Aftertaste (2021) s02e02 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 2

He's been a bit lost
since the restaurant folded
and Diana leaving.
Denise understands I've given up the game.
I'm happier than I've ever been.
- Are you alright?
- No, I'm really nervous.
This is Harry. He's really successful,
like how you used to be.
- Hi, Mum.
- Hi.
Here, I'll do the hems. Give it!
Easton West will fire one round
from the shotgun of Denise's father, Jim.
- What?
- No!
For the two weeks community service,
if one of you doesn't turn up,
more time will be added
to both your firearms sentences.
You and Easton only need
to survive together for two weeks.
You are a pebble in the stream.
Allow the water to shape your surface.
You are a reed in the wind.
Bend so that you do not break.
- You are the wind in the trees.
- Oh, fuck!
- Diana!
- Is Easton in here?
Well, he knows we have to be
at the soup kitchen!
OK, bye.
Where the hell is Easton?
I love that you still pretend
you're actually exercising.
I do exercise.
You just happen to be
along my jogging route.
"Jogging route." Cute.
You know, Easton, I miss you in your whites.
There's something so attractive
about a man in uniform, you know?
It's that confident projection of,
"I have a job."
- Not this again.
- Come on.
Don't you think it's time
you pulled yourself up
by your bootstraps
and got back to doing what you love?
Can you just stop?
Sorry, I just think,
sometimes, it takes a friend
to call out the bullshit.
So, we ARE friends.
Options for today.
We can do it in the cellar door
in the making
or B: we could replay love in the vines.
Can't we ever just go to your house?
I think tradesmen should use
the trades entrance, don't you?
Well, you just said I was your friend.
I think the cellar door option.
I've got a new sofa.
You're better than this.
Don't listen to your penis.
Don't listen to your
It's Danish.
You're pathetic.
Oh! Oh! Look at this from Aunty Lyn.
Is it right opening presents
when we didn't actually get married?
"Congratulations. Sorry about the spelling."
"It was too late to change. Love, Lyn."
Hello, Dennis.
Oh, and you better dig out
your dancing shoes
'cause we've got another
wedding present we have to use.
Oh, Brett, you know I don't like surprises.
Well, that's why
I'm telling you now Dennis.
Oh! An electric fly-swatting tennis racquet.
Yes! Easton!
OK, so I was thinking
we'll reschedule for the 17th,
just before Diana goes back.
- Reschedule the wedding?
- Mm.
You're doing what?
And there'll be no alcohol
and we'll enforce a no-gun policy.
Oh, jeez, Mum! Rub it in. God!
Has anyone seen Easton?
I can't find the douche-nozzle anywhere.
Or we could just use a registry office.
Well, the whole point of getting married
was to publicly celebrate.
Or live stream.
I WAS publicly celebrating,
up until, you know, the incident.
I just want our family
to do one thing properly.
Just for once! Is that too much to ask?
I am doing right
'cause I am repaying my debts to society.
Oh. Oh, to society.
Well, what about to me? What about to us?
Well, Mum, you sort of did force me
to flee the country
after lying about my grandmother's death
my entire life, so I think
we're pretty even-Stevens.
You Wests,
you don't give an inch.
I am right, though.
Maybe you should go to work
and have a little bit of a ponder,
and I'll take your mother dancing,
and maybe, just maybe,
you can meet in the middle somewhere, eh?
Fine. I'm going to go and find Easton.
He went out jogging.
He goes jogging?
Yeah, through Margot's vines.
It was Dennis.
Have a little bit of self-respect.
You are a reed in the wind.
I'm a reed in the wind.
- Bend so that you do not snap.
- Bend so that you do not snap.
Jesus! You lunatic!
- Get in the car now.
- Why?
Why? Because, Easton
if you deliberately sabotage
our community service
and I don't get back to London
for my restaurant opening,
I will haunt you.
Oh, yeah, yeah, I will be everywhere.
I'll be in your house, in your face.
I'll be loud and young
and effer-flippin'-vescent.
I will make your life
a pastel-coloured hell.
It doesn't start for another hour.
Fine, but I meant what I said.
Yeah, I brought your shit. You're welcome.
What's this?
