Ackley Bridge (2017) s02e04 Episode Script

Series 2, Episode 4

I didn't know we were doing break-up sex.
- I thought we decided.
- I can't leave her.
Where's the money? Me money! Why you getting involved with people like that? - That's all I got.
- 40 quid a day till the debt's paid.
I thought you were amazing.
- Nothing's changed.
- Everything's changed.
Would you be interested in coming to see a concert with me? All we need to do now is find me a girlfriend.
She'll be home soon.
You better go.
Oh, it's like that, is it? "You've had your fun, now sling your hook.
" Yeah? Sure I was having fun? Oh.
Oh, right, so you were faking t'fun, were you? Might've been.
I wasn't.
I'm struggling with this.
You wanna stop? No.
I wanna start.
I want to start again with you.
- DOOR SLAMS - Mum? Oi, Jordan.
Oi, don't ignore me.
Come here.
What you playing at? Sami! Still got a good right hook, mate.
Here, look at this, I have just been sent a Snapchat.
It's Mr Qureshi.
He's punching someone.
Gis a look, then! Who's he punching? I didn't know you had it in you, sir! You a boxer, sir? - One punch! - People saying he tried it on with your bivee.
Told you.
Everyone knows Khadim's a grafter, innit.
Inside, now.
Come on.
Couldn't wait for me? I weren't quite sure if you were finished or not.
If you've still got a problem with me an' Aaron Missy, how many times do I have to say it? I'm happy for you.
I think you're great together.
Look, I'll admit.
Seeing you all loved-up does, you know, make me feel a bit sorry for myself.
Happy now? How can I be happy if you're not? You'll find someone, Nas.
Really! How? Have you thought of putting an ad in a newsagent's window? Come on.
I knew you were going to do that.
Why did you upload it? Look this ain't funny, all right? - I caught you selling drugs! - Weren't selling owt.
Selling, running, what's the difference? Couple of hundred quid a night.
- Look, man, that - TANNOY: Mr Qureshi to the headteacher's office immediately, please.
Go on, out! Riz woke up to that on his phone.
Like every other kid in this school! I think you're blowing this out of proportion, Sadiq.
D'you think? We're struggling for numbers for September, and now this.
One of our kids is selling drugs.
- And a teacher assaulted someone.
- He were defending himself! All right, all right! That's enough.
Come on.
You know what our safeguarding policy is regarding interventions outside of school.
Look I've walked on before.
I wasn't going to do it again.
I understand that, Sami, I do, I do.
But we all have to draw a line.
Make sure you know where yours is.
And what about the lad? If one of my employees were caught selling drugs We're not making mattresses here, we're making people.
Look we are working with Jordan.
We've reduced his timetable down to core subjects and Sami's put a behavioural plan together, haven't you? And? Is he following it? This kid is taking you for a ride.
He knows you like him for some reason - and he's taking advantage.
- You know, you haven't a clue what that lad's been through, not a clue.
Tell me.
It doesn't matter.
You're right, there is no excuse.
I told you months ago we should have got rid, - and that's before he was selling drugs.
- Yeah, but not in school.
Oh, and you know that for a fact, do you? When are you gonna learn? Some kids are just too far gone.
Some kids just can't be helped.
You're wrong.
I want you here, now.
You OK? Of course I bloody am, huh.
Look, er, Kaneez, I was wondering It's been a while since we I had a great time, - and I'd really like it if - I've got a queue.
Look at him.
Calderdale's very own Pablo Escobar.
My God, Chloe dodged a bullet there Now you've jumped straight into the firing line.
I said I'd supervise him, that's all.
That's noble.
All right, you know that dealer he was working for? The one you clobbered? I know him.
Well, then, prepare to be unfriended on Facebook.
Becoming a regular double-act, them two, aren't they? What you smiling at? - Got myself a new dating app.
- Mm! So if there's someone else on the app, then it shows up.
Probably won't come to 'owt, but Don't be so cynical.
Nah, we both know this town's a gay desert.
Always water in the desert.
If you're thirsty enough, you'll find it.
How thirsty are you, Nasreen? Hm! - Thirsty.
- MOBILE PINGS Ooh! How many? It's saying three.
- Three snogs! - Mm.
If this town's a desert, I think we've just found the watering hole.
Oh, but why can't they be doing summat I'm actually good at? Like what? Scrabble? Hi, son.
All right, Dad.
We have a guest.
Is it your mum? Sami! Well, come here, bro! How long since you saw each other? Only been back in town couple of weeks, so before last night, I dunno, 10, 12 years? Last night? Bumped into each other, aye.
At mosque? No, I was on the way back.
