Agent X (2015) s01e03 Episode Script

Back in Your Arms

_ Makes you feel any better, this will be your hardest mission.
How'd you do it? .
22 with a silencer.
I wouldn't recommend it, though.
Just make a clean break.
I got ya.
Oh, God, he got her a dog.
- _ - Oh, shit.
No, please! No! Pam, it's okay.
It's okay.
- What are you doing? - Are you hurt? - Steven? - Huh? Hey, hey, hey! Come on, baby, you got to run.
You got to run, baby.
You got to run.
_ I couldn't call the police.
I don't know who to trust.
Steven thank you.
You know, actually, I go by "John" now.
John Case.
You changed your name.
I realize this has got to be really hard for you.
You have no idea.
What you did back there, all the shooting I knew you were in Black Ops, but But you can't talk about it.
Look, all that's important is that you're safe, you're here now.
But I am gonna have to ask you to tell me what happened again, okay? The man who killed David you've never seen him before? There was a fundraiser for David's charity at the Vice President's residence.
David was running late.
Ladies and gentlemen I'd like to say a few words while we're waiting for our illustrious guest of honor to arrive.
When David asked me to host this charity event here, I couldn't say no.
For years, David has represented people on both sides of the aisle.
And he has guarded our most tightly held secrets.
David? What are you doing? The President and Vice President are waiting for you.
See that light the blue one? Watergate.
Five burglars did in seven minutes to Nixon What Russia, China, and Cuba couldn't do in seven years.
I knew about it ahead of time.
Nixon wasn't happy with a landslide victory.
He needed more.
I got a call from Howard Hughes the night before.
I'm not standing by silently again.
There's something that you need to see.
I-I was a junior senator.
It was my first day on the hill.
I ran into Ted Kennedy.
I wanted his advice.
And Ted says, "Well, Senator, I want you to call David Williams, and I want you to tell him all your secrets, and then pay him to keep them safe.
" David, what's going on? I've sheltered you the best that I can.
No one can be trusted, not the CIA, not the FBI - nobody.
- What are you talking about? I got in too deep.
I thought I could know evil without becoming it.
You're my hope.
If I die, you take the reins.
Die? What? At the place we're going, there's something there.
You keep it safe, hopefully, it will do the same for you.
Keep me safe? David, you're scaring me.
President Eckhart is being set up for a fall.
They're creating a shadow government.
Who is? Boom! Ha ha! It's gonna be my lucky night.
Where the hell you been? Working.
Did you bring the gift for our guest of honor? - I did.
- Excellent.
They thought they could buy me off.
They don't teach you in law school lawyers don't make criminals better the criminals make us worse.
Oh, damn, I forgot something.
I got to go back upstairs.
Do me a favor, huh, please? David! What? Run! You know, if someone wanted to take President Eckhart out, your boss has the power to do it.
"Little thieves get hanged, but the great ones rule the kingdom.
" Sums up David's clientele.
He had that watch for years.
Never went anywhere without it.
Didn't even keep time.
Well, he gave it to you for some reason.
Do you think that watch is the key to stopping whoever is trying to take out the President? Hey, you know what? If you need to get cleaned up or anything, there's a bathroom down the hall there.
Keep coming, keep coming, keep coming.
Hey! Boss.
Where did you find him? Dumpster in the garage.
Go grab the acid I want to get rid of the fingerprints before we box up the other two.
Hello? I didn't get it.
But we got two down.
He's alive? - No.
- Hit me.
But Williams was with a woman.
She's got the watch now.
- Tall blonde? - Yeah, sounds about right.
Kind of hot.
Oh, shit.
This is for the speaker of the house.
- Six! - Seven! - Seven's the number.
- Oh! Okay, sweetie, what do you want to do? Uh, hey, give me a minute.
- I'll be right back, babe.
- Okay.
, that's called having fun.
Williams is dead.
And there was a witness Pamela.
It gets worse.
Williams gave her the watch.
Does Gray know? Compartmentalization.
It's how we work, right? There you are.
I ever tell you about that time I wrecked my uncle's Camaro, and he kicked my ass for it? Your uncle and I would have gotten along just fine.
My point is, I would much rather go through that again than do this.
The rules of this program are rather simple no loose ends.
- I followed the rules.
- No, you didn't! And the proof of that is in the other room.
It was a clean break, just like you said.
But you left a number just in case? You didn't? What I did was make a choice.
Duty above all else.
