Adventure Time with Finn & Jake s09e15 Episode Script

The Wild Hunt

1 [QUACKING] [WARBLE, ZAP!] [ROARS] "Adventure Time" Come on, grab your friends We'll go to very distant lands With Jake the dog and Finn the human And the fun will never end It's "Adventure Time" I'm scared it'll come back tonight.
Me, too.
Can we hold hands? I need my hand to hold my spear.
Why don't you use your other hand? Oh, that's a good idea.
But I need this hand to hold my spear.
Use your other one.
Aw, it won't reach.
Oh, no.
Wait! Oh oh! Oh! Hooray.
This is less scary because now I won't see the monster coming.
You know, I just noticed these things have rings on the end.
It must be for blowing bubbles.
Yeah! Sic em, Jake! Ha! [ROARS] Feeling good, buddy? I'm good.
But this chump's about to get slain! Slay him quick he's got crazy devil strength! [ROARS] No prob.
Here comes the slay [GROWLING] Don't kill me, Finn.
Um Here I go! Mathematical! Finn, are you doing the thing? I'm your friend.
I'm you.
Jake, maybe you should slay this guy? Aw, dude, you are doing the thing again! I'm you! Slay him! Thanks again for coming out to coach.
The jamboree's always a big morale boost for the troops.
It's, uh, it's a nice distraction.
So how are you holding up after all the Fern stuff? It's been a rough month, PB.
I know Fern was an angry guy who tried to kill me, but I still feel awful about the way he went.
It's really messing with me.
Oh, Finn, I'm so sorry.
Death is no laughing matt Whoa! A banana! Banana guard number 216?! Oh, my glob, he's dead! This is a banana fudge massacre! Princess?! Princess?! Guys, what happened?! A terrible monster kidnapped squadron five! It looked like a banana, but it peeled other bananas! ALL: Traitor! Traitor! Traitor! Traitor! Traitor, traitor! A banana and fudge monster?! That's candy tech! Okay, who's behind this? Finn! I need you and Jake to guard the barracks tonight.
If this creep comes back and lays a finger on my guards, you show no mercy.
Um Yeah, I'll do my best.
[WHIRRING] Finn! Finn, stop showing mercy! [GROWLING] Oh, no! I dinked it! [ROARS] [SHRIEKING] [SCREAMING] Jake, I'm sorry! I I couldn't do it! Love you forever, man, but your guilt's hurting the team dynamics.
I know.
I'm gonna go make it right! Cool.
I'm gonna make peace with my aging body.
[FOOTSTEPS POUNDING] Brrr-brrr! [PANTING] No mercy this time, banana boy! I don't care why you're doing this or if you have a a tragic past.
I don't care! I'm hard like that! Don't kill me, Finn.
[GROWLS] Nope! [SCREECHES] Oh, gross! [GRUNTS] What the heck is my problem?! [SCREECHES] Ptoi! [SCREAMS] Aw, fudge! [SCREECHES] Huh?! How'd I do that?! [SCREECHING] Um, it's getting away.
[SCREAMS] Oh, Huntress Wizard! Hey, Finn.
Come on! After that booger! - Thanks for the save, HW.
- Mm-hmm.
You're chasing that grabby banana, too, huh? I'm hunting it.
It's an invasive species that's been destroying the local ecosystem with its nasty hot fudge.
It's name is the Grumbo.
It's a name that I made up just now because you can't hunt what you can't name.
Yeah, makes sense.
So how you been? Finn, I saw you falter back there.
Why did you hesitate before you dealt the final blow? [SIGHS] It keeps happening since I aced Fern.
Every time I'm about to wail on some monster, I remember seeing Fern go kaboom and the guilt paralyzes me.
I can't seem to final blow anybody.
I see.
Okay, let's vanquish your mental block because I'll need your help to defeat the Grumbo It's a two-huntress job.
The second huntress is me.
[SCREECHES] The trail goes cold here.
I mean, the fudge is still hot, but that squirrel dude just ate most of it.
What? No! Ugh! I should have struck when I had the chance! Or not struck Fern when I didn't have the chance? Ugh! I don't even know anymore.
This is just me talking, but it sounds like Fern was already headed down a dark road.
Sounds like he was a bad version of yourself that you had to destroy in order to become an even tighter version of yourself.
Does that sound about right? [DISTANT WHIMPERING] Looks like we got some hot fudge on our hands.
Okay, let's review our roles.
When I take out its legs, you strike the underbelly.
Got it? I can do this.
I'm 90% sure I can do this.
Gonna slice right through that sweet Fern face.
[GROWLS] Duck I guess.
Huh? [GRUNTS] Bicycle kick! [GRUNTS] [SCREECHES] Now, Finn! Coop-degrassi! Okay, time to final blow it! [GROANING] [SCREAMING] - [STOPS SCREAMING] - Finn, don't you love me? Uh, can we maybe switch roles? [GRUNTING] Not again.
Oops! [GROANS] Oops.
Oops! Ptoi! [HIGH-PITCHED SCREAM] HW, let's come back and try tomorrow! Okay [SCREECHES] Huntress Wizard, get out of the way! Think, think, think! [GROWLS] Okay, if I can't fix my mind, I gotta fool it.
Attack Finn, help me.
I'll save you, buddy.
Sorry I almost got you killed.
It's cool.
It's totally cool.
I knew you just needed a push.
That's why I very smartly pretended to throw myself in harm's way.
No, actually, that's not what did it.
Yeah, right.
We both know you're totally in love with me.
[KISS] [HIGH-PITCHED SCREAM] [GROANING] Finn? Are you here to rescue us?! Oh, glob! There's someone else here, too! I don't have my peel! Oh, don't look! Don't look, anyone! It's okay, guys.
Huntress Wizard is into natchy living.
These Grumbo remains are 100% artificial candy flesh Like straight out of a lab.
I wonder who made him? Who indeed? Who is the brilliant puppet master working tirelessly behind the scenes, completely unfazed by this minor, minor setback? Why, it's me Uncle G.
Ready yourself, Princezzin! Your boy hero will be no match for my next creation.