Age of Youth (2016) s02e09 Episode Script

I Was Wounded #Paradise Lost

-= You who had ruined my life=- I what have I done? What did I do that things became like this? What are you doing here? What? Go away! Why? You can't be like this in front of the entrance.
Why can't I? Come here, hurry! Why? Why? I should get the explanation.
Stand here.
It's 5m to be exact.
You're not allowed to get closer more than this.
Then I'll stand here since it's 5m.
No, no, no, you can't.
Just stand here.
I can stand here? Okay.
The Exclusive Contract Termination of the 4 members of Asgard.
This one is Heimdal's.
The article that I sent yesterday, Klaas Project that related to the German research did you read it yet? Of course you haven't.
I don't have hopes on you But, if you've read it, then you'll make a conclusion like this You've worked hard.
What should we eat for lunch? How about go out to have lunch? It's up to you.
How about tteokbokki? You like spicy foods, don't you.
Let's watch movies after lunch! Hey! Is it the end of the world? What caused you to be this gloomy? Is it because you'll move out from that house? Living under the same roof as your boyfriend and then break up? What happened? Hey! If you're sad, I'll be sad too.
-= You who had ruined my life.
=- -= You who had ruined my life.
=- - Did you get it from the newcomer? - Hmm.
- Did you get it from the newcomer? - Hmm.
Perhaps, did she write it? Nope.
We never interacted before.
No way.
She moved here just because she found this letter? Does this make sense? No matter what she didn't write the letter.
Then who? That's weird.
Is this letter really addressed to you? There's only our address there.
There's no evidences to show that the letter is addressed to you anyway.
It can be for the others.
If it's not me, then who? Received messages.
And also a letter.
It must be me.
Then what is your plan? There's no other way.
We need to report it to the police.
What did you say to your mom? Who? What's wrong? You should reconsider if you want to report it to the police.
They won't take it too seriously.
Is that so? Ye Eun's face got smaller.
Looks like she lost her appetite.
If I know this earlier, I'll bring something.
I won't come with empty hands.
How about buying porridge and deliver it here? Looks like she has no appetite.
Oh really? She won't go to campus for the next few days.
When will you go to campus tomorrow, 11.
And you? I'm 9.
Why did you bring boxes? Are you going to pack? Yes Really? When will you get your enlistment? October 23.
I hope everything's be alright.
Are you really going to move out? Yes, Song Seonbae? Why did you come early in the morning? Where is Ji Won Seonbae? Haven't arrived yet.
Thank you.
There's a lot of sweats.
Did you run? Why did Ji Won Seonbae tell us to come here? I dunno.
She just told me to come here at 5.
I've arrived.
Let's go! Where? Secondhand bookstore.
The place where the letter is found.
Can we get there by walking? Yes, but it'll be a bit far.
Around here.
But why this book? It happened to be the only one that fell down.
Excuse me around July.
Date? July 18th.
She bought a book here in July 18th.
Do you have a list for the seller? Why did you ask? There was a letter in the book.
I've read it and it seems to be an important letter.
I just want to return it to the owner.
Of course, personal information is very important.
And needs to be keep as a secret Please wait for a minute.
This book is bought in July.
June 9th.
Can you search for the receipt? There must be a way to contact the owner.
Thank you.
How much it is? Please wait, there's a customer.
I'm sorry.
Is it a confession? Pardon? Um, the letter in the book.
Is it a confession? A love letter for first love.
I don't know how but I think it's written with a pen on a pink letter.
Yes, it's a pink letter.
See! I thought so.
How romantic.
Ah, here it is.
Kim Yeong Soo, what a common name.
Sorry Wait a minute.
There's no number.
What? Are you sure? That's weird.
There's someone like that.
People who only writes name and fake number.
47,000 Won? How much does this person sell? 37 books at once.
Can I bring the list of the books home? You can.
Hello, I'm the Operational Support team leader, Jo Seung Hyeon.
Heim Call me by my real name.
Lee Jin Gwang.
It must be so hot outside.
There's way cooler here.
Sit here.
Want to drink something cold? Iced coffee or lemonade? Oh, an Iced Coffee.
More than 300 millions.
Pardon? Dormitory, car rent, allowances.
Skincare and private fitness trainer.
This way.
