Agent X (2015) s01e04 Episode Script

The Devil & John Case

_ _ I'm your JAG officer.
I'll be defending you in the court-martial proceedings.
There is no way you read that file, because if you did, you'd know you were playing a losing hand.
_ First thing you're taught at Fort Benning is to always follow the chain of command.
I was ordered to blow up that compound, and I didn't do it.
There's no defense for violating orders.
What can I say? I have an affinity for hard-luck cases, Master Sergeant.
And not blowing up 6-year-olds.
I don't even know your name.
Pamela Richardson.
I believe you're a good man.
Do you? Now all we have to do is prove it.
And lucky for you I'm damn good at my job.
- _ - We've got some new intel on drug cartels and American intelligence.
Christian Fernandez, an agent for the Mexican D.
, has been undercover for the last six months.
Agent Fernandez infiltrated a drug cartel in Mexico run by a man known as El Diablo.
The Devil? Fantastic.
_ _ _ _ Diablo has been accused of dozens of brutal murders and kidnappings in the rather lawless Guerrero region of the country.
_ _ _ And guess who's been laundering his money for the last year and a half.
Gray? After Gray's murder, Agent Fernandez contacted the bureau, claiming to have a ledger documenting a direct link between the CIA and El Diablo.
John, I want you to meet with Agent Fernandez - and find out what he knows.
- Of course.
If this man really does have a line on Lawson's dealings, then maybe he has some information on the cabal against President Eckhart.
_ _ _ _ _ _ Yes, John? Pretty sure I found Agent Fernandez, but, uh, I don't think he's gonna talk.
You called for me, ma'am? Yes.
I wanted to show you something.
These came from David Williams after he died.
Still full of secrets, even from the grave.
Loren Amari, Director Stanton's Chief of Staff.
Stephen told me he was in Toronto the night those pictures were taken.
That is the Drake Hotel.
In Chicago.
I need you to find out if he was there for professional reasons or Was he having an affair? Exactly.
Respectfully, Madam Vice President, this falls outside the boundaries of my job description.
It's not that I don't want to help you.
It is simply that I cannot utilize the program's resources for personal business, even if that business is yours.
I'll handle it myself.
If that is the case, may I suggest that you start by talking with her fiancé.
Who are you? Who are you? I'm a tourist.
You always carry a gun, tourist? My travel agent said it might be a good idea.
What's your name? John.
You know what happened to him? A warning to my town.
From El Diablo? John, there's gonna be a second dead man hanging there if you don't leave town.
Get out while you still can.
I'm with the U.
This man was an undercover Mexican D.
Old news.
Agent Fernandez had found very something important, and I'm looking for it.
A ledger.
What do you know about it? I gave it to him.
My town lives in constant fear of El Diablo.
_ Protected by the dark arts.
You shoot him, he doesn't die.
You cut him, he doesn't bleed.
He walks through fire, doesn't burn.
What do you think? I think that if he finds out that I helped Agent Fernandez or you, he'll kill my family.
Do I fear Diablo? I do.
And so should you.
You did the right thing with the ledger.
How'd you get it? Drug bust.
A truck filled with contraband was leaving town.
I stopped it.
The man with the ledger was not your usual cartel thug.
It was handwritten and looked important, so I took it.
I learned later Diablo's operation wouldn't risk using a computer.
Everything was done on paper.
Is that when you reached out to Agent Fernandez? _ He would have given it to El Diablo or just destroyed it.
Agent Fernandez said that the ledger had damning evidence that could crush the cartel once and for all.
You two were close? We believed in the same fight that we didn't have to accept the way things were.
Fernandez wanted to protect me as his source, so he made a copy of the ledger.
What happened to the original ledger? If Diablo doesn't have it already, pretty sure that Fernandez hid it before he got killed.
Where's the copy? My house.
_ _ _ We're celebrating the holiday with a traditional meal before the Día de los Muertos festivities begin tonight.
- It's the Day of the Dead.
- Mm.
We remember those who are no longer with us, and we invite them back so we may honor their sacred memories.
That candle right there is for my abuelo.
Right here is for my father.
He was killed when I was a little girl.
Murdered for standing up to the cartels.
_ She wants to know who you will honor tonight.
You risked a lot by helping Agent Fernandez and me.
"The fear of death follows from fear of life.
