Aftertaste (2021) s02e01 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 1

Pull your fingers out of your
fucking arses and get to work.
If I'm in the wrong place, I
I'm Diana, your niece, dude.
I'm actually in the biz too.
Desserts are kind of my thing.
What you need is someone to partner up with.
Do you really think our mother is
buried out in the backyard?
- What is the truth?
- Your mother packed up and left.
There's been a revolution in food
while you've had your head up your arse.
Get out of my fucking kitchen. You're fired.
I am trying to tell a story
which is something
that nobody in this family
seems to understand.
I know you're both angry with me.
- Dad?
You should come to London.
I don't want her thinking
that her entire family are
a bunch of dysfunctional liars.
- But we are.
- Where's Grandma June?
I made you and if you weren't young,
fat and female,
no-one would offer you shit.
- Are you ok?
- No. I'm like really nervous.
You're allowed to be.
Do I look ok?
I think we scrubbed up alright
considering we got changed in
an airport bathroom.
- Mmm.
- Oh, I can't say bathrooms anymore.
Dunnies. We got changed in the
airport dunnies, mate.
- Harry, no one actually says dunnies.
- Is that bad?
Harold, while we are here,
please do not judge me
based off my insane family, ok?
Because I am nothing like them.
I'm English.
We invented mad families.
You've seen The Crown.
My family aren't like mad, mad,
they're like
mad mad.
Maybe we should have stayed in London.
Nonsense. We're going to have
a bloody spiffing good time.
No, can we just sit here for just
a little bit longer?
"You're my main squeeze, Denise.
"You've got me on one knee today,
tomorrow, forever.
"I tie myself to thee."
"All I really want to do is just to
love and hold ya."
"And if you'll be my Marge,
I'll forever be your Homer."
You can't reference The Simpsons
in your wedding vows, you idiot!
- Bretty!
- Diana!
Dianna, oh, gosh, Diana. Oh, I love you.
- I missed you. I missed you too.
- I missed you so much.
- Thank you for coming.
- Of course!
Harry, this my Bretty.
G'day, Hazza, mate.
So very pleased to meet you, Brett.
Oh, wow, you're a proper posh pom.
No, not that posh.
Oh, my gosh, please tell me you
are not writing your wedding vows,
like, right at the last minute.
Ah, like arriving at your parents' wedding
an hour before it starts last minute?
Yeah, I am. Stuck on some words.
Harry can help you out.
Yeah, he's like a grammar Nazi.
He could even translate it
into Latin for you,
- make it sound real sexy.
- Ah.
Non potes dicunt grammatica Nazi amplius.
- See?
- Ah, no.
It's a poem, and it's got to be from me.
In English.
I'm sure it will be a Homeric masterpiece.
How did you?
Hey, where's Mum?
She's getting ready inside the house.
I'll go say hi, but I'm really,
really, really glad
you guys have finally decided
to tie the knot,
and that you moved into Pop's place.
- I'm so glad you're back.
No more Simpsons.
"You're my main squeeze, Denise"
- Brett is lovely.
Brett is the sane one.
You wait till you meet the others.
- Oh, it's Viggo.
- No!
- Should I get it?
- No.
It's going to be about the menu.
It is a day late.
Yep, yep, she's actually
working on it right now.
No, no, she's getting straight into
it. I'll let you know, alright?
Di, you really need
to deliver your menu, ok?
Great. Let's go see Mum.
Nice package.
Why do you always do that?
- What
- Well, just appear like Nosferatu.
Why can't you say hello,
exchange a pleasantry?
Like what?
- I dunno. Your hair looks nice?
- Thank you.
This is my last box of 2019 Pinot.
Who do I send the invoice to?
Not me.
Such a shame having
a Michelin-star chef around
refusing to cater the family function.
Denise understands I've given up the game.
I'm happier than I've ever been.
- Really? Brewing beer?
- Yeah.
I've just about finished my
micro-micro brewery in my bedroom.
Maybe it's time I stepped
into your pleasure chamber.
Must get a bit lonely up here.
Yeah, well, maybe a bit.
If that's what you're
(WHISPERS) Why don't you ever just
say what you mean?
You want to have sex in my bedroom?
Do I?
Yes. Yes, you do.
And I consent, or whatever it is
you're supposed to say these days.
- I just have to get some more beer.
- Right.
"You're my one knee, my squeeze"
Hi, cuz.
- Tammy, you ?
- Yeah, no, yeah.
Hey, newbie celebrant alert.
I forgot to ask you a few questions.
One, what music do you want
the pianist to play
- when the bride arrives?
- Uh
Two, I hired two cockatoos
to act as a symbol of love,
can we put that on invoice?
