Agent X (2015) s01e02 Episode Script

The Enemy of My Enemy

The Vice President is waiting.
All right.
Three hours ago, there was an event on the Russian/Chechen border involving a joint Russian/U.
nuclear inspection team.
They drove straight into a Chechen rebel ambush.
Nine short-range nuclear missiles are now in the hands of terrorists.
The missiles are disarmed, right? Not for long.
They took a hostage to reassemble them.
Eugene Bullock the D.
's top expert in atomic weapons.
Any clue who the warlord is behind all this? Oh, yes.
Malik Ahmad.
- Please! - _ First we asked for freedom, and we were oppressed.
Then we begged for it.
We were imprisoned.
And then we fought for it.
And we were killed.
Now our enemies will die.
Ahmad uploaded this as a recruitment video half an hour ago.
So you knew this butcher from your days in Special Forces? He was in Afghanistan in '03 fighting with the Taliban.
That is, till they kicked him out for being too extremist.
He slaughtered an entire village because they allowed my platoon to dig them a well.
So how do we catch this guy? This guy's a monster.
You don't catch him you kill him.
So you really think Olga's gonna play ball, maybe get us some actionable intel? Nicolas Volker sends her a bomb as a break-up gift.
Yeah, I think she'll play ball.
Gadaski to Cardiology, stat.
Gadaski to Cardiology, stat.
- Mmm! - Jesus Christ.
Don't blame them.
The bomb gave me a concussion, and the concussion gave me a fever.
I was told you had something to offer me.
Hmm? Clearly, I was wrong.
Nine missiles.
I know where Malik Ahmad is holding Dr.
As well as all those nasty little missiles.
And by tomorrow, it will be too late to ever get them back.
So how in God's name does Olga know where Bullock and the missiles are? Evidently, Ahmad's one of her former clients.
He used her intel to plan the ambush.
What else you got? Olga refuses to talk to anyone other than the unknown operative that captured her.
She was adamant.
I thought it wise not to reveal the fact that we haven't identified him yet.
And when will that be? I don't know.
We're still working on it.
But my gut tells me that this unknown operative is one of ours.
Ours? His wet work dovetails almost exactly with the CIA's playbook.
I've already checked.
He's an orphan.
Contrary to Edwin's chatter intercept at the FBI water cooler, the CIA is not behind every global conspiracy.
Just the ones that go sideways.
Edwin, I know you have your issues with managing stress, so I'm gonna disregard that remark.
Okay, great.
What about Ahmad? Marine FORCON is already infiltrating the Eastern caucuses.
Right, and what are the odds of finding him in that godforsaken wasteland? Slim and none, sir.
If Olga wants to tell me where the missiles are, let me talk to her.
It's a trap.
Two days ago, she almost killed John.
Why should we trust her today? Well, you can trust she's trying to save her own skin.
Volker's put a pretty big bull's-eye on her forehead.
That's presuming you can even make contact with her.
I mean, the woman has 24-hour guards on her own hospital floor.
Not to mention the potential for collateral damage.
We'll go with non-lethals bean-bag guns, tasers.
Well, then you're taking all the risk.
That's my job.
John? I broke protocol back there, sorry.
No, no, this isn't about me or my pride, it's about Ahmad.
Olga gets me anywhere near that son of a bitch, I'm gonna take him out.
No, you will not, John.
Not if it gets in the way of rescuing Bullock and destroying those missiles.
That is your mission, not killing Ahmad.
Sources from the Pentagon say that there's no danger that the hijackers can activate the nuclear arms and express confidence that things will be moved quickly - Skazki.
- along with Dr.
Eugene bullock.
- What? - Fairy tales.
Pain Management to three west, Pain Management to three west.
Okay, I'm in play.
Copy that.
Shutting down hospital video surveillance.
You're good to go.
Checking weather in the D.
area Open up, we're moving Petrovka.
high in the 70s.
Winds are gonna be coming out of the Southwest Good morning.
Ah! Volker sends his love.
I was afraid you didn't get my message.
You're late.
You're ungrateful.
What's this? A titanium tracking collar.
That's a stupid way to begin a negotiation.
If you double cross me, Olga, then I'll release your location on the Dark Web.
I'm sure your old boyfriend would be thrilled to know where you are.
I would have preferred a bracelet.
You'd have just chewed off your hand.
Oh, I'll take that as a compliment.
Come on.
Down the hall to the right.
Why me, Olga? Why not the FBI? I want my freedom, and the government can't protect me.
