Agent X (2015) s01e07 Episode Script

The Long Walk Home

_ You're not here, man.
I saw you die, right? Help me! You're right.
Ray Marks is dead.
He died on that boat.
But that day, a new man was born, a better man.
Nicholas Volker.
Where's John? I've accessed all surveillance satellites.
Indications are Volker has him.
Has? As in kidnapped? There was no body left behind, which means John's probably alive.
How'd they get out? Through Colombian air space.
Best guess is Volker has the assistance of F.
Colombia have any Intel on this? Not much.
So Volker just kills with impunity, kidnaps John, and we don't do anything.
It's bad enough we don't even know who this guy is or where he comes from.
Oh, please don't tell me he's one of ours.
No, ma'am, he is definitely not one of ours.
I want sit rep on my desk by the time I get back from Mexico.
And don't give me any of your best guesses.
Yes, ma'am.
Odessa, huh? You must have saved up an awful lot of frequent-flyer miles to bring us here.
'Cause only Ukrainians drink Horilka? No one's made radio tubes like that since World War II.
This is a Soviet bunker.
We always loved our history.
I just don't want you to repeat it.
Why Volker? Teutonic origins.
"People's defender.
" So that's what you think you've been up to? You think I've become an animal? Nuclear accident in Marseille, suicide/murder of the Argentinean prime minister, selling off stolen nukes to the highest bidder.
Yeah, I think you're an animal.
_ Hands.
Stay strong.
Come on.
Let's go.
You take a bullet for all your new recruits? Don't be such a narcissist.
I'm an aid worker.
They think I'm a spy.
- No.
Not our mission.
- Help me, please! - No time.
They're coming.
- I'm not a spy.
Help me.
Clear! It's Malcolm.
He used to be one of us.
- Now he works for us.
- Yeah, don't rub it in.
Who in the hell are you guys? - Ride's here.
- Don't leave without me.
Hey, where precisely do you think you're going? Left something behind.
You didn't really think I was gonna leave her, did you? _ All right, so, if you wanted me dead, you would have killed me already.
What the hell are we doing down here? Catching up on old times? Everything you said, I did for good reason.
You always trusted me.
Yeah, I did.
I guess I just missed the part about you being a sociopath.
But you're not? Oh, wait, I forgot.
You kill for flag and country.
You're living the same lie I was.
Lucky me.
You swooped in to teach me different.
Okay, okay, okay.
Krav Maga.
A little Aikido.
There's the judo.
Special Forces playbook CQC.
See, I know how this works, right? I've seen this bit.
You train me on the beach, I go win the karate tournament, then I get the girl? No tournament, John.
Every fight is for real.
When you're tired, train harder.
I'm here to save your life.
_ "Portable Nietzsche.
" Of course it is.
Try it.
You might learn something.
"In heaven, all of the interesting people are missing.
" Need something to help make sense of it all.
Well, that beer makes sense of it all.
What have we got here? Sir.
Buy us a drink? We'll buy you a bunch of drinks.
Can you remove that straw and toothpick without touching either them or the bottle? Can I use my mouth? No.
Give up? Hmm.
- Oh! - Hey! Hey, I have a disappearing trick that I wanted to show you, but it works better in my room.
All right, man, listen, that's gonna be a whole lot of trouble that I don't want to get into.
I got a good thing with Pamela.
I don't want to mess that up.
You're gonna need this.
Yours is Argentine intelligence.
Inside her room is a hotel safe.
Inside the safe is a bag of diamonds.
Get them and get out.
Meet you out front in 15 minutes.
Good? Coming or what? Nice view.
I knew you liked it rough.
Actually, you know what, I'm not quite ready yet.
It's okay.
I'll freshen up.
You don't have any diseases, right? Just a little hay fever.
You're funny.
So much more important than looks.
Hey, honey, just hang on a sec.
I'm not quite Oh, that's okay.
You don't have to call me "honey.
" When I'm done with you, you're gonna call me "papa.
" Now, who do you work for? Are you as good a kisser as she is? Aah! Missed you outside the hotel.
The diamonds happened to be shaped like a big, bald-headed dude.
No shit.
Did that on purpose? Got to be sure you can improvise.
In our business, you always need a contingency plan.
You did good today, John.
Malcolm okay with all this? All that matters is I am.
They betrayed me.
Who's "they"? Same people who are betraying you.
All right, everybody stays outside.
Yes, sir.
Apologies for having you come over here, Mr.
President, but I thought it would be safer.
Well, you got my attention.
We've identified Volker.
He's Ray Marks.
He's alive.
You planted a bomb on his boat.
How can you be certain? It's not a voice you're likely to forget, Mr.
He called me.
He has John.
Do you have any good news? There is a way.
Neese Rollins.
And another scumbag vanishes into witness protection.
Neese has been in WITSEC for years.
Do you even know where he is? No, Mr.
