Agent Hamilton (2020) s01e09 Episode Script

Avsnitt 9

Carl, hi!
- Do you want to meet again?
- I'd love to.
- I like you.
- I like you too.
Tell me what you know.
We found a fake article
on Borisov's computer.
This is French footage from a year
before Sahim Abdullah's death.
It's a head from 2014.
It's fake.
- We have the least surveillance in the EU.
- Says who?
All the experts,
both in Sweden and abroad.
The biggest threat to Sweden
would be selling out our security.
The problem you have is time.
You don't have three to four years.
We trusted the Swedes too much.
So, how are we going to solve it?
An encrypted message was sent
just seconds before the attack
in Stockholm.
- I haven't seen the encrypted message.
- Do you think he's lying?
You'll never catch Farrin Haig
with that thing.
We're on our way.
Out of the car! Handsup!
Stand still!
Did you really think we wouldn't
find out about your side business?
Hands behind your back.
You've been working
for the organisation
that killed Dmitri Borisov,
a Russian diplomat.
DG would be ashamed of you.
- Stand still.
- Put him with the other rat.
Let's go! Move!
- Move.
- Fucking pig.
- He's not coming here?
- No, but he'll still be interrogated.
Get in there!
So they gave you up
because you failed to kill me.
What's going on?
I've seen the hackers,
the fake news. What's the endgame?
Carl, you're so naive.
Don't you understand
that they are listening in
on this whole conversation?
If I give them or you
what you need, then
they won't have a reason to feed me.
So you let everyone else
suffer instead.
Was I wrong again, then?
Your ambitions are
to save the world.
Look at me here, the only person
who can change what will happen
in Stockholm.
If you're listening, I've already
sent evidence to Sweden
that the hacker facility was in a
Russian-controlled part of Ukraine.
This hack will be blamed on Russia.
If you let me go, I'll make sure
the Swedish government
puts the blame where it belongs.
Bring him to me.
If they let you go,
take me with you
or I won't give you
everything you need.
Give me something now.
Okay. The news articles,
they're all fake,
designed to create chaos,
except one
There is one
What's the target and why?
What's the target and why?
What's the target?
What's the target?
Don't leave me!
- Sit down, dog.
- Don't move.
Tell me, why shouldn't I
just end you right here and now?
You and your department
will have to carry the burden
of not stopping this elaborate
attack on Russia's reputation.
I see what you are getting at.
CIA was behind the attacks
on the first of May.
The fake news, everything.
I worked for the CIA.
I can stop the Americans.
Okay, Carl Hamilton.
Haig has been working for an
American businessman, Victor Pence.
He's probably in Stockholm now.
You kill Pence, and then
you will be a free man again.
And not to forget your girlfriend's
life will be spared.
Any attempt to contact her
will violate our deal.
Well then, prepare the plane.
Come on, get up.
Is he really that naive?
Carl he is Swedish.
You handled yourself well this far.
But I am not wiring
the money we agreed
as there is more to be done.
I am flying you to Stockholm
to do your own dirty work.
The situation is chaotic
in central Stockholm.
We've had several reports
of terrorists firing on passengers
in the underground railway.
Southern Link denies
the reports of a terrorist attack.
A lot of public transport
has been dosed.
Rumours of a terrorist attack on the
Southern Link have caused traffic jams.
We've received contradictory reports
on the traffic situation in Stockholm.
Police are urging everyone to stay
at home until things cairn down.
We'll stay on the air
and provide you with reports.
Sweden has been hit
by a massive cyber attack.
There've been a number of fictitious
and false news reports and articles
of a very advanced nature.
Birger, go ahead.
This morning we've had to deal
with around 100 articles and reports.
In some cases,
we were able to intercept them,
but in most cases
they've already had time to spread.
It's eating up resources
and causing needless panic.
Swedish police say they're treating
yesterday's bomb blast
And it can also look like this.
Letting huge numbers of Muslims into
the country risks tearing society apart.
Today's tragedy at Medborgarplatsen
is a result of reckless immigration policy.
- This is fake?
- But very well done.
