Abyss (2019) s01e16 Episode Script

Episode 16

Cha Min.
Will you marry me?
the ring is not really my type.
Are you turning me down
because of this ring?
I'm going to be yours forever.
Come here.
I love you, Go Se-yeon.
Me, too.
-What's this?
-You lost your phone last time.
My gosh.
Thanks. I'll put this to good use.
Hey, stay here for a second.
-It's done.
-What did you do?
I just took a few photos of you
to save on my phone.
Why don't we take a photo together
since we're wearing matching sweatshirts?
-Us together?
One, two, three!
Hey, gosh.
Look at you. You're getting
so good at these corny things.
See? I got your whole face in the frame.
This one looks good.
Shall we take one more?
All right.
One, two, three.
I told you that you can't look.
Just focus on yours.
-I'm done.
-Why is yours so short?
By the way, who buries
time capsules these days?
Right, you were a huge fan of Jun Ji-hyun
back in middle school.
"Gyeon-u, I'm sorry.
I guess I'm a typical woman after all."
Identical, right? Remember?
-Back then,
burying time capsules
was the biggest trend.
I know. I jumped on the bandwagon too.
I wonder how many I buried.
Probably about five.
But I don't even remember
where I buried them.
I bet so many people are like me.
But don't you think even a year
is too long for this day and age?
Would a month be too short?
Then how about 100 days? Let's open them
on our 100th-day anniversary.
Waiting is the best and the most
meaningful part of this whole experience.
If a decade is too long,
let's just do five years.
-Five years?
Right. Whether it's five or ten years,
it doesn't matter because we'll be
together for the rest of our lives.
I guess we can make it longer this time.
By the way, what's going on here?
How come mine is smaller than yours?
I have a lot of stuff to put in.
You probably don't have a lot of stuff,
so I got you a small one.
Shall I go bring a bigger one?
No, this is all I have.
I knew it.
What do you have in yours?
Why is it so big?
Hey, don't.
It's nothing.
I know a good spot
where we can bury these.
My dad and I planted this tree together
when I was little.
-Let's bury them here.
My dad will be watching from heaven,
so don't you even think
of digging them up alone.
All right.
-I'll bury them, then.
Wait! Just a second.
What is it?
-Now, I'm ready.
You called me childish and old-fashioned.
Well, it looked like you put
some objects in yours,
so I wanted to put in something too.
-I'll really bury them now.
Are you going to be finished
before the end of the day?
-Yes, just a minute.
-A minute?
Gosh, hang on.
-Hey, look.
With the soil
Why don't you do this?
Isn't your method exhausting?
This is all you have to do.
You'll be done in no time. It's done.
-Use your brain, Min.
Did you get it?
And take this too.
The amusement park is closed for the day,
so we should come back another time.
But I must say, it's a little spooky here
with all the lights out.
Let's get out of here.
This is so beautiful.
I didn't want to put off
the number one thing on my bucket list.
My goodness.
No, please. No!
Look at you.
-Come at me.
-Go away.
Gosh, what's happening now?
Catch me if you can!
Amusement parks are so much fun
when you don't have to wait in line!
It's now time to enjoy the highlight
of this experience.
-What is it?
Hey, did you rent that thing?
I totally screwed up the surprise event
I prepared for you last time.
-So this time, I did my very best.
-It looks so good!
-Here you go.
-Thank you.
-No problem.
-Is it good?
-Here you go.
-Thank you.
-No problem.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Amusement parks
always reminded me of my dad,
but it'll make me think of one more person
from now on.
It's nice.
-What's nice?
To know that you're thinking of me
each time you take a step.
I'm going to make you think of me
everywhere you go.
Then we should travel around the globe
for our honeymoon.
I'll be jobless when I get back though.
Hey, I can support both of us financially.
I'm competent My gosh!
-Oh, no.
-What a waste!
The ice cream isn't important.
You ruined this sweatshirt.
I can just wipe it off.
Hey, go back there and ask them
to make a new one for me.
I'll go wash this off in the restroom.
-All right, be quick.
Hey, are you sure he's here?
Yes, they confirmed
that the motorcycle entered this place.
-Let's go.
-Guys, stay alert.
Yes, sir.
-Here you go.
-Thank you.
-You guys can wrap up.
Thanks again.
I'm so clumsy.
If you come any closer, I'll shoot her.
-Wear it.
-Do I have to wear this?
My gosh, I'm really sorry.
-I apologize.
-Please be careful.
-Yes, I will. I apologize again.
