Agents of Mystery (2024) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

[Hye-ri] Oh! Huh? Huh?
-Headquarters. We're back here?
-Same place.
Something's different though.
-You're right. Something's changed.
-The setup seems a bit different.
-There's a different feel.
-Wonder why.
-[John] Well, well, well.
-Hello, nice to see you.
-[John] Look who it is, you made it.
The MVP arrived ahead of us,
that makes sense.
-Oh, no, no, come on now.
-[Hye-ri giggles]
-[John] Oh!
-[Karina] Hi there.
[Do-hoon] Hi, everyone.
-Hello, gentlemen. How are you?
-[Eun-ji] Looking good as usual.
Ah, beautiful as always.
You know, I'm wondering whether Do-hoon
and I will be chained up together again.
-By the wrists?
-Exactly, yeah. You think?
-[Yong-jin] Could happen.
-I do still have a slight bruise here.
-Yeah, it still hurts.
-[Do-hoon] Yeah, yeah. Right here.
[playful music playing]
[Do-hoon] I'm losing my mind here.
[Yong-jin grunts]
So getting tied up like this
basically means you die.
[Yong-jin] That was really painful.
Still stings!
We kind of look like a team,
dressed like this.
-[Karina] We do.
-[John] Yeah, exactly.
-[Hye-ri] We look like a team.
-It feels good.
Why did they do that?
It must be a concept.
That's why they put us
in matching jumpsuits.
[John] Yeah, I was wondering
-what this was all about.
-What's the theme?
This outfit is really comfy though, right?
And we've all got boots on too, right?
-Yes, just in case.
-[Do-hoon] Yeah, combat boots.
-[John] That's right.
-[Hye-ri] Look at those.
-[Eun-ji] "Just-in-case" boots.
-[John] Feels hardcore.
[Hye-ri] Look, twinsies.
I have a prediction.
Our clothes will get ruined.
-[all gasp]
-That's what I thought too.
-Right? I wonder where are we going?
My clothing sponsor freaked out.
My clothes were ruined.
Right! Because you put
your hand in that hole!
-[Karina] Your face. Seriously.
-Should have done rock, paper, scissors.
What I'm thinking is, that hole
where Yong-jin put his hand in last time,
that's gonna be the state
of the entire floor.
-[Do-hoon] And we'll be
-We'll be crawling.
[giggles] Going like this.
It feels like we're gonna get
a workout today.
[Yong-jin] Hey, hang on. Tell me
what happened with the four of you.
-[John] Oh, you mean last time.
-When we figured out the spell.
You never said what happened,
while the two of us were tied up
inside that wagon.
[Karina] They shelled these nuts,
there must be a tool.
-[John] Found it!
-[Hye-ri] Oh! You did?
-Almost there.
-[all exclaim]
[Eun-ji] What if we took
all that stuff down
-and went through the vent?
-We've got it!
-[Karina] Got the Autumn Ginger.
-[Eun-ji] Got the safflower powder.
[Hye-ri] Got the shark's teeth.
[all in unison]
Silleng hiero igbaro. Momont
-Just watch it when it airs.
That's in six months.
I have to wait six months?
I'm on this show. Why should I
have to wait as long as the audience?
-We should get a preview, right?
-[Do-hoon] Yeah, exactly.
-[XIN] Welcome.
-[all gasp in surprise]
Oh, god!
[XIN] Here is the information
regarding the mission given to you by XIN.
While investigating
an abnormal amount of X-Electric Waves
emanating from the deep seas
of the Philippine Trench,
-our team discovered the submarine, Midas.
-A submarine!
-[XIN] We believe this submarine
is the source of the X-Electric Waves
that we detected.
The submarine Midas
is a civilian vessel which belongs
to the Korea Research Council
of Deep Sea Creatures,
an organization
which has received funding support
over the past years
from the multinational corporation
Star & Stone Industry.
[XIN] The Midas submarine was designed
to research deep-sea creatures
and has a crew of six members
working on board.
-"Jang Man-gyeong"?
-[XIN] This submarine
is a state-of-the-art exploration vessel,
equipped with the latest AI technology,
which monitors
the bio-signals of each crew member.
It scans every hour for their safety.
[all] Oh.
[XIN] Currently, we have confirmed
that with the exception of one person,
all bio-signals have been lost.
The signal of the last remaining person
is also abnormal,
leaving the status
of their vitals uncertain.
-We need to get there fast.
-[XIN] In addition,
we have confirmed
that the submarine's AI system
has somehow been deactivated.
[XIN] Your mission aboard
the submarine today is two-fold.
First, please verify the status
of the vitals of all six crew members
and investigate what happened
aboard the sub.
Second, in the central computer,
there are removable storage devices.
Retrieve these and return them here.
Oh, hard drives.
There are eight of them?
Must be important.
[XIN] In the drawer,
you will find small two-way radios
and a camera for collecting evidence.
Take these, and enter
the Teleportation Chamber.
[XIN] The maximum time you may remain
at the scene of the incident is six hours.
You must complete
your mission and return to the base
-within the time limit.
-Got it.
-[Do-hoon] Okay, six hours.
-[XIN] This mission takes place
at the bottom of the deep sea.
-The deep sea?
-[XIN] Therefore, it is important
-to take precautions.
-[XIN] The secrets of our organization
-So scared.
and its members must be safeguarded.
Water won't be able to get in, will it?
-That would be awful.
-We're gonna get wet.
[XIN] If you are exposed,
XIN will disavow
all responsibility for this mission,
regardless of any impact
it may have on your safety.
With that, I wish you all luck.
-[Eun-ji] Oh, it's ready.
-[Do-hoon] Whoo, here we go again.
[Hye-ri] Look, it's here.
-You know what?
-[John] To the sub?
[Hye-ri] Photos are gonna be important.
-We really need to be on it.
-Let's take a lot, we'll take a lot.
