Agents of Mystery (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

[tense music playing]
It must be the reporter's notepad.
"The Messenger's office
is on the second floor."
-We need a password.
-There's a password hint.
[John] "Molek is returning."
The letters match.
-Oh, so it's English?
-[Eun-ji] I think so, it's gotta be.
The girls all have the same birthday.
[Do-hoon] June 6th, 2004.
-"Birth of Sacrifices."
-[Eun-ji] Oh, it's their birthday!
-[agents gasp]
-[cultists chanting] Silleng hiero igbaro.
-What's their objective?
So they believe in eternal life?
[Do-hoon] Yeah. The purpose
is to make Ko Gui-tae immortal.
No way!
This thing in here moves.
[John] Wait.
[Messenger] Are preparations
for the final ritual running smoothly?
Yes, O Messenger.
We gotta get to the secret room. Fast.
[Eun-ji] The shape you folded earlier.
[Yong-jin] Gui-tae? Ko Gui-tae?
[Eun-ji] Yeah, the guy we saw before
wasn't Ko Gui-tae.
[all gasp]
[Gui-tae groaning]
[heavy breath]
-[Eun-ji] Is that the guy we saw?
-[Yong-jin] Yeah.
[eerie music playing]
-Is he a ghost?
-The Messenger?
[Eun-ji] Who are you?
I've never seen you before.
You're not members of this church.
-[Eun-ji] No.
If you're not believers, then I
I have something to tell you.
-[Do-hoon] Okay.
-Please do.
[Karina] Tell us, please.
Is Ko Gui-tae's soul
inside the red-cloaked guy?
Please hear my story.
I used to be a member
of The Church of Molek.
[Yong-jin] Oh.
Although, I am dead now.
[agents gasp]
-That's the guy.
-Oh, God.
He must be stopped.
[Karina] "He" must be
The Messenger must be stopped.
-Oh, that Messenger.
-It's the guy we saw earlier.
[cultists] Yes, O Messenger.
-The Messenger?
-[Yong-jin] Yeah.
For a long time, the Messenger
has been preparing the final ritual.
And that
will open the Gates of Hell.
If he summons Molek to this realm,
-it will be a total catastrophe.
Once Molek returns,
this world will quite literally
become Hell.
The final ritual
will require Molek's chosen soul,
the Messenger, to preside over it.
Without the soul of the Messenger,
the final ritual cannot be completed.
-[Eun-ji groans]
Stop the Messenger.
It's the only way to survive.
[Do-hoon] I wish he had told us more.
[Karina] So we need
to get rid of the Messenger's soul.
-[Hye-ri] That's what we need to do.
-[Yong-jin] Yeah.
So basically, Ko Gui-tae's soul is inside
the body of the young guy we saw.
And the soul of the young guy
is trapped inside here.
-Isn't that it? Looks that way.
-[Karina] I think so.
Ko Gui-tae and the other guy
must have swapped souls.
When I realized that,
I suddenly thought of the reporter
we had seen in the prayer room.
I was wondering how a person
could end up like that, and when
I saw this phenomenon,
I thought that the reporter
could have swapped souls
with an animal like a dog,
and that's why he's behaving
the way he is.
He had the same face
as the guy in the red cloak.
-It's your classic body swap.
-[Eun-ji] Yes.
-[Do-hoon] Then
[Karina] That means
-[John] No way.
-But Oppa,
what did you do to make
this guy appear in the first place?
-[Yong-jin] He took it.
-He took the bag.
I get the feeling it's a soul entrapment,
talisman kind of thing.
-[Eun-ji] Yeah, right.
-Is this what they used
during the ritual we watched?
You mean in the video?
They put something in the center.
Does it mean anything?
-Oh, but that was inside a glass bottle.
-[Karina] Oh, really?
-It was like an egg, I think.
-[Karina] Oopsie.
[Yong-jin] I think we've covered here.
[Eun-ji] Should we leave?
-Everyone good?
-[Hye-ri] Yep.
So the Messenger came out, then
What was the order of things?
[Eun-ji] The door closes by itself.
Okay, so take the cube out
and put it back with the centipedes.
[Eun-ji] He took out the chip
-[Yong-jin] Put it back.
-[Eun-ji] Like we were never here.
-[Eun-ji groans in disgust]
-[John] Good, good, good.
Hold on.
-I'll give it some food.
-[Karina] Don't give it too much though.
[Eun-ji] Yeah, twice.
He did it twice, Yong-jin, two times.
-[Karina] Just a bit.
-[Yong-jin] I just gave it a little.
[Hye-ri] There's no one out there,
for now anyway.
-[Yong-jin] Right? They all left.
-[Eun-ji] Let's go.
Wait, before we move on,
let's lay things out
-[Eun-ji] Good idea.
-discuss how we're gonna go about this.
Okay, so Ko Gui-tae
-Ko Gui-tae's body is dead.
-[Eun-ji] Uh-huh.
So he did the body-swapping thing,
so to speak.
-[Do-hoon] Yeah, exactly.
-[Karina] Yes.
And we have to stop the Messenger
to prevent the ceremony from taking place.
Stopping the final ritual,
-that's the goal.
-[Do-hoon] Yes.
The final ritual will require
Molek's chosen soul.
If the final ritual is carried out,
the Gates of Hell will open.
And then what happens, do we know?
I mean, it's not going to be
the apocalypse, is it?
But he said
preventing the Gates of Hell from opening
-was the only way we could survive.
-[Karina] That's true.
-Oh, you're right.
-[Hye-ri] Okay, so then
We won't survive
if the Gates of Hell open.
Yeah, we need to take
this Hell idea seriously.
-[Yong-jin] Yeah.
-Because soul swapping is a reality.
[Karina] Exactly.
The boss at the Gates of Hell
is Molek, right?
Yes. That's right, Molek.
It could be Molek or
Once Molek returns,
this world will become Hell.
-[Eun-ji] We have to stop it, today.
-"Don't let them open the Gates of Hell,"
-that's what he said.
-[Hye-ri] Yeah.
