Adventure Time: Distant Lands (2020) s01e01 Episode Script


1 BUBBLEGUM: All citizens of the Candy Kingdom.
BMO: Did you know there are more stars in the sky than there are grains of sand in the sky? It's true.
This is a rare giant asteroid made entirely of heavy metal.
His name is Lars Darksaber.
I don't know any of these guys.
Whoa! Look at that big boy go! That's gotta be the biggest comet I ever did I What the heck? Let's forget we saw this.
Just another ineffable mystery in a universe full of mysteries.
I wrote this song for my hat! Some people say that space is lonely Silent, empty, sparkling, and immense But wide-open spaces put smiles on cowboy faces Even when they're stuck inside their tents Yes, I've got my mission to distract me From friendly folks I had to leave back home And I've got my potatoes, more exciting than tornadoes Potatoes, potatoes, buy my fresh potatoes Terraforming Martian soil Just put 'em in a pot to boil Aaaaaaaaah! [Grunts.]
Anybody get mashed? Alert! Alert! Time to make the doughnuts.
Boy, that meteoroid storm was scary.
There probably won't be scary cool things on Mars.
It will just be me, alone.
FOOTBALL: You'll always have me, BMO.
Yes, Football, but I meant new, interesting people.
I have left my dream of grand adventure For the quiet of my Martian 'tater farm Hi.
You can stretch! Do you talk? Hmm.
Well, you are round and green, so I'm going to call you Olive, after my favorite type of bread.
My name is BMO.
You like what you see, huh? You've got good taste.
Huh? What are you doing? [Gasps.]
That was Mars! We are going the wrong way! Olive! [Screams.]
So trippy! Oh, no, no, no! The stars are all jacked! Olive, you interfered with my mission! [Growls.]
Okay, I changed my mind! You can interfere, Olive! Please! 15 minutes have elapsed.
Subject continues to struggle like a dum-dum.
Its attempts are pitiful.
But I am sworn not to interfere.
KS-2: Y4, report! I found a weird bug bot on a rock.
Ah, Hugo's not gonna care about that.
Don't come back until you find something useful.
Yes, ma'am.
This is great! New entry.
Gray Elves and Shell People are squaring off over a newly excavated site.
But which side will prevail? Do the less-dominant Shells fail to grasp the importance of the Elves' unity mission? Elves! By the laws of the Drift, we assert our claim to this very sweet photon transmogger.
Heck, no, Cole.
The transmogger belongs to Mr.
I have the receipt.
From you.
You sold it, man.
That never happened! And/or I don't remember doing it! WE need that part! I challenge you to a drift duel.
One-on-one, Cole.
Last man standing gets the transmogger, AKA me.
Oh, you think you're so tough with your lava blaster.
But it's no match for my [Grunting.]
stink sacs! Such a rare and majestic sight.
Ew! No, thank you.
Ooh, stink you right up.
On the count of five.
One, two, thr Now, Lenny Longlegs! Hey, you're cheating! This is it! Ha, ha! The Elves stand victorious ag It's ruined! No! No! No! No! Aaaaah! Aaaaah! Aaaaah! Aaaaah! [Laughing.]
Phew! I thought that I was toast bread for sure.
But I'm completely uninjured! Lucky I didn't crash into anything important.
[All grunt.]
Ha! You weird babies.
That's nothing to cry about.
It's just garbage trash.
Shelves! I Ugh, I mean Elves and Shells, I propose a truce.
Let us put aside our conflict.
Good babies.
Let us join our forces, and together, united, destroy that little robot! What? [All shouting.]
Oh, no.
- Get him! - After the robot! But I'm so cute.
- Huh? - Get them! BMO: [Laughs.]
You're a rabbit! [All shouting.]
- Get him! - Aaah! Aah! They have terrible aim.
Keep both eyes open! Robot, what the heck? Cheese, I'm in trouble! We'll go around! [Hup!.]
Aaaah! Ah! Blah, why did I interfere? Oh, stupid, stupid, stupid! [All shouting.]
Tantrum babies.
[Indistinct conversations.]
Aah! S-Sorry! Sorry! Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry! Don't hate me! Ah! Move over! [Grunting.]
I'm stuck.
[Horn honks.]
M? Well? Where's the transmogger? Some little bot came outta nowhere a-and trashed it.
