Agents of Mystery (2024) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

[XIN] You have been selected
as our agents.
Investigate the phenomena
taking place within the abandoned factory.
Determine whether the three
missing persons are alive
-[Hye-ri] Look at this.
-and rescue them.
[XIN] The maximum time is six hours.
[Do-hoon] We have to find something.
There are people walking around.
[Eun-ji] Could he be the cult leader?
[Hye-ri] There's something
written on the wall.
It must be a code.
This has to be the security room.
-The law. Yes.
-[Karina] You're right.
[John] So this part here
is the same as this part.
-[Karina] Yup.
-[John] And then this and this.
[Karina] These are someone's things.
We just have his wallet
and some sort of metal box.
-[John] Hey, there's something in here.
[Karina] It's a badge. He's a reporter.
Yeah, you were barely managing to breathe.
-I know, I was stressed.
Anything could be in here.
[all scream]
[theme music playing]
[theme music ends]
[Yong-jin] Okay, okay.
[keys jingle]
-I'll hold on to the keys, okay?
-Yong-jin, wait. Careful.
[Do-hoon] Anything could be inside.
-[all shrieking]
[Yong-jin] Hey!
-[Do-hoon] Okay, okay?
You you all right?
[man barking]
[exclaims in disbelief]
[Hye-ri exclaims]
So it was like because I didn't anticipate
that something would be there at all,
I tripped over myself, you know?
I wiped out.
Did you see?
I had no idea Hye-ri had fallen
because I jumped into the other booth
and locked myself in.
[scared exhales]
Honestly, it was pretty selfish of me.
I almost jumped out of my skin.
[Yong-jin] I haven't been that scared
in as long as I can remember.
Out of nowhere
[imitates barking]
See? Scared you, didn't I?
-[Karina] Is he tied up?
-Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Is that the reporter?
-Is it?
-You think?
[Karina] A wallet.
An access card.
It's a badge. He's a reporter.
-Is it him?
-You okay? You okay?
-[Yong-jin sighs]
-[Hye-ri] It's okay.
Grab that walkie-talkie,
someone dropped theirs.
-[Karina] Is it Yong-jin's?
-[Yong-jin] It's mine, it's mine.
-What do we do here? Wait, what do we do?
-[Hye-ri] Good question.
He must be the reporter.
You all right?
-[Yong-jin] You okay?
-I don't think he understands.
[Hye-ri] Mm-mm.
-Did you lock it again?
-[Do-hoon] We did, yeah.
Shouldn't we rescue him?
-What if he bites us, though?
-But I don't think
I don't think we can take him with us.
-Why's he acting like a dog?
-Should we give him the dog food?
Dog food? You mean the bag we found?
That's it!
Why is there dog food?
-[Karina] Oh, god, guys, this is nuts.
-Yeah, in the storage room.
[Karina] Found it.
Hey, who got a look at him?
Was he tied up?
-Yeah, he has a leash on.
-No way.
[Hye-ri] He was?
-Did you see?
-He has a leash on?
-Yeah, he does. He's chained up.
-Then should we open the door?
-[Hye-ri] If it's safe?
-Okay, look, I'll just crack
the door slightly,
so you can check it out.
-Okay. I'm telling you he has a leash on.
-[Do-hoon] Give me a sec.
-Rina, he's wearing a leash.
-[Do-hoon] Gotta find the key.
-[Eun-ji] We're gonna open it.
Do you guys think, like,
they did something to him?
-[Karina] Maybe.
-You know, to make him this way?
-[Karina] Is there a bowl?
-Shouldn't we try to talk to him?
[Karina] Good idea.
I gotta start over.
I don't know, guys. What do you think,
Oppa, should we open it?
I think so. The clue's in there.
That's what I think.
[Yong-jin] Know what I mean?
Ah, I don't think I can handle this.
-[John] We need to open it again.
-Yeah, definitely. We need to open it.
-[Eun-ji] I saw water over there.
Okay, I'll I'll bring the water too.
-It's open.
-[Yong-jin] Yeah?
-[Do-hoon] Should I?
-Yeah, just a crack, yeah.
-[Do-hoon] A crack.
-We're opening it.
-Let's try and talk to him.
-[Do-hoon] Wait.
-[Hye-ri] Let's try.
-A crack, just to here.
[man barking]
[Yong-jin shushes gently]
[Yong-jin] Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, hey, here you go.
[Do-hoon] Throw him the whole bag.
Oh, look, he's eating, he's eating.
-He is?
-[Yong-jin] Yeah, yeah, look.
-[Eun-ji] Really?
-[Do-hoon] How did he get like this?
-[Eun-ji] Give him some water.
-Here, here.
-Give him some water, he's thirsty.
Open it, open the door. Here.
That's it. Careful, careful, careful.
-[Karina] Here.
-[John] Watch out.
John, get a photo of his face.
Yeah, there were some symbols
on his face, right here.
-There's something on his face, here.
-You think I should try to hold him?
-[Karina] No, don't do that.
-[Eun-ji] Oppa, why why don't
I take some photos first?
[gasps] Oh, my god!
-Is it him?
-Is it the reporter?
Woah. Rina.
-Hye-ri, yeah, it's him, look.
-[Hye-ri] Is it him?
At first, I thought this guy
had somehow been captured,
that he was one of the people
who had been abducted.
But when I saw his face,
I realized he was the reporter
from the half-burnt wallet.
-Mr. Jin, hey.
-[Karina] His face
-Here's water.
-Mr. Jin?
-Take it easy.
-Mr. Jin Sil-man?
-That's it.
There's a there's a key around his neck.
