Ackley Bridge (2017) s02e05 Episode Script

Series 2, Episode 5

Got myself a new dating app.
All we need to do now is find me a girlfriend.
Your dad, has he done this before? He gave our Jordan a proper kicking.
- We can't afford a new deputy head! - You need help.
You can come over if you like.
Riz probably wants to see you.
We have lost a, er, a much-loved member of our school community.
- PHONE PINGS - SHE SIGHS Ugh! Ping! Ping! Pong! All the time! Turn it off, for God's sake! - It's giving me bloody earache! - PHONE PINGS - - MUSIC: Single Ladies by Beyonce Brenda, 42, Hebden.
- - Mel Normal.
Normal by name, deviant by nature.
Shalika Phillips.
No driving Miss Daisy fantasists need apply.
- Nasreen! - What? Get your head out of that stupid bloody phone and sit down! Huh? Don't you dare - What? - put it there.
Where else am I supposed to put it? Anywhere but the table where we're eating! Tell them to ping pong back later will Er mum! Is there no privacy in this house?! Not when we're eating roti, no! Eat! - I'll take it, Mum.
- Yeah.
She going to be OK? I don't know.
Oi! You got worms or something? I don't know why you're bothering with all this nonsense.
You don't know what to do with it when you've got it.
But I do want "it".
You had "it" on a plate the other week and you blew it.
Yeah, but I felt rushed.
Why have you said you're 19 on your profile? Because you have to be 18 to use the app.
Naughty Nas! So you don't mind putting some posters up? It'd be a big help.
Mr Qureshi really wanted to get the kids involved.
Oh, masha'Allah, no problem.
What is it about this time anyway? I'm selling responsibly-sourced chocolate for charity.
You can change people's lives I mean actually change them for the better.
My life would change if I charge these bloody prices! It's for the developing world.
I'm from developing world! - Maybe I should go back and make some money.
- LAUGHTER You want to know how to change someone's life? Ban them bloody mobile phones! Bloody take over your life! The trick is not to let them control you.
You have to learn how to control them.
- Mandy.
- Thank you.
- Yes.
What? - Can I ask a favour, please? - Yeah.
What is it? - I need Cory for more rugby practice.
Remember Martin Rose? He is now head scout at Halifax.
If I can get him along to see the lad play - I'm telling you, he can go all the way.
- Just Cory? I thought you said Riz was just as good.
But Riz doesn't need it as much, does he? What is it with you and those Wilsons? Oh, I don't know.
I just think everyone deserve a bit of happiness in their life.
Saint Steve? I'm not getting too attached.
All right, maybe I am getting too attached.
But HE SIGHS those lads, when I were their age, they were me.
You know? And this is what I needed.
- And I think - OK.
- OK.
- Yeah? I'm going to need a favour back, though.
What? Deputy Head.
My name is Sameera.
You want to chat? Sameera? Oh, are you Pakistani? You are surprised? No, I just, er, I didn't expect it.
You? Well, I were born in England.
Are you a freshie? Not too fresh, but still within my sell-by date.
(NASREEN LAUGHS) Oh, you're quite funny.
- Now you've really got my attention.
- THEY LAUGH So, mass transport in plants! This is a fun one! Now, the cheapest way for plants to travel direct? How old are you? - 21.
- Are you seeing anyone? - I was married.
- Are you out? No, I'm in the house.
Just got back from Morrisons.
So, fill your potometers to the top with water, like so.
No I meant, have you actually come out to your husband as a lesbian? Oh - Oh, yeah, done that - No?! - And then take the plant - Yeah, I tell him all about the lesbian thing.
He no happy.
He move to Rochdale.
What did you do? - No bother me, I don't like Rochdale.
- NASREEN LAUGHS Thank you, like that.
Got any kids? - He never got that far.
- Has everyone got it? That's good, good.
There you are, Lorraine.
When you get a minute, can you take them to Steve's office, please? - Is Steve going for Deputy Head? - Hopefully.
- Everything going OK? - Yeah.
Sometimes being busy is helpful.
That's 84p, Mand.
There we are.
Oh, my God! She's gorgeous! - Really, do you think? - Yeah.
I'm beginning to feel a bit lezzy myself, just looking at her.
LAUGHTER You're punching above your weight here, Gollum! LAUGHTER - Ah! - What's wrong? I've left that stuff Lorraine gave me in the office.
