Aftermath (2016) s01e02 Episode Script

In Rats Alley

1 Previously on "Aftermath" Bri, we've had storms for a week.
There's no phones, no Internet, no power.
Not the time to chase a guy to college.
Not chasing if he loves me.
[thunder rumbling] - That is so gross.
- Freaking Biblical.
There's no denying what we saw today.
Something came out of that cabin.
[growls] Stop it! [gunshots] [growls] [screams] What about the two guys in the jail? They were just bat-shit crazy.
[maniacal laughter] I think that there's a lot more going on here.
[screaming] - Brianna! - Brianna! [shrieking] We don't know where she is or if she's even alive.
- She's alive, Matt.
- How can you know that? Because I know! Any irrational behavior? - Feverheads! - Feverheads! - Any fever? Anyone sick? - No.
[gunshots] - No? No fever? - No, sir.
[explosion] [screams] [screams] [ominous music] Why are we driving away from Brianna? Because if we stay, we die.
And so does she.
We're gonna make ourselves safe, and then we're gonna find her the same way we did before.
We're driving in a convoy; it's safer.
We're gonna do things the right way from now on.
[crowd screaming] [screaming continues] [screaming continues] Hey.
I've got space, get in.
I don't know, I can't think.
I'm going to Seattle.
- What the hell is that? - [whimpering] - Help! - Pull over.
- Hey! - I'm going.
- Hey, stop it! - Mom, what're you doing? What is it? Help! Leave her alone! Give me that gun.
- Dad! - Watch your sister.
Leave her! Leave her alone! Hey! - [growling] - [screaming] [growls] Leave her! [crying] Get off me! Let her go! Let her go! Get off her! Oh, my God [gunshot] [screams] [growls] - [screams] - [growls] [gunshot] [shrieks] [coughs] [ominous music] So what's up with these skinwalker things? I don't know, the knowledge is incomplete.
Put this in the closet.
What's the count on these things gonna be? What, one a day? And what the hell are they, anyway? According to, uh, legend, I think that they are spirits that can possess a person and cause them to do things that they would otherwise not be able to do.
Which is not really relevant, since it's a legend.
Uh, so there could be a skinwalker inside of anyone? Well, theoretically, I suppose that's true.
But you don't have to worry about that.
Look, we have to concentrate on just finding your sister.
Brianna, where are you? Does your phone work? No.
You're a bit dressed up, no? I'm an attorney, I have a court hearing in Seattle.
You know no court's gonna be open, right? Possibly, but what else is there to do? Holy shit, a signal.
Answer, please, God.
[cell phone ringing] It's Brianna.
- Is that Brianna? - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Bri! - Brianna! Mom? Mom, are you okay? Oh, my God, yes! Yes, we're okay.
Are you okay, honey? - I'm okay, I'm okay.
- Where are you? Uh, I'm on the road to Seattle.
I got a ride with a lawyer.
Oh, my God, okay, okay, that's where That's where we're headed, too.
Can you get to Grandpa's? Yes, but I But what? Brianna? [cell phone beeps] Mom? Mom! Ugh, shit! But it's good news, it's good news! Yeah, wait, wait, here, here.
- She's all right.
- I knew we'd find her.
- I knew it.
- It's good news.
- That's my girl.
- We're gonna go get her.
At least you found them.
Yeah, they said I can meet them in Seattle.
If we make it.
What do you mean, "if"? We only have two miles of gas left.
My car displays range.
And you didn't think to mention this? My friend, Dell, is meeting us here.
- He's supposed to have extra gas.
- There's nobody here! There's one car! Well, it's not Dell's! Maybe he borrowed one.
Is it Dell? Oh.
It is.
He, uh He seems to have died.
What do you mean he died? Died how? Killed for the gas cans, presumably.
Oh, my God.
All right, what do we do now? I'm I'm gonna go freshen up.
Does your phone work? No.
I have a gun, if you want it.
What gun? [gunshot] [engine grinding] No, no! [screams] [car door chiming] [humming] What is all this, now? Whoa.
[humming and chiming] It's like the Northern Lights, but you could see them in the day.
Yeah, not to mention hear them.
[humming and chiming] It's a solar flare.
Big enough to cause an aurora in the daylight.
[humming and chiming] Okay, so a solar flare is causing all of this? Uh, yeah.
I mean, technically it's a coronal mass ejection that causes power surges.