I think we should probably
get that off him.
Oh, no, he really is the reporter.
Should we bring him out here?
-[Karina] He's friendly now.
-It's okay.
-It's okay, boy.
It's all right.
Yong-jin just treated him
so sweetly, so gently,
petting him, going like [smooches]
and all that.
I've had dogs for the last 20 years,
so I know pretty well
where they like to be petted.
[Yong-jin] My dog likes his chin
and his back scratched.
I petted him exactly like I do my dog.
How could this happen?
They've completely
turned him into a puppy.
Did you get the necklace off?
-[Hye-ri] We need to get it off.
-[Yong-jin] Okay.
[Hye-ri] We need the key, right?
[Yong-jin] Who's a good boy?
[Hye-ri] I'll take it.
What were the things we couldn't open?
-The box. The one Do-Hoon found.
-[Karina] That's right.
-That's right, let's go get it.
-It was the reporter's, yeah.
-[Do-hoon] It worked.
-[Hye-ri] It's open.
A memory card?
-[Hye-ri] There's like, uh, a notepad.
-Right. Totally.
[Hye-ri] It must be Jin Sil-man's
reporter notepad.
-He must've come here to investigate.
"The Nojin-eup, Geumseong-si police
received three missing person reports."
-Right, right.
-"Ko Nae-jung, Na Gang-rae, Shin Ye-rim."
-Yeah, those three.
-The girls.
"The women don't know each other,
they have no connections."
-[Yong-jin] They have the same birthday.
Yes, exactly. It's written here.
-That's what it says. Their birthdays.
"Ko Gui-tae, the factory owner,
was aware of everything from the start."
"Twenty years ago, he was released
due to lack of evidence."
"Prosecution was not pursued."
"Sil-man tried to figure out
Ko Gui-tae's connection to the girls,
and considered trying to inform"
He crossed out "inform the authorities."
-He didn't report it.
-"Inform the authorities"
-He just went in alone.
He wasn't able to. They got to him first.
[Hye-ri] "The Church of Molek."
-The Church of Molek, the Law of Molek
-[Do-hoon] Molek. Interesting.
"A satanic cult
that worships their deity, Molek."
"They have
their own secret writing system."
"A type of demon, with the head of a bull
who demands child sacrifice."
-[Eun-ji] Children?
-If it's bad, they do it.
[Karina] Oh, wait! There's something here.
-He's deciphered Yes, yeah.
-It's translated.
-"Molek is"
-[Do-hoon] "Returning." Returning
These are the characters
we first saw in the hallway.
So it means that Molek will return.
The symbols on the wall and this here.
[John] "Molek is returning."
So that's what it meant.
We were able to make the connection.
The journalist had symbols
written on his cheek under his eye.
[Eun-ji] That means
[Yong-jin] We thought, "Wouldn't
these symbols also appear in their rules?"
So we made comparisons to find
any overlaps, any similar sequences.
[Yong-jin] I found it.
See what's written here?
-It's the same as the top.
-[Karina] What is it?
-"Traitors are no different than animals."
-[Karina] Oh, my god.
-[John] He's a traitor.
-[Eun-ji] Really?
-[John] According to them.
-That's why they
-[Yong-jin] See, they're the same.
-That's why they did this to him.
-Into a dog.
-[Yong-jin] Yes.
It's one of the rules.
Traitors should be treated like animals.
[Karina] This is the worst.
That just really, really upset me.
We need to catch these guys.
Teach them a lesson.
"Ko Gui-tae is the leader."
-This guy?
They call him the Messenger.
"Current state of health, very bad."
"He only appears at Sunday assembly."
"The Messenger's private office
on the second floor
is inaccessible to regular members."
-Must be upstairs.
-[Do-hoon] The office?
[John] Think there's anyone up there?
"Okay, so, there's the Messenger
and also, there are five or six elders,
and at the assemblies,
about 100 regular members."
[Yong-jin] A hundred?
-"No sign of the three missing persons."
"Possible whereabouts,
first floor, prayer room, storage room,
security room, food storage."
[Hye-ri] "Search completed,
persons not found."
-So they're not here.
-They're in the meeting room
or upstairs in the office.
And the office is where
the, uh, the Messenger works.
"Assembly is every day,
main hall, 1:00 p.m."
"Members, elders, and Messenger attend."
"November 14th, 3:00 p.m.
Special ritual on the first floor."
"Messenger, elders,
and some members attended."
[Hye-ri] "Sorcery is expected."
It says, "Should I try filming?"
Maybe the reporter tried to film it
-and they caught him?
-[Do-hoon] "Should I try filming it?"
What does it say on the next page?
-I don't think he was able to film it.
-[Yong-jin] Probably not.
-"Second-floor secret room."
-[Hye-ri] "Second-floor secret room."
-[Eun-ji] Secret room?
-[Do-hoon] What's this?
-And then here, there's some sort of
-[John] "Secret room."
-This thing. Yeah.
-[Karina] Thorns?
-There's a drawing here.
-Maybe it's a clue.
We need to take this. We need it.
-[John] Definitely.
-Yeah, I'll keep it with me.
[Eun-ji] Oh, man, this is scary.
My heart's beating so fast.
-Oh, and That's right.
-Hang on. Wait
-We have this too. We have the SD card.
-Yeah, we have it.
-What's that?
-An SD card.
Can we see what's on it now?
-The camera!
-We could try it.
Oh, that's right.
He said, "Should I try filming?"
-Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-He might have already filmed it.
[Yong-jin] We can
swap the cards maybe?
But this looks like a Micro SD card.
-[Yong-jin] Yeah, but it should still fit.