You said that you want to release an album? Do you know how much money we spent to release an album? Song maker, song writer, studio rental cost, and MV shooting cost.
Plus poster photoshoot.
At least 1 billion.
That much? That's the minimum amount.
Our album quality isn't that great.
That's weird.
Our dorm doesn't cost that much anyway.
We also eat more at our home.
You can check it.
The data won't lie.
Our artist doesn't know how much money we invested on them.
Keeping the contract needs a lot of money, they don't know that.
As what Lee Jin Gwang-ssi said.
Just spend the last 2 years in the contract.
Then, who will be happy? Members? Their hearts aren't there anymore.
They have searched for another agencies, another jobs.
Lee Jin Gwang-ssi is the only one to be like this.
Think about it.
Do you think, for Lee Jin Gwang-ssi's sake, then our company needs to bear a loss more than 300 millions a year, does this make sense? To be honest, our company condition isn't that stable.
How much the profit it.
how much gain from our stock.
We exaggerated that.
That's how we get investent and our company will keep going on.
If the company isn't stable, who wants to invest their money? Lee Jin Gwang-ssi, do you know how much people the company needs to pay? Of course.
we also want to follow the contract.
But please consider our company condition.
No matter what, for the last 7 years, Lee Jin Gwang-ssi was a member of Oh&Park Entertainment.
A part of them? Yes, please be cooperative.
Then why did you treat a family like this? Pardon? The unfamous family, will they get kicked out from the family list? If we get famous and we terminate the contract halfway, will you accept it? Let me give you an example.
You will sue us and get angry.
But you fired us when we're not famous.
Then I have my rights to be angry, isn't that so? Thenwhat will Lee Jin Gwang-ssi get if you make a fuss like this? I don't know.
To be honest, why we are responsible if Asgard isn't that famous? If we get supports from you, we should've been famous now.
If there's support, even a half support just like Je5yeol Even if you get the support, it isn't more than a poop truck, that's why.
Why did you blame it on the company? They who have no talents always blame the others.
If it was me, I will be embarrassed to stay here.
If they have no talents, why did they get chosen? Why you chose us and tricked us to give our 5 years? We thought you can in the first time.
That means, you miscalculated, right? Start to apologize here.
Okay, we miscalculated.
Seems like we are also guilty for this.
I'm sorry.
That's why.
terminate the contract.
No! You You crazy! Ahjussi! Ahjussi! What's that? Why ahjussi? I'm an oppa.
Ahjussi, Ahjussi, who are you? An entertainer? Asgard.
What is Asgard? Don't you know this song? Let's go.
Let's go.
There's food inside? - No, there's no food.
- Can I get some? Hey, I only have one.
I told you I just have one.
Is this book sold by the same owner? Hmm.
There are a lot? The bookstore owner said, there are 3 reasons why you sell a lot of books.
First, you're moving out.
Secondly, you get a new job or graduated so you get new environment.
Third, you finish someone's heritage.
What are you searching for? Notes, receipt, or photos.
Anything that'll lead to the owner's identity.
When a kind person meets an aggressive person.
they will think that this is their fault.
The bad person, they won't feel guilty at all.
What does this mean? The owner has a habit to underline sentences that he/she found inspirative.
Take a look! What's crueller than dying here is a crazy thought if I have to stay alive here.
Depression isn't a mental illness but a systematic disease.
Being active will cure the symptoms.
When I read a book, I also like to underline sentences.
For example, the content meets my requirements.
If this person is like this, that means he/she's a gloomy person.
A cheerful person wouldn't have written this kind of letter.
If I move out, how about the room? I moved here in 20th, must I pay the rent full? You want to move? Of course, I have to move.
Why? What's why? Of course it's because there's a case like this.
Ah, you said that you moved here because of the letter, right? Nevertheless, why are you moving out so fast? The rental cost is for a full payment.
One month.
It doesn't matter when you move but you need to pay it a month.
Then stay here until it's 1 month and move out in the next 20th.
Can I? Of course.
You already paid for a month, right? I mean, can I stay here? It's up to you.
You want to move from here because you're not comfortable to meet with us? That's.
My reason to move here.
I kept it as a secret to all of you Don't you get upset? We're not! Should we get upset? But Ye Eun Seonbae.
If only I can tell it earlier.
things won't be like this.
When scientists conduct a research, towards mices or humans, they will choose the only one who has specific condition.