The last one was in 1859, it was called the Carrington Event and I guess that was prior to the time man was really wired the way we are today Yeah, but Dad, if it's a series of flares, this could just be a precursor.
There could be massive ones on the way.
- Well, that would be bad.
- How bad? - Well - Power grid would be fried.
High explosives could self-detonate By atmospheric static.
There'd be fires, no communications.
But that's hypothetical.
- Yeah, it's really unlikely.
- Oh.
Something to look forward to.
How did you get a 68 in Physics again? - Mr.
Dudek is an idiot.
- I concur.
Yeah, but on the plus side, he's probably dead.
[eerie music] [knock at door] Hi.
- Hi.
- I'm Vince, from the convoy.
Sorry, but we're almost out of gas.
We have extra on the roof.
I can pay you.
We No, no, no, I don't want your money.
Honey, find your dad.
We need to get to Brianna.
Yeah, and we're going to.
And we have extra gas and there's safety in numbers.
He'll help you out.
Hey, thanks again.
Oh, no problem.
It's just you and your son traveling, huh? Yeah, well, uh my wife passed away a few years ago.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Well, at least she's in a better place than this.
Crazy times, huh? Hey, when you shot that guy back there, I swear, I thought I saw something come out of him, like a ghost or something.
Yeah, it was more like a demon.
A demon? [scoffs] I wish I had a better word for it.
Like you said crazy times.
[thudding] [screams] Who are you? Let me out! Stop it! Tell me who you are! Brianna! What're you doing here? I'm trying to get to Seattle! Why do you care? That's cool.
Could you let me out, please? Oh, yeah, sure.
I've been dodging maniacs all day.
Just had to be sure.
You took a pretty big chance.
I don't do well on my own.
I'm Tatiana.
I'm headed to Seattle, too.
Going to meet my boyfriend.
Your phone.
You know, I've got some water, if you want.
Yeah, that'd be awesome.
You know We'd both be safer if we just traveled together.
Yeah, okay.
That makes sense.
Which way? [laughs] It's this way.
[grunting] [light thudding] [grunting continues] - Hey.
- Oh, shit! I thought I recognized you.
Eastland High.
Varsity football, right? Yeah.
Donnie Chang.
- You're - I'm Matt Copeland.
Northridge cornerback.
Your pick-six beat us in the finals.
Yeah, we did.
You remember that? I threw the pass you intercepted.
- So - Yeah, sorry.
Hey, you went out with Holly Becker.
- How'd you know that? - I knew her at Fulton.
Um, she said you broke up.
Yeah, it's one of those things.
And people say I'm crazy.
[chuckles] She's hot.
Trust me, I know.
[chuckles] [whimpers] Donnie.
- I'm just gonna go - Okay.
Hey, Vince? We're taking off.
- Hey, where were you? - Talking to Donnie Chang.
- Vince's son? - Yeah.
- I know him from high school.
- No kidding? That's nice.
Yeah, except there's something What? I don't know.
[cell phone ringing] A signal! - Guys.
- Is it Brianna? No, it's Sally.
- Aunt Sally? - Yeah.
Oh, no, she needs help.
Um, maybe this time she really means it.
Oh, shoot.
I lost the signal again.
What do we do? - Well, we should go get her.
- I know.
What if I ask the Changs to borrow their car? And they do owe us for the gas.
They could ride with you, and then I'll go pick up Sally and we'll meet you at the Greenwater rest stop.
Okay, I like that plan.
But I'm gonna get her.
She's my sister.
Uh, yeah, but you don't even like her.
Don't remind me.
Vince! Why does Aunt Sally make Mom so nuts? Why does Brianna make you so nuts? Well, yeah, but Aunt Sally's cool.
Bri's just an emo girl in floppy hats.
And that's not a compliment? It is not.
You know, if you think about it, Brianna's kind of like Aunt Sally, and you're - Don't even say it.
- Kind of like Mom.
I am not like Mom! All right.
Can do a lot worse, you know.
[groans] [panting] Sally! [honks horn] [gunshots] Sally, get in here! - Oh, what's the mat get in here! - Oh, God! God! [tires screeching] [gunshot, glass shattering] [both scream] - Why do they want to kill you? - See you later, suckers! - Oh, my God! - Assholes! What did you do? They have been acting crazy for days.
Right, because? I didn't do anything.
- I just freed their chickens.
- Oh, my God.
- Right? - Freed their chickens? Yeah, they were all agitated in their pens.
