Aftertaste (2021) s02e04 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 4

I wanted to return.
He said I was never welcome back.
West's aren't vegans.
I'm not even convinced it's Mum.
Diana, you search her van for anything.
It is you, then.
Back from the dead. Whoo!
Ben puts on
a monthly fund raising lunch here.
It's humbling.
Wow. It's bloody delicious!
Liquid gold.
I'm a world-famous chef.
Not everybody watches cooking shows, Easton.
I know you both want me out.
- I'm gone.
- Huh.
Until you let me into your bedroom,
these sacred privates are off-limits.
I'll hold out longer than you will.
You are standing
in what is soon to be my cellar door.
- What do you think?
- No way!
- Mm-hm.
- That's, like, the dream, right?
To have your own cellar door
and your own vineyard?
Yeah, or a gamble.
Still, must be nice, you know,
being your own boss bitch.
Well, it's either that
or be someone else's bitch.
After the fires and the
trade sanctions almost wiped me out,
I had to get creative
or sell it to one of the big guys.
I went with creative.
So, I'm going to suck these tourists in,
get them so shitfaced they can't drive home,
then offer them an eco-yurt and breakfast
for 1,000 bucks a night.
- Yes, genius!
- Oh, we'll see.
Oh, speaking of shit face,
I am looking for Easton.
Yeah, he ran away
after last night's insanity,
and now we have this, like,
fancy-shmancy fundraiser thing
What happened last night?
Oh, you know, just Grandma June
randomly returning
back from the dead.
No biggie.
You haven't seen him, have you?
- No, I can't say I have.
- Right.
Well, hopefully he's just passed out
in a ditch somewhere.
If you see him, will you kick him my way?
- Oh, it'd be my pleasure.
- Cool.
Don't you have somewhere you're meant to be?
Yeah, right here.
I'm not going anywhere.
You invited me into your chamber.
Even sent me pics, remember?
Yeah, listen about that -
a bit weird, don't you think?
Texting me your eggplant right
after your long lost mother turns up?
What? How did you find out about?
Diana was here looking for you.
Look, my mother may be alive,
but she's still very much dead in my eyes.
The woman hadn't even heard of me.
- I don't want to talk about it.
- Good.
I'm glad you've worked
through your mummy issues.
Anyway, up you get. I've got work to do.
I'll help.
No, you've got your fundraiser.
You may come back
when you actually want to be here,
not because you're avoiding
the other crazy witches in your life.
So you want me to come back?
I want you to change the sheets.
- What are you doing?
- I really need to pee.
Well, go to the toilet.
I'm waiting for June to leave.
She scares me.
Last night, she tried to touch my toosh.
Brett, you can't hide in here forever.
You'll damage your bladder.
You mean she's staying longer?
How much longer?
I've got maybe another 20, tops.
I don't know. Maybe I'll learn
something about her life.
Or mine.
It's really weird
having someone sleep in our bed.
I hope she sleeps on your side.
On my side I've got my belly indentation.
My belly, my side.
- Where are you going?
- I have to go to the toilet.
I don't know how Easton sleeps
on that thing.
Dunno, he can have it.
I want our bedroom back.
Oh, oh.
There's a little trickle. A little trick
Maybe the fundraiser isn't today.
- Hey.
- Good, you're here.
Tickets to lunch have almost sold out.
Just a quick question
where the shit is everything?
- Well, how do you mean?
- Well, table settings?
- Waitstaff? Ingredients?
- Oh.
When Chef Zhao runs the fundraiser,
he supplies everything himself.
Oh, how lovely of Chef Zhao
to provide his own stuff
to the fundraisers that he organises.
Look, if part of my community service
is to save your leaky roof,
then you need to buy the ingredients.
It sort of defeats the purpose
to raise money if we're spending it.
He said it was better if you organised it.
I figured it was a chef thing.
He said he'd told you.
Well, he didn't. And it's not a chef thing.
It's a prick thing.
I am so sorry that I have I roped you in
to yet another Westian disaster.
Easton, there'll probably be
people you know in attendance.
Like who?
Ben said he's got industry folk coming.
Judge fella from that cooking show.
Your family does seem to generate
catastrophe at an exceptional rate.
Lucky I love you.
Diana, you're coming with me.
Ben Zhao has stitched us up.
Shall I, er, leave you to it?
No, you're maitre d'.
You make this shithole look
like one of the pretentious parties
you'd go to.
