min.
"Cha Min"?
That's my friend's name,
but you look nothing like him.
Do you have a girlfriend?
I do, so don't talk to me.
I like Go Se-yeon.
Are sexy women your type?
I can be sexy, you know.
-I want to throw up.
-You want to throw up?
I guess my face makes you vomit.
You can't recognize me
because I'm too pretty now.
-Change your face back.
-He'll throw up? I doubt it.
The sound of your conscience
is the sound of your destiny.
And humans are to follow that sound.
So you followed the sound of your destiny.
Where did it bring you?
I hope that you can end up
where you want to be.
That Sir, there is something
in the back of your handcart.
Who pushed me?
-Damn it.
That jerk. Min!.
-Someone pushed me.
-Someone pushed me.
-There's something odd.
-Hey, let's go to karaoke.
-Of course we should go.
-Let's go.
-We should go. We should.
-Don't you touch her.
-Their faces
-Let's go. Where are we going?
-Mi-do, let's go.
-Come on.
-What are you doing? Hurry up.
I hit it wrong.
Here he goes.
See? We look exactly the same!
Are we doppelgänger?
-Does that mean we'll die?
-We're soulmates.
-I can't die yet, so I'll kill you first.
-We're soulmates.
-No, I'll kill you first.
-Play or die,
-What's that? That's paper.
-It's rock.
-Mine is this.
-Take that!
Look at you. Bang!
You're dead.
Se-yeon, wake up!
Are you really dead?
-Why are you crying?
-I really thought you were dead!
-Mi-do, why are you crying?
-My gosh!
Please don't cry.
I thought you were dead.
-We're too pretty to die!
-You can't die.
-Why would I die?
-I don't know.
Shit, my head hurts.
What's going on?
Min, wake up. Where are we?
-My stomach hurts.
Are we at a hotel?
My head's spinning.
My head
This is my mom's room.
Why the hell are we in here?
I don't know. Why are you here?
What the hell?
Min, your hangover soup
My gosh!
Ms. Eom, what are you doing here?
I was kicked out of my room.
Where am I?
Mr. Kim, thank you for seeing us out.
-Thank you.
-You should get going.
-Let's go, Se-yeon.
-I told you this before,
-but you're my everything.
-Over here.
What? Don't do this to me.
Oh, Min, it's you.
-Where to?
-Who the hell are you?
-Who are you?
-Get away from Se-yeon!
Let's hurry off to bed.
But I'm Se-yeon.
-This way.
Home? Can't I have one more drink?
Hey, we're home.
We're home, so let's go to bed.
I need to go to the bathroom!
I need to go to the bathroom. I must.
Didn't I tell you to always
stay by my side? Come here.
Where did the stairs come from?
Damn it!
Min, you already fell asleep.
-Good night.
-Where did you go?
-I told you to always stay by my side.
-What's wrong with her? Ms. Lee.
-My gosh!
-Stick to me like glue.
-What a familiar scent.
Min, stop moving.
-I could say that same to you.
-Hey! Son!
What's wrong with him?
Seriously? Hey!
-Good night.
-You've got to be kidding me.
Attorney Lee.
I don't know if this is
how young couples date these days,
but it wasn't appropriate.
Of course not. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry too.
I'll be blunt with you.
Attorney Lee,
are you going to marry my son?
Mom, we'll talk about that
some other time--
I'm not as irresponsible as you think.
I wouldn't have come this far with Min
without considering a future together.
There's something complicated
going on in my life right now.
Once it's all sorted out,
I'll ask for his hand in marriage.
I hope you'll approve of us then.
I'll cure my hangover. Okay.
Okay, got it. I'll talk to you later.
Weren't we on good terms before?
Am I invisible to you now?
What will you do if I'm not the culprit?
What if you are?
I don't bet on losing games.
You've worked with me long enough
to know that.
You know me well too.
Once I bite, I never let go.