Then they compare the two species who survived.
And named the group who survived as Control Group.
There's no such a thing name Control Group in the history.
There's no absolute way to keep that things like that.
We can only say that there's a possibility.
Even if you told us earlier, no one will know what will happen.
It maybe like that, it maybe like this.
Nuna already known it from the very first, but you said nothing.
Aren't you my #1 fan? Give me a warning or whatever.
Right, why should I be bothered by this problem? Are you touched? Oh God, there's a person like this.
Isn't that the one of your thought? With a heart full of that, cook me a bowl of ramyeon.
Is one enough for you? I want it half.
Then let's cook two packages of it.
I want to eat one and a half.
Hey, can you sort the trash? Okay.
Pull the plastic out then throw it out Yes.
This one too.
This this, look at this on the floor.
even if it's not you who threw this away.
What's wrong with you? I won't move out.
Back and forth, tsk tsk.
Are you that happy that you won't be apart from me? S Su Sub Subt Subti Subtit Subtitl Subtitle Subtitle Subtitle o Subtitle ol Subtitle ole Subtitle oleh Subtitle oleh: Subtitle oleh: Subtitle oleh: Subtitle oleh: ~ Subtitle oleh: ~ Subtitle oleh: ~ D Subtitle oleh: ~ Da Subtitle oleh: ~ Dam Subtitle oleh: ~ Damn Subtitle oleh: ~ Damn! Subtitle oleh: ~ Damn!S Subtitle oleh: ~ Damn!Su Subtitle oleh: ~ Damn!Sup Subtitle oleh: ~ Damn!Supe Subtitle oleh: ~ Damn!Super Subtitle oleh: ~ Damn!SuperS Subtitle oleh: ~ Damn!SuperSu Subtitle oleh: ~ Damn!SuperSub Subtitle oleh: ~ Damn!SuperSub Subtitle oleh: ~ Damn!SuperSub I Subtitle oleh: ~ Damn!SuperSub In Subtitle oleh: ~ Damn!SuperSub Ind Subtitle oleh: ~ Damn!SuperSub Indo Subtitle oleh: ~ Damn!SuperSub Indon Subtitle oleh: ~ Damn!SuperSub Indone Subtitle oleh: ~ Damn!SuperSub Indones Subtitle oleh: ~ Damn!SuperSub Indonesi Subtitle oleh: ~ Damn!SuperSub Indonesia Subtitle oleh: ~ Damn!SuperSub Indonesia Subtitle oleh: ~ Damn!SuperSub Indonesia ~ Subtitle oleh: ~ Damn!Superfont color="# 808080"Sub font color="#ff00 Diterjemahkan oleh: ~ Totoro Seonbae ~ Translated to English by : ~ font color What do you want? I want to go to the restroom.
Use the other one.
Ah, this Ahjussi.
This isn't public restroom.
How stingy.
I can't pee? Hey! Hey! Have you arrived? Where is Buldur and Uru? What is this? Embarrassing.
Don't continue.
Doing things like this won't change anything.
Why? It's not only SNS, but if this gets into the internet, Don't be kidding.
Don't you see the internet? That's weird there was a lot of people who took my picture.
There was no one who talked about you.
Ah, there was one person.
They said there's a monkey perfoming something.
They said you're hyped.
Seems like the company blocked the news.
It's so hot outside, why do you suffer for this? If you continue, you'll pass out.
If you do, you'll the one at the disadvantage.
Let's go! See you! Looks like I got a flu.
Why? Finish the current situation.
The suspect is The suspect.
Let's say that it's the letter sender.
The sender wrote this on Christmas.
And thought that Ye Eun ruined her/his life.
Of course that's only for her/him.
No one knows the fact.
The problem is this address.
I think, the sender didn't know Ye Eun's previous address.
If he/she knows, it wouldn't be rushed to write the address in the back of the letter.
It was written in December.
And 8 months after, the message terror started.
Why the sender had to wait patiently until 8 months then started to send messages? When did your social phobia get worse? February this year.
That's right, when you on leave last year.
you said you were embarrassed, not because you're sick.
You got really sick at this year's autumn.
You were afraid to go out, or even to meet people.
From the sender's point of view, Ye Eun wasn't happy either.