I don't.
And now I know why you called me.
Neese is the only other person who could know what happened that day.
I have kept the Vice President in the dark so far.
She'll need deniability in Case this all goes to hell.
Yes, sir.
All right.
I'll make the call and locate him, but you've got to do the rest.
And you're not agent x anymore, which means that you do this as a private citizen.
And, Malcolm, this time, make damn well sure that Ray is dead.
You need to drink.
You need to un-cuff me.
Not until I can trust you.
Might be a while.
You still don't get it, do you? We are miles apart.
And I don't think we've ever been closer.
Really? How's that? What have you got in your life? Nothing.
I've been you Working out in a windowless room, watching others reap the benefits from your work.
You told me if I wanted a friend in this business, I should get a dog.
You did.
Malcolm made you leave him in exchange for new friends like Neese.
_ Wake up, Neese.
Go ahead and cuff me.
We both know I'm far too valuable to your government for you to kill me.
Don't be so sure.
I dare you.
Boom! Stop.
Go ahead! Tell me again! - Who gives the orders?! - Stop.
Ray, you shoot him, I shoot you.
You still quick enough? Try me.
Ray, you shoot him, I shoot you.
You still quick enough? Try me.
That's it.
Ray, take your gun out of his mouth.
Your head's always been so far up his ass.
You could never tell that scumbag's the biggest liar of them all.
Don't feel bad.
He got me, too.
Right, so, you take me prisoner, you shackle me to a table, and Malcolm's the one who's dirty? Now we're getting somewhere.
Calling bullshit.
Good for you.
Blindly loyal until the end.
I didn't think I'd be seeing you again.
Seems to be a lot of that going around.
Have you talked to Ray I mean, Volker lately? Not since you ordered me to put a bomb on his boat and he went boom.
A relatively easy task which you managed to screw up somehow.
Or was that the plan all along? You got it, John.
Good, old, honest Malcolm ordered me, Agent X, to be assassinated.
I didn't double-cross anyone.
You here to kill me? I'm here to find the truth.
Truth is I won't be sleeping with either eye closed again Now that Ray's gonna be coming for a visit.
At my 10:00, that van out there And it's the second time that fella behind us has glanced in our direction.
Could be marshals keeping an eye on me.
You ever know a federal agent to turn down a free meal? Son of a bitch Volker set me up.
You mean us.
They use us until we start asking questions, and then they kill us.
Won't be any different for you.
I'm pretty sure Vice President Maccabee has no idea what her steward is doing right now.
Intercepted this a little while ago.
It's bad enough we don't even know who this guy is or where he comes from.
Oh, please don't tell me he's one of ours.
No, ma'am.
He is definitely not one of ours.
Malcolm lied to me, you, and now the Vice President.
When you can no longer tell the difference between yourself and the enemy, you know it's time to get out.
When's it gonna end, John? You comfortable enough over there? All right, here's the deal.
One time offer.
You let me go right now And what? You give me immunity? No, actually, I was gonna say when I kill you, I'll make it quick.
Sorry about the taser, Malcolm.
I take it you're still in good enough shape to handle it.
You man up and face me, Ray.
You'll find out what I can handle.
We don't have the luxury of time, so please pay attention closely.
Here you go, little girl.
- Beautiful daughter you have there, Mommy.
- Thanks.
You touch my daughter, you sick son of a bitch, and I'll kill you.
You tried to kill me.
I deserve to do the same to you.
But I need something first.
What could I possibly have that you don't already have access to? Control of the ops room.
Go to hell.
The Van carrying you will arrive at the tunnel entrances in 20 minutes.
At that point, you'll give me access to the ops room or your family dies And my man is gonna take his time with your granddaughter.
Take care of her.
Be a shame if something happens.
If Malcolm wanted you dead, I'm sure he had a good reason.
Why Neese Rollins? The butcher of Biysk.
You know how he got that name.
Orchestrated a plane crash that killed 153 passengers on board, all so one wouldn't testify against him.
Seven of the dead were children.
The witness who was gonna testify in seat 17a was a friend of mine, Igor Romanov.
So why is Neese free while I'm being hunted? 'Cause I had the audacity to call an animal like that out.
And then Neese brokers a deal to give Intel on rival crime lords in exchange for a comfortable new life in WITSEC, all at the taxpayers' expense.
My crime I dared to question it.
That's when I knew I was gonna be killed.
It's always a familiar face that comes for you.
What made you so sure it was gonna be Malcolm? We don't survive this long without developing a sixth sense.
That, and I tapped his phone.
Bad news is they're coming for you next.
I am not you.
Enough missions, you will be, one way or another.
John, they never let any of us live.
Why? We just know too much? We know the truth.
So you left, right? You became the people's defender.
I don't buy it.
Who are you really fighting for? You mean arming rebels against an oppressive state? Deposing a ruthless dictator? I'm fighting for the side of right.