You got it? - Yeah.
- That's gonna be Williams' phone records.
Well, last call was to Pamela, He made one five minutes before that, but the number went to a burner.
Williams called somebody at the Vice President's residence? I'm gonna go debrief the Vice President.
What are you gonna do with Williams? Awful car wreck like this whole operation.
What's wrong? We got to get out of here now.
You said we were safe here.
You make a call? My fiancé I texted him, but don't worry, he's a good guy.
Well, the guys monitoring your phone aren't.
I count seven of them.
I count seven of them.
We've been ambushed.
No, back! Around the corner.
You okay? Down the hall.
Here, here! Okay.
Back in the closet, in the closet.
Come, come.
Okay, go.
Go, go.
Get up against that wall by the door.
Anybody comes, you scream.
You hear? Steven? Steven?! John! - Hurry! - Come on.
Come on, you're okay.
You're okay.
Let's go.
In here! I'll see your 5 and raise you 10.
I'm out.
I'm trained in kinesics, and I can't tell if you're bluffing or not.
And that, gentlemen is why I went into politics.
Thank you very much.
Now, if you'll excuse me.
Vice President, we have a situation.
Good evening, Madam Vice President.
You do know that I run the world's largest intelligence agency.
You don't think that I would find out about a screw-up of this magnitude? There were complications, sir.
Oh, complications.
Thank you for the debriefing there, Chief.
We have a team searching for her now.
The group we use freelance out of the D.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
"Her"? Pamela Richardson.
Pamela Richardson? What, Bob Woodward wasn't available? With all due respect, sir, I've handled much bigger problems than this.
You know, you you interrupt me one more time and the next person who finds you will be operating a backhoe.
He's right.
Handle her and find the watch.
This whole operation goes belly-up.
Come on.
Got to pull it together.
Oh, that's easy for you to say, Mr.
You're Teflon in this.
Now, they find out what I been doing, huh, I'll make Snowden look like a good guy.
They'll want to run him for the G.
It's not gonna happen.
That we agree upon.
I'll never live to testify.
These are some of the most powerful people in the world.
We didn't get here without having a few skeletons in our closet.
I take it Mr.
Williams knew where they were all hidden.
David not only knew everybody's secrets, he kept a record of them.
Which means that everyone here has a motive to kill him.
So why pass on those secrets to Pamela? Why put her in that sort of danger? Maybe he had a reason.
Maybe he thought he could trust her.
If a fifth column is being formed, we'll need proof.
Well, we've got the last number Williams dialed.
Why don't we call it and see who the traitor is? Now, why didn't I think of that? Sure.
Yeah! Whoo! Madam Vice President.
Hello? We need to talk.
Yes, David did call me, but it was a warning.
If anything happened to him, I should investigate Gray.
So Gray is behind this? Did he mention anybody else? No, but may I remind you, if Gray's involved, I doubt he's acting alone.
And the only individuals powerful enough to execute anything on this level will not go gently into the night.
So what's the old fiancé do? Sell blood diamonds? It was his grandmother's.
She wanted me to have it.
Family's important to him.
Yeah, so that's why you called me.
Seemed more like your line of work.
Oh, he's soft.
My guy is smart, handsome, one of the most eligible bachelors in D.
It sounds like you just described a pony.
More like a thoroughbred.
A really soft thoroughbred? You want to just wait in here? They're gonna keep coming after me, right? Pretty much.
Then I'm coming with you.
Let's discuss a few things first, okay? Forget my name.
- Call me Richard.
- Great.
I get to call you dick.
You're Jules.
I'm an antique dealer, you're a client.
- It's a cover story.
- Got it.
Richard! Oh, Sergei! Oh, mili moi! Good to see you! It's very good to see you.
Oh! So handsome! Oksana, this is Jules, my client.
Hello! Hello! What's it been, a year? It's been six months.
Dupont Circle.
Oh, yes.
Come! Come in and sit down.
Sit down, relax.
I'll make some tea! So, you how is it Richard always seems to attract such beautiful clients? Well, dick knows what's valuable in life.
It's getting late.
How about you take a look at that? Jules came into that recently.
She's only in town for a short period of time.
Where do you come from? New York.
Oh, just like Richard.
Come on, Sergei, you know I'm from Texas.
This watch belonged to an officer in the Great Patriotic War.
How do you come to find such a fine piece? - A friend gave it to me.
- _ Well, I must look inside see if all the jewels are there.
Come on.