But we'll track him down, sir.
Forget him! Go back and see if you can salvage the pieces.
Shouldn't we report this to Hugo? Oh! No need to worry.
I'll take care of that personally.
Y4: Field log, supplementary.
After, uh, thoughtful consideration, I've scientifically decided to take the alien robot in for further study, scientifically.
So beautiful! More Olives? Finally! Huh? Where are we? My secret lab.
A secret lab? [Gasps.]
A secret lab! It's just how I've always pictured it for the last two minutes.
There's gotta be an "off" switch somewhere.
Aah! Don't look at my bottom! It can simulate embarrassment.
Its maker must have been a weirdo.
I'm a self-made man.
But who are you? You can call me Y4, if you must.
No, that's boring.
I will call you Harmonica.
I don't like that.
It's funny, though.
I have thought about calling myself something else.
Yeah, that's what I did.
I called myself BMO, and the rest is history.
Really? 'Cause it looks like it's just printed on your side there.
Okay, thank you.
Pick a name now.
Hypothetically, how about Wiiii Five? I love it! Y5 will take care of that.
I feel great about this new name.
Begin science log.
The alien robot entity's arm node seems to be attached by a galaxy standard bolt.
There we go.
Good as new.
Hello, BMO.
I guess I gotta knock you out now.
For science.
He's yours? BMO is his own big boy, thank you.
That old maintenance droid seems to think you're important.
Olive? She's a no-good-for-nothing troublemaker.
Don't give me that puppy eye! Serious? What's the worst a li'l robot can do? You know, you guys don't really have to hang around.
Pssh! That dang robot has to come back to this ship eventually.
Bob, do you have any threes? Uh, go fish.
My winning hand! I got a bad feeling.
[Alarm blaring.]
Woop, woop, woop, woop! I hear that everywhere I go.
The atmosphere is getting sucked out of the breach! We need to vacate this pod! No, I need my ship! Your ship is long gone! Lead the way, lady.
[Distant screaming.]
COLE: I do not like this! Come on, Y5! Toward the screaming! But that's not what I do! It's what I do sometimes.
Hooray! I can't stay made at you, magic skateboard.
Come on, Y5! Y5: Against all rational thought, the intrepid researcher returns to the breach to Holy! - Help! - Help! Ooh, look at those legs waggle! Gimme the blowtorch! No! Mine! Oh, no! Ahhh! Ahhh! Oh! Hey, wait.
He died as he lived Sucking big time.
Crab guy! You need to throw your shields all at once! Uh, no.
Why would I? Because BMO has a mission.
Shells, throw your shields when the green box commands! Now! Easy like potato pie.
BMO, that was incredible.
You single-handedly saved everyone! Olive.
I know what you're all thinking.
With my ship gone, I am trapped here.
So, yes, I will save your terrible land.
It does need saving, correct? [Rumbling.]
- Yes.
- Very well.
Then I appoint myself your new sheriff.
Now, show me where the trouble is! Well, there's a lot of trouble in the drift.
Looks like I'm gonna need a deputy.
I can't pay you.
[Watch swishes.]
BMO you've just been summoned to meet some very influential citizens.
That's great! It will give me a chance to check out my new stomping grounds.
Great! Back home, I'd only walk this far by accident.
What was the name of your home world again? It is far from here.
A little blue-and-green planet called BMO World.
Never heard of it.
Phew! Aah.
I need to make a pit stop.
Oh, my goodness! Hello, big cousin! HUGOMAT: Welcome, driftgoer.
It's just a Hugomat.
They're literally everywhere.
Cool! Your sports energy drink is ready.
- Whew! - Energy drinks.
The future is amazing.
Did you make all of this? No.
I didn't personally build an ancient space station.
Whoa! Buy my eggs! Buy my eggs! Or I swear to glob I'll eat them myself! Hey, check out this hothouse mess.
Nobody goes into Jungle Pod.
The life forms have all mutated into strange and dangerous things.
Come on.
I will play with you, strange things.
DARLING: Dude, climb with your legs, not your arms.
SWEETIE: I'm getting tired! We're almost there, Sweetie! Come on! What are you up to? Uh, well, hello, there, Sheriff BMO.
My brother and I are just, uh, climbing up to the coin slot of this Hugomat for some, uh, exercise.