The terror started when you get back to campus, right? Then the sender keeps observing you and think that Ye Eun Seonbae's life gets better so a message was sent? What a relief.
Then the sender won't do anything in the mean time.
They must seen me being depressed.
What's this? Soo and Soo.
It can be a membership to a beauty salon or a café.
Ah, my mom owned a beauty salon.
She likes to order this kind of paper and give it to customers as gift at the end of the year.
It was printed and signed.
These days, she showed some sincerity so she wrote it.
I found it! Soo & soo karaoke.
No, the logo is different.
Where are you going? What's this? Let's go! Eun Jae-ssi, is your mission to get your ex's heart back succeeded? Well said.
I want to see what kind of person he is.
Does your mom own a beauty salon? Yes.
Then can you ask her to contact the printing house? Is he more handsome than me? Who knows we will find something if they see it.
Hey, are you guys wearing couple clothes? Eun Jae-ssi, did you dress like this on purpose? What? I'm joking, joking.
Then we will discuss about consultation method in the next encounter.
Okay, that's it for today.
Do you have a boyfriend? What? Me? Who said that? I saw you on a date.
How handsome.
Hey, are you guys wearing couple clothes? Eun Jae-ssi, did you dress like this on purpose? Excuse me? Oh! What do you want? You're a pervert, right? What are you doing? What brings you here? Don't be like that! Don't be like that! Who are you? I'm not that kind of person.
Do you come here because you know there are only woman in it? Let go! Don't! Don't! - Don't move! - Don't! You jerk! Did you take a photo? Where is your phone? Let go of me! Let go! There's nothing.
Nuna, I managed to catch a pervert! Hurry, report it to the police! I'm not! This pervert was peeking inside the house.
I'll tie him, hurry report it to the police! Don't move! Hello! What happened I didn't mean to bother.
I just want to know if you're alright.
I told you not to come here.
Ah, I'm sorry.
But I hoped that you'll come.
Thank you.
What did you find? Nothing, but I want to find out about the letter sender.
How? Risking my grandpa's good name.
Your grandpa.
you lost your house, wasn't it because the gambling? Then, risking my oeharabeoji's good name.
(oeharabeoji : grandpa from mother's side) -= The late-arrival justice.
=- What did your roommate say? Is there anyone that's suspicious? Absolutely no one.
How come? That's why.
I think the letter is addressed for someone else.
Who? Me? I was born to be loved.
Well, just live your life like that.
Oppa is coming! Oppa! Wah, Je5yeol Oppa! You became prettier! Really? Be careful.
Ah, I'm sorry.
Why Let's go, let's go.
Ah, aish! What will change if you're being like this? Mind your own business! A protest should have a purpose.
Think of it as the beginning contract.
Telling them to fulfill their responsibilities for the next two years.
Then what will you gain? Of course you can be popular.
Something that wasn't achieved for the last 5 years, will it be achieved in 2 years? What we called miracle is always in the end of the end.
Only being given to those who never surrender.
Someone who suddenly got famous after 10 years is less successful.
Sometimes participating in a radio show, reviewing the list of their own songs.
Who knows what will happen to their life? Do you think PSY is like that when he's rising as the superstar? That's what we called coincidence meets miracle.
Why are you so sure that the miracle will come to you? Because I've tried.
It doesn't mean that people who've tried will get a miracle.
Well, you're right.
But I won't give up either.
I will be successful.
So don't mind me.
You need to think about it well.
What will change if you do this? There's 7 members in Asgard.
The other 6 members had accepted the disbandment.
Out of 7 members, the other 6 members thought that this doesn't need to be kept anymore.
But you're the only one who can't accept it.
Do you really think you have the ability? I do.
It's not because someone is fine, then the taleny will get recognized by the society.
Talented! I'm talented! What do you know? You only do what people told you to do.
Went to a campus that makes people jealous.
Someone who've been living up till now but doesn't know what she wants.
You better worry about yourself.
What do you really want to do so badly? Struggling for a hard work, do you know how does it feel like? I don't need your opinion on how I live my life.
Aigoo, is that so? Seems like studying behind your desk and studying diligently made you suffer so much.
How awesome! Right! I'm better than you! You don't even know your own weaknesses.
Only know how to rely on someone else.
I'm way better than you.
If you're really that talented, you should've known how to survive.
You don't have that talent.
Even if you don't want to admit it, You're the worst of the worst.