We've learned that the material
we got hold of yesterday
was only a small part
of the material
we're now trying to keep
from reaching the media.
- Any thoughts on the source?
- It can be traced to Evgeni Yakov.
A former Russian officer.
He's been running
network of hackers
in an industrial building
south of Donetsk.
The disinformation is passed on
via servers all around the world.
- So how do we stop the spread?
- I'm working on it.
It goes through servers
in Puerto Rico, Uruguay,
Poland, Thailand, you name it.
I suggest we contact Victor Pence.
We're not dealing with noobs here.
- Yes?
- It's me.
Where are you now?
Flying to Sweden.
I land in three hours.
- What is going on?
- Have you seen the articles?
One attack will be real,
but I don't know which.
- Where did you get that information?
- Meet me at Arlanda.
So what you're saying is,
it's all fake?
So far, we're only seeing
digital attacks,
such as the articles
on the bomb in the railway.
I've just learned that one of these
fake news stories will really happen.
Yes, here we go.
Are you in?
Katrineholm-South Central Railway
Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.
- What?
- Fucking idiots.
- We can sound the horn.
- Do it.
Honk, honk!
North of Södertälje.
We have a runaway train,
just north of Södertälje
and heading towards Stockholm.
Here, "runaway train".
This could be the real attack.
Hi, you've reached Rikard Ek.
Leave a message
and I'll call you back.
Rikard, take Ida
and get out of the city.
I can't say more.
Just do as I say and get back to me.
- What's happening?
- Someone's blocked the system.
It's like a kidnapping.
The train driver can't do anything.
As before, they're routing
through worldwide servers.
- Can you trace them?
- Maybe, but it will take time.
- We have to stop the train.
- Focus on finding the bastards.
It's not a steam engine.
Just cut all the power.
I'm on it.
- I repeat, shut down all trains.
- Understood, shutting down.
SJ can now confirm they've
been able to stop the train
and no one has been hurt.
No word on the reason why the train
raced along at more than 200 km/h.
People are Unking this to terrorism
and religious extremism.
So we have our conclusion.
- Apparently this is about Islamism.
- It could be.
Let's not speculate.
The media already do that.
The media will want to hear
what we think and are doing.
We're working on it.
I can't go out there and pass the buck
to some public inquiry.
Not this time.
We need something concrete.
You want the Americans' cyber defence,
but can we trust them?
Oh, come on.
It looks like the Russians
or the Islamists are behind this.
The Americans are
the least bad company here.
Pence is in Stockholm now.
If they can hook up to our systems,
they can stop the attack
in a few hours.
Okay. Contact Pence.
1600 hours.
Have the system people stand by.
Should we cancel
all of our other plans?
No. Let's keep those going a bit.
At least until Lindgren signs.
She may have second thoughts
and need a bit more incentive.
- We're rolling on board now.
- Understood.
What do you want?
We're online. Go.
A Russian private plane!
What's going on?
Tarabasov had me arrested
on suspicion.
Haig recruited me to a CIA anti-terror
section after my SEAL training.
But I was really part of an operation
created by Pence and Haig
to expose Swedish security flaws
and get the government
to sign a security contract.
Haig admitted it
before Tarabasov had her shot.
So why didn't he shoot you?
- I offered to expose Pence.
- So you're here for the Russians?
No! Säpo's information
points to the Russians, right?
Let's place the blame where it belongs.
When the Russians start telling
sob stories and being helpful,
it's time to really watch your back.
Pence is already in Stockholm.
Once the contract is signed,
there's no way out.
Our entire digital infrastructure
will be exposed to the Americans.
DG, we need to do something.
- DG, are you okay?
- What is it?
Call an ambulance. Sit down.
Make the call.
Hold him.
Look at me. Look at me.
Stay with me.
A colleague is having chest pains.
It could be a heart attack.
72 years old. We're at Arlanda.
Send a unit right away. Yes.
Carl? Carl?
Find Pence. I'll contact Lindgren.
Get going now, okay?
That's an order! Go!
There are guns in the glove box.
DG, look at me!
We can't rule out
that it's a terrorist attack.
We're live with the latest news
from Sweden. Now Sweden is on
Police and authorities are tight-lipped
about what caused the event.