We love fitness! You two sound like some fishy four flushers.
I've got my eye on you fishies! I'm so scared.
What's wrong, partner? Hey, you're that new guy who's all over the inter-pod streams.
Yes, I'm famous.
Now tell us why you're crying, ugly man.
Well, it's one of my baby space lards.
It won't come back in from stargrazin'.
Which is what I call grazin'.
They look so cold and scared! [Clicks tongue.]
BMO lasso! [Grunting.]
Man, I don't know what I would have done if this tender little baby had frozen before I could eat it.
What?! You want in on this? I make my own sauce.
- In my sauce gland.
- No! I saved this lard.
You will repay me by caring for him and keeping him safe forever.
Also, his name is Ricky! Yaa! Yes, sir.
Gimme that! This robot expends energy in ways that yield it no benefit.
So weird.
Deputy, carry this.
I don't have pockets.
It's another gravity outage! [Grunts.]
Aaaah! Ohh! Blooey.
This station is trash.
I've got my work cut out for me.
Don't worry.
Hugo's got a plan to fix things.
Who's Hugo? CGO: Hey, baby, I hear the blues a-callin' Tossed salads and scrambled eggs Oh, my.
And maybe I seem a bit confused I think I know this song.
- But I got you pegged - Forget about that old robot.
We've got a mission, remember? Good night, Seattle! We love you! 01110000, 01100001, 01110011, 0111001, 01110111, 01101111, 01110010, 01100100.
Who are we going to see again? I forgot.
Bunnies! So many bunnies! Haha, this one runs a hotel! DAD: If he's impressed with it, our place on the Unity Pod is a lock.
- If Y4's data isn't flawed - Um, I'm back.
- which, you know - Mom? Dad? Come look what I found.
Oh, my brain! A functioning service droid! I haven't seen one of these in forever.
Mom, let me introduce you to Howdy, Mom! Nice to meet There's bound to be useful U-Pod parts in here.
We should call Mr.
M! I did good, right? These are some great parts.
[Alarm blares.]
Another failure? It's in Communications Pod! There's never been one this close before! What do we do? BMO likes alarms.
Y4, hush! The adults are talking.
eet you! Huh? BMO! There's a pod in danger.
Let's ride! [Humming.]
KS-2: Y4! What about Mr.
M? Don't worry.
I'll watch over the, uh, parts.
Come on, keep printing stuff we can heist this thing with.
We gotta bail! Wait! It's our duty to evacuate the citizens.
I will save you, weird duck! I'm fine! Aah! Robots can't go in the water! Fine! You are my arms and legs.
Now help me get everyone to safety! BUMBO: Excuse me.
We're too small and stupid to save ourselves.
Don't worry, Bumbos.
BUMBOS: Uh-oh.
Shush! Hey, use your big brain and think of another way out of here.
Um Oh! There's another hatch over this way.
BUMBOS: Hop, hop, hop, hop.
Hop, hop, hop, hop.
- Hop, hop, hop, hop.
- Through here.
Hop, hop, hop, hop.
Wait, I think I forgot something.
- Can I go back? - Get out! Okay.
DARLING AND SWEETIE: Sheriff! We messed up! Aaaaah! You can swim, right? Yes, but badly.
- Giddy up! - Ow! - H-Hello? - KS-2: Y4! Where are you?! Mr.
M is on his way to pick up that unit for dismemberment.
Heading back now! Aaaah! What's going on? [Cracking.]
BOTH: Aaaah! Get me outta here! Y5, chew through the glass with your big, nasty teeth.
Huh? Yay, Olive! Swing! Swing now! Hup! Geez, careful much? You almost smashed our loot.
Yeah, watch it next time.
Can't this rabbit swim any faster? On it.
Did you just light a firework on my [Screaming.]
I told you we would make it.
You sure are a worried wart, Olive.
Hey, Flatfoot, we found this thing inside the Hugomat.
We don't know what it does.
So, it's yours.
Ooh, that's smooth data.
I can't believe I did that.
How did it feel? Kinda good, actually.
Of course! You're my deputy, after all! Oh! R-Right.
Listen, BMO.
Yes, my true friend? Uh, BMO, there's something I need to tell you.
Get in the car.
We should accept this ride from a stranger.
This is a pretty sick ride, I gotta say.
