Age of Youth (2016) s02e10 Episode Script

It Might Be Me #Chance

1 I'm coming in.
I heard about it.
You must have been so shocked.
It was your closest friend.
But we can't control how others treat us.
And getting upset about it is only emotionally draining.
Just let it go.
This doesn't do any good to you.
Chin up, okay? Sub by: yaselin Ye-eun.
How can this happen? But they say, it happens quite a lot.
I did some research and it's called Münchhausen syndrome.
It's a disorder where a mother would intentionally hurt her child to draw attention.
I think your friend felt like she was your protector.
But you started to get better and that made her feel anxious.
She needs you to be emotionally weak to play her role and to get all the attention and praises from others To put it mildly, you were getting better so Sorry.
I have a headache.
Ye-eun, are you all right? Oh, my goodness.
Ye-eun, you look so You haven't even eaten.
You'll fall sick like this.
Don't cry, Ye-eun.
Don't cry.
You were supposed to make her feel better and you made her cry.
When I saw her face, I just What? What? What can I do about it? There are thing that even I can't do.
Sorry for making you feel depressed too.
Mom is here! - Kang Yi Na! - Hey! (Episode 10 - It Might Be Me, My Hunch is Always Right) How can there is a lunatic like her? Where's Ye-eun? In her room? Hey, Jung Ye-eun! Yi-na.
Be gentle.
She must feel like shattered glass right now.
What are you going to do? Let go.
Oh, no.
Hey, stupid! Why are you lying down here? You're here.
What about her? What happened to her? She was too shocked that she came home right after.
You idiot.
You just came home? Where does she live? I'm going to pull out all her hair.
What are you going? Get up! Hey.
Kang Yi-na.
You need to calm down.
Calm down first.
There were circumstances.
We should listen to her side of the story.
Right, she had her reasons.
Her dad went out of business.
She failed her job interview.
She was extremely stressed out.
Stressed out? So what? That lunatic.
She's not the only one who is stressed out.
Who doesn't have hardships? It's difficult for everyone.
If she's stressed out, that's her problem.
Why does she take it out on Ye-eun? That wench.
And whose side are you on? Why do you defend her? What are you doing? Don't be stupid and get changed.
What? Thanks.
Thank you so much.
But I can handle it myself.
She'll see what I'm capable of.
I will show her.
- Are you sure? - Yes.
You always yell and act tough but you're so naive.
That's why they think you're easy.
Come out.
I brought some ice cream.
Let's eat.
You're the best, Yi-na.
It looks good.
So it's you.
The new roommate.
You're tall.
It depends on compared to who.
Okay, I'm sitting here.
Yi-na, you come here.
Why? What? Oh, now, I'm not your roommate anymore? That's not what I meant.
Come and sit next to me.
Ice cream.
It's wrapped up pretty tight.
It smells so good.
What's this scary letter? It's from Soo & Soo.
What's Soo & Soo? A massage shop.
Yi-na, you went there? Yes.
Did you, by any chance, go there last winter? Around Christmas time.
No, I haven't been there since I moved out in October.
That's why I gave you the coupons that I had.
Because they expired last year.
Oh, so the place that we went together It was that place? So all of you went there? It was in winter.
Before Christmas.
Please help your neighbors.
Just skip that part.
Get to the main point.
No, there could be clues.
Tell us everything you remember.
It was before I went to my part-time job.
so it was arounf 3:00 in the afternoon.
Yes, it was really quiet.
There was a painting in the elevator.
It was a famous painting.
Van Gogh? No.
Manet? No.
Renoir? No.
It's printed in the coffee cup.
A woman lying down in a yellow background.
Oh, that's It's Judith! Klimt's Judith.
Just skip that.
It was fake.
You said we should recall everything that we remember.
You said we should recall everything that we remember.
(Klimt Judith) Anyway, it was quite classy.
Yes, the corridor was decorated with marble.
Did we run into anyone? No.
I see.
Okay, see you next week.
The first person that we met there was Welcome.
Do you have an appointment? Yes.
