Aftertaste (2021) s02e03 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 3

- DIANA: Has anyone seen Easton?
- BRETT: He went out jogging.
- He goes jogging?
- Yeah, through Margot's vines.
- Welcome back, Chef.
- Shut up.
A take on the mission's apple crumble,
but with, like, a Nordic twist.
The texture's like phlegm.
HARRY: Why didn't you tell me
that you and Kwame dated?
The guest bedroom maybe I could take it.
- No, no! Denise!
- Brett, he's my brother.
We have to kick him out of the nest.
I'm going on a sex strike.
These sacred privates are off limits.
I'll hold out longer than you will.
- Hello.
- Hello. I'm June, your mother.
Well, see, it's not something
I'd usually go to a doctor for,
but the bloody toenail
just got more and more infected.
Oh, man!
And I was prescribed
Oh, what was it? It was
It started with an A.
It was an antibiotic. Um
Axolotl? (LAUGHS)
Anyway, whatever it was,
I had to have three courses of it
to get rid of it.
But, oh, thankfully, it's mostly gone now.
That's a relief.
I didn't want to pay $500
to some foot doctor
or whatever they're called.
- Podiatrist.
- A podiatrist.
I have no health insurance.
I've never been to a podiatrist.
I haven't either. Have you, Harry?
Me? Um, my uncle is one.
Oh! That's lucky, isn't it? (CHUCKLES)
So, was abandoning your children worth it?
- Diana.
What? I'm sorry, but your mother,
who walked out on you,
comes back 40 years later
and starts telling you about
her infected toe
and you're all just like, "Oh!"
- Yes, yes, I was getting to it.
- Were you, though?
(CHUCKLES) She's a real firecracker.
You remind me of myself at your age.
OK, so, we
We would like to know
What are you doing here?
Ooh, bit hot today, eh?
Be good to get some rain.
Are we expecting any?
Actually, let me check.
- I'm sorry, is this a bad time?
- It's, um It's a long time.
Ah, rain on Thursday.
- Ooh, wait, that's Queensland.
- Yes, it is.
But, you know, I just thought,
since Jim had passed
I just wanted to see you again.
- Better late than never, I guess.
- Exactly. (CHUCKLES)
I'm sure you understand
that we are curious about
where you've been for the past 40 years.
Well, yes, of course.
It's all a bit drab, though, really.
- So, it was London in the late '70s.
Oh, and I did the Hindu Kush.
That was truly transformative.
Met this German man
who started his own commune.
It was interesting, but, oh,
the Europeans, they're a bit handsy.
Women now would be up in arms about it,
but at the time,
we just shrugged it off, you know,
as a bit of unwanted fingering
and got on with it. (CHUCKLES)
But, you know, the last few years,
I've just been travelling in my van.
So, what have you all been up to?
- Are you serious?
- Far out. It's minus 47 in Russia.
- What have we been up to? Seriously?
- A mother can't be curious?
It's just been such a long time.
It doesn't make sense.
Well, of course it doesn't make sense.
I'm a world-famous chef
and I find it very hard to believe
that you haven't seen my face anywhere,
because there was a time
when my face was everywhere!
Ooh, that's lovely.
Did you make this risotto?
The risotto that looks like
afterbirth and tastes like ash?
No, I didn't I didn't make this risotto.
Oh, easy!
- Yeah, real nice, dude.
- Denise likes it smoky.
Yes, I do. It's it's delicious.
- Mm. So do I.
- Aw, thanks. Harry helped.
- Oh, are you a chef too, Harry?
- Me? No, I'm a restaurateur.
None of them are chefs.
Well, Diana's a pastry chef,
but I'm the only famous
Oh, I love pastries.
You do? That's so great to hear.
Actually, some of Diana's desserts
are based on your recipes.
- No. No, I never cooked.
- I know. I know.
It turns out the dead grandma inspo
was just a whole bunch of BS.
Wasn't it?
But, hey, if you want to make up for it
and come up with
some sweet Nordic shit for me,
then feel free.
I thought you said the menu was done.
So, where would I know you from?
Can you believe this?
Not everybody watches cooking shows, Easton.
Easton? So, you've changed it from Jimmy?
I told him.
I wanted to call you Edgar,
but, no, his father was Jim,
he was a Jim, and he wanted you to be a Jim.
That'd be like me naming you June Jr.
Easton West?