He's a good boy, see? Eh? Get his reward in heaven.
Me? I'm just a sucker for the earthly delights.
Maryam, you cook a damn good roti! Sami taught me everything I know.
You and me both.
Good memories.
Taking you and Sami down the boxing gym.
Shame my dad never gave a stuff.
Still got your old boxing trophies out.
Should be proud of your achievements.
I've not won anything since, have I? Oh, except for your beautiful wife.
He didn't win me.
I won him.
Right, going to bed.
- Need to be up early for the gym.
- Oh, which one? Not sure I should tell you.
The other girls might not thank me for it.
I'm a gentleman.
- You're trouble is what you are.
- Maryam, you're breaking me heart! See you in bed.
Night, Khadim.
Bed? Mate, if that was my missus, I'd never get out! But you weren't near no mosque last night, bro.
Right, what do you want? Last night.
Like old times.
I end up on me backside.
You walk away.
Made me look like a proper div, Sam.
An' I can't afford to look like that.
So what do you want me to do? You want to hit me? KHADIM SCOFFS Hit you? I couldn't hit you.
I love you.
You know that, right? But I've gotta save face, - so I'll have to give the lad a beat down.
- No, you don't! He stuck that video up.
Look if you value the friendship we had, you'll leave that lad be.
Had? Anything for you, Sam.
If that's what you want.
What's this about you having a word with him? Telling me that I can't work for him no more? Eh? That's a warning.
It's got nowt to do with you, has it? And that's detention.
You said detention? Why am I here? What do you want me to do with these? Punch stuff.
- Why? - Because I think it'll make you feel better.
Are you trying to channel my anger? Well, I don't know.
Do you think you need your anger channelled? Only if I miss Pointless.
So I've spoke to your teachers.
It turns out you've got nine detentions outstanding.
Did you know that? And guess what? They gave them all to me.
Nine plus the one I just gave you, that's ten.
Ten hours of you and me, kiddo.
You're not a perv, are you, sir? No, Jordan, I'm not a perv.
What if I refuse? Well, then I'll have to tell Miss Carter that you said no.
This is your last chance.
I'm all that's standing between you and permanent exclusion, a return to Young Offenders, maybe even prison.
So you make your choice.
Come on, you've got more! Yes.
Straight, straight.
Yes! Jab.
There you go.
Get some water.
Who is that lad, and what have you done with Jordan? He's done all right, hasn't he? Two weeks.
What do you reckon? Well, I think you have found a way to redraw the line.
Fancy punching any more of our students? Seen you boxing, mate.
My Daadi hits harder.
Mo, here, boxes for real and his cousin knows Amir Khan, no word of a lie, you wasteman.
I'm hearing good things about Jordan.
Are you, now? I'm not jealous! Oh, no.
You spend all your time with him, when you could be with me.
Monopolising the assembly hall when Midsummer Night's Dream only weeks away? I couldn't be happier.
Oh, you're jealous.
No, it's good you're looking out for him.
Wa-hey! Sir, thought you never wore anything but shorts.
I smarten up when I have to.
Sir you do know this is biology, right? I do.
And as I'm sure you know, I'll be teaching you twice a week.
Where's Mr Hyatt? Has nobody explained what's happening? ALL: No.
What's in the bag? - You're going for it? - Yeah.
You know what? I've been practising with Saleem, - and I'm actually quite good! - Great! Did you nick these? Er, um, I prefer the term 'borrowed'.
But, er, these are for you.
- Hang on.
- Thank you, Missy! I knew you'd never let me do this on me own.
So we lose Mr Hyatt for nearly half our lessons just so he can help the Year 11 thickos scrape through their GCSEs! How's Mr Simpson going to teach us about evolution? He's barely evolved himself! What, so you're all right with this, then? No, I'm not.
If I'm smiling, it's because I can't actually remember the last time you wanted to talk to me.
Well, are you going to do anything about it or not? Leave it with me.
That means forget it.
No, look Whatever happened, your education, your future there's nothing more important to your mother and me.
I'll sort it.
I promise.
Mum's out tonight.
Riz probably wants to see you.
You can come over if you like.
If it was any other night, love Can't we just tell 'em? - About this? - About us.
I haven't decided whether there is any us yet, Sadiq.
You were the one who had the affair.
See anything you like? Missy, keep your voice down! Thighs on some of 'em! I've climbed smaller trees.
Ready for this? We go now? OK.
Nas! You OK? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm fine.
Sorry, I think I were a bit high.
What like, drugs? High tackle.
Come here.
Buy you a drink sometime? To say sorry? Yeah.
Come on! Keep jabbing.