As for the traffic situation,
rumours of a terrorist attack
There we go.
According to police,
it's an advanced hacker attack.
Up next we have
a Fricky concert at Friends.
And the match later today.
- The match?
- Football.
AIK-Sundsvall at Tele2.
That's right.
And that's just the top of the list.
We can't cover all these places.
Runaway train - hundreds dead
Blast at football match
-at least 17 dead
Hi, you've reached Rikard Ek.
Leave a message
Ida and Rikard are at the game.
I can't take any chances.
- Birger.
- It's Carl.
Carl! What's going on?
I need help locating Victor Pence,
an American.
Okay, Victor Pence
Pence, Pence
Hang on, I'm working on it.
Anything coming up?
A Victor Pence arrived
at Arlanda this morning.
I have a hotel check-in here.
Quality Hotel, Globen. Room 327.
TV4 News just received reports
of a ferry out of Nynäshamn.
It's supposedly been hijacked
and is heading towards Stockholm.
We've checked the information
and find it very credible.
It doesn't seem to be disinformation.
Surveillance footage
shows heavily armed hijackers
firing shots and tying up
The shipping line
has lost contact with the crew
and the remote steering is disabled.
If anyone tries to stop the ship,
they'll kill the hostages
and detonate a bomb in a truck
on the car deck.
Experts confirm that the footage
seems to show a powerful bomb.
Contact SWAT and notify the navy.
That ship can't reach Stockholm.
I forgot my keycard.
Can you help me?
Thanks a lot.
Hi, I'm here from the Swedish
government. Okay.
Okay, hands up!
All right, now move!
Towards the couch. Move!
Sit down.
Who are you?
I think you know who I am.
I worked for Farrin Haig.
And I've recently come to know
that she's been working for you.
I've seen the hackers' club
in Ukraine that you sponsored.
The fake news. Now which one of
the fake attacks is real?
I'm a businessman,
not a terrorist.
Quit the bullshit.
What's the target?
Mr Hamilton
I've always been amazed
what you can accomplish
when you're motivated, Carl.
If you want to see Sonja alive, you
need to do exactly what I tell you.
What have you done to her?
I mean it, Carl.
You need to do exactly
what I tell you.
What do you want?
Hand Bruce the gun.
Stop looking so surprised, Carl,
and hand Bruce the gun.
There's a cold war raging out there,
and everyone's fighting
over the new currency.
Digital information
You see what happens to people
when they betray me, Carl.
Out the door.
We're going for a ride.
Twenty seconds until boarding.
Ten seconds.
No visual contact with hijackers.
We're boarding.
Alpha is on board.
Everyone on board.
Go, go, go!
Moving down. No visual contact.
Police! Everybody down!
It's okay, sit still! Sit down!
Alpha here, hostages secured.
Everyone seems unharmed.
Continuing sweep.
Group Bravo here,
approaching the bridge.
Bridge secured, crew alive.
Entering the car deck now.
Alpha group leader here.
The truck is gone.
I repeat, no truck.
What the hell?
Intelligence officer takes responsibility
for cyber attack, commits suicide
- Hey.
- What?
Special request from Haig.
- Where are you?
- At the game.
Listen, Rikard. I'm here officially.
You have to leave right now.
Just do as I say.
Meet me at Entrance K.
We have to go now.
We have them! Come here.
- Have you traced the computer traffic?
We checked which phones were
at the port at the time of departure.
They're all on the ship or still at the port,
except for one.
- I don't want to go home.
- I know, but
- I have to take this.
- Mum!
- Hi, Birger.
- Did you find Ida?
Yes, she's with me.
We've left the arena.
The arena might be the target.
Get away from there.
Hang on
They seem to be heading
towards the city.
- Mum
- Let Mum talk.
I can't tell where they're heading.
Do what you have to do.
See you at home.
- They're heading downtown.
- Are you tracking them?
Right, stop right here.
Park the car.
The right.
Where is she?
Well, she isn't here.
But she is still alive.
Thanks to you.
Let me tell you about
your little girlfriend, Carl.
