Aftermath (2016) s01e03 Episode Script

In Our Empty Rooms

1 Previously on "Aftermath" Some kind of brain disease.
Tetracycline, only thing that works so far.
Look, you know family doesn't matter anymore, right? - Good to see you.
- It's kind of good to see you.
What if he's one of those What'd you call them, skinwalkers? Shut up, shut up, shut up! Matt! Show yourself! Hey, it's 5h40 in the morning.
You should go back to bed.
It's still the end of the world.
We'll be safe in Seattle.
- What if Brianna isn't there? - She will be.
- What if she's not? - She will be.
She will be.
You got to have faith.
[sighs] I hate that argument.
I could hear you snoring back there.
- You did not.
- Yeah, I did.
Yeah, it was cute.
It sounded like two people.
- Knock it off.
- It did.
It was like a Marine snore.
[chuckles] That was somebody else.
You should go back to bed.
Don't tell me what to do.
[eerie music] Josh? - Josh! - Karen.
It's been like this for 60 blocks.
There's no blood.
There's no sign of trauma.
Keys left in every car.
Look, it's like It's like every single person in Seattle just suddenly Vanished.
[whispering] Let's get out of here.
Hey, Matt, Dana let's go.
Come on.
[engine turns over] [ominous music] Got some goods here, boys.
Hey, do you guys think I could get some food? Yeah.
We take ass, grass, or cash.
I call ass.
Look, dude, I'm starving, all right? And I'm horny.
[gunshot] Son of a bitch! [panting] Take it easy.
We're not gonna hurt you.
Look, dude, take another step, and I'll blow your nuts off.
Come on, do it.
Do it.
Actually, you know what? I'll start with you, since you're so horny.
Come on, it's okay.
It's okay.
- I was just playing.
- Miss? What do you want? Please don't hurt them.
Come with us.
We have plenty of food.
Why are you dressed like that? Like what? Like Pioneer Village.
Miss, please.
[tense music] Lie face down on the ground.
Do it now! [gunshot] [intense music] Come on, let's go! How fast does this thing go? I don't know.
[engine revving] Maybe she's here already.
Let's hope to God she is.
Brianna? Dad! I hope Grandpa's in there.
Stay out here with Sally and your sister.
- Bri? - Dad! How long could the water run like that? Dad! Well, the pumps run on electricity, and that's gone.
When the reservoirs run out, I guess you're done.
I'll check upstairs.
All right.
Don't shoot my dad.
Grandpa's place always creeps me out.
He liked the South Pacific.
The Maori, especially.
They're the ones that do that That war dance with their tongues out, right? The Haka, yeah.
Where'd you see that? Rugby teams do it.
Yeah, that dance is called the Ak tu et Wanawana.
It means, "Stand up to the terror.
" - Here we go.
- Good song for the Apocalypse.
- How are the ashes? - Still warm.
So he was here, what, 12 hours ago? 18, maybe, depending.
Can you go check on your brother outside? Right, check on the football player with a gun.
But yeah, Dad, you can be alone.
All right, old man.
Where the hell did you go? They're not inside.
Well, Briana's still on the road.
We'll wait here for 'em.
She's okay, Mom.
If she wasn't, I would know.
[engine rumbling] [grunts] Killed my butt.
What? What's wrong? We don't curse here.
- What do you - You said killed, which breaks the commandment.
And then you said well, I can't repeat what you said, but it was a vulgar word for a part of the body that God made you in.
And then you sinned against the God that made you.
Well, I'm not quite sure that's it, Mary.
Okay, so what I'm getting is that you're mad at me for talking about my butt.
- Stop it! - Please, Brianna.
Even I think you're wrong right now.
Even you? Jeez.
And now you take the Savior's name in vain.
- What are you - You said "jeez.
" I was ready to welcome you, as we're taught to do.
You're I don't know if they'll even keep you.
I hope they don't.
Okay, how many people here are like that? All of them.
Including you? Well, I I guess.
Okay, look, I need someone with me until I get back to my family, so either it's you, or I get back on the highway.
Now, are you gonna be weird with me? What's the right answer? It's not, Devyn.
You're not gonna be weird with me.
I'm not gonna be weird with you.
[whispering] Oh, my God, you are so gonna be weird with me.
Could you get me some food? Can you handle that? Yeah.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
What are you doing? [grunts] We can grow our own food.
This is my grandfather's garden.
Well, he doesn't need these anymore, sweetie.
We do.
He's not dead.
