Agent X (2015) s01e06 Episode Script


_ Okay, I'm with our boy.
Where are the feds? Don't worry.
They'll show.
They better.
I canceled a date with a new ballerina I met.
You know, for a so-called mentor, you're a terrible influence.
The ability to resist corruption is key to your training.
Raymond Marks, we honor your sacrifice.
Heads up.
Here come the feds.
Move, slowly.
- Enjoy.
- Get your hands off me.
And another scumbag vanishes into Witness Protection.
Tell me we did good.
We chose the lesser of the two evils.
Place your hand on the Bible, John.
I'd rather be beyond good and evil.
Time to call my tiny dancer.
- Hold on.
- What? "I, John Case, do solemnly swear " I, John Case, do solemnly swear The woman who just got in the car, she was down here on the dock.
To protect the Republic against all enemies, foreign and domestic - She had a purse.
- Ray, get off the boat! You gotta get off the boat, Ray! By any and all means necessary.
Get off now! - Ray, you gotta go! - Help me! So help me god.
Congratulations, son.
Your training period is officially over.
He thinks he could've found the bomb sooner.
But you told him it wasn't his fault, right? No, sir.
Why not? Because he's more useful to us this way.
I don't know! Hector, how'd you become a big-time drug dealer when you can't lie for shit? I swear I don't know! That's even less convincing.
Maybe you need a crash course in acting.
What do you think? We're heading towards a cliff, bro.
Yeah, and I'm losing patience.
Who sold Diablo the yellowcake? We're gonna die, bro! Yeah, probably.
Hugo Tulum! The leader of the people's liberation front of Chiapas? He trades yellowcake for arms.
What about our recently deceased C.
director? I don't know.
You gotta believe me.
- I Yeah, yeah, all right.
- I'm convinced.
You need a ride? Unh-unh.
No, that's okay,jefe.
Keep my car.
I'll walk.
You were bluffin'.
You weren't gonna go off that cliff, right? I don't know.
Director Lawson, Josh Robin, El Diablo Every day, the web of this conspiracy grows, and we still don't know who's at the center of it.
Unfortunately, our players keep dying.
Why would Gray be helping Hugo Tulum trade yellowcake uranium for arms? And why would they be pushing radioactive material out into the black market? You want me to head to Chiapas, bring Tulum in? No, too risky.
We could blow up their mines.
They'd just rebuild them.
What would you like to do? All you people don't know about lost causes.
Payne does.
He said once they were the only causes worth fighting for.
And he fought for them once, for the only reason that any man ever fights for them.
Because of just one plain, simple rule Love thy neighbor.
And in this world today filled with hatred, a man who knows that one rule has a great trust.
I watch this every time I have a crisis of faith in this town.
Right now, you're entitled to a little bit of doubt.
Doubt? I'm rapidly approaching paranoia.
I don't know who's got my back and who's stabbing it.
You just might be the only person I can trust now.
Given that, may I have a moment of your time? I have something that might be of interest to you.
The strongest lead we have in the conspiracy against you is Hugo Tulum.
Mexico's number one political terrorist.
- Yeah.
- I'm not sure he'll be very cooperative.
He may be, if we turn him from enemy to ally.
And on a global level, we also have the possibility of ending a major nuclear threat.
Excuse me, sir.
You wanna broker peace talks between the Mexican government and the P.
? Yes.
We do it in secret.
Small circle.
Me, Tulum, and the Mexican secretary of the interior.
To sweeten the deal, we add to our anti-narcotics package.
Checkbook diplomacy.
They'll say yes.
All right.
Good luck.
Thank you, sir.
Go see what's happening.
Uhh! You'll like the Caymans.
Nobody has a last name.
Oh, don't tell me.
Tell Secretary Castillo.
If pronouncing my name with a Castillian accent was meant to make me ashamed of my Spanish heritage, then you failed.
We're all Mexican.
Some of us more than others.
Let's leave the schoolyard insults out of this, and remember and focus on why we are all here.
John, status update? No, everything's great except for the part where the negotiation almost broke down - on the tarmac.