Do you know--- Are you okay? Damn you! Your bag.
Thank you.
Be careful.
If you're really that talented, you should've known how to survive.
You don't have that talent.
Even if you don't want to admit it, you're the worst of the worst.
I'll leave for work.
What's wrong? Did you send a message to your oppa just to ask whether he has already slept yet or not? He sent a message.
Asking me if I've already slept yet or not.
-= Yoon Jong Yeol =- -= Yoon Jong Yeol =- -= Sleep yet? =- -= Yoon Jong Yeol =- I Yoon Jong Yeol, dinner! I don't want to! You drink so much, that's why you lost your appetite Okay, just go eat somewhere.
If you want to smile, then smile.
Don't mind me.
Why should I.
What's your secret? How could he fell into your trap? Aegyo? Sexy? Nope.
That day, someone seemed to see me with Jang Hoon.
Ahh When you wore couple clothes? Yes.
That's right.
You looked so good together that time.
Take this as a chance to become the house owner.
Jang Hoon is fine.
What? I don't want to! Jang Hoon is a bit disgusting.
I don't want it anymore.
Eat! Eat a lot so you have energy.
I sent it to the wrong number.
Yes, I know.
The thing is I'm sorry.
- Hello! - Yes.
Woah, what's with the long face.
Although I knew it already, but today looks so.
Seems like the face can get longer, eh? Damn you! Sorry.
Yoon Jin Myeong! Yes? I heard you sprained your wrist because of Heimdal? It's okay.
Why didn't you tell me? Go to the hospital.
I'm really okay.
You sprained because of the work, right.
Go check to the hospital.
It doesn't matter if it's X-Ray or MRI, do everything you need to be done.
Then bring the receipt and claim it to the company What are you waiting for? Hurry! I understand.
That way.
Thank you.
Try to go there.
-= Woorim Printing House=- -= Sambo Printing House=- How to explain it? This is a common thing.
Well, thank you.
Apparently it's not that easy to be a great person in life.
Based on the texture This was printed in a factory in Gyeongnam Changwon in 2015.
There are only 3 printing house that are capable to print this kind of letter.
We better eat something.
It's arrived! It's me.
What happened? =What? Take him around the campus.
= Everywhere.
Choose a place where the lovebirds usually gather.
Then hold hands secretly.
= Why don't seonbae ask me first? Okay, I'll hang up.
Does Ji Won Nuna lie again? - Yes.
- Why did she lie like that? That's.
What? Is so awesome, right? Being so busy but still managed to observe her hoobae's love life.
There's no one like her in this world.
Why are you staring blankly? I'll just eat alone! If you don't like jjajangmyeon, we can get something else.
Why is this person so sensitive about food? Jo Janggun! Jo Janggun! To be looked more intimate.
Ah, is that so? Why are you laughing? So people will think we're close.
Oh, yes.
Are you that happy? Eun Jae-ssi Do you like sport? No.
Do you watch Aneun Hyeongnim (variety show)? It's so funny! I rarely watch TV.
Do you like watching movies? Yes, I like horror movies.
Ah, I can't bear to watch horror.
You like horror? Eun is also dislike horror movies.
Oh, really? Yes, she dislikes ghost movies or something with blood in it.
Really? She looks like someone who won't even wink when watching a murder.
How surprising.
That's why.
She looks so strong outside.
Seems like she's not like that.
She likes cute stuffs.
And also manhwa characters.
You're right.
She looks like a kiddo.
If you praise her, she'll become awkward and talks nonsense.
I thought it's because she doesn't like it at first.
But I know it thst she's shy.