What the hell are you doing
down there, you nutjob?
I could've cracked my fucking head open.
- Easton.
- What?
Sorry, mate, I didn't realise you were
- German?
- What?
Are you?
What are we cooking today?
So far, the only thing this
tosspot's cooked up is an evil plan.
- Wanna join?
- Suppose it's for a good cause.
I might just go and clean up.
Well, just make it quick, yeah?
Fucking fundraiser.
She's moved in.
She has not moved in.
Then what do you call all of this?
'Cause it sure looks like a case
of the old moving-in to Brett.
Does Brett remember when we went
to Canberra for an overnight trip
and Denise packed three large suitcases?
Yes. That was ridiculous.
- Well, maybe ridiculous is genetic.
- Hmm.
What is that?
Where did we go?
She chucked us on the floor for that thing?
- Now do you believe me?
- She probably just felt left out.
- Hmm.
- But this stays here.
I'll tell her.
We haven't aged a day since then.
Yeah, it was only last year.
Easton, mate.
I should've recognised
the violent assault on my door.
You need to give me
us some food.
Is that your way of asking
to make a booking?
Screw me over for sure,
but can you really screw over
fine folks like Terry?
- Hey, Terry.
- Hi, Ben.
I'm always happy
to give Terry a feed. He knows that.
Look, you set me up for a charity
event without any ingredients.
Easton, the chef usually donates
the resources.
Oh, I totally forgot.
You don't have a restaurant.
Or any staff or produce or anything.
- Oh, no.
- Thanks for the recap.
Now fix this.
Just give me some food, at least.
Ah, you see, I would,
but we usually only carry enough ingredients
to get us through service.
Look, the least you could do is
ditch your TV mates.
Oh, dude, it will be so much worse
if I call them now
and say don't come.
It'll be fine.
Just consider it a challenge,
like one of those cooking shows.
You know, if people still wanted
to see you on TV.
Which they don't.
What's wrong with you?
You want to see people like Terry starve?
They've got problems and and shit.
Sorry to come barging in.
So, Harry said the food here was amaze.
Yeah, Harry, um
seems rich.
Yeah, he's got full aristocrat vibes.
It's kinda hot.
Actually, last night,
I sorta told him that I loved him.
But now I'm a bit worried
that I only said that to end a fight.
Classic Diana.
There you are. Where is he?
It's a bloody goldmine in here.
What the?
Is that ginger?
Do not tell Ben we were in his bin.
Do what you want.
He chucks anything if it's a day old.
Wow. So much for zero waste, Ben.
Yeah, well, at least he's loyal
to me and Kwame.
You know, sticks by us.
Doesn't call me a bitch
and then not talk to me for a year.
Loyal but wasteful.
Still good.
Expires on the 4th. That was yesterday.
"Best before", not "Expires on".
There's a difference.
See? Nothing wrong with it.
The problem's in here.
Oh, that's where most
of Easton's problems are.
I hate to be Mr Obvious,
but we're gonna need more than this
to conjure an actual meal.
Ask your boyfriend for his credit card.
What? No, it's not mine.
- Got any money?
- Not for you.
We don't need money.
Wait. Can I help you with that?
Oh, no it's fine. It's light.
- What is it?
- It's an autoharp.
Completely self-taught.
And, so
how long are you planning on staying?
I'm not saying
you have to leave immediately.
- Just roughly?
- Oh, it depends really.
Should this live
in the living room or my room?
Your room?
Oh, just the room I'm most comfortable in.
I suppose I could try the spare room
once Diana goes.
Look, June, I know you regret leaving
and you want to make up
for lost time, which is OK,
but we should probably all discuss it.
No, I don't regret anything.
I've had wonderful adventures.
It's just time I settled down
for my remaining years.
- I think the living room.
- Wait.
- Why don't I take it for you?
- You really should get going.
Going? Where?
Well, to Easton and Diana's fundraiser.
Oh, I don't think they need me there.
Of course they do.
It's actually in your hon our,
so you must go.
In my hon our?
Oh, well
I do have a dress I've been wanting to wear,
just waiting for the right occasion.
Where is it?
Guest of hon our!
This gives a whole new meaning
to self-checkout, huh?
Why the hell would a supermarket
throw out anchovies?
More gold.
Keep an eye out for truffles.
Yeah, I love that you guys have
won the supermarket sweep
and everything, but I'm gonna need
more than a tub of yoghurt
to do dessert.