Your name? Me? Song Ji-won.
Kang Yi-na.
Kang Yi-na Oh, Kang Yi-na.
She booked for four.
Come this way.
Is Yi-na very busy these days? Yes, I think she is.
Here is the room.
Let's take a break.
I need to go to the bathroom.
What is wrong with them? It was accurate so far, right? We didn't miss anything.
Okay, let's move on.
After we went in the room, what did we do? What did we do? We went into the room and Why think so hard? You must've gotten changed.
Yi-na, you're a genius! Get changed in the dressing room over there and wait here.
I wonder how much they charge here.
Why do you bother to know? We're not coming back.
It's nice.
This is why Yi-na has such a great complexion.
After spending this much, she should.
And it's not great compared to how much she spends on it.
When did I say that? That's not what I said it.
Then, how did you say it? I said your skin looks good but So the one we met when we got in and came out of the room was Goodbye.
All we saw then was the employee.
You can't go unless you pre-book, so you don't meet a lot of people.
Then, that means The person that wrote the letter was one of the masseuses that came in our room.
She's here! Focus.
We'll begin the therapy.
Try to remember the masseuse's face.
Did anyone see it? How am I supposed to remember it? I don't remember.
I think I was about to look at her.
Look at me.
I'm so sexy.
You fool.
I could have seen her.
I was just being me.
A warm towel on your face now.
That was the last chance.
I had my eyes closed the entire time after that.
Nobody gets a massage with eyes open.
She had very small and soft hands.
I'll apply the facial mask.
Should I cover your eyes? Yes.
We shouldn't have had our eyes covered.
She was there for an hour and we didn't see her.
That's not the problem.
You almost died.
I wish you slept here.
Yeah, stay here for tonight.
Be careful with your driving.
What are you doing at this late hour? I was just A guy in the house? Yes, I am.
He's hers.
Don't touch him.
I told you it's not.
Why don't say anything? Say what? He's the landlady's substitute.
Oh! I hope we get along well.
That's what I hope.
But why? I'll come back to this house so let's get along well.
Really? Yes, I'll remember that.
Let's go.
Let's go.
See you next time.
Call me when you arrive.
- Don't skip your meals.
- Call me.
She's going to be fine, right? Let's go inside.
Let's go Ye-eun.
Good night.
Good night.
Good night.
Why don't you tell them the truth? Don;t you feel offended that they get the wrong idea? Really? I don't mind.
Do you feel offended? I don't mind.
Do you feel offended? Do you feel offended? To a massage shop? Yes.
The four of them.
Then, it means all four of them can be the suspect.
The suspect? There's a 25 percent chance.
Let's begin the class.
Can someone please answer me? Yes.
Open the book to page 115.
Let's make a roll call.
Kang Jun-sung? Here.
Kwon Ki-joo? - Here.
- Kim Na-young? (What did it go with Jang-hoon?) Moon Sung-ryeol? Park Yoon-jae.
Kang In-sook? (Did you make your relationship public?) Soon Yoon-jae? Shin Yoo-jin? Ahn Ye-jin? Here.
Ahn Jung-soo? Lee Ki-hyuk? Hi.
Is she crazy? She said, "hi.
" And she smiled.
As if nothing happened.
She looked so calm that I almost replied "hi.
" How can she do that? How can she smile? Shouldn't she beg me for forgiveness? I didn't want to make a big deal out of it.
so I let it slide and she really thinks it's not serious I could sue her for this.
What's wrong with you? What? Are you mad at me? Did I do anything wrong? Guys, enjoy your lunch.
You too.
Are you leaving Yoo-kyung out in the cold? You don't hang out with her anymore.
I have to go.
Are you coming home now? Where are you going? A friend just came.
Have fun.
Sub by: yaselin Did my call surprised you? Yes, a little.
I just wanted to have a drink together.
We've never drunk together before, right? Yes.
Well, you never drink with others.
Yes, I'm a little shy around strangers.
A little? A little too much? I thought you had a problem the first time I met you.