- Three
- Tammy, sorry.
I'm still writing my vows.
Could you make some executive
decisions for me, buy me some time?
- Will do.
- Thank you.
Executive decisions. Invoice the birds.
"You're my main squeeze, Denise"
Knock-knock. (LAUGHS)
May we enter the matrimonial chamber?
Hi, Mum.
- It's good to see you.
- Hi.
Oh, don't cry, please.
You'll ruin your eyeliner.
I'll come
- Give you a kiss.
Cheers, here you go.
Well, I love the suit.
It's very, very Ellen, you know,
It creases the moment I move.
Brett chose it of course.
He's got a better eye than I have.
- Delighted to meet you, Denise. I'm Harry.
- Oh, my God.
- I'm so sorry.
- Diana has told me so much about you all.
Oh, that was like a line
out of a Hugh Grant movie.
Look at you both. I'm just
so happy that you're all here.
- Congrats to you, Denise.
- Cheers.
Thank you.
Oh, my God, Nayani. What?
Hey! What are you doing down there?
Supposed to be catering with Kwame.
- Kwame's here?
- Yeah.
How have you been?
My God, it's been a minute.
- Yeah, nice of you to stay in touch.
- Yeah, you too.
Well, I'm sure I look terrible.
We just got back from a couple
days in Qatar.
That was really fun, wasn't it?
Oh, my God, the hotel we stayed at,
ridonk, it had this amazing
rooftop bar, it was crazy.
And Harry's family owns a couple of
Michelin-starred restaurants
in London and he's just
about to open one himself.
And I'm going to be doing the pastries.
That's really exciting.
Oh, my God! And our place in Camden,
our terrace, so beautiful
and what's-her-name, babe, Baby Spice?
- I always forget.
- Emma.
Emma. Emma lives down stairs
and she's so nice in person.
- Oh, my God.
- Thanks for update I didn't ask for.
Mum, why didn't you ask me to help out?
I could of baked the cake?
That's like what I do.
Here, I'll do the hems. Here you go.
Well, you booked your flight to get
in so close to the ceremony so.
And you can't sew.
- I can so sew.
- Ok.
Give it here. It's really weird that
you are holding on to it so tightly.
- Give!
- No.
- Give it.
I am so sorry, Mum.
No, no, no, it's fine. Have a rest.
Go and take Harry to the new guest room.
Harry, it's so lovely that you're here.
Diana, if you see Brett, could you
ask him to pop his head in?
- Yeah.
- Good.
I am so sorry, Mum.
All good.
What the hell am I going to wear?
Are you ok?
I can't believe what Nayani was saying.
Oh, which bit?
She didn't like say it out loud, but
I can hear everything she's thinking.
And Mum, having a go
because our plane was late.
It's like, sorry but I have my own
life now, Mum, you know what I mean?
Weddings are stressful,
but everyone seems lovely.
No, no, Harry.
No, my beautiful British weirdo.
Everyone's crazy.
They're just pretending because you're here.
As soon as you leave,
out comes Jekyll or Hyde
or whoever the fucked one was.
Jekyll, yeah.
Look, I'll prove it to you.
- Quick.
- Grow up, Easton.
Why are you laughing?
Nothing, I'm just happy.
- Diana.
- Margot.
The dessert queen returns.
- Good to see you.
- And?
This is Harry, my boyfriend.
- Harry.
- Harry is a restaurateur.
His family runs just like
a tiny empire in London,
three Michelin Stars.
You've heard of Saria's Of course.
- Yes, that's theirs.
- Wow!
No big deal. He's really successful.
Kind of like how you used to be.
Such a pleasure, Easton. I'm a massive fan.
My father says to say hello.
Dicky Sarraf's son.
You look just like him.
- He is bald now actually.
- Ah. (LAUGHS)
We had all your books in our house
growing up.
It's like seeing a unicorn.
I mean, I knew you were related,
but meeting him in the flesh.
Wow. Can't believe he's not cooking anymore?
What do you mean he's not cooking anymore?
Well, he just said that.
But he's never been happier.
God, I feel faint.
Di, you need to eat. You know how
you get when your blood sugar's low.
- I'll find you a snack.
- Ok.
Di, I'm in trouble. I need your
help. The words aren't coming.
I'm going to sound like an idiot.
I am an idiot for leaving it this late.
I'm an idiot too, Bretty.
I spilt OJ all over Mum's white suit.
- The white suit?
- Yep.
Oh, no.
Everyone's acting really weird, Brett.
She's gonna need my help.
She's not good with clothes.
I'm so hungry.
- Brett, can I have a quick word?
- Tam, I'm up to my neck.
- I cannot do the ceremony.