Aah! [Gasps.]
Is that? That's the answer to all the Drift's problems! Behold! The Unity Pod! Oh, I thought it was a popcorn maker.
Hugo's whippin' up some pretty sweet gadgets in there, the raddest stuff your little bot eyes will ever see.
Oh, boy.
So what if Hugo takes BMO apart? It It's for the greater good, right? And I am all about the greater good.
Greater good! - So many Hugomats.
- Yep, yep.
I actually came up with those myself.
Isn't that right, boss? Huh? Uh, yes.
Ha, uh, the Hugomats were Mr.
M's idea.
That boy loves flashy gadgets.
Me? I'm more of a pragmatist.
You must be KS-2's daughter.
Nice to meet you.
Uh, you, too, also.
Is this the spicy tech I heard about? You are so gray and bald.
Ha! Yeah, I am.
Oh! Uh [Clears throat.]
Noice! Buh Mr.
M, why don't you entertain our guests for a bit? [Clicks tongue.]
You're a kid.
Kids love dumb games, right? - Um - Great! [Humming.]
The greater good.
What do you say we spice things up a bit? If I win, I get those fancy grav boots.
What? No way.
Oh, come on.
If I lose, you get my fancy boots.
Dang, this robot is one-of-a-kind.
But nothing here I can use.
Well, maybe next time, KS-2's daughter.
Not so fast! The sheriff is here to help.
Tell me what you need.
Okay We've located the final component for the Unity Pod The Genesis Crystal.
Unfortunately, it lies within the impenetrable Jungle Pod.
And all our attempts to grab it have been hot garbo.
So, we're engineering our own.
How's it going, guys? I think we've finally cracked it, sir.
Permission to run a test? [Whistles.]
Cool, cool.
Commencing test 325.
Huh? That That shouldn't count! Tough beans, kid.
A deal's a deal.
No! HUGO EMPLOYEE #2: Sorry, Hugo.
Please don't be mad.
You are not a very good scientist! Oh.
Reset for test 326.
No, I will get you the real junk.
What? Oh Really? I'm your Huckleberry.
M: Now, I gotta agree with the little bot, boss.
He's quick, plants won't eat him That's right.
Plants hate me! I'm smelling what you're baking.
Smells good.
You know what? Let's try it.
What the heck? - Um, is that - Saddle up, deputy! We are going to find some treasure! Are you really sure about this? I believe in us.
I'll meet you out front.
[Clicks tongue.]
Aah! Aah! Mom, uh, what, uh There was some kind of accident at the crystal lab.
Apparently the new prototype exploded - again.
- BMO: Oh, Mom.
Don't worry about that fake.
The BMO is headed to the Jungle Pod right now to fetch the real one.
Why isn't BMO in a million pieces?! Uh, Hugo didn't need him? Fantastic! So we're back at square one.
Lady, stop talking.
Come on, sidekick deputy! What?! You're following that little toy's orders?! No! I'm just following Hugo's orders! Y4! Tell me the truth! I'm sorry, Mom.
I-I was just humoring it at first.
So we could get to Hugo, no fuss.
But I got carried away.
I know I'm not some "deputy," alright? It was just a dumb game.
You two comin' or what? Yeah.
I am.
Because I'm the only one around here that doesn't bite.
Aah! Stop it, Bad Olive! Olive! Let him go.
I don't need your help.
BMO, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings! I have no feelings! Forget about her, champ.
Big, cool guys like us don't need nobody else.
You make my feelings happy! KS-2: Y4! Come on! Yes, ma'am.
Yep, this doesn't feel dangerous at all.
Aren't you coming? Oh, uh, no.
It's real easy to get lost in J-Pod.
So I'll be guiding you with this map.
But couldn't we bring the map? Think fast.
We'll stay in touch through that walkie-talkie.
You'll only be alone in the, uh, literal sense.
BMO is never alone.
Right, Football? FOOTBALL: Please, don't bring me in there, BMO.
Keep walking straight for 1,400 frames.
Copy that.
1,002, 1,003, 1,004.
I don't like this place, BMO.
You are a delicate soul, Football.
But BMO will not be intimidated by nature! Aah! Ah, so pretty.
BMO, I'm scared.
Oh, Football.
I know you're a scaredy cat, but I have to complete my mission.