So first, we have to stop them
from carrying out the final ritual.
So, stop the Messenger
or rescue the girls.
[Do-hoon] Because without the sacrifices
He can't carry out the final ritual.
-[Yong-jin] Exactly.
-Where were the girls?
-Someone mentioned it earlier. That place.
-The incinerator room.
Where are the sacrifices being held?
-[agents exclaim]
-[cultist] In the incinerator room.
If we rescue the girls, the sacrifices,
he can't carry out the ritual.
So, shouldn't our first priority be
rescuing the girls then?
-We'll find them.
-[Yong-jin] Let's go.
To the incinerator room, right?
We decided to go to the incinerator room
to check if the girls were alive.
Because if we rescued them,
then there would be no ritual.
That was the plan.
-[Hye-ri exclaims]
-[Do-hoon whispers] Should we go?
-Anyone out there? Is it clear?
-[Hye-ri] Yeah, we're good.
[Eun-ji] Can we go? Is it safe?
[Yong-jin] Can anyone see us?
[Hye-ri gasps]
-[suspenseful music playing]
-[cultists chanting in distance]
-[Eun-ji whispers] What is it?
-[Yong-jin] What?
[Hye-ri] From here, you can see,
like, the whole main hall.
-We're right above it.
-[John] I know, I know.
-[Yong-jin] How are we gonna get across?
-[Hye-ri] I don't know.
[Yong-jin] Is anyone down there?
[Hye-ri] Hey guys. Look over there.
Look over there, hurry.
What do we do?
Should we crawl?
Wait, but which way do we have to go?
-[Do-hoon] Downstairs, on the right?
-[John] Do we have a map?
[Yong-jin] Those are these stairs.
Look, look.
-This is where we came upstairs.
-[John] Right.
So we just need to go back down.
[John] Down to the first floor.
Do we really need to take the stairs?
-[Karina] Yeah.
-[Hye-ri] I don't think I can do it.
[Yong-jin] They're right there though.
[Karina] What? Really?
-I'm going.
-Let's go. That way.
[suspenseful music continues]
[cultists chanting in distance]
[chanting continues]
-[whispers] That way?
There's a padlock.
[whispers] That's it, you got it.
Open it. Open it.
[John] I think it's this one.
Got it, got it, got it.
He did it!
[suspenseful music continues]
[door creaks]
[door creaking]
[music stops]
Take your time, guys. Take your time.
[eerie music playing]
-Whose are these?
Hey, hey, hey, what on earth?
-Look, the girls!
-[Hye-ri] Oh, my God.
[Eun-ji] Oh man, oh man.
-[Hye-ri] Oh, my God.
-[Eun-ji] Oh, boy. Wow.
[Hye-ri] Did you lock the door?
-Lock it behind you.
-Lock the door.
You can't from the inside.
[Do-hoon] The girls are here.
-[Eun-ji] Oh, my God.
-[Hye-ri] Unbelievable.
[Eun-ji] Look at them, these poor girls.
-Look how they're tied up.
-[Yong-jin] Oh, man.
This guy really is an asshole.
Nae-jung, Nae-jung, this is Nae-jung,
Ko Nae-jung, this is her.
-[Yong-jin] Right?
-[Hye-ri] Na Gang-rae.
[Eun-ji] Gang-rae, yeah.
-[Yong-jin] Ye-rim.
-[Eun-ji] Ye-rim.
-Should we wake them?
-[Eun-ji] How do we wake them up?
[Hye-ri] Maybe we can pick the locks.
[Eun-ji] Oh, yeah, let's try.
-Wait, hang on.
[dramatic music playing]
[cultist 1] Intruders! Stop them!
-[cultist 2] Yes, sir.
-[cultist 1] Quick, get them!
-[agents exclaim]
-[John] What's happening?
-[cultist 2] Get over here!
-[Eun-ji] Hey! What are you doing?
-[cultist 1] Grab them! Drag them out!
-[Eun-ji] Hey, just wait, okay? Hang on!
[cultist 1] Get them over here!
[Yong-jin] Okay, okay, okay,
I got it, I got it.
-[cultist 3] Get on your knees!
-[cultist 4] Come on!
[Do-hoon] What the hell?
[cultist 2] Get down!
On your knees, on your knees, now!
-[cultist 3] On your knees! Get down!
-[cultist 2] Now!
[cultist 5] Get your hands up!
Hands in the air.
Get your hands up!
[theme music playing]
-[cultist 1] Get your hands up!
-[cultist 2] Hands in the air.
-Now! Hands in the air.
-[cultist 1] Don't move! Hands up!
It's all over.
Maybe we'll be sacrificed too.
Man, we thought we had been pretty careful
getting around and being quiet, but
Honestly, we've probably
been pushing our luck a bit.
They bound our hands with zip ties.
I think that's when my brain
started to seize up.
I mean, my hands were tied.
[cultist 1] They probably have the keys.
-Search them.
-[cultist 2] Yes, sir.
[Yong-jin] Easy. Hey, easy.
-I found the keys!
-[cultist 1] Good, give them here.
Sir. Sir, should we incinerate them?
[Messenger] There's no point.
There isn't much time left
until the final ritual.
And when the Gates of Hell open,
their bodies will all burn anyway.
-Lock them up.
-[cultist 1] Yes, O Messenger.
Take them. Lock them up in food storage.
-[cultists] Yes, sir!
-[agents groan]
[Yong-jin groans]
All right, okay.
-[Messenger] Wait.
-[Karina] Oh, no.
[cultist 2] Move it.
-[cultist 3] Get up!
-[cultist 2] Get up!
[cultist 1] Right, that one, and that one.
Take them to the wagon.
-[cultist 2] Yes, sir!
-[Eun-ji] What? What's that?
-[Karina] Wait.
-[John] Where are they taking us?
-[Eun-ji] The wagon?
-[Hye-ri] What's going on?
[tense music playing]
[Yong-jin] The wagon?
[rattles, squeaks]
-[John] What's going on?
-[Karina] Oh, no. No!