If you must know,
Harry's hired Viggo Jansenn as exec chef,
so I need to get a menu to him asap,
which means I need to invent
a new dish, like, yesterday.
You and Viggo Jansenn? Odd mix.
No, WE were an odd mix. He is a genius.
No, he's not.
He's just Danish.
What is this wankery?
None of this looks anything like
what you do.
You know this whole
Nordic minimalism bollocks
will be over next week?
Yeah, that's what you said about
gourmet burgers and the Me Too movement.
I haven't abandoned the restaurant, Viggo.
We're just held up here for a week or two.
It's a long time.
I can still be across everything off-site.
I just did a medical consult
for a scalding burn, all online.
I don't care if you burned you face off.
We need you here.
Your empathy is overwhelming.
This is ridiculous.
We need the dessert menu, Harold.
How am I supposed to finalise the menu
if Diana hasn't told me what she's making?
Diana's actually preparing the menu now.
- Actually, it looks really exciting.
- It better not be another vagina.
No, no, no. No chocolate vaginas.
She is thinking of gender-swapping
to a penis pie, though, actually.
- Harold, you promised me no genitals.
- Mate, I'm joking. I'm joking.
Her menu will complement yours,
alright? I promise.
Your father is not going to be happy.
Get me the menu, Harold. I need it now.
We will get it to you. I promise.
- This is ridiculous.
- I've got to go, Viggo.
I don't want to see you thinking.
Just moving.
I can tell when you're thinking.
Like the great poet said,
the hips don't lie.
Yes, but I can't move my hips
unless I think about it.
I think he's trying
that clear-your-mind Yoda thing.
Oh, OK, I'll try.
No, or try not. Do or do not.
Left, right.
- Yeah, left Yeah.
- Left, right, left, right.
- Left, right.
- Do I go right and you go?
Try. Left, right, left right.
Left, right, left
- Oh, I'm terrible at this!
- No, no, no, no, no.
Babe, it's OK. Let's just have fun.
Let's have some fun.
Yeah, but doing things properly
is how I have fun.
- One more try. One more try.
- OK.
Left, left I know. I know.
Brett, why don't you partner
with Jeremiah over there?
What? Jeremiah, that one there.
OK, Denise
- Excuse me?
- Yes?
Um, my name is Brett.
Alberto just asked me to come partner.
Alright, Brett,
I'm not here to fuck spiders.
I've got beginners' regionals next week.
- Can you merengue?
- Oh, just a bit. I
- Foxtrot?
- No.
- Rumba?
- No.
- Ballroom?
- This this is my first lesson.
Jesus Christ!
That's my part
- Ooh!
- And
- That's Ooh, that's tight.
- Then loosen up.
OK, Denise, let's stop you
from looking like a baby giraffe
walking on a lake of jelly, OK?
The hips don't lie, remember.
Move those hips.
Excuse me. I can see you're a big wheel.
- I could tell by your fancy shorts.
- Diana tells me you won't cook.
I refuse to cook for a world
that rewards talent with emojis.
I am a pebble in the stream.
Well, if it's meaning you're looking for,
is there a better one
than cooking for hungry people
who can't feed themselves?
I mean, that fella fed 5,000 on that idea.
- We've only got to feed 30.
- And who are you exactly?
I'm Terry. I help out in the kitchen.
I'm a big fan.
It's going to be fantastic
working with you, Chef
though I probably can't call you that now.
Well, you can if you want.
Well, not if you're not a chef, I can't.
I mean, I'd like
to be called Wing Commander,
but I don't fly a plane.
Look, you just cook and I'll do the rest.
OK, perfect.
You can start by emptying all the bins,
and once you've done that,
you can set up the dining-room chairs,
and then get onto the dishes.
- Lovely fella.
- Oh, yeah.
So, we're making soup and what else?
What I'm going to do is, like, a take
on the mission's apple crumble, right?
But with, like, a Nordic twist.
So, maybe if you want to get started
on prepping the apples?
Right, OK.
Carpe diem curry.
Yeah, they have a bad rep as a pest species,
but they're good if you clean them right.
So, I've managed to push
that party of 12 back to 7:30.
