Agent Hamilton (2020) s01e06 Episode Script

Avsnitt 6

- I like you.
- I like you too.
I'd like to see your summer house.
Three bodies were found.
Säpo will start asking us about Carl,
and then OP5 will be in trouble.
He killed the terrorists and torched
the bodies. I have no idea who he is.
I screwed up,
but you can't keep him at Säpo.
You asked me to get Ida.
Did you help him?
It's okay, he fooled me too.
I want out.
You still don't get it, do you?
There is no way out.
I just did my job.
Tried to find Abdullah.
You still don't get it.
There is no Abdullah.
I can explain!
- Did anyone bring mosquito repellent?
- No, it's poison.
Come on!
Maybe to mosquitoes.
- Anyone up for a swim?
- Yeah!
- Are you coming?
- No.
Come on!
- Jump in, you chickens!
- There's
- Sonja
- I'll call the police.
No, give me that.
I was just defending myself.
The man you saw in the water
was sent to kill me.
I'll let go now, okay?
Sonja calm, breathe.
I was defending myself.
It was self-defence.
It's me. Carl.
Can we sit down and talk about it?
DG? Look what I just got
from the police.
He was found by a dock
in the archipelago. Identity unknown.
We have to find out who he is.
- And Carl?
- Full search.
We need to talk to him
before Säpo gets hold of him.
- Can you send me the pictures?
- Yes.
Come home now! And let's talk
I can't sleep anyway
On my way now
- Broman?
- Balder?
- No, Birger.
- I was close. Hi there.
We don't usually
get Näslund to share.
You must be unusually hated.
Just kidding.
Tag along.
A body washed ashore near Ingarö
about an hour ago.
We want to see what we can get
from the guy's phone.
So we can get some idea
of what happened.
How are things at Säpo? Rough?
I'll need your signature here.
- Who are those?
- House owners on the island.
Everyone near where he was found.
We have people interviewing them.
I thought we'd put you in here.
Here you are.
That girl you spotted with Hamilton
at that restaurant
That picture you sent me.
Sonja Widén.
The police have sent people
to interview her
regarding a murder
out in the archipelago.
- Who's handling the case?
- Broman.
Okay, thanks. I'll call him.
And send me a picture of the body.
- The body?
- Thanks.
Hi, Broman. It's Kristin Ek.
I hear you're interviewing Sonja Widén
about the murder in the archipelago.
- Yes, that's right.
- Bring her in for interrogation.
- I'm coming over there.
- Is this somehow related to
Who was he?
I don't know.
- You don't know?
- No.
Someone tried to kill you,
and you don't know?
Are you a criminal?
Is this about debts?
I work for the military, Sonja.
I'm an intelligence operative.
What happened wasn't about me,
but about what I know.
That's all I can tell you.
This is a service pistol.
Stamped with the military's emblem.
I was recruited after my stint
in the armed forces.
- But you hated it there.
- Yeah
- I'm finished with the phone.
- Already?
- So what did you find?
- I'll put it on a thumb drive for you.
Do that. Thanks.
- Are you still here?
- I'm just double-checking something.
- It'll take half an hour.
- Great.
Get something in the kitchen
if you like. Snacks, fruit, coffee.
Pass me that folder.
How are we doing?
Tengblad is at Köpmanbrinken,
outside the apartment.
Josefsson is at the house
in Djursholm.
Omar, Wigren and Björk are
at the departure hall at Arlanda,
Eriksson and Alm at the ferry terminal,
and Ali and Bowén at the central station.
Everyone knows what the deal is.
- Below the radar.
- Yes.
Why not just tell the police
what happened?
First I have to find out
who he was.
- Can't the police do that?
- It's complicated.
Right now, the work of the military
and the police are in conflict.
Why do you have to leave?
The man's body will be found.
The police will find out
who owns houses in the area.
That will lead them here, to you.
They'll want to know if you were there,
if you saw anything.
You want me to lie to the police?
I don't expect anything of you, Sonja.
Do as you wish
when the police come.
I can only blame myself
for dragging you into this.
What's happening, Carl?
- Carl, what's happening?
- Where's the key to the attic?
Sonja Widén? We're from the police.
You'll have to come with us.
- Okay. What's it about?
- We'll talk at the station.
- Are you alone here?
- Yes.
- Do you have a computer or phone?
I need your help to track down
Sahim Abdullah
NO! You've put me in a hell of
But it's
Kristin told me about your theory.
According to our records, he died in 2015
He's not dead
Where's the material from?
What do you need to locate him?
What the
I've found something,
we need to meet
- Where is she?
- In the interview room down the hall.
- What's going on?
- We'll talk later.
- Is she being charged with anything?
- No, I just want to talk to her.