- What happened? We're at the airport About to head to the undisclosed location, and out of the blue, Tulum accuses Castillo of plotting to shoot down his helicopter.
Oh, well, he's probably still miffed over those five assassination attempts.
Fortunately, the vice-president came up with an ingenious solution.
Well? She put us all together on a Mexican military chopper.
Mutually assured destruction.
Fear will beat trust any day.
_ A Macuahuitl.
Mayan war club.
It's rare to see one with the obsidian edges intact like that.
I'm sorry.
Who are you? I'm a student of history.
You're not sitting with the other secret service agents.
I don't like 'em.
You're C.
- You speak English very well.
- My father taught me.
He learned it in California when he was a farm worker.
But I'm sure you read that in my C.
Dang it.
You caught me.
_ _ _ If you folks care to look out the starboard window, in just a few moments, you'll get a pretty good view of the recently discovered Ixtapa ruins.
Everyone talks about the Mayans' vast knowledge of astronomy and mathematics.
Nobody talks about their military genius.
I didn't realize the Mayan empire extended this far north.
You study the Maya much? My husband and I toured the ruins near Tonina.
When the Europeans were still in the dark ages, you guys were mapping the stars.
We're already sitting here.
Come again? You don't have to flatter us.
You wanted us here, and here we are.
I saw that.
What? - You rolled your eyes.
- I just looked at the vice president.
Actually, you did.
You rolled your eyes.
You're right.
My apologies, madam.
Of course the man with the polished shoes admits he's wrong to the woman with the silk blouse.
You can't have slaves without war.
You can't have war without weapons.
I mean, look at this thing.
It's so simple and elegant.
Virtually invisible when it attacks you.
Like this.
_ _ _ My daughter Maria.
I'm missing her quinceañera to be here.
Thank you.
She's beautiful.
Thank you.
She should be.
That dress cost a small fortune.
They're here.
Peace talks scuttled by a tragic helicopter crash.
Still out of range.
You Marxists always confuse success with crime.
Some of the most successful people in the world are criminals.
Still out of range.
When? You've indoctrinated your daughter well, Hugo.
But you'd be smart not to let her do the talking for you when the negotiations start.
Oh, she talks for herself and thinks for herself, too Something I bet they don't teach your daughter in her private school.
You attack my child, a 15-year-old girl? You see the mentality we've been up against? Attack your child? Your elitist policies attack every child in my state.
I think I've been more than polite up to this moment, but now I'm done.
I knew this was a waste of time.
He was never gonna give back our lands, even if we turn over the mines.
We'll never find out, now will we? - Turn this helicopter around! - Gentlemen Fire! What's going on?! We have total electrical malfunction! Everybody, buckle up! Throw a rock in a stream in just the right place You can change its course forever.
Madam Vice President, are you okay? Yeah.
You? Yeah.
Aah! John, he's very badly hurt.
You okay? All right, everybody, off! Off! Let me help you.
Hey, hey! - You okay? - Yeah, I'm okay.
Is everybody else okay? Don't touch it! It could collapse the lung.
- I need your scarf.
- It's on my bag.
I'll get it.
We have to apply pressure to the wound.
Hold your hands there.
Okay, put your hands right here.
- Madam? - Any survivors? No.
Again! Come on! It's our backup helo.
Hey! You'll be okay.
Aquí! Now! Whoo! Move it! We gotta confirm the kills and get the hell outta here.
Everybody, check your phones if you've got 'em.
- It's in my bag, John.
- I'm on it.
There's nothing here.
What's going on? We were shot down by an E.
Those electromagnetic things that the cops fritz cars to a stop? Yeah, but way more powerful.
Whoever wants to kill us has some serious toys at their disposal.
Who? A drug cartel? Another rebel group? _ _ Nicholas Volker.
I was trading my yellowcake for his military arms.
He didn't want our business to be disrupted by a treaty, so I told him to go to hell.
We are not safe here.
Let's find cover and wait for rescue.
Your C.
guy is right.
Gabriel needs medical attention now.
- Ixtapa.