-[Do-hoon] You think so?
-[John] Yeah. I think it'll work.
-[Hye-ri] Put it in here, in the adapter.
-In here. This piece?
-Like this?
-[Yong-jin] Exactly, like that.
[Hye-ri] I bet that's it.
Let's see.
-[Yong-jin] Try turning it on.
-My head hurts.
-[Karina] For real.
-Aw, man.
I really think this show
is reducing my lifespan.
-Is it working? Give it a sec.
-I'm turning it on.
[Yong-jin] What? No image?
-Maybe he didn't film it.
-Oh. Maybe not.
-Video mode.
-We must've pressed
-the wrong button, then. Yeah, okay.
-Try it again, Yong-jin.
-[Do-hoon] Did I put it in wrong?
-This is nuts.
[Yong-jin] Yeah, it looks like
-Maybe Yeah.
-Try pressing that.
-It's not It's not compatible.
-[Eun-ji] Yeah?
-[Do-hoon] No?
-What do you mean?
-[Yong-jin] I don't think so.
-Wait, why not?
I think this is a microSD card,
like for phones.
So then this could be
the card they removed
-from Sil-man's cell phone, right?
-[Eun-ji] Yes.
-Yeah, that's probably it.
-[Hye-ri] They must've confiscated it
and kept it locked up.
-[Yong-jin] Right.
-[Hye-ri] Oh, man.
-Right, he filmed them.
-[Yong-jin] Maybe.
They took it because he recorded them.
-My head hurts.
What do we do, then?
Well, the three girls are still missing.
-We should look for them.
-We need to find them, don't we?
Okay, so the first floor
on this blueprint.
-We checked it.
-[John] Exactly, we checked most of it.
Food storage is over there
located on the first floor.
-[Eun-ji] Okay.
-Then there's the second floor.
[John] On the second floor,
we have the office and the meeting room.
So the girls are either
in the incinerator room,
food storage, the office
-or the meeting room.
-[Eun-ji] Where should we try first?
-We should see what's on that card.
-[Hye-ri] Here.
-Let's look for something to read it.
-[John] Yeah.
-We should get going.
-[John] We need to get on it.
-Come on.
-You ready?
-[Yong-jin] The clock's ticking.
-But how are we gonna get up there?
[Do-hoon] When we
were talking to each other
about all the pieces
of the puzzle that we had so far,
we figured out that we had
to go up to the second floor.
Hye-ri said that cult members
were walking around,
so I decided I would run over
and take a quick peek upstairs.
[Do-hoon] Nobody's upstairs now.
No one's up there.
-[Eun-ji] Just a peek?
-Should we take a look?
Yes, let's go. Let's stick together.
-It's scary.
-[Hye-ri] We have to be quiet, okay?
Aw, look, he's sleeping.
-Hey, Hye-ri.
Did you say that there
were cult members on the second floor?
-[Hye-ri] Yes.
-There's no one up there.
-[Hye-ri] Really?
-Are you sure you saw them?
-[Hye-ri] Yeah.
-No one's up there.
-What? No way.
-Not that I saw, nobody's upstairs now.
Oh! Look, there's no one upstairs.
-Nobody's there.
-Should we go up there, then?
Yeah, Oppa.
Hey, Oppa.
[Eun-ji] We're going up.
Just, just wait, the door might be locked.
And we'll just have
to turn around and go back down.
-Okay. We'll keep watch.
Take a look! Just a peek!
[Eun-ji] Hey, it's open, it's open.
-Come on, hurry up.
-Let's go.
[eerie music playing]
Is anyone up there?
-[Yong-jin] The coast is clear.
-[Hye-ri] He says it's clear.
Let's go.
[Karina] I'm not scared.
[eerie music continues]
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
-[Yong-jin] There's a laptop here.
-[Hye-ri] For the SD card. I've got it.
-Where's the card? Look.
Okay, this is the meeting room.
That's the office.
[Hye-ri] Oh! Is that
the same poster as before?
It's the same, right?
-The SD card. The card.
-I have it.
[Hye-ri] We need a password.
How do we figure it out?
Hey, could I have the microSD card
for a second,
-if you don't mind?
-[Hye-ri] Sure.
Yeah, good.
[Do-hoon] I saw a card slot on the side
of the laptop, so I thought,
"This must be it." So I put it in.
I'm scared.
Me too.
-[laptop chimes]
-[Yong-jin] Is it working?
-[Eun-ji] Got it?
-[Hye-ri] Did you get it?
-[Do-hoon] Yeah.
[Karina] Yes.
-We need the password.
Yong-jin, let's figure out
the password first.
-Good idea. Yeah. You're right.
-I think we need to find something
-that could be the password.
-Let's look around.
What could it be?
-I wonder
-[John] Hey, wait.
-[Hye-ri] Yeah.
-Wasn't there that hint in the notepad?
-What's this?
-[Eun-ji] Secret room?
And then there's this thing.
-[Karina] Thorns?
-There's a drawing here.
-It must be a clue.
-Yeah. Guys, the arrow.
-Yeah, the uh
Here, here, here.
It was like horns or something, wasn't it?
The camera. I got that too.
You know, you guys are really treating me
like a shopping bag here.
We need to take this.
-Yeah, I'll keep it with me.
-[Do-hoon] Hey, who's got the camera?
-Hey, do you have the camera?
-[Yong-jin] Yeah, I've got it.
-[Eun-ji] Yong-jin's got it.
I'm thinking maybe
overalls or cargo pants next time.
Something with lots of pockets, yeah.
-I'll carry it. I'll carry it.