I don't know how you obtained it,
but anything that is illegally obtained
is inadmissible as evidence.
I'm sure you know that.
Why are you cleaning up
when you're the guest?
Just make yourself home.
How are we just guests?
This is like our base of operations.
And we partied hard here last night.
Of course we should help.
Shouldn't you be at work though?
Your mother doesn't seem
so pleased with you.
Shouldn't you show her that you're trying?
I took a long vacation
because every second counts.
I don't want to be away from you
for even a second.
Stop being so corny.
I hate that, so stop.
-Now I want to keep going.
-Se-yeon, you know
-Gosh, no.
Even blinking is a waste of time for me.
It prevents me from seeing you.
Is Detective Park teaching you this?
Look at my bloodshot eyes.
Is this your first time dating?
What's with those cheesy comments?
It is my first time.
Why don't you put out an ad on the subway
-saying that you're dating her?
-Stop, he might really do it.
I like that idea.
Don't do it. Don't you dare do it.
Darn it.
Hi, how did it go?
How the hell can the law work like that?
We have your blood and his fingerprints.
It's as I suspected.
I found it odd that
Ji-uk heard about the thread nippers
and that we met him
multiple times at the NFS,
so I checked my case report.
The cause of death
is written as exsanguination.
That's understandable
considering the stab wounds.
Oh Yeong-cheol was the one who stabbed me,
but Ji-uk strangling me to death
was the final blow.
That's why I remember the thread nippers.
Also, take a look
at the medical examiner's notes.
There's nothing in regard
to the wounds on my neck.
And there are no photos of it.
I'm sure there was evidence
of the suture mark being removed.
That means Seo Ji-uk
altered the autopsy report.
Do you remember the corpse
that underwent an autopsy?
The one that the police mistook
for Min's body.
Wasn't Kim Dae-ung
the medical examiner on that case too?
Prosecutor Seo asked me
to compare the DNA to Cha Min's,
so I used his hair, which we had obtained
from his belongings seized from his place.
Sure enough, it was a match.
Should we perform the autopsy?
I'll inform you
after I've talked to the daughter.
-Detective Lee!
I need you to check something.
I told you that the guy we caught
at the scene has type AB blood.
But Prosecutor Seo Ji-uk
just said it should be type B.
He said you should double-check.
He was also in charge
of Jang Sun-young's autopsy.
Doctor Kim?
He urgently took a leave of absence
a few days back.
-You guys go that way.
-Follow me.
-Dae-ung, it really is you.
-It's you, right?
-Get over here.
-Where are you off to?
We've found Dae-ung.
-Kim Dae-ung!
Damn it.
Move! Out of the way!
-What the hell?
Excuse me. Coming through.
Move out of the way. Shit.
-Make way!
Shit, go that way.
Excuse me.
My gosh.
Excuse us.
Yes, Detective Park.
I'll meet you on the first floor.
It's been a while, Mr. Kim.
You must pay for your crime.
Don't you think?
He confessed to being bought off
by Seo Ji-uk
to fabricate the autopsy results.
We requested a warrant,
so he's done for now.
This is great.
I understand.
Things have come down to this.
A coincidence?
What the hell was he trying to say?
Who is it?
My goodness,
are we interrupting your evening?
-You live in a mansion!
-What is this about?
-We'll look around.
-Take a good look around.
-Sure thing.
Look how nice this house is.
Could I get a refreshing beverage?
Do you really think you'll find anything?
You already took what you needed.
Detective Park, I found the evidence.
-It was in his cupboard.
-I knew it.
I told you they hide important pieces
in the cupboard. Keep it safe.
-Sure thing.
-Good job.
-Good job.
-We got it right away.
-Great job on finding that.
-Good work.
This wasn't illegally obtained.
We have the warrant to prove it.
It'll be sent to the NFS,
but I feel like I already know the result.
Is this a burn? Gosh, it must hurt.
Let's take a rain check on the coffee.