- Right, right, I'm sure.
- The earthquake and the storms.
Why do you always get up in everybody's business? Oh, like you're up in mine right now? I get it.
Good to see you.
It's kind of good to see you.
[chuckles] Where are we going? We're going to Josh's dad's house to meet up with Brianna.
Oh, good, it'll be so good to see her.
Maybe do some shopping.
- Some shopping? - Yeah.
Yeah, that's what you'll be doing.
Well How bad is it? Here, give me your hand.
Safety tip: never ask for directions during the end of the world.
Yeah, I was thinking the same thought.
- You want to stop? - Yeah.
Ready to pass out.
Ohh, ahh.
So where are you from? All over.
I had a weird childhood.
Yeah, but aren't they all, though? [chuckles] I guess.
My dad died when I was ten.
So we kind of just moved around.
Buffalo, then Houston, then, let's see Miami.
Kind of all blurs, but Uh, Vegas, at the end.
So your mom went where the work was? No, just where the men were.
[chuckles] Last year, she hooked up with this dick-face named Brian.
Turned out, he was into me and not her.
- Oh, that's rough.
- Yeah.
She got mad at me for stealing her man.
Uh that was kind of the end.
Well, yeah, I guess, eh? Yeah.
But now I don't have to care or worry where she is, so there's that.
What about you? Uh, farm girl.
Really? In that shirt? - Yeah.
- [laughs] Yeah, yeah, I know, it's I didn't really fit in.
Well, I thought I didn't, anyways.
What about your family? Um not perfect, but good.
Really good.
My mom was actually a chopper pilot in the Air Force.
- That's cool.
- Not always.
Um, and I have a twin.
Identical? No, no.
[chuckles] No, she's, like, wicked smart.
She's a genius.
But? I don't know.
No buts, I guess.
She's your sister.
There's always buts.
I was popular, and I think it bugged her.
No boys? Yeah, yeah.
Uh, big brother, Matt.
How big? Uh forget it.
Oh, come on, I like older guys.
Yeah, so do I, and I'm not hooking you up with him.
Okay, well, the details, at least.
Um, he's 22.
And he used to be a football player, but he tore his ACL, so he was gonna join the Peace Corps.
Um, but that was kind of before the world went completely to shit.
That's pretty much me in a nutshell.
Sounds pretty good.
God, I could stay here all day, though.
Can we, please? [woman crying] Help! [gunshot] [gasps] Yep, that sounds bad.
We should go.
Yeah, for sure.
Matt, can you please clean your cups when you're finished with them? You can fix my flashlight.
I'll go clean cups.
[radio crackling] And all you gates and gittens, this is not gonna be the smokin-est time since Marconi built the wireless Five-Oh years ago.
The lights are out, they will come back, and nothing but trouble is down the track.
So like that always-ready- Freddy Louis Jordan keep on tellin' us, "Beware, brother, beware.
" [jazz music] Got to love Bob Black.
He's the only thing on the radio right now.
And people say he has news.
How can he have news? He hasn't had a broadcast since 1950.
Hey, isn't this where we're meeting Mom? [ominous music] Hey, where you going? - Bathroom.
- Come back quick.
[engine grinding] Think fast! Pick-six! Spike it, come on.
What're you doing? Good times, huh? Not really.
- Good times! - Donnie, Donnie, Donnie! [thudding] [groans] - You okay? - It's no problem, man.
[screaming] Dana.
Okay, there is a body in there.
In the ladies' room.
A dead body.
Oh, God, I'm so hungry.
Dude, that's garbage.
Well, I still care whether he's alive.
- Don't you? - No, not really.
He's still our father, Karen.
And with everything that's going on, we might never see him again.
So what? We haven't seen him in 35 years.
I'm good with that.
I know what he is, I know what he's done, but I've forgiven him, and you should, too.
You'll feel so much better.
Well, he walked out on us, he's never met his grandchildren, and he's been in prison the last 15 years.
I don't have room for forgiveness.
[indistinct chatter] There's something really wrong with Donnie.
We're all under a lot of stress, Matt.
Have another look.
He threw the ball at me like he wanted to kill me.
And then he tackled me for no reason.
And then he started eating out of the garbage.
Well, that's a little alarming.
And sometimes he goes away when you're talking to him, like he's not there, but somebody else is.
You know, what if he's one of those What'd you call them, skinwalkers? Yeah, you saw one take your sister.