-Somehow he's become a pack animal.
-[Karina] Come on.
Hey, bro, I'm carrying
stuff too, you know?
Oppa, I'm wondering, what if this laptop
actually belongs to the cult members
and not to the reporter?
In that case, wouldn't it be more likely
that the password
is something related to Molek?
-If that's true
-Why would this be the reporter's?
Do-hoon, Do-hoon,
you look through the notes,
-and we'll have a look around the room.
-Then maybe let's try "Molek is"
"Molek is turning. Molek is turning."
Should we try that?
"Molek is returning."
Oh, yeah, yeah,
"Molek is returning." Let's try that.
-Oppa, put this in, put this in.
-[John] Let's try that.
[Eun-ji] That's not it.
-Oh! Hye-ri, Hye-ri.
-[Hye-ri] Yeah?
-Look, there's a password hint below.
-Oh, what is it?
Guys, there's a password hint. Look here.
[John] When we typed in
the wrong password, it gave us a hint.
The strange characters that we've
been seeing all over the place popped up.
-Are these the same?
-[Yong-jin] I think so.
But this time,
we didn't see any of the words
that we knew from the sentence
"Molek is returning", you know?
It was just random symbols.
Okay. Wait, let me go get
the frame and bring it over.
-Bring that over here, yeah.
-Yeah, let's take a look.
Got it. I'm looking for parts that match.
[Yong-jin] I found it.
The thing that's written on top.
-[Karina] What is it?
-[Yong-jin] It's the same down here.
I'm sure we'll find some matching parts.
-Let's take a look.
-[Yong-jin] Yeah.
[Eun-ji] Anyone got a pen?
-[Karina] I brought one.
-[Do-hoon] Cool.
-[Eun-ji] Okay, good job, good job.
-[Karina] And paper.
Thanks. Well done, Rina.
You write them down.
-[John] Here?
-[Eun-ji] Right there, yeah.
-Write them on the paper.
We'll crack it, I'm sure.
[John] This one is this one.
The last one is this one.
[Yong-jin] There should be a
a linked one, like before.
-This is "morals," I've got it.
-[Yong-jin] This one?
That's it. It's "morals," yeah.
-[John] Okay, you think?
-[Eun-ji] It's gotta be.
[Hye-ri] Wait, why? Why is it "morals?"
[Eun-ji] So here, this thing here
that's shaped like an eight
is "morals," I'm sure of it.
-You have to put them together like that?
-Oh, it's "Molek," it's "Molek."
[Eun-ji] I bet that's what it means.
-[John] "Molek."
[Eun-ji] Something,
"Molek," something, something.
-Look for them separately.
-[Do-hoon] Separately?
-Yeah, try to find them separately.
-[Eun-ji] We found "Molek".
That's what this symbol means.
-Is that what we need to find?
[Do-hoon] The characters
we found there were the same ones
that appeared in the Law of Molek.
Because the sentences were written
in Korean underneath the hieroglyphs,
we were able to match one Korean character
to one hieroglyph,
but it didn't make sense that way.
[deep exhale]
I can't find it, can you?
I don't see it.
-It's not there, is it?
-No, it's not.
-Neither are these.
-[Do-hoon] I don't know. I don't see it.
It's not there.
[Do-hoon] I looked up
to the end, it's not here.
-[John] It's just not there.
-[Hye-ri] I can't find it either.
-No, it's strange.
Where is it?
Why isn't it there?
-Are we doing this right?
-[Karina] Nothing's matching.
[Eun-ji] We could be looking
at this the wrong way.
-Oh, wait, the notepad.
-Yeah, that's right.
Was there anything else in there?
Let me check.
[John] Maybe there's a decoding key.
[Do-hoon] Yeah, there could be
something in here.
-If not, we're out of luck.
-Look, it's all connected.
[John] Written on what we thought
was the last page of the notepad
were the words "second floor,
secret room," that's all it said.
And a drawing. Shaped like this.
[John] So I'm looking at it like,
"Hmm, what could this be?"
And when I turned the page,
I saw little lines down there.
And even more on the pages after that.
[Do-hoon] Yeah.
[Karina] Hmm?
-[Do-hoon] No way. Look at this.
What is it?
[Do-hoon] There's an image
coming together in the notepad, look.
[John] As we folded the pages back,
the lines connected to the ones
from the previous pages.
They were all connected together.
I don't think this
is the computer password hint though.
[Hye-ri] Then what is it?
[Eun-ji] Wow, I thought these
were just random lines,
but when they're folded like that,
they seem to form an image.
[John] Let me try it like this.
You see? Right?
[Do-hoon] Oh, yeah.
Should we fold them all like this?
-[John] Like so.
-[Do-hoon] Yeah.
It makes horns. Look.
-[Eun-ji] That's the shape.
-[Karina] There are horns over there.
[John] It's like horns or something.
Bull horns.
Right. They do look like bull horns.
[Eun-ji] Is the password attached
to the horns somehow?
Hidden somewhere?
This is the secret room mentioned.
[Karina] Must be upstairs.
[Eun-ji] Anything there?
[John] I don't think there's a connection.
-[Do-hoon] Yeah, I can't find anything.
-[Eun-ji] No?
-But this might It could come up again.
-[Karina] Yeah.
Let's set this aside as a clue for later.
[Karina] Good idea.
[John] Gotta figure out the password.
Why isn't this working?
Does that even mean "Molek?"
Do you think it actually means "Molek"?
We're not even sure about that.
-[Hye-ri] Yeah.
-We're not, no.
But it's probably right,
because the symbol
for "Molek" is everywhere.
