Agent Hamilton (2020) s01e07 Episode Script

Avsnitt 7

- I'm in military intelligence.
What do you want?
I want an exit deal.
So you and Mike
had a little chit-chat.
Tell me,
what did Mike have to say?
You still don't get it.
There is no Abdullah.
This is French footage from a year
before Sahim Abdullah's death.
The head is from 2014. It's fake.
Gunshots reported in the Old Town.
The description matches Hamilton.
SWAT is heading for the house.
A man's body washed up. He'd been
following you, except for a detour.
- Where to?
- Ukraine.
Sonja Widén, 28.
Former high school sweetheart.
Her feelings appear genuine
but she's totally clueless
about his other activities,
so we've let her go.
I'm going to execute
a search warrant on OP5.
No, you won't,
once you've thought things through.
Our national security is based on
the police and the military
working together, right?
So you want Säpo
to act as useful idiots
while the military murders people
right and left with impunity?
Footage proves that the Palestinian
tried to prevent the terrorist attack,
and then the body in the archipelago
Christer, try to look ahead
and take responsibility
for the task you accepted.
National security.
Or must I remind you
you're responsible for that?
The truth would open us up
to attacks from every angle.
Stash Carl Hamilton
wherever you want.
And then OP5 gets shut down
at budget time.
All nice and quiet.
Can we agree on that?
In the best interest of the nation?
- Carl Gustaf Hamilton,
- born 11 January 1991
in Stockholm.
"Military service as a combat diver.
"Employed by the Swedish military
for the last few years.
"Since 2011 by a secret
intelligence section called OP5.
"For the last three years
a student in San Diego, USA.
"Now registered
as seeking employment."
Maybe we can ignore that last part.
Do you disagree
with anything I just said?
Admiral Svenson has revoked
your duty of secrecy
with the minister's approval,
so you can discuss your actions.
What were you doing
in Kungsträdgården on May 1st?
Were you there on orders from OP5
to murder the Palestinian woman
Rashida Younis?
Carl, your mission
no longer protects you.
Do you enjoy sitting
where you're sitting?
I don't know what would be worse
in your position.
The lies, having lied so much
you no longer know what's true,
or the fact that no one
has your back any more.
No one will stand up for you.
No one.
You alone must take responsibility.
Do you understand that?
How is your daughter? Ida?
- What did he say?
- I missed it as well.
Where is she while you're here?
What the hell just happened?
Where are you going?
I need something
to pry his mouth open.
Okay. Screw Gripenberg.
Prepare the search warrant.
We'll turn OP5 inside out.
Get everything they have
and make sure
they don't keep anything!
Fucking lift!
Hi, you've reached Rikard Ek
Hi, you've reached Rikard Ek.
Leave a message
A guard will fall ill
before the shift tomorrow.
You will be called in.
Try and make it look self-inflicted.
Failing that, just get it done.
Hello? Ida? Rikard?
So you've decided to come home?
I called you lots of times.
Why didn't you answer?
- What's this city?
- It's, what's it called
We had a visitor.
Some woman dropped that off.
From some colleague,
Carl Hamilton.
I'd like to talk before you open it.
The truth is conveyed
when I raise my finger
I'm sorry, Rikard.
I have to get back.
Wait, Kristin hey!
We need to talk.
If you leave now
What have you done? Answer me,
I want to know what's going on.
You have to burn her
with the others.
We do what we're told.
And if you don't
He's been following you,
except for one detour.
- Where to?
- Ukraine.
You thought you'd get away with
this? Karl, do you really think
I'd send you off on a mission
I didn't have the correct intel for?
We need more cable.
Send Krauss.
The chips will be assembled
within an hour or so.
They'll be ready for Phase 3
on time.
How are the transmitters responding?
Talk to me. We're ready to roll,
according to schedule.
And Eckhardt?
He's in a good mood.
Right, cables please!
We've cleared out OP5.
Fifteen guys are sifting through it all.
- Good.
- You mentioned a press conference?
Yes, to clarify our role in all this.
That the operative
came from the military.
I'm not letting us
take the blame for this.
Have Öhman notify the press.
Tonight at 8 in the main auditorium.