In order to vanish, I need the help of the second-best specialist I know.
Second-best, huh? You think you're better than me? No.
But Nicolas is.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no! No, no! Shit.
We need security now! Level two, O.
five! Shotgun? It's a bean-bag gun.
Seriously? It's a long story.
Hands up, nobody move! Attention all visitors and hospital staff, we're in lockdown.
Remain calm.
Security Situation Red.
Security Situation Red.
Ah! We're in lockdown.
Remain calm.
Security Situation Red.
Damn! Come on, let's go! Left! Malcolm, we need a new exit.
Second floor, northeast corner.
Copy that.
Northeast side, corner window.
- Hey, stop right there! - Come on, come on! Visitors and hospital staff, we're in lockdown.
Remain calm.
Security Situation Red.
- We're trapped.
- Not yet.
Come on! - You've got nowhere to go! - Hurry! That's gonna hurt.
That was incredible.
Malcolm, meet Olga.
You interrupted my lunch.
Where did he go? Come on.
Olga wants a new identity and $20 million in a Swiss bank account.
And for that, she will tell us where Ahmad's headquarters is.
Tell us, no.
But she will take John there.
Okay, where are they? Right there.
Once we land, we take the overnight train to the Chechen border.
An old friend will meet us there.
Really? And who's this old friend of yours? I'll make you a deal.
I'll tell you who he is if you tell me who you are.
I'm shy.
Oh, come on.
At least your name.
What do I call you? John.
John who? Just John.
Just John.
All units, all units, we have all entrances and exits to the hospital sealed at this time.
What a screw up.
Our one shot at recovering those missiles flies out a goddamn window.
I want to see surveillance footage now.
Unfortunately, all cameras were turned off during the attack.
Who does that remind you of? Our unknown operative.
- Yeah? - Sir, we may have something.
This better not be a fishing trip.
So 3:10 A.
, 10 minutes after your daughter was rescued, this was taken near the construction site.
Congratulations, Jerold.
You just caught a minor traffic infraction.
No, our man is here, he's just hidden.
Here, I'll blow it up.
_ What? Yes.
I'm definitely starting to figure out who you are, Just John.
Yeah? Why don't you remind me? I forget sometimes.
Judging by your accent, you come from the Midwest somewhere.
Some depressed little farming community.
Tell me I'm wrong.
You're not wrong.
You're just stating the obvious.
How is this, then? You weren't born a killer.
You were made one.
Oh, and you put on a good front.
But sometimes, you give yourself away.
Do you want to know how? I want to go to bed.
You're right.
We should sleep.
You do know the bottom of our seats fold out to form one big bed.
We'll have more room to lie down.
I like to rest like this upright and eyes open.
Afraid I'm gonna cut your throat? Pretty much.
Then you don't understand me as well as I understand you.
Your eyes are soft sometimes.
That's how I know you weren't born a killer.
I got your text.
What's the emergency? Have a seat, we need to talk.
You were a very stubborn kid, you know that? Your mom wanted to put you in time-out all the time.
I said no.
You know why? Unh-unh.
I saw character in you.
I saw strength.
I did not want to break that.
I'm confused, here, Dad.
Is there some kind of problem? The problem is I am a cop, and you are a potential accessory to a crime.
Come here.
Let me show you something.
These were my men.
Dad, ugh! This unknown operative, the man you say rescued you from Olga Petrovka, is my only lead.
Now, I know damn well you lied to me, Missy.
I know you got a good look at him.
Dad, I owe him my life.
I promised I You are not being loyal to him right now, you are being a traitor to your country! These men died for us.
Their families will never see them again.
I understand.
I Do whatever you want.
It would have been nice if I stole a cab with a heater.
You think this is cold? This is nothing.
In Novosibirsk, my father would take me hunting in this weather.
Are you kidding? How old were you? Oh, What did you guys hunt for? Everything.
Birds, deer, rabbits.
The first thing I killed was a fox.
She was beautiful.
So white, she almost melted in the snow.
We saw the steam coming from her wound.
I thought her soul was rising to the sky.
Papa was so proud.
You see, there was a time when I had soft eyes, too.
Here's the man who can get us to Ahmad.
I'm so glad the rumors of your death were wrong.
Yes, well, if you're not making enemies, you're not making money.
Mwah! - Did you bring the dress? - Of course.
And everything else you requested.
I thought you'd be alone.
Who's this? I've been slowly figuring that out.
_ That's a funny joke.