Steve, you know, if you don't want to go for this, you don't have to.
Mandy, I do.
Honestly, I do.
Just give me five minutes, all right? SPATTERING WATER Hello? What the bloody hell is going on?! Do you mind? I've just been in shower! I know you've just had a shower! The question is why! No hot water at home.
Why didn't you ask? Well, I were going to ask, but bell rang.
Look, I haven't done my hair yet, so You're a cheeky sod.
Two minutes, then out.
All right? I don't get to talk to people much any more.
No, me neither.
I mean, I used to have my mum, but You don't have her now? Not like I used to, no.
She knows about you? Yeah.
Yeah, I told her.
And? Confused upset lost.
And then she What? She really went out of her way to to try and understand me.
You know, what I were going through, how she could help.
So - how can you say that you don't have her now? - I don't know.
I don't know.
I, I think somewhere along the line one of us just stopped listening.
Maybe it's you that changed, hm? I have.
I don't think she realises how much.
You can't shut people out, you know.
Well, I'm letting you in.
Who are you texting? I don't think I've spoken to anyone like this in a while.
Me neither.
- Hmm? Are you crying? - No! Just mind your own bloody business, huh?! So do you think I should arrange a date? Yeah, you'd better or someone else will.
She looks familiar, though.
I'm sure I've seen her before.
Ask her if she's ever been to the Aca in Halifax? No, she hasn't.
How do you know? Cos she is a nice Pakistani lesbian.
She doesn't do that kind of thing.
So many people have accused me of not having one but I assure you if you placed your hand just here Riz, do you mind? Now, please everyone take note, I am not coercing Riz in any way merely offering up my chest to demonstrate the circulation of blood through the heart.
Can you feel that beat, Riz? - Yeah, I can.
- "Yeah, I can, yeah.
" Yes, that beat is the blood being pumped through my whole body by the heart.
- Sir.
- Yes.
Would you die straight away if stabbed in the heart? Yes, Amin, I think it would be almost instantaneous death.
My dad said the pavement outside Mr Qureshi's house were covered in blood.
Zain Younis said it were like a red blanket.
Must have hit an artery, sir.
Thank you! I don't think we need graphic details from Thermopylae here! Suffice to say, we have lost a good friend and a valued colleague whose memory is best serve by hard work and success, not gossip and hearsay.
And would you put that phone away! Please! Just look at the way he walks.
It's just so sexy, innit? He should be in Vampire Diaries.
True Blood.
I don't care as long as he's chomping on my neck.
Razia Paracha! Oh, my God! Did you see that! He wants feeding! The Three Musketeers! Why did you miss training this morning, Cory? - Something came up, sir.
- Something came up.
Well, I've organised a training session for this Thursday after school.
A mate of mine's a scout.
He's coming to see you.
Is that for all of us, sir? Yeah.
Of course.
I mean, this is a good chance for you all.
If you impress this scout, could be really good for you.
You might get into an academy.
Whatever it takes.
Good lad.
Oi, is the water back on at yours? Y'what? Nothing.
My mistake.
Stuff about your dad? Just, just focus on this scout.
Mr Bell thinks you're great Well, I do too.
Really? Yeah.
What could I do without you, eh? I like talking to you, Sameera.
I like talking to you, Nasreen.
Usually the women on here just want to get in my knickers.
More to life than that, Na.
Hm Er, have you been in a relationship? A physical one? I, I know you have been married, but I, like, what, what am I trying to say? Are you Are you a virgin in a lesbian sense? Are you? Yeah, no, I am.
In both ways.
I, I have kissed a woman and a man, though.
Not at the same time? No.
Mashallah! You sounded like my mum then.
I think it scares me, though.
Is that, is that stupid? It's OK, to be scared.
It's a big decision.
What did you do? I had no choice when I married.
It just happened.
Thank God, not often or very long.
But it mean nothing, because I felt nothing.
Is that cos you knew you were a lesbian.
No because there was no love.
Sometimes I just feel desperate, though.
I just want to get it out of the way and get on with things and Don't be in such a hurry.
So many things are happening to you at the moment.
Your whole life is changing, so much you look forward to.
Love happens when you least expect it and that's when you know it's real.
Just got to know yourself that's, that's what you want.
That it's the person you can't live without.
How do you know if it's the right person? You'll know.
Listen, a friend of mine, he's a plumber.
He owes me a favour.