There's some basics
back at the kitchen biscuits, jam.
I think they're gonna be expecting
a little more than biscuits and jam.
I'd be pretty happy with that.
First thing I remember eating was
biscuits with jam and custard.
Still one of my favourites.
What's one of the first things
you remember eating, Unkie Eastie?
Something shit.
Maybe I could do,
like, a yoghurt-based creme brulee.
No, no, no,
we've got to impress these arseholes.
Diana things.
Can't 'Diana things'
just mean being good at my job?
What happened to the girl
who had the entire food world
literally eating out of her panty pantry?
Hey, can we keep it down?
I've had the police called on me for this.
- What? Stealing rubbish?
- Yeah.
Well, that's ridonk.
Can't believe how soft London's made you.
London hardened me up.
Did I tell you about the time
I had to sleep under a bridge?
Sleep under a bridge for a night.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, you did.
Jeez, mate. How did you cope?
I had thermals and a chocolate bar and
Yeah, right. Sorry.
Shit, someone's coming.
Get down. Down!
No-one's coming.
So schmancy!
How did you get all this?
I worked my magic card trick.
The trick hire help.
What the hell's she doing here?
Oh, no idea.
- Just get rid of the rubbish.
- Yep.
Before anyone sees it.
Surprise. Guess who turned up.
Surprises are meant to be fun,
and this isn't your seat.
But this is the head of the table.
Easton. Man of the hour!
Thought we'd pop around early
and see how things are going.
Matt, you know Easton, yeah?
Chef West.
The last time I met you
I think I called you
a 'gelded former prodigy'
and you called me
a 'turgid little wiener' in riposte.
Ah, Preston.
I've always appreciated a man
self-deprecating enough to wear a cravat.
Are you going to introduce
the guest of hon our to your friends?
To whom do we owe the pleasure?
I'm Easton's mother, June.
- Aren't you dead?
- Minor misunderstanding.
Maybe you should sit down this side.
This is for the VIPs.
This place is very fancy.
Your cooking must be incredible.
Just behave yourself, OK?
Fragile men, all of you.
It's like looking into the pantry
of a serial killer.
Maybe I should just roll out the wheelie bin
and get them all to eat from that.
Most people don't even know
you can find good food in a bin.
You had no clue
until about five minutes ago.
There's no shame in it.
Yeah, I'm not so sure about that.
If you're serving deconstructed
dirt crumbs on a berry froth,
I swear to God
No, I wasn't going to use froth, OK?
I wanna do something elegant.
Elegant? You?
Why now?
You're not here for your elegance.
OK then, well, what will you be
doing to make us look so good, then,
Captain Cockhead?
He'll be turning one man's trash
into another man's
Look, can you just shut your trap
for a second and let me think?!
I've somehow stumbled into a culinary class
taught by a homeless dude
with a trash fetish,
and now I have to find a way
out of this literal dumpster fire.
No way.
We are not having roid-rage Easton
here today, alright?
This place is not
about your friggin' ego, pal.
If it wasn't for Terry, you'd be
serving baked beans on toast
and probably failing at that.
I thought you were trying to change.
See this carrot?
There's nothing wrong with it.
It's fit for a king.
The fact that you found it lying
amongst rubbish doesn't mean
it is rubbish.
Don't blame the carrot, Easton.
The carrot's not the problem.
You are.
Wait, so I'm not the guest of hon our?
But I got all dressed up.
You're not going to let me
upstage you that easily, are you?
I'm a pebble in the stream.
I'm a pebble in the stream.
Let's get on with it.
Grilled romaine lettuce
with anchovy-yoghurt dressing.
It's a salad?
Sourced from?
A local
lettuce patch.
Cauliflower steaks
in green herb-infused oil.
Carrots fit for kings.
Gnocchi pomodoro with fresh basil.
The char on that cauliflower
and the complexity of that oil delicious.
Excuse me, everyone.
If I can have your attention
for just a minute.
Today we are fortunate enough
to be treated to a very special meal
cooked by none other
than the enigmatic Easton West.
I'd like to invite the man himself
to come on down and say a few words.
Why don't you join me, Easton? Come on.
Thank you, Ben.
I'll make it brief.
It's been an hon our
to cook for you fine folk.
And I know some of you are harsh critics,
so it's nice
to get a tick of approval from
Actually, I can't do this bullshit.