She often does that, right? "What's wrong with me?" S Su Sub Subt Subti Subtit Subtitl Subtitle Subtitle Subtitle o Subtitle ol Subtitle ole Subtitle oleh Subtitle oleh: Subtitle oleh: Subtitle oleh: Subtitle oleh: ~ Subtitle oleh: ~ Subtitle oleh: ~ D Subtitle oleh: ~ Da Subtitle oleh: ~ Dam Subtitle oleh: ~ Damn Subtitle oleh: ~ Damn! Subtitle oleh: ~ Damn!S Subtitle oleh: ~ Damn!Su Subtitle oleh: ~ Damn!Sup Subtitle oleh: ~ Damn!Supe Subtitle oleh: ~ Damn!Super Subtitle oleh: ~ Damn!SuperS Subtitle oleh: ~ Damn!SuperSu Subtitle oleh: ~ Damn!SuperSub Subtitle oleh: ~ Damn!SuperSub Subtitle oleh: ~ Damn!SuperSub I Subtitle oleh: ~ Damn!SuperSub In Subtitle oleh: ~ Damn!SuperSub Ind Subtitle oleh: ~ Damn!SuperSub Indo Subtitle oleh: ~ Damn!SuperSub Indon Subtitle oleh: ~ Damn!SuperSub Indone Subtitle oleh: ~ Damn!SuperSub Indones Subtitle oleh: ~ Damn!SuperSub Indonesi Subtitle oleh: ~ Damn!SuperSub Indonesia Subtitle oleh: ~ Damn!SuperSub Indonesia Subtitle oleh: ~ Damn!SuperSub Indonesia ~ Subtitle oleh: ~ Damn!Superfont color="# 808080"Sub font color="#ff00 Diterjemahkan oleh: ~ Totoro Seonbae ~ Translated to English by : ~ font color Where are you going? Feeling unwell? No.
Then why don't you come to class today? It's okay.
Really? You look pale.
I'm not, but I feel a little bit tired.
Come on, I'll get you to the bus stop.
Are you really okay? I saw a lot of boxes when I arrived.
Until I can't see the entrance.
Um, if your husband doesn't come home, try to call him or what.
Why did you call the Home Shopping Company? My mood isn't good because of them.
Then they said they couldn't divorce because of me.
What happened to them exactly? Oh, God.
Hey! What are you doing? Do you want to death? Why did you smile to other girl? You have someone! Are you guys dating? No! They're the one who are dating.
You and you? The two of them.
Why? What's wrong with them? Um, wait a minute! Hey! Let's go! Don't talk nonsense.
Hey! Don't mess with me! Don't you dare! Let's go! Hey, are you stupid? You should've said no.
How can you let your boyfriend going out with other girl? You don't like it,right? Why don't you tell him if you don't like it? What's with it? But your housemate is really silly.
Why should she do that? To someone's boyfriend.
That's why they don't know.
They don't? You are dating with Seo Jang Hoon, but none of your housemate knows this? Why? Don't you tell them? I haven't.
Why? Is that jerk want to do a backstreet relationship? That damn meany jerk! No, it's not like that.
The bus is arrived.
Go home.
-= Mapo 19 =- Hey, Jo Eun! When you arrive home, tell the others.
"He's mine.
" You have to tell them, so they won't seduce him.
Do you understand? Damn you tall kitten Why don't you tell us? When did it start? What are you saying? It's not like that.
Go tell them that we're not dating! Look at her, she talks nonsense again.
You're right! I'm Song Jiwon from the quick interview.
Jang Hoon, what do you like from Jo Eun? Is it because she's super tall? Her messy short hair? Her sparse teeth? Her intonation? Aha! Like this.
What's wrong with me? Hey, what's wrong with me? I don't like you either.
Hello, this is Operational Support team.
Yes, I understand.
Jin Myeong-ssi! Yes? They call you to come to meeting room.
Come in! Is your wrist okay? Yes.
Jin Myeong-ssi's client is willing to sign it.
It's your responsibility from the very first time.
You finish it.
Lee Jin Gwang-ssi, this is the right decision.
Where do I have to sign? Here.
I accidentally hurt you.
This sign is for my fansign.
Needs money to design it.
It was 100.
000 Won.
It looks cool, right? But Nuna, you're my #1 fan.
I'm done.
Nuna said yesterday Why did I want to be like this.
What's the purpose to do this? I also know it.
I also know that it's useless.
But I feel like I'm the one at advantage.
I've been working hard since I was in 9th grade.
I also know Working hard isn't enough.
But, I really try my best to work hard.
It's indescribable.
But suddenly I was told to give up.
I haven't prepared enough, but the company That's why.
Even if it's not clear.
But I feel so upset and being at the disadvantage.
I feel like I need to do something.
But I don't know how to vent my rage.
How embarrassing.
Excuse me.
I'm sorry I hurt you.
Ye Eun! Let's go! Why? What happened? Take a look at this! Kyeong Ah got the job! Are you serious? Awesome, awesome! Congrats, congrats.