-[Karina] Yeah, I'll handle it.
-[Hye-ri] Right?
-Okay, Eun-ji.
-[Eun-ji] Yeah, I'll take the photos.
-Oh, yeah.
-[Eun-ji] Oh, yeah.
-[Yong-jin] Thank you.
-[Eun-ji] Gotta hold on to 'em.
[Hye-ri] The walkies, they were
really important last time.
[Do-hoon] Yeah,
they were crucial last time.
You're all aware
that I served in the Navy, right?
-[Eun-ji] Oh, yeah.
-[Hye-ri] No way.
-[Yong-jin] Yeah.
-[Eun-ji] He was in the Navy.
Don't ask me anything, though.
-Come on.
[Yong-jin] I'm totally clueless.
-[John] That was almost reassuring.
-[Eun-ji] Yong-jin, can you swim?
[Yong-jin] Like a dolphin.
Hey, just a second. I'm a little confused.
So we have to go in there and verify
the vitals of five missing people, right?
-Six people.
-[Yong-jin] That's right.
But there's only one signal left.
So then, it's just the one person.
They don't know if the others
-are alive or not.
-[Hye-ri] Yup. Just the one signal.
Verify the status of six people.
But we don't have
to rescue them too, do we?
If they're still alive, obviously, we
would bring them back with us, right?
-[Do-hoon] All of them.
-Right, like last week.
-[Eun-ji] Yeah, Do-hoon!
-I can't carry anyone today.
-[Eun-ji] What's that? Oh, it's a bag.
-[Hye-ri] What do you got?
-The bag to bring hard drives back?
-[Eun-ji] Right.
Should I carry it, you think?
-[Eun-ji] I got it, I got it.
-[Do-hoon] You sure?
-[Karina] No, I can do it.
-No, it's light.
-Since I'm the mule.
-[Eun-ji] What?
Oh, are you now?
[Hye-ri] "Where is it?" Rina's got it.
-"And that?" Rina's got that too.
-[Karina] That's me.
[Eun-ji] She was like a storage daemon.
Oh, it looks good on you.
-Wait, Rina. Wait.
-[Karina] It's nice, right?
-[Eun-ji] At least we have a bag today.
-Should we all huddle up first? Then go?
[Eun-ji] To the bottom of the sea.
The deep sea.
"Agents of Mystery!"
-[all in unison] Let's go!
-[Yong-jin] Let's go! Let's go!
Let's go to the deep sea!
-[Yong-jin] Hey, guys.
-Gosh, what do we do if water gets in?
All the missing people have funny names
related to like, the deep sea.
-[John] Oh, I see.
-Yeah, like Jang Man-gyeong, and so on.
"Sim Hye-sung, Ji Young-koo."
Do-hoon, make sure you watch the clock.
-[Do-hoon] Will do.
-[Hye-ri] Let's hit it.
-[Karina] I'm doing it, okay?
-[Eun-ji] Sure.
-I'm excited about going to the deep sea.
-[Hye-ri] Me too.
-[Eun-ji] Gosh, I'm nervous.
-[Karina] I love the water.
-Oh, you do?
-[Hye-ri] And we're off!
-God, I'll never get used to this.
-[Karina] I blocked this out.
We're gonna board a submarine.
This is gonna be fun.
Submarines have a sci-fi element,
so I think expectations
were really high because of that.
I served in the Navy, but I have
zero information about submarines.
I've never even been near one.
Anything that is connected to the deep sea
has an aura of mystery, right?
So I did feel a bit
of trepidation going in.
There's not a lot that I'm scared of,
but the deep sea
is the one thing I actually fear.
In the dark depths of the ocean,
there are unidentified organisms,
fascinating jellyfish.
I wasn't that scared at first.
I was thinking, "Well, the worst thing
we're going to encounter
is probably an octopus or something."
-[Eun-ji] That took a long time.
-[Hye-ri] I know, right?
-I guess the deep sea's far away.
-[Yong-jin] That was long.
Have we reached the submarine?
-[Yong-jin] Yeah.
-[Hye-ri] I think so, yeah.
-[Eun-ji] We're here.
-[John] We're inside now.
[Karina] I'm sweating.
[John] We gotta We gotta go.
The door's closing.
[theme music playing]
[theme music ends]
[Hye-ri] Open it. Open it.
-[Karina] Be careful.
-[Hye-ri gasps]
[Eun-ji] Ah.
[Yong-jin] It's just a submarine, right?
-[Do-hoon] Whoa, there's water!
-[Hye-ri] Look at the floor.
-[Karina] Oh, my god.
-[Yong-jin] Oh, it's flooded.
-[Hye-ri] Yeah.
-[Eun-ji] Looks like a leak.
-[Hye-ri] Wow.
-I guess something's really wrong.
[Yong-jin] Come on,
what are you guys freaking out about?
-[Hye-ri] This is insane.
When we arrived at the submarine,
the floor was flooded.
So it was pretty clear why they made us
wear boots and jumpsuits.
The water came up to my heels,
and it felt like it might reach
my ankles at any moment.
I had a bad feeling about the water.
I felt kind of anxious.
It felt empty.
[John] It felt like no one was there.
Where on earth are the crew members
of this submarine?
-[Yong-jin] So much water.
-Argh, seriously.
Wait, doesn't water inside a sub
mean there's a malfunction?
-[Hye-ri] Exactly.
-[Karina] The oxygen.
The oxygen level
right now reads "caution."
-[Eun-ji] Rina, look.
-[Hye-ri] Yeah, "17%."
"Central computer power is off."
"Emergency protocol has been activated."
"Causes of low oxygen levels
and what to do."
"Error one, malfunction
of generator control valve."
"Step one, adjust oxygen level
-via the control valve."
-Adjust the level?
-Guess we should try that first.
-[John] Yeah. Makes sense.
"Error two, oxygen generator is off."
-"Step two, turn on the oxygen generator."