And one killed a woman today.
You know, it's no surprise you're looking for them everywhere.
What else could it be? Hey, there you are.
Any word from Brianna? - Uh, no.
- What happened to the van? Oh, we encountered some resistance.
- Dana! - Aunt Sally! - Oh! - Okay, everyone.
Come on, let's all Let's all load up, okay? - Everyone in the camper.
- What'd you do to my van? I'm really sorry, Vince, it couldn't be helped.
- Who's this? - Um, these are the Changs.
They're part of our convoy.
Well, his shoulder looks dislocated.
- I should check.
- Donald's? Uh, okay, can we do it in the van so we can get going? Yeah.
We'll take care of him, Vince.
Come with me, I'm a nurse.
We're gonna check your shoulder, okay? Let's go in here.
All right.
Ethan's kind of a nihilist.
You know, I bet he thinks this whole apocalyptic thing is actually kind of cool.
[both giggling] Ryan's, uh Ryan's more of the sensitive type, so I don't really know how he's taking it.
Oh, you haven't talked to him? No.
No, I keep trying, but I can't.
Hard to reach him.
Your phone still works? Sometimes.
[chuckles] Like, there's no signal right now, but, you know.
I mostly keep it off, anyways, to save the battery.
Could I use your phone, maybe? When you have a signal? Just to call Ethan.
I mean, I guess.
But like I said, I'm really trying to save the battery.
Maybe once I talk to my mom, then you can use it.
Look, you know family doesn't matter anymore, right? Look.
I'd like to help you out, all right? Don't get me wrong.
I just can't.
I'm sorry, honey, I know that this hurts.
Not really.
Okay, Donald, just try and relax.
It's gonna take two seconds to reset this shoulder, but I'm not gonna lie to you, there's gonna be a lot of pain.
- Okay.
- Okay? Okay, Matt, if you can just hold his other arm so that he doesn't move.
I'm busy.
Matt, please.
I'll do it.
- Okay.
- Where you need me? Put pressure right here.
All right.
And one, two, three! - Is it done? - It's done, yeah.
- You okay? - We're good.
Is that it? Well, yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
It's reset.
Are you not in any pain? No.
Wow, seriously, he should have passed out.
Okay, here's Tell me that's normal.
It's all fine? Can you move your arm? - Okay, okay.
- Yeah.
Infected? Infected by what? Are you sure it's cool to walk under these? We're totally gonna get cancer.
If we don't get to Seattle, you won't live long enough to get cancer.
These lines lead there.
We're totally gonna get cancer.
[electricity crackling] [explosion] Jesus Christ! You okay? Ugh, I don't know.
[both grunting and struggling] [blows landing] [whimpering] Tell Aunt Sally your theory, Matt.
Oh, come on.
Matt thinks that Donnie is possessed by a skinwalker.
A what? [sighs] [indistinct chatter] Hey, what's that? It's a medical facility! - Stop the car.
- Why? No, wait.
I don't think this is a good time for an unscheduled stop.
- I'll be two seconds! - Karen, stop her.
- Sally! - I'm going.
- Damn it! - Stay calm, folks, all right? I'm going as fast as I can, okay? Hey! Excuse me.
Lineup for medicine starts back there.
No, I'm a nurse.
How can I help? Stay the hell away and don't get infected.
- That's how you can help.
- Who are you? Dr.
Ben Rawlins.
Look, I strongly suggest you move on.
You don't want any part of what these folks have, all right? What do they have? What is it? Some kind of brain disease.
I don't know.
At first, I thought it was meningitis, now I don't know.
What, like fever? Vomiting? Both.
Bleeding from the throat.
Then intense violence and insanity.
And it's contagious.
Spreading like the plague.
Well, what're you giving them? What's that? Tetracycline, only thing that works so far.
- Listen - You got to go.
I really want to help you.
Let me help you.
- Look out! - Help me, help me! - Help me! - Get off! [grunting] [gunshot] [screaming] Get in! [crowd clamoring] Oh, shit! Oh, God! No more unscheduled stops! [crowd clamoring] That man was doing very good work! You're a saint.
Hey, I got a question.
Why is the sky turning red? [electricity crackling] [whooshing] So is this another solar flare? - Yeah, big one.
- It's massive! [explosion] What was that? Heavy static in the atmosphere can spark high explosives.
What do we do? [explosion, screaming] [all exclaiming] [cell phones ring] - Phones are working.