And I'd like a 500% pay rise
because, without me,
this entire shit show would collapse.
OK, sure.
He's trying my new dish.
Oh, no.
Get down. Get down.
Holy shit!
Harry Sarraf, you whingeing Pom!
- Mate!
- Oh, Benny Zhao, you piece of shit!
It's been a while, mate.
So, why are we hiding?
Heard you were in town.
So, you came to check out my new digs, huh?
Hey, how's your dad?
Hey, Nayani, Kwame.
Ah, I heard you met my crew as well.
But wait I bet Diana told you
all about them, right?
Diana told me a lot about Nayani,
but nothing about Kwame, weirdly.
Ouch! How could she leave you out?
Well, Kwame mentioned at the wedding
that I should drop in
if I was ever at a loose end.
That's nice of him.
He's just made me a dish.
You can help me decide if it makes the menu.
Ah, lovely.
Cool. Cool.
I guess I'll just make another one.
Where is the lovely lady friend?
Ah, she and Easton are volunteering
at a soup kitchen.
Community service.
I heard about this too.
Easton shot the celebrant.
I think I know the answer to this,
but I do these charity events
at a soup kitchen.
Which one are they at?
- North side Mission.
- Mm.
Small world.
Are you going to start the soup soon?
We've got people who rely on us
to feed them.
Yeah, yeah.
It's just that
Viggo doesn't like sweet desserts
and everything I do
comes with a diabetes warning.
Which one did you go for?
Single dew drop on a thorny leaf
served in a pond of pixie jizz?
Hobos are going to love that.
Can you please not use that word again?
Oh, you mean Oh.
I'm just trying to complement his menu.
No, you're trying to guess what Viggo wants
as opposed to listening to your intuition.
I'd recognise
that bickering family anywhere.
Oh, God, no!
That's no way to welcome an old friend!
What's up, Terry?
- Diana, welcome home.
- Hey. Thanks. Yeah.
- I'm not HOME home, though.
- No, I know.
You're opening a restaurant
with Viggo Jansenn.
Harry's at my new joint right now
having lunch.
I haven't seen that kid
since I was apprenticing
for his dad in London.
Harry's there now? Cool.
Hey, Nayani told me what happened. Hectic.
Guns, dead bird, cops
sounds like my kind of party!
Ben puts on
a monthly fund raising lunch here.
Yeah. The looks on peoples' faces
when they taste something
truly special, it's humbling.
Can we help you with something?
We're kind of in the middle of
No, no, I just wanted
to be the first to come here
and commiserate with you.
- What?
- You're throwing in the towel.
I wanted to see the man in action
one last time.
What makes you think I'm retiring?
Well, I have my sources and, you know,
you look relaxed.
Hey, I'll get out of here.
Terry, keep an eye
on these crims for us, eh?
What a prick.
- And Nayani's got a big mouth.
- I know, right?
God, she's like
the fricking WikiLeaks of Uraidla.
This soup kitchen's been running
for over 40 years
and we've never once
not served hot food to the needy.
We need to make soup. Now.
Fuck this!
Alright, forget him, OK?
You start prepping the pumpkins
and I'll be over in a minute.
Welcome back, Chef.
- Shut up.
- Yes, Chef.
Well done!
Muy bien, Denise.
- Look!
- Yeah, da-da-da-da.
You are beyond help.
I'm going to teach you a dance
my dad taught me.
It's called the baby penguin.
I'll lead.
You're still distracted.
I think you have blockage up here.
Why do you want to dance, Denise?
We thought we could do a wedding dance.
Oh, wedding dance! Beautiful.
Picture this, right? Close your eyes.
You and Brett on the dance floor
alone at your wedding.
Did you even try?
I am trying. Yes, but it was disturbing.
Brett and I tried to get married recently,
but my daughter, who ran away to London
after we told her that
her grandmother was dead,
but wasn't actually dead,
she shot up our wedding,
and so everyone left before the ceremony,
and we didn't get married,
and now I blame her.
- Oh, don't blame her.
- What?
Your daughter shot your mother
at your wedding?
- This is ridiculous.
- Shh!
Yeah, and I think that
I'm also feeling guilty
because part of me organised the wedding
to get Diana back to Australia
in the first place.