[Hye-ri] "Error three,
central computer malfunction."
"Step three, we need to reboot
the central computer system."
It's at 17%. I guess if the oxygen level
-falls to zero, we die.
-[Hye-ri] Yeah.
Yong-jin, if the oxygen's dropping,
we should take care of that first, right?
Wait, there's not enough oxygen.
The level's gonna keep dropping.
We need oxygen to investigate
and complete the mission.
So we should raise
the oxygen level first, right?
In the last investigation, I was clueless
because I was a complete novice.
But this time, I told myself
I would really focus and stay alert.
[Do-hoon] And I noticed when we walked in,
there was something like
a broken vent with a rope hanging from it.
Hey. I think we should take photos.
-[Yong-jin] Hey, what's that rope for?
-Oh! What?
-[Do-hoon] There's a rope hanging there.
-[Karina] Oh, man.
[Do-hoon] Maybe someone came in
or went out through that vent.
A rope?
Wow, I kind of thought we were supposed
to climb it, so I was like
[Karina] No way. I can't do it.
I should've worked out more.
[Yong-jin] Seriously? Are any of us
capable of climbing that thing?
[Karina] I'm not.
-Seriously, how would you do that?
-[Hye-ri] Right?
-Can you pull it down? Anything up there?
-[Yong-jin] Pull it.
-Should I try?
-[Yong-jin] Yeah, yeah, try it, try it.
Is it strong enough to climb?
-[Do-hoon] No, no, it doesn't seem
-[Eun-ji] Be careful. Hang on.
-[loud clank]
-[siren wailing]
[Eun-ji] What the heck was that?
What is it?
Wait, maybe
[all screaming]
[all screaming]
[Do-hoon] What the
-[Karina] Eun-ji!
-[Yong-jin] Hey, look at her.
-[Eun-ji] I was completely shocked.
Refreshingly so.
Do-hoon asked, "Should I give it a pull?"
And we were like,
"Yeah, try it." So he did.
And the moment he did, water just
exploded out of there like a water bomb.
-[Karina] Eun-ji!
-[Eun-ji] What the heck?
[Yong-jin] Hey, look at her!
-Hey, look at Eun-ji.
-[Eun-ji] Hey.
-Come on.
-Whoa, jeez.
-[Yong-jin] Hey, Eun-ji.
[Hye-ri] Eun-ji, oh, no!
-[Eun-ji] Hey, come on.
-Should I pull this?
-[Eun-ji] Hey, Hye-ri.
-Where did that come from?
-[Hye-ri] Eun-ji, you okay?
-[Eun-ji] I got totally soaked.
Gosh, Hye-ri, I can't believe this.
Hye-ri God.
Guys, I'm soaked through to my panties.
But Do-hoon's completely dry, look.
-[Hye-ri] Wow. How is that possible?
-[Eun-ji] Hey, come on.
Not a single drop hit me.
I dodged it.
Oh, I got out of the way quick.
I have pretty quick reflexes, you know.
I got hit by the water,
but I was the only one.
-Oh, no, are you all right?
-I'm soaked through to my underwear.
-Why you of all people?
There's you, and you. There are six of us.
So why was it just you?
Eun-ji, look at you. Look.
Look at your back.
-You okay?
-[Hye-ri] Turn around, turn around.
-She's soaked.
-[Do-hoon] Wait a sec.
Where are we, the Caribbean?
I think we need to take a photo.
[shutter clicks]
[Hye-ri] That cracks me up.
Hey, I'm soaked through to my panties.
-[Yong-jin] Hey! It wasn't my fault.
-[Do-hoon] Oh, no.
John Park, Do-hoon, and I,
we're gonna try and climb it.
-But then, this happened.
-Why the heck did you tell him
to pull it anyway?
Hey, come on.
We were always gonna pull it, right?
-Of course, of course, we had to try it.
-[Eun-ji] I can't believe this.
-It's like a water bomb festival.
-[Yong-jin] I hear you.
-You got water-bombed.
-That was fun.
For a second, I panicked 'cause I thought
the water was gonna keep filling up.
[Eun-ji] I panicked too.
God, that was scary.
[John] Thank god it wasn't too much.
[John] Does that open, bro?
Yong-jin, don't open it. It's gonna flood.
-Wait. Hey, Yong-jin.
-What's wrong?
-I think we can go up this way too.
-[Yong-jin] Yeah, we can.
-Up there?
-[Hye-ri] Whoa.
[Do-hoon] That doesn't turn?
[Yong-jin] Doesn't seem to work.
Shall I go up here?
[Hye-ri] Think you can climb it?
-[Yong-jin] You got it?
-[Hye-ri] Maybe you shouldn't.
-I think I can.
-No, go ahead.
Wait. Hey, hey, hey, Rina.
Rina, this could be dangerous,
you should go first.
-No. I'll go up first, okay?
-'Cause I'm the youngest, right?
-I'll go up.
-[John] Yeah.
[Yong-jin] Do-hoon, if you need anything,
just shout down, okay?
-Will do.
-We'll bring it up.
-[Eun-ji] What's wrong?
[Do-hoon] There's something here.
-[Hye-ri] What's up there?
-[Do-hoon] I think it's a puzzle to solve.
[Yong-jin] Tell us what it looks like.
We can help out.
I think it's a CPU.
-[Yong-jin] What?
-I think the CPU here has been smashed.
I'll go. I'll go up.
Hey, Yong-jin, let's all go up.
-[John] All of us?
-[Eun-ji] Let's go up together, okay?
-[John] Yeah. There's nothing down here.
-[Eun-ji] Exactly.
[Karina] Eun-ji, careful with your feet.
[John] Yeah, careful, careful.
[Do-hoon] The CPU
on the second floor was just destroyed.
And it was in such a state
that I couldn't do anything to fix it.
-There's, uh There's something here.
[Do-hoon] I think someone
actually broke it, right?