- Brianna! No, no, not if they're going all at once.
- Hello? Hello? - How is this happening? The electric currents in the atmosphere It's leftover from the flares.
Oh, but we all have phone service again? Not, it's just a freak effect.
The grid's still fried.
Fried? For how long? We don't know, the towers are down, the generators are all broken.
- Could be months, years, never.
- Oh, God.
All right, let's get on the road.
[knock at door] Oh, it's Vince.
- Hey, Vince.
- Hey.
Um, my van won't start.
And there's only one other vehicle in the convoy that still works.
They're over-crowded.
That's because the cars are new.
The modern circuitries, they got blown out by the flare.
Could we ride with you guys? - Absolutely.
- Yeah, yeah.
You and Donnie are welcome.
Thank you.
I'll go get him.
Skinwalker Donnie.
Really? Everyone is dealing with this in a different way, Matt.
Some not as good as others.
[sighs] [cell phones ring] My phone's working again.
It's just like in 1859.
The signals ride electromagnetic currents in the atmosphere.
What is wrong with you? - I read.
- I read, too.
I don't show it off.
All right, come on, let's get her.
[cell phone rings] Give me my phone.
[laughs] Hey.
It's your family calling.
Who do you think it could be, Mommy or Daddy? Give me my phone! I thought I might hang it up.
[gunshot] Oh, my God! Okay, okay.
Mom? Congratulations! You've won a free trip for two to the beautiful - No, no.
- I'm glad, you selfish bitch.
[blow landing] [groaning] Okay.
You deserve to be alone.
[knock at door] Matt, get the door.
Oh, hey, Matt.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- How's it going? - You see the monsters, Dad? Shh, not now.
Come sit down.
- Hey, it's okay.
- Oh, Jesus.
- It's gonna be just fine - Shut up, shut up, shut up! - Donnie? - Shut up, shut up! - I'll get him.
Donnie! - What? I'm sorry, I'll get him.
I'll get him! Donnie! If that's not a skinwalker, what is? - Donnie! - Matt? No, no, no! Matt, wait! - Matt! Stop! - Wait! - Donnie! - Get back here, Matt! - No, no leave him alone! - Karen, wait! Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up! Donnie! [dramatic music] - Donnie, come back! - Matt! Leave him alone! Matt! Donnie! Donnie, come back! Matt! Matt! Stop! - I lost him.
- No, this way.
Don't move! I know what you are.
Yeah? Nobody knows! I'm not gonna let you hurt my family.
"I'm not gonna let you hurt my family!" Last chance.
[deep, distorted voice] I know what you are, too.
[gunshot] [groaning] Show yourself.
Show yourself! Donnie? Donnie? Donnie! It was in there.
If you'd heard him, you'd know! Why? - He ran at me.
- Okay.
He sounded completely different, like a skinwalker.
He would've killed us all.
My boy was sick.
He had schizophrenia.
He ran out of his meds.
He wasn't possessed! [stammering] He wasn't He was just he's my boy.
[cries] He should've told us, he should've told us.
[cries] [panting] This is good, we get some food, some rest Be on the road before sunrise and see Brianna.
It's gonna it's gonna be a It's gonna be a nice night.
Find Vega.
Dad I could do that since I was, like, eight.
Do it.
Find it right now.
It's too light out.
- But it would be over there.
- Right there.
Oh, I'm impressed.
[chuckles] Well, I don't have a television, so there's not much else to do at night.
You didn't know.
You couldn't have known.
His father should have told us what he had.
I agree.
We should've known he was off his meds.
You're right.
You know, you made a mistake.
Everyone knows you were trying to do the right thing.
Vince is trying to move on.
You have to move on.
This family needs you.
I need you.
Things are different now.
If you wait to find out everything, you'll die.
Things are different.
But some things never change.
You are not gonna just become a part of this whole thing.
You're gonna read, react according to our code.
We're not gonna die 'cause I waited.
We're not gonna die.
[creature shrieking] Wait, what was that? Some bird of prey maybe.
That's no bird of prey I've ever heard.
[horse neighs] Hey.
Hey, hey, hey.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Who left you here like this? Come here.
[creature shrieking] [screams] [horse whinnies] [animal roars] Next time on "Aftermath" Why are you dressed like that? - Like what? - Like Pioneer Village! Devin brought an outside girl here? I will see her shortly.
- What do you want? - Tetracycline.