Move round.
Move round.
Move round.
Keep that guard up.
- Box.
- Yes, Mo.
Come on, Mo.
Finish him, bro! Keep your guard up.
- What're you doing, kid? - Getting' me ass whooped, what's it look like? Yeah, but he's done this before.
Properly shown up! So learn from it, then.
Look, boxing in't about aggression.
It's about control.
So, youre you giving up, then, yeah? Just like that.
Well, all right.
You've done your ten hours.
So if you want to go, you go.
- But it's a shame.
- Why? Because I think you could be good at this.
I've heard that line before, it don't work.
All right, Jordan, you go back to doing what you were doing before.
Let's see how far that gets you.
- Yeah, I might do.
- Yeah.
Look, before you go, let me ask you something.
Sporting inclusion award, have you ever heard of that? It's like a government bursary thing.
Bit of money to hand out to kids to encourage 'em to stick at a sport they're good at.
Like I'd get that! You already have, mate.
I applied for you.
Go on.
Take it.
You winding me up? Jordan, I'll show you the paperwork in my office, if you want.
Look, I know that's nowhere near the money you were getting.
But that's money you can feel good about.
Why're you doing this for me? Put that away.
So I'm going to see you tomorrow, yeah? - Yeah.
- All right.
Same time.
New trainers? Yeah, brand-new.
Do you like 'em? Love 'em.
Shoes? - In me bag.
- On your feet.
Oh, hostiles.
We've got hostiles.
I know it's not ideal, but Mr Hyatt will still be setting and assessing all the work.
And I'll be available two lunchtimes a week for surgeries.
Which wouldn't be necessary if you were actually teaching them like you're supposed to.
I can assure you, It's just a temporary situation.
Being at school's a temporary situation.
You're jeopardising our future! I can understand your frustration, I can, but I had to identify the most pressing need and right now that is our Year 11.
I'm sorry, but Year 11 have to take priority over 12 at the moment and I, I don't have an endless supply of teachers.
So that's it.
She makes the decisions and we just have to accept it? No, we don't.
This isn't the answer.
I thought you would understand this better than anyone.
I'm not here as school sponsor.
I'm I'm here as a parent.
Look, I'm not questioning your right to do this, I'm just asking you to take another look.
I'm trying to stay calm here.
We all are! And I appreciate that.
Thank you for coming to see me as a concerned parent.
- I haven't finished yet.
- But I have.
And I won't be changing my mind.
- It's Megan from football! - See? I told you she'd be in touch! Oh, yeah! - Nas goin' lose her cherry.
- Um, OK, Missy.
I'm going to style you up! I'm thinking Tyra Banks make-up, Kim K hair Oh, Missy, I'm not going to go.
What do you mean? She wants to meet in Bradford.
How am I meant to get there and back that time of night? You need a fairy godmother.
I don't have a magic wand, but I do have a fella with a Vauxhall Astra who'll drive me anywhere I want.
Cinders, you shall go to the ball.
The prince hath expressly forbidden bandying - He reads like he boxes, bro! - in Verona streets.
Give it some welly, Jordan.
- Hold, Ty balt.
- CHUCKLING - Good, Mer-cru-tio! - LAUGHTER A plague on both your houses! What're you hanging around for? You'll get nicked.
Hey, Romeo, where d'ya think you're going? - He's just done my mate in.
- What you gonna do? Take us all on? If you want, yeah.
Or just you.
Have a rematch, if you want.
If you want to get beat down again, I can do that.
Dreamland bro, innit.
You fight like crap, bro.
That's true bro.
Get off him, stop! Get off him! Stop! Get off him now! I thought you were turning things around.
- You can't help yourselves, can you? - Turning things around?! Why aren't you talking to Mo? You went for him.
Sit down! You saw what he were doing.
He were winding me up.
By saying you're crap at boxing? Oh, big deal! If someone takes the mick, you rise above it.
Yeah, I tried! What about that bursary thing? He hasn't got that has he? If he were so good, he'd have it.
I didn't say owt about that did I? Wha ? What bursary? You could be suspended, even worse.
Oh, come on! It's not that bad.
A teacher giving money to a student? That's as serious as it gets.
You've left yourself wide open for misinterpretation.
I mean, I know you're trying to do the right thing, but this isn't the way.
Look! I know it was stupid, but I was losing him.
I feel like I'm losing you.
Losing the love of my life to Jordan bloody Wilson.
That's a new low.
What? It's just you've never said it.
You must've known it, though.
Where are you going? Look, I'll go and find Jordan - and I'll tell him about the money.
- Sami he asked me outright.
I couldn't lie.
