Agent Hamilton (2020) s01e08 Episode Script

Avsnitt 8

- Do you know who Dmitri Borisov was?
- A Russian diplomat who was murdered.
Did Borisov pass
something to Norling?
We found a fake article about
the attack on Borisov's computer.
Mike got hold of the information
and must have made a copy.
A man washed ashore.
He seems to have been following you.
Except for a detour to Ukraine.
Get me out. I'll find out
what else they're planning.
- Can we expect similar attacks?
- In the worst case, bigger.
We trusted the Swedes too much.
I trusted the Swedes too much.
So, how are we going to solve it?
Find him. On our own.
Just give me a couple of days.
A couple of days?
Are you kidding?
This was never part of the plan.
It's not going to be a problem.
Unless he knows something.
He doesn't.
He was never part of the operation.
I hope you're right.
You have 48 hours to find him.
Or else it's over.
Thank you.
For what?
Passport, please.
Where are you going?
Your business here?
I'm visiting the family
of a dead friend.
East German
You've studied Russian, then?
Why do frogs jump?
To get away from the shore.
From joy. Lars Ruedig.
Even frogs can experience joy.
They rejoice at all the mosquitoes.
Yes. Remember that,
if you come back this way.
If Hamilton is at DG's place,
arrest him without using lethal force.
- How far now?
- About ten kilometres.
Step on it. We should have
been there long ago.
Getting into formation.
Room 1-1 secured.
- 2-1 secured.
- 2-2 secured.
3-2 secured.
Stop fooling around.
Where's Hamilton?
I'm sorry, I really thought
he was with you.
You're just playing
the same old game.
But you know I'll find him
sooner or later.
- And then you'll be held to account.
- Yeah.
So enjoy the view while you can.
What do you have?
A neighbour says they were up all night
drinking cider at the time of the escape.
No electronic communication
from the cabin in the last 48 hours.
We also have a hit on Carl's card.
- Where?
- He bought train tickets in Paris.
Hang on
It's been used again.
Concert tickets in London.
What the hell
He's bought auto parts outside Rome.
All from the same account.
He's playing with us!
I want to know who's helping him,
and where the hell he is. Okay?
Don't move!
What do you want?
I knew Mykhailo.
Use only two fingers.
He's dead.
I came to tell you.
He called you his brother.
The only one he trusted, he said.
What happened?
He was found in the water
in the Stockholm archipelago.
- With knife wounds.
- Someone killed him?
It seems like it.
- Who?
- I'm trying to work that out.
- When did you last see him?
- Three days ago.
He came early in the morning and left
the same day. Said he was in a hurry.
- But he didn't say why?
- No.
I think there's something
he wanted me to find.
The last time we met,
he said he had valuable information.
I think it's something that can help me
find out who killed him.
First Katrya, his sister.
And now Mykhailo.
After Katrya died,
I sat in the garage
with the rifle in my mouth.
I wanted to get away from it all.
But then I thought of Mykhailo.
I put down the rifle
and took my old flute
out of its case.
It was a present from my mother.
The grief has made me
a very good flute player.
- What has your flute been?
- My flute?
For the grief.
Misha told me about your loss.
Your brother?
You don't have a flute.
I understand.
Carl, can you keep an eye
on Ludvig?
Can you keep an eye on Ludvig?
What do we know about what Mike did
after he left Hamburg?
He had a late-returning flight
from Hamburg to Stockholm.
He was in place in Stockholm
the following night. So 24 hours?
Yeah, if even that.
I want to know where he was
and what he was doing
during that time.
Dental appointment, 10.45
Damned amateurs.
Näslund? He's stopped
on Olof Palmes gata.
I can see he has
a dental appointment at 10.45.
- A dental appointment?
- Yeah.
Okay, we'll hold off.
I thought you were
looking after your apple trees.
I had an entire Säpo convoy
at my place this morning.
I'm sorry your first day of retirement
wasn't as you wished.