[Yong-jin exclaims]
-[Do-hoon] Yong-jin, I'm here.
-[cultist 2] Get in!
[Yong-jin exclaims]
-[Eun-ji] Where are we going?
-[Karina] Hey, wait!
[Eun-ji] They're taking them to the wagon.
[cultist 2] Sit down. Hands.
[cultist 1] Come on, get a move on!
-[Yong-jin] Yes, sir. Okay, sir.
-[cultist 1] Get moving!
[Hye-ri] What should we do?
You know how people say
they're paralyzed with fear?
That literally happened.
When we were together,
there was safety in numbers
and I was less anxious,
but when we got split up,
my mind just went totally blank.
My brain stopped functioning.
-[cultist 3] Get in!
-[Karina grunts]
-[cultist 4] Move!
-[cultist 3] Get in there!
[Eun-ji] Hey, wait! What about the wagon?
[cultist 1] Come on, get a move on!
And the sacrifices. Quickly!
[door clock clicking]
Go, go, go, get a move on!
[Yong-jin exclaiming]
[cultist 1] We don't have much time!
What the hell are you doing now?
I was about to cuss those guys out,
I'm telling you.
Up until then,
we had crept around silently
and avoided the cult members,
but after we were exposed,
I could barely contain the anger
that had been building up inside of me
after seeing the things that they'd done.
I had had enough.
[cultist 2] Get down.
[Yong-jin] The three missing girls
were thrown in with us.
So I thought,
"Ah, we're being sacrificed
along with them.
We're gonna open the Gates of Hell."
[cultist 1] All right, let's go.
[Yong-jin] You okay? Are you okay?
[Do-hoon exclaims]
You all right?
[suspenseful music playing]
I can't I can't speak.
[Do-hoon] Excuse me.
Are you all right?
[Yong-jin] It's all right.
It's gonna be okay. Don't worry.
[Yong-jin] It's okay.
[cultists chanting]
[Yong-jin] It's all right.
Wait, wait, are you
Ah, crap.
[Yong-jin] Oh?
[Do-hoon scoffs]
You know when you're so angry
you just start laughing?
It was like that.
[Yong-jin] Hey, you don't think
they're gonna burn us?
[Do-hoon] They might.
-[Eun-ji] What are we gonna do?
-[John] It's locked.
-[Eun-ji] They locked it?
we need to find something
to untie our hands.
[John] Good idea.
You know, I saw this thing
on YouTube or something.
-[Hye-ri] How does it go?
-Yeah, go like this
-[Hye-ri] And then?
-and then you can free yourself.
Does that really work?
-[Eun-ji] I saw it on YouTube.
-This is really tight.
[Hye-ri] Well, since this is the, uh
the food storage room,
-there could be a knife, or Yeah.
-Something to cut with.
There could be. What could we use?
[Karina] Something metal.
[Hye-ri] There must be something here.
And for Yong-jin and Do-hoon,
we have the walkie-talkies.
-Yes, we can radio them.
-[Eun-ji] Let's try calling.
-Thank God we brought those.
-[Karina] Yeah, good thinking.
I saw this work on YouTube. Ugh.
[comical music playing]
[wheezing laugh]
Yeah, you keep trying.
-Let me know how that goes.
This is what they said to do.
I saw it somewhere.
You put your hands together,
then go like this.
Boom! The ties just snap.
So I tried it,
I tried to break them that way,
but it didn't work.
God, they've tied this really tightly.
[Karina] I know.
[Hye-ri] How do we
You think there could be a tool here?
[Karina] Oh! If they shelled these nuts,
then they must have used a tool.
[Eun-ji] They needed something
to peel those chestnuts.
-[John] Found it.
-[Hye-ri] You did?
-[Karina] Yes!
-[John] Wow, Rina.
-You're a genius.
-[Karina] Let's free each other.
Rina, you are so on the ball, girl.
[John] Yeah, let's cut it
from above just in case.
[Eun-ji] Wow, to spot the chestnuts
and then guess
that there would be a tool nearby
is just genius.
[Karina] Oh, no. Should I cut yours first?
-Gosh, this is really tough.
-[Hye-ri] Not working?
[Eun-ji] It doesn't work?
[John] Actually, this isn't closing.
Hold on.
-What if we saw the ties against it?
-[Karina] Blades all the way in?
Try here.
[Eun-ji] Try it on this part.
Here, this part right here.
Go ahead. Nothing's in the way.
-It's fine.
-Yeah, I think straight is good.
[Eun-ji] Yeah, right there, good.
Already half done.
[all exclaim]
[Karina] Quiet, quiet.
-We've already been caught. Who cares?
-It's okay. Don't worry.
-It'll be all right. It's all good.
-Can't they just unlock the door?
-[Karina] Yeah, you gotta keep it level.
-[Hye-ri] Yeah, like that.
-[Eun-ji grunts]
-[John] Good job. Thanks. I'll do it.
-[Hye-ri] Do Rina first.
-[John] I got it.
That requires some serious grip strength.
[John] Funny, I'm nervous.
[John chuckles]
-It's okay.
-This is hard.
[Eun-ji] Okay, great Oh!
The chamber opens in an hour.
We gotta move.
-[Eun-ji] Oppa, hurry up with that.
-[John] Hang on.
-The walkie
-[Eun-ji] Oh, right.
[Do-hoon] Are you all right?
Can you stand up?
Gotta free our hands.
[Eun-ji] This is Eun-ji.
Are you there, Yong-jin? Over.
Hey. Come here.
The walkie-talkie.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Do-hoon] This is Do-hoon,
this is Do-hoon.
I'm being held captive in the wagon.
I'm with Yong-jin
along with the three girls.
I think the cult is going to burn us.
-They're gonna burn them alive.
-[Karina gasps]
[Yong-jin] How are things on your end?
We're in the middle
of cutting the zip ties.
But we're okay, everything's fine.
-They were only zip-tied.
-Right, yeah.
[Yong-jin] We don't have anything
to cut the zip ties with.