-How did it go?
-It went well as planned.
I'm sure that Seo Ji-uk
is now completely confused.
He still has no idea
how we entered his pace.
I'm glad. I was so worried
because you were running late.
What's there to worry about?
As long as I have Abyss, I'm untouchable.
Of course I know that,
but please don't use it anymore.
This has always been
in the colors of a rainbow,
but since it's purple now.
That means it only has one use left in it.
Who knows what'll happen
when it's depleted?
Could everyone who this marble revived
suddenly drop dead?
Who knows? It could also be recharged.
Unlimited use?
That's highly unlikely.
Don't worry.
What you're imagining won't happen.
Got it?
The person you have reached
is unavailable. Please leave
So you'll abandon me?
It's as you predicted.
The bloodstain on the bandage
from the first-aid kit
belongs to Oh Yeong-cheol.
Did I not say that I'd catch him?
When I'm confident,
there's always a reason.
Here. It's enough for an arrest, isn't it?
You did a good job.
Go request the warrant.
Let's go.
My gosh. Prosecutor Seo!
I need a burner phone
I can use right away.
I want you to get me something.
What job requires this much?
I'm thirsty.
It's been a while
since I relaxed like this.
This is nice.
The warrant for Seo Ji-uk's arrest
has been issued,
so it'll be over once he's behind bars.
That's right.
When this is all over,
what would you like to do first?
I want to tell my parents
that I'm alive.
It won't be easy, of course.
They'll need some time to accept it.
It's been a while since you died.
That's why I sometimes regret
not letting you tell your parents
that you were Se-yeon
on the day we met at your funeral.
If people find out that I'm alive,
the culprit won't be considered
a murderer.
I wanted those two to pay
for what they did no matter what.
So I had to hide that I'm Se-yeon.
And it was my choice.
I'm not afraid of anything
as long as I have you, my mom and dad.
Let's get back my mom and dad first
and then we can sort out other things.
You know how
strong and persistent I am, right?
I'll help you.
Let's work it all out together.
All right. Thank you.
-But before that,
there's something you need to do with me.
What is it?
Wait here.
Where are you going?
Let's see.
Do you remember this? It's my bucket list.
Hey, I gave you only one wish coupon.
I'm only asking for one thing.
"Doing the things on this list with me."
That is one, but
If you ask a genie in a bottle
to grant wishes all your life,
do you think he'll listen?
You're the one who said
you'd grant me a wish.
-Still, I can't do this.
-Why not?
These are the things
you do with your girlfriend.
I'm not your girlfriend.
Tell me another wish.
I'll grant you the wish.
Forget it. I'll think of something later.
Do you remember?
You said you wouldn't do it
because you weren't my girlfriend.
Here. I'll use my wish coupon now.
Do those things with me.
Sugyeong Nursing Home?
You better pick up.
I told you to pick up my calls.
Why you!
How did you
Is this why you're trying to abandon me?
Because your biological son
is still alive?
Don't you dare lay a finger on Ji-uk or--
I am
Seo Ji-uk.
It's me.
The police have found a bandage with
Oh Yeong-cheol's blood from your house.
There's nothing you can't do
with money and power in this country.
make an announcement that
I am your biological son. Do that first.
And make sure
to put everything you have on the line
to protect me, your son.
That is the only way to protect yourself.
Call in the reporters
and tell them I'll make
an official announcement
about the rumor.
I need to ask you a favor.
We're also checking for details.
I'll call you when we sort things out.
-Yes, all right.
-That's right.
They even found the bandage Oh Yeong-cheol
used when he was on the run.
What official announcement
would he have to make? Damn it.
Maybe it's because
he felt attached to him.
I hope he doesn't try to turn the tables
by saying some bullshit.
Due to the suspicions
that an incumbent prosecutor
had taken part in a crime
and covered it up,
an investigation has been launched.
This is Reporter Han Ji-seon.