Right, I sent Aaron to get me Nando's, so it's just you and me.
Oh, I really think I need a wee again.
Check the mirror while you're there.
I think you've got a bogey.
Right Missy, she's here.
Deep breaths, Nasreen.
Are you sure that isn't a bogey? Right! Confidence! Flirty! - Hey.
- Hey.
Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to Look, Khadim gave you money.
I gave you money.
What's the difference? Khadim don't lie about why he's given me it, does he? He don't feel sorry for me, he don't pretend I'm good at stuff that I'm not! Problem? I thought you said you were done with him? Lad says he's done with you.
Look, what do you need him for, anyway? What is it with you, eh? Am I so bloody bad you've got to save him from me? Might look different these days, but we're the same, you an' me.
No, we're not, mate.
I knew it back then and I definitely know it now.
When you need me, you know where I am.
Sorry I took so long.
Met someone I know.
- Oh.
- Don't worry, she's gone.
But she thought you were fit.
I think you're well fit an' all.
D'you want to come back to mine? Now? No, I was thinking next week? Oh, erm, yeah, actually! Next week'd be really good for me, yeah.
Oh, you did mean now.
- Well, if you don't want to, then - No.
I mean I I I want to.
I just I wasn't too sure you wanted to do so But you do want to, which is brilliant! Come on, then? Actually, I really need the loo.
I'm just, just going to pop to the loo before we go It's brilliant.
I really thought I can't believe you did that! I actually thought we were gonna have to ring the fire brigade.
Why didn't you just leg it out the door? Are you joking? In these heels? Besides I've seen her run and What, her? How much have you had to drink? Maybe I should get off.
I've got an early start tomorrow.
I'll get off.
I'm gay.
What? Is that your answer? I didn't know there were a question.
What, "OK"? - What, what do you want me to say? - Well I don't know.
Well, it seems like you want me to say summat.
Well, no, I'm, I'm looking for an honest answer, Aaron.
- You're being aggressive.
- No, I'm not Missy, I'm just defending myself! He isn't attacking you.
- I'm sorry.
- Hey.
- No, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
- Nas, hey, come on.
No need to apologise.
It makes no odds to me at all, if you're into lads, lasses, llamas (HE CHUCKLES) Look, a couple of weeks ago I didn't even know I had a sister, so it's all just a bonus.
Look, I know you didn't plan on telling me any of this but I'm dead glad you did.
Come here.
Come on.
- Where are you going? - Where d'you think? Sami.
Khadim is bad news.
Always was.
Go after him and he will drag you down now, like he were dragging you then.
So, what am I supposed to do, just let him ruin this kid's life? The lad makes his own decision, just like you made yours.
Yeah, well, maybe if someone had stuck their neck out for me things might've been different.
I might not have wasted years of my life.
So you see yourself in this lad? So, what then? I'm not stupid, Sami.
I live in this house.
I see what's going on.
There is a problem in your marriage.
Maybe you think you can't solve it, but this problem with Khadim? This you can solve.
But not like this, son.
Not with violence.
I'm not going to go to the police.
I'm not a grass.
There are other ways.
Someone step out of line back home didn't have no police.
Went to elders.
Sort it out.
Dad, this ain't Mirpur.
You may think this is old-fashioned.
But they do a lot of good in this town.
Take them your problem.
- See what they say.
- Salaam alaykum, chaps.
Right, what do you want to talk about? Look, don't get me wrong, no-one wants drugs in this town.
But as long as there's junkies there'll be lads sellin' 'em maal.
You get rid of this Khadim, someone else comes in, takes his place.
Look, if you do nothing about this, this is going to get worse.
Some of these kids? They love the life.
- You can't change 'em.
- What do you mean, "You can't change 'em"? What, so you just write 'em off? We're here to settle disputes, offer a bit of advice.
Anything else? That's for the police.
They can't sort this.
And you know they can't.
Guys like him, they're not stupid.
They don't carry.
It'll be Jordan.
He's the one that gets put away.
Maybe that's what he needs.
Didn't do you no harm.
Look, drug dealers have been hiring kids as long as I can remember.
What makes this so special? - What is this really about? - Look.
All right.
It was personal.
But it's not about that any more.
Right, this is about this whole town.
You can't stop people taking drugs but you can send a message to the dealers you ain't using our kids.
What do you want us to do? I want him gone.
And I want him to know that he can never come back.
We're not vigilantes.
I'll do it myself.
I knew this was a waste of time.
This er Who started this business, Sadiq? My father.
Yusaf was a good man.
A man that cared for his community.
He wanted the best for everyone in Ackley Bridge.
Everyone looked up to him.