Oh, but not here, actually.
Then this might actually not be "Molek."
[John] Hmm.
Right, we have to to find examples
of this one and this one.
But there's no sentence or word
connecting them together.
-[Eun-ji] Right.
-So then, I think there's gotta be
a rule or alphabet or something.
[John] We assumed the symbols at the top
of the page said "Law of Molek,"
and corresponded to the Korean letters
below, so we were stumped.
I think I think we need to solve
this independently instead of
-[Hye-ri] They're not there, are they?
-[Yong-jin] No.
-The characters aren't there.
-Instead of comparing characters,
we need to look here.
[John] We were approaching all this
as if we were translating to Korean.
But then I thought
it might actually be English.
R-E-T-U-R That's it.
The letters match.
-[John] If so, the number of characters
in "Molek is returning" is the same.
It's the same number
of letters as in English.
Five, two, nine.
-So this is an "M", then.
-[Karina] Yeah.
Okay, so it's English?
-[Eun-ji] I think so, it's gotta be.
-[Hye-ri] It must be.
-[Do-hoon] There's two.
-[John] This means "law," right?
Then this could be "Law of Molek,"
for example.
I think this is "of".
-[Eun-ji] "Of"?
-[Do-hoon] Oh, "of".
-[Eun-ji] Yeah.
-[John] Right, let's write the alphabet.
-[Eun-ji] Yes.
[John] So we have it in front of us.
So then we took the characters written
in the notebook, "Molek is returning,"
and swapped them out one by one.
-Of the symbols we know, this one is "S."
-[Yong-jin] Right.
-"S". "I".
-This is "I."
-[Karina] Yeah. "O".
-[John] Eight is "O".
-That must be "of."
-[John] Yeah, I think this is "of," right?
[Karina] Is it this one, "R?"
[John] Nice.
-"R." Nice job.
-[Do-hoon] Yes.
So then, what's next?
[Karina] This one.
-Right here.
-[John] Good catch.
[Yong-jin] "I-R-T"?
-[John] "First of"
-[Yong-jin] Oh, "first"?
-[John] No, there's no "F."
-[Yong-jin] Right.
[Karina] Yeah.
[John] I-R-T. "Birth of."
-[John] It might be birth.
-[Karina] "Birth of"
-[Eun-ji] Okay
Yeah, the girls
all have the same birthday.
-[Eun-ji] Oh, it's their birthday!
-[Yong-jin] Of course!
It's their birthday!
The password is the date!
June 6th, 2004.
"Birth of Sacrifices."
"Birth of Sacrifices."
-So then the birthday.
-June 6th, 2004.
[XIN] Based on the fact
that all three missing persons
share the exact same date of birth
[Do-hoon] June 6th, 2004.
"The girls have the same birthday!"
"The girls have the same birthday!"
[Karina] Great job, guys!
-[Do-hoon] Unbelievable. Nailed it.
-Thank you, John. I love you, John.
-No, hey, team effort. Team effort.
-[Eun-ji and Karina] I love you, John.
-[Yong-jin] Okay, good, good.
-Yes. Let's do this!
-[Eun-ji] This is scary.
-[Do-hoon] I'm gonna put this over here.
-Let's take a look.
-[Yong-jin] It's playing.
[men chanting] Momont igbaro. Momont.
-[Eun-ji] Oh, look, guys.
-[Karina] Oh, my god.
[cultists chanting]
Momont igbaro. Momont igbaro.
Silleng hiero igbaro.
Silleng hiero igbaro.
[Yong-jin] Who are they?
-[Eun-ji] Is it the girls? You think?
-[Yong-jin] Hmm, no.
I think it's them.
-[Do-hoon] You sure? Aren't they older?
-It has to be.
[Yong-jin] They're clearly adults.
[cultists] Igbaro. Silleng hiero igbaro.
"Shilleng, hiero"?
[Yong-jin] "Igbaro"?
[cultists] Silleng hiero igbaro.
Silleng hiero igbaro.
Momont igbaro.
"Momont igbaro."
[cultists] Silleng hiero igbaro.
-[Yong-jin] "Silleng."
-[Karina] "Hiero."
[cultists] Momontu igbaro.
"Momont igbaro."
Remember that.
[cultists] Silleng hiero igbaro.
Momont igbaro.
"Momont igbaro."
[cultists] Silleng hiero igbaro.
[cultists] Silleng hiero igbaro.
Momont igbaro.
There's something there.
-Something's written over there.
[cultists gasp]
[in Korean] It worked! It worked!
[in English] It looks like
they're performing a ritual.
[Yong-jin] Yeah.
It's some kind of ritual and he filmed it.
That means the reporter
actually filmed it then.
-[Eun-ji] I think so.
-[John] Exactly.
Then he got found out and got branded.
-[Yong-jin] Yeah, right. Exactly.
-As a traitor, yeah.
-So he went undercover as one of them.
-[John] Yeah, yeah.
I can't breathe. I'm gonna hyperventilate.
As they recited the incantation together,
a red light glowed in the center,
and it started smoking.
Something was happening.
They were reciting
some strange, freaky incantation.
Like "Moment, agbara,"
something like that.
[Do-hoon] Let's watch it again.
From the start.
Those poor girls, we have to find them.
[Hye-ri] The people
who are lying down there
-[Eun-ji] Yes, they're sacrifices.
-[Karina] Yeah.
[Yong-jin] So they're being sacrificed
for salvation or something.
-[Eun-ji] Yes.
-[Yong-jin] Hmm.
The people lying there
aren't the ones we're looking for though.
-[Eun-ji] Right.
-They've already been sacrificed.