-It's okay.
Are you all right?
Seo Ji-uk.
This won't change anything.
Drop the gun.
What do you want?
-If you tell me what you want--
-Why must you keep causing trouble?
-You guys brought this upon yourselves.
-Isn't this
what you're after?
You can never hide your crime
as long as this exists.
I'm going to revive everyone
that you've killed
and make them testify against you.
You won't be able to if I kill you.
All right.
Kill me, then.
But I won't die
because I own this marble.
Didn't Oh Yeong-cheol tell you?
Go ahead and try if you don't believe me.
-What was that?
-Over there. That way.
Don't talk. Don't say anything.
Mr. Cha!
Mr. Cha!
What happened?
My car is parked right by the entrance.
Take her to the hospital now.
I'm not doing this
because I care about you.
I'm only doing it
to take you down for good.
Over here.
-This man here.
-He's been shot.
Thank God. I'm so relieved.
-You're okay, right?
I was so scared.
I thought I might never see you again,
and it terrified me so much.
Did you use Abyss on me?
Does it mean you can't use it again?
Then what's going to happen now?
No matter what happens,
it's not your fault, okay?
What do you mean?
Why are you saying that?
What's going on?
What What is happening?
This was my decision
and my choice.
What What choice?
-What are you talking about?
-Even if I'm not around,
stay strong and brave
just like you've always been, okay?
Don't be sad for too long.
Because I could revive you,
I'm very happy even at this very moment.
So please
Live your life to the fullest
and be happier for my sake.
No, I don't want to.
You said you'd always be by my side.
You promised me that you'd keep me safe!
I'm sorry I'm leaving you behind.
I love you so much, Se-yeon.
Min, I love you too.
Don't go. Why are you being like this?
Min! Don't go. Don't leave me.
Prosecutor Go.
-Are you all right?
-Are you okay, Se-yeon?
Where's Min?
Where is he?
It seems like he knew.
I think
he was prepared for a situation like this.
Detective Park.
I'm taking Se-yeon to my vacation home.
If you can't get a hold of me,
move her to somewhere safe immediately.
I'll probably be gone
by the time you arrive.
If I must pay for using Abyss,
it is something that I'll have to endure.
But it hasn't happened yet,
so I'm staying hopeful.
I'll save Se-yeon
and find another way to be with her again.
I'll make sure to come back.
I went to his vacation home
after hearing this message.
When I arrived, you were passed out.
There were no traces
of Director Cha.
I have no idea what happened.
Gosh, it's so hot in here.
What do you think? It's nice, right?
Yes, ma'am. It's so nice.
I have a good eye, you know.
You sure do. The color is so lovely.
Anyone would know
that this room belongs to newlyweds.
This isn't for Ms. Lee.
I had to get a new comforter for Min.
Gosh, what are you thinking?
Mr. Cha has gone missing.
-Mr. Kim.
-Yes, ma'am.
Tell everyone at the company
that I sent Min
on a long-term business trip abroad.
Yes, ma'am.
Keep an eye on the shareholders
and make sure they don't revolt.
Yes, ma'am.
went through something
even worse than this.
-Yes, ma'am.
He was pinned as a murder suspect.
People talked about his corpse turning up
and spewed utter nonsense,
but he came back unscathed.
That's right.
He'll return safely again.
Just like that time,
he'll come back unscathed once again.
Yes, absolutely.
So Ms. Park.
Yes, ma'am. What can I do?
I'll do anything.
Go fix a meal, please.
-Pardon me?
I won't go down like this.
As his mother, I must stay strong.
-You need to pull yourself together too.
-Yes, ma'am!
At times like this,
we have to stay strong and focused.
Bring me some food!
-Yes, ma'am!
-Right away, ma'am!
Will you be all right?
Yes, I'll be fine.
I must witness Seo Ji-uk going down
with my own two eyes.
All right.
The judge is entering.
Please be seated.
Case number 2019-646.
We will now begin the sentencing hearing.
Prosecution, you may begin.
On May 7, the defendant, Seo Ji-uk,
aided and abetted the murder
of Go Se-yeon committed
by the Eomsan-dong serial killer,
Oh Yeong-cheol,
at the victim's residence
located in Chungdang-dong, Seodo-gu.
He inflicted a fatal blow on the victim,
who was still alive,
and concealed evidence of his crime.
Then he abused his authority
as a prosecutor and manipulated
evidence and witnesses
to sidetrack the investigation.
He also instigated Choe Gi-hun
to commit murder.