BMO, I think maybe you're also scared of this mission.
BMO, if you bonk this up and die, I couldn't live with myself.
Oh, Football, I won't bonk up.
Aah! Whack! Whack! [Panting.]
Aaaaaah! Lucky this hole was here.
FOOTBALL: Not lucky, BMO.
You are in the dirt hole now.
Dirt hole! Aaaaah! Run, BMO! Aah! Aah! [Grunts.]
Ew! [Gasps.]
You are my gross ticket out of here! Crusty piece of crab! Fly, donkus! Yay! You are my new best friend, Crusty! Crusty! MR.
M: BMO? BMO! That was a close call, Mr.
Mother Drift got a taste of BMO, but I licked her right back.
M: Whose mother? KS-2: Y4! Could you bring me a J-clamp from out by the Where are your gravity boots? - I was playing cards with - You gambled?! What?! No! The It was Mr Honestly, Y4! We'll talk about this later.
Ha! Wait.
That's another Hugomat stick.
I wonder what's on these.
I didn't know you could do that.
Whoa! What the h Hey, good job, li'l guy! You'll be on top of the crystal in a mm-bop! [Gasps.]
It's mad indignant.
All of the Hugomats are networked.
M has them identifying useful components in each pod without anyone knowing.
That's so unethical.
I hope BMO is okay.
FOOTBALL: I don't feel good about this, BMO.
I'm going to take this crystal, Football.
I'm going to be a hero.
I don't need a deputy! I don't need anybody! [Screeching.]
Shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot! Y5: Look, Olive.
The Genesis Crystal is moving.
BMO did it! Wait.
Wait, wait, wait! All of the failed pods are missing components.
By taking them, Mr.
M is killing the Drift.
We have to warn Hugo! [Screaming.]
Blood! Blood-erflies! Mr.
M! I got the crystal! Throw it here so you can run faster! Yes! Now catch me! Oh.
Very unfortunate.
FOOTBALL: Oh, BMO, you tried, but you were never the hero of the story I like to call life.
You were always just the cute sidekick.
Football! Oh, no, don't cry, BMO.
You know I'm an empath.
Huh?! No! No! Football! Help! BMO! [Crackles.]
This is probably bad, huh? [Chuckles.]
I think I'm dying.
But that's okay.
BMO always bounces back.
PURPLE BMO: Mnh-mnh.
Not this time.
But I'm supposed to save the Drift.
That's my job.
Now your job is to be dead.
Oh, no.
BLUE BMO: BMO, you can get through this.
- Really? - GREEN BMO: Just kidding.
YELLOW BMO: You're not a hero.
ALL BMOS: You're nothing but a little kid, BMO.
BMO always bounces ba Hugo! Hugo, Hugo, Hugo! I never had to do this much exercise before I ran into BMO Aah! I've been waiting for those J-clamps.
Mom, look what I grabbed from Mr.
M's office! He's behind all of it The Drift collapse, the pod failures.
He's a no-good, rootin'-tootin' four flusher! I don't know if those are swear words, but that sassy robot has messed you up.
M: [Whistling.]
What's up, bunnies? Hopefully nothing slanderous.
I am so sorry, sir.
No harm done.
Ha! I've already got all the proof backed up right here! Woof.
Mom! - Where's BMO? - Uhp, uhp, uhp.
The good news is that he got the Genesis Crystal.
The even better news is that little BMO died a hero.
- BOTH: Hurrah! - No! I have to save him! No, Y4! My name is Y5.
BMO is my friend.
And I let him down because I didn't want to disappoint you.
Y4! Ha.
Kids, right? Always calling out their deadbeat parents.
- What? - What? [Panting.]
I can't do this alone.
Olive's gone.
It's too far to the Jungle Pod.
I'm too slow.
Huh? [Honking.]
Ricky! Aah! Stop.
He's not here.
Listen, BMO's in trouble.
BMO! I'll get you o-o-o-o-ut! Aah! Aah! Stop! Hey, back off! We had to squeeze all these parts out of a sealed pod.
That's my friend! [Crying.]
I'll sell you the parts.
Ain't this the bunny that what, like, saved us? Please! The Drift is in danger, and BMO's the only one people will listen to! Ohh, my conscience gland.
We may know somebody who can help.
- Ha! - Yo, CGO.