And Gripenberg?
Kristin, come here.
What is it?
Hamilton sent me something
just before he was arrested.
A video clip of Sahim Abdullah.
Carl wanted me to locate him.
- But we discovered something else.
- What, Birger?
The footage Carl had
as proof that Abdullah was alive
had been doctored.
It was fake.
Someone wants Hamilton
to think that Abdullah is still alive.
- Why?
- I don't know.
This number belongs to a car
Hamilton was in at Arlanda.
Find out who the owner is.
This isn't working, Kristin. We'll talk about
housing and Ida when you're available
- Where are we on the interrogation?
- I need more.
Did you want to meet
to drink Calvados?
You know, I bought this bottle
in Spain 25 years ago.
And I told myself,
- Drink this on the day you retire."
- Should we go to your place?
- No, I don't drink while on duty.
- You won't take anything with you
to where you're going."
This organisation
has never been dependent on
a specific location or specific items.
It may have been
dependent on you, DG.
Your quest for truth
and your sense of duty.
Your damned pig-headedness.
What's going on?
Age gets to us all
sooner or later, Astrid.
Or maybe it's a good excuse
for boozing during the day.
That was mean of you. You know
I have a certified heart problem.
- I'll have to do it on my own.
- What?
Stop what's coming
and find out who's tricking us
and using Hamilton as a puppet.
I won't sit and watch
as Sweden is attacked.
No. I didn't think so.
But whatever you do from now on,
it won't be under OP5.
And one more thing.
I want you to let Hamilton pay
for what he's done.
Are you finished?
Yes, I'm finished.
All right, then.
Bring all this stuff to Säpo.
- Hold on, why are you here?
- Just getting some private
- You can't touch anything.
- Just some private receipts.
You have enough to go through
and should be happy to get rid of these.
Find anything?
No, it's just my private receipts.
Take care.
- How are you?
- Fine.
I can tell you're not.
What do you want?
The car belongs to
an Astrid Sara Bofors.
You asked me
to look up its number.
Yeah, sorry good.
An Astrid Bofors is listed
as employed by the military.
I found several purchase requisitions
signed "AB"
in the material
we seized from OP5.
She started as a secretary
at the Moscow embassy back in '87.
She transferred to the military in '93
and seems to have remained there.
- Find her.
- Here.
It's a phone number.
Want me to dial it for you as well?
Thank you.
- Kristin Ek?
- Tell me about Carl Hamilton.
You got to the house
before us yesterday.
Why did you want to bring him in?
You cleared out our office.
You should have all the answers.
Do your bosses also feed you
an old-fogey attitude?
- No, I'm not fed anything.
- Good, then talk to me for real.
Hamilton told me in Hamburg that you
ordered the murder of Rashida Younis.
- That's a lie.
- Is it?
Do you know, Kristin
just between us, what I think?
- I think Carl has got himself into trouble.
- What do you mean?
His military training included
a joint CIA-SEAL program.
We subsidised it at first,
but pulled out due to internal politics.
Carl continued his education
and paid for it himself.
Has he worked for the CIA in Sweden?
Carl was recruited
by a certain Farrin Haig,
head of a clandestine
anti-terror section of the CIA.
- Thanks, Astrid.
- Be careful.
This is his last chance to talk.
Have you broken the law in Sweden
on orders from OP5?
- That was a question.
- No.
Have you broken the law in Sweden
on orders from
a foreign intelligence service?
No, I haven't broken the law in Sweden on
orders from a foreign intelligence service.
Did you use information from Säpo
to locate the three terrorists
in Hamburg?
Did you plan to pass that information
to a third party?
No. I wanted to locate them
and bring them back here.
Did you know
they would be murdered?
- Do you know why they were murdered?
- No.
Could the person behind the mission
have wanted them eliminated?
I don't know anything about that.
Arvid Norling,
any thoughts about him?
It could be that he knew something.
I don't know.
Do you know who Dmitri Borisov was?
A Russian diplomat murdered on the same
day as the attack on Lindgren and Norling.
Outside Moscow.
- Do you know why he was murdered?
- No.
Do you know who did it?
We had a theory about
him hiding something.