So, tell your dad he's gonna come round this afternoon and he's gonna sort out the hot water for free, all right? It's all right, sir.
- It's been sorted now.
- So it's you?! I might have known! Miss Keane? Ripping down my posters! All my posters! All over the school! - It's got nowt to do with me.
- He's been in registration.
You've got the evidence in your hand and you've got the gall to lie to my face about it.
What else are you lying about, Jordan? - What are you on about? - Where's your drug dealer friend disappeared to? Whoa Jordan, get to class, go on.
Go to class.
Go on.
Go on.
Miss Keane.
- He's just as much a victim as everybody else - A victim? Him? If it weren't for him .
You wanna be careful.
Trouble's never far away from that lad.
Em, I know your upset about Sami What about me and Sami? - Nothing, just Mandy said that you - Mandy said? What did Mandy say? Said what? She just said that you two were close, that's all.
She had no right to say anything to you about it.
- Miss - What is it, Missy? Do you remember those two women in Niqabs at Mr Qureshi's wedding? That was me and Nas.
We know about you and him.
Guilty I'm so sorry, Miss Keane.
Some scrote's been ripping down my posters.
Do me a favour and put some back up for me.
Don't tell her.
You?! Mrs Paracha, why're you doing this? I'm just trying to understand her She doesn't talk to me anymore, Missy.
We talk more on this than at home.
Because she thinks you're someone else.
Does it matter? Yeah, it does, cos she's falling in love with Sameera.
Oh, she's her mother! I'm her mother! Not on that phone you're not.
But if this is the only way I can help her, why is it wrong? Cos she thinks she's found someone who treats her like normal.
I treat her normal.
And this is normal? Is hard, Missy, you know.
Sometime she looking so lonely.
We've just got to let her live her life.
Make her own mistakes.
You know when this community find out, they will rip her to bits.
And you and me, and everyone who loves her is gonna be there for her when it does.
I feel like this is all I have of her now.
PHONE CHIMES You've got to delete Sameera.
I know.
That your interview suit, Mr Bell? - Yeah.
- You are looking at our potential new deputy head.
Well, good luck.
You're on last tonight, aren't you? Yeah, we're saving the best till last.
- I should - Ignore! Do me proud.
Jordan, are you all right? I'm fine.
All right lads, ready for the game later? - What's in the bag? - Nothing.
Won't mind me having a look then, will you? Disappointed, Miss? What were you expecting? A bloody knife? Bag of drugs? Dad kicked him out.
Where are you staying? I'm here, aren't I? I can do what I want now I'm 16, so Only just! We just want to help you, Jordan.
I know you and Mr Qureshi have got close.
It's my dad that's kicked me out, innit? It's got nowt to do with Mr Qureshi.
Well, as a school, we have a duty of care, - so I'm gonna have to tell Children's Services.
- Don't.
I've got that rugby trial, haven't I? Well, if I get an academy contract I'll be earning, get us a flat together or something.
It's a nice idea, Cory, but we need to sort something out right now, today, so just let us worry about Jordan, yeah? Well, you can tell who you want.
Can I go now? I can't stop you, can I? I'm sorry, Cory.
I am gonna have to make that call.
What are you doing out here? Are you OK? Yeah.
Why wouldn't I be? Well, you know, just because You know, you don't talk much to me any more.
Mum, I'm fine.
But I want to help you, and I want us to talk.
No, Mum, there's really nowt to talk about.
- But I - OK, what part of "I'm fine" do you not understand? - Nasreen - Mum, are you ? OK, if you want to help me, I need for you to leave me alone, OK? - Can you do that? - Ah, fine.
Rosey! - How you doing, brother? - Good mate.
Good mate.
- How's the teaching game? - It's stressful.
Yeah, stressful.
Listen, let me get you signed in, - then I'll take you up to pitch.
- No worries.
Javid Shah.
I'm here for the interviews.
I've got a visitor's pass ready for you here.
Very efficient.
I always say a school is only as good as its admin staff.
When you're ready, Loz.
Lads, let's show this scout what Ackley boys are made of, yeah? Right, lads, let's go and warm up.
Are you coming? Someone's just bringing me a drink, sir.
Oh Your kid said to give you this.
Hey, that's brilliant! I'm gonna blow this.
I know I am.
Mate, you're not going to blow this.
Say it! - What do you mean? - Just say it! - I'm not going to blow this! - Say it again! - I am not going to blow this.