Where? Suwon's court room.
Woah, they said it's really cool! Your treat for today! Of course.
You? How about you? Didn't you apply at the same place? I didn't pass the interview.
Ah, what should I do? It's okay as long as Kyeong Ah passed.
I already lost one of my rival, I'll pass next time.
Yes, like this.
- Cheers! - Cheers! - Kyeong Ah, congrats! - Congrats! Thank you.
I'm really happy today.
What is your secret? The two of you got the final interview call.
Yes, please tell us.
I want to use it next time.
There's no secret.
Only luck.
That's right.
If I was the interviewer, I'll choose Kyeong Ah.
She looked so confident and smart.
Stop it you.
You'll pass it.
In a better place.
I hope so.
I'll go to the restroom.
Yoo Kyeong is great, right.
If it was me, I won't be able to do that Even though I really want to congrats you.
This is what differentiate me from her.
Hey, people won't know if you didn't pass.
Just enjoy it.
What should I do? Do you think by being gloomy like this, Yoo Kyeong will pass? The rain had stopped.
Why? Yoo Kyeong -= Die, die, die, die.
=- How can I can't hold it anymore.
How can I Ye Eun, it's okay, it's okay.
Why why are you being like this? I can't be patient anymore.
Ye Eun, it's okay.
- Don't worry, you have me.
- Stop it! Kyeong Ah, what are you talking about? She's still afraid now.
If we think about it again, you are also guilty.
? Yoo Kyeong's dad store went bankrupt.
You didn't know it, right? Song Kyeong Ah, are you drunk? Why did you bring this up? Up till now, Yoo Kyeong had applied in 7 companies and failed.
There are 3 companies that she didn't even pass the 1st test.
What's wrong with you? Why did you tell her? Don't you say it to me twice? Does it really need to be told? When your friends are in depression, you should've known it.
You should've felt it, right? Don't only say that you're tired.
But I Yes, you're tired.
Everybody knows.
But you're not the only one that tired.
Song Kyeong Ah, enough! We're friends, what's wrong? That's why, I want you to stop here! Aren't we friends? Why are you being like that to friends? What is 'stop here'? What are you guys talking about? Where did you know? What? The picture inside the locker.
You put it there.
Oh, really? Then, why did you stay silent all of this time? Because I'm afraid to believe.
I don't want to believe.
But that letter You never asked who the sender when you received the message.
But that letter, when you see that, you asked who sent it.
Everyone thinks that the messages sender and the letter sender is the same person.
Only you.
I see.
What should I do? They are my friends.
-= Nutrition Science Orientation, Year 2014.
=- Excuse me.
Is this seat taken? No, just sit here.
Since that time.
I'm Han Yoo Kyeong.
Song Kyeong Ah.
Ye Eun Jeong Ye Eun.
A coincidence.
It's only a coincidence that we sat together.
Don't have the same mindset, nor the same hobbies.
Our backgrounds are also different.
Nothing more than a coincidence to sit in the same row.
This is the only reason.
Do you guys realize that we have the same haircut? Eh, you're right! I permed my hair once I graduated from High School.
Me too, me too.
You guys were the model students? This is more than enough.
That day we became friends.
Damn!Super Sub font color="# Kunjungi blog Damn!Superfont color="#808080"Sub I ~ Follow twitter kami di: @DSSIndo dan @ngefont colo -= Next Episode Preview.
=- Mom is coming.
Why did you become like this? Do you want to let it go without doing anything? Are you the newcomer? You're so tall.
Compared to who it used to be.
What's wrong with this letter that full of hatred? This This is Soo & Soo.
What is Soo & Soo? Massage.
That means the sender is someone who do massage.
Why don't you tell the truth? If there's a misunderstanding, don't you feel sad? I'm okay.
Are you sad? We're not dating.
Right? You don't like me, right? This is me.
I just grazed it and you can't hold it? I found it! That damn pink letter sender.
Me? What brings you here? You said that you searched for her? The 5 of you.
Who? The one who destroy? -= Right after this =- -= Self-potrait of Belle Epoque's members.
=- Please do a self-potrait.
Self-potrait? Is this a psychology test? Do we need to draw? -= Part that gets fixed the most.
=- -= The lower part, only the upper part.
Soft rough, too weak.
Too much eraser smear.