After that, he killed him
and staged his death as a suicide.
I'd like to bring in Park Dong-cheol,
the detective in charge of the case,
as a witness.
We found a suicide note
in Choe Gi-hun's car,
and the initial analysis
that it was the victim's handwriting.
But after that, we caught onto
a few things that arouse suspicion.
Then during further investigations,
we found evidence that showed even
the victim's journals were tampered with.
Such circumstantial evidence
can't be used to prove
that the defendant murdered the victim.
He hasn't finished
answering the question yet.
Sustained. Witness, please continue.
It's all right. I understand.
On the day Mr. Seo got arrested,
we also arrested a crime syndicate that
provided him with the illegal firearm.
And in the ledger that we seized
from them,
we found paperwork
for the burner phone, which was found
at the scene of Choe Gi-hun's murder.
Prosecution, do you have
any additional questions?
No, Your Honor.
Defense, do you have any questions
for the witness?
No, Your Honor.
request a sentence for the defendant.
The defendant committed a heinous crime,
where he colluded with a serial killer
and killed his colleague
in a brutal manner.
And he continued to deny
his involvement in the crime
and killed another victim
without any remorse
just to conceal his past crimes.
I believe we should isolate him
from society
as a preventive measure and deterrent
for all judicial officers.
Hence, according to Article 250,
155, and 147 of the Criminal Act,
he is guilty of murder,
destruction of evidence, helping escape,
abandonment of corpse,
and abandonment of duties.
Ergo, I ask you to impose on the defendant
a death sentence.
Cut the crap.
This is bullshit!
Go Se-yeon isn't dead.
Let go! Go Se-yeon is not dead.
She was revived.
Look, right there. Let go!
She's right there.
Go Se-yeon isn't dead.
She's alive right here!
She's alive, so I didn't kill her.
Go Se-yeon is not dead!
-When did you start planning this?
-Make a comment!
Say a few words!
Do you admit killing her?
Father Father!
Father, I'm innocent!
You know that. Father!
I completely understand
how devastated you must be.
But Mr. Cha promised that he'll return,
so you should stay strong
and wait for him.
Dong-cheol is right.
We all know that he's not an ordinary man.
I mean, he brought you back
from the dead twice
using Abyss or whatever it's called.
He'll find a way to return.
Let's believe in him
and wait for him together.
And when he's back,
you two can live happily together
like any other normal couple
just as you wished.
For now, just focus on
how you'll make that happen.
Just believing in him
and living your life to the fullest
is the best thing you can do
at the moment.
I've been doing some thinking.
I think
there's something you need to do first.
Is this true?
Does this mean that my daughter, Se-yeon,
actually came back to life?
-I shrouded her
and held her funeral myself.
Do you actually expect us to believe this?
I know that it'll be hard for you
to believe me, Dad.
But I can prove it to you.
I look like a completely different person,
but I am your daughter, Go Se-yeon.
We checked and confirmed everything.
She is Prosecutor Go Se-yeon.
Why didn't you tell us sooner?
I'm sorry I couldn't tell you sooner.
I'm sorry I couldn't come sooner.
How have you been?
What have you been up to?
Mom, I'm sorry
I'm so sorry, Mom. I really am.
She said she'd be okay
because she had been through this before.
She even ate a huge meal,
saying she must stay strong as his mother,
but she ended up fainting.
Can you
Can you really not get a hold of Min?
Last time he went missing,
you were able to get a hold of him.
There was that whole debacle last time,
but he came back unscathed.
I'm sure it'll be the same.
You know, no news is good news, right?
Please let me know when Ms. Eom wakes up.
-I'd like to come by and check up on her.
could I stop by Min's room on my way out?
Yes, of course. Let's go.
It doesn't suit this room at all.
Don't you remember?
-You gave it to me.
On Valentine's Day,
junior year of high school.
You said you got too many chocolates
and gave me one.
No, don't cry.
Se-yeon, don't you cry.
You promised to believe
with all your heart.
Don't cry.
Are you in there?
It's Min's phone.
The police looked into it,
but they couldn't find anything
that'll indicate where he is.
But Se-yeon
I mean
Ms. Lee, I think you should hold onto it.
All right, I get it.
I won't skip my meals.
Don't you cry all day and skip your meals.
Do you remember what I said last time?
I said I got it.
Don't worry about me and take your time.
Didn't I leave this in Min's room?
Maybe it follows its owner.
When did he take this?
Gosh, Min.
What's there to dislike?
