Agent Hamilton (2020) s01e03 Episode Script

Avsnitt 3

So what's the next move?
Ask for more access.
You want me to go into Säpo?
Norling, Stockholm
Arvid, did you know about the bomb?
Hello, my name is Elena.
I'm searching for a Norling.
They revealed a couple of suspects
to the first of May attack.
Nazzir al-Hassani.
Could it be a ship?
- Where's it headed?
- Hamburg.
We've got them now.
Carl Gustaf Hamilton.
Landed yesterday at 11.45.
Offer me to Säpo. Neither we nor they
benefit from separate investigations.
- Hi. Christer Näslund.
- Carl Hamilton.
This way.
You can sit here for now.
They'll reach Hamburg any time now.
We'll update you later.
Christer, can I talk to you?
Excuse me.
Who's that?
- Carl Hamilton, on loan to us.
- From?
From MUST. They gave us
the terrorists' names yesterday.
So we're letting just anybody in?
You'll have to work with him.
- Sorry, we're about to board.
- Thanks, Eva, we've finished.
Okay, I want everyone ready
for Operation Beautiful.
Eva, we launch on my "go".
Cobra Command,
this is Viper Action. Over.
Cobra Command, Action.
Beautiful is a go.
I repeat, Beautiful is a go.
Roger, Beautiful is a go.
Cobra Command to Viper. Traces of
activity in Lifeboat No. 4
but no visual on target.
Cobra Command to all Cobras.
No visual on suspect.
Mission aborted.
Damn it!
I can go out
and buy new ones for you.
I just have a couple of questions
I need to ask.
It seems like your husband had
contact with an Arvid Norling.
The press secretary of the Swedish
Minister of Interior.
Have you heard that name?
No, never?
Uh, you mentioned him yesterday.
You said he was injured
in the attack.
We found an email exchange
between Norling and your husband.
What is this?
It's dated a few days before
the attack in Kungstradgarden.
This wasn't something
he spoke to you about?
As I said, I thought
he worked as a cultural attache.
I knew nothing of this.
So, you were just his girlfriend.
An arm candy.
Excuse me?
You make it sound that he kept
most things of value to himself.
At the same time,
Tarabasov considers your life
worth protecting.
That's strange, isn't it?
Someone who knows nothing!
Really strange.
I've no idea who Tarabasov is.
Or what his interest is
in keeping me alive.
But I do know,
I'd rather be dead with my man
than locked up in here!
I can't continue.
I need to get out.
I'm sorry. Would you like to
- Hi.
- L&Ms, please.
Here you are.
Do you have the blue kind?
- How much?
- 60 kronor.
- Have a nice day.
- You too.
DG, she's gone.
Get over here quickly.
So you're saying Sweden has the same
technical capabilities as the Russians?
No, not quantitatively,
but quality-wise.
I have everything I need.
And if not, I build my own programs.
- A cyber wizard.
- A cyber wizard?
No, I don't know, but
I have my own version
of an IMSI-catcher
that I thought I'd take for a spin.
- For phone tracking.
- Cool.
I just wanted to say hi.
Great to meet a fellow enthusiast.
- Where would I find the archives?
- Bottom floor.
- Can I use this?
- Let's see
Oh, you have full access
to the entire building.
- What were you talking about?
- Just various coding projects.
- Where was he off to?
- The archives.
- What for?
- He didn't say.
- And you didn't ask?
- He has full access, so
I can't forbid him to go.
And he's working with us.
Hi. Kristin Ek.
- I thought I'd introduce myself.
- Carl.
- Have you been to the archives?
- I had a look at Arvid Norling's stuff.
Just to get an idea of
what happened on May 1.
So, Norling's personal effects?
I thought you were here because
- You have intel on the terrorists.
I'd say Norling is
the wrong end to start.
Maybe you want to help me
find the right end, or
Let's have a coffee. You can brief me
on what Säpo has come up with.
Do you take milk?
- Just a splash.
- Say when.
If MUST has intel we don't,
let's talk about that.
Norling might be
the right end to start.
He was in contact
with a Russian diplomat.
- Shared some intel.
- What kind of intel?
- What the hell is this?
- Fake news.
Sent to Norling before May 1.
- My God
- It could be a threat, or a warning.
Hard to tell.
- How is Norling?
- Not good.
- Is he able to talk?
- Don't know.
- Did you question Lindgren?
- Yes, I talked to her.
- About Norling?
- No, not specifically.
We didn't have this intel.
- Did you record the interview?
- Of course.
- Mind if I listen to it?
- Okay.
- There's no excuse
- No, there's no excuse.
- Did you talk to Tarabasov?
- Just let it go.
We'll find her.
It will be all right.
Excuse me
Emergency Room?
Straight down, up the stairs,
fifth floor. Thank you.
Arvid Norling?
Dmitri Borisov is dead.
We were attacked.
He told me to find you.
He gave me this key.
What is it for?
Box Veadon
Thank you.
Thank you.
If we let ourselves be driven
by emotional reaction,
instead of strategic
and thought-through action,
it will play into the hands
of the First of May terrorists.
Fear will only make us weak.
Take it from me personally,
affected as I am
that I shall prevail
and show the world
that I am not afraid.
Hi, guys.