The case is causing ripples of shock
as the prosecutor in charge,
Prosecutor Seo,
was revealed to be the accomplice
of Oh Yeong-cheol
and concealed the crime
of the Eomsan-dong Murder Case.
Along with the rumor
that Mr. Seo, who was also known
to be the son
of the soon-to-be Chief Justice,
Judge Seo,
is actually Oh Yeong-cheol's son,
there is much attention
to how the investigation will end.
-Mr. Seo has been
-I'll hold a press conference
to make an official announcement.
The police have announced that
they will trace Mr. Seo's whereabouts.
Of course you should.
Did you find the thing
I told you to get?
-He's the one who has the key.
-I know.
I want peanut snacks.
Thank you.
Is it good?
There are summer clothes!
Min, look at this. How is it?
It sucks.
Come over here, quick!
-This will look good on you.
It sucks.
Se-yeon, let's wear
-matching shirts.
-No. They suck.
They suck. I won't wear them.
They look nice to me.
-Is it good?
-It's good.
Can I have a bite?
-This one?
Come on!
Come back here!
-He's here!
-He's here!
I have gathered all of you today
because, as a public official,
I decided that I could no longer ignore
the scandalous rumors on the rise.
Did he leak any information
on what he's going to be saying?
Depending on what he says,
the tables could be completely turned.
-We have to be prepared for it.
-Yes, sir.
First of all,
I will talk about the rumors regarding
my son and I.
The rumors
are all true.
And I
am a murderer
who killed my wife with my own hands
25 years ago.
I killed my wife
while we were having an argument.
My biological son
severely injured his head
and ended up in a vegetative state.
Are you saying that Prosecutor Seo Ji-uk
isn't your biological son?
My real son
is sitting over there.
The one in the wheelchair
over there.
Is Prosecutor Seo really
Oh Yeong-cheol's accomplice?
Sir, please say something!
I guess you've even
lost your last chance, sir.
I was planning on asking for your help.
If I can ensure my real son,
Ji-uk's safety,
I'm going to confess
and pay for everything I did.
Is there a patient named Seo Ji-uk here?
Just a moment.
Judge Seo?
I'm at the nursing home,
but Seo Ji-uk already--
I need to ask you a favor.
Don't do anything yet.
Could you just follow him
and check where Seo Ji-uk,
I mean, Oh Tae-jin,
is taking my son?
in order to conceal my sin,
I joined hands with the devil
and have kept Oh Yeong-cheol's son
as my own all these years.
Does that even make sense?
Sitting out here,
it feels like we're just like
any ordinary people
who are enjoying the small things in life,
doesn't it?
We are just ordinary people.
Come on, you were revived twice.
How is that ordinary?
You're right.
Everything's messed up
because of this thing.
Still, it feels so nice
to be with you here.
If it's purple,
does it mean I have only one last chance?
What will happen if I use the last chance?
-You're up?
-Yes, where were you?
From now on,
let's enjoy the small things in life
and live happily
like those people.
But you know what?
My cheek keeps hurting.
-I think I got a sunburn.
-Right over here. My left cheek.
-Let me see.
-Over here.
-Let me see.
-No, here.
-Move your hand so I can see.
I said, here.
Hey, this ring
It was my type, so I just
now that I've accepted it,
I want to ask you something as well.
Cha Min.
Will you marry me?
the ring is not really my type.
Are you turning me down
because of this ring?
I'm going to be yours forever.
Come here.
I love you, Go Se-yeon.
Me, too.
-I love you so much, Se-yeon.
-Me, too.
If you come any closer,
-I'll shoot her.
-You can never hide your crime.
I'll make sure to revive everyone you kill
and make them point you as their murderer.
Over there.
-There were no traces of Director Cha.
Just believing in him
and living your life to the fullest
is the best thing you can do
at the moment.
I miss Min so much.
I can't live without him.
I don't think I can do it.
What should I do?
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