There's no one like you.
You loved Se-yeon to bits.
You're good at your job.
You come from a good family.
And you're kindhearted.
Well, you weren't exactly handsome.
But that's only a small part.
Let me tell you this man to man.
You're a decent guy.
What are you doing?
You've never complimented me.
I'm so happy that I want to record it.
-Put that away.
-Come on. Can you keep going?
Se-yeon, did you hear that?
Your father approves of me.
Our wedding's good to go if you say yes.
So don't think about making me wait
and just put on that ring, got it?
Over here.
If your father suddenly changes his mind,
I'll show him this.
I love you so much, Se-yeon.
I love you so much, Se-yeon.
We're so worried about you that
What's wrong?
I miss Min so much.
I can't live without him.
I really can't. What should I do?
I don't think I can do it.
What should I do?
What now?
I miss him so much.
I told you that it should've been
Go and Do's Law Firm.
It has syllables from both our names,
and it can mean more than one thing.
"Lee Mi-do's Law Firm"? How silly.
If you want your name on the door,
pay for the rent.
You're the one
who asked me to work with you.
The commute is exhausting,
but I still accepted your offer.
But then again,
you were fired twice already
because of your temper.
I went out of the city on purpose.
What's good about working in Seoul?
How are you going to explain
that you look different
to people you know?
It wasn't that ideal.
Please come on in. Excuse me!
Guys, it's this way.
This law firm is run by the best lawyers.
They win almost all of their cases.
Do you know Korea's
best law firm Park & Jang?
-She was one of its attorneys.
-Why don't you head inside?
-Come on in.
You can all consult them one at a time.
Please head on inside.
Make yourselves comfortable.
-Who are these people?
-I brought some people
from the station who needed lawyers.
What kind of a husband would I be
if I didn't help out my wife?
My goodness!
Whose husband is this competent?
Mi-do's husband!
Technically speaking,
you're not her husband until tomorrow.
Exactly. I'll be a married woman tomorrow.
Wouldn't it be all right
to take the day off?
Since that's the case,
you should start with the consultations.
But there are so many of them--
-Wish you luck.
-Hold on.
-Keep up the good work.
-Are you hungry? Do you need anything?
-Let's go for pigs' feet.
-Sounds good!
Just today? You're always like that.
Just a second!
My gosh. Look at you.
-Stop taking pictures.
-It's not me, you know.
The phone's taking photos by itself
since you're so beautiful.
-Stop it.
-My gosh.
I'm glad you're here, Prosecutor Go.
I'm not a prosecutor anymore.
You should address me casually.
How should I call you? Sister-in-law?
Or Ms. Se-yeon?
-Se-yeon's good.
-Sure, Se-yeon.
That's much better.
Can the groom come with me?
Sure. I'll get going then.
See you later, Se-yeon.
-I'm nervous.
See you later!
My gosh.
You look exceptionally beautiful today.
Will you be okay living on your own again?
Yes, I'm fine.
I was sick and tired of Detective Park
coming over after drinking anyway.
I'm happy to never see that again.
Still, you should just move closer to us.
I don't get why you're
going back to that house after all that.
I wouldn't even live there for free.
He should know where to find me.
I changed the locks to the house though.
I have second and third
security measures now.
I'll come by often then instead.
Sure. That reminds me.
Hee-jin asked me to give you this.
My gosh!
I forgot to send her an invitation.
She's in the countryside, remember?
-Why didn't you bring her with you?
-And drive five hours?
I hope she's doing all right.
She is.
Gosh, I'm so full. I can't eat anymore.
I picked these
since you were coming today.
-Stop bringing me food!
-Try one.
But I'm too full.
-Fine, but still try one.
-I'm completely full.
Just this one.
My gosh. It's so tasty!
Did you grow these yourself?
No way.
You must have a knack for farming.
I thought I couldn't eat anymore,
but it's too tasty.
I'm done now. I can't eat anymore.
I'm so full.
I heard that Ms. Lee was getting married.
Aren't you going to come?
I don't think it's appropriate.
Besides, Seoul will only remind me
of the bad memories.
All right. I'll make sure
she receives this, so don't worry.
Seriously. Do you have invisible feet?
When did you get here?
If I wish upon the stars like this,
would I get a new one?
What will you do with a new one anyway?
Maybe the new Abyss
will bring Min back to me again.
I'm only telling you this
because I feel bad for you today.
-Want to know a secret?
-A secret?
What's that?
I already knew that. Min does too.
What? How do you know that?