A man or woman who fully lives is prepared to die any time.
" Mark Twain.
I'm a fan.
So was my dad.
He gave me all these books.
_ Someone's been in here.
The copy of the ledger is missing.
- Who else knew you had it? - No one.
_ _ _ How could Diablo know you had a copy of the ledger? He couldn't.
What do you know about El Diablo? Emilio, John is my friend.
I didn't ask you, Luna.
I asked him.
You tell me.
He's not a man.
He's a demon.
He's protected by the Aztec god Tezcatlipoca himself.
They'll be coming for you.
We need to go.
What have you done, Emilio? Whatever I had to to protect you, to protect this family.
You found the ledger, huh? Where is it? Ashes to ashes dust to dust.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Where's the American? I don't know.
Don't lie.
I know he's here.
Hmm? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Get on! _ John.
Shh, shh, shh, shh.
- John.
- What? I think I'm bleeding out.
Luna! So, President Eckhart didn't dispatch you to convince me to bring his completely unfunded education bill to a vote in the house? Actually I brought you here under false pretenses.
Why did you invite me? Loren Amari.
I'm acquainted with the lady.
Unfortunately, so was my late husband.
When were these taken? A week before Stephen died.
What were they doing together? I was hoping you could tell me.
I wish I could.
If you'll excuse me I know I have no right to ask, but will I be hearing from you? Let's be frank.
You don't like me, Natalie.
I'm not particularly enamored of you, either.
The election left some pretty deep scars for both of us.
But I love Loren.
As I'm sure you loved your husband.
I'll be in touch.
Mi tío is the owner of the cantina.
He'll keep us safe.
Luna? _ _ _ _ Sorry.
It's pretty deep.
_ _ _ _ I'm gonna stitch this up now.
You've done this before? Never on someone else.
It's okay? Mm-hmm.
Keep this arm straight.
I buried Luna's father.
I do not wish to bury her, as well.
_ All right, try to hold still.
Easy for you to say.
Tell me, John why do you do what you do? It's the benefits.
You should see the dental plan.
Sense of humor conceals the pain of a damaged soul.
You really got to stop talking, okay? You know, those government benefits do come with therapy, so I really don't need you to psychoanalyze me.
You know, women, we use while men just around 2,000.
That doesn't surprise me.
But with you, I imagine it's considerably less.
My dad, he didn't just give me lots of books.
He gave me something more precious hope.
He sounds like a wise man.
Every time he would come home from work, no matter how tired he was, he would always make time to read me a story.
When I would ask him why he had to work so much, know what he would say? "The world's a dangerous place to live not because of people who are evil" "But because of the people who don't do anything about it.
" Smart man.
What's so urgent you needed to interrupt me in the middle of the morning briefing? It's over.
I can't see you anymore.
Natalie found a photo of you with Stephen in Chicago.
She thinks you were having an affair with him.
That is crazy.
It's not.
Because that's exactly what I'm going to tell her.
Meeting with Stephen was the biggest mistake I ever made.
Listen, it's too late for that now.
I wasn't betraying you.
I was trying to protect you.
Now, you need to do exactly what I tell you, or I won't be able to protect you.
Why do you have a candle from the Altar of Lost Souls, friend? You know about this candle? Of course.
For I am one of those lost souls.
Luna didn't tell you, did she? No.
I was a priest in the church.
But I fell in love with her mother.
I was excommunicated.
But worse than betraying my vows, I betrayed my own brother.
- Where are you going? - Going to the church.
I'm coming with you.
I work better alone.
Not this time.
I don't know, John.
I really don't think Agente Fernandez hid the ledger here.
I'm not so sure.
What goes on this table? The burial box of Saint Angel Sala.
Carries the mummified remains of the holy priest that founded this town like 200 years ago.
It's sacred.
No one disturbs it.
Very clever you hide it in a box that no one will touch.
But, then, where the hell's the box? _ as part of the celebration, then they take it to a cemetery.
Luna! _ _ _ Aah! _ _ All right, give me five minutes.
I'll go talk to him.
No, no.
Ortiz will kill you both the first chance he gets.
_ _ _ _ - Aah! - No! Hold it.
Save it.
Aah! _ _ _ _ La Casa de los Huesos the House of Bones.
My uncle used to bring me down here when I was a little girl and tell me ghost stories.
