Agent Hamilton (2020) s01e04 Episode Script

Avsnitt 4

- Sorry?
- Who's that?
- Carl Hamilton, on loan to us.
If MUST has intel we don't,
let's talk about that.
It was sent to Norling before May 1.
Arvid Norling?
Dmitri gave me this key.
What is it for?
We have intel that a woman
was involved in the attack.
Rashida was the one
trying to save the politicians.
Rashida was working
for Sahim Abdullah.
Sahim Abdullah has a very large
network of sleeper cells.
We need you
to find the terrorists.
They are our best shot
to being led to him.
It's Birger. I've found them.
- Carl is going there.
- He can't.
He already left.
I left my clothes at the office.
Get them and meet me.
All computer traffic is down
at New Karolinska Hospital
following a power outage
on Monday evening.
Hospital administrators
are facing questions
about whether such a serious outage
should even be possible in a hospital.
In a press statement,
government officials said
that sabotage can't be ruled out
as the cause of the breakdown.
Can we make it quick?
I need to get back to the hospital.
- Yes.
- How is he doing?
With the computers down,
the doctors can't see his records
and they can't operate without them.
Things aren't great,
not for him or anyone else.
I understand.
Why don't you give us the latest?
They're asking for ten million dollars
to start the computers up again.
What? Who?
Was it a computer breach?
They're calling themselves KazkaDos.
That's all we know.
It could be anyone
from a pimply teenager
to some foreign intelligence service.
As I'm sure you understand,
this is our top priority now.
We're working hard to find out
who's behind this pseudonym.
But I assume our position is still that
we don't negotiate with extortionists?
Of course. We can't give in.
That's what we promised the voters.
I'll be at Karolinska if you need me.
Yes what did I tell you?
Thank you.
This way.
The car was left 60 kilometres
northwest of Hamburg
under a bridge off Highway 26.
No sightings in the area,
so we assume they either
moved on in a new vehicle
or were picked up.
Forensics are going through a flat
in St Pauli as we speak.
The terrorists are rumoured
to have stayed there
before the attack on Stockholm.
As all indications lead that way,
we continue our search in an area
50 kilometres surrounding
the town of Bremen.
As soon as we have more information,
we will update you.
I have to go and discuss
with my superiors
about our strategy
for the coming hours.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Have you seen my colleague,
the Swedish guy I came with?
He went out to eat,
around the corner.
Went out to eat
Thank you.
Kristin, where are you going?
I'm ready for you now.
Sorry it took so long.
Where's your colleague?
We'll have to start without him,
if you don't mind. That's fine.
Tell the Swede
to join us in Room 13
when he's back from
his culinary adventure.
- Is a funeral your top priority?
- Yes
Officer Cooper is our best gateway
to what the Americans know.
- Get in touch with me afterwards.
- Absolutely.
Hello! Hey, great.
I need to look at your surveillance footage.
If that's okay.
Stop. Can you go back?
Now go forward.
Can you zoom in on him?
I'll need a copy of the footage.
Officer Cooper?
Rumour has it
he fooled Brezhnev twice.
I didn't know he was married.
Not sure he knew it himself.
What do you know about the diplomat
who was shot the other day
nearby that Russian lake?
Please, this is a funeral.
A Swedish politician
was attacked on the same day
in the heart of Stockholm
in something that resembled
a massive terror attack.
An encrypted message was sent
between the lake in Russia
and Stockholm.
And where was this message found?
Er excuse me.
- Astrid, I'm an idiot.
- What do you mean?
I trusted what Tarabasov said.
The encrypted message.
I swallowed it hook, line and sinker.
I've never even seen it.
- You think he's lying?
- I don't know.
- I don't have a clue.
- I don't want to make it worse,
but there's a storage site
called Veadon
near where we found Elena's body.
- Veadon?
- Yes, like it said on her hand.
- I'm watching the surveillance footage now.
- What can you see?
A man with a gun.
She runs instantly when she spots him.
She knows who he is.
He's looking for her,
or for what she's there to collect.
But it really does seem like
she had some business in Sweden.
And I'm thinking Tarabasov probably
knew about it. What do you think?
We have to inform Tarabasov
about her death.
And then ask to read
the encrypted message.
He'll use Elena's death
as an excuse not to show it to us.
We'll have to talk about that.
Astrid, I need to go now
Hang on. Where's Hamilton?
He's in Hamburg, with Säpo.
Why do you ask?
Because I can see him in the footage.
- Should I notify Säpo?
- First we need to talk to him.
What's this?
What are you doing?
Why do you have an IMSI-catcher?
Where did you get that?
Who are you tracking?
Open the door!
Thank you.
Okay, what's going on?
If you know anything, you have to
share it with us and the Germans, okay?
- You work for Säpo now.
- Did Säpo send you to the restaurant?
- What restaurant?
- You know what I'm talking about.
We saw you in surveillance footage
from Kungsträdgården.
I was there with half of Stockholm.
I saw you in the alley, after the explosion.
What were you doing there?
Stopping a terrorist
heading towards Parliament.
- Why wasn't Säpo notified?
- I don't know.
We have him now.
Abed Erakat.
Five minutes from here. Look.
- How did you get his number?
- Never mind that.
- MUST will answer for this.
- MUST will never know.
- We have to involve the Germans.
- After we locate them.
- Out, and talk to the Germans.
- You're coming with me.
No, I'll do what I'm here to do.
Let them run around in Bremen.
Bloody hell!
know where that is?
We removed Hamilton from the program
due to lack of funding.