I was there, man.
How did you escape? - _ - Malcolm: Heads up.
Here come the feds.
This our guy? Enjoy.
And another scumbag vanishes into witness protection.
Tell me we did good.
We chose the lesser of two evils.
I'd rather be beyond good and evil.
Nothing you haven't seen before.
I needed to create a path for the flames to follow, just like the liquor in the bottle.
The chemical vapors directed the fireball outside towards the oxygen-rich air, away from my hiding spot below deck.
Ray, get off the boat! You got to get off the boat, Ray! Get off now! After the blast When I was a kid, I always wanted to be Captain America.
Now I'm finally doing it.
You may be Agent X for your country.
I'm Agent X for the whole world.
Join me.
Step up and become a real hero.
If you're not with me, you're with them.
Dang it.
I'm home.
So, does your family live or die? How do I know I can trust you? Because all I have left is my word, and I've never broken it.
You blame me.
So why not just kill me? Walk away, and we're even.
I will.
But that's not what's gonna settle things up.
- You took an oath.
- I honored mine.
None of you did.
Sick bastard.
I should have listened to the shrink's report about you.
Oh, really? And what was that? Bed wetter.
Shut up and call the President.
I don't think so.
I'm not gonna summon the President of the United States down here so you can kill him.
Then your family dies.
I need to go to the Vice President's residence immediately.
Yes, sir.
See, that wasn't so hard a decision.
Let's see how you get on with this next one.
World war I pilots carried a pistol.
When their plane was shot up, they had the option to take their own lives rather than burn alive in the crash.
A warrior's death.
More than you ever gave me.
Over here! You do not get off that easy.
We need to warn the President.
Branch 1830.
Open the doors.
I can't.
Open them now.
You may think you know what's going on here.
I had nothing to do with that.
Do not play games with me, Malcolm.
Ray is in control.
- Control of what? - Everything.
Look me in the eye.
You betrayed your country, you betrayed the program, and you betrayed me! He left me no choice.
You said so yourself.
There's always a choice! He was going to kill Kill my family.
What are you talking about? He has my daughter and my granddaughter hostage.
Don't make me regret this.
Tell me why I should trust you.
I saw you and Neese.
You don't understand, John.
Understand what? When it's my turn to die? I don't get to make decisions based on feelings.
I chose to follow orders.
Like you chose to save your family? - Oh, boy.
- "Oh, boy.
" All right, John, I'm not you.
I'm not even close.
- And you may hate me, but.
- I don't want to hear it! - I'm sick and tired of your games.
- Right now, you and I have to work together, or the President of the United States is gonna be dead in minutes! You're right.
Exactly how do we get out of here? These walls are lined with solid steel.
The system was designed for remote-control possibilities, but never more than one at a time.
We still have access to our databases, right? Yeah, but it's a completely different server field than the ones that control the locking mechanisms.
We have every computer virus that's ever been made stored right here.
Yeah, but You're going to deliberately initiate a catastrophic failure of the V.
residence systems? You got an alternative? We'll be blind minimum of 10 minutes before the system comes back up, if the system comes back up.
I mean, that means no alarms, no lights.
The President's a sitting duck.
I'll take care of the President.
Come on.
Well, first, we'll flood the server with requests.
That'll slow it down.
Is this gonna take a long time? It's a little more complicated than tossing a grenade.
Add to that an updated version of stuxnet And our devices will begin to self-destruct.
And there is no going back from this.
That's the plan.
Push the button.
Hello again, boss.
Or should I say Mr.
President? We don't have this kind of time, Malcolm.
How long is it gonna go? Wait for it.
Wait for it.
Son of a bitch.
Where's John? Where's Malcolm? They made their choices just like you.
You became dangerous.
You were gonna kill Neese.
And for good reason.
Your job was to follow orders.
What should I have done? Sent you to therapy? You're a trained killer.
You left me no choice.
Is that what you tell yourself "it was for the good of the country"? It was the right decision.
And so is the one I'm making now.
The Agent X program ends today.
You're insane.
And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane By those who could not hear the music.
Today! It ends today! No! Careful, John.
What doesn't kill me makes me stronger.
Then I'll just kill you, then.
Looking for this? Should have taken me up on my offer.
I taught you everything you know, John.
Not everything I know.
You shouldn't sell yourself short, Ray.
You taught me plenty.
We need to interrogate him.
Go ahead.
Do it.
You're not him.
I'm not you, either.
Daddy, what's going on? Are you with the FBI? Yes.
Then you're safe.
That's all that matters now.
I love you.
I love you both.
I got to go.
What am I missing, Ray? What's your contingency plan? You always have one.
That's my boy.
You feeling okay, Mr.
President? No, I'm just You know, I'm feeling a little lightheaded.
Give me a second, will you, guys? Time? Code red.
Potus is down! Potus is down! Uhh!