- Say it again! I'm not going to blow this! I'm not going to blow this! What you doing, man? Cory? Cory, are you ready son? Yeah.
Hey, it's gonna be all right! Me and Miss Carter, we're dealing with Jordan, you just go out there and you do the business, all right? Forget about everything else.
Riz is way better than Cory, but the scout's here for Cory.
That's racist, in't it? I wonder where Naveed is? He's probably in Cory's back pocket, in't he? That's the scout.
Do us proud.
WHISTLE BLOWS THEY SHOU Come on, boys, keep it going, come on! Bloody hell, that lad can move.
What's his name? Riz Riz Nawaz.
CHEERING Are you OK, babe? WHISTLE BLOWS CHEERING That Riz lad - he's got something going on.
Just going to go and have a chat.
Well done, lads, well done, keep it going.
Cory, Cory, Cory.
Can I have a quick word, son? What's wrong with you? You're blowing it, lad.
Get your head in the game.
You're all over the place.
Listen, this could be your future.
I know you've got what it takes.
You've got passion, you've got aggression.
But concentration Get out there and get stuck in! Does he think I'm rubbish, sir? - Cos I mean, Riz is - Riz, forget about Riz.
I mean, if Riz weren't your best mate, what would you do? You'd wipe him out, wouldn't you? Yeah.
WHISTLE BLOWS Keep it tight! Got some nerve, haven't you? Showing your face round here.
My lad's playing.
I have every right to.
I'm not talking about the game.
I'm talking about your other kid.
Throwing Jordan out is criminal.
- He's a child.
- He's 16.
(HE LAUGHS) You are a piece of work, ain't you? I left home when I was 16.
It didn't do me any harm.
Yeah, you turned out really well.
Why isn't he getting up? WHISTLE BLOWS - Did you see what happened? - I can't feel anything! Ring an ambulance.
Now! It's a results-driven business and the better the cash flow, the better the results.
You don't need me to tell you that.
The most successful schools are run like businesses.
And Ackley is run like a school.
That isn't a criticism, it's just an observation.
Look, honestly, I think what this school is trying to do is incredible.
However, the losses aren't sustainable.
KNOCK AT THE DOOR I'm so sorry, Mr Nawaz, there's been an accident on the field.
Are you all right, son? I can't feel my hands, Dad.
Don't worry.
Everything's going to be all right.
What am I going to do? I can't feel anything.
Everything's going to be OK.
I'm here.
What happened? It was a high tackle.
But it wasn't my fault.
He told me to do it, he told me to wipe him out I didn't mean that, Cory.
It doesn't matter.
We'll talk about it later.
Maybe it's best if you stay here.
Alya? You come with me.
We'll follow them.
It were an accident, sir.
I've spoken to her.
She's devastated.
Tell her you're not going to text her again.
Say you're going back to your village in Pakistan.
I never said I was from village.
You never said you were off a poster either.
PHONE BEEPS Where have you been? I've been worried sick.
I had an emergency.
Are you OK? Is everything OK? Oh, I'm fine, erm, but I have to go back to Pakistan.
Why? Because I need to look after my grandmother.
Please stay.
You'll find somebody else.
I don't want to find someone else! I want you.
What if I come to see you in Pakistan? How the bloody hell is she going to do that?! Tell her no.
That wouldn't be a good idea.
When do you leave? - Sunday.
- What did you say Sunday for?! I panic.
There's no direct flights from Leeds to Pakistan any more.
Pakistan International Airlines only fly from Manchester now.
You're not actually going anywhere! Shut up, Missy, you bloody confusing me.
Please let me come and see you before you leave.
We should leave it as it is.
Sometimes seeing each other not the same thing.
- Give me the phone! - Oh! Ay Allah! What the hell do you think you're doing, huh? - What? - This! How did ? What ? - What is going on? - What is this?! That's private.
Private is in bra! Not bouncing round bloody internet! I don't understand, Mum, that was not meant for you.
I don't care who it meant for, why would you do such a thing? No.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
It was you all along! Why? Why? Why would you do this to me, Mum? - Because I love you.
- Because you love me? What were you going to do, try and talk me out of being a lesbian? Don't be stupid! Is nothing to do with that! I just don't understand why you think this is right? - Everyone does it.