My workshop is in the back.
- Five minutes.
- Perfect timing.
Here we go.
You know, for me, tea always tastes better with Tchaikovsky.
Bad night? Bad gambler.
It's all for a children's charity anyway, isn't it? Amazingly enough, I got a call from David Williams tonight.
Did you? You telling me this because? I just wanted to see that look on your face.
We need to talk.
It's very rare, very valuable.
Oh, my nephew, Victor! Yeah.
Yeah, I ever tell you Victor was kicked off national hockey team for dropping his gloves one too many times? Do yourself a favor, Richard.
Leave the watch.
- What was that? - Oh, it's nothing.
Probably just the cat.
Here, listen to the strings this part.
I love the first movement.
How long have you and Richard been together? Oh, you okay? We're not together.
- Really? - I had to try.
It's you know how much money this watch is worth.
It's not about the money.
Richard, it's always about the money.
Now, you can kill me or I can give you what you came for.
Give me what I came for, come on.
You want my advice? Don't marry him.
I mean, my Sergei he was good-looking once, too.
Promised me the world.
Now, a big night out is the olive garden and a round trip on the metro.
Don't do it.
Everything okay? You look a little queasy.
How about club soda? I'll stick with this.
You know, they say that Judas betrayed Jesus for, uh A modest amount for his time.
They also say that most people believe that he was motivated by avarice.
- And you don't? - No.
A disciple of Judas' stature, to say that he did it simply because of of greed, nah.
That that is an insult.
I believe that he did it to protect the people he loved.
The better good, if you will.
I'll be outside if you want to talk more.
Gray's gonna make a deal.
If we lose him, we could lose everything.
Maybe that's a good thing.
You want control of the playground punch out the scariest guy you can find.
During Cold War, KGB planted suitcase bombs in secret vaults across United States as part of doomsday scenario.
Each watch opened a different vault.
After Gorbachev and Reagan, the bombs were taken away, but the vaults with their self-destruct mechanism remained.
So where's the vault in D.
? The one in D.
? Richard, there are dozens in D.
Victor, get up.
How does Williams get his hands on a Soviet bunker? His client list runs the gamut.
How do I get my hands on a copy of one? I can access Williams' roster from my home computer.
But isn't that the first place they'll look? I hope so.
Piss off.
Oh, come on, Gray.
I brought you a peace offering.
Ah, come on! These are $300 loafers.
$300 loafers You poisoned me? Of course, it was for Williams, just in case.
Right now your hand probably feels like it's on fire.
Next it will be in your lungs.
There can be so much pressure, you feel like you're gonna explode, but don't worry, Gray.
You'll be dead soon.
I was voted into office with the promise that I would finally make this town work.
And if that means firing powerful people and making them my enemies, then so be it.
So you expected betrayal like this? Excuse me, but it's Director Gray I believe he wants to talk.
Get the President, the Vice President, the Supreme Court out of here now! Hold on just a second.
Come on.
So much for a silent entry.
Stay right there.
Bogey, holy cow.
You got so big! You got so big! My goodness.
What are you feeding this guy? Give him some time, Bo.
He may look the same, but he's a lot different on the inside.
Says the girl who would never wear that Cartier watch her daddy bought her.
She grew up.
That's too bad.
I can get that.
I may not be a trained killer, but I'm pretty sure a first aid brownie badge is for life.
All right.
Don't make it worse.
So you living with this, uh, blood-diamond fella? Yeah.
My grandfather got a gold watch when he retired, and all it took was handling bags for 40 years for Eastern Airlines.
Sounds like gramps was on to something.
Turns out, I'm more like my father.
Listen, if it's the corner office and the view that you wanted, be happy.
It looks like you got it.
He had all the money in the world.
Didn't keep him from putting a gun in his mouth.
Listen, if you want a job down in legal aid, I know a guy.
Make a call, get you out of all this money.
Don't forget, I know you.
You knew who I was.
No, I know you.
I'll get my computer.
Oh, but first, could you, uh help me with my Brownie badge? Still bleeding.
You have three unheard messages.
Hey, babe, it's me.
Where did you go? You're not answering your cellphone.
Maybe your battery died again.
It's me.
Waiting alone at the party.
Please come.
I'm bored.
Pamela, it's me.
They know you have the watch.
They will kill me.
Meet me at 1908 Mass Avenue, hurry.
What's happening, Bogey? Another day at the office.
Yeah? Gray is dead.
s are saying it looks like a stroke.