Fresh produce has always
been the key to my success.
But today, everything you ate
Oh, God.
came from the bin.
All of it.
Every ingredient that went
into that meal that you just ate
came from a dumpster.
Actually, it was several dumpsters.
Cafes, supermarkets, restaurants.
A big shout-out to Ben Zhao,
whose Z2 dumpster provided
such plentiful bounty.
I've been working in this kitchen
for a few weeks,
and I've served people who are
lucky to have one meal a day.
Yet here we are, in this industry
with our heads jammed
right up our own arseholes,
throwing out food because it's too lumpy
or it's got a bruise
or it's two days too old.
Now, all the ingredients you ate
today might have come
out of the rubbish,
but they are not rubbish.
The problem is us.
We're the rubbish.
Thanks for coming.
Er, hi.
So, unlike old Brave heart over there,
I'm actually gonna keep this brief.
So for me, food has always been about
a story.
A personal story.
Sometimes a little too personal.
But today the story that you're
gonna be eating is not actually mine.
Ah, I'm not much
of a public speaker but, g'day.
So I'm Terry, I help out in the kitchen,
and I'm currently living at
the fixed address of on the streets.
So, growing up,
my family didn't have a lot of money
but Mum still wanted to give us
the odd treat when she could.
Usually it was slapping jam on
biscuits and dipping 'em in custard.
I looked forward to it so much
and it still makes me feel happy,
which I reckon is what sweets
are supposed to do, so, dig in.
My granddaughter, the queen
of succulent sweetness, everybody.
She's such a freak.
Thanks very much.
Easton, absolutely brilliant, mate.
You've really captured the zeitgeist.
That's the wake up call the industry needs.
Oh, you think so?
Oh, look, if you've got any ideas,
I'm happy to put you in touch
with my producer.
You mean a TV thing?
Oh, TV, podcast, anything.
We could shake up this industry.
Be disrupters, whistleblowers.
It's brilliant, mate. Well done, Easton.
Thanks, Matt.
You know, I see through your fake
woke bullshit, right?
You're not fooling anyone.
- Hey, Di.
- Hey.
That was so
- underwhelming.
- Oh, yeah, I know.
Yeah, I should have gone with
the finger bang buns but
Well, we are in the house of God.
You're right. Excuse me. Sorry, Jesus.
But hey, thank you, by the way,
for the berries.
That was BERRY nice of you.
- So, Kwams, can I
- Can I just say
- Sorry, you go.
- No, you go.
- No, you go.
- No, you go.
OK. Ah, yikes, awks. Um, OK.
So I just really miss
And she, like, fricken hates me.
And I just don't know what to do about it.
I think, it's gonna be fine.
You do?
- Yeah.
- Wow.
You're a bloody superstar!
Are you just figuring this out now?
No, no, I told you last night.
- Hey, I'll see you later.
- OK, yeah. Thank you.
Really? Did you like it?
Yeah, of course I liked it.
- Everyone did?
- Everyone loved it.
Are you not just saying that?
Thanks for the day. You were
- The brains behind it?
- No.
Well, yes, OK.
You played a part.
A big part in today's success.
I know.
And I'm
for before, when I
I was in the army, mate.
I've been yelled at by worse than
the likes of you.
Probably less afraid of being shot
in the army though.
It's a big deal that he liked it, though.
- He's like Aussie TV royalty, right?
- Yeah.
But our TV is a bit povvo,
so it's not that big of a deal.
- Come on.
- No longer welcome here.
What the hell's all this?
So, how was lunch?
But, why are all my things
We've booked you into a motel.
This is our home. We will not be usurped.
Yeah. You usurper.
Mum, Brett, surely she can stay for
a little bit longer?
No, she wants to live here
in our house and I'm not having it.
Oh, I'm afraid it's not that simple.
No, no. There will be no further discussion.
I'm sorry, but it's not really
your house, dear.
You're kidding.
June, you don't mind if I stay here, do you?
Of course not. You're all welcome.
Even you, Denise.
So whose house is it?
I know just the spot for this.
What's he What's he laughing
There's a goat wearing my T-shirt.
She's taking over our lives.
I have to send off Diana's new menu
to Viggo.
This is more like you
high art meets silly shit.
Elon Musk is following you?
People are so stupid.
Oh, my God.
I sexted my jugs to a Nordic food god.
If this Viggo guy doesn't get your food,
he really doesn't get you.
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