- What, what, what, why?
Uncle Warren. He's a ship's captain.
He can legally marry people.
He owns a kayak.
Tammy, what are you talking about?
It's the responsibility of binding
you together
for all eternity, Brett.
It's set off my anxiety.
(SHOUTS) Uncle Warren?
Hassy, wozzy. Did you get me a snack?
Sorry. I got talking to Kwame.
You guys are friends, I hear.
- (LAUGHS) Hi, Kwame.
- Hey, Diana.
How do you two know each other?
Oh, we were
Fruit-pickers. We picked fruit. Cherries.
Pluckin' cherries, last summer.
- Ah, the famous Uraidla produce.
- Mm-hm.
Di, Kwame's a bit behind
with the hors d'oeuvres,
so I'm going to jump in and lend a hand.
- Oh, no, you don't need to
- Nonsense.
I was raised in kitchens.
Well, I'll help too. I can help.
No, no, I think you need to go
and have a lie down
and knock the jet lag on the head.
Maybe take some fruit.
Is your eyelash?
Yeah, sorry, mate.
You were saying about the asparagus
'cause I really like that.
I add yeast to the wort,
and that metabolises with the sugar
and produces the alcohol
and the carbon dioxide
and that's where the real magic
of the micro-micro brewery happens.
You know, you really should have
a chat to Diana
for both of your sakes.
Oh, no, it's fine.
You've haven't been fine
since the restaurant got shut down
and she left you for England.
We haven't got much time,
if you still want to.
Might leave my shirt on just to save time.
Oh, my God. Sorry.
I thought. I thought this was our room.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- Ew, ew, ew, ew.
You know, maybe what you need
to start manifesting is
a raison d'etre?
Or a job.
Where you going?
Oh, I'm just going to go and have a word
with the sick perverted part of me
that wanted to see the inside of your room.
You do realise you just spent 15 minutes
explaining the fermentation process
to a winemaker?
Hi. Thanks for coming.
I need a stiff one.
A stiff drink.
Do you do shots?
No. I could put some house wine
in a small cup?
There was a nice local Pinot
but that's all gone
and the other one that's left
is kind of nasty.
I would actually go for the beer.
Yeah, boozier than
a politician's lunch hour.
Yeah, it's actually crafted right
here on site
at the Micro Micro Brewery by Easton West.
The celebrity chef, you know?
No. No, I've never heard of him.
- I bet you missed me, hey, Poppy?
TBH, I don't even know
why I bothered coming back.
It's not like any of these living
even give a crusty crap,
you know what I mean?
Up ya bum, ya old bastard.
Cuz, cuz, all I could find
was a used sandwich bag.
All good. All good.
Ok, I've got to go help Denise.
Fashion is her Achilles heel.
- What?
- A seed. (GAGS)
- What?
Sesame seed. You saved my life, Brett.
Ooh, I've really got to go.
It was all the talk of eternity
that was setting me off.
Listen, listen, listen, listen.
Denise and I are going to be
together forever
whether we get married or not.
This marriage thing is just
a public declaration of love.
We just need your help
with a bit of the admin, right?
- Right, cuz?
- Alright.
Oh, yeah. I need to do this.
- You need to do this.
- I can do this.
- You can do this.
- I will do this.
- You will do this.
- I got this.
- You got this, cuz. Come on, come on.
- I got your back brother.
Ok. I really have to go.
Where you going, doofus?
The ceremony is about to start!
- I picked a classic for you, bro!
(MOANS) Where's Brett?
We've tried everything.
Oh, my God, Nayani, I can hear the pianist.
You've got a wedding dress?!
No, no, no. (LAUGHS) No, I can't wear that.
- That was Mum's.
- Why?
It's kind of romantic.
Their marriage ended very badly
and my father's picture is out there,
it will be bad juju if he sees this dress.
Well, right now, it's a choice
between the wedding dress juju,
the Ellen suit covered in orange juju
or whatever that is you've got on.
We have about two minutes. No pressure.
It's all right, I nod off at weddings too.
You're back. I missed you. You were
gone for hours and hours.
About 20 minutes.
What did Kwame say?
Oh, lovely guy.
Just a bit of industry banter.
(MOCKINGLY) A lovely guy,
just industry banter.
Are you going to drink the rest
of your wine because I ran out?
Feeling alright, darl?
- Yeah, babe, I'm fine. Great.
- Excellent. Good.
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you
the love birds, Ringo and Paul.
And also Brett and Denise.
Oh, my God, what is she wearing?
And why is he giving Mum away?
Wow, love, you look so bridally.
Diana stabbed me with a pin
and I spilt drink all over
the white suit, so
You look beautiful.