-[Karina] Yeah.
-[Do-hoon] What do you think?
-[Eun-ji] Hey!
-Oh, jeez.
-[Karina] Eun-ji.
-Oh, Hye-ri.
-[Eun-ji] It's all right. Take your time.
[Hye-ri] I'm scared.
Oh, no.
-[John] Are you okay?
-[Eun-ji] Are you scared?
-[John] Oh, no.
-Wait down here.
I'm really scared.
-[Eun-ji] It's fine. Hang on.
-Take her hand. Dong-hoon.
Grab it. Yeah, just grab her hand.
I think it would be better
if you all came up.
We will, we'll bring this.
[Hye-ri] Ah, I'm sweating.
Eun-ji, is there anything you need?
Let me know now.
-[Yong-jin] Hey, Hye-ri.
-[Eun-ji] Good idea.
-Can you take a look around too?
I think we need to put
the broken pieces back together.
[Eun-ji] Should we wait
for the others to get up here?
[Do-hoon] Hold on.
[John] Do we need the rope?
I don't know.
Yong-jin, why don't you come up now?
-Should we bring the rope?
-[Eun-ji] The rope?
No, I think you can throw that away.
[Yong-jin] Okay, okay.
[John] There's a crew photo down here.
-[Yong-jin] Yeah.
-Just in case, I guess.
-I don't think we'll need it, but
-[Yong-jin] I think
we're gonna need this, though.
For something. Yeah.
And this as well.
-[Eun-ji] Is Yong-jin coming?
-[Do-hoon] Hye-ri, the parts turn.
-[Hye-ri] Oh.
I think we need to line up
the patterns so the pieces
-of the CPU match.
-[Karina] Oh, like this.
[Hye-ri] This connects to this.
-[Karina] You're right.
-[Do-hoon] Yeah.
[Hye-ri] There was something that looked
like a puzzle and it was in six pieces.
But parts of the puzzle had been broken.
So I thought, "Oh, do we have
to rearrange all the pieces,
so that the lines match up again?"
-[Hye-ri] Right?
-[Karina] Yeah.
[Eun-ji] What's it for?
[John] What do you think happened?
-[Do-hoon] It's a lighter.
-It doesn't look like we can fix it.
-[Karina] No.
-[Eun-ji] They don't really fit together.
-[John] No.
-It's totally messed up, right?
-[Yong-jin] Yeah.
-Looks that way.
-It looks like it's broken, doesn't it?
Yeah, I think it's busted for sure.
Hold on.
Hey! I think I may have found
something down here.
-[Yong-jin] Really?
-[Hye-ri] For real?
Is there Yong-jin, is there
Is there a hex screwdriver up there?
Yeah, you mean this tool here?
-[Yong-jin] It's a hex wrench. Yeah.
-Oh, yeah.
Could you throw that down to me, please?
-Don't catch it. I'll just drop it. There.
-[Hye-ri] Watch out.
What? What did you find?
[Do-hoon] I found I found another one
of those breaker box things.
Like the one upstairs.
-Hang on a sec.
-[John] Oh, really?
I'll go down and take a look.
[Yong-jin] You know, because we were
tied up together last time,
-I feel
-[Karina] A bromance?
Yeah, I should watch his back.
[Yong-jin] Do-hoon's more
of a wuss than you think.
Yeah, I think there
might be something here.
-[Yong-jin] Whoa, okay. Hey!
-[Do-hoon] Look at that.
-[Karina] What?
-[Yong-jin] We got something.
A completed puzzle, like a blueprint.
-[John] Great.
-[Hye-ri] Nice!
I think we need them to match.
-[Karina] Let's use the camera.
-I'll go take a photo, then come back up.
-Take a picture. Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
-[Eun-ji] I'm gonna take one.
-Yeah, good idea.
-[Eun-ji] Yeah.
-[Hye-ri] It must be the same puzzle.
-[Yong-jin] Yeah, it's complete.
There's a button here, to boot it up.
Should I try?
-[Yong-jin] Yeah, press it.
-[Hye-ri] Yeah, do it.
[Yong-jin] Wait, hang on.
Let's see if this opens.
Ah, it doesn't.
[Eun-ji] Nice job, Do-hoon.
-Did Do-hoon find the second puzzle?
-[John] Yeah.
-[Hye-ri] Nice, Do-hoon.
-[Karina] Impressive.
-[Hye-ri] You're way ahead of us.
-[Karina] That was very impressive.
Hey, can you press the button again?
[Eun-ji] The one down here?
-[Hye-ri] Yes.
-[Eun-ji] Yeah.
[Hye-ri] And what happens
when you press it?
-[Yong-jin] Nothing.
-I'm pressing it, but nothing happens.
[Do-hoon] We gotta match
that one with this one.
[Yong-jin] Yeah, I think so.
[Hye-ri] Do the pieces downstairs turn?
[Yong-jin] Try moving them.
-[Do-hoon] Oh, these move too.
-[Yong-jin] Do they?
[Hye-ri] Okay. Then I think we have
to rearrange that one.
Yeah, I think so.
Oh, we need to solve this puzzle, then?
[Yong-jin] What's the pattern here?
-Are these supposed to line up, Yong-jin?
-[Yong-jin] I think so.
Yeah, I think the lines have to match up.
-Try starting
with the middle column, okay?
See if that works.
[Yong-jin] Yeah, okay.
[Hye-ri] Fixing the ones
in the middle first
helped us see the layout better,
which made it easier to solve the puzzle.
[Yong-jin] Yeah, that's right.
That's right. We'll try that.
[Eun-ji] First, try this one.
This one has to go up I think.
-[Yong-jin] Yep.
-[Eun-ji] And next
-The lines all need to match up.
-[Yong-jin] Ah. Okay, okay.
-[Yong-jin] Okay, I get it.
It's easier if you think of it
as one big piece.
-[Yong-jin] I got it.