And your business partner
that's Left on Right, is it?
That's enough!
Oh, I apologise. I
I didn't mean to tread on a nerve.
To be honest, I I quite like the name.
So, what's the situation here?
You don't all live together?
No, Harry and I live in London, actually.
- Oh, do you?
- Yeah.
Well, it's still a bit strange
I mean, a married couple
living with a grown man.
Well, they're not married.
And why is it strange?
I mean, we're a family. We love
- We like each other, don't we?
- Yeah.
Anyway, we Harry and I,
have to go and check on the mains.
- Yeah. Yeah, we do.
- Um, isn't risotto a main?
Yeah, this risotto was an entree.
The mains are on their way.
Come on.
I know this has been a shock,
but why all the hostility?
DENISE: There was a grave out there
with your name on it.
That's where we believed you were for years.
That is weird, I agree,
but I didn't come up with that.
So, for you to just reappear like this
out of the blue, it's, um
Yes, it is.
What what was she saying?
BRETT: Sorry.
The only other excuse I had
was going to the toilet,
but it'd be a bit weird if we went together.
It's fine. I'd rather be in here
than out there
trying to keep up to speed with everything.
- Is there another pantry?
- No. One toilet, one pantry.
All I can say, Harry,
is that there are several elephants
in that room.
Go figure. Hey, what's with all the pears?
Oh, yeah, online shop fail.
I meant to buy 10, but I bought 10 punnets.
But the most awkward elephant for me
is the Easton-living-here elephant.
- DIANA: Hi!
- Ooh.
- Do you need a hand?
- No, we're good.
Wait a sec. Her bed breadcrumbs.
Might have expired.
I got them a year ago, but
Ooh! (WHISPERS) Yes.
- One month to go.
- OK.
So, an egg, sardines,
crap load of breadcrumbs, 500 pears.
JUNE: I know it mustn't have been easy
for you as children,
but I suppose I thought
you might have gotten over it.
(SCOFFS) OK. She's a deranged psychopath.
Is that any way to speak to your mum?
Oh, don't worry.
That's how he speaks to everyone.
Mum? Mum?!
If you were a decent mum,
you would have followed my career
and watched my TV shows.
not walk out on you guys.
Yeah, that's on the list.
I went to the school formal
with my dress inside out.
I bought my first bra by myself.
You don't even want to know
how my dad explained my period.
I was so miserable for so long.
Oh, you were the bubbliest baby.
Everybody used to say
what a happy baby you were.
- I was?
- Yes.
- I didn't even know that.
- Yes, you had a big grin, rosy cheeks.
Was I a bubbly baby?
I actually can't remember.
How can a mother walk out
on bubbly babies, then?
BRETT: Mm! Here we go!
Hope you left some room.
HARRY: Careful, they're still hot.
Everyone's a winner.
- It's Brett's degustation.
- Oh, it's not that bad.
- Crumbed sardines, Sicilian style.
- Oh, no, I'm sorry.
I've been a plant-based woman
for over 30 years now.
- I mean, before it was a hip fad.
No worries. More for me. Molto Benito.
(CHUCKLES) Oh, my goodness! Jim's garage.
I hated it at the time,
but I actually missed
the smell of grease and motor oil.
Well, I'll happily point you
in the direction
of the nearest petrol station.
Dude! I've got to have a piddle.
- It's been awhile between pit stops.
- You ARE coming back, I take it?
- (CHUCKLES) There's that West humour.
- Middle door to the right!
- OK, I've had enough.
- Don't you want answers?
Well, yes, but unless the question is,
"Who's the shit test mum in history?"
we're not getting any.
OK, just get rid of her, or I'm out.
(SOFTLY) Psst! Psst! Easton, out?
- Are you still chewing?
- Brettalisimo.
- Lower.
Maybe I should be the one to speak to her
'cause, quite often,
people tell their grandkids shit
that they'd never tell
their own kids, you know?
Ah, that's better.
Ooh, can you smell something?
No. That's enough.
You will sit down
and stop avoiding questions.
No, I can smell something too.
- What is that?
- The crumbed pears!
- HARRY: Shit!
Oh, shit! The door's closed!
Brett! Brett!
Just leave it, Brett. Just leave it.
Believe it or not, this is all
pretty standard behaviour.
No wonder you moved to London. Hmm?
- (SIGHS) That Jim.
Strange man.