What do you mean?
I just found out some way.
Min wouldn't have told
-What are you doing?
-No way.
-Before marriage?
-Why are you staring?
-I'm right, aren't I?
-What do you mean?
-I'm right.
-Stop it.
Shut it.
-You were a couple. It's not bad.
-Stop it!
Hold on. Let me bring some rice cakes.
What? No, I'm fine.
-It's all right.
-Hold on.
-I'm totally full.
-I'll be right back. I forgot.
-You're home.
I told you to get home early.
I know,
but the wedding reception
went on for longer than I expected.
More side dishes?
I haven't even finished everything
you brought last time.
This wasn't necessary.
-But you wanted leaf mustard kimchi.
-I do.
I made some other side dishes too.
You must be tired as it is.
What's tiresome about
making my daughter food?
I'm just grateful
that I can still cook for you.
That being said,
why don't you just move back home?
This again?
I'm still worried about you living alone.
If it's because of your dad, I'll--
That's not it, Mom.
I just want to spend some time alone here.
It's really fine.
Detective Park's word carries weight.
Officers patrol around
the neighborhood quite often.
I bumped into them so many times
that I recognize them all.
I'll call you every day like I'm doing now
and let you know that I'm safe.
All right.
All right, I'm on my way.
Your dad is already calling me home.
He can't let you out of his sight.
He can't do anything without me.
Of course not.
Mom, have a safe trip home.
-Okay, bye.
-Good night.
June 25, 2022.
I was at Mi-do's wedding today.
She went on a strict diet
in order to fit in her dress
and the hard work paid off.
She looked stunning.
Maybe it's because
I went to a wedding today,
but I even miss you more.
I love you, Min.
Did you go to Ms. Lee's wedding?
Of course.
I should send her a photo.
My gosh.
I'm exhausted today.
Help me go to sleep.
Recite some math formulas.
I'll save Se-yeon
and find another way to be with her again.
I'll make sure to come back.
The defendant's attorney
is baiting the witness
by speculating instead of stating facts.
Sustained. That's a warning.
Attorney Go,
what if the witness lies on the stand--
Don't you worry.
Didn't I tell you
that I was one of the top prosecutors
at the Public Prosecutor's Office?
I have a Plan B and even a Plan C
-for these situations.
-I see.
Attorney for the plaintiff, you're up.
I'd like to submit a photo as evidence.
This wasn't disclosed to us in advance.
We couldn't
because this is evidence of a crime
committed by the defendant this morning.
Attorney for the defendant,
please come up.
Do you accept
to have the evidence submitted?
As you may have already seen,
the defendant is obviously trying
to either win over or threaten
the witness in this picture.
"Win over"?
If he does not accept,
I will think of it as an acknowledgment
to the charges on the defendant.
I accept.
All right.
Thank you.
Please project the picture for us.
Your Honor,
please take a look at this picture.
It was taken this morning
when the witness over here
met up with the attorney for the defendant
and the defendant himself.
What would they have to share
with each other so urgently
that they had to meet up this morning?
What did you guys talk about?
Well, I
If you're in a tough spot, you may pass.
Next picture, please.
I would like to question
the meaning to this suitcase of money
and whether the testimony from a witness
who received such a thing
may be considered admissible evidence.
That is all.
I will consider
the evidence and testimonies
from both parties
to reach a final verdict.
The final announcement will be on July 1.
You were perfect today, Prosecutor Go
I mean, Attorney Go.
You know I'm always perfect.
Here. I'm getting off of work from here.
Where are you going?
The weather's so nice today,
so I'm going on a date.
One strawberry ice cream, please.
-Thank you.
I'm sorry.
Darn it Why do I keep dropping
my ice cream when I'm here?
What a waste.
That's not important right now.
Go Se-yeon.
I'm sorry.
I took too long, didn't I?
Stop talking.
Stop talking, Min.
I don't want to wake up
from this illusion.
It's really me, Cha Min.
It's me.
I really missed you, Se-yeon.
I love you, Min.
I really do. I love you so much.
You told me that
almost a thousand times now.
Why are you flooding me with love?
Let's see how much you changed
in three years.
Do you know what I regretted the most
after losing you?
I regretted saving those words for later
and not showing
all the love I had for you.
You've grown up.
I won't ask you where you've been
or blame you
for returning so late.
I know very well
that you would've done anything
to come back to me
like this.
Thank you.
it hurts me just to think
about how hard it must've been
to get all the way here.
Did you have a hard time?
You look a bit skinnier.