And there's nothing sharp
in here with us either.
They're surrounding us with logs.
I think they're planning to burn us.
[Do-hoon] We're zip-tied,
but they chained us up with padlocks too.
They're restrained
with padlocks and zip ties.
[Eun-ji] Got it, we'll come to you. Over.
It isn't going to be easy
for you guys to get close to us.
[Yong-jin] The wagon has guards posted
on all four sides.
Can you guys escape and come get us out?
[Eun-ji] Is this door locked?
We're also locked in with a padlock.
Could there be another door?
[Hye-ri] Rina, can you look at the map?
Yong-jin has the map.
Right now,
we're cutting off all the zip ties,
but the door has a padlock on it,
so we're looking for a way out.
You guys just sit tight and wait for us.
In case we don't see each other again,
I just wanna say, Yong-jin
[Eun-ji] Yong-jin I love you.
[Yong-jin] 10-4.
You all right? You okay? Are you okay?
Do you remember how long you've been here?
-No, I'm not sure.
-[Yong-jin] You can't remember?
Well, since the padlock is on the outside,
we wouldn't be able to open it
even if we had the key.
-Yeah, I don't think that's the way out.
-So either there's another door or
[Eun-ji groans]
What if we took all that stuff down,
-and went through the vent?
-[Hye-ri gasps]
-The vent up there?
-It can't be that, right? Can it?
-Is there a way out?
-[Eun-ji] What's up?
-[Hye-ri] It looks like it might be.
-[Eun-ji] Really?
Should we move those bags?
Do we think this is sturdy enough?
-[Karina] Here. Pass them over to me.
-[John] Oh, should I try?
[Eun-ji] Yeah, since you're tall.
-Hey, Eun-ji!
-Yeah? What is it?
We've got it!
-[Eun-ji] You think so?
-[Hye-ri] Yeah!
-This thing's basically a passage!
-[Karina] Really?
Can we leave through there?
-[Hye-ri] Yeah!
-[John] Careful.
[Eun-ji] Oh, my God.
Look at that, it opens, it opens.
-That's crazy.
-[John] Okay, easy.
-Easy, you got this.
-Let's get outta here. Let's go.
[Karina] Amazing.
Eun-ji, that was phenomenal.
I really gotta give it to you.
I deserve a pat on the back for that.
Our powers of observation
are really quite impressive.
Each one of us is finding something.
This is amazing.
It's incredible.
-[Eun-ji] Okay, I'll go next.
-Go ahead.
Then I'll pull you up, Rina.
[John] Careful.
Are you stuck?
[Hye-ri] It's all good.
It's not the main hall, nobody's here.
There's nobody on the other side,
we're good.
-Should I bring this just in case?
-[Eun-ji] Take it.
[John] Yeah, yeah, good idea.
[Eun-ji] All good?
Should we come?
-[Eun-ji] You sure?
-[Eun-ji] Let's go.
-It's the place!
-[Eun-ji] What place?
From the
-[Eun-ji] The ritual?
[tense music playing]
[cultist] Silleng hiero igbaro.
[cultists] Silleng hiero igbaro.
[cultist] Momont igbaro.
[cultists] Momont igbaro.
Oh, my God!
-[Karina] Wow, this is crazy.
Oh my God, oh my God.
Seriously, why do they do these things?
Why do they have to perform these rituals?
-[Karina] Oh, my God, look at this.
-[Eun-ji] This place is empty.
-[Hye-ri] Unbelievable.
-[Eun-ji] Careful, Rina.
[Karina] How are we gonna rescue them?
We gotta get Do-hoon and Yong-jin.
[comical music playing]
Oppa, it's a bit narrow here. Watch out.
[Eun-ji] You good, John?
-Oh, no, you're too tall.
-How am I gonna get through?
It's too narrow for you.
[Eun-ji] Put your hand down on that box.
You're gonna have to crawl out.
Yeah, like in that Ring movie.
[Karina] I got you, go ahead.
-You're just too long.
-[Karina] He's just too tall.
-[Eun-ji] You're too tall.
-[John] Got it. Thank you.
[Hye-ri] Yeah, Eun-ji, let's go.
-Well done, girl.
-Yeah, that was awesome.
-I just watch too many movies.
-[Karina] Good work.
-[Eun-ji] Thanks.
-[Karina] Just in case.
[Eun-ji] Yeah, good thinking.
-This is definitely the place, right?
-This is where they do the rituals.
Yeah, it looks like
the room from the video.
Yeah, we're definitely in the right place.
It was the same room
that we'd seen on the laptop,
in the video shot by the reporter,
Jin Sil-man.
This was the room
where the ritual was carried out.
There were some scrolls
hanging on the wall,
and there were
hieroglyphic characters on the floor.
Oppa, come here and check these out.
There's a spell to ward off evil spirits,
-a spell to swap souls
-[Karina] Oh, perfect.
[suspenseful music playing]
[cultists chanting]
[chanting continues]
Okay, so the ritual hall
-is outside that door.
-[Hye-ri] Oh, really?
[Eun-ji] There's something I want to say.
-Could you guys hear me out a second?
-[John] Sure.
When I was talking to them
on the walkie-talkies,
Yong-jin and Do-hoon
were being held captive in the wagon,
bound with zip ties
and chained with padlocks,
so there was no way they could escape,
and they said
there were four or five guards
surrounding the wagon on all sides.
-[Eun-ji] So now I'm thinking
-[John] Yeah?
that if we use the magic spells here
-They could be useful.
-[Eun-ji] Exactly.
[Karina] What about this one?
A spell for controlling water energy.
-[Eun-ji] "For controlling"
-[John] Water energy?
[Eun-ji] What is that?
Energy that comes from water?
Can we look at them?
-[Eun-ji] Let's look closer. Yeah.
-Okay, okay.
This spell affects the surroundings
[Karina] "the energy of nearby water."
-[Eun-ji] Is it witchcraft?
-[John] Ah, okay.
Hye-ri, come here.
All the instructions are here.
[Karina] They're long.