- Everybody! You're not everybody! You're my daughter, and no daughter of mine do this! I don't care whether you are lesbian or vegan, or bloody man on the moon! You are better than this.
Don't you listen to what Sameera say to you? Oh, my OK, Mum, can you just go? Just get out! Get out, Mum, go! I haven't bloody finished yet! Mrs Paracha How could you do this to me? - It wasn't like that, Nas.
- Was it not Missy? Because I would love to know how you thought it was OK to bring my mum, my mum into this? - Nas - No, Missy.
After everything that's happened after everything that we have spoken about No-one else.
It was all just one big joke to you? No! You're my best friend, Nas.
I wouldn't do owt to hurt you! HE SIGHS Why didn't you come to me when he kicked you out? Sir, the last person that tried to help me ended up dead.
What's the news? He's in having a scan.
Sadiq said he'd keep me updated.
You should have stayed there and found out.
The family all want to be together, Steve.
They don't want me there.
KNOCK ON DOOR Children's Services have been on the phone.
They've got a place for Jordan at the Stepton Street Hostel.
Great, well, let's get you sorted.
- Mr Bell not coming? - No, Mr Bell's done enough for today.
I'll see you in.
Don't be too hard on him, Miss.
It were an accident.
Let's sign you in.
TV: So what he should have done, in my opinion, is told the Prime Minister, in no uncertain terms You gonna be OK? Yeah.
I'll have to try out the jacuzzi.
Hope it's not too full.
Go on, Miss.
You're cramping my style.
They're going to think I'm a teacher's pet.
Are you sure? Yeah, I'll be fine.
Jordan Wilson.
SHE SIGHS I don't want to be Deputy Head, Mandy.
I I just, I can't do it.
I know.
Oh, we can't leave him here, Steve.
We'll find somewhere else.
We'll, um we'll let him stay at ours, in the meantime.
You know I love you, don't you? I love you, too.
Hi, do you know where the young lad is, that I just came in with? Oh, he didn't want to stay.
SHE SNIFFLES You need to stop crying.
It's not helping.
I'll cry if I want to cry.
There's no-one here that you need to impress! Riz is on the ward now, shall we all go down together? How are you doing, son? Don't worry, yeah? Everything's going to be fine.
We need him to remain flat.
He has an unstable neck fracture.
What does that mean? Will he be able to walk again? Well, if all goes to plan, he'll be fine.
Shukr Alhamdulillah.
You're a very lucky boy, but you're going to be wearing a halo brace for the next 6-12 weeks.
I want you to move back home, Dad.
Of course, son.
I tried kissing Cory.
Wha ? SHE LAUGHS Yeah.
Wha what what what happened? He broke Riz's neck.
Oh, well, that could have been yours.
I think I'm next on his list.
Well, er This this'll make you feel better.
Um My mum was cat-fishing me.
And I sent her some nudes.
THEY LAUGH Oh, my SAD PIANO MUSIC PLAYS Hey, Riz? Are you awake, mate? Who let you in here? I'm sorry, I I'm winding you up, you div! I really am sorry.
It was an accident, you know that.
I know it was.
It was just the way I fell.
Doctor reckons I'd have been all right if you weren't such a fat git! Oh, man.
I feel awful.
So you should! Are you going to be OK, though? I hope so.
I hope so.
I need to talk to you.
Why? If I had summat to say, then I would have said it.
I'm sorry.
It's the only way I could talk to you.
And I I'm feeling like you're leaving me behind.
And we start this together, you know.
Mum, you can't be there the whole time.
And I don't want to know everything.
I just want to know you're OK.
Not like this, knowing nothing.
- I know you think what I did was wrong - It was, Mum.
It really, really was.
Do you not see that? I just wanted to help you.
You had no right, though.
No matter what, Mum, you have no right to go snooping into my life like that.
It was all I could do.
I wanted to talk to you so much.
I think I need Sameera more than you do.
Mum Mum Being a lesbian is who I am.
And I have to deal with everything that comes with that.
Good and bad.
You can't shield me from that, Mum.
I'm not a kid any more.
And if you feel like you're being shut out, then I am sorry, but that's your problem.
Please don't interfere in my life like that again.
Unless unless I ask you to.
- But them picture - Oh, no, Mum, please No, listen.
Anyone can see this, and you're better than that.
I know.
And I do, I know.
I know that I will I will find the right person eventually.
But maybe I just need to stop being in such a rush.
I love you, Mum.