[Karina] Yeah. That's right.
[Hye-ri] When the light
goes out and comes back on,
-they all get excited, see?
-Yeah, you're right.
-Then all of a sudden
-This must be the beginning of the ritual.
-[Eun-ji] Oh, there's smoke.
-Whoa, looks like it's been set on fire.
[Eun-ji] All that smoke.
-Oh, my god.
-Are they actually burning them?
-[Yong-jin] It's like they
-They're getting more excited.
[Yong-jin] Like they want them
to "rise up in flames," I guess.
[Karina] Yeah.
[Yong-jin] Crazy, right?
Something happened.
-It's Oh.
-They're happy. Look.
"Thank you"?
But those women are just lying still.
[Yong-jin] Maybe they got salvation,
the ritual's been carried out.
-[John] Is it over?
-[Yong-jin] Yeah.
What are they doing now?
-They're untying the ropes. Look.
-Why were they tied up? Are they okay?
-[Hye-ri sighs]
There was a red light in the floor,
and that's when the crowd
started buzzing and getting excited.
I thought, "Oh, looks like
something happened,
and it seemed like it was successful."
[Do-hoon] Um,
there's something strange here.
-[Yong-jin] Right.
-They've placed something in the center.
-[Hye-ri] Uh-huh.
-[Do-hoon] Does it mean anything?
What is it?
[Eun-ji] Is this some kind of religion
or something? What is this?
-A church for Molek.
-Looks that way.
So it's basically a religious cult.
-A really messed up religious cult.
-[Yong-jin] Yeah, it's a cult.
What's their objective?
-[Do-hoon] Should we watch it again?
-[Eun-ji] What are they doing?
-[Karina] Maybe they want salvation.
-[Yong-jin] Yeah.
So they believe in eternal life?
I mean, I guess all cults lure people in
with promises of eternal life.
That's true, yeah.
There are one, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, seven laws? There are seven?
[John] Number one,
"Personal property does not exist."
"All material possessions
belong to the Messenger."
-That's the old dude.
-That's right.
-[John] So then
-They're surrendering everything to him.
"All believers
All believers must cut ties
with their families and their jobs."
-They can't have jobs either.
-[Karina] No jobs.
Everything belongs to him.
-What an asshole.
-[Eun-ji] That's so evil.
So this guy, he just, like,
established a cult.
[Karina and Yong-jin] Yeah.
[John] He took everyone's money,
and posed as this, this Messenger.
-[Yong-jin] Definitely.
-[Hye-ri] Yeah, like a conduit.
[Yong-jin] Chosen by Molek, I guess.
He's the supreme leader
in the Church of Molek.
So like, for us, this guy's
completely evil, right?
But to his followers,
they're just like, they're like
-Grateful to him.
-Yeah, true believers.
-[Yong-jin] Right.
-"Those who believe in Molek
will receive salvation
when the Gates of Hell open."
-[Yong-jin] Exactly.
-What I don't understand
What I'd like to know is
why girls with the same birthday?
-Even the password is their birthday.
-[Do-hoon] Exactly.
What is it about this date
that makes it so
Or maybe
it's because this guy's sick, right?
-Ko Gui-tae is ill.
-[Karina] He has serious health issues.
[Eun-ji] The reporter said he was sick.
Maybe they're trying to cure him, or
-give him eternal life, or something.
-[Yong-jin] It kind of feels like
Yeah. The purpose is to make
Ko Gui-tae immortal.
-That's why they're offering sacrifices.
-It could be.
"No matter what, we have
to prevent this ritual from taking place,"
that's what I was thinking.
I was also really concerned
about the three girls they were planning
to sacrifice to Molek.
-Okay then let's try the office.
-Should we try the door?
-Let's investigate the office.
So this "secret room" he's referring to
-That's the office?
-[Yong-jin] We need to check it out.
-[Karina] Maybe.
-Could this symbol
be connected to the secret room?
-You mean like this? Something like this?
-[Do-hoon] Yeah, like this.
Yeah, that shape, I think
I would know that shape if I saw it.
Somehow, I feel like
it might be in the office.
-Okay, then let's try the office.
-[Hye-ri] Does that door open?
-[John] But it's locked.
-Let's try it since we have the keys.
[John] Oh, yeah.
They're not labeled.
We gotta try one by one.
-[Do-hoon] Yes.
-[Eun-ji] Yeah, Oppa.
[keys jingle]
Does this thing have a flashlight?
[Eun-ji] The XIN timer says
we have four hours left.
Four hours? Oh, man.
Maybe we're not doing too bad, you know?
[John] Jeez, how did you manage
to try all these?
[John giggling]
-This is hard. This is brutal.
-[Do-hoon] Yeah, tricky.
It's not this or this or this.
[Eun-ji] All these keys smell like swings.
-[John] You're right. Yeah.
-Like at the playground.
[Eun-ji] This is really hard.
One must fit, but we can't find it.
It goes in but it won't turn.
-Yong-jin, could you?
-Sure, I'll give it a go.
[Eun-ji] At least it goes in, right?
-It actually turns.
-[Eun-ji] Doesn't it?
Then maybe these spare keys
aren't the ones.
[Do-hoon] These are the only keys
we've found so far.
-These and the key to the box, right?
-[Eun-ji] Yeah.
[Do-hoon] The key to the box
was the reporter's.
-[Karina] Right.
-[Do-hoon] It's the key he was wearing
-that opened it.
-Or the asshole took it from him.
-[Eun-ji] The reporter Really?
-[Yong-jin] I got it.
-[Eun-ji] How'd you do it?
-No way.