You didn't look at people's eyes when talking.
and you kind of mumbled.
I was surprised that someone like you was dating Jong-yeol.
There were a lot of girls that had a crush on him.
What? Really? You didn't come to the orientation, did you? I didn't.
I was sick.
A junior got drunk during the orientation and got frenzy.
He started to tell stupid jokes to freshmen.
but we couldn't get mad, though we felt offended.
Anyway, in that situation Jong-yeol came over from his table and said he wanted to drink with him.
Then, he asked the girls to go to another table.
Many girls had a crush on him when that happened.
And I was one of them.
What? It's not like he did something spectacular but he looked so nice.
So I was waiting for a chance to tell him that I liked him.
Oh I had no idea.
You know, I'm good at keeping a poker face.
Aren't you curious why I'm telling you this now? I'll be honest with you.
When you broke up with Jong-yeol I thought that I got my chance.
But I couldn't tell him right away as if I was waiting for it so I was dawdling.
But after I saw you with a new boyfriend I thought that it's the time.
I don't feel totally fine about telling you this but I'd feel like I betrayed you if I didn't.
And I hate to be criticizedbehind my back.
Did I upset you? No.
I mean, he's not mine.
Yeah, I know.
Are you eating again? Yes.
Why? You're really slim for what you eat.
I go home and throw up when I eat too much.
Don't say anything.
Don't tell me what to do.
Eun Why are you here? Ask her.
Because you're not doing anything right about it.
You'd better answer me honestly.
Do you really like Eun? What are you doing? Don't say anything.
Then why do you keep it a secret? She wanted to keep it a secret.
It's not a good idea.
We're living in the same house.
Okay, I got that part.
Did you talk about Eun to your friends? I've done some research and when guys like someone, they tell their friends and introduce them to her.
Did you meet his friends? What? You didn't.
What's wrong with you? Well, my friends are in another region and You will soon enlist in the army.
Are you just dating any woman before you enlist because you feel depressed? Hey.
No, listen.
It's right before he enlists in the army.
You need to think about this carefully.
What if he asked you out but he wasn't sure about it.
And after two years, he says he didn't mean it? Only you'll look stupid.
You'd better not! Okay? Okay.
What about the semester-end party? I think it'll be held in a cafe.
You made them drink, right? You did that, not me.
I didn't make them drink.
Eun-jae! It was you who did that.
I did? Yes, I have a photo too.
I don't think it's polite.
How can I trust him? I hate it.
She was laughing trying to look so feminine that I almost threw up.
She acted like another person.
And it's her problem if she wants to tell him about it.
Why does she tell me? Like she won't tell him if I tell her not to.
She'll do it anyway.
I never liked her.
She's so full of herself.
You said you like her because she's smart and cool.
I didn't say that.
So? Did she tell him? I don't know.
Who cares? It won't work out anyway.
Why not? She's not pretty? She's not pretty! She has short hair and acts like a man.
She's not the type that men would like.
Never! I'm not saying that everyone with short hair is like her.
I mean It must be for me.
It's for me.
No, it's for me.
It feels more awkward if you keep saying sorry.
Are you just leaving? Come on.
Come in.
It's okay.
Why do you keep your distance with her? Why? Are you shy in front of us? Should we leave? But, we're not leaving.
Leaving a couple alone We're not a couple.
Right? You don't like me.
Then, why did you say that you're dating? We had a reason.
I should go.
Is that true? I told you already that it's not! I don't like short guys that are cheesy.
The attached file? I'm sure I sent it.
Okay, I'll check that again and give you a call later.
Kim, you want a break? Forever? Do a good job.
Have you heard anything about Heimdall by any chance? His family called saying that they can't reach him.
I don't think anyone knows.
He's really eccentric A troublemaker until the end.
You would've survived if you had had talent.
You don't have it.
You don't want to agree but you're the leftover of the leftovers.
Do you even know I do have it! I do have it! What do you know? Excuse me.
Sorry, we're closed.
I'm looking for someone.
I came here in last December and the masseuse at that time I see.
What's the problem? I think I owe her an apology.