I did have a hard time,
but I forgot all about it
the moment I saw you.
It isn't that important,
but I am a bit curious.
What were you doing?
A lot happened.
After I vanished, I opened my eyes
and saw them again.
I told you not to use it
unless it's necessary.
You won't be able to stay on this planet
in your condition.
You'll feel even more pain.
You couldn't see me,
and there was nothing I could do for you.
But there was no way
I could get myself to leave you.
Poor thing.
What a pitiful yet beautiful soul.
Can you see me?
If you left, you wouldn't be in pain.
Why are you still wandering around
so foolishly?
Follow me.
There's one more thing you don't know.
It keeps following me around
even after it's all used up.
Do you know what that means?
Whenever you saw that thing,
I was right there with you.
Isn't that amazing?
Thank you
for waiting and believing in me.
Let's see
It should come up anytime soon.
There, I found it!
It really has been here all along!
I was so scared about
having to open it on my own, you know.
Should we have a glass of wine
while we open it?
Mine was somewhere here, too.
Wasn't yours a bit deeper?
-I found it!
-It's here!
Go and wash up.
I'll ask Auntie
to prepare a snack for the wine.
It's really late. She must be sleeping.
I'll just fix something up quickly.
You don't even know how to cook.
Never mind, I'll do it.
My darling husband,
please leave it up to me for today.
Go on and get washed up.
Why are you so sweet today?
It's a special day today.
Go on and wash up.
-But just let me do the cooking--
-All right, all right.
Se-yeon did you see my
What are you doing there?
What are you doing behind the
Hey! We were supposed to
open that together!
I didn't think we'd open it,
so I put in something really dangerous.
I was only trying to get it out.
Is it the one you put in last?
-No, that's not it.
-Come on, let me see.
-No way.
-What is it?
-No, it's too embarrassing!
-Let me see!
-No, don't!
-Give it!
Come on, please!
"Wish Coupon"?
Damn it!
-This is what you put in?
-Give it back.
No way. I'll be invincible with this.
No, you won't. Give it back.
-Give it back!
-No way. You can't take it back.
-Yes, I can!
-No, I won't let you.
-I can! Come on!
-No way!
Come on, please!
Do you want to wash up?
-Sure. I'll do that.
Min, you've been married for a year.
Why can't you control yourself?
Get used to it, already.
You can take it.
I don't need Abyss anymore.
That's not how it works.
Remember what you said?
You said you resented having it,
but that it was still a present to you.
I was able to save
Se-yeon twice because of Abyss.
It brought you
the biggest present in your life,
that Abyss.
Does that mean
it will follow me until I die?
If there happens to be a present
that can bring you a greater miracle,
then it will disappear.
Se-yeon is good enough for me.
What could be better than her?
What? What's going on?
What? Where is it
What is it? What's wrong?
-What do I do?
-What is it?
-It happened.
-What happened?
What do you mean, "What do I do?"
We have to celebrate!
That's so great.
Se-yeon, thank you so much.
I'll keep you
and Se-yeon Jr. safe forever.
-I love you, Se-yeon.
I love you too, Min.
-You know
-I predicted all this.
-Do you know what's in the time capsule?
I calculated everything,
and I thought we'd be married
and having a baby in five years.
Isn't it adorable?
It's out of style, though.
Do you think so?
I was just kidding.
It's just a basic design. It's so pretty.
-How adorable!
-It's cute.
What's this?
Why isn't there one for a girl?
You want a son?
-Sure. A son who looks like me.
-No way.
-Then a daughter that looks like me.
-That's worse. No way.
Do you even want the baby or not?
That's not what I'm talking about.
Just think about it. Your old
You were about to mention
my old face, weren't you?
No, I
Well, I'm not wrong, right?
Come on, what's going on?
-Why do you look so pissed?
-It's nothing.
Why are you getting upset?
I'm not upset. Why would I be?
Come on, don't be upset.
What's up with that face?
Are you getting mad at me?
-No, I'm just--
-What's with that face?
And that glare?
-I'm just--
-You look so cold.
It's nothing. I'm sorry.
What are you sorry about?
Should we open up the windows?
I need some fresh air.
-You can't breathe?
Am I suffocating you?
Am I the one suffocating you right now?
-What's wrong?
You've blinded me.
Why are you so pretty today?
Se-yeon, I'm sorry.
-Are you sorry or not?
-I'm sorry.
-Are you not sorry or are you?
-I am sorry!
I can't stay mad at you. Come here.
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