- There's an archaeological team.
- They've got medical and comms.
- She's right.
- Where's Ixtapa? - It's that way.
- Follow the riverbed.
- Stay out of sight.
- I'll catch up.
- Come on.
Come on.
I got your phone.
No signal from either helo.
President, you do realize you're not supposed to be down here.
Protocol 9.
When the vice president is incapacitated or dead, their predecessor assumes temporary control of the brotherhood until they return to service or until a replacement is found.
And are you so sure that the vice president and John are lost? D.
has just reported that they've lost an E.
Hell of a coincidence.
Coincidences don't exist, do they, Malcolm? I am so sorry.
I never should have approved this mission.
This E.
cannon How the hell did they get their hands on it? It was in transit, but then it was rerouted into an ambush by an encrypted e-mail.
Wait a minute.
Are you saying that our most secure computer network has been hacked? And it gets worse.
We can't even find the hole.
Okay, I got him.
I got him.
I got him.
We can't rest here long.
If he doesn't get medical attention soon, he'll bleed out.
Can you remove my tie, please? You didn't tell us you were being threatened by Volker.
The government could have protected you.
Then you would own me, and I wouldn't get the land that I promised my people.
You're right.
It's easier, yes? To tell the truth, even if it's ugly.
I've been in worse situations.
I'm just worried about my father.
I warned him desperately not to trade the yellowcake with Volker.
Why isn't he listening? He said that no one would ever come to the bargaining table unless they were afraid of us.
Over here! Open it.
Aah! So what are you doing this weekend? Uh, I don't know.
Maybe this outdoor screening of "Alien" they're having at the Smithsonian.
Oh, my god.
I love "Alien"! Me, too.
It's like "Jaws" in space.
Uh - I - Cool.
So I'll I'll see you Monday.
Oh! Yeah.
I'll see you Monday.
- Cool.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- All right.
See you Monday.
You blew it, Jerold.
In love, as in war, hesitation is death.
What do you want with me? Sir.
I have another assignment for you.
Come on.
- Do I have - Yes, you have to.
Come on.
Let me help.
- I got him.
- Thank you.
Got him? Didn't know blowing up helicopters was in the secret service handbook.
Yeah, well, I'm a full service provider.
What can I say? Oh, my god! You have a back door into D.
's mainframe? The division has a worm in its network.
I need you to find it and track it back.
So this is, like, another national emergency.
Yes, Jerold.
Does this thing have a bathroom? Oh, my god.
It's so tiny.
I'm sure.
Do we do we have to sh share it or I'll just hold it.
Aah! I can walk! Good.
Do it.
Ow! Aah! Uhh! Ooh.
You got something? The back door into D.
's system wasn't opened by a virus.
It's embedded in the original code.
Here, I think I can track down the server accessing it.
The individual who wrote that code would never compromise his country.
How do you know? Because it's the same person who created our network and gave us the back door you're using right now.
Oh, what, you think I wrote the code? Now I get it.
What's "it"? This was all, like a security test, right? You lost me, Jerold.
The back door into D.
was accessed through your server.
Yeah, Jerold, it was a test.
Test passed.
I'm scared.
I found them.
No, Angelica, it's It's all right.
I'm used to this.
Let's worry about the living.
We need to get medical supplies now.
If I don't stitch him up soon, he'll die.
You've done this before? I've done surgical duty since I was 12.
I got this.
Let's go.
Okay, good, then I'm gonna look for comms and let search and rescue know where to find us.
- Got it.
- This is a supply tent.
Stay together.
All right.
Let's go.
Now, Jerold don't worry.
I've already forgotten everything.
Uh, there is one thing that you should remember.
Call the girl and ask her to the damn movie.
- What do you need? - I need a needle to sew up the wound and some alcohol to sterilize it.
Yes, Malcolm.
Jesse Alexander is behind the leak.
He used the back door that he built for us for his own purposes.
That's impossible.
We vetted Jesse thoroughly before we used him, and you followed protocol precisely, right? To the letter.
I always had him wear a hood, and I fed him a black ops cover story.