What's her name? I don't know her name.
I came on December 13 last year at around 3:00.
We were four.
Do you have a record? We don't.
We only keep the record for three months.
- See you.
- Bye.
Thank you.
Jin-myung, you're here.
You're here.
I went to Soo & Soo to try to find the person that wrote the letter.
On your own? We agreed to come up with something and go together.
I had the thought that maybe the letter was meant for me.
So? Did you find out anything? The receptionist said they get new staff every time.
I couldn't find anything.
You needed a strategy.
Actually, I went there too.
I thought it might be connected to Yoo-kyung.
Is this from here? Yes, it is.
The address here is my house.
Why is that there? That's what I want to know.
You know her, don't you? I've never seen her before.
Are you sure? So? She said that she'll make sure the personal information never get disclosed.
Which means only the letter was disclosed.
At least, I found out that it's not connected to Yoo-kyung.
Did you go there too? No.
I didn't go.
I Well, I did go but I didn't know what to say so Bye.
So practically, I didn't go.
Why? We need to come up with a new plan now.
I had a really good plan.
Let's go.
It's me.
You don't even recognize me due to a subtle change in my style? Where are we going? To the plastic surgeon? To the massage shop? What do you want me to do at the massage shop? Just be there.
Is that why you need me? To just be there? Yes, only you can do this.
Really? Then, I'll do my best to just be there.
Did you make an appointment? I made a reservation under Im Sung-min.
I see.
You only booked for one person.
Yes, I'm not getting it.
Just him.
Honey, you've been so tired lately that your skin looks awful.
I asked for the most experienced masseuse that worked the longest here.
I see.
They're all good but I booked the most experienced one, especially for you.
This way, please.
This way.
Please get changed and I'll come back.
Are you going to wait here? Yes.
Can't I? You can.
Get changed.
Get out of the room.
Come on, we're friends.
There is nothing to hide between us.
Should I just leave, then? All right, I'm going out.
You're unbelievably quick.
Where did you get that outfit, by the way? Why? You seem to be surprised.
Don't I look sexy? I'm so sexy.
Fatally sexy.
Enjoy your time here.
I'll begin the therapy.
It's a warm towel.
(Ah-ra) I'll begin massaging.
Ah-ra? Pardon? Oh, yes.
Is that your real name? No, we use a different name here.
You're very good.
How long have you been a masseuse? Twelve years.
How long in Soo & Soo? Five years.
You two make a good couple.
How did you meet? He said he can't live without me so I had no choice.
Yes, honey.
I'm here.
Don't worry.
He always does that.
I think there was a masseuse here that read a lot of books.
Right? Books? Yes, I saw that she liked reading.
She even underlined.
Oh, Joan.
Was it Joan? I don't remember exactly.
She was here in December last year.
Then, it should be her.
She was the only one that read books among us.
How is Joan doing? She's doing fine.
I guess.
She quit.
When? In February, I think.
She didn't even give notice so they complained a lot about her.
It happens.
Some people get a new job without notice.
Do you think I can get her number? Her number? Does that hurt? Please be gentler.
Don't tell this to anyone.
Yes? I'm opening my own shop in Cheongdam-dong.
So I'm recruiting the best staff from here and there.
I want to give you and Joan an offer.
I see.
The best compensation in this business, of course.
What are you doing here? The phone was ringing so I came, but they hung up.
Did you finish in Room 3? I'm finishing now.
(Joan, Apt.
102, 782, Changcheon-dong, Seoul) Do you want sunblock? No, thanks.
Okay, I'll wrap it up now.
Did they give you a tip? No.
The number you dialed is not available.
The number I dialed is not available right now.
People that don't answer calls from unknown numbers.
What just happened? It stopped on its own.
You have a nice car.
Hey, your skirt.
You can;t take your eyes off me, can you? How about this? Hey.
You're here.
I told you already it's not.
I don;t like short guys who are cheesy.
Anything you want ot say? No.
Sub by: yaselin (Ahn Ye-ji) Is everyone home? Is Jin-myung home? Jin-myung.