- You up? - CGO? I smell that goody scrap.
- I call dibs.
- Make us an offer.
What? Cut it out! I-I mean, ma'am, these two said you could patch up the sheriff.
This is a Mo Co Bot.
You know this model? I'm practically a cousin, a janky off-brand cousin.
Yeah, but can you do it, though? Hmm probs.
Whoo-hoo! With BMO's cred, we can convince Hugo to stop Mr.
M's schemes.
Hugo? I don't know what you've heard, but Hugo is the worst.
What do you know? Uh, duh.
He created me.
We go way back, to the real busted last days of Earth.
Hugo had a big brain and a rocket and led an exodus to the stars on the cheap.
The Grays warned him about the dangers of bio-hacking their alien style, but Hugo gets his way.
Then we were saved by a orb.
The Drift was already breaking down when we got here.
But after Hugo set up shop, well, he just makes everything worse.
I got chucked into the trash.
That little service droid went back into space.
Poor thing.
I wonder if she ever found what she was looking for.
Hugo's a great guy as long as he thinks you're good for something.
Hey, quit leaking on my scrap.
Fingers crossed.
Maybe he needs to warm up a bit.
Was that me? [Rattling.]
Ow! BMO, you have to wake up! I can't fix this! I'm just a little kid! I said the same thing when I was dying.
You saved me.
You can save the Drift.
But it's just too much.
Even when things look really, really stupid, we still have to try.
Our suns all went out.
That's nothing.
All our crops are dying.
It's gross.
Oof! Pod fails.
They're spreading everywhere.
Y4 was right! I've never heard you say those words.
Hugo! You have to shut down the priming sequence! We're on the verge of station-wide collapse! Uh, this is exactly the kind of problem the Unity Pod team will be working to prevent.
Hugocorp Gold Members, come on up here.
Ohh! Everyone, wait! Hugo's up to no good! There's proof in this Hugomat! Oh! Are you trying to get another drive? Do you still have the data? That smooth, smooth data.
Right here.
You're donking it all up, Hugo! Do you deny it? Nah, it's all true.
The Unity Pod was always designed to save only myself and my loyal inner circle.
The rest of the Drift is Well, it's unfortunate collateral damage in the grand scheme of things.
Besides, this all can't be on me.
Y'all thought the Unity Pod sounded like a sweet deal, as long as you thought you were getting a piece of the pie.
But if anyone was offended by my actions, I am truly, truly [Laughs.]
Well, time for me to get the heck out of here.
Wuh-oh! There's no way to stop the activation process.
The station's power will be sucked dry! No! We were so close! Why don't we just pull the plug? If we remove the plug before it's powered up, it won't turn on.
The robot is right.
The only way we can stop the U-Pod from draining all the juice from the Drift is to eject it.
Yes! Brute force! Everyone, we're going to need a lot of muscle.
I got muscle.
Lard muscle.
Go on! Put yer bumps into it! Swing those shields, Shells! Use your handsome bodies! Go, go, go! Ice that pod! ALIENS: Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Well, here comes the rascal.
Ahhhhh! We did it! - Oh! - No, we did it! [Cheers and applause.]
Hold up, everyone! I don't want to be a downer, but we just launched all of our best resources into space.
Is it too late to get on the U-Pod? Y5: It's true.
Most of the station is dead now, and all communications are down.
We're going to have to manage the remaining resources to survive.
We need to learn how to help each other.
I know it's hard, but we have to try, or we won't make it.
[Clears throat.]
I'll give it a shot.
We can teach y'all how to steal and, uh Forage for spare parts in the defunct pods.
We'll rebuild Hugo's old lab.
Maybe we can find some non-apocalyptic energy.
KS-2: Y5? Can you forgive us? We were so focused on getting our family to a better place that we lost our way.
You're an amazing person, Y5.
[Indistinct conversations.]
Yep, it's time for this sheriff to move on.
Ricky, let's ride! Yee-haw! [Shuffling.]
Huh? Oh, it's you.
Still disappointed in me? Ha! And I grabbed as many snacks as I wanted.
The end.
I should tell that story to Y5 next time I see her.
I bet she will be mayor by then.
Huh? We are here! I will strap in.
Ricky, you beast! Now go! Be free! My name is Twinkletoes.
Oh, okay.
Who's that?
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