You could have gotten us killed.
It was worth it for the look on your face.
How did you know I even spoke Russian? On the train, you grabbed the sugar packets for your tea instead of the salt.
Come on.
You drive while I dress, okay? Fox story, my ass.
Ah! Ma'am, I just intercepted this from an internal FBI communique.
Is that John? Yes.
And if they enhance the photo? Then John is burned.
Can we stop them? There's a piece of malware that might work, but it's got to be delivered on site.
That guy back there was Niko Kraxos, the arms dealer? Yes.
We're old friends.
And you burned him just like that? I had no choice.
We need this car, yes? The license plate is our invitation.
Invitation to what? An auction.
Ahmad is selling some of the missiles he captured.
And arms dealers from around the world are flying in to bid.
How do you know all this? I buy and sell intelligence.
It's my business to know.
Prekrasna! That's it? That's the best you can do? Uh, well, there's one other option.
The CIA has a more powerful version of facial-enhancement software.
They call it Persona.
- The CIA.
- CIA.
Aah! Mmm! I love Champagne in the morning.
Hmm? I'll celebrate after the mission, when we get those missiles back.
That is just stupid.
After the mission, you may be dead.
To be alive another day in our business, that's enough to celebrate.
You must have been really fun in high school.
Okay, kids, please stay together.
Our next stop is the FBI Forensic Lab.
My dad says that the FBI is outdated.
Mm, next time, bring your dad.
We'd love to meet him.
Have you shot anybody? No.
_ _ - Jerold, safety meeting.
- What? - Got to go! - Oh, okay.
No, you are.
Hey, who are you? Hey, who are you? Well, I'm not the guy who left his computer logged on, am I? I am Special Agent Charles Elliot, Internal Affairs, and I've been waiting for you, Jerold.
Sit down.
Uh, uh, I'm sorry, what is what is this? Have you shared your password with anyone? No, why would I do that? You can cut the belligerent attitude, Jerold.
I'm trying to help you.
Help me? Someone has used your password to hack into our mainframe.
Oh, my God! Oh, my God.
Has anything been compromised? Well, now, you jumped to that conclusion mighty quickly, didn't you, Jerold? Well, I I'm sorry, I'm just scared.
I swear to God, I don't know anything about this breach.
Plug this in, we'll see.
What is that? It will help us track down whoever has been using your password.
Unless, of course, you're lying.
No, sir.
_ Takes a minute.
_ _ Oh, that's strange.
What? What what is strange? Somebody with a high-level security clearance just accessed my work folder.
_ _ Change of plans.
Looks promising.
I'll have my people run it through Persona.
Then I will walk it in to the President.
No, no, no.
I walk it in to the President.
My intel.
My software.
Okay, fine, we'll walk it in together.
But if this leads to getting the missiles back, the press release will call it a joint FBI/CIA operation.
Have your people send it over immediately.
It says my file is initializing an encrypted export.
All right, now look, you can't let them send that file until my software is downloaded.
I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do.
There's what? Well, I could Benjamin Peterson? Peterson, Mr.
Benjamin Peterson? Hello.
The Vice President.
Where's my camera?! Hi, how's everybody doing? So sorry to interrupt.
- Tick tock, tick tock, Jerold.
- Okay, yeah, I know, I know, I know.
This has never happened before.
Yes? My dad says the Vice President doesn't to anything.
- Like a mascot.
- Really?! Okay, we beat 'em, sir.
Oh, ho ho.
Well, that's good.
That's good.
Uh, naturally, you will discuss this with no one.
Oh, oh.
The the drive.
- There you go.
- Good man.
_ Our school mascot is a porcupine.
We call him porky.
Is that what you're like? Yeah.
Like porky.
I'm very pleased to meet you, Grace.
And you tell your dad he's gonna be audited.
We're here.
Lenin Political Correctional Facility.
Ahmad spent seven years as a prisoner here, right? Yes, it was abandoned.
And Ahmad made it his headquarters.
First, I'll get Bullock and deal with the missiles.
I met the Vice President.
Yeah! Surprised me, too.
Wait for me! - Hello? - Madam Vi I know you're cross, but you needed time.
Even so, it was ill-advised.
You're welcome.
Hey! You failed to mention they were gonna take our guns.
You said you don't like me pointing out the obvious.
Who's that? Nasim Chaikin, Ahmad's number two man.
Handsome in a terrorist kind of way.
Honored guests, please follow me.
I lived up to our arrangement.
You can take the collar off.