[Yong-jin] Yeah, you're right.
I think the middle ones are correct.
-[Eun-ji] We got the middle ones. Good.
-[Do-hoon] Yeah.
You're so clever, Hye-ri.
-I barely did anything.
-You're just so smart, girl.
-Oh, this is wrong. This doesn't line up.
-[Eun-ji] Yeah, this one too.
[Do-hoon] No.
-[Yong-jin] Like this. Yeah, got it.
-[Eun-ji] Oh, here. Yeah.
These line up now.
-[Yong-jin] Yeah, great.
-[Eun-ji] Try and fix this one.
-On the bottom, yeah.
-[Yong-jin] Now it's just this one, right?
-[Yong-jin] Got it.
-[Eun-ji] Should we press it?
-We're pressing it.
-We're doing it, okay?
[Hye-ri] Okay.
-[Do-hoon] Oh, it's working.
-[Yong-jin] Oh, look at that.
-The light's on!
-[Karina] Really?
[Yong-jin] Press it.
-[door buzzes]
-[Do-hoon] Look, it's open.
-[Hye-ri] Is it open? Is it open?
What is it?
What happened?
-Oh, Jesus!
-[Karina] What's wrong?
-Wait, wait.
-[John] What is it?
-[all groaning]
-[Do-hoon] What the hell?
There's a dead body.
[Hye-ri] What?
Who is it?
-There's no head.
-I think it's a crew member.
-There's no head.
-[Do-hoon] Ugh.
[all groaning]
-[Karina] Oh, my god.
-The head's just gone.
I really wasn't expecting
to see a corpse like that.
Especially not one missing its whole head.
It's an environment
subject to high pressure,
so I was kind of thinking, "Could this
possibly have been an accident?"
-We should go down.
-[Do-hoon] Wanna come down?
Does that door open? The door up there?
The light is red right now, so no.
[Yong-jin] Yeah, the light
down here had to turn green
before the door opened. Come down.
Come down carefully, take your time.
[Do-hoon] Wait, we should see who it is.
-Do-hoon, help Hye-ri. Careful.
Hye-ri, step on the parts
with the yellow tape.
[Hye-ri] Got it.
[groaning in disgust]
It's Han Hae-joong. Han Hae-joong.
[XIN] The Midas submarine has a crew
of six members working on board.
It's him, guys. It's Han Hae-joong.
[Karina] Are you sure?
[Yong-jin] Brace yourselves.
-[John groans]
-[Hye-ri gasps]
[Hye-ri] The information
we were given at the start
was that the signals of five
of the six people had been lost.
So it occurred to me
that those five could be dead.
But what do you think
could have caused this kind of carnage?
I know, right?
I had a few ideas.
First, "Did something explode?
Is that why there's no head?"
My second thought was,
"Is there a monster here?"
The last thought I had was,
"Maybe there was some kind of fight?"
-[Yong-jin] Look.
-[Hye-ri] It's so awful.
-[Yong-jin] Blood, ugh.
-[Karina] Gross.
-[Do-hoon] Oh, man.
-[Hye-ri] Ugh.
Should I put this in the bag?
We might need it.
[Yong-jin] No, I'll take it.
-[John] There's nothing here.
-[Eun-ji] Really?
-[John] I don't think.
-[Eun-ji] Nothing at all?
-[John] Yeah, nothing.
-[Hye-ri groans]
What should we do with the body?
[Eun-ji] Should we move it to the side?
-[Do-hoon] Let's get it out of the way.
-[Eun-ji] Yeah.
It's probably heavy.
-[Hye-ri] Whoa, whoa, whoa.
-[John grunts]
[Yong-jin] Wait, wait, I'll hold this.
[Yong-jin] Ugh, blood.
Two possibilities.
Either there's a monster
or there was a machine malfunction
-and maybe an explosion?
-[Hye-ri] Maybe it was.
-But how could somebody's head be
-I know.
Well, we've found one. One crew member.
-Out of six. Yeah.
-Han Hae-joong, yeah.
-[Eun-ji] Should we go in, Yong-jin?
-[Hye-ri] Let's check it out.
-[Karina] We're going inside?
-[Eun-ji] Let's go.
[Hye-ri] Let's check it out.
-[Hye-ri] Ah! Watch out.
-[Eun-ji] Careful, everyone.
Watch your step, guys, watch your step.
[Karina] It's slippery.
Right, here's the O2 generator.
-[Eun-ji] Yeah.
-[Hye-ri] Oh, you're right.
-[Eun-ji] We found the oxygen generator.
-Okay. Great.
-[alarm wailing]
-What's that? Jesus!
[loud pop]
-What the
-It came from here.
-[Yong-jin] From back there.
-[Eun-ji] It sounded like something burst.
Watch your step.
What is it? Oh!
The oxygen level is dropping.
-[Yong-jin] Yeah, look, it's going down.
-[Hye-ri] It's dropping?
It says it's 16%.
It's entered the "danger" zone.
[Do-hoon] So what happened?
Something broke?
We definitely heard a bang just now.
Something must have burst,
like one of the valves or something.
-What should we do now?
-We need to
-[Eun-ji] Check the valves?
-[Hye-ri] We need to adjust
the oxygen level with the control valve.
-So we've entered the "danger" zone.
-[Hye-ri] Yeah.
-Oh, that's why. That's probably it.
-So this
-[John] This is the control valve.
-[Hye-ri] Yeah.
-[John] "Oxygen control valve."
-[Eun-ji] Does it say anything else?
"Oxygen levels are of critical importance
to the health of the crew
and the safety of the submarine."
"Do not adjust except in cases
of abnormal oxygen levels."
-Yeah, it seems abnormal.
-Yeah, this qualifies.
[Hye-ri] "Turning the valve clockwise
will increase the oxygen level,
and counterclockwise decreases it."
-[Eun-ji] So try increasing it.