I know relationships die,
but to kill me as well and
You were only children and it was so cruel.
Hold on, Dad was the cruel one?
He told you I was dead
and dug a grave. That's sick!
He may not have been the best,
or even an adequate dad,
but at least he was here for us.
I wanted to return.
Several times, I tried to contact you.
He said I was never welcome back.
I don't believe a single word
that comes out of your batty old mouth.
BRETT: Okey-do key, no more smoky.
The house smells like burnt pear and toast,
but, otherwise, all good.
So, what did you expect exactly,
turning up after all this time?
Well, I suppose I thought, after so long,
everything would be fine,
but obviously it's not.
I mean, there are misunderstandings.
No, no, there's no misunderstandings
and it's not all fine,
so just just get back in your van
and get your tush back to the Kush
and leave us the hell alone.
But they're not lies.
If you don't believe me,
why not ask Jim yourself?
Are we seriously doing this?
Yes, we are. Mum.
Pop would have found it hilarious.
Jim could barely communicate
when he was alive.
Good luck getting dead Jim
to make any sense.
Is widdle We as ton scared of some ghosts?
What? No. I am a bit.
I can't reach him
unless all our souls are united.
Oh, well, don't worry about it, then,
'cause Easton sold his ages ago.
I feel a bit weird. I didn't even know him.
Nobody did. Come on.
- (SHOUTS) Jim West
- ALL: Arrgh! ..are you with us?
Oh, gee, that was a bit loud.
Jim West, we wish to communicate with you.
Can you join us?
He's probably passed out drunk.
I can feel you, Jim.
I can feel your presence.
- Oh! Who who's doing that?
- She is.
Jim, are you here?
Jim, it's me, June.
- Holy!
- Speak to us, Jim.
Are you OK?
Oh! Thought that was going to be 'no'.
Did you forbid me,
the mother of your children,
from coming home?
O. 'So'. So what?
I'm not sure.
O. 'Sodo'.
'So, do'
So, do we all think this is bullshit yet?
Well, he's still going.
Double F.
(WHISPERS) 'Sod off'.
- 'Sod off'?
- Oh, my God!
- Oh, Brett! Brett!
Sorry. I was just scared with what Jim did.
It wasn't Jim. This woman is nuts.
And you're all pathetic
for going along with it.
Pardon? We are pathetic? OK.
Says the grown man who chucks a tanty
when someone doesn't know who he is.
You know, this whole refined,
grown-up shtick
just makes you seem even more juvenile.
I'm sorry. Diana juvenile?
- That's a bit rich coming from you.
- Oh, what?
'Cause I'm not anally retentive
and iron my towels?
You don't even wash your own towels!
Here I am trying to live a normal life
in a normal partnership
without having to put up with
With with with what? Me? It's MY room!
It's OUR house! Are you a teenager?
- I haven't done anything bad in ages!
- Oh, yeah, you're right.
It's been ages since you publicly shamed me,
which you still haven't
apologised for, by the way.
Can you just take responsibility
for something in your life?
Oh, that's rich coming from somebody
who hightailed it off to London
without saying goodbye to anyone.
I didn't even WANT to go to
bullshit London in the first place.
I was quite happy here.
I had friends and a life.
You all drove me away!
Wow. Good to know.
Oh, no, Harry, I didn't mean
- Jim!
Will you stop doing that?
He's still lingering.
I should probably do a cleanse.
You know, exorcise any negative spirits.
I'll smudge.
Oh, probably a good idea. Smudge, smudge.
Oh, my gosh.
- OK, she has got to go.
- Can you calm down?
- No!
No. I'm not even convinced it's Mum.
I mean, since when was she into
all this voodoo stuff?
And Mum was never that short!
Yeah, well, it has been several decades.
- I knew that wedding dress was juju.
- Bad.
Just think about it, Denise.
Nothing that she has said has indicated
she knows anything about us.
I mean, she might have read an obituary
or an article about me.
We have a restaurant right here
that was called Jim's.
Is there a way if we can find out
if it's definitely her or not?
Yeah, we just need to prove that
she's a fraud, so we can report her
so she doesn't prey on any other
emotionally disturbed family.
OK, good. You've admitted
you're emotionally disturbed.
That's good. Mum?
Fine! Fine. OK, let's get some proof.
Great. Great. Brett, you can distract her.
Me? Why?
Denise and I, we can search through
the old boxes of Jim's crap
and see if there's any photographs
of her that he didn't throw out.