When the mission's over, I'll find you, and I'll remove it.
What if you're dead? Drink a glass of Champagne for me.
John? We work well together.
Who knew? We ain't done yet.
Hey, where do you think you're going? Sorry, buddy, I didn't catch that.
Your attention, please.
Now I would like to introduce the man who invited you all here.
Nicolas Volker.
My friends you've traveled far for a very unique opportunity a chance not to just make money, but to acquire the means to alter history.
Please, relax, enjoy.
Enjoy the Champagne.
Enjoy the caviar.
Everyone will have a chance to inspect the merchandise, and then we'll start the bidding.
Bullock? Dr.
- Where's Bullock? - Upstairs with Volker, selling his soul to the highest bidder.
How do we know Dr.
Bullock will agree to re-arm the missiles? Oh, I can answer that, if I if I may.
Because after relentless torture, I've finally given in.
It was part of the plan from the beginning.
You're gonna re-arm the missiles? Yeah? Yes.
But not for you.
Let me borrow this.
- Did she come alone?! - No, no, she was with a man.
Of course she was.
And she's gonna tell me exactly who and where he is.
Gentlemen, excuse me, please.
Relax, enjoy.
I have a small detail to attend to.
Where are your men? Dogs.
All of them.
They betray me for money.
Set me free, I give you my word I'll help you kill them all.
Kill 'em all, like Targo? What do you know of Targo? I was there.
Oh, yeah, I remember you.
Y-You chased me down.
I wake up every morning and get a good look at that scar you gave me.
You could have killed me, but you didn't.
And you went on to slaughter an entire village.
Trust me, Ahmad, I've had no problem pulling the trigger since then.
So now you have a decision to make.
You can slay the monster, or you can set it free to help you slay a bigger monster.
Killing you is not my mission today.
We need guns, yeah? Yeah.
Follow me.
The Soviets used to interrogate their political prisoners down here.
Think of all the secrets these walls have heard.
Want to know my secret? When I saw you aiming that gun at my face part of me was excited to see you again.
It's what I always loved about you, Olga.
You never bore me.
I can't return the compliment.
Always the same position.
On top.
Well, as you know I like to be in control.
Where's the man who accompanied you? Dead.
I shot him when we arrived.
You know, this is my favorite part of your face your beautiful nose.
It's the first thing I'm going to cut off if you lie to me again.
Now where is he? Ahmad is missing from his cell.
He will murder us all.
Watch her.
I'm not done with her yet.
Shall we begin the bidding? May we start at $100 million? Move.
Now that Ahmad is free, panic will spread through these animals like a virus.
Start the heli.
Forget the weapons and take the back stairs.
Volker will never see us coming.
When I was in prison, they forced us to build these devils.
That is, when they were not busy beating us.
Shot my brother Lev right here in the corner.
Blew his brains out right in front of me.
You call me a monster.
Well, this is where they made me.
If you hate this place so much, why did you make it your headquarters? Like you, I like to keep my wounds fresh.
Ahmad, go! Go, go, go! Which way, Ahmad? Back stairs through here.
Go, go, go! Go! Okay, Ahmad.
Now what? Promise me you'll send Chaikin to hell.
We have unfinished business.
Oh! There's no need to panic.
Ladies and gentlemen, please! There's no need to panic.
Damn! Volker, what the hell is going on here? Small security breach.
Chaikin's on it.
Stay with the product safest place for you.
I can't hear you.
Hello? Volker?! Oh! You're late.
You're ungrateful.
We're even, Ahmad.
You lied.
This was never about your freedom, this was about killing Volker.
It's the same thing.
As long as Nicolas lives I can never truly be free.
So now what? You remove the collar.
I disappear, try to start a new life.
And hopefully, Nicolas doesn't find me.
Unless you break your word, and Nicolas definitely will kill me.
Thank you.
How do you know I'm gonna let you go? Your eyes.
For a moment, they were soft again.
_ This image was taken near the construction site.
I need you to be absolutely honest with me.
Is this the man who rescued you? Yes.
Thank you, baby.
Only you would put your own face in the file.
Yes, from a different life.
An entire division of Russian Spetsnaz is taking credit for destroying those missiles.
An entire division? - Mm-hmm.
- I'm flattered.
And what happened to Olga? Got away.
A spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry reported today that the Russian troops swept in and secured the nuclear missiles, which had been taken Tuesday by Chechen separatists regrettably, rebels were executed by national Now boarding at gate 14.