-[Hye-ri] Should I turn it?
-Yeah, to the right.
-[Eun-ji] Do it.
[Hye-ri] Oh, got it.
[Do-hoon] Something bad
is about to happen.
[steam hisses]
I was so surprised.
It was coming at us from all sides.
Yeah, we need to be careful
about what we touch, you know?
The level hasn't changed.
Should we turn it the other way?
Well, if this isn't it, then I think the
Maybe the power's off.
-Yeah, maybe.
-[John] Yeah, that could be it.
-So we should try turning it on.
-Are there instructions?
-I think this thing has to be turned on.
[Yong-jin] I think
it's already on, though.
"Oxygen generator."
[Hye-ri] The oxygen level dropped again.
-[Do-hoon] What?
-[Eun-ji] What? It dropped again?
-My brain's melting.
-[Hye-ri] Shoot.
[Eun-ji] What about this floor plan?
What about this?
On the floor plan, there were things like
the control room, the laboratory,
conference room, engine room, and so on.
But since we were there
in the engine room,
we thought we should open a valve
or do whatever as soon as possible
in order to increase the oxygen level.
Yong-jin, in the Navy,
did you ever see anything like this?
-No, absolutely not, no.
-Oh, really?
-[Do-hoon] "Power."
-I know nothing about this.
[Yong-jin] Oxygen generator power.
Oh! Power. Oh! Reboot?
-[Eun-ji] Should we?
-[John] Hey, this says "panel lights."
But I think it just turns on
the indicator lights.
-Don't press random buttons.
-I know.
[Karina] Should I flip the switch?
-[Hye-ri] "Main control"
-[Do-hoon] Yeah. Yeah, do it.
-[Eun-ji] Flip it.
-[switch clicks]
-Oh, I'm scared.
-All of the lights are on.
[Karina] This is turning me
into a chicken.
[Eun-ji] More like
a sea turtle, right, guys?
-[Yong-jin] Oh!
-There's no change.
-[Eun-ji] Wait, what?
[Do-hoon] Seriously?
-[Karina] My heart.
-[John] Hang on.
Maybe we have to reboot
the central computer?
I don't think the central computer
is in here.
-[Eun-ji] You're right.
-[Do-hoon] Oh, wait. "Cycle start."
[John] Look at that. Maybe
Look. The green light's on.
So how do we turn on the generator?
Hold on, hold on, wait a second.
-[Yong-jin] Hang on.
[Yong-jin] This isn't it.
I think the problem's the control valve.
-[Do-hoon] Why would that be it?
Yeah, the control valve
of the oxygen generator
should be used to adjust the level first.
-But this isn't it? This thing?
-It's this one here.
Or we could turn it more and hold it tight
for five seconds? As a group?
-[Yong-jin] Okay, I'll do it.
-[Hye-ri] Okay.
-[Eun-ji] Hye-ri.
-[Hye-ri] Coming.
-My heart's racing.
-Oh, I'm scared.
-[John] So right now the causes
-[Hye-ri] Did you turn it?
[women shout]
Should we turn it again?
I don't think so.
Gas suddenly shot out,
so we expected the oxygen level to go up.
But then, it ended up dropping a little.
So I thought,
"The problem isn't the valve."
"We should look for another cause."
-So there are three possible causes.
-[Hye-ri] Yeah.
-[Eun-ji] Mm.
-And it's not number one.
Number two says, "If the oxygen generator
is turned off, turn it on."
-But it's already on.
-[Hye-ri] Yeah. Uh-huh.
So it's probably the third cause.
It has to be, we tried the other two.
-Exactly. That's what I've been saying.
-[Hye-ri] It must be the computer.
The central computer
isn't this kind of computer.
It's like the largest computer here.
Like a system, in a room somewhere.
To resolve the oxygen level issue,
I think we need to go
to the central computer first.
-[Hye-ri] Yeah?
-So let's get going then, okay?
-Yeah. I think first First, we'll need
-We have to open this to get there.
Yeah, I think the goal
is to open this door.
Is this the floor plan?
Yeah, this is the floor plan
that was on the wall.
[Eun-ji] Right.
-[Hye-ri] Are we on level one?
-This is the engine room, right?
[Hye-ri] Yes.
[John] We started off at the dock,
that's the docking room.
-And now we're here.
-[Eun-ji] Yeah.
-[John] So next is the laboratory.
-[Karina] So we have to go there.
-[Hye-ri] It might be there.
-If there's a central computer on board,
I'd expect it to be in the lab
or the control room.
-Well, either way, we need to open this.
-[Hye-ri] True.
Then could we open it
with the card? Maybe?
-[Yong-jin] Right!
-You're right!
-The card.
-[Eun-ji] That could work.
-Would the door open with the card?
-Would this work, you think?
-Yeah, yeah, good idea.
-But where should we tap it?
I don't see a place.
[Do-hoon] Hold on.
Doesn't this panel have to be removed?
[Yong-jin] Yeah, let's open that up.
-Like the other one.
-Oh, with that tool?
[Hye-ri] So that's what you did.
Maybe the thing to tap is inside.
-I think so.
-Yeah, maybe.
Glad I brought this.
-[Hye-ri] Do-hoon.
-[Karina] Impressive.
-Look, another puzzle.
-[Yong-jin] Wow, you're right!
-We gotta solve the puzzle.
-[John] Not again.
Yeah. Is it the same pattern
as the last one?
[Yong-jin] Yeah. This one
-I took a photo, wanna see?
[Hye-ri] I think this one's wrong, look.
Oh, this, uh, this is wrong.
-It should go up.
-[Yong-jin] Okay, got it.
-Nailed it.
Hold on, back up, everyone.
-[Eun-ji] Get back, Hye-ri.
[door buzzes]
[all exclaim]
-[Eun-ji] This is the lab, right, John?
-[John] This is it.
[Hye-ri] Yeah.
-Let's go.