She's strapped to a bomb.
The only way to disarm it
is with a PIN code.
And I'm the only one
with the PIN code.
We left the truck in Gamla stan.
You understand there's still
something I need you to do for me.
What we did with the video
of Abdullah to fool you
we will now use to fool the world.
There's your speech.
The whole world will be listening.
So Tarabasov gave you
your freedom,
if I take the blame.
I actually think he just likes
humiliating the CIA.
It was my idea
to make you the fall guy.
I'm sorry, Carl.
As you can see, the bomb is
also connected to a timer.
Perhaps I can help you plan.
Your little speech should take about
three minutes, if it goes well.
Then, let's say
for the sake of argument,
you're going to need a minute
to defuse the bomb.
- I'm at Riddarholmen now.
- Good, keep going. You're close.
Keep going.
There, stop!
Okay, let's see
The phone should be
in the building to your left.
- Okay.
- What do you see?
Turn of the century building,
next to the Court of Appeal.
Okay, anything else?
Hang on. Damn it
- Kristin
- Listen, Birger.
- We need to evacuate Riddarholmen.
- Evacuate? Why?
- Do as I say. I'm going in, I can't wait.
- No, wait for SWAT!
Tick, tock.
Let's get started.
With passion, Carl.
The clock is ticking, Carl.
My name is Carl Hamilton.
I work as a contractor for the CIA,
specialised in computer forensics.
I am on behalf of the Agency
the one responsible
for what you see tonight.
See it as the taste
of the warfare to come
and as a call for Sweden
to take action.
Fortunately for you,
this time it was only a lesson
from a just and caring friend.
But tomorrow
it might be the Russians,
the Chinese, Iranians.
The real deal.
We urge people to get to
the Swedish House of Parliament
to make their voices heard
and to show the government
that there is still time to act.
To choose a side
in this inescapable war.
You make a very good martyr.
I've done what you wanted.
Give me the code.
I'm sorry, Carl. You know
that's not going to happen.
We're all just so very human
when it comes down
to making choices in life.
You should have stayed, Carl.
You killed your girlfriend
when you wanted out.
Both of you would have survived
if you'd stayed.
- Are you okay, Kristin?
- Yes!
Get up.
Give her the code
and I'll let you live.
Move. Come on.
The laptop on the counter can
access the fake articles. Call Birger.
- Kristin, what's going on?
- Help me, Birger.
Come on, move.
I'm in front of the main computer.
Shut down the firewalls
so we can access the system.
Shut down the firewalls.
I'll use you as a deterrent
if you don't give me the code.
Or I'll kill you.
I am not afraid to die.
This is for Mike.
Sonja, it's me.
Take it easy.
Okay, breathe. Take it easy.
Kristin, we're in. You did it.
Kristin? Can you hear me?
Damn it
Okay, I'll cut you loose, Sonja.
Take it easy.
There, stay calm.
We'll take the vest off
nice and easy.
Raise your hands. Stay calm.
You're fine.
Lie down on the ground.
Come on.
Get away from here!
There's a bomb!
- Drop the gun!
- Get clear, there's a bomb!
No! No!
- Ludvig
- That's Ludvig and that's Cad.
It wasn't your fault, Car!
It wasn't your fault.
I admit that before I came on stage,
I was trembling with fear.
Three weeks ago, I and many of you
had gathered in this place
to celebrate Swedish democracy.
But this year the first of May
became a day of grief.
Sweden was subjected
to a horrible attack.
We've struggled ever since,
police, military and health workers,
but also you,
who in the face of chaos
and an advanced influence campaign,
held firm to the belief
that human empathy and reason
should dictate our mutual existence.
Today, I mourn those
who were lost on the first of May.
And I also mourn those who lost
their lives at Karolinska Hospital.
I mourn Leonida Strandberg.
I mourn Ingrid Andersson.
William Thunberg.
Jasmine Radovan.
Sune Jakobsson.
Rashida Younis.
And I mourn Arvid Norling.
We've learned our lesson.
Sweden needs defence forces
and to be prepared in a time
Vacation's over.
We have another mission for you.
- What is it?
- Nothing.
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