You don't know.
Well, then we'll just borrow them for a little while and keep them alive, okay? Do you want to grab a bucket over there, please? [dog barks] Did you hear that? What? No.
It can't be.
Rona? Well, Dana, wait! Is that you? [dog snarling] [screams] Dana! [barking] [dark music] Dana! [whimpering] Dana, are you okay? Let me see your arm.
[moaning] It's okay.
What was wrong with her? Well, honey, that dog was rabid.
What? All right, don't look at that.
Look at me.
Listen to my voice or something.
La, la, la, la, la.
Her eyes Her eyes were all wrong.
They they were different colors.
We need to get a rabies vaccine ASAP.
Where, a doctor? - Does that hurt? - Yeah.
Okay, let's make that happen.
You're you're sure she was rabid? Oh, honey, she was foaming.
[panting] Rabies, that's that's the The one with the needle in the stomach, right? The really painful one.
Yes, it was really painful.
Okay, well, let's just, um, take this one step at a time, should we? Let's get you to the doctor.
I'm gonna stay here.
Wait for Brianna.
That's good, Matt.
- [sighs] - That's good.
- Here, here, hold that.
- All right, come on.
- Hold that.
- [groans] Come on.
We also need to get more supplies.
We're running low.
Trade ya.
I want you to scour this place for everything.
Fuel, ammunition Everything Grandpa has.
Got it.
And don't open that door unless it's Brianna.
[scoffs] Count on it.
Okay, babe.
Why do you have a gun? I was separated from my family.
That was careless.
Did they give you the gun? No.
I I couldn't even begin to explain it.
Just forget it.
You've suffered.
Who hasn't? I don't know if you've noticed out here, but the world's kind of falling apart.
That's not a thing to be feared.
- Mary - Well, it isn't.
Trials will lead to mercy.
You'll see.
That's the compact.
All of this proceeds to order in its time.
Look, I need to get to Seattle, all right? My family's waiting for me at my grandpa's house.
And two weeks ago, I would've gagged if I had to do that.
All right? And now I can't wait to be there.
What? The Reverend Brother went to Seattle two days ago.
Some of the brethren had gone to market.
They didn't come back.
Seattle is not a place people should go right now.
It's come to my attention that you have a weapon.
Who told you that? Give it to me.
Yeah, I think I'll take a pass on that one.
Give it to me or it will be taken from you, and you'll be removed from our community.
You know I'm gonna need that back.
It could keep me alive.
All weapons are forbidden.
Yeah, well, I'm not kidding.
You're getting it back for me.
Uh, is it okay if I use this? Maybe go outside for some privacy.
Yeah, okay.
Had enough.
Sally said that if we don't get the meds by the end of the day, then Dana's really gonna be in trouble.
Well, shouldn't be hard.
The city's empty.
Yeah, until the looters get here.
Hey, right there.
Medical clinic.
[grunting] Come on.
You know, I don't have any service, and I should probably save my battery anyway, so forget it.
It's fine.
Don't want to cause any trouble.
You'll be safe here As long as you need.
This is a time of mercy.
Of course she may stay.
So you grew up here, huh? - What was that like? - Uneventful.
Kind of sounds nice, considering everything that's going on.
Try 15 years of it.
[chuckles] Got it.
- You're kidding.
- Yep.
Oh, my God, four doses.
Poor Dana.
We'll break it to her slowly.
What's that? Uh, it's a 25-year-old Scotch I found in the back of the medicine cabinet.
- Really? - Yeah.
I'll get some I'm gonna get some needles.
[soft thump] [suspenseful music] [door creaks] [footsteps] [smack] [yells] Who are you? Rawlins.
I'm a doctor.
I know you.
What do you want? Tetracycline.
They're herding all the Feverheads in one zone.
I need 10,000 doses a week, never mind new cases.
Karen, what are you doing? That's Dr.
Let him up.
[grunts] What are you doing here? Our daughter was exposed to rabies.
Rabies? That's serious.
- Yeah.
- Want some help? I I can't do this, I Honey, you're gonna be fine.
- No, you can do it.
- Is there any other Just prepare yourself for pain.
- Is there a pill or something? - A pill.
It hurts a little.
It's nothing you can't handle.
Is this all gonna be - Shh, shh.
- I can't do it.
I can't do it.
I can't do it.
- Just about - [screaming] Oh, God! - You're doing great.
- Almost there.
- [crying] - Almost there.
- You are so close.
- Almost there, almost there.
So good.