We're here.
[Karina] Is this
where we reboot the computer?
-[Eun-ji] Are we sure this is the place?
-It doesn't look like the central computer
-is in here, does it?
-Look. Over here.
Looks like they were studying
an organism or something.
When we entered the lab,
the first thing I noticed was the bed.
And on the bed, there was
some kind of strange, sticky, clear fluid.
It was sticky and disturbing
and pretty gross.
And then there were fish and shrimp,
I think, being grown in the lab.
[Karina] Obviously, something went down
there, but we didn't know what.
It was ominous. Bad vibes.
-Does this feel like
-They were doing research.
[Hye-ri] You're right.
Maybe a monster
was born out of an experiment
-and turned the place upside down.
-That's what I think.
Oh, like in that alien movie?
-[Eun-ji] Maybe they were running away.
[Yong-jin] How many people
were there? Five?
-[Eun-ji] Six, six.
-[Yong-jin] Six?
Maybe one of the six was a saboteur.
He was doing something sketchy,
experimenting on the crew, or something.
Yes, that could be it. Because they said
one person could still be alive.
[XIN] With the exception of one person,
all bio-signals have been lost.
The signal of the last
remaining person is also abnormal,
leaving the status
of their vitals uncertain.
-One thing's for sure.
-It's not this guy.
Yeah, it can't be Han Hae-joong, right?
There's only one uniform here.
-[Yong-jin] Yeah, "Sim Hye-jung!"
-[Eun-ji] Right.
-[Hye-ri] Yeah.
-[Do-hoon] "Sim Hye-sung."
[Yong-jin] Interesting.
At that moment, I was thinking,
"Of course, this must be
like a murder case
that took place on this submarine
between the crew members."
There's a laptop here. Look.
Hey, there's a laptop here.
[Eun-ji] Hey, when they said
to reboot the central computer,
they didn't mean this laptop, did they?
-[John] No, I don't think so.
-[Karina] I doubt it.
-[Eun-ji] Does it give us a password hint?
-[Karina] Maybe Maybe there's a clue.
Oh, look at this. Look what it says.
"This laptop may be accessed
only by those with security clearance."
-Just put in whatever.
-[John] Password is
[Eun-ji] Type in anything,
so the hint comes up.
-[Karina] Anything?
-[keyboard clacks]
-[Eun-ji] Huh? "Level R?"
-"Security clearance"
The password hint listed says,
"Requires security clearance level R."
-[Yong-jin] What does that mean?
-[Eun-ji] What's that?
-[Do-hoon] Clearance level R?
-[Karina] That's what it says.
Are they talking about a rank
within the organization?
-[Yong-jin] I think so.
Oh, my heart.
"Requires security clearance level R."
[John] Should we take a look around first?
-Yeah, good idea.
-[Hye-ri] Sure.
-[Do-hoon] There's another one of these?
-[Yong-jin] Yeah.
Is it stuck?
-Maybe we gotta do an experiment.
Hold on, what's this? A camcorder?
Is there something on the memory card?
Let me see, I'll check it out.
[Do-hoon] We also found
a camcorder next to the laptop,
but the screen was broken.
Hang on. I can remove
the memory card from the camcorder.
-Yeah, let's do that.
-[Hye-ri] Yeah.
I think we're supposed to use
the laptop to see what's on it.
We can swap the cards.
[Eun-ji] Shouldn't the oxygen issue
be our primary concern?
-[Hye-ri] Yeah.
-[Eun-ji] Right?
[Hye-ri] We need to find
the central computer.
-[John] Yeah, we need to get there.
-[Yong-jin] Okay.
Let's try and get
to the central computer room.
Maybe we should focus
on opening the next door?
-Or we can try and crack this first?
-[Hye-ri] Yeah.
[Yong-jin] It says we need
level R clearance.
-[John] But this is S.
-[Hye-ri] If it's alphabetical
-Yes, this is level S.
-[Hye-ri] Hm, I don't know.
-Does that mean S is
-Level S.
Do we need to find someone who has
a level R card so we can use that one?
But if it's level S,
doesn't that include R?
-Think so?
-[Hye-ri] It says, "If access is attempted
through illegal means,
violators will be subject to punishment."
"If such a violation
comes to your attention,
please report it to the Korea Research
Council of Deep Sea Creatures."
"Reports will be confidential
and informant identities
will be kept anonymous."
-[John] Wow, wow, no way.
-Look at this!
-What happened?
-[Yong-jin] I knew it.
-[Karina] What did you find?
-Man, I knew it.
Right? You know, right?
-[Hye-ri] Oh, wow.
-I've got goosebumps.
-I knew it, dude.
-[Eun-ji] I don't get it.
-On the back of the ID card.
-Yeah, you just snap it open.
-Oh, man, amazing.
-That's what I'm talking about.
If an ID card is in a holder,
and on the front is the employee info,
then, oh, wouldn't there be something
on the back as well?
So I opened it.
When we turned it over,
there was a clue on the back.
What can I say, man? Wagon Bros.
My man is killing it.
But the problem is this person
is level S and we need R.
That's higher than R.
-I think it's R or higher.
-Yeah, and since this person is an R,
-S should work.
-[Eun-ji] Let's try it.
How did you break the card case?
-[Do-hoon] Maybe they killed each other.
-Just like, "Snap!"
Look, the level is shown on the card.
-Oh, I see.
-Look right there.
-The level is listed.
-Did you have a hunch?
-Sure why not? It was worth a shot, right?
-That's Yong-jin. Amazing.
I thought there might be
a barcode on the back.
Hold on, can we solve this
if we look at the barcode?
-Looks like it.
-[Yong-jin] Right?
[John] This could be
a standalone puzzle, or wait,
maybe it could be the key
to something else.
They're using the English alphabet,
but what's the pattern?
-Oppa, can I ask you a question?
Using just these letters, do you think
there's any word you can spell?