How's your press secretary doing?
In critical condition.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Sissela, I just want to say
I admire your strength.
You somehow manage to separate
your professional and private lives.
But why do you play down
the threats we're facing?
I honestly don't get that.
The biggest threat to Sweden
would be to sell our national security
to foreign powers with private interests.
So that's what's troubling you?
No, but the fact
that lobbyists are using you
as their fucking puppet,
that troubles me.
Frankly, it quite worries me.
You know what I want?
I want us to sit down
and try to plan
for at least the same level
as our neighbouring countries.
We need a strong defence.
That's all I'm asking for.
I gathered as much.
Message received.
Next time, tell him
he must wait until I'm finished.
And before you left
for your speech?
I was in my office
doing some paperwork,
waiting for Norling.
- Was he late?
- Yes, he
He was working on my speech,
and then
The printer was playing up
The names
Where'd you get the names
of the terrorists?
I'm sorry.
Hi. I just wanted to make sure
you took your dark dress.
- Yes, of course I brought it.
- Good.
I'll pick you up in a taxi,
so don't be late.
- Absolutely.
- 6.30. Kiss, kiss.
Yes where did you get
the names of the terrorists?
The PLO.
- And how did they know?
- Nazzir is a former PLO agent.
They've been after him for a long time.
That woman in the alley
wasn't on the list.
We haven't been able
to identify her yet.
Good. What do you remember
from the stage?
A loud bang
And then
I didn't understand
- Thanks for the loan.
- You're welcome.
Arvid Norling,
Lindgren's press secretary,
was in contact with
a Russian diplomat.
Dmitri Borisov.
He shared this, among other things.
Where did you get this?
His computer.
You stole this from the Russians?
Order from the Old Man.
You wanted me to build up the trust
to get into Säpo.
You need to come to me
for your assignments.
We need to evaluate the risks.
Be careful.
You've given us great information,
no question.
But I need you to concentrate
on finding the terrorists.
With the help of Säpo.
Säpo know I was there.
On my first.
They may know you were there,
but they don't know what for.
They're asking questions.
Give them answers.
Tell them you were there
on a mission from MUST.
And if they call MUST?
If it comes to that, Carl,
I'll hand them the story they need.
Don't worry.
Police! Out of the car!
The suspects are not in the car.
- I'll take the stairs.
- Fine.
What's going on?
Did the power just go out?
Hey! We're stuck!
- Hello!
- Sissela, take it easy.
Yeah, sure.
I just think it's unpleasant.
I don't like this.
- What happened?
- A power outage, I think.
A total blackout,
but everything seems all right now.
Except for the computers.
What's going on? Hello
Hello! What's going on?
He needs emergency surgery.
What the hell?
- Ho-ho.
- I know, I'm sorry. I'm on my way down.
A power outage
at Karolinska Hospital.
For a full minute without
the generators coming on.
- Is that even possible?
- It's a new hospital. New systems.
Call me if anything happens.
Or if he gets up to something, okay?
Okay. Have fun.
- Yes, I'm coming!
- Okay, great.
Oh, thanks!
- My favourite. How'd you know?
- It's hard to miss.
- Yeah. Long days
- How are you getting on?
We're checking all roads to Bremen.
- At the Germans' request.
- You can forget major roads.
They'll avoid surveillance cameras.
But they won't be able to dodge
the cameras in smaller places.
- Focus on back roads.
- Oh
Back roads.
Hey! Need any help?
Sorry, I
Okay, which box are you looking for?
Okay, that's on the other side.
Take left, and then I can show you,
so No, no.
Thank you, I'm fine.
- Where can I find 1513?
- Damn, that box is popular today!
- First to your left.
- Has someone been?
A girl was just here.
I'm so damn happy you're with me.
- Madam.
- Madam
Red carpet.
I'll just
- Hey, turn that thing off.
- I just need to
Be here with me.
I'll put it on mute, okay?
I am here with you. There.
I've booked a hotel room for us.
My mum knows we won't be home.
Breakfast in bed
Let's go.
- Yes?
- Carl? It's Birger.
- I've found them.
- I'm on my way.
The Germans thought they were
heading west, towards Bremen.
- But they took back roads, going east.
- It's them.
I tried calling Kristin first,
but she didn't answer.
- Have the Germans been informed?
- No.
This stone
It's really an image the artist
came up with two years ago.
It's sort of a fresco painting
that goes on top.
When you look up,
you see this mother
- Yes?
- You called.
Yes, we've got them. And not where
the Germans thought they'd be.
Have you informed them?
Well, no. I wanted to
check with you guys first.
- You guys?
- Yeah, you and Carl.
Could you call the Germans
and brief them?
Yeah, okay.
Hey, he's leaving. Carl.
He's going to Hamburg.
- He can't do that.
- Well, he's already left.
I left my clothes at the office.
Get them and meet me.
the mother with the child.
I was really quite affected.
I had this feeling
that this would be huge.
And this was something I came up with
at Christmas two years ago.
I had a sketch and an idea
Life support equipment was disabled
and two people reportedly died
at the New Karolinska Hospital
following a power outage tonight.
All wards are said
to have been affected
and work continues to restart
the hospital's computer servers.
The cause of the outage
is still unclear.
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