You're such a good girl.
- Almost done, almost done.
- [crying] You are unbelievable.
- There you go.
- All done.
Baby, you're all done.
- You did it.
- Keep pressure on that.
- Thank you, doctor.
- You're welcome.
All right, sweetie, put this right here.
- She'll be fine.
- You were amazing.
Doc, we've got to get you to your car.
There're gonna be looters.
No one's gonna shoot me between here and there.
You don't know that.
- I got you.
- I'll be right back.
- Oh.
- You were so brave.
- Take care.
- Bye.
Thanks, doc.
Well done.
Well done, honey.
Only three left.
- That's good.
- You did so well.
[exhales] [creaking] [heavy thump] [cocks rifle] [tense music] [door creaks] [gasps] [panting] What the hell are you doing down here? I'm in terrible trouble.
I hope you won't make me leave.
Um I'm not gonna make you leave.
Why are we stopping? News van.
[gunshots] Oh, my God.
Gunshots? Is this really the time? Three million people are gone, including my father, Karen.
I need to know what happened.
[gunshots] Here.
Here, look.
What is it? We don't know what's happening yet, Christine, but panic has swept the city for ten minutes now, and [gunshot] Oh, my God.
And rumors say that Oh, my God.
Are those people? No, no, don't tell me those are people! Oh, my God, it's here! Oh, Jesus, it's here! [screams] Tell everyone it's here! [static crackles] What? What is it? I don't know.
- Matt.
Matt? - Yeah, Mom? Honey, honey, honey, have you Have you heard from Brianna? Not yet.
I'm watching for her.
Everything's fine.
That does not sound fine.
What's going on? It's fine.
Everything's fine.
It's all fine.
How are you? [clears throat] What's g Matt? [line beeping] Are you still cold, miss I'm Ala.
Are you still cold, Ala? No, much better.
Thank you Matt.
Well, I don't want to be rude, but, uh What was I doing in your basement? Sure.
Let's start with that.
I'm running away from my husband.
Naked? He went crazy.
It was bad.
I ran and hid.
[dramatic music] You know where anyone else is? Where they went? No.
I'm not from here.
I'm worried he'll find me.
He can't find me.
He can't.
Shh, shh, it's okay.
- I can protect you.
- You don't know - I promise.
- You don't know what he's like.
So angry.
I think we can calm him down.
You can tell me, you know.
What? Tell you what? What it is you don't want to tell me.
It's nothing.
I Come on.
All right.
[clears throat] When I powered up the The news trucks, they were, uh, recording live.
They all these feeds from all these different cable nets.
All the feeds went dead at the same time.
Meaning Well, everything that's happening here is happening everywhere.
- Everywhere? - New York, Chicago, L.
, D.
Those are the ones I know about.
Okay, I'm gonna absorb that when I have more time.
Let's, uh Let's pull in here and get some supplies.
Come on, guys.
Let's go.
In and out, fast as we can.
I should probably get back on the road.
It's not safe.
It doesn't matter, Devyn.
They're waiting for me.
Does your, um group have a car? Two of 'em.
Do you think you could drive me? I would.
[sighs] The group that went to Seattle disappeared with one of them.
And the Reverend Brother has the other.
But he's generous.
When he returns [rushing sound] [cows mooing] What was that? I've heard that sound before.
[rushing sound] What is that? I know what that is.
Get in the barn, now! Everyone get in the barn! Run! Hurry! [shrieking] Two full boxes of tetracycline.
Oh, God.
Thank God.
Oh, here.
Already loaded.
Well, that's why I married you.
Body armor? Really? Yeah, it's a his and hers.
- Oh, hey.
- Hey, that's cyanide.
What are you doing, fumigating things? Yeah, well, they say there's gonna be a plague of locusts, right? It's weird how you think that's funny.
Dana, get another cart.
We'll concentrate on junk food.
[rattling] Shh.
[whispering] We're not alone.
[tense music] Don't move.
Put your weapons on the floor.
We're we're leaving the store.
You can have the whole thing to yourself.
We only want the tetracycline.
We'll split it with you.
We're taking all of it, bitch.
[gunshots] - Yeah.
What do you think? - I think this.
[gunfire] [tense music] Take the cart out back.
- You guys stay here.
- Okay.
On three, two, one.
[gunfire] [both whimpering] [gunshots] Hey.
Take Dana.
Stay low.
Wait till I fire.
[gunfire] Go.
[gunfire] [bullets whizzing] [screaming] There's four of us and we're trained.