"Magic To Control
the Energy of Nearby Water."
"This is the magic to control
water in the immediate area."
[Hye-ri] Yeah, but this is a spell
to control the energy of water.
I don't think
we can control people with it.
[Eun-ji] Okay, let's put that one aside.
What's our focus?
[Hye-ri] Molek's Reincarnation, I guess.
-Look at this one. It could be important.
-Let's see.
Okay. So, we discovered
a lot of magic scrolls in that room.
There was actually one
for erasing memories.
[John] There was another
for gaining the wisdom of a sage.
Some were tempting,
but it didn't really seem like
they would be that helpful to us,
so we put those aside
and just focused on the ones
that looked the most important
for completing the mission.
-[Eun-ji] This one.
-[Karina] "Spell to swap souls."
-[Hye-ri] Let's look at it.
-[Karina] Yeah.
-"Spell to swap souls."
-[Eun-ji] Yeah, sounds good.
"This is cast at the magic circle
and includes the following:
First, place the bodies containing
the two souls you're swapping
inside the circle."
-We need the bodies.
-[Eun-ji] Both of them.
"Second, place the sacred ingredients
at the North, South,
East, West, and center.
In the East,
safflower powder for immutability.
In the West, shark teeth,
the soul of mother nature."
Oh, I saw shark's teeth there!
Where the dog food was.
-[Karina] The room.
-The jars!
-[Karina] "In the South, Autumn ginger
-Uh they were in a bottle.
for the energy of the earth.
In the North,
live larvae for the power of life.
Third, place the magic paper
inscribed in red
with Molek's other name
between the two bodies.
Turn your palms skyward
to receive heavenly energy,
and repeat the incantation.
When light rises from the circle,
the spell has been successful."
-Ah. Right. We saw it.
-They were doing this ritual
in the video we watched on the laptop.
[cultists] Silleng hiero igbaro.
Silleng hiero igbaro.
That's it. That's the incantation.
We took notes.
-I remember
-[Eun-ji] We're so smart.
we wrote down the incantation.
[cultists chanting on laptop]
-[Eun-ji] Good job.
-Yeah, Do-hoon wrote it down.
"If one of the subjects
has already had their soul swapped
-using the soul swapping spell
then in order for the reincarnation spell
to be successfully performed,
the original body or a lock of hair
from that subject
-[Eun-ji] Body or hair.
-is required.
If a body dies while inhabited
by a soul that is not its own,
the soul will linger by that body
and may appear to the living."
So that must be what we saw upstairs.
That was the soul we saw.
Seems like
a lot of things are required, right?
Should we look at the reincarnation spell?
-[Hye-ri] Totally.
-Just to compare the two.
[Eun-ji] Okay, let's check.
"Summoning Molek
and opening the Gates of Hell.
This final ritual is the quest
of those who believe in Molek."
[Hye-ri] "The final ritual commences
once the sun has fully set.
First, assemble 100 Molek followers
at the Gates of Hell.
Prepare by purifying the mind.
Second, the Messenger
faces the Gates of Hell
and raises the urn
containing the powdered bones
of 100 sinners.
The urn is not set aside
until the ritual is complete.
Third, the Messenger
recites the incantation.
He continues reciting
until the Gates of Hell open
and Molek enters our realm.
Fourth, when the Gates open,
Hell will become visible,
and Molek will appear.
Do not stop the recitation.
Fifth, prepare three women
for sacrifice to Molek.
They must have been born
on a day when evil culminated,
and their bodies must be inscribed
with 'Molek's other name.'"
-The girls with the same birthday.
-Oh, yeah.
-They're all the same age?
-[Karina] Born in 2004?
"Sixth, when Molek leaves Hell
and sets foot in the world of the living,
set fire to the three women
and offer them as a sacrifice to Molek.
Seventh, everything will turn to ash."
-Wait. Everything, everything?
This is happening soon.
We don't have much time.
[Eun-ji] We only have an hour
till the chamber leaves.
-[Hye-ri] Come on.
-[Karina] We have to hurry.
-[timer ticking]
-[doors whirring]
-[Eun-ji] We're running out of time.
-[Hye-ri] So should we
-[Karina] Uh-huh.
-The Molek Reincarnation Spell
-is being performed outside, right?
-[Karina] Yeah.
So then, what can we do to prevent it?
[Eun-ji] How do we stop it?
-I think
-[Eun-ji] Uh-huh?
I think it might be better to focus
on the spell for soul swapping right now.
[Eun-ji] Sure.
-Ko Gui-tae's body already died, right?
-[John] Uh-huh.
His soul went into
the young Messenger's body
-[Eun-ji] Right.
-and then his body died.
[Karina] But it says, "If a person
whose soul has already been swapped
has their soul swapped again,
then the spell requires the body or hair
from the original person."
So we need his hair or his body, you know?
Wait, what do you guys think
happened to the reporter?
Wasn't the reporter's soul
also swapped using this spell?
-[Hye-ri] With a dog.
-Yeah, the dog's soul was swapped
into Sil-man's body, he was an animal.
[Eun-ji] Exactly, they didn't both
have to be human for the spell to work.
[Karina] The reporter Jin Sil-man
He became a dog
He became a dog
And currently, Ko Gui-tae
his soul is inside the young Messenger.
-[John] Right.
-So all we need is Ko Gui-tae's hair
if we wanna swap souls.
-And we need another host.
-[Eun-ji] That's right.
It doesn't necessarily have to be
-[John] Right.
If someone's soul
can be swapped with a dog's,
then we could swap Ko Gui-tae's soul with
something not human?
-Like with a bug, maybe?
-[Hye-ri] Yeah.
Or a goldfish.
Or maybe a centipede.
[John] When you think about it,
it's really obvious.
The soul that we want to swap
is actually Ko Gui-tae's soul,
because Ko Gui-tae's soul is the one
inside the young Messenger's body.
That means we need to obtain
Ko Gui-tae's body or his hair somehow.
So then we go to the Messenger's room
where Ko Gui-tae's body is being stored,
and get some hair.