And, Diana,
you search her van for anything.
OK, yeah.
Harry, will you come with me?
Oh, no, Harry and I,
we'll do the distracting.
- Just we're the A-Team.
- Brett.
We're the A-Team, Harry.
I've gone through these before.
They're mostly Dad
next to animals he's shot.
Yeah, well, we need to look again.
I know they're old, but if she's there,
there'll be some resemblance.
Hey, I thought we were getting along.
You know, I know I don't clean or pay rent
or contribute in any way at all,
but I didn't realise
you wanted me to leave.
Don't you want your own space?
- And life?
Get back in the game?
I mean, it must feel strange,
brooding alone in that room.
I need the toilet.
- I can help you with that!
- Arrgh!
Sorry! I didn't mean to scare you.
I just thought,
before we get back into Jim's spirit,
maybe I could show you
the irrigation system.
Oh. Why?
You know, show you
what we've done with the place.
Well, I guess I'd be a fool
to turn down an invitation
from such a handsome man.
- Come on, then! (LAUGHS)
- Hey! You!
God help me.
(GROANS) Have you found anything, bub?
What, are you not even
talking to me anymore?
What do you want me to talk to you about?
How much you hate 'bullshit London'?
Or the fact that you lied about
the menu and Kwame?
I didn't lie.
I just didn't tell you some stuff.
Why are you keeping things from me?
I feel like I don't know
who the real Diana is anymore.
Um, of course you do!
I am she!
You always used to talk about
how your family were
were crazy liars, and
And what?
You think I'm just like them?
Well, that is a very exaggerated response
and I think it's coming from
a place of jealousy
because you found out
that I had an ex-boyfriend,
and maybe you thought that I was a virgin
- when I met you, like
- What?
or something like that.
Oh, shit! She's coming.
Oh. June.
June! Oh! June, don't worry about
the smudge sticks.
Denise has got a cupboard full of them.
- No, I'm alright.
- Well
No, no, no, no, no. June, June,
June, don't go in there. Don't! No!
(STUTTERS) Just have to
- Yeah, here it is. I got it. I got it.
- Excellent.
Let's go kill Jim. I mean evil Jim.
(SIGHS) Look, Harry, I am sorry
for all the omitting stuff,
but I swear I am not like them,
nor do I ever want to be.
I just used 'nor' in a sentence.
Like, that's how influential you are.
I want to be with you and live with you
and work with you because I
love you, maybe.
No, sorry, not maybe.
Arrgh! Words are weird.
I love you.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my funking G.
- Anything?
- No.
(WHISTLES) This bitch is going down.
Free them from evil
and the spirit of wickedness.
Free them from evil
and the spirit of wickedness.
- Yeah, get out of here, spirits.
- Free them from evil
Well, well, well,
if it isn't the lying swindler
that is June West,
or should I call you Njorth-rbiar-tr?
You mean you don't believe
I'm actually June?
Oh, I know you're not. Wests aren't vegans.
What kind of sick woman are you?
What do you want from us?
Njorthrbiartr is a Norse name
given to me at the commune.
- It means heroic.
- You think MY name's stupid
That still doesn't prove anything, though.
Yeah, she's right. You don't
really know anything about us.
I mean, you can't even remember
if I was a bubbly baby or not.
I mean, I don't know what it is
you want from us,
but this is where your road ends, lady.
You have three puncture wounds
in your right leg
where Jim's dog bit you when you were five.
That's why you're scared of dogs.
I'm not scared of them.
I just wouldn't own one.
Denise, do you still have
that heart-shaped birthmark
on your left bum cheek?
(GROWLS) I love that birthmark.
- So, it IS you, then.
- Yes, indeed.
Back from the dead. Whoo! (LAUGHS)
OK, well, goodnight.
I'll crash in the main bedroom.
I know where that is. (CHUCKLES)
DIANA: Are you, like, OK, dude?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Alright. Well, I know you both want me out.
I'm gone!
It's only for one night, yeah, your mum?
Where the shit is everything?
WOMAN: Well, when Chef Zhao hosts the lunch,
he supplies everything himself.
I know you regret leaving
No, I don't regret anything.
You set me up for a charity event
without any ingredients.
Oh, no!
She has not moved in.
Sure looks like a case of
the old moving-in to Brett.
Do not tell Ben we were in his bin.
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