Säpo. You can leave.
I'm Kristin.
- Hi.
- Sonja.
I don't know why I'm here.
Because you associate
with Carl Hamilton.
- How do you know each other?
- Carl is a friend.
When did you last see him?
About a week ago.
He'd just got back from the USA.
A week ago, okay.
- Hello.
- Hi.
I need a lift to Örebro or somewhere,
so I can catch a train home.
- I'm heading that way, so jump in.
- Thanks a lot.
- I'm Kjell, by the way.
- Lea.
- Are those your kids?
- Yes, Emma and Filip.
I see the apple fell
far from the tree.
Hang on, I'll show you someone
who's the spitting image of his dad.
Yeah? Where are you?
- Walk up the stairs.
- Okay.
Do you see the bench?
Look under the first bench.
Good. Turn off your phone.
Walk through the passageway
and out on the other side.
Head towards the church.
Across the cemetery.
Go into the small chapel.
Show me.
It's offline. Let's see
You wouldn't notice it
if you hadn't seen the original.
Everything looks right. Time, place,
lighting, colours, it looks perfect.
- But?
- Look at his neck.
There's a small edge there,
on the right side.
This is footage the French had
from Lebanon in 2014.
One year before
Sahim Abdullah's death.
I ran a video analysis
and found this
A head from 2014 has been added
to random footage from today.
It's fake.
Your mission was
to locate the terrorists.
Do you really think I would
send you off on a mission
I didn't have
the current intel for?
Be smart, Carl.
A man washed ashore
in the archipelago last night,
not far from Sonja Widén's
summer house.
This is the man's SIM card
and everything on his phone.
You can have it.
Just don't say anything about me
helping you with the IMSI-catcher, okay?
He seems to have been
following you for a while.
Except for a detour
the night before yesterday.
- Where?
- Ukraine.
- Ukraine?
- Yeah.
You can't go anywhere!
Your description has been posted
and airports and harbours
are being watched.
Thank you, Birger.
- Come here.
- Excuse me, I'll just be a minute.
In here.
Two things: as head of Säpo,
I decide which cases we pursue.
- Yeah, but
- And secondly, you have concussion.
Severe concussion, as we agreed.
To protect our department.
Or have I been unclear?
No, but that girl
is Hamilton's girlfriend.
And the dead man was
with Hamilton in Hamburg.
He probably killed
the terrorists we were after.
Can I get back to it now?
What the hell
Sure, yeah.
- And no, I don't remember anything.
- Good
This is a matter for Säpo.
Sorry about that.
Okay, where were we?
Sonja, was Hamilton
with you on the island?
Was he with you on the island?
Our friend Mike held
a small farewell speech.
Made a lot of things clearer.
What do you want?
To negotiate.
I want an exit deal.
Could have used the front door,
It's just the two of us.
You can quit that shit.
So you and Mike
had a little chit-chat.
Tell me,
what did Mike have to say?
You thought you would
get away with this?
With what?
The business
I agreed to get into
was nothing like
you first said it would be.
That again.
She worked for Sahim Abdullah
Sahim Abdullah isn't real.
You've created him.
I have proof for it.
That's interesting.
Show me.
I'll get you, Haig.
For what?
So far you're bringing nothing
to this negotiation.
Prove to me
that Abdullah isn't real.
Go on.
Spill your beans.
Now is your chance
Hands on the table.
You see
I don't think you have shit.
Are you sure?
I'm gonna give you five seconds.
And you're gonna tell me
what Mike said.
I have the video.
I know it's manipulated.
What did Mike say?
Do you want an exit deal or not?
Such a shame, Carl.
Cover the back.
Release the tapes to the Swedes.
Yes, ma'am.
- DG!
- Yes?
Excuse me.
- Check the picture l just sent you.
- Okay.
- Keep her here overnight.
- Okay.
Several witnesses have reported
gunshots in the Old Town.
They saw an armed man
matching Hamilton's description.
He apparently stole a boat
at Skeppskajen.
He was last seen
north of Isbladsviken.
SWAT is headed to the house.
Where's Birger?
Hamilton is at the house.
Hi, Carl!
Hi, Mum.
The sun came out. You have to
take every chance you get.
I think you should stay
and have pancakes.
Agnes makes them just right,
with lots of butter in the batter
and a small teaspoon
of vanilla sugar as well.
Some other time.
We have to put training wheels
on Ludvig's bike.
Don't worry about that today.
Just sit here and enjoy the sun.
Hamilton is at the house
in Djursholm.
200 metres.
Can you give this letter to Kristin Ek?
- What's going on?
- We have him.
Who are they?
Don't shoot, they're military.
I repeat, don't shoot, they're military.
Show your hands!
Show your hands!
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