So like, this bunch of letters
spells a word
and that bunch of letters
spells another word, right?
-[John] Nothing jumps out.
-[Yong-jin] I don't know.
-Hey, can I just quickly write this down?
Let me try something.
-[Hye-ri] Or maybe
-[John] What could it be?
Do you think it could be
a stereogram illusion?
F and Y
U is between F and Y, right?
On the keyboard, right? Hye-ri?
-On the keyboard?
-Um, no.
-It's not?
-[Hye-ri] No.
[Hye-ri] What can we use to solve this?
-[John] Maybe we could try
-[Eun-ji] What?
In between F and H is G and, uh,
in between U and J, U and J
One, two, three, four, five, six
Eh, maybe not.
Keep working on that.
I'll have a look around
to see what else is here.
Ugh, Jesus! Ugh!
-What? What is it?
-[Yong-jin] I was wondering what that was.
I thought it was chicken breast,
but it's a mouse.
-[Do-hoon] Huh?
-[Yong-jin] Christ almighty.
When I saw the lab mice
that had been frozen and vacuum-sealed,
and the fruit flies
and small pieces of meat,
I saw all those things and I just
I thought, "Oh,
these are obviously being used as food
in some kind of an illegal
or unethical experiment."
-Something's going on.
-[Do-hoon] They were definitely
-conducting experiments.
-Yeah, definitely running tests.
We need to know the rules,
-or a code, right?
-[Hye-ri] Yeah.
-In order to figure out the password.
-[John] It's not in Korean, is it?
You know, I still keep thinking
that this can be solved with the barcode.
-The barcode on the badge.
-You think so?
Yeah. I think that the barcode
might hold the answer
to figuring out the password.
-Is there anything here that we can
-Yeah, where we can scan it?
-Maybe the barcode pattern is the key.
Something to scan it?
[Karina] A scanner?
For the barcode?
Could there be one?
Maybe somewhere here?
[Do-hoon] "First aid kit."
This needs to come with us for sure.
Look at this. We should
take this with us, right?
Yeah. We'll take it just in case.
Should we?
[Karina] Someone might get hurt.
-[Do-hoon] Okay. All right, I'll take it.
-[Hye-ri] What about this?
-Are you a prepper?
-[Karina] Totally.
I'm a prepper too.
In that case, could we take
one of these as well? These?
-[Karina] What is it?
-I'm pretty sure this is a test kit
for the virus that was
being researched here. Looks like it.
-Want me to carry it? You sure?
-It's okay. It's fine.
Among the Agents of Mystery,
I'm the bellboy.
I'm always in charge of the bag.
-We're not making much headway.
-It must be the barcode.
-What are we missing?
I think the barcode is the key,
but we might also need to collect
some information from another room first.
I guess so.
Yeah, maybe. That could be the case.
-[Hye-ri] Right?
-Try opening that panel.
-Try the panel.
-Yeah, I'll try to pry it open.
[Hye-ri] There just aren't
any other clues.
Good work, Do-hoon.
It's like you just moved in.
Oppa, I'll take that notepad too.
-I already packed this one.
-The bag's getting heavy.
-[John] Just give it to me.
-But two won't hurt.
-The bag is getting heavier and heavier.
-I'm fine. Look what I brought.
-[Hye-ri] Just give him the bag.
-Why did you bring that? Just in case?
-Just in case.
-[John] I'll take it. Come on.
-[Karina] It's a first aid kit.
-Come on. I got it.
-No, it's all right.
I'll give it to you later on,
-if it gets too heavy, okay?
-Okay, okay.
[eerie music playing]
We really do need to raise
the oxygen level first.
-[Eun-ji] I know, we need to hurry.
-Because the oxygen level is top priority.
It's at 14%.
[Do-hoon] Fourteen?
Right, we gotta do this again.
-[Eun-ji] Not another one. Yong-jin.
-Same thing as before.
[John] Conference room's next.
-[creature breathes]
-[skin squelching]
-[Yong-jin] That's wrong.
-[Eun-ji] No, that's not it. No.
The left side is wrong.
That's it. The middle column is done.
-[Karina] There.
-[Hye-ri] Done.
-The light is on!
-[Karina] Ta-da.
-Careful, Oppa.
-[Hye-ri] Let's go, guys!
-Come on, let's go.
-[door buzzing]
[Eun-ji] It's opening. Oh
-Oh, my god, what's that?
-[gasps in terror]
-[Do-hoon] What's on the floor?
-Look, there's a body in there.
-[Yong-jin] Where?
-[Karina] Where?
-[Eun-ji] On the floor, on the right.
What's dripping?
[liquid squelching]
[Do-hoon] This is gross.
Jeez, what happened to all of their heads?
I think it's a monster that eats them.
-Could it be eating brains?
-[Do-hoon] Yes, either that or
[Hye-ri] It must be.
[tense music]
[Eun-ji] Maybe Maybe it's a monster.
[Karina] It's probably in the vents.
-[Yong-jin] Hey, I found it.
-[Hye-ri] Where?
-[Yong-jin] It was covered in blood.
-[Eun-ji] Oh, my god.
[Karina] It's turned
into a total bloodbath.
[Yong-jin] Oh, there's secret footage.
-[creature bites]
-[panicked gasps]
[Young-koo] Hey, hey,
Joo-hyoung, Joo-hyoung.
-[Young-koo] What's wrong? Hey?
It entered Joo-hyoung's body
through his airway.
He's alive, but there's
an organism inside of him.
[overhead thud]
[John] It's moving through the vents.
We need to be careful.
I think it's stalking us now.
This is really scary.
I'm genuinely terrified.
[Yong-jin] Right? I think we need
to go up to the second floor.
I think we need to go in
-through the air vent.
[Eun-ji] I really don't wanna go up there.
[Do-hoon] I'll go.
[suspenseful music]
[monster roars]
[closing theme music playing]
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