And now everyone looks up to you.
Maybe they shouldn't.
Hang on! Hang on! We'll talk to Khadim and his family.
We'll make him stop.
Come on, quicker! Better, come on! Hassan went round.
Spoke to the family.
Told Khadim to clear off.
And what did he say? If you want chapter and verse, you're better off speaking to Hassan.
All I know is, he's gone.
Come on, lads.
Good work.
Come on.
Come on, that's sloppy! What do you mean gone? - Gone where? - I don't know and it doesn't matter.
He's gone and he ain't coming back.
Look, if you're angry with me, kid, I get it.
But one day, you're gonna know I was trying to help you.
Why? So I don't make the same mistakes that you did? Khadim told me, you used to sell drugs when you were my age.
So that makes you an hypocrite and a liar.
I don't want owt to do with you.
Well, he's right isn't he? No.
No, he's not.
The past is the past.
You've turned your life around.
And look at you now.
Yeah, but what have I got to be proud of now? I'm still a liar and I'm still a hypocrite.
I can change that.
I'm gonna tell her tonight because I owe it to both of you.
I love you, Em, and I always have.
I've lost you once and that ain't happening again.
Are you sure you want to do this? I'm sure.
Fish, please.
You know, I like going to the cinema.
Maybe you'd like to come with me sometime? Fish, please.
Chips? No, thank you.
Some peas, please.
- Mandy in her office? - She's on a call.
You can't just walk in! Well, this is just fantasyland.
I mean, the governors won't go for it.
I've already canvassed them.
They said it's a good idea.
What? Well, we can't afford a new deputy head! We can't even afford the regular teaching staff as it is.
Oh, right.
Is that what this is about? Me standing my ground over the A level teaching? - Of course not.
- Yeah, you thought I'd just roll over and do what you wanted, when I didn't? This is your response, this? - Do you really think I'm that petty? - Yeah, I know you are! You can't stand that when it comes to this school, it's my word that counts and not yours.
What, so you thought you'd just bring in a second person, even up the odds, did you? No, I'm doing this because you're making a balls-up of the job! Look, I'm sorry, - but we have to be able to speak, honestly.
- SHE SCOFFS The mock results were bad and your response has been even worse.
You need help.
Good work.
And don't forget to learn your lines.
Want you off book by Monday.
Can we go now? Meant to be meeting people tonight.
Oh, right.
I was hoping we could have a chat.
Sounds ominous.
Has something happened? No.
But I've got something to tell you.
You forgot the garlic.
I didn't forget the garlic.
I was going to add it now.
PHONE RINGS Work stuff, I'll just be a minute.
- DOOR CLOSES - It's her, isn't it? Well, she was surprised, but, erm, we talked for a while and I'd say we got as far as grudging approval.
Well, that's good.
- I'll take that.
- Erm, where are you now? Just outside the house.
Just waiting for the right time.
- I'm sorry you have to do this, Sami.
- Don't be.
I'm doing this for us.
I'll see you later, yeah? - OK.
- Bye.
Sami! SIREN WAILS IN THE DISTANCE They said it were you! You should have gone when I told you to.
Go where? This is my home! We used to be brothers! Look, Khadim I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
THEY LAUGH, BELL RINGS All right everyone, don't forget, your homework's due tomorrow.
No excuses! Thank you.
Open it next time.
Thank you.
Nice cuffs.
You got me message then? - Sorry, I - Girls' night out, Friday.
You OK? Right, I'm gonna get some coffees, and you're going to tell me exactly what's going on Whoa, you're scaring me now! SHE SIGHS It's Sami.
Emma, he's, erm He was stabbed last night outside his house.
Is he OK? No.
Sorry, Emma.
He's dead.
Well, he can't.
He can't.
He's dead.
Do you want to sit down? - SHE CRIES OU - I'm so sorry.
I know what he was to you.
I didn't know whether to say anything but I figured you'd tell me if you wanted to.
- I do know.
- SHE SOBS I know what he was to you.
We were together, Mand.
I'm so sorry, Em.
I'm so sorry.
- We were together, Mand.
- I know, I know, I know.
I know.
- SHE SOBS - I know.
SHE SOBS I am so sorry, Emma.
Many of you knew Mr Qureshi well.
And, erm, those of you that didn't, well, you will have heard your fellow students and friends talking about him.
What they will tell you is that, if they ever had a problem, Mr Qureshi's door was always open to them and that no matter where he was meant to be, he would always take the time to sit and to listen to them.
We have lost a, er, a much-loved member of our school community and I promise you, we will never forget him or what he gave to us.
I want to start.
I want to start again with you.