And remember those bugs?
-[Karina] The centipedes.
-We could trap him inside one?
If we brought one of those bugs,
we could swap their souls, couldn't we?
[Eun-ji] Yeah, then they wouldn't be able
to carry out the ritual.
-[Karina] Right.
-So stop the ritual
then rescue the girls.
If the Messenger is no longer
the Messenger, we can stop the ritual.
-We have to do what we can. Yeah.
[Do-hoon] If I try from the outside
[tense music playing]
Didn't work.
I thought it might.
I'm losing my mind here.
[Yong-jin grunts]
Oh, I was exhausted.
There was nothing left in the tank.
And then I was tied up so tightly.
I hated myself for being too weak
to do anything
to get out of the situation.
That hurts.
There's no way out of this.
I keep trying different things,
nothing works.
So getting tied up like this
basically means you die.
-[Eun-ji] Do we have a plan?
-[John] So, the things we need are
-Is there a pen?
-[Eun-ji] No.
-[John chuckles] Gosh, A-student.
[agents chuckle]
You're so confident.
-[Eun-ji] Yeah. "Here."
[John chuckles]
Shark's teeth, safflower powder
Actually, all of these
were in the storage room, weren't they?
Were there larvae in the storage room too?
-[Eun-ji] Right, the larvae.
-You know there were those
-little bottles in there?
-[Eun-ji] Yeah.
There was a bottle,
it said it was for larvae,
but it was empty.
[John] So the larvae might not be
in the storage room.
-We'll have to look around in there.
-[Karina] Right.
"And Molek's other name."
[Karina] Oh, yeah, "Molek's other name."
-It must be written somewhere.
-[Karina] Wait
-Maybe it's written on the sacrifices.
-[Hye-ri] It could be written on them,
like the writing on Sil-man.
So should we ask the guys to take a look?
Yong-jin, Do-hoon,
if it's not too much trouble,
"Molek's other name" should be written
somewhere on the three girls.
Could you check and let us know?
There isn't anything immediately visible.
[Do-hoon] We'll look for it
and get back to you, just hang tight.
Roger that.
[Yong-jin grunts]
-[Yong-jin] Check the feet. Yeah.
-[Do-hoon] The feet?
[Do-hoon] I'm sorry about this, excuse me.
Not there.
Hey, the neck, the neck, the neck.
-[Do-hoon] Oh, yeah?
-[Yong-jin] Look at the neck.
There, the middle one, on the neck, look.
[Do-hoon grunts]
Hold on.
[dramatic music playing]
[Do-hoon] Yong-jin was like,
"Neck, neck, neck."
So I took a look
and I saw the same hieroglyphs
that we have been seeing everywhere.
[Do-hoon] I need to untie my hands
-to be able to get closer.
I just can't reach right now.
Okay, I can see the characters.
They're on this girl's neck,
but I need to remove the padlock
if I'm going to be able
to describe them better.
-Should we go then?
-Roger that.
-Should we head out?
-[Eun-ji] Yeah, they're on it.
Right, so then
to the office and storage room.
-[Hye-ri] Everyone?
-[Eun-ji] All right then.
-Yeah, let's go.
-We need to go that way. I'll lead.
-[Hye-ri] This is scary.
[thrilling suspenseful music playing]
That way.
-This way, right?
-Go up slowly, yeah.
There were so many cult members outside
when we went to look for the ingredients.
This is unbelievable.
[John] Okay.
-Not this again.
-We shouldn't have put it back.
-[Hye-ri] Seriously.
-We put that back?
-Like last time. Like we were never here.
-[Karina] Chopsticks.
We need something to cut the hair.
-I brought it.
-[Eun-ji] Awesome! Great work, Rina.
I kept thinking my greatest contribution
to the team was bringing things along.
[Eun-ji] Anyone got a pen?
-[Karina] I brought one.
-Amazing, good job.
We're done with the key,
but it's the master key,
so I'll hold on to it.
[Karina] I'll hold on to the keys.
-Can we see what's on it now?
-The camera!
-We can try it in the camera
[Hye-ri] Oh, that's right.
He said, "Should I try filming?"
The scissors. Something sharp? Check.
Should I bring this just in case?
-Pen and paper?
-[Karina] Let's take this and the pen.
This could come in handy.
I kept feeling like
I should always hold onto this and that.
I bet my pockets were bulging, if you saw.
-[Karina] Oh, there are scissors here.
-I'll take these.
[Eun-ji] One down.
[Karina] So then,
what should we use for the swap?
How about we swap his soul
with the goldfish?
-It's a little tricky to carry around.
-Too tricky?
-[John] I got it.
-[Eun-ji] It's not that heavy,
-I'll carry it. No, no, it's fine.
-[John] Don't worry.
-I got it. It's nothing.
-[Eun-ji] You're carrying too much.
[Karina sighs]
I can't breathe.
[Hye-ri] Storage.
Read the list of things we need.
-[Eun-ji] There's safflower powder.
-[Hye-ri] Yup.
-[Eun-ji] Also, the shark's teeth.
-[Hye-ri] Right.
-[Karina] Got the safflower powder.
-[Eun-ji] Good, you found the powder.
-[Hye-ri] Got the shark's teeth.
-[Eun-ji] Shark's teeth, check.
We just need ginger and larvae.
[John] This bottle is labeled "larvae,"
but it's empty now.
-[Karina] What do we do?
-[Eun-ji] Where can we get some?
That hole where Yong-jin put his hand in,
weren't those larvae?
-[Eun-ji] They were, yeah.
-[Karina] That's right.
-[Hye-ri] I can't find any.
-[Karina] What? Ginger?
-[Hye-ri] No.
-No ginger?
Do grocery stores have ginger?
[Hye-ri] Or maybe it's up here? No.
Doesn't it feel like it's here somewhere?
[Hye-ri] Yeah, you're right, it must be.
-Got it.
-[Eun-ji] No way. Seriously?
-You found it?
-Yeah, Autumn Ginger, here.