The same information as Norling.
That something connected them,
more than a coincidence.
- That they were attacked on the same day?
- Yes.
Are you saying
they knew each other?
And that Norling was passing
secret information to the Russian?
Or the other way around.
That Borisov passed something
to Norling?
Who is Farrin Haig?
I don't know.
Who the hell is Haig?
I don't know.
- Did she give you the order?
- As I said, I don't know who that is.
Did you murder Rashida Younis
on orders from Farrin Haig?
I need a break.
She knows something.
Who is Haig?
A name in the documents from OP5.
- Does he work there?
- She. I don't know.
I just threw it out there
to see if he would react.
You can bring him out.
I need to check something.
I need a minute, in private.
Näslund okayed it.
- I need to know what you know.
- Turn your back to the camera.
Näslund is planning
a press conference tonight.
- He'll blame you and OP5, so come on.
- What do you want to know?
- Who is Farrin Haig?
- CIA.
- So the CIA ordered Rashida's murder?
- Haig did.
- Who killed Dmitri and Elena?
- Mykhailo Tyraschenko.
- On orders from Haig?
- Yes.
- And what about Tyraschenko?
- I did it, in self-defence.
- Haig sent him to kill me.
- Why?
We found a fake article about the attack
in Kungsträdgården on Borisov's computer.
It may have been related to that.
He's moved the camera.
- Can we expect similar attacks?
- In the worst case, bigger.
Get me out of here. I'll find out
what other attacks they're planning.
Mike got hold of the information
and must have made a copy.
- I've been in touch with Astrid.
- Tell her "Code Lazarus".
Take him away.
- Bofors.
- Hi, Astrid. This is Kristin.
Hamilton said to tell you
- Code Lazarus".
That's impossible. You've shut us down.
I don't have those kinds of resources.
What do you need? Astrid?
Hi, Birger, it's Kristin.
I've been thinking about what you said.
We need to start working
on a Swedish cyber system.
Pence's offer is still available.
I can arrange a meeting.
I think we need a Swedish system,
with Swedish experts.
One minute.
Yes, hello?
That was my assistant.
Säpo has a press conference tonight.
Regarding May 1st and
what's happened in the last few days.
- Did you know about that?
- No. What time?
Let's talk about this later.
I need to go now.
- Listen
- I'll find out what steps we need to take.
A blessing in disguise
that Ekberg fell ill.
I get to beat you at backgammon.
There's a problem with the feed,
according to the guys on the third floor.
It's been reported,
but it'll probably take some time to sort out.
I'll do the rounds
to make sure everything's okay.
- You're just trying to avoid total defeat.
- I wouldn't worry about that.
- I'm having chest pains!
- Okay
I need help!
We're sending someone right away.
Are you standing, sitting or lying down?
Hello, Carl?
An ambulance is on its way.
Thanks, step aside.
We'll take it from here.
We'll have to start this
a little early.
A prerequisite for
a successful democracy
is that you have trust
between the state and its citizens.
Within this framework of trust
the state, through the police and the
military, has its own secret institutions.
One of these is the Security Service,
which I lead.
Within these secret organisations,
there are employees who work
outside of normal procedures.
They operate within the law,
but outside the law's
regular oversight and control.
Our ability to trust such people
is even more important.
We have to trust them to perform their tasks
in accordance with laws and regulations.
If they operate outside of
their instructions, outside the law,
they abuse our trust.
But sometimes mistakes are made.
Sometimes trust is abused.
A few days ago,
our country witnessed a brutal attack
in the heart of our own capital.
An attack on democracy.
There has been a lot of speculation
regarding the people
and the motive behind the attack.
Theories that have taken on
a life of their own.
But following a thorough investigation,
we at Säpo now know
who was responsible for the attack
Hamilton has escaped from prison
Thank you.
Is it done?
He's gone.
What happened?
He's not in the hospital.
Not a trace of him.
- Get me out of here.
- I've been in touch with Astrid.
Hamilton said to tell you "Code Lazarus".
What do you need?
- I'm having chest pains! I need help!
- We're sending someone right away.
Prison Service, it's on my screen now.
An ambulance is on its way.
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