So, where is he?
- You said you were finished.
- And I am finished.
- So what are we doing here?
- Checking on my old teeth.
That Calvados tasted awful.
He's trying to find what
Borisov failed to give Norling.
He thinks Mike,
Mykhailo Tyraschenko
made a copy of it.
- What copy?
- We don't know.
Once you find out,
we'll need a new meeting-place.
We have to be really careful with this.
You look younger than ever, DG.
No, Astrid, it's just that
you've grown old.
- What happened to her?
- It was during the worst of the fighting.
She was hit by a sniper
as she was walking home
from school,
between the church
and the bus stop.
She lay there for two days
before we could bring her home.
Where is Katrya buried?
One-and-a-half hours after the fire
he flew via Vienna to Kiev.
He got to Stockholm the day after.
Thank you.
I'm sorry.
Go, go, go!
You killed him. He said so.
"The one who comes with the news
of my death is the one who killed me."
I'm sorry.
What's this?
Maybe I should repeat the question?
I don't know.
Why is it with you?
I've never seen it before.
You know who is this guy?
Mykhailo Tyraschenko.
And why did you visit
his sister's grave?
He was my friend.
His mother says you killed him.
I didn't kill him.
Who do you work for?
What are you working for?
I'm just a friend of the family.
Just a friend
Are you working for Moscow too?
Just a friend.
- Yes?
- That file has been opened.
- Where?
- Five miles from here.
This is your copy.
Destroy it. And anyone
who ever touched it.
Everyone to their positions!
To your positions!
- Stand down! They're friendly!
- It's Colonel Yakov.
Yakov, my old friend.
- Welcome.
- Hello. How's it going?
Everything's in order.
We'll see about that.
- What about the foreigner?
- He's not saying anything.
He just sits there, silent.
Really strange.
- Did you search him?
- Of course. Every pocket.
- Did you find anything?
- We got a flash drive at the cemetery.
But I have no idea what's on it.
- Look for yourself.
- Okay, move over.
- Do you know what it is?
- No, no idea.
I don't have a clue.
Don't worry,
I'll get you another one.
Well, then
Thanks for your help.
Don't mention it.
Have you finished?
Let's go.
Okay, we are ready to proceed.
How long will it take?
Done before you know it.
We're finished here!
We're evacuating in five minutes!
Leave everything!
We're leaving.
What are you doing?
We're leaving.
The bomb is armed.
- Two are missing. Should I look for them?
- We don't have time.
Massacre on Sergels torg
Swedish fighter aircraft shot down
Toxic gas
Stolen train crashes, arson,
Säpo computers down
- On your order.
- Now.
Stop the car.
We're going back.
- Birger.
- Has Stockholm had a terrorist attack?
- No, why?
- Are you sure?
Of course.
What's going on?
Have a look.
What is it? I can't see.
Artides on terrorist attacks in Sweden
that haven't happened yet.
Where did you find them?
It's already spread to thousands of
servers around the world.
They can access hundreds
of surveillance cameras in Stockholm.
- Including Säpo's.
- What the hell's going on?
Convince Näslund this is for real.
I'll send proof.
Someone's been here.
Check the computers.
We have an uninvited visitor.
Block all the exits.
Did you find him?
Birger, tell me if you know
where Hamilton is.
Come with me.
- This is serious.
- What now?
Here. News about terrorist attacks
all over Sweden.
Just like on Borisov's computer.
All fabricated stuff
that hasn't happened yet.
We have thousands of articles
like the one prior to Kungsträdgården.
And it's all dated tomorrow.
- Tomorrow?
- Where did you get this?
- Hamilton.
- Hamilton?
- Assemble everyone out there.
- Gather in front of the big screens.
What's going on?
I want to see him.
I want to see the body.
- That's not possible.
- Why?
You know why.
My dear Hamilton!
You'll never catch Farrin Haig
with that thing.
Jump in.
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