[Eun-ji] Oh, Rina, good job, girl.
Way to go.
-[Eun-ji] Good job.
-Got 'em, got 'em. Yeah.
-[Eun-ji] You got the larva?
Okay, we've got the safflower powder,
we've got the shark's teeth.
-[Eun-ji] We got the ginger.
-[Eun-ji] And the larvae.
-We've got the hair.
-[Karina] Awesome.
-We have everything.
-We're done then.
-We're done. Wait, Molek's other name.
-We gotta figure that out.
-We need the name.
[Eun-ji] Okay, we'll do that next.
Should we radio with the walkies
when we get back?
-And ask the guys.
-[John] Let's get back.
-[Hye-ri] Back to the altar?
[Hye-ri] Do-hoon and Yong-jin
-could already be figuring it out.
-[John] Yeah.
Ugh, I can't do anything,
it's driving me insane.
[Do-hoon] No, we can do it,
we can do it, we can do it.
I've Do-hoon.
I've noticed
that all our hands are tied up
-in the same way, you know?
-[Do-hoon] Really?
-The same knot or whatever.
-[Do-hoon] Oh.
-Yeah. All of 'em, the same way.
-The same way So
-[Yong-jin] I mean, look. We're all
-[Do-hoon] Maybe
The chains are only around the zip tie.
-[Do-hoon] Okay.
-Do you see that?
[Do-hoon] In the middle, in the middle.
Right there.
-Right there. Yeah, on one hand, yeah.
-[Yong-jin] Right?
[Yong-jin] If we pull it out,
we might be able
[Do-hoon] Wait, that means
If I can just get one hand loose
[Do-hoon] The reason I thought
moving around in various ways
might free us
was that the zip tie
was tied on the inside
and the chain
was wrapped around the outside.
Yong-jin, I think I got it.
What? You're just forcing it?
[Do-hoon] Like this
[thrilling music playing]
If I pull the chain out from the inside,
put my hand in,
I can pull my hand right through,
and then I'm free.
I'm free.
[eerie music playing]
There's the Messenger.
[John] They're about to start.
[Messenger] Followers of Molek!
The day we have been waiting for
has arrived!
-[John] They're starting.
So we need to hurry up.
[Hye-ri] Soul Swap Spell.
[Karina] This is exhausting.
[Messenger] And I swear on everything
that we all hold dear to us
that I will deliver you
from all of your pain!
-[cultist 1] Dimondo!
-[cultist 2] Dimondo!
"Place the bodies for the soul swap
inside the magic circle."
-Got it.
-[Eun-ji] In the center?
-[Hye-ri] We need the hair.
[Karina] Here it is.
[Eun-ji] Great.
You are chosen priests of our order,
and also sinners
receiving salvation from Molek!
[cultists] Dimondo!
[Hye-ri] Safflower powder to the East.
-Is this East?
-[John] Yeah, since this is North.
-Shark's teeth, West.
-[Hye-ri] West.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Messenger] Molek is a new world order,
the darkness that spreads over all,
and the joy of annihilation.
[cultists] Dimondo!
[Messenger] The sinners and I
stand before you, Oh Holy Molek.
Oh omnipotent and magnificent Molek!
Guide us all to paradise.
Grant us all salvation in the new world!
[cultists] Dimondo!
In the South, ginger.
In the North, larvae.
-[Yong-jin] Careful, okay? Careful.
-[Do-hoon] Oh, sorry.
[suspenseful music continues]
[Messenger] Momont samidin.
[cultists] Momont samidin.
[Messenger] Momont meni al novando.
[Yong-jin] Slowly now.
[cultists] Momont meni al novando.
[Messenger] Momont samidin.
[cultists] Momont samidin.
-[Karina] We need to radio the guys.
-[Eun-ji] Yeah, to get the name.
-[John] We're close.
-[Hye-ri] Wow, this is incredible.
-[John] So close.
-Yong-jin, Do-hoon.
[Eun-ji] Yong-jin, Do-hoon, do you copy?
[Do-hoon shushes]
[Do-hoon] This is Do-hoon.
Can you repeat that?
There should be a name written
somewhere on the bodies of the girls.
-You need to tell us what it is.
-[Do-hoon] Right.
[Do-hoon] Okay.
[cultists chanting]
[Yong-jin] Do you see symbols?
I see them.
[Do-hoon] It's all written in characters.
I don't know how to explain what they are.
It's probably written
using the hieroglyphs.
[Do-hoon] Well, should I tell you
what the shapes look like?
Would that help?
-Yeah, great. Do that.
-[Eun-ji] Yeah, that'll help.
Yeah, go ahead.
[Do-hoon] Hold on, wait,
we'll describe them.
[Yong-jin] Go top to bottom, start up top.
[Do-hoon] Oh, vertically?
[Yong-jin] It's like an F
but with a dot on the underside.
-[Eun-ji] An F with a dot. Yeah.
-[Karina] This one.
-[Eun-ji] Yup, got it.
-[Hye-ri] Right.
An F with a dot, okay.
Um, it's kind of like a play button.
[Eun-ji] Kinda like a play button.
This one?
[Yong-jin] Yeah, there's like a line
on top, and just below,
there's a triangle pointing down.
A line, and a downward triangle.
A downward triangle and a line.
[Hye-ri] Like this one, I would guess.
[Eun-ji] Oh, there! The play button, yeah.
[Yong-jin] The third looks like scissors.
Scissors. The third is scissors.
[Hye-ri] Is it this one? No?
[John] Right here.
-Like two sixes back-to-back?
-It's this one.
-Right, yes, yes. Totally.
-[Yong-jin] Right, right.
[Eun-ji] Tell us the fourth one.
[Yong-jin] That one's an eight.
-[John] You said eight?
[Eun-ji] Did you say an eight?
[Yong-jin] Yes.
[Eun-ji] Tell us the next one.
The next one is the Chinese character
for "center" but it's a circle.
A circle intersected by a vertical line.
-[John] This?
-[Karina] Here it is.
-[John] This one?
-[Karina] Yeah.