How do you think it's gonna go? [can clattering] [gunshots] [yells] [moaning] Dana, what are you doing? You can't! [screams] [smack] [grunts] [panting] Where are Sally and Dana? In the trailer.
[panting] Where's Dana? Isn't she with you? No, she's supposed to be with you.
No, she grabbed a gun and went to find you! What, you didn't stop her? I couldn't stop her! She wanted to help you! Who cares what she wants? She's 16! This is not my fault.
This is what happens when we embrace a gun culture! [intercom feedback] Attention, big box shoppers.
We have your little girl.
So you give us all the tetracycline, or we hang up your little girl and cut her throat.
Tell them how big the knife is, sweetie.
Tell them or I'll cut you now.
Mom, Dad, I'm sorry.
It's okay, baby! We're coming in after you! That's a bad idea, and you know it.
You got five minutes to figure this out.
[growling] - It's coming.
- Oh, no.
Shh, shh, shh.
[growling] I see it.
I see the demon! What have you brought upon us? I didn't do anything! [growling] What was that? A flying demon? Oh, my God! [smash] Dear Lord, please let this evil pass from us.
[guttural noises] [screams] We're gonna go in shooting.
What? They'll kill us all.
I don't want your gun.
You don't have a vote.
- Listen, let it go, Karen, okay? Move on.
- You want to be my human shield? Sally's right.
That's a bad idea.
So what do you want to do? To actually give them what they want.
- That's a terrible idea.
- Listen.
You're a warrior.
They're warriors too.
They're gonna read you as a threat, and they know how to respond to threats.
Maybe you can kill one or two of them, but they're gonna hit Dana first.
Me, on the other hand I'm non-threatening.
I'm more like a Like a priest, I guess, without the celibacy part.
They're gonna kill the weak.
I'm not weak.
I'm just non-threatening.
I'm gonna go get our baby back.
You got to trust me, Karen.
If I'm not out in five minutes, come get me.
Oh, do you have a lighter? [crashing] [dark music] He's here.
He found me.
- Stay here.
- Okay.
[indistinct muttering] [growling] [screams] [yelling gibberish] - [growling] - [screams] [yells] [screams] Stop! No, no! [gunshot] [gunshots] [growling] [gasps] What the hell was that? Oh.
Oh, that smell.
What the hell was that? You said you were trying to get away from your husband.
That was my husband.
[intense music] Dana! Don't be scared! Tetracycline.
What's in the other bag? The other bag.
Uh, well It's a Molotov! Shoot him! Whoa, whoa, guys, it's already too late to shoot me.
Why? 'Cause if I drop the Molotov into the ammo box, it's filled with ammonium nitrate and lamp oil.
It's a fertilizer bomb.
[chuckles] Kind of incredible.
I find it all in the store.
So if I drop the bottle, we all go boom! [tense music] Be a big mist of blood and brains.
Now, you can have the tetracycline.
That's good.
I just want my daughter first.
Otherwise, you know, we all paint the walls.
If we die, you die.
Yeah, but you want to live more than I do, 'cause I really don't want to live without my little girl.
Tick-tock! What do you say? Ooh! Okay, smart guy, here she comes.
Stop! The meds! Now! The meds now.
Here we go.
Here we go.
Dana, when I throw the bag, you come to me, all right? One, two three.
Come here.
- Dad, I'm so sorry! - It's okay.
It'll be over in a minute, I promise.
I want you to get out of the store.
Get out.
- Yeah? - Yeah, yeah.
Okay, okay, guys.
It's there, right? We don't have to be uncivilized about this.
I could just wait here, and you could take off, and Or I could just carry this bomb out of here, but you know what I'd like to do? Look at this.
[cork pops] Look at that.
That's a 25-year-old single malt Scotch.
You ever had that? That's one of the finest things in the world.
One of the rarest, and they ain't making it anymore.
[chuckles] What do you say? Let's have a toast.
To all that was.
Easy, Tiger.
Come on.
Come here.
Come on.
Let's have a toast.
To to everything that once was 'cause it ain't coming back.
All right.
- Mmm.
- Ahh.
- Oh.
- [sighs] That's sweet.
Everything I told you is true.
That was my husband.
I was running from him.
You saved me.
[ominous music] Where do you come from? New Zealand, off the coast.
That's far from here.
Not if you're me or my husband.
How did he get in here? You wouldn't understand it, Matt.
You're very brave, and I'm in your debt.
I think you should just stay right over there.