Did you have a job interview? No.
Everyone gather here.
Jin-myung! Eun-jae, hurry.
First, you'll have to praise me first.
Say, "Ji-won's so smart.
Ji-won, you did a good job.
" - Good job.
- Good job.
What is it? I found it! The sender of the pink letter.
Really? How? Who is it? Is it the masseuse? Her name is Joan.
Is she a foreigner? No.
it's Last name, Jo.
First name, An.
One syllable? Calm down.
Calm down, please! It's an alias.
They use different names in that shop.
Like Suzy, Ah-ra, Joan.
This is the number and address of Joan.
Did you call? Yes, but she doesn't answer.
It's Changcheon-dong.
Is it close? Not really.
What do we do? We try to call her first and Right? It's already too late.
Yes, it is.
Where are you going? I want to go and check and take a walk.
Where are you all going at this late hour? See? It's too late to go to someone's house.
They said it'll rain tonight.
And I even washed my face.
I didn't ask you to come.
You didn;t give me a time to come up with a plan.
Let's go there tomorrow.
Take your time.
Exercising at this hour? I think it's this way.
The weather is good today.
How long has it been since we came out for a walk together? It's been quite a while.
Buut can we walk side by side like this? It's okay since there aren't people around.
How long do we have to go? About 10 minutes.
- Ten minutes? - From here? Apartment 102.
What do we do now? What? What are you going to do? What? You said we should come.
I didn't ask you to come.
You followed me.
You must have had a plan.
I'm sure you had.
You can't come without a plan.
You might have just said it but you must have a plan.
You really had nothing in mind? Then, we're just leaving? You fool.
You tall fool! We can come back another time.
Let's first try making a call.
I told him to throw out the garbage.
Are you in Apartment 102? Yes.
Joan? Me? I'm not Joan.
Soo & Soo.
Soo & Soo, the massage shop.
When did you move in? It's been two years or so.
Why? Do you live alone? Why? We're looking for someone called Joan and the address is here.
Why are you looking for her? We need to talk to her personally.
Your number.
What? I'll ask my roommate and call you back.
Call this number.
Let's go.
Good job.
How can she not even know her roommate's name? It must be like a shared house.
But you can know the name.
Anyone wants ice cream? Are you buying it? Why not? It's good because Jin-myung bought me.
You talk like I've never bought you this.
Buy next time too.
When is your payday? They say your pay is gone like a flash as soon as it's deposited.
Was your last roommate a foreigner? What? People came looking for someone with an English name.
What was the name? Mary? Julie? Joan? What? Switch it off.
(Wet Paint) Look.
I bought this.
It's pretty, isn't it? What? What is it? What happened? Did he say something? Tell me.
What did he tell you? Did he get mad at you because I nagged at him? We broke up as you wanted.
Happy now? Hating someone or being hated by someone.
When I first saw that letter, I was disgusted.
And I thought I could never hate someone as much as that.
The weather is nice today.
It is.
What about lunch today? We can have a fish cake dish at the cafetaria.
What about sandwiches? I would never hated like that by someone.
Now and never Hi.
One, two, three.
M-A-X! Hi, we're MAX.
We look forward to your help.
Maybe hatred is like a snowball.
It starts as a little ball but it grows bigger and bigger as it rolls over different emotions.
We hate because we like too much.
Because they don't like is back.
Because they have too much, because we feel too guilty, because we have no choice.
When the bitterness grows too much, it gets out of our hands.
It could be me.
Maybe that pink letter was meant for me.
Maybe not today, but tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.
Maybe I was supposed to receive it sooner or later and it just arrived too early.
(Next Episode Preview) Something happened, right? Why are you looking for her? I should be there by your side.
Because of the letter.
I found a letter by chance.
Right, you ruined my life.
It was you.
When was your life ruined? You're just laughed in front of me.
You'll be happy and better off not knowing you ruined someone's life.
Can I ask you a favor? So it was you? Kill someone for me.
(I'll kill you.
) Song Ji-won!