[Yong-jin] The last one's a jieut,
but it's flipped upside down.
[Hye-ri] "Jieut"?
A "tree root"? What?
Sorry, could you repeat that?
[Yong-jin] A jieut.
The Korean letter, but upside down.
[Eun-ji] A jieut,
a jieut but upside down.
[Hye-ri] Must be this one.
-[Eun-ji] Yeah, this one, this one.
-[Karina] Yes.
[Yong-jin] Right, I've read them all.
One, two, three, four, five, six total.
-Six total.
-[Hye-ri] Got it.
[thrilling music playing]
Wow, Yong-jin is awesome.
We were able to understand immediately.
[Eun-ji] Got it. Yong-jin, hang in there.
Do-hoon, sit tight.
[Karina] Let's do this.
[Messenger] Momont samidin.
[cultists] Momont samidin.
[Messenger] Momont meni al novando.
[cultists] Momont meni al novando.
[Messenger] Momont samidin.
[cultists] Momont samidin.
[Messenger] Momont meni al novando.
-[Karina] Scissors next?
-[John] Yes, please.
[Hye-ri] They're already underway.
-Let's speed things up.
-[Eun-ji] Yeah. Let's hurry things up.
[John] Next up is a V on a line.
-[Eun-ji] All done.
-[Karina] All right.
-Put that in between those.
-[Karina] Where?
In between the lock of hair
and the centipedes.
[Karina] Okay.
You know that incantation
we heard in the video?
-[Hye-ri] Yeah.
-[Eun-ji] What about it?
[cultist] Silleng hiero igbaro.
-[Karina] I have it.
-[Eun-ji] We wrote it down.
[Hye-ri] "Turn your palms skyward
to receive heavenly energy
and repeat the incantation.
When light rises from the circle,
the spell has been successful
and the souls are swapped.
[Messenger] Momont samidin.
-[cultists] Momont samidin.
-[dramatic music playing]
[cultist] Molek is returning.
Molek is returning!
[cultists exclaiming]
[dramatic music continues]
[Messenger] Momont samidin.
-[cultists] Momont samidin.
-[Messenger] Momont meni al novando.
-[cultists] Momont meni al novando.
-[Messenger] Momont samidin.
-I think the Gates of Hell have opened.
-Looks like it.
[fire crackling]
They were opening the Gates of Hell.
It was unreal.
We were just stunned by the scale
of what was unfolding all around us.
-[Karina] It's "silleng," "silleng."
-[John] "Silleng?"
-Shilleng, hiero, igbaro.
-Hiero, igbaro.
Silleng, silleng, hiero, igbaro
-Palms up.
[Eun-ji] Silleng hiero igbaro.
[all] Silleng hiero igbaro, momont igbaro.
[cultists] Momont meni al novando.
[Messenger] Momont samidin.
-[cultists exclaiming excitedly]
-[thrilling music playing]
[Messenger] Momont samidin.
Momont meni al novando.
Oh, shoot, look.
It's the devil, it's the devil.
[all] Silleng hiero igbaro, momont igbaro.
Silleng hiero igbaro, momont igbaro.
Silleng hiero igbaro, momont igbaro.
Silleng hiero igbaro
[Messenger] Momont meni al novando.
Momont samidin.
[all] Silleng hiero igbaro, momont igbaro.
[Messenger] Momont meni al novando.
[all] Silleng hiero igbaro, momont igbaro.
[Messenger] Momont samidin.
[all] Silleng hiero igbaro, momont igbaro.
[agents exclaim]
[cultists shouting excitedly]
[cultists exclaiming]
[cultists exclaiming]
-[agents gasp]
-It worked! It worked! It worked!
-[cultists murmuring]
-[cultist 1] What's happening?
[cultists clamoring]
[cultist 2] Messenger!
[Eun-ji] Should we go?
Should we go now?
-[Hye-ri] Go now.
-Come on.
They're here!
[Do-hoon] You okay?
Can you run? Can you run?
Let's go. Come on.
Let's go quickly! Hurry!
[Hye-ri] Oh, my God, oh, my God.
-[Yong-jin] One, two, three.
-[John] Careful, careful.
[Eun-ji] Put your arm around me.
Gimme your arm.
-I got you, here.
-[Hye-ri] Let's go, let's go.
-[Karina] Yeah, run.
-[Eun-ji] Let's go, let's go, let's go.
-[Hye-ri] Oh, my God.
-[John] Go, go up the stairs.
-[cultist 1 groans]
-[cultist 2] No, Messenger!
[Yong-jin] Close it.
Be careful.
[cultist] The sacrifices are gone!
[cultists clamoring]
[Eun-ji] Get to the chamber now.
The chamber. Go now!
-[Do-hoon] Did we make it?
-[Hye-ri] You good?
-[Do-hoon] Are we done? We did it.
-[Hye-ri] You good?
[cultist] Where are they?
[Hye-ri] Press it.
-[Do-hoon] Careful.
-[Yong-jin] Oh!
[cultist] What the? What the?
[XIN] On board the submarine Midas,
with the exception of one crewmember,
all bio-signals have been lost.
[Yong-jin] This mission is really
taking place on board a submarine.
[John] It feels like
we're gonna get a workout today.
[Eun-ji] Let's go to the deep sea!
[Yong-jin] Oh, it's water!
-[Do-hoon] Ah, seriously
-[Hye-ri] This is insane.
[Do-hoon] Wait, doesn't water inside a sub
mean there's a malfunction?
"Malfunction of generator control valve."
-The oxygen level dropped again.
-Why is it dropping?
[Do-hoon exclaims]
[Karina] I feel really dizzy. Am I dying?
We're running out of oxygen and time.
-We have to go up there.
-[Karina] Yeah.
Hey, look. Look at this.
There's a strange organism in here.
[Eun-ji] Like in that Alien movie.
-[Do-hoon] There's something here!
-[Eun-ji] Oh, my God, what's that?
[all scream]
[Do-hoon] What the hell!
There's a dead body.
[closing theme music playing]
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