He gave his life to save us.
I forgot these tunnels were even here.
Do they lead to the cemetery and the burial box? I think they do.
They lead all over town.
How are you holding up? I could be better.
I'm guessing this door wasn't here when you were a kid.
Hold the light.
What is this, some kind of drug lab? This isn't a drug lab.
It's a storage facility.
For what? Let's find out.
It's uranium ore.
Right now it's inert, but it's used for dirty bombs, nuclear weapons.
We got company.
Clear that table.
What are you doing? I don't shoot dogs.
Just humans, right? Only when they're shooting at me.
Well, I'm gonna shoot them.
If this works, you won't have to.
It's like my grandma Rebecca used to say you hang the meat where the dogs can smell it.
_ _ _ _ If they found the Yellow Room, they must die.
So when I tell you to kill the American you do what I tell you, hermanito.
Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on! It worked.
If the dogs didn't kill me, the smell in here almost did.
Yeah, well, had to hide your scent somehow.
You know dogs.
You have one? Yeah, in another life Bogey.
He's with his mother now.
Had to give them both up.
For the job? Yeah.
Something like that.
Come on.
Agent Fernandez thought that this was a drug operation, but I think it's bigger than that.
- If we could just get bck - Hey.
It's a lot bigger than that.
Come on.
Hold it.
Cover your mouth! Go! Here.
Go, go, go! Hey! Go ahead.
I'm gonna catch up.
Are they gone? In a manner of speaking.
All right, dark, creepy hallway or ladder? Ladder.
Thought you said this tunnel led to the cemetery.
It's been a while.
Come on.
_ The burial box.
You know what? I think it's time for a new look.
We got eyes on us.
_ _ Sí.
On my left.
Don't look.
Ortiz is across the plaza.
_ He made me.
Huh? Aah! Unh! _ Luna.
Let's go.
A lot of people died for this.
Hope it's worth it.
So do I.
Malcolm, these are the last of the ledger pages.
Receiving them now, John.
_ John, exfil at the airfield west by southwest of your position in 15 mikes.
I say again 1-5 mikes.
Copy that 15 mikes.
May I ask you why you were so quick to assume your husband was having an affair? What did Loren say? The truth.
She was having an affair with Stephen.
Well I know how disappointing that must be.
I suppose I was blinded by love.
I never saw it.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, too.
"Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind; therefore is winged cupid painted blind.
" Shakespeare? Miles, I never saw that coming.
What did you expect? Machiavelli.
Wasn't the first time.
Excuse me? You asked me how I knew.
Stephen cheated on me before.
We went through some tough times, but we worked it out eventually.
They say power is the ultimate aphrodisiac, but it's an illusion.
It makes us self-involved.
We turn inward, and we don't see the things we should obvious things.
I've been looking inward a lot lately.
You know losing Stephen was the hardest thing I ever went through.
Now I feel like I'm losing him all over again.
And see? We thought we had nothing in common.
I guess we were wrong.
And when I'm President in four years, I'll make sure I have a job for you in my administration.
Now, there is the Miles Latham I've come to know and loathe.
Don't judge me too harshly, Madam Vice President.
Now that I'm single I just might call on you again.
_ _ Mmm.
_ _ _ Aaah! _ _ _ No! Thought you had a plane to catch.
Change of plans.
I had things under control.
I can see that.
You and me.
I win, the girl and family go free.
Hold on to that.
No? No.
_ _ _ Kill me! Kill me!! _ _ Aah! This is for my uncle.
Who do you want to honor? This is for someone who taught me that one man could make a difference.
Your father? No.
That badge looks good on you, by the way.
You wear it well.
Come on.
Come on.
Well, if John stayed behind, I'm sure he had a good reason.
Disobeying orders is becoming a habit with him.
In his line of work, you either follow orders or you get retired.
John still has a couple of good years left in him.
Not that kind of retirement.
Goodbye, John.
Vaya con dios, Luna.
Call her.
Who? Bogey's mom.
Diablo failed? This is what happens when you trust others to do a job you should do yourself.
Now they have the ledger and know about the mines.
What about Maccabee? Let's just say the situation between the two of us has improved considerably.
See that it stays that way.
We'll need her soon.
I'm so sorry.
That was rude of me to interrupt our business.
Now, where were we? _ _