Could you move? I have to be
on the end for the tribute.
- What tribute?
- Sh!
Friends and family,
we would like to acknowledge
that we are meeting here today
on the shared lands
of the Peramangk and Kaurna Peoples
and pay our respects to Elders past,
present and emerging.
My name is Tammy Fraser,
Brett Fraser is my cousin.
- And what a silver fox he is, hey?
- Whoo. Go, Bretty.
Brett really is the slightly less successful
but equally loved,
George Clooney of our mob.
What I don't understand is why
you get to get up
and do official business and I get to
sit here looking like a peach sorbet.
- Just don't make it all about you,
- Play nice. You two, play nice.
TAMMY: Before we start the vows,
as a mark of respect,
Easton West will fire one round from
the shotgun of Denise's father, Jim.
(SCOFFS) What?!?
No, I was Pop's favourite.
I'll do it. Diana.
(IN SLOW-MO) I was jet-lagged.
This is a code of conduct for your
two weeks community service
you'll be doing in our soup kitchen.
If one of you doesn't turn up,
fails to make a meal,
or in any way disrespects a member
of our community,
more time will be added
to both your firearms sentences.
I got to get back to London, so
Well, don't mess up.
Or you'll end up cooking us Christmas lunch.
Which is a lot of fun, actually.
My dog Monty and I both dress up.
Oh, cute.
Is there a problem, Easton?
(STRAINED) Sign it!
Can you just
Look, yes, you hate me
and truly, vice versa,
but we just need to get along
until we finish out the soup kitchen.
You just stay away from me.
I find you triggering.
(SCOFFS) I'm triggering?! Oh, my
God, Easton, you are insane.
You and Denise lied
about my grandmother being dead,
you treated me like shit in my own kitchen,
practically drove me out of town,
and I come back and there's not even
an apology.
That is what is insane.
I'm not sure if you've noticed,
but we moved on with our lives.
We were perfectly happy
until you stepped off that plane
with your meticulously manscaped boyfriend.
"He's everything you used to be, Easton."
Well, he's not.
He's a rich kid whose rich wanker
father handed him everything.
The only thing that's insane
around here is you.
I was jet-lagged
dick weed.
HARRY: For an animal riddled with chlamydia,
koalas are actually quite cute.
To be honest with you, I actually
think emus are my favourite though.
It was so nice of your folks
to take me out, you know?
Such a shame you couldn't come.
did I act insane at the wedding?
You were jet-lagged.
So I did?
You were nervous about seeing your family.
And you drank 15 mimosas.
I literally shot a cockatoo.
My parents hate me and Easton wants
to kill me in my sleep.
Well, the ranger said
the cockatoo's going be fine.
One of them is.
I know we didn't get married, but
I would still like to hear your vows.
What were you going to say?
- Mm!
- I've been thinking.
The guest bedroom,
when Harry and Diana leave,
maybe I could take it.
It's a guest bedroom, it's for guests.
My room is so dark and moist.
I'll buy a dehumidifier.
We'll think about it, Easton.
- I'll see you in the morning.
- Yeah.
- Night.
- Good night.
- No, no, no, no, Denise!
- Brett, he's my brother.
We have to kick him out the nest.
He might land on his face or get
eaten by a goanna,
but that's how nature works, it's cruel.
He's been a bit lost since the
restaurant folded
and Diana leaving and
Jim left you the house.
We need some us time.
Yeah, I know, but I want him
to make his own decision.
Look, everyone has their off days.
Maybe you just need to be the bigger person.
Apologise to Easton and Denise.
Lead by example.
Good night, Chef.
Nighty night, Shit Given.
Di, you and Easton only need to
survive together for two weeks.
I know, I know. The priest lady said
we had to follow their recipes.
I bet Jesus didn't serve his fish
without seasoning, a wedge of lemon.
Maybe I could add in cream?
This whole thing is ridiculous.
Let's just get this over and done with.
- No, I'm not done.
- It's done. We're serving.
Easton, you refused to help cook
so it's my soup.
- You're causing another scene.
- I'm causing a scene?
You're causing the scene,
you gas lighting gonad.
If it wasn't for your toddler tantrum,
we wouldn't be here in the first place.
- God I hate you.
- Yeah, ditto.
- Give
- Fine, have your slop.
Needs salt.
- HARRY: Ohhh! Diana!
- DIANA: Is Easton in here?
MAN: Diana tells me you won't cook.
I refuse to cook for a world that
rewards talent with emojis.
If you deliberately
sabotage our community service,
I will make your life
a pastel-coloured hell.
Why didn't you tell me that you
and Kwame dated?
I'm going on sex strike. These
sacred privates are off limits.
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