[Hye-ri] What? What did you do?
You have to look at the shape
of the key and the lock.
-[Hye-ri] It looked the same.
-[Eun-ji] Why?
-No, it wasn't that one.
-[Eun-ji] Was it that one?
-It was this one.
-You can tell Yong-jin's picked
-a lot of locks before.
-Come on in. Yeah, right.
My teammates didn't seem to know
the right shape of key for the door.
Take note of things like this, okay?
-[Karina] Sure.
-[Hye-ri] Okay, all right!
-[Eun-ji] Aww, do you want a cookie?
-[Yong-jin] Gosh, you.
-Be careful, guys!
[Karina] Is this the secret room?
We'll see.
It's here, this way.
What was that symbol?
That thing The one that looks like this.
Hey! Hey, look!
Attention please!
[Yong-jin] Over here,
there's a button, look.
Don't press it, don't press it.
-Let's press it. Why not?
-Wait, don't press it, don't do it.
What's wrong?
There's the secret door.
-Oh, they're alive.
-What? Snakes? Really?
-[Hye-ri] You mean the bugs?
-[Karina] Their legs are moving, look.
[Hye-ri] What? Eww. Gross. Oh, my god.
Should we look around here first
before opening the secret room?
-Yeah, let's look around.
-All right, let's poke around a bit.
Wow, look at this.
I mean, why
Why do they have live bugs in here?
[thrilling music playing]
It's his room.
[Yong-jin] It must be, yeah.
-Ko Gui-tae's room.
-That scumbag.
Such a creep.
I'm not gonna be nice to that guy.
I think I was feeling even angrier,
having seen the state
that the reporter was in.
Man, this guy really
has a lot of monitors, doesn't he?
[Eun-ji] He must spend
a lot of time watching them.
[Hye-ri] What's in there?
-[Hye-ri] Really?
-Whose clothes?
-I bet they're Ko Gui-tae's.
-You think so?
-Since this is his room.
Shouldn't we press the button?
[Yong-jin] It's so obvious
-we're meant to press it.
-[Do-hoon] I know.
-Let's do it. Come on.
-Should we open it?
-[Yong-jin] Let's press it.
-Should we try it now?
-[Yong-jin] Let's do it.
-Press it, Rina. Yeah.
-I'm on it.
[Hye-ri] Tell Rina to do it.
-Why me?
-Look, can I just say something?
-[Eun-ji] What?
[Do-hoon] The monitors keep
showing us where we've been.
-[Yong-jin] Right.
-I think they're trying to lure us in.
-[Eun-ji] You think so?
Nah, Gui-tae's not that smart.
-[Eun-ji] How do you know?
-You don't think?
Look, Gui-tae's sick.
He's sick. He can't be
that on top of things.
But I think someone
should watch the monitor
because we're right next door
to that room.
-Okay, okay, okay, okay.
-Someone could come in, you know?
-That's true.
-All right.
We're opening this, okay?
-Do it.
-We're ready?
-We're doing this?
-[John] Let's go.
-I'm doing it.
[Yong-jin] Okay.
[Karina] Well, that's
a little embarrassing.
You know what?
That symbol we found, shaped like this.
-[Eun-ji] Yeah?
-Maybe that's the key.
-[Yong-jin] For it to work?
-[Eun-ji] The bull?
-Yeah, maybe that's the first step.
-[Eun-ji] Yeah, it's a secret room.
-It didn't work?
[Hye-ri] We need
to do something before pressing it.
-Oh, of course.
-[Hye-ri] Right?
[Yong-jin] You might be right.
Sorry, Rina. Sorry.
I know that was scary.
[Do-hoon] No way.
My God!
-[Do-hoon] Come here, look.
-What's that?
-This thing in here moves.
-[Eun-ji] You opened it?
[John] Wait.
[distant footsteps]
-Is someone there?
-No way.
[footsteps approaching]
-We gotta get to the secret room. Fast.
-Yeah. Quick.
No, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Hang on. Maybe if we
-Over here, over here, get in.
-[Hye-ri] Hang on.
Damn. Quick, quick, hide. Come on, hide.
[ominous music]
-Get in, get in, get in.
-[John] They're here.
[Eun-ji] I think they're coming up
the stairs we used earlier.
-Shouldn't we be watching that monitor?
-[Karina] They're here. Next door.
[Yong-jin] Is the leader Ko Gui-tae?
[John] You mean the guy in the red robe?
[Do-hoon] Huh? No, it's not him.
I heard there were intruders about.
What is the status?
[cultist 1] Sir, we're looking into it.
But you don't need to worry about that.
All the church members know each other,
so even if the intruders
disguise themselves,
we'll be able to spot them.
We'll take care of it.
[red cloak cultist]
As you should, thank you.
[Do-hoon] Should we try to get closer?
[John] Yeah.
-[Hye-ri] Should we watch the monitor?
-[Eun-ji] Out there?
[red cloak cultist]
The final ritual is approaching.
So I ask that you all take
the utmost care, and stay alert.
[cultist] Yes, O Messenger.
-Hear that?
[Messenger] By the way, what did you do
with that traitor, the reporter?
Where is he?
[cultist] In the prayer room.
[Messenger] How long
has he been down there?
Please deal with him.
We don't want any problems.
[cultist] Yes, O Messenger.
[Messenger] Please make sure
to leave no trace.
Are preparations for the final ritual
running smoothly?
[cultist] We will be finished
one hour from now. Please rest assured.
-[mouths] Oh no.
-We don't have much time.
[cultist] I'll update you
when we're ready.
Thank you all.
We have waited a long time,
but the day is finally here.