Are you sure? I have to thank you, Matt.
No one's ever been that nice to me.
Your husband turned into a Then just disintegrated.
As he deserved.
Thank you, Matt.
[eerie music] This is too much.
[clears throat] Uh You're kind.
I'm surprised.
Not like him at all.
Here it is.
That's my grandpa's.
No, it's not.
It was never his to take.
I came here to get it back.
Did you know him? Yes.
How well? Enough to know his smell on this shirt.
He wanted to possess things.
He thought everything was his.
What happened to him? Do you know? Close your eyes and turn around.
You really should.
Trust me.
I'm giving you whatever you want most in the world, Matt.
You decide.
[slithering sound] [loud hiss] - Be honest with me.
- Ahh.
You ever tasted anything like that? [laughs] No, I haven't.
[all laughing] That mean you're not gonna kill me? [all laughing] [dark music] [both coughing] What the hell? [glass shatters] [exclaims] [gagging] [groaning] [rasping] [grunts] I'm not weak.
Just non-threatening.
[all groaning] [whispering] Dad Dad, what did you do? Just, uh, you know I told you, you had to be ready for locusts.
What does that mean? I put cyanide from the bug spray into their drinks.
And now they're dying? My God, Dad, they were letting us go.
No, they weren't.
They were gonna kill me.
Then they were gonna kill you.
[muffled groans] And then they were gonna kill Mom and Aunt Sally.
Could you, uh, please not tell your mother about this? [indistinct chatter] I think it's gone.
Dev, we don't know that.
We need to find the others, make sure they're okay.
No, you cannot go outside.
It could still be there.
We haven't heard it in a while.
I need to know everyone else is safe.
Damn it! Would you stop your profanity? Rachel! Sarah! You're not listening to me! It's gone, all right? It passed over us; we're delivered.
[shrieking] Shit, I told you.
This is what comes of your blasphemy! Get down! Get down, lie still! [shrieking] [dramatic music] [bellowing] [shrieking] It was coming to take her.
But it recognized her.
That's just crazy.
and let it all slide down the hatch.
We got more days in the rearview than ahead.
So how 'bout we tromp it right now with some Ben and Sweets [static crackling] [cell phone ringing] - Brianna.
- Matt! [whispering] Oh, my God.
Where are you? Uh, I'm in this weird commune.
Northeast, 40 miles off Road 18, on the on the farm road.
Matt, my battery's dying.
Okay, speak faster.
Where? The site is near Redmond, and Road 18 - connects there with 204 East.
- 204 East.
Turn north there, and head towards Sultan.
- To Sultan.
- Yes.
- Okay, got it.
- Matt? - And Bri - Matt, Matt, - you're breaking up.
- Bri! Bri! [line beeping] "I'm giving you whatever you want most in the world.
" - Matt? - Did you get through? Yeah, I did for a second.
They know where I am now, Devyn.
They're coming for me.
[RV horn honks] Okay, let's go.
Where is she? She's at a commune off Road 18.
Okay, um, head to Redmond; cut east for about ten miles.
That's great.
So, I mean, how did she sound? - Great.
- Good.
She was bossy.
- She was bossy.
- Old Brianna.
That's a good sign.
Where's Mom? She's asleep in the back.
She's had a big night.
I bet.
How are you? Pretty quiet until she called.
Thank God.
Thank God she called.
You ever heard of a Ponaturi? Yeah.
Where'd you pick that up? Just one of Grandpa's books, you know.
What else was I gonna do? It was Like a South Sea, uh, kind of a sea goblin creature.
It's a Maori legend.
It's amphibious.
It lives under the water, and at night it comes to the land to sleep.
And it'll suck your bones out Take them back to the ocean.
- Holy shit.
- Yeah.
It was one of your grandpa's favorites.
Whenever I did anything he didn't like, he'd always tell me that, "The Ponaturi's gonna come get you, suck your bones out tonight.
" Used to frighten the hell out of me when I was a little kid.
Your grandpa always had a way of taking it too far.
Next you're gonna tell me you saw one.
[laughs] Yeah.
Wouldn't be surprised.
Everyone, the Reverend Brother's back! [indistinct chatter] Devyn brought an outside girl here, and she attracted a flying beast.
No, she didn't.
It's possible she controls the beast.
It carried off one of our cows.
This is crazy.
We are told the final days will be a time of upheaval.
We are called to charity for its victims.
[ominous music] I will see her shortly.
[whispering] Oh, Matt, please come quick.