That doesn't make sense.
Didn't Williams say Gray was behind all this? A stroke doesn't add up.
The guy was an athlete, a vegan, marathon runner.
Nothing particularly natural about his death.
I'm scanning surveillance now.
Gray didn't have a stroke.
He was murdered.
Looks like contact poison on the bottle.
You get a visual? Josh Robin.
He's D.
I-I've got to go see the President.
John, stand by.
Sending you an image of the subject now.
All right.
Pam? Pam, it turns out that Dang it! - Thank God you're here.
- Oh! Oh.
What the hell? What's going on? - Your message? - Did you bring the watch? Yeah, of course.
Is that a gun? What are you doing? Freeze! Hands up.
Put your hands behind your head.
Officer, dude, I'm just looking for my wallet.
All right.
We're on the same team, pal.
All right, all right.
Seriously? Yeah, you're right.
- You said we're on the same team, right? - I did.
- Come on, grab your cuffs.
- Right.
You can do it.
Hook yourself up to this car.
Listen, next time, be more tactically sound.
Keep a nice distance between you and your subject.
Yeah, copy that.
Have a nice night, Officer.
She got the jump on me.
She what? Yeah, I don't need a lecture, I need your help.
Yahtzee! Are you stealing a car? Yeah, she also got the Mustang.
Is she available for your job? Josh Robin is Pamela's fiancé.
I saw a picture of them together in her apartment.
In her apartment? I said we can talk about it later.
Josh is setting her up.
Soon as he gets his hands on that watch, she's as good as dead.
- Put a spook tail on the bunkers.
- Hard left! A little heads up wouldn't hurt.
Soviet defectors placed 18 of them around D.
Between 1954 and 1980, none of them active that we know of.
Williams lived in Georgetown, but his office was on Connecticut Ave.
The closest location would be Embassy Row.
Hard right.
Thanks, Malcolm.
You want warning, go slower.
Current owner is C.
, one David Williams.
Whatever secrets Williams has in there, we want them.
Damn it! So you knew about this? Everyone knew about Williams' secrets.
We just didn't know how to get to them.
Till now.
You of all people, taking part in a coup.
It's a business deal, babe.
Everyone profits.
Williams wouldn't give up his secrets, so now we're gonna take them.
- Go.
- And what about me, Josh? Are you going to shoot me? No, you'll burn with the rest of the evidence.
Come on, come on.
Who is he, some SEAL? A ranger? No.
My ex.
May not seem like it, but you do have a choice.
Give me up, let me go, and you just might live.
How far do you really think you're gonna get? _ You know, this could have been so simple, Pam.
Don't, Josh.
It won't be enough.
Well, then, it's a good thing I've got you.
Go ahead and shoot.
Go ahead.
You miss and she dies.
Nah, I'm good from here.
The only reason you're not dead already, pal, is 'cause she said you were nice to my dog.
Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey! I'm gonna get you out of here.
On three, we're going, okay? One, two Are you okay? Listen, keep going.
- Go! - What are you doing?! Go, I'm right behind you.
We got to go.
I know what you went back for.
You could have died.
Why did you come here, for that or for me? We got to go.
What are you gonna do with all that information? Listen, you're gonna have to trust I'd do the right thing, okay? Thank you.
There's a time In our lives To return, sacrifice Don't.
Wild grass has grown high On the path between our lives There is a light In the tree There was a carjacking outside Embassy Row tonight, leaving one person dead.
And in other news, David Williams, one of Washington's most powerful and respected men, died today in a freak auto accident.
Forgive me, please I'm sorry, Miles.
I can fix this.
I know you will.
Give me your phone.
I want to make sure you aren't calling anyone who might be on their way over here right now.
Come on.
I came a long, long way back home To see you one more time I came a long, long way back home To see you and say goodbye Many words have been written about the death of David Williams.
And there will be many more written.
Father's hands work the ground Of loss, love, and hurt that cannot be spoken.
Lays it down Everything done and said Natalie, if you receive this package, it means I'm dead.
Even worse, I have failed.
I'm sorry you have to see these photos, but you'll know what to do.
Take care.
The world is not what it seems.
Passed along To the sons Like a blessed song So raise your voices on high Tonight 'Cause we came a long, long way back home To see you one more time We came a long, long way back home To see you and say goodbye We came a long, long way back home To see you One more time We came a long, long way back home To hold you and say goodbye Oh, oh Mm