[Messenger] This opportunity
will not come again.
Only death awaits those
who do not follow Molek's teachings.
Where are the sacrifices being held?
[cultist] In the incinerator room.
-The girls. That must be where they are.
-We can go and check on them together,
-if you care to join us.
-No. That's okay.
And now,
I must retire to my office to prepare.
-He's coming, he's coming. Let's go.
-Let's go.
[Messenger] Please continue
with your efforts until the very end.
-What do we do with that thing?
-[cultist] Yes, O Messenger.
[Messenger] I am certain, today,
our hopes will come to fruition.
-Hye-ri, what are you looking for?
-The notepad.
Good work.
Now, return to your duties.
-[Eun-ji] We've got it.
-Hide, hide, hurry. Hide.
We gotta get out of here.
[Messenger] Would you happen
to have the key on you?
[cultist] Of course.
[Eun-ji] Hurry, come on.
Hye-ri, Hye-ri!
[Messenger] Thank you.
[eerie music playing]
[Messenger] Seyan dordu chetiyu.
Goon corpu portumin.
Seyan dordu chetiyu.
[Eun-ji] Sounds like an incantation.
[exhales] So scary.
They went out that way?
[John] What confused me,
what I couldn't understand
was that the Messenger,
the guy in the red robe, was a young man.
He didn't look
like the picture of Ko Gui-tae.
I think he dropped
something in here as he left.
-He put something in there.
-He fed them, I think.
-He gave them food?
[Do-hoon] What's this red thing here?
[Eun-ji] Could it be
something like a chip?
-What is it?
-I think we have to insert that chip
before moving the pieces around.
-Yeah, and then
-When he was over there,
-he took something out and inserted it.
And then he went in and recited
that pass
-uh, the incantation.
-[Hye-ri] Some sort of chant.
-Just grab it?
-So we have to get it out?
I'm not scared.
-[Do-hoon] Wait, wait.
-[Yong-jin] Go for it, Rina.
No, no, Rina.
-[Karina] We need to get it out.
-[Yong-jin] What are these, anyway?
-They're bugs.
[Yong-jin] Christ, they're alive.
-You sure about this?
-I got skills.
-Okay, okay, okay, nice, nice!
Well done, well done!
I'm honestly really
not afraid of bugs at all,
but if you actually touch them,
you know, that squishy kind of feeling.
I'm not a fan of that.
I saw pencils there,
so I used them like chopsticks.
What is it?
It's a chip or a puzzle piece,
a piece of wood.
I think it has to be inserted
in the center.
[Eun-ji] Where?
When I saw the puzzle,
I could tell right away
that we were gonna be able to recreate
the shape we saw, you know, in the
in the notepad.
-[Eun-ji] The shape you folded earlier.
-[Yong-jin] John, put it in.
-[Eun-ji] Now put it in.
-[John] It fits.
[Yong-jin] It'll open.
Yeah, just press it.
-Let's go.
-[terrified gasp]
What? What?
[dramatic music playing]
-Gui-tae? Ko Gui-tae?
[Yong-jin] Let's go in.
[Eun-ji] Yeah, that guy
we saw before wasn't Ko Gui-tae.
Exactly, yeah.
Maybe they're trying to save him.
-Is it really Ko Gui-tae?
-[Do-hoon] It's him.
This is nuts. [gasps]
The Messenger guy in red isn't Ko Gui-tae.
I was like, "Why is he so young?"
[Hye-ri] Yeah, he was too young.
[Karina] Oh, my god.
This is insane.
-They're trying to save him.
So they've basically enshrined him here.
-[Hye-ri] Yeah.
-[Eun-ji] Exactly.
-[Karina] Can we touch this?
-[Do-hoon] What's that?
Yeah, the guy in red
was behaving like he was the leader
-but he's too young.
Maybe he could be Ko Gui-tae's son.
He must be the next-generation
Messenger or something.
Yes, they left him in here
because he was sick, I guess.
But this guy's not moving.
-[John] It looks like he's dead.
-You think so?
-[Hye-ri] Yeah, he's not just sick.
-I do.
-[John] Look at him.
-[Hye-ri] There's no one home,
but to resurrect him, they're offering up
sacrifices and doing all that stuff.
-This is crazy.
-God, this is too much.
[Eun-ji] It's terrifying.
-[Hye-ri] There's something written
-[Do-hoon] In the center?
So then why Park Oppa, Yong-jin,
why did the guy come in here,
say the incantation, and leave?
I know, right?
[suspenseful music playing]
[Gui-tae groans]
[cultist] Get a move on!
[Eun-ji] Hey, where are we going?
They're going to the wagon.
[Karina] We're being split up.
Hey! What do you think you're doing?
[Yong-jin] They're
surrounding us with logs.
-I think they're planning to burn us.
-They're gonna burn them alive.
[Karina] How are we gonna rescue them?
[Eun-ji] All the instructions are here.
[Hye-ri] "Molek's Reincarnation."
"Everything turns to ash."
[Eun-ji] It must've started already.
First, stop the ritual, then rescue them?
-[John] The ingredients are listed.
-[Eun-ji] Disrupt it.
[John] It's the Molek Reincarnation Spell.
What if we could erase memory?
[Hye-ri] Time's running out.
[Eun-ji] I don't think we can rescue
Yong-jin and Do-hoon.
[John] Let's hurry up.
We can't escape.
I will deliver you from all of your pain!
[cultists] Dimondo!
Come on, let's go. Hurry.
[Hye-ri] Oh, my god, it's glowing red.
Oh, man, we have to escape.
[closing theme music playing]
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