So, you're not going to marry for love?
Yes, but, um, I thought
I could kill more birds.
- Kill?
- Metaphorical birds.
OK, it's happening Loosening up.
- Yeah, yeah, I feel like
- That's it.
- I'm unblocking.
- That's too much. That's too much.
Less, less, less vigour.
That's not merengue.
That's it, baby. Just have some fun!
See that?
That's my girlfriend.
- You're going to have to fight him.
- What?
- Kwame?
- Hey. What's up?
Mate, that curry?
Proper wow.
I mean, yes! Yes, bloody please!
Thanks. I love that carp.
Such a hated species,
but you can really make people love it again
if you just treat it right.
You, sir, are an enigma.
Uraidla's best-kept secret.
- Oh, there's really no secret.
- Well, Diana certainly kept shtum.
I wonder why that is.
I guess you'll have to ask her.
- He knows.
- He totally knows.
God, I wish he wasn't such a nice guy.
Jesus! He left a $100 tip.
- Wow!
- What a wanker!
- OK, we ready for service?
- Ready.
You guys start. I'll be ready.
Wait, wait. Always check for seasoning.
Wow! It's bloody delicious.
- You OK?
- Fine.
- Do you need me to?
- No.
You sure?
This is actually
what I do for a living, so
OK, right. Good, good, good.
Someone said it tastes like liquid gold.
Tastes like liquid gold.
Liquid gold. Liquid gold.
You alright, mate?
- Apple crumble.
- Wait, is that it?
Yeah, it's Nordic.
- What's that?
- It's Nordic.
Can I have another?
Can I have another?
No, listen, old trick of mine
grab a biscuit from the coffee station
and whack some jam on it.
The texture's like phlegm.
There's absolutely no relationship
to who you are as a chef
but the flavours are very interesting.
Interesting's not going
to get these people through
a night on the streets, though, is it?
It's Nordic.
It went well, then?
Charity is exhausting.
Easton is exhausting.
Life is exhausting.
We really need to get this menu
to Viggo, pronto.
Yeah, nearly there.
Kwame cooked me lunch today.
I heard. How was that?
Why didn't you tell me
that you and Kwame dated?
Diana, can I have a word?
Really, Mum? Right now?
Sorry, I just wanted to say that
I'm really proud of you
and I'm glad that you rebelled
by getting an amazing job
and and a polite boyfriend
instead of I don't know. A face tattoo.
- Thanks.
- Thanks.
And I'm sorry for
I'm sorry too, Mum.
Just We'll just Yeah.
Really good. Yeah, yeah.
I want to come inside
your your house.
He wore his whites.
Yeah, and also, this belittlement thing,
it was a massive turn-on,
but now it's starting to wear a bit thin.
Well, the thing is Easton,
my house is a sacred and private space,
and I'm very particular
about who comes inside.
Yeah, I thought you'd say that,
which is why I'm here
to inform you that, um
..I'm going on strike.
- Don't you need a job for that?
- Sex.
A sex strike.
Until you let me into your bedroom,
these sacred privates are off-limits.
Are you sure your wrists can handle that?
Carpel tunnel. It's a very serious issue
for the middle-aged man.
I'll hold out longer than you will.
Don't listen to your penis.
Don't listen to your penis.
So, this Jeremiah is a little bit
too pretentious for my liking.
Yeah, he was 10.
No, no, no, he wasn't 10.
He was 12. He was 12.
He could really merengue, though.
I've always wanted to merengue.
- Hello.
- Hello. I'm looking for Jim West.
Oh, I'm sorry, Jim passed last year.
Oh, no, no. I know that.
Jim Jr. Jimmy.
Denise, is that you?
Can I ask who's calling?
I'm June your mother.
Who is it, love?
Wrong house!
I'm not even convinced it's Mum.
Nothing that she has said
has indicated she knows anything about us.
If you were a decent mum,
you would have watched my TV shows.
And not walk out on you guys.
That's on the list.
Is there a way we can find out
if it's definitely her or not?
We just need to prove that she's a fraud.
- So, Brett, you can distract her.
- You're such a handsome man!
Jim West, can you join us?
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