Frankly, I am stunned that he betrayed us.
Do you know where to find him? On my way.
Of course.
I saw the way you looked at me back there.
You judged me for exposing my daughter to such awful things.
It's just, I've spent my life protecting my daughter from all the ugliness in this world.
While I've been teaching my Angelica to eliminate it.
There's been a price.
Perhaps too high.
Maybe But not many 16-year-old girls who can fire a gun and sew up a chest wound.
Come on.
Of course.
Here we go.
Hello? Malcolm, it's John.
Where are you? Our helicopter went down.
We are in the Chiapas mountains, archaeological base camp.
I don't know, somewhere near Ixtapa.
- The vice president? - She's safe for now.
All right, I'll dispatch rescue immediately.
Listen, there's something you should know.
The thing Nicholas Volker took us down with was some kind of E.
Yeah, I think I know where he got it.
Any idea where he is? Dead, I hope.
I left him a care package at the crash site.
- Well done.
White hats on the way.
- Copy.
What? You're so young.
Not so young.
It's just that girls your age in the states, you know, they're chasing boys and Worried about their grades, trying to get into a good college.
All of that seems unimportant when there's a war to win.
How old were you when the war started for you? I was 9.
Do you miss being a kid? How can I miss something I never knew? Found a satellite phone.
Help's on the way.
Take a sip.
We won't get any answers from Jesse.
He's dead.
It looks like Volker tortured him to get our pass codes and then left him to bleed out.
Judging by morbidity, I'd say over a week ago.
How did Volker even know about Jesse and his connection - to our network? - Hold on.
Malcolm? Done.
- No, no.
- What's happening? The shard must have punctured his lung.
Get me a syringe.
Stay with me, okay? What are you gonna do? He's got a lot of pressure in his lung.
If I don't release it, he could die.
Can you release it? If I find the spot between his second and third rib.
- And if you don't? - It could kill him.
John? I need light.
It's gotta be the generator.
Hugo, take watch out front.
This is for just in case.
Hurry! Aah! He's losing consciousness.
This is it, I think.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Good guy.
He ran through here.
I think I winged him.
Went through there.
Um hold that.
Nice job.
Are you okay? Oh, yeah.
I'm great.
Be right back.
You're on sacred ground.
The great Mayan ball court.
Warriors battled on this very spot, trying to knock the ball through one of those hoops.
The winners were treated as gods.
The losers sacrificed to the gods while thousands cheered.
You see, John, we're creatures of war.
When it doesn't exist, we create it! A fitting place for us to meet again.
What are you talking about? Really? I'll give you a hint.
Help me! Help me! You're dead.
Ray? Oh, the secrets I could tell you.
Uhh! Show it to me.
He left it in Jesse's hand as a warning to us.
- Watch your hand.
- Yeah.
The medal's gone.
This was never Ray's body.
- Any sign of him? - No, ma'am.
Oh, John.
Thank god.
I thought we'd lost you.
Who knew you could be so sentimental? Where is he? You really care? Every agent's expendable, right? I know I was.
Goddamn it, no more games! Malcolm? Apologies, ma'am.
I I thought you were someone else.
Well, I'll remember to stay on your good side.
- Where are you headed now? - Home.
- Negotiations broke down.
- Still don't know.
Any word on John? No, ma'am.
Well, if you get some, call me immediately, okay? This is how he would've wanted to die.
With his ancestors.
As a warrior.
I love you, papí.
You're looking at the new head of the people's liberation front of Chiapas.
A Mayan Joan of Arc.
You know, the Mexican government won't give them any land back.
You can't fix 500 years of history with one treaty.
Can make reparations.
Reparations? Mexico's broke.
We can't even pay our own debts.
Use the proceeds from the yellowcake that she now controls.
Selling them only to the energy industry, of course.
Angelica will never surrender the mines to us.
She might, if we put it under the supervision of the U.
, as well as all of the accounting.
Money buys land, Gabriel.
And money buys political muscle for Angelica.
It'll still be a tough sell to my government.
But as I've already seen, you make a pretty passionate argument.