But he decided to complete
his studies on his own.
What happened to him?
I have no idea.
The kid singled himself out. He was
one of the best, that's all I know.
And the fact that he singled himself
out didn't attract any attention?
Don't pretend like you didn't know
exactly where you sent him.
I need names.
It's unbelievable.
You are quite something else.
Left here.
He's turned his phone off. Stop.
- Do you think he's spotted us?
- I don't know.
Stay here.
Let me know if you spot him.
I've got him.
Drive around.
Wait for him on the other side.
He's heading east.
He's entering a greengrocer's.
It's pretty close.
Get to the other side.
- Are you set on the other side?
- I'm on my way. Almost there.
Alexander, I'm on my way
Hi, it's Hilda from daycare.
Ida's been sick.
I've lost him.
Do you see him?
One of us will pick her up.
- That's great.
- Thanks for calling.
Hi, you've reached Rikard Ek.
Leave a message after the beep.
Rikard, you have to
pick up Ida right away.
- Hi.
- Hi, Camilla. Can you help me?
Can you pick up Ida? She's sick.
Me? Are you sure about that?
Yes, no one else can do it.
We have two.
Let's wait for the third guy.
- Are you okay?
- Yes.
Should you be at home?
Yes, but I'm here now, aren't I?
What happened in the alley?
I think you should tell me now.
She came at me.
I was just defending myself.
- What was her name?
- Rashida.
She worked for Sahim Abdullah.
Al Qaida.
Sahim Abdullah died three years ago.
This was taken a few months ago.
This year.
We noted bank withdrawals
from people around him,
from accounts believed to be inactive.
Why wasn't he picked up?
They wanted to wait and
try to get his entire organisation.
Not just him.
It's my husband.
Hi. They called from daycare.
Ida threw up and had a fever.
She had to be picked up.
I couldn't get hold of you,
Dad or anyone.
So I asked Camilla to go and get her.
- What's going on?
- Nothing new yet.
Everyone's working on it, but
Aren't there any experts in the field?
We've contacted the Americans.
Säpo can't handle this alone.
Didn't we provide an extra 40 million
in autumn to get competent people?
We were supposed to develop systems
to deal with computer breaches.
and I'll meet with them to hear what
Get this sorted out.
Someone must know.
Great we could meet
with such a short notice.
So, how's everything
at the hospital?
Well, we're still not online.
And you still don't know
who they are?
Well, they call themselves KazkaDos.
I love the names they come up with.
I don't know that one.
What do they want?
Ten million.
Pay it. It's peanuts compared to
the damage it can do.
But it goes against
everything we stand for.
Do you think there is, I mean
any possibility for us to develop
our own security system,
just for us here in Sweden?
Of course.
The problem you have is time.
Let's say you take three to
four years to develop a program
that's robust enough to
withstand the bigger threats.
What happens in the meantime?
What we've seen over the last
couple of days is nothing.
The real danger is when
they get into the infrastructure.
Communications, power, water.
The military, of course.
You don't have three to four years.
I apologise over the tantrum
at the funeral.
When in Rome
Be my guest.
A glass for my friend here.
For "my friend here"?
You are a royal pain in the ass.
You know that, really,
don't you?
To life.
What is it?
Intel from Carl Hamilton.
Information that links
a Russian intelligence employee
to Swedish government.
And why are you giving it to me?
I want to know what you know
about Carl Hamilton.
You have suspicions concerning
your own apprentice?
We got hold of this information
way too easily.
Are you implying
that he's working for us?
Is he?
I wouldn't know about that.
That's too bad.
What exactly is on there?
Since I don't get the information
I need, it doesn't really matter.
You think he's working
for the Russians?
I think he's working
for someone other than us.
For you or the Russians
Well, it's very difficult
to see the difference nowadays.
There is an organisation
within the CIA,
codename Paperstone Sky.
Level 8 clearance.
They report directly
to Seven-Fourteen.
They're one of the many
sub-projects launched
by the Agency's counter-terrorist
division after 9/11.
And my guy?
And your guy was one out of twelve
chosen for this specific project.
Hi. You've got this, right?
It's urgent.
We're waiting for the X-ray images
so we can start operating.
Okay, but can't you get started now?
He's completely ready for surgery.
So what are we waiting for?
The images.
We can't start without them.
The IT department is working
on solving the problem.
- Hi.
- Yeah, hi.
Well, Sissela?
- Pay them.
- Pay them? Are you sure?
- Now?
- Yes, now.
- Pay them.
- Okay.
I'll take responsibility.
- Yeah, hello?
- How are you?
- He's working for the Americans.
Who? Hamilton, Carl Hamilton.
How do you know?
Cooper. I saw him at the hotel.
Did he kill Elena on orders from them?
I don't know.
I haven't got a bloody clue.
- Are you drunk, DG?
- Of course I'm drunk!
I've been completely suckered,
by Americans, Russians
DG, get into a cab
and go straight to the hotel.
Go to hell. I don't care. Bye.
Why wasn't I told?
Your mission was to locate.
I thought we were supposed
to interrogate them.
That's not what I was told. Anyway,
looks like it's too late now.
- Hey, brother.
- Hi.
Can you help me out,
check their pockets?
What the hell is this?
What have you done?
Why did you leave
without telling me?
Do you hear what I'm saying?
What the fuck, Carl?
Who is she?
What is she doing here?
I couldn't stop her. She's
She's from Sapo.
Here you are